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Crime / Re: Samaila Musa, Our Husband Chained Us Up, Put Pepper In Our Private Parts - Wives by chinchum: 2:25pm On Feb 22
Good formal and informal education helps ADULTS make better life decisions including choice of life partner, but when you deny young girls who are not adults or barely adults little or no form of formal education and yoke them in a marriage, this is the outcome. The NW and NE alone as a country would have been the worst country in terms of human development index in the world. Can a bird fly with one wing? The second wing are the female members of the NW &NE, the wing has been clipped.
Celebrities / Re: Tboss Weeps, Curses Troll 'MsHafsat' Who Said Her Daughter Is Ugly by chinchum: 10:58pm On Feb 16
shut up dia, we are different
Then if you can't stand the smoke , stay out of the kitchen. Only an idioott doesn't know that online trolls are always lurking around "celebrities" page. To be worked up and crying like a toddler over an unknown troll saying or writing shit online signifies a low self esteem or high level depression. By the way, you are not smart.
Celebrities / Re: Tboss Weeps, Curses Troll 'MsHafsat' Who Said Her Daughter Is Ugly by chinchum: 9:11pm On Feb 16
How can someone be so foolish to be crying because of what an online troll says ? That is the height of low self esteem. All these celebrities that get easily worked up over what internet trolls writes are mentally and emotionally deficient

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Politics / Re: South-East Governors Agree To Establish Regional Community Police by chinchum: 8:51pm On Feb 12
There is no crime to copy a template, it can even be improved. It is good to see the SE governors agreeing to this security network


Politics / Re: Fashola Inspects 2nd Niger Bridge Project, Asaba Section (Photos) by chinchum: 6:16pm On Feb 12

I beg to differ! bottom line is Fashola who is always pontificating and telling others to think outside the box has no deliverables to show. I said it in 2015 in 2015 that the myth of fashola will be broken at the federal level and so it is proving. There are innovative ways to get funding for a road. After all where did Amaechi get money for his rail projects. But when you are more intrerested in "other benefits", sometimes you mind does not think clearly...i'll just leave it at that. Amaechi is a focused man, if one door closes he opens another, thats why he is delivering left right and center.

What happenned to Fashola's 4th mainland, Metroline, lekki express? why are they all failures? if you know you know!!
I don't know what axe you have to grind with Fashola as a person, You have failed to tell me how you arrived at the 50% completion before he came on board as works minister.
Fashola has shown lots of innovative ways to get funding for road projects as some roads . PPP arrangement with Dangote for tax waiver to construct Federal roads is one example, a federal executive order was signed to that effect.. I think you have failed to realise this because you have your personal issues with him.
Politics / Re: Fashola Inspects 2nd Niger Bridge Project, Asaba Section (Photos) by chinchum: 6:07pm On Feb 12

you are free to list them.

If people find it hard to list your achievements, it's probably because you dont have any. if you have to look for small wins, then ithat too is a sign your underperformed. You can give reasons, or excuses but underperformance is underperformance. Bottom line is there is nothing to show...There is no legacy, there is nothing that if he were to leave today he will be remmembered by!! This like it or not is a FACT!!

If you talk a good talk then you must walk a good walk.

You are only as good as your last achievements, ask Arsene Wenger or Mike Tyson. Even if you were once worth the hype, if you cannot bring that level of performance to today's task, you are past it as the very best.
While this thread is more on the 2nd Niger Bridge, i follow the news to know that Major parts of the power sector has been privatised. However, i still see projects constructed and some commissioned in the power sector, He also developed a road map for the power sector. i know of the power projects across the Federal Universities in Nigeria to ensure they are self sufficient, some have been completed. I know of the Kaduna power plant, Gurara power projects have been completed. ,Zungeru dam projects, Mambilla power projects that are at different stages of completion, I know his effort to ensure that fixed charges are removed on Prepaid meters e.t.c Some projects will take time . He is a good planner, that i am certain of. The power ministry is no longer under his watch, but i hope the new Minister improves what he met on ground.
Politics / Re: Fashola Inspects 2nd Niger Bridge Project, Asaba Section (Photos) by chinchum: 5:33pm On Feb 12

maybe my figure is random but the difference between that road in 2015 and today is not much. The work that was done pre 2015 is more than what has been done since
Very incorrect. Up until i left my former work place late 2017. The most work done was in the year 2017. I don't know the current situation i must confess. But i was working along that expressway from 2012-2017. The rate of change in late 2016 to mid 2017 was massive. As at late 2017 the completion stage was like 50%. 2015, couldn't have been anything more than 10% completion factoring work done by Julius Berger and RCC.
Politics / Re: Fashola Inspects 2nd Niger Bridge Project, Asaba Section (Photos) by chinchum: 5:22pm On Feb 12

Go to school for English lessons. I never said Lagos Ibadan rail has been delivered. Feel free to show me. What I said is that the rail has been completed, which is a remarkable feat considering this project was only started in 2017. The track is completed the trains are running, it is only the stations remaining. FAshola on the other hand inherited a project which was already approximately 50% complete when he became minister and their has been little progress. The other thing I said which you are free to prove me wrong is FAshola has not completed ANY meaningful project or come close to finishing any in his 5 years as minister. Furthermore he was a complete disaster as power minister...hence his removal.

I don’t know why the need for insults and how bigotry entered a debate about facts. I am Yoruba, if anything I suspect you are also Yoruba, this proving you are the bigot. As clearly you are more interested in defending tribe that facts.

Amaechi is a super achiever and the best minister Nigeria has had since 1999, FAshola has exposed himself as overrated...these are facts. FAshola has nothing on ground to show! Amaechi completed, Abuja Kaduna rail, has completed itakpe Warri rail, has commissioned airports, has more of less finished Lagos Ibadan and is already embarking on others, yet FAshola has yet to show a completed project.

Amaechi gets on with the job while FAshola is always giving one excuse or the other always blaming someone or the other. The truth is if you examine his performance level while governor of Lagos, his only major achievement was security and increasing IGR but what did he do with the IGR? You guess is as good as mine, a few token poor quality projects for a people used and content with mediocrity! . With the amount of money available to LASG, he was a monumental failure. He is now being exposed at the federal level.

Lagos -Ibadan expressway was not 50% as at May 2015, it was barely 10% completed. Where did you pull the 50% completion from. Don't argue with me, because my office was along the expressway, and i commute every fortnight from Ibadan to Lagos, and vice-versa. There are several housing projects completed within states. Fashola faced lots of pushback regarding the big works projects, because he tried prioritising projects based on geographical regions rather than states, and the National assembly in their typical foolishness wanted focus on states for projects that there were not even designed yet. Nigeria also witnessed terrible recession from 2016- part of 2018 that affected funds disbursement to budgeted projects. Don't turn situation on its head. I can bet there are lots of small wins made by Fashola in the power sector also.
Politics / Re: Opinion: Was Jonathan The Most Attacked Nigerian President When He Was In Power? by chinchum: 5:38pm On Feb 11

Prices virtually remained the same for five years or even reduced....pls cite a practical example to refute not English
you are the one that should prove that inflation rate was zero. I bet you pulled out that from your asss. If you have a worthy reference, put the link here. Even Developed Countries don;t have inflation rate at Zero.
Family / Re: My 4-Year-Old Son Saw Me Washing My Underwear And Said It's Girl's That Wash by chinchum: 5:12pm On Feb 11
Simply let him join you in the laundry process by giving him small stuffs like handkerchief , and underpants to watch e . A research conducted stated children who does house chores are less susceptible to depression in Adulthood.
Politics / Re: Sultan: Something Worse Than Boko Haram May Emerge In The North by chinchum: 4:53pm On Feb 07
Say Almajiri not orphans. The Northern political leadership has failed in all ramifications. The bulk of North west and east of the Country is a time bomb that will explode most things being equal in 10 years from now. The poverty is alarming, and the uneducated youths stuffed with dangerous religious ideologies are in millions.
Travel / Re: My Visit To The Archeological Museum Of Greece (photos, Video) by chinchum: 9:07pm On Feb 06
Must you people find a way to ridicule your country I'm every thread,this country is cursed with the set of people that inhabit it,will done Collins.
It is quite sickening. Any little opportunity, they will belittle the same country they are living in. They are quick to blame and castigate everyother person as the bad person except themselves. embarassed embarassed


Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by chinchum: 7:40am On Feb 04

I wonder why it is convenient for people to just write what they dont know about. I live in quebec and thank God I am "struggling". I won't argue much but it is better to experience than to draw conclusions from the experience of a few people. Yes Nigerians are leaving Quebec in droves to Ontario or elsewhere because of the language barrier. I was the only English speaking guy where I was employed I took it with open arms and learnt my French on the go. Now I speak fluent french and now I have the whole of Canada right in my hands. Applied and Got another job with Air Canada. French speaking was the edge I had. I moved to Manitoba as that is where I am stationed. Depending on what you want, u can make ur decision. My kids also speak better French than me. I did not limit myself or my kids in a country where we plan to live for God knows how long. Please if because of the experience of few people u are drawing conclusions be careful. As a rule if I have not experienced anything I dont comment, you can't be living in Lagos and be saying the way El Rufai is ruling Kaduna is bad. You know nothing.
You simply affirmed what the other guy you quote stated. Or is there any message you are trying to pass?. . The statement you made in quote "I won't argue much but it is better to experience than to draw conclusions from the experience of a few people" somewhat validates your personal experience as unreliable.


Crime / Re: LASTMA Official, Tope Akinde Commits Suicide (Photo) by chinchum: 10:48pm On Feb 01
We didn't know sucide could even exist in Nigeria some 10years back now it's daily news
It was underreported. Internet penetration and socia media has improved news reporting. There are so many blogs and news outlets now.
Family / Re: My Wife Is A Thief & Greedy: My One-Month Marriage About To Crash by chinchum: 11:46pm On Jan 31

I know u r just being funny but let’s continue. He never mentioned his pregnant wife from 2017 here. Don’t u think that’s rather strange? What excuse would u give 4 him? cheesy
Marital status change easily na. People dont divorce ,separate or die anymore. Is polygamy also outlawed in Nigeria?? Do we know if the earlier thread question by op was also for a pregnant " arrangee wife" as part of immigration scams by Nigerians ?? I am not stating he is genuine, but there is no sufficient evidence to also state his claim is not genuine.


Family / Re: My Wife Is A Thief & Greedy: My One-Month Marriage About To Crash by chinchum: 11:09pm On Jan 31

Meaning what?? He made up the story! Otherwise how doing explain the below
did the op tell you his marital status history? If anything the 2017 thread if true only validates that he lives in US.


Family / Re: My Wife Is A Thief & Greedy: My One-Month Marriage About To Crash by chinchum: 9:37pm On Jan 31

But u missed the biggest red flag - that the story is AUDIO!
That is not proven yet. The op past post does not necessarily proves that this post is false. The story may be fabricated, but i bet there are real life situations like this story
Family / Re: My Wife Is A Thief & Greedy: My One-Month Marriage About To Crash by chinchum: 8:51pm On Jan 31
What do people do during courtship? Have mind blowing sex and tell one another sweet nothing??

If you will date someone, you don;t give them blind trust in the name of love, you assess them in several ways. You waited till you married her before noticing bad traits. Dating is like the internship and probation phase for a job applicant.

Even your wife's family too appears stingy , who organises parlour wedding without at least drinks and refreshments, even if you did not drop a kobo?? Redflags everywhere, but what some people see during dating and courtship of a girl are the fine face, big boobs and ass, and after wedding, it is lamentation galore.
Family / Re: My Sister's Husband Wants To Sleep With Me by chinchum: 8:47pm On Jan 31
Report him to your dad ASAP. Your Dad which i suppose is an elder at least in his 60's should have the appropriate wisdom to handle the situation and possibly call that fool to order. Your sister must not be informed , at the very least for now. She is currently in turmoil with the health of her child, and compounding her woes is not an option. It is quite shameful her so called husband is stupidly in lust and eager to satisfy his demonic cravings. I am afraid your sister married a man sexually worse than a dog/pig.

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Politics / Re: Amaechi: It’s Impossible To Complete Lagos-ibadan Rail Project In April by chinchum: 2:47pm On Jan 23

How many people are riding it daily and how much freight carried daily if indeed it is completed?
Do you have the figures and testimonies
i wrote that the completion was in the news today and also added a link . Is that not enough for someone smart to decipher that it was just completed?
Politics / Re: Amaechi: It’s Impossible To Complete Lagos-ibadan Rail Project In April by chinchum: 9:16pm On Jan 22

I know l mean the distance is too short are there goods in Ibadan that is need on a national scale?
Lagos Ibadan rail way is a part of the Lagos-Kano railway project. Lagos with a population of over 20million and a coastal city with a port controls a large part of the economy. Lagos as a stand alone compared to other African countries is the fourth largest economy in Africa.
Politics / Re: Amaechi: It’s Impossible To Complete Lagos-ibadan Rail Project In April by chinchum: 8:41pm On Jan 22

Of what economic value is a rail from Lagos to Ibadan compare to the cost?
Improved trade and transportation has impact on economy. This rail line is been connected to the port in Apapa. It implies cargoes can be transported from the port, as such less traffic on vehicular roads, less heavy duty moving trucks that damages the roads faster. If you think slightly hard enough, you will realise the economic impact.

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Politics / Re: Amaechi: It’s Impossible To Complete Lagos-ibadan Rail Project In April by chinchum: 8:38pm On Jan 22
After all this nonsense Amaechi will come down this side to tell us this is what he has done 4 8years as minister, no single project to the whole of south south and south east, our people can be very stupid I swear, this same fool was accusing Jonathan for not doing anything 4 the region he comes from.
This can't be true. Itakpe -Warri rail line has been completed. It is in the Nigerian news today.

Politics / Re: Amaechi: It’s Impossible To Complete Lagos-ibadan Rail Project In April by chinchum: 7:58pm On Jan 22
No worries, as long as there is a consistent effort. I feel the Ministers consistent monitoring and evaluation of the project is helping to keep the project ongoing and not completely stalled. Monthly inspection simply means contractor is forced to show a difference in stage of work from the last state every 30days ! If April 2020 is not feasible, then a Dec. 2020 should not be a bad time to expect completion. The expansion of the project at Apapa and the ports is also commendable. If the Lagos-Ibadan railway is all you can deliver in 5 years, that is fine. I shudder at how much infrastructural projects Nigerian govts. and ministries create and none is seen to fruition decades after.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Breaks Silence On Amotekun , Says Amotekun Not Threat To National Unity by chinchum: 7:05pm On Jan 22
“Until now, I have deliberately maintained a studied silence regarding Amotekun. Many have tried to goad my swift public reaction. Those who have taken this road did so not because they care about Amotekun or even the people it intends to help protect. They did so knowing this had become a delicate and emotional issue for many. These cynics did so with the adversarial hope that, in haste, I might misspeak or misstep in a manner they could twist to their political advantage.
This statement from Tinubu is very true !

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Politics / Re: Alhassan Saleh: Amotekun Shows How Primitive Yoruba People Are – Miyetti Allah by chinchum: 10:04pm On Jan 21
Why are they scared to their teeth? I knew the day Yorubas unite and decide and fight the murderous Fulani herdsmen scourge signifies their end of misbehavior in SW.


Politics / Re: Lagos State PDP Holds Rally Against Imo Supreme Court Judgement by chinchum: 7:33pm On Jan 21
I really don't have full details of the Imo state election, but the Supreme court is the final Arbiter. The supreme court gave PDP on a platter of gold Zamfara state after the 2019 election , an election APC won in a landslide. In Rivers state, it would have been a battle, but the supreme court denied all APC candidates from participating in 2019 election. The supreme court decisions are not necessarily partisan in my opinion.
Politics / Re: FG Declares Operation Amotekun Illegal by chinchum: 7:41pm On Jan 14
It has come to stay. The SW is pioneering a system, other parts of the South has been afraid to start. The day the SW region decides it wants out of the contraption Nigeria, it will become a major force impossible to stop. This goes beyond party affiliation, although 5 out of 6 Sw governors are APC governors, safety of lives, land and property are paramount.


Family / Re: I Just Ended My Marriage! Single Mum I Married Still Contacts Her Ex Regularly by chinchum: 2:59am On Jan 12
Not fair you are generalizing, some one close to me ended her marriage this Jan. She is the best woman any one can have, unfortunately she married a man that was raised wrongly.

Imagine her husband beating her because she came back, and, saw her husband's weed he poured inside their plate, and, she threw it away. This marriage already had 3kids, even if the man smokes, does he have to flaunt before and kids.

I encouraged her to arrest him after hitting her, she did, and the man was detained, he didn't show any remorse afterwards, rather, he was threatening her with divorce, I told her is time she move on, and she did.

And before this last incident, Her 9years marriage has been 9years of domestic violence.

Now, tell me, didn't she deserve a second chance of remarrying?
The best woman that went ahead to be entangled with a weed addict and domestic abuser is questionable. I have a lot of reservations about single mums or single dads, and it is not because they all bad people, but more often that not they are stupid or make big stupid decisions. Anyone who marries a very stupid partner is most likely stupid also. We all tend to make some stupid decisions in life, but if it pertains to marriage it may hurt you for life.
Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Most Painful Loss You Had This Year, 2019? by chinchum: 3:05am On Dec 31, 2019
Hmm, these losses can be quite depressing to read. I pray for recovery and fortitude to bear the loss for everyone who suffered loss. Life is ephemeral, and we must not forget that

In retrospective of the outgoing decade 2010-2019 , at the start of decade, was the most trying period of my life, i really praise God for continuos recovery of my losses.

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Politics / Re: Bamidele Salam Kicks Against N37 Billion Budget For NASS Renovation by chinchum: 8:40pm On Dec 29, 2019
The micro credit strategy is quite reasonable. I hope to see this man grow politically, and see if he keeps up the idea, i will like to know what he has done so far to his constituents since he is now a rep . member.


Politics / Re: Buba Galadima Urges Buhari To Appoint Him INEC Chairman by chinchum: 7:06pm On Dec 29, 2019
Clowns, I am sensible to know that there are many idiiots criticizing the current government that will be 5 times worse if given a chance, in actual fact they are in the majority(over 90%). Only political neophytes are easily swayed when you hear hordes of criticism and easily believe when these comedians are in power they will do better.


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