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Politics / Re: ‘Japa’: If You Think Migrating Legally Is Good For You, Go - Femi Adesina by chinchum(m): 4:48pm On Nov 28
It is common sense.
Leave legally if you can, you are better outside if you are productive and can provide foreign remittances than unemployed or massively underemployed and imagining a magician president that will turn Nigeria to first world economy in 4 years and end up getting disappointed. Nigerias leaders are a reflection of the followers.

There wont be any quantum leap improvement for at least next 5 years.

The catalysers like 24 hrs power supply across the nation, geometrical growth in nations revenue, massive infrastructures , factories and SMEs that will drive growth of the nation will not materialise till about 4 years if the nation chooses a visionary leader that can employ common sense in 2023.

As much as it may sound ironic to many youths, Tinubu is that closest bet in 2023, yes he is frail,but a lot can be done if you employ the "right" hands, he typically does that better than most politicians.
Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs Serbia: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (3 - 3) On 28th November 2022 by chinchum(m): 3:21pm On Nov 28
Why Vincent Abubakar was benched is something I dont really understand.He was brought in and the game changed.
he had suffered goals drought consistently before the world cup and the replacement was banging in goals.

If a striker fails to score in about 10 games, the confidence level plummet. This match may reawaken him.
Sports / Re: Croatia Vs Canada: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: (4 -1) On 27th Nov 2022 by chinchum(m): 9:24pm On Nov 27
My team is out of the world cup. shocked We showed promise in the first game but buckled in this one.
Politics / Re: States That Peter Obi Is Likely To Win Or Get 25% Votes by chinchum(m): 4:30pm On Nov 26
You listed 22 states and fct. Where are the other 2 states. It is 24 states + fct.
Sports / Re: Can Senegal Bring Glory To Africa? by chinchum(m): 8:14pm On Nov 25
lol, don't mind him. Senegal are not doing so bad, afterall their first loss was with just a goal margin buh it's quite early to tip them as one of the favourites
Senegal lost 0-2.
Sports / Re: Can Senegal Bring Glory To Africa? by chinchum(m): 8:14pm On Nov 25
I doubt they can, They have a tall order against Ecuador in a must win game. Ecuador needs a draw to qualify and todays stats show they were a better side against Netherlands, although the game ended 1-1
Politics / Re: 2023: Tinubu Attacks ‘tired’ Atiku, Says Peter Obi ‘lies With Arithmetic’ by chinchum(m): 7:32pm On Nov 25
“Kabiyesi, Your Royal Highness, as I stand before you, there are few of us left running. One says he is Atiku. How many times has he been running? He’s always on the run and he’s tired. Tell him to go and sit down. Enough is enough.

“The other one, he think na statistic we go chop. He lies with arithmetic that no Indian can ever solve. To mention his name is a disgrace even to me. I won’t mention the name. Wrong arithmetic, wrong statistics, warehouse economics. That’s not what Nigeria needs.

grin grin grin
Politics / Re: Pa Adebanjo And The False Narrative On Equity And Justice by chinchum(m): 4:04am On Nov 25
It is based on Anti tinubu stance jare
Sports / Re: Saudi Arabia Fans hit the SIU After Argentina Win by chinchum(m): 2:17am On Nov 23
Iran had a shaky start,Qatar had a shaky start too.
iran was not a shaky start, that was a disastrous outing. Qatar did not have any pedigree and lost convincingly 2-0.

Shaky start is a narrow loss, a draw or a grinding win by a team with pedigree against a team less fancied
Sports / Re: Saudi Arabia Fans hit the SIU After Argentina Win by chinchum(m): 9:25pm On Nov 22
Argentina may end up winning the world cup.
Teams that end up winning the world cup usually have a shaky start. Spain lost to switzerland in the 2010 world cup and won the worldcup. Hardly does a team with a convincing win at first game win the worldcup.
Politics / Re: $25Billion Dangote Refinery Lekki Ready ? (Video) by chinchum(m): 5:19pm On Nov 21
This project and the Siemens power transmission project when completed will have noticeable impact on Nigerias economy .

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Politics / Re: My First Time Coming To Nigeria After 5yrs In Canada by chinchum(m): 4:04pm On Nov 21
Seriously, I'm not happy with the situation of things that I met in Nigeria. with all the noises made on social media this year about relocation abroad and how Nigeria has happen to everyone, I never expected I could still see a rat in Nigeria. My plan was to travel to Rwanda but I made a stop at MMA in Lagos and decided to walk out. I saw people on the street of Lagos and I was scared thinking they're ghost cus I wasn't expecting that. The hope is that Nigeria would have been a deserted country by now and will be all history since everyone has relocated abroad.

This is a sad news because Nigeria still has few people inside as we speak. Majority of them don't have money to relocate and more than 98% of people in Nigeria now are not having food to eat and clothes to wear. If I have the means, I'll surely take a lot of people with me when I'm going back to where I came from
come down from your high horse and enough with the gibberish. Canada is not paraside. You have a distorted reality.

I am also in Canada but will not write condescendingly like you did. There are over 200 million Nigerians, even if 200,000 Nigerians travel out, it is a drop in the ocean as that is 0.1%. However we as diasporans can and must also contribute to Nigeria. Your foreign remittances goes a long way to help the economy. There is no magic bullet to fix Nigeria as some youths with distorted reality may think. It will be gradual but painful. Leave as a youth legally if you can, but don't deride or curse the country.
Politics / Re: Some States That Are Sure For Obi, Atiku, Tinubu & Kwankwaso by chinchum(m): 3:53pm On Nov 20
14 states for Tinubu.
Lagos, ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Borno, Yobe, Kogi, Kwara, Zamfara, katsina, Niger, Kebbi


Politics / Re: Run-Off: Atiku Will Win At First Ballot, PDP Tells INEC by chinchum(m): 12:15am On Nov 20
We know that none of the top 4 candidates will win at first ballot, so there will likely be a run-off if Kwankwaso stays in the race. That's why Peter Obi needs to focus on his base, the SE, SS, North Central, and Lagos and Kaduna.

It's a fight for the highest and second highest number of votes to head to a run-off
runoff is not between highest and second highest votes, it is between highest votes and the individual who won the highest number of states from the other candidates. If there is a tie of number states won , then second highest votes will be considered.

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Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by chinchum(m): 11:00am On Nov 18

Benue (Certain)
Kaduna (certain)
Plateau (Certain)
Nasarawa (Certain)
Taraba (Certain)
Adamawa (possible)
Gombe (Possible)
Bauchi (Possible)
Kogi (Possible)

So the job of the Obi-datti campaign is to work hard to turn the possible ones to certain, while ensuring that they cover ground properly in the ones that are certain to turn them to victory (apart from kaduna, and nasarawa, which will not be able to return victories).
i see you named 5 states. It is less than 100 days to election oooooo. So you truly believe labour will have 25% in those states and less than 75% of the votes will be shared among APC, PDP, e.t.c�
Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by chinchum(m): 10:21am On Nov 18

You should be calculating about how your own candidate will get 25% across the geopolitical zones..

Leave obi to worry about it..
obi is a blessing to APC in this election. Anti APC is divided in to 3 ;pdp, lp and even NNpp.

The SE typically votes for PDP even if it is a cockroach on the ticket. Having an Obi to divert the votes is a success.

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Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by chinchum(m): 10:02am On Nov 18

He needs 25% votes in two-thirds of the 36 states.

Two-thirds of 36 is 24.

Southeast: 5 states

Southwest: 6 states

Southsouth: 6 states.

Add Benue, Nasarawa, Benue, Plateau, and other northcentral states where he is sure to do well, and you have over 24 states.

One thing the 2011 elections taught me, you don't really need the core North to win the presidential elections, just do very well in the areas I listed above.
and labour party is the same as PDP?. If pdp fields a goat in certain places they will win, Likewise APC.
2011 elections was largely inflated and rigged. It is less than 100days, it will shock many youths.
Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by chinchum(m): 9:54am On Nov 18
Be deceiving yourself. What's 25% that obi won't get even in 30 states with his popularity? Mark today, he will even secure a win in 2 of the S/W states. I don't see tinubu winning in all the sw states. Osun election should teach you some lesson about his popularity there. It's his home state so don't forget. With only non indigenes voting obi in kano, he'd get the 25% of their votes, same as other core northern states. I know that's the region many are looking at. Jonathan secured this in 2011 despite then not voting him.
keep deceiving yourself. Labour party that is barely known in rural areas where 60% of the votes will come from? In Osun, labour party had 2000+ votes. Less votes than the people that attended the rally. 2023 election will teach rudderless youths what structure means in an election. It is like some youths are so stucked in their cooccon and thinks this election will be via social media votes and only in Southern Nigeria. VOCAL Minority is creating delusion of grandeur.
Politics / Re: Fayose: Obi Is More Of A Cancer To PDP, Atiku Can't Win The South West by chinchum(m): 11:18pm On Nov 17
Sure. Even if Obi gets 100% of votes in SE and SS, he is condemned for failure on the constitutional requirement.

He can not achieve at least 25 % in 24 states.
There are 17 states in the South and 19 states in the North. While it is certain that Obi will not get 25% in some SW states, let me assume by some miracle he achieves that. Can someone tell me 7 states obi will achieve at least 25% in the North?
election against 2 gladiators PDP and APC.

If Obi was not on the ballot, there would have been a strong likelihood that Buhari will be handing over to another Fulani man.

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Politics / Re: I Don't Believe Obi Will Make 25% In Two-thirds Of 24 States - Ayo Fayose by chinchum(m): 11:13pm On Nov 17
It is not at least 25% in 2/3rd of 24 states but 36 states.

If Obi likes let him get 50 million votes, he is condemned to failure on that basis. He can not achieve 25% in 24 states. He will fail to achieve 25% in some south west states and will be lucky to achieve 25% in any state in the North.


Politics / Re: Soludo: Peter Obi Knows That He Can’t And Won’t Win by chinchum(m): 8:55pm On Nov 14
How the youths can be deluded to think Peter Obi will win the presidential election needs to be studied.

Those youths are worse than the Northern mob that unleashed violence in 2011 when Buhari lost the election. I remember in 2010 and 2011, Buhari was campaigning with a very strong force in the North, in actual fact, it was far exceeding the social media noise for Obi that we have now, however he had little presence in the south and we all knew how the election ended.

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Family / Re: My Kid Sister Ran Away From Home, What Do I Do? by chinchum(m): 6:03pm On Nov 14
@ Nelbless 24 years is a full fledged adult. Your fallacy is you and your family wanting to over protect her that she did not mature emotionally (last born syndrome). She is 24 years with emotional maturity of a 13 year old. You will have to let her go and let life do what you did not do correctly. It is painful, but that is the most realistic way. Keep her in your prayers.

It is funny the way you described her like a minor until you mentioned her age. I can bet you don't respect her. Respect is reciprocal, and even parents must respect their children. If you act like a bully to your minor children or younger minor siblings they will build resistance to you and will strive to prove a point that they don't need you. They usually make mistakes in the quest to prove this point.

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee And My Friend What Is Going On?? by chinchum(m): 7:35pm On Nov 12

She went back to work, and later that day evening I started receiving a message on Whatsapp from her friend I once meet asking want happened between I and her friend...

On explaining things to her, she said there was nothing wrong that if I love her friend enough that shouldn't be an issue...

I was so angered that I stopped replying to her friend...

Then my girl started texting me on Whatsapp apologizing and at the same time swearing with her life that she can't sleep or do anything that her head and her heart are heavy...

I became afraid so she doesn't hurt herself, I then replied her and fixed a place to meet her after work...

We meet and I pointed out everything she burst to tears saying it wasn't true that it's not what I think and was swearing with her life...

I told her I forgave her...

This month made it the 7th month and i have not bleeped her since we met...I initiated it to ease up a little bit...we've made love twice now...

But I still feel insecure when ever am around her and don't trust her...

I feel like quitting...

Am so pained...

At 34 years, if she is still behaving like a love struck teenager with a fiancees colleague then her emotional maturity is weak. Will that be sufficient to end the relationship? Maybe. You may have to check for how she handles other issues.

If she was in her mid 20's i would have asked you give her more time and make no further commitment beyond relationship. But at 34 years of age and still behaving foolishly, my brother it may be a gamble if you continue.
Politics / Re: 6 Dead, 1 Injured After Attack On Army Checkpoint In Anambra (Graphic Pictures) by chinchum(m): 7:04pm On Nov 12

It was launched successfully.

But over confidence killed the 4 men.

Armies took to their heel..... instead of them to find their own way since the people they came for has freed...... they started wasting time.

Who on earth doesn't know the armies will always regroup?

Time management is underrated!!
from your narration, i can tell you are on the side of the ragtag thugs. This was the same way some Northerners were on the side of Boko Haram. We all know how it ended for those civilians supporting Bokoharam in the North.

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Health / Re: Something Very Bad And Unhygienic Is Happening In Our Food Markets. by chinchum(m): 6:54pm On Nov 12

What is federal government? Same local people. Federal government is not necessarily in Abuja. The average policeman in your street is a federal worker.
Devolution of power. Infact we should be advocating state police. There is a reason there is a request for state policing. The comissioner of police is not necessarily accountable to the state governor and we call Governor the chief security officer.

Administration of basic things should not be governed by Abuja. Very soon we may start asking Federal govt to start building markets if we are not careful.


Health / Re: Something Very Bad And Unhygienic Is Happening In Our Food Markets. by chinchum(m): 5:52pm On Nov 12
I have always indicated the need for the federal government to take over the duties of local government environmental and sanitation officers. Local governments have failed in Nigeria, so no one is checkmating our market men and women. This is why people sell rotten meat as suya. It is the same reason market people sell drinking garri (uncovered) in the open space, usually beside a filthy blackish gutter with over a million houseflies and rodents.

After drinking that infested piece of crap soaked in ice water and groundnut, they end up spending N5,000 on medical treatment. That's how we recycle poverty in Nigeria. The cost of ignorance is very expensive.

If we hire 500k graduates as environmental specialists, our national health subsidy/insurance budget will be reduced by 60%. Additionally, we would see a remarkable improvement in the purchasing power of the people, our life expectancy over time, and, of course, a reduction in the unemployment rate.

But what do I know? A government bereft of ideas would rather employ 500k youths as political npower agents without roles and responsibilities or 200k personal assistants in ballot snatching and vote buying.

Right now, we are selling sickness in the marketplace and pumping more money to treat preventable illnesses and epidemics.
Why should federal government takeover the role of local government? Elect sensible leaders at all rung of political leadership ladder and take responsibility as a people.
Politics / Re: Do You Believe In Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu? by chinchum(m): 4:14pm On Nov 11

You're outside the country enjoying good leadership but you want us to vote for a sick man with mental disability and Boko Haram VP candidate?
Emotions becloud reasoning. No Adult is 100% healthy. Sickness is relative. Joe Biden is "sick" Trump is "sick" Abraham Lincoln was "sick". Franklin Roosevelt, the US president during World War II was "sick" on a wheelchair as he was paralysed.

Boko Haram VP candidate because he is from Borno ?

You cant give what you don't have.
Politics / Re: Do You Believe In Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu? by chinchum(m): 3:40pm On Nov 11
A conviction in his abilities.

I am typically gifted in visualising end result.

He will fix a lot of the fundamental issues, and his first 2 years will be plaqued with crisis.

If Nigerians elect a "problem talker" instead of a "problem solver" they will bear the brunt. I am outside that country but i want the best for it.
Politics / Re: Shettima To Nigerians: Be Prepared For Tough Time In 2023 by chinchum(m): 6:57am On Nov 11
I can easily predict this too. 2023 will be tough. Removal of subsidy a necessary evil and a projected continued war of Russia vs Ukraine will exacerbate the situation.


Business / Re: Ghana’s Inflation Hits 40.4% In October 2022 by chinchum(m): 10:02pm On Nov 10

am not comparing the currency to measure prosperity of the nation I am basically talking about the drastical fall of our currency
I saw your equating what 1000 naira can buy with what 1000 cedis can buy . No?

Nigeria's currency will continue to fall as long as we don't combat unnecessary importation. About 30% of Nigeria's importation is refined fuel. It makes absolutely no sense to be importing refined fuel 62 years after independence. We have to cure our foreign tastes as Nigerians and focus inwards. Part of our foreign taste is our affinity as Nigerians for imported foods and goods, the surge in wanting to acquire foreign degrees, e.t.c.. YOU can not but agree with me that your foreign taste for food 20 years ago is NOT the same today.

We have to grow export and only import what is absolutely necessary and leave Naira to float on market forces.

Check out what South Koreas unit currency is worth compared to a US dollar, nevertheless it is still prospering as a nation.
Business / Re: Ghana’s Inflation Hits 40.4% In October 2022 by chinchum(m): 9:32pm On Nov 10

bro don't say that people are experiencing worse here.. you dont know that it is painful to discover that our highest currency has no value at all.. can you compare the purchasing power of 1000 naira and 1000 cedis together

Ghana's monthly minimum wage is 390 cedis. It is simplistic and ignorant to compare the unit of a currency to the unit of another currency to measure prosperity of the nation.

That aside, i predict Nigerias inflation will rise significantly next year when fuel subsidy is removed, unfortunately Dangote's fuel refinery will not be ready earlier than 2024.


Family / Re: A Lot Of Marriages Now Crashing Within 3 Months by chinchum(m): 12:16pm On Nov 03
Most ?

I doubt op understand the meaning of most.


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