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Politics / Re: DSS Accredits Daily Post, Nine Others For Coverage Of Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial by Cnach: 6:44pm
I see a very short session tomorrow
Politics / Re: NIN-SIM Linkage Gets October 31 Deadline Date by Cnach: 12:00pm

I’m not from EDO STATE

I don’t have flying powers

How will I know things before they happen? Like you do ?
Oghene!! So wetin u take am mean be say me I get witch abi? U go get bad mouth o. Any way some no dey get that spirit, I thank God for giving me one. I do know some things before they happen and many I no dey even smell am until e hit me

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Religion / Re: Have You Ever Considered Paying Tithes To Those Who Need Help? by Cnach: 11:58am

Go and read Deuteronomy 14:22-29

22 “You shall tithe all the yield of your seed that comes from the field year by year. 23 And before the Lord your God, in the place that he will choose, to make his name dwell there, you shall eat the tithe of your grain, of your wine, and of your oil, cand the firstborn of your herd and flock, that you may learn to fear the Lord your God always. 24 And if the way is too long for you, so that you are not able to carry the tithe, when the Lord your God blesses you, because the place is too far from you, which the Lord your God chooses, to set his name there, 25 then you shall turn it into money and bind up the money in your hand and go to the place that the Lord your God chooses 26 and spend the money for whatever you desire—oxen or sheep or wine or strong drink, whatever your appetite craves. And you shall eat there before the Lord your God and rejoice, you and your household. 27 And you shall not neglect fthe Levite who is within your towns, for ghe has no portion or inheritance with you.
28 At the end of every three years you shall bring out all the tithe of your produce in the same year and lay it up within your towns. 29 And the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow, who are within your towns, shall come and eat and be filled, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do.

Thank u bro at least it a Christian to Christian exchange of knowledge.
Ehe, what u said which the base should be from verse 29 is supporting verse 28 which has a clause of "at the end of every 3years"
It doesn't mean u shouldn't pay tithe every other years in a usual manner of taking it to the levites but at the end of these three years it is going to be different and that's when it is supported u give it to any one in need and also the men of God won't be in exception.
The one wey dey vesi me na even verse 23b which is not obtainable in any way. We suppose dey enjoy for church every Sunday, in short anybody who don't have food in his house suppose use church get hope but e no dey work na only talking and talking and talking everytime
Politics / Re: NIN-SIM Linkage Gets October 31 Deadline Date by Cnach: 11:46am
This government is useless

I regret joining a long queue

Waited hours

And made to part with 3k last year

Just to have a foolish NIN that I’m sure that Terrorist has handed over to his people
una too dey fear.
Me I don read Nigeria like book, anything wey go really get weight na once my intent go tell me to run. I don stay for lodge of 18 rooms only me when others don japa, me tell them say this fight no go pass this night. And e no pass that night.
During covid my travel suppose b Tuesday but that evening as I come back from church e just touch me, na once I gather my bag enter iyano run down Benin. D following Monday was war to travellers.
No dey fear, follow me dey read the country

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Religion / Re: Prophet Isaiah Okechukwu Gives Peter Godwin Money by Cnach: 9:33am
Baba God, you sure say na this same Church Jesus build on top solid Rock before he go back to heaven?
These people don comot all the pillar finish oo.
We need reinforcement oo!!!
Guy u have tire abi?
E shock U?
Religion / Re: Have You Ever Considered Paying Tithes To Those Who Need Help? by Cnach: 9:23am
Paying your tithe to the Church and assisting the needy are necessary.

Sometimes, the Holy Spirit can direct you to pay your tithe to a different Church or person.
Tithe is not paid to just anybody but a man of God or to the church
Religion / Re: Have You Ever Considered Paying Tithes To Those Who Need Help? by Cnach: 9:22am
I don't have any problem if u pay ur tithe in church but its also good if we try and show love to people cos God is love, u cannot be buying private jets for ur pastor and never think of giving at least 100m to orphanage, it doesn't sit well with me
Brother be careful o, don't write out of what u think but let it be according to what is written.
To start with, tithe is for urself and ur own prosperity and indirectly the prosperity of the church and in no way a struggle to make heaven. God didn't instruct any one to end it at paying tithe but offer help to people in many ways u can. Ur tithe it just 1/10 of ur personal income, the remaining 9 is still enough to render financial or material help to people bc this help is more basic than tithe. It is a way of propagating the gesture which Jesus offered to the world and believe me it is recorded to be rewarded on ur last day though the reward may even start here on earth.
But for tithe, we were instructed to bring it to the house of God and no place than there. Once u pay outside the church believe me u are helping people and not paying tithe.
Just like u must serve a year in Nigeria and not in any other country for NYSC
Sports / Re: Athletes Representing Nigeria At Tokyo 2020 (Full List) by Cnach: 8:21pm On Jul 23
Why are they almost all Igbos in all the sports we consider "real" sports?
The list is showing the real parasites in Nigeria

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Pastor Alabi Renovates A 60-Year-Old Mosque In Osun State (Pictures) by Cnach: 2:14pm On Jul 23
First I can never be a Muslim and I don't know anything like Allah.
Back to mata
That guy go dey busy dey bind and cast his people for worshipping idle but he doesn't know his foolishness is powered to 2

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Travel / Re: NAF Acquires Super Tucano Aircraft (Photo) by Cnach: 8:58pm On Jul 22
This guys are just wasting scarce money.
I can pinpoint anything that gas been achieved with all this rubbish
Nairaland / General / Re: See The Big Snake Kill On My Site. by Cnach: 8:51pm On Jul 22
I don't know who will kill snake between me and my wife. cry
Between I, u and then ur wife.
I can't kill that creature I wouldn't tell if it is fear or irritation
Crime / Re: Delta: Dead Child Tied On A Girl's Back For "Feeding Him With Poisonous Leaf" by Cnach: 8:44pm On Jul 22
Na dem, see the background & mansions behind her, these online people can raise the dead with their lies.
U go wicked o.
Wey the mansion?
Politics / Re: Arrest Emefiele, Mele Kyari, Others Now - Reps Panel by Cnach: 1:29pm On Jul 22
Nice talk
Wetin nice on top that talk?
U thinks say na bc they loot money? N.a. bc say they shared it loopsidedly
Crime / Re: Victims Of Gunmen Attack In Benue State (Distrubing Photos) by Cnach: 1:12pm On Jul 22
APC is losing ground every day to any political party with the balls to take advantage of these daily occurrences.
My guy them no dey loose rigging o.
In fact money don dey to bypass anything wey need to be bypassed.
We are in for a long thing
Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by Cnach: 9:52am On Jul 21

What are you saying, his approach doesn't achieve anything but shows how stupid and empty he is.
As if u are in the mind of those he talked to
I wish sentiment didn't cover ur sense u would have know that that alone spoke more than a million people's protest

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Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by Cnach: 9:08am On Jul 21
They represent Nigeria

He wasn't very diplomatic tho

I like the way the other Hausa guy was asking him, "why don't u go there, why are u staying here? "
E get wetin una no dey understand
Is not everything that need diplomacy, u remember what once happened in Ghana? That wasn't diplomatic at all. But we wey dey think say na we holy pass na so Nigeria evil leaders go still kill us all.
People are dying and u talking about diplomacy..u do well

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Politics / Re: Fulaniman In Austria Attacks Nigerian Olympic Team, Says They Support Terrorism by Cnach: 9:05am On Jul 21

Oga, go and buy data and watch the video.
Guy sense no go kill u
I was thinking why that guy said such thing n l could not remember anything and just now u made me know he actually didn't watch the video. U get brain
Politics / Re: Policemen Boo Gov Matawalle After Bandits’ Murder Of 13 Colleagues by Cnach: 6:40am On Jul 21
Holding a gun without a enough bullet can't guarantee you safety from bandits with sophisticated weapons.
Who gave them the gun? Matawalle? They are afraid of loosing their jobs and life if not they knew who to direct their grevience to n not shouting at innocent govèrnor
Politics / Re: Nigeria Must Explain How Kanu Was Arrested From Kenya- UK Parliament by Cnach: 9:58pm On Jul 20
The EU, US and Canada should place a travel ban on Buhari, members of his family and all gov’t appointees and party apparatchiks!
E go shock u say that man and his family dey hold British passport

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Religion / Re: CAN Fecilitates With Muslims At Eid-El-Kabir by Cnach: 2:44pm On Jul 20
Jesus started preaching the Gospel at the age of 30 and ended at 33. Did Jesus ever sin between the age 1 to 30 this record cannot be found in the canonical Gospels.

There is a non canonical Gospel which details the infancy Gospel of Jesus read it and then comment on whether Jesus ever sinned or

Title: Infancy Gospel thomas

The fact that Jesus was a man meant he was also susceptible to sinning since he was the son of man, he can eat, sleep , die, sin, be tempted by Satan, if Jesus can't sin then Satan would not have tempted him.
That guy has nothing to do with English language write in Arabic if u want him to understand u
Religion / Re: CAN Fecilitates With Muslims At Eid-El-Kabir by Cnach: 2:42pm On Jul 20
Mumus felicitating with the religion that denies Jesus is the Son o f God & murders those who believe in Jesus
If CAN is has anything to do with God I would have change religion self.
They didn't facilitate with TB Joshua's family but with Muslims as if they would stop killing them. If u like go and sweep mosque na still collect u go collect

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Politics / Re: AGF Malami Distances Self From Jonathan/Malami Presidential Ticket by Cnach: 2:29pm On Jul 20

Compared to the massive looting,corruption,nepotism and killings going on in this evil government,what did GEJ steal,how was he corrupt and how was he a criminal?
Shebi Buhari is a saint...according to you?
Anyway,I'm so glad that people like you who voted and supported Buhari against Jonathan are also enjoying the 'fruits of their labour'!
U cannot educate an average northerner.
Calm ur nerves bro.
If I'm a parent in North I cannot spend money sending my child outside the country for studies rather I would kindly send him to South for studies, South cert should be their own overseas cert
Romance / Re: Getting Married At 35. Is It Late, Normal Or early For Guys. by Cnach: 2:20pm On Jul 20
So by 60, your kids will be entering uni? By that that you will be retired and not capable to support them in university.
No mind mind am.
U can marry at 20 when u are not yet up to standard so that by 40 ur children go don dey compete to overthrown MC Olomo


Business / Re: Minted #100,000 Cash Becomes Heavily Wet Up By Itself In My Bag Overnight by Cnach: 2:15pm On Jul 20
The money was probably in an air-conditioning before she brought it to you.

The dampness of your room has affected the notes.
So u are reasonable like this.
U won't die young..join hand to educate people who need others to think
Religion / Re: 'So Critics Are More Important Than Bandits?'- Apostle Suleman Asks by Cnach: 7:20pm On Jul 19
You guys will just sit in your south and be talking trash.
Is it not this guy that many girls say he rape them.
Am a Christian and am in the north.
Come to zamfara and Katsina or borno and yobe and see.
Every day soldiers and police are battling this bandits, I swear every blessing day.
Is either they kill security personnel or bandits everyday.
Do you know that in bama alone, a mere local government in borno state has more than 1000 soldiers?
When ever you want to talk get the facts first.
Yes o
Same way lai Mohammed said that buhari achievements are too big for eye to see.
U are arresting n killing bandits everyday but they don't finish bc they are more than northern population.
U guys up north Christian or Muslim can get deceived in a minute but I n my brothers down south are too wise to be deceived by old men even in a decade
Business / Re: Pictures Of Obi Cubana's Hotels And Clubs by Cnach: 7:11pm On Jul 19
Guy e don do
Person fit get heart attack on top this pictures
Only one person gather this kind wealth.
Life no balance o
Politics / Re: External Reserves Drop By $180 Million In Two Weeks by Cnach: 11:23am On Jul 19

Funny enough his types are the ones they refer to 'Nigerians Voted'

U go get bad mouth o grin grin
Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Wears Dot Nation T-Shirt (Photo) by Cnach: 9:11am On Jul 19

They are actually living as they want in Abia state
The last time I checked the standard of living of those in ngwa road Aba is more worth than that of those in kano state government house. Seal ur tongue n leave ur cubicle to civilize ur unhealthy brain.
I hate enemy of people's happiness regardless of ur tribe
Politics / Re: External Reserves Drop By $180 Million In Two Weeks by Cnach: 6:39am On Jul 19

keep talking trash. Don't tell yourself the truth early enough. keep deceiving yourself.

Just mention 1 thing that has changed to good since buhari became the president.
That guy u are quoting is using vivo y11i copy to type rubbish and as a matter of fact he has not seen plasma tv before..check him very well he doesn't know that apart of rice, beans and swallow there are still other foods in the world. Let him go, na who get motor dey talk about bad road, if u haven't see good life u cannot complain of the suffering u are into

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Politics / Re: Matawalle: We Are Our Own Problem In The North by Cnach: 6:29am On Jul 19
But to be sincere this man is an ungrateful somebody


Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: I Warned Nigerians In 2015 About This ‘Evil’ Government by Cnach: 9:05pm On Jul 18

Because you benefit fraudulently
Is not
Na person wey get car dey worried of bad road.
U no wan progress wetin concern u with progress?
U no dey feed urself let alone others wetin concern u concern price of garri? Abeg make we pass the fool
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: I Warned Nigerians In 2015 About This ‘Evil’ Government by Cnach: 9:00pm On Jul 18
Abegiii, Buhari is terrible but Jonathan was no saint, he was BAD
Give 5 reason y Jonathan was bad.

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