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Sports / Re: Breaking News: Jonathan Reverses Ban On Super Eagles Hours To Fifa Deadline! by chidichris(m): 6:21pm On Jul 05, 2010
i know say na shakara.
does jonathan even have mind of his own?
nonsense country with nonsense ppl.
the man jonathan just wanted to be noticed.
Sports / Re: Sani Lulu Has Been Impeached By NFF Board: Breaking News by chidichris(m): 3:23pm On Jul 05, 2010
nigerians run from the rain when it must have soaked them to the teeth.
why did mr. president and nff board members have to wait till we are finished before impeaching and desolving?
to me, our able president is not able, he is just as confused as his advisers.
instead of disolving the national team, why not disolve this country at the same time as both our national team and the nation as a whole are unfruitful.
football has been a genuine reason for two or more nigerians to seat and laugh together so why banning it for two years just for the recklessness of a few individuals?
has this president ever considered the implications of this ban on many nigerian youths who have made football their source of survival? must all of us be unemployed?
i will urge mr. president to concentrate on his crude oil business and leave lulu and his group to concentrate on their destruction of football.
they are all birds of a feather so why is kettle calling pot black.
we have been independent for 50yrs and we have won nations cup twice so what has the fg achieved in this 50yrs outside high class lootings.
if there is anyone to be disbanned here, i think it shld be FG.
Sports / Re: Will The Glory Days Of Nigerian Football Ever Return? by chidichris(m): 2:40pm On Jul 05, 2010
it is just a simple thing. get a president who has passion for football and u see everything will just change over night.
look back to what u call our glorious days, it is nothing but abacha's regime. the man abacha loves football more than anyother thing but after him, we have presidents who love crude oil more than anyother thing.
look at roman ibrahimovic - the chelsea owner is just in love with football and u see the passion in him while his club plays. look at the days of orji uzor kalu - the pillar of sports as the gov of abia state. he love soccer so much that he always travel with the team and have his place on the team's bench and we saw the output when eyimba of aba became the first nigerian clubside to win caf champions league and they won it twice in a strecth.
give me a leader whose hobbies include soccer and i will show u his achievements in that direction.
under obasanjo regime, we saw the activeness of nafdac, under yar adua, we saw the activeness of the judiciary so abacha made football the talk of the town and that is the case with every leader so we are watching jonathan maybe, he will make the chase of ibori his hobby.
Sports / Re: Beaten Maradona To Consider Future by chidichris(m): 12:14am On Jul 05, 2010
a drug addict can never be a coach to a national side.
i said it on this same forum that maradona is capable of making a decission that cld destroy argentina.
who in the argentine team is better than zanetti?
anyways, is good that germany gave them what they asked for.
next time, let them get a normal person as a coach.
if argentina with all the machines they have cld be humiliated in such manner by germany, it means maradona cannot manage a side like the super eagles as 28 - 0 will be small thing.
Politics / Re: Dimeji Bankole Or Dimeji Bank-ole Or Dimeji Bankowo Which One Is Correct? by chidichris(m): 1:08pm On Jul 04, 2010
just go for the one with OLE.
Politics / Re: Useless Journalism In Nigeria (Name and Shame) by chidichris(m): 10:23am On Jul 04, 2010
Your comparisons on the George jail term vs the other fraudsters may the factually flawed.

George was jailed for not following laid down procedure of civil service & deliberately splitting contracts.

The allegation that he 'stole' 84 billion was never one of the reliefs sought by the prosecution. . . do get your facts straight.

For the record: I hate Bode George & all them thieving PDP politicians.

it is just arrangement forget that logic. which part of the nigerian constitution says there will be more punishments for one who duped an individual compared to that one who betrayed the trusts of nigerians in stealing from our public purse.
the truth is that most of all these jail terms are more political than judicial. look at balogun, a chief security officer of the federation becoming a thief. it is embarrassing. with this kind of justice, nigeria has refused to make head-way in anything positive. no wonder all 419ers have turned to politics where u steal more money and get less jail terms. look at china, public servants who steal get capital punishment and by so doing, u are been compared to a high way robber.
tell me who will be alive among our politicians if we introduce hanging for thieving politicians.
we all saw alams went in and came out, today, he is a kingmaker and a national hero and a political godfather and one of the most popular elites in the country.

it is good that people are correcting u already here and u are accepting your mistakes. if u are not into any profession, u will not know more than those in it.
in every write-up, there is a key massage. some of what u find out to be mistakes here are reported speeches and the journalists most times want you to make ur judgement because the target might be in future dealings.
when u quote someone, u have the option of making ur own observation or leaving that to ur audience.
again, nigeria is a different ball game and we saw what happened to ait when they aired live seating that covers the third term agenda debates so most of these media houses for the fear of sss and other security agents, would rather let you make ur judgement as they try to make the news be in form of reported speeches.
Politics / Re: Federal Govt Forms 11 Man Committee To Run Nigeria's Football, Okocha Named by chidichris(m): 9:49pm On Jul 03, 2010
is this not another form of madness.
what will be the work if these 11 men since the football association has been disbanded and the super eagles withdrawn from international football for 2 yrs?
i ve never seen a confused president like jonathan. i hope those behind jonathan are not out to prove that the easterners cannot do well as presidents.
abeg jonathan shld go back to what his ppl know how to do best - militancy and kidnapping
Politics / Re: Unbelievable: Ettehgate Bags National Award In Nigeria by chidichris(m): 8:26pm On Jul 03, 2010
i did not see the name of late annenih and bode george in the list. i expect jonathan to send bode george's award to him in the jail. where is ogbulafor's name. i wonder why we are partial in everything.
if you want to recognise thieves, u have to make it a free for all issue.
i know that jonathan has no proggrame for nigeria.
what we see from time to time are ppl who are taken unawares to be president.
what we see in most of jonathan's decissions are signs of unpreparedness as a president.
bringing back ribadu and el rufai who ran away fron justice, chasing ibori as if he was the problem of nigeria, disbanning nff and super eagles as if aso rock occupants are better, given national awards and recognitions to established and confirmed criminals.
Politics / Re: Governor Ikedi Ohakim Of Imo Politics With Bitterness A Non Performer by chidichris(m): 3:39pm On Jul 03, 2010
imo state has been unfortunate in the types of govs they get after the good days of late chief sam mbakwe (1979 - 1983).
going by the situation that brought ohakim to power, one can easily see that he(ohakim) had no intention of been the gov and he is in no way ready to be a gov.
obasanjo's personal reasons/interest in imo state brought introduced a two elephant fight( obasanjo vs ararume) that ends up forcing the grass(imo) to suffer.
Politics / Re: Is Mr. President Right? Is Nigeria Really A Sum Of Our Thoughts And Actions? by chidichris(m): 3:01pm On Jul 03, 2010
I've trained myself not to think anything but positive thoughts about this great country of ours since God and the people of Nigeria gave me the opportunity to serve- GEJ

tell jonathan, neither God nor nigerians gave him the opportunity to serve rather obasanjo and pdp did.
in the first place, we did not vote jonathan and yar adua when they came on board rather obasanjo imposed them on us so let him always remember that.
Politics / Re: MILITANTS BEAT UP TIMI ALAIBE, Whereabouts Still Unknown!!! by chidichris(m): 2:51pm On Jul 03, 2010
Mr chidi, explain urself. . .i saw a piece and posted it here verbatim. . .its not my fault that the journalists are confused

that is exactly what i am talking abt. adult politicians are supposed to be critical thinkers and not kids who swallow every news hook, line and sinker.
for u to be here, u need to scrutinize what ever information u see before u believe it talkless of posting it here.
all the same, u are forgiven in the hope that u will not repeat this same mistake.
Politics / Re: MILITANTS BEAT UP TIMI ALAIBE, Whereabouts Still Unknown!!! by chidichris(m): 7:44am On Jul 03, 2010
Another source however hinted pointblanknews.com that it took the intervention of armed soldiers to locate Alaibe but his where about is still unknown as at press time.

this is politics section and not kiddies avenue.
Politics / Re: Three Signs That Goodluck Jonathan Is Politically Naive by chidichris(m): 6:56am On Jul 03, 2010
one or two steps in every administration is good enough for me to pass my judgement on that administration.
on certain sritical issues in nigeria that have been discussed here on nairaland, i have been able to take a side and to God be the glory they all come to pass.
for this jonathan, i have said it and i will contin ue saying it, nigerians have to wait as he is not that messiah we have been waiting for.
how can men who ran away from justice be his first periority bringing them back and giving thnem a heroic welcome talking about ribadu and el rufai?
he did declare emergency on the power sector and how has this emergency fared all these while? in my side, things are improving for the worst and the emergency declared on nff become effective immediately.
alams who was confirmed a criminal now recieves a national appology and a heroic welcome back to pdp.
in which aspect of our polity has this man followed the steps of yar adua who was supposed to be his boss. what happened to the uwais report?
if these committees are not going to be relevant, why spending our public funds setting them up.
i really do not know the personality of jonathan but all i know is that he is not in charge.
that one that wanted third term is too desperate to get it and even seek and get fourth term through these light weights that he is imposing on us.
Politics / Re: Ahmedinejad Is Coming To Nigeria This Weekend & Sanusi Is Hosting! by chidichris(m): 11:03pm On Jul 02, 2010
what abt telling this trouble maker to stay in his country while we suffer our home made problems without thinking abt an additional problem.
what is that idiot coming to tell us here? maybe he wants us to join him in deleting abi wipe out isreal from the surface of the earth.
Politics / Re: Goodluck To Bar Electricity Nationwide by chidichris(m): 4:52pm On Jul 02, 2010
yes, nigeria must create a new ministry in the name of minstry of banning to enable us get to where we are going.
the idea of banning only nff can never take us to the promise land.
power supply, medical sector, education sector, security, politics, oil and gas etc must all be bannedat least for a period of 5yrs
clueless jonathan, i can think of what it looks like to be a good servant of the devil himself.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Appoints Former Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha To Fg Committee by chidichris(m): 4:32pm On Jul 02, 2010
it is obvious jonathan has nothing new for us.
anyone working with obj can never be better than obasanjo instead u will become worse.
i lost my respect and dropped all my expectations that day he brought back run away criminals in the name of ribadu and el rufai. these were men who ran away from justice.
a snake can never give birth to a dog.
pdp has proved that they are irresponsible and they can only produce irresponsible politicians and actions.
Sports / Re: Reps Reject Jonathan’s Ban On Super Eagles. by chidichris(m): 3:51pm On Jul 02, 2010
yes, the house of rep is right. nigeria is a corrupt country and the corrupt rulers and people are supposed to be generally accepted by the country.
come to the think of it, what is the moral standard of our president to call anyone corrupt in nigeria when we all know he come into power via the worst selection(election) in the history of man.
one will expect jonathan to legalize corruption in nigeria since 99.9999% of the rulers of this country are corrupt including himself.
corruption begets corruption and there is practically nothing u can do about that.
the only reason our president can give nigerians is that he wants his own boys to be in the glass house and we will understand that.
that day he brought back ribadu and el rufai and deleted all cases and charges against them was the day i lost my respect for him and i have added him to my bad book.
pls mr. jonathan, face ur corrupt aso rock and let lulu face his corrupt glasshouse.
if u want to play saint, tell nigerians why ribadu and el rufai became saint under ur govt, tell us why ogbulafor was arrested for a case that happened in 2001, tell us that alams is no longer a criminal.
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 3:38pm On Jul 02, 2010
thats why his moving to inter -milan. in this last world cup midfield was not the problem, but missing too many chances was the problem

this much talked about move to inter has been most popular here in nigeria but like i said earlier, my prayers is that he becomes successful in that move but the benitez that i know does not believe in black players though strange things do happen but until then.
if what u wrote above is true, why did goodluck disban everybody? he shld have allowed the midfielders and sack those who missed the chances.
i don't believe in any players nigerians say he is good because good in nigerian context means bad.
on the other hand, nigerians know little or nothing about football.
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Is Not A Super Eagle And Using Him Will Ruin Us by chidichris(m): 3:26pm On Jul 02, 2010
where is the idiot original poster of this thread topic?
is our football ruined now or not? if yes, by who? maybe mikel?
u that started this topic must speak now or forever remain dumb.
why on earth will idiots start topics that they cannot discuss?
where are his foolish supporters ?
have they all gone dumb?
somebody must talk now.
Sports / Re: Fifa Give Nigeria 48 Hours Ultimatum To Reverse Ban. by chidichris(m): 12:51pm On Jul 02, 2010
how can this jonathan wake up over nite and just cut us short on our happiness as soccer loving community of nigeria?
well, if nigerians are to mark all the iniquities of our so-called rulers, will jonathan be our president or will aso rock be in existance?
let these pdp guys arrange their efcc to take care of those responsible for the financial misappropriations in the nff and the let our only reason to be happy be.
the preasure has to come from nigerians and not fifa bcs pdp has no interest in sports so even if fifa bans nigeria 800 yrs, they don't care.
oya, jonathan, reverse now or face our own disbaning of ur govt.
Sports / Re: Eguavoen Again?! Tori O Lan Why? by chidichris(m): 8:54am On Jul 02, 2010
my fear is that two persons in nigeria specialized in super eagles coaching. they are either working as super eagles coach or they are not working.
it is a shame that eguavon and amodu have made themselves available as destruction tools for the eagles.
how come all these while real madrid, inter milan, liverpool, fulham, england national team, ivory coast national team and other clubs and countries looking for coaches, amodu and eguavon never applied in any case?
cld it be possible that they only training they recieved in coaching school was how to coach nigerian super eagles?
Sports / Re: Lukman Haruna Vs Mikel Obi, Who Is Better? by chidichris(m): 8:31am On Jul 02, 2010
abeg haruna is better than mikel, how can haruna do something big when his playing too defensive, he was attacking and defending and we know he cannot defend. had it been that yeye coach had put keita and etuhu in defensive midfield and let haruna attack he would have done something bigger. mikel is still useless he is about to play his 5th season and he still has no goals or shot on target

ur type can course a teacher high blood preasure. u are hard to learn.
mikel has scored 2 goals for chelsea. learn and stop behaving like a motor park fellow. u believe in hear say.
www.chelseafc.com. go there and all u need to know abt mikel's chelsea history is available for u.
on haruna, i even saw him keeping when eyeama went to toilet.
sometimes he was working as a linesman.
he was doing everything but it is so unfortunate that at the end of the day, all his effort cld earn us was the president's disbanning of the team.
Sports / Re: Jonathan Bans Nigeria From International Football For Two Years by chidichris(m): 11:05pm On Jul 01, 2010
this is absolutely not wrong.
how can millions of soccer loving nigerians suffer from that problems of a few greedy idiots.
efcc as usual shld go after the criminals or has jonathan suddenly lost faith in the almighty efcc.
if we go on strike for 2 yrs, are we going to employ americans to work as our nff officials at the end of the day or is it still going to be the same nigerians?
if all our sins is calculated, who will stand before God? if this whole idea of desolving or disbanding is the new style, is jonathan worthy to be our president or is the pdp worthy of entering and staying in aso rock?
Sports / Re: Fifa Says Referee Was Right: Germany Vs England (see Pics) by chidichris(m): 11:46pm On Jun 30, 2010
blatter is old and can act funny without notice.
at old age, lines can be straight even when they are like what the original poster has above.
Politics / Re: Navy Wants To Buy N3.3bn Presidential Yatch For Jonathan by chidichris(m): 11:30pm On Jun 30, 2010
hmm. . . . interesting . .

So why exactly does the president of Nigeria need a yacht? I would understand a Navy ship or something but a YACHT, and for the president? hhmmm

What next? The Army will offer to purchase him a Lamborghini? Undecided Undecided Undecided


if i am not mistaking, i remembered u insulting me on one or two occassions for asking questions over the activities of our govt. u were angry over my reasons for complaining when i wld act. pls if u are the same person, why are u complaining now?
Politics / Re: Is Goodluck Jonathan A Megalomaniac: Bans Super Eagles For 2 Years! by chidichris(m): 11:25pm On Jun 30, 2010
this idea make no sense.
arrest and punish offenders and let the office be.
if there is any office that reauires banning, it is aso rock because that office has disappointed the country and citizens of this country from the day one.
jonathan, abeg leave soccer that is the only thing that gives nigerians happiness since everyother thing in the country has failed.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Appoints Former Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha To Fg Committee by chidichris(m): 11:07pm On Jun 30, 2010
i am not surprised at all.
we are in deep poo with pdp in control.
obj is still in charge.
i am not expecting anything to change for now.
soon, we will see bode george as an adviser to the president on moral issues.
Politics / Re: Patricia Etteh To Be Given National Honour(cfr) by chidichris(m): 11:00pm On Jun 30, 2010
yea, alams appointed to the fg committee and super eagles disbanned. jonathan is as irresponsible as his godfather(obj) and his party (pdp).
a goat can never give birth to a cow
Politics / Re: Mike Adenuga And Wife Become Nigeria’s Newest Fugitives. by chidichris(m): 12:27pm On Jun 29, 2010
na today them begin look for adenuga?
what abt the harlibutton scandal?
let them get away.
this is in connection with ibb's intention to run for presidency.
Politics / Re: Navy Wants To Buy N3.3bn Presidential Yatch For Jonathan by chidichris(m): 12:22pm On Jun 29, 2010
it is not about disengagement,it's about our politicians who cared less about the common man.we've been complaining about equality in leadership and now,lonathan from a minority tribe who ought to make a strong impact  for the time being is doing less to change anything instead is being linked with wastage and abuse of office.indeed,yaradua wouldnt have been wasteful as this.

did u forget that joanthan is from ijaw and they havee closeness with water hence the need for this yatch. i will even suggest they build a house for him inside water.
no matter who u put there, as long as it is this same cabal, these criminal groups can only put someone they can have control over. is it not obvious that what we see is jonathan's body while the brain is that of obasanjo.
at the end of the day, they have roped him in and he will remain under their bondage and the day he says a thing agianst them, EFCC  will get involved and that same day, nigerians will be made to know that he is a criminal.
why did they have to wait for ten(10) yrs to tell us the ogbulafor is a criminal? why did they have to wait till 2007 to tell us that atiku was a criminal and how far did they go with his criminalities? why are they recieving alams back to pdp? is he nolonger a criminal?
this thing(nigeria) is not working. we want out.  

Is the said yatch for Jonathan or Nigerian Presidents?

the said yatch is for steady power supply, security, quality education, good roads, credible elections, good governance, rule of law, improved medical faciulities, employment opportunities.
i hope the answer makes sense to u?
Politics / Re: President Goodluck Jonathan On Facebook by chidichris(m): 11:56am On Jun 29, 2010
sir, N3.3b yatch for u, honourary award for mrs etteh, N10b for independence celebration, ur late boss and ur good self coming to power through fraudulent means, the type of election u are abt to organise, steady power supply, security are some of the areas u will accept responsibilty. we are all looking at u to act so that we will react.
as long as ghana must go continues to exchange hands among our so-called rulers, nobody will trust pdp and ur person.
we have been decieved by all so u have a great responsibility in conviencing nigerians that u are a different person.
God bless u.

i ve tried severally to post on that facebook but i can't confirm it. everyother post that i saw on that facebook is full of the president's praises so it is possible that that page is censored.
please find a way to post what i have on quote above to the president as i am unable to do so.
Politics / Re: Navy Wants To Buy N3.3bn Presidential Yatch For Jonathan by chidichris(m): 9:56am On Jun 29, 2010
why N3.3b? i will suggest they get something befitting.
at least a N20b yatch will not be a bad idea.
no money to fix power, no money to fix our medical sector, our education, our security, our roads yet we have money to do the unnecessary things.
jonathan! jonathan!! Jonathan!!! do the right thing and divide this country.
this marriage is not working, let there be a smooth disengagement.
let everybody go his way.

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