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Politics / Re: Victor Oye Laid Curses On Peter Obi Over His Defection by Chynx(m): 3:19pm On Jun 01
If no be curse dey worry Peter obi, why would you leave a major political party for a lesser party, at least vp Dem go give am, he will soon leave labour, naa so him go dey do till he becomes politically irrelevant

You don't understand politics...especially the fact that he is NOT INTERESTED IN BECOMING THE VICE TO ANYBODY.

VPs in Nigeria are just figurehead.
Politics / Re: 2023: I Can't Be Second Class Citizen In My Own Country - Gov. Wike Blows Hot by Chynx(m): 1:54am On May 31
Wike should go and cry under his wife's armpit.


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Romance / Re: School Bus Driver Has Been Sleeping With 4 Parents! Marriage Becoming Worthless by Chynx(m): 6:32am On May 24
Based on this context, I think I can reason with the OP.

Marriage is fast becoming a laughable enterprise.

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Politics / Re: FG Amends Charge Against Kanu, Lists His Lawyers As accomplices by Chynx(m): 10:41am On May 18
Let them keep that mugu there forever,he is a curse to humanity.
your situation is worse than his...even with your so-called freedom.
I wish you had the brain to comprehend the actual condition you are currently suffering from in this shithole...then you will know how truly incarcerated you've been all these years. cheesy cheesy cheesy


Politics / Re: FG Amends Charge Against Kanu, Lists His Lawyers As accomplices by Chynx(m): 10:38am On May 18
Put all of them behind bar and sentence them to face firing squad

...says an ignorant slowpoke who rather wallows in stupidity than think of a better future.

People like you need to be shot in the mouth!

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Politics / Re: We Have Left Everything To God - Deborah Yakubu's Parents by Chynx(m): 10:14pm On May 15
I suggest we all quit nairaland for good in 48hrs if nothing is done by the moderators to pull down such comments promoting terrorism!

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Celebrities / Re: Yul Edochie Unveils His Second Wife And Son by Chynx(m): 4:38pm On Apr 27

So how would u feel as a man when ur wife of 17 years wakes up one day and she's like
"I need another man because u aren't enough" ?
If u still don't see any bad thing in it then I wish u her (May's) predicament.

Men and women are NOT and CANNOT be the same...be it in stature or behaviour.

Know this and know peace!
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By His Onlyfans Model Girlfriend In Miami (photos) by Chynx(m): 11:39pm On Apr 07
Self defense my arse!
Crime / Re: Ogun Polic Arrest 23-Year-Old Man For Raping & Killing His 29-Year-Old Neighbour by Chynx(m): 11:26pm On Apr 07
Oya ooo. Rape apologists come and justify this.
...and this she goat will go and start looking for prique to satisfy her insatiable sexual desire.

Romance / Re: Today I Was Very Strict To My Girlfriend And She Did This by Chynx(m): 9:20am On Mar 31
You weren't matured about this. Since you've already gotten your test result, why still go into control mode by disallowing her from using the rest to buy her dodo? Don't play money games with a woman again, even the one that pretends to be conservative during courtship may change when you marry. You can't know a woman fully until you marry her. Just pray to God to give you plenty money. Besides can't she cook?

This is crap!
Romance / Re: My Mom Just Ruined My Relationship by Chynx(m): 10:18am On Mar 20
Finally, na women be women problem.

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Romance / Re: Any Man That Collects Back His Gift From A Lady Is A Weak Man by Chynx(m): 4:56pm On Mar 19
We don't want to be strong. Leave us like that.


Romance / Re: Don't ask What We Bring To The Table, Women Aren't Suppose To Bring Anything by Chynx(m): 11:55am On Feb 03
I'll be frank and not coy. You must be the dumbest woman on this forum.
However, my senses are also telling me that the nonsense you dropped is just to seek out attention.

You have no idea what feminist means - equal opportunity for male and female. To them there are no male only roles and female only roles in society. What a man can do , I can do better - My response - You CAN"T.

" we are not created to provide but to process " No feminist says this. This is where you lose your diatribe.
Then you quote the bible and mention Eve. Like she is the best example out there. Her husband gave her detailed instructions of what to do and not to do. Yet she couldn't keep and relay simple instructions.

You not subscribing women to bring anything is what makes women, illiterates - not being sent to school. if all they do is sit down at home waiting to be impregnated , or given money to make food , turn a house to a home.

I do not and will not be involved with a lady who doesn't think she can do more with her life than what you mentioned. She is to be a "helpmate" an assistant. Both contributing with their skills to the success of the union.

I can buy groceries and cook so why do I need you to process.
I can adopt a child or get one through surrogacy, so why do I need you to process.
I can stage a house and buy homely stuff, so why do I need you to process .
When I get frustrated, I will go see a therapist, so lady why do i need you to process?

I do more than " bring the money" and when I decide to settle down - She better do more than "process"

Anyways, If you want to escalate your backward thinking to a voice call , I may be available.

To think of the fact that most of the rubbish that OP outlined can be easily outsourced, exposes her level of ignorance.

Most homes have paid house helps. These house helps are paid by the men. So, I can be correct to say that the jobs done by the house helps (who are paid by the men) are jobs done by the men.

All they are good at is sit back, go through their phones all day, while dishing out instructions to the house help. Maids do everything including cooking for the man of the house. Besides shagging the man and child bearing, what else does the woman do that isn't delegated to the maid these days.

So long as I pay for the maid's services, it is safe to say that I am the one doing whatever task the maid accomplishes.


European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: West Ham Vs Chelsea (3 - 2) On 4th December 2021 by Chynx(m): 3:40pm On Dec 04, 2021
Lukaku is not our type of player.i said it before he was bought.he is too heavy.he just stood at one place and was expecting a pass.he made us loose the match.

Never wanted him in Chelsea

I thought I was the only one with this opinion.
As soon as Lukaku came in, Chelsea lost the ability to sting!

He is an opportunistic striker...not a playmaker.


Family / Re: Why Are Men Outraged Over Paternity Fraud? by Chynx(m): 9:11pm On Sep 29, 2021
What's is your point exactly


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Family / Re: Why Are Men Outraged Over Paternity Fraud? by Chynx(m): 9:09pm On Sep 29, 2021
First and foremost I don't support cheating and deception I can never support deception or paternity fraud but I wonder why some men are outraged over paternity fraud.

We live in a society or some of us grew up in a society that gave excuse or justified infidelity amongst men under the guise of "men are polygamous in nature"they forget that men can be used to refer to women too and that polygamous is a gender neutral word for men it is polygyny for women it is polyandry.

When you justify infidelity or adultery you reap paternity fraud because these married men sleep with married women who are wives of other men who are at the receiving end when it comes to paternity fraud.

You men cannot always eat your cake and have it you feel bad when cheated on and call women who commit adultery all sorts of names but hail men when they cheat on women what happened to what is good for the goose is good for the gander.Some people seem to forget that the cheating men don't sleep with themselves they sleep with people's wives and girlfriends too so maybe that shows that women are polygamous in nature and two can play a game.

You cannot be preaching morality and chastity on women while failing to hold yourselves to account as well it doesn't work that way because it is a small world afterall if boys are not taught morality, decency and chastity we will continue to hear tales of paternity fraud and infidelity.

As we try to shame and tell young girls not to follow married men let's not forget to tell young boys and married men to leave married women alone it is the same polygamous men that are sleeping with these women and another man is at the receiving end of this disaster men don't sleep with themselves they sleep with women

As for the married men and women depending on your vows if you promised to be faithful try to be faithful and stop cheating beautiful women and handsome men will never finish in this word try to stick to one be contented,committed and try to learn discipline.

I think we should ask men why they are outraged grin

I call this "noise making".

What do women want? Please leave men alone for crying out loud!

A man who is cheated upon by his wife has the right to dump her ass! We are not begging women to keep men who cheat either. You can as well dump his ass!

So if it is a problem for you guys that a man wants to know the true paternity of his so-called child, then kindly go and hug transformer! Nobody is stopping you from taking whatever action you please when you catch your man cheating.

I will definitely throw away any woman that cheats on me, PERIOD!!!

Romance / Re: I'm In Love With A Married Woman Whose Husband Is In Dubai by Chynx(m): 1:51pm On Sep 29, 2021
Politics / Re: Benue: 73 Men Arrested On Their Way To Imo State (Pictures) by Chynx(m): 8:59am On Jun 16, 2021
Their firearms have been moved ahead of them into Imo state.

Vigilance is key!
Politics / Re: Owning A Legal Firearm In Nigeria: My Experience by Chynx(m): 7:33pm On Mar 16, 2021

Piston in combat situation?

No go kill yourself.

Good thread wasted by Op.

Lazy Op.

He is dreaming. cheesy
Politics / Re: Owning A Legal Firearm In Nigeria: My Experience by Chynx(m): 7:32pm On Mar 16, 2021
uncle take am easy

Uncle really needs to take it easy. cheesy cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Owning A Legal Firearm In Nigeria: My Experience by Chynx(m): 7:31pm On Mar 16, 2021
In the Nigeria of today: it is better you have it but don't need it; than you need it and don't have it.

Firearms that can be licensed in Nigeria are shotguns (semi-automatic or manual pump actions) or single/double barrelled 12-guage cartridge weapons...basically for the purpose of hunting...NOT self defense.

Ensure to follow and provide all legal requirements; understanding the dos and don'ts...then you're good to go.

Nobody will issue a license for pistols or assault rifles in Nigeria. Those are completely illegal if found on a civilian.

I hope this helps.


Celebrities / Re: Emoney & Kcee Storm Anambra In Grand Style With Long Convoy & Outriders: Video by Chynx(m): 10:24pm On Dec 29, 2020

Typical Ibo man

Dangote , Rabiu of BUA group, Adenuga and Otedola don't do all this and everyone knows they are rich


One thing is being rich, and another thing is having fun at every level...with all and sundry...rich or poor.

Those guys are going back home to CELEBRATE the yuletide with EVERYONE!!!

They are living the life...not locked up in some dungeons they call mansions.
Politics / Re: South East Launches AMOTEKUN. See Logo. by Chynx(m): 6:50am On Mar 04, 2020

South easterners will come out tougher!

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Agriculture / Re: This Is The Snake Killing My Chickens & Tampering With Their Eggs In My Poultry by Chynx(m): 5:01pm On Jan 14, 2020
That's a King Cobra!

Very dangerous!!!
Travel / Re: Nigerians Evacuted From South Africa Arrives Lagos Via Air Peace by Chynx(m): 4:06am On Sep 12, 2019
Air Peace thank you oo!

I just hope that my Uncle who has spent more than decade over there with nothing to show for it go at least follow una free flight come dey useful in Nigeria for the remaining part of his life he Neva carry HIV self.

If your father wasn't worse than your uncle, I'm very sure you won't remember you have an uncle.

Nobody but your parents owes you anything...and that's to an extent! undecided
TV/Movies / Re: I Will Pay #1million To Any Boutique That Send Tacha Clothes by Chynx(m): 1:11am On Aug 06, 2019
Savage! cheesy
Business / Re: I Am Richer Than Dangote – Ghanaian (Dwarf) Shortest Man Speaks by Chynx(m): 1:08am On Aug 06, 2019
We have noticed you...next! undecided

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Crime / Re: PABLO ESCOBAR - "The World Most Successful Criminal" by Chynx(m): 1:07am On Aug 06, 2019
...but died like a chicken! grin
Politics / Re: Take It Back Movement Members Visit Defiant Sowore In DSS Detention (photo) by Chynx(m): 1:05am On Aug 06, 2019
Good job.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Dies In Malaysian Deportation Camp (Photos) by Chynx(m): 10:31pm On Jul 31, 2019
Nigerian embassy and nigerian government should rise up and take on these countries that are maltreating and killing nigerians.something needs to be done urgently about these wanton xenophobic attacks and maltreatment against nigerians.ENOUGH IS ENOUGH O !!.

Which Nigerian government? undecided
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Arsenal: Europa Cup Final (4 - 1) On 29th May 2019 by Chynx(m): 9:28pm On May 29, 2019
Up Chelsea!!!

We deserve this trophy!

ASSanal fans can goan die! grin


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