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Pets / Re: The Chick That Refused To Go Away Is Now A Mother Hen by Cnach: 8:44am On Nov 03, 2021
Kia! I have over stayed my welcome in Nl


Politics / Re: Obasanjo Tells Buhari To Meet With Nnamdi Kanu by Cnach: 8:23am On Nov 03, 2021
I knew that the desire of every average Easterners most especially the Ipob sympathizers is for Buhari to negotiate with kanu.
They see this move as way of according the job man some kind of recognition and inflates his unfounded bloated ego. I trust the Fulani man not to give a hoot.

Nnamdi kanu issue and the circumstances around it is different from the Niger delta militants. While the latter has what it brings to the table to negotiate, the former has nothing to negotiate with other than killing his own people.
The foolishness of kanu is ur wisdom. Hate him or like him, he is a great man

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Crime / Re: Nine Killed, Houses Burnt As Gunmen Raid Fulani Settlements In Niger State by Cnach: 8:19am On Nov 03, 2021
Fulani are the Best tribe in Africa
Yes, because they killed ur parents those u hate so much. Fool
Politics / Re: Buhari Asks Investors For $1.5 Trillion To Bridge Nigeria’s Infrastructure Gap by Cnach: 6:02am On Nov 03, 2021

What Nigeria need at the moment is not Infrastructural development instead it is human development
No no, u are quoting an illiterate. Don't do it again
Politics / Re: Accountant-General’s Office Budgets ₦36m For Fumigation Against Reptiles, Pests by Cnach: 5:58am On Nov 03, 2021
Yes, it is right.
He is working, what about those in aso rock who doesn't do anything but receive billions. What is the work of femi and garba shebi, even buhari don't worry to be paid 20k monthly but the accountant is working n should cash out. May them gi am the money o
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Tell Nigerian Youth To Quit Complaining, Move On In Spite Of Challenges by Cnach: 6:41am On Nov 02, 2021
Oh really. Move on to where exactly?

This man thinks its by just speaking English. Nigerians are resilient. They try to make opportunities out of every situation. But you politicians are striving to make conditions worse and you are saying move on

This is the person people are advocating for president.
But my problem in this country is that alot of youths are celebrating illiteracy, they don't even know their right. Didn't u see some idiots above supporting a stupid statement from a corrupt person. We move on when u must top money to already price every day just to buy ordinary noodles o, na where we wan go when ur children are under a.c. 24/7 where as we don't need a.c. but just make good policies and u are telling us to move on. I just tire
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Tell Nigerian Youth To Quit Complaining, Move On In Spite Of Challenges by Cnach: 6:29am On Nov 02, 2021
This man with his Aspire to Maguire talks everytime, you'd think he's not part of this useless government. Lol.

The youths should move on to where? When you and your principal have made it a point of duty to oppress the youths and suppress any avenue the youths can succeed through.

Why did you ban crypto transactions in the country; if not sheer wickedness and the fear that the youths will become independent and won't need you heartless politicians anymore.

Why did you guys order the killing of armless, innocent youths protesting at Lekki toll gate?

Why did you ban twitter?

Why are all your policies targeted at frustrating the youths and the masses in general? undecided
That is what the mumu would be saying if elected president. No worry by the time jagaban finish with u na we go still tell u to stop complaining and move on, ode


Politics / Re: Senator Orker-Jev: I Regret Campaigning For Buhari, APC In 2015 by Cnach: 12:57pm On Nov 01, 2021
The day Buhari leaves office will be considered Nigerias second independence
Exactly the speech I have already prepared and begging God for life to post it

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Crime / Re: ISWAP Procures Military Uniforms From Libya Ahead Of December Attacks by Cnach: 7:02am On Oct 31, 2021

Pls they should procure all they want.
Keep up with the killing in kidnapping and killing in the north. It is their birthright.
They are doing us a favor reducing their population....
No be only reduce. People wey dey born every year

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Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: There Would’ve Been No Nigeria Again If Buhari Didn’t Win In 2015 by Cnach: 6:57am On Oct 31, 2021
Femi Adesina keep disappointing himself daily!

Looking at all the highlighted points, you will only have nothing but pity for this guy!

He has mouth to feed! Hence these contradictions of what he use to be!

Where lies the freedom if you have to tell people how to play politics

Is this really a democratic setting

A learned should know that not everyone will align with your thoughts

Why kill the people of SE simply because they do not like your leadership style

Buhari's last shameful outing in Imo State further triggered the killings in the South East!

Guess what, the people no even send am! Them prefer to die than to praise mediocrity!


Guy u talk true o, South Easterners really prefer to die than to praise buhari


Politics / Re: Nigerians Cry Out Over High Cost Of Cooking Gas by Cnach: 6:52am On Oct 31, 2021
Soooo saaaad

People who earn 6 figures couldn't buy gas.

I was shocked to see myself buying 2kg gas in my large cylinder. Something I usually buy without cutting a sweat.

It will never be well with whoever hoist Insensitive leaders on the masses. If I can feel the pain, I wonder wat common people pass tru.

Mind u, I earn over 200k, but I cant afford gas . Its a shame. One wil struggle to buy food and cant cook it.

Ur salary is paid as if they are doing you a favor. Such untold wickedness. Man inhumanity to fellow man.

And u wil see these so call leaders lavishing Money carelessly. If God/Allah is there, these people will suffer for the pain they cause ordinary citizens.

Except they changed immediately. Most likely, the president is not even aware because they are not feeding the right information
Na that ur last sentence dey vesi me. Y u go talk that kind thing? Shebi papa way get in pikin for mind even as he sees his child improvements at home dey still waka go school on open day go check his books? Is he using the television in his office to watch African magic? Oh people are feeding him with wrong information, has he not read the column of the Economist? Y not trigger to know what is going on. He came for revenge my man, buhari is wicked and bad luck to any place he heads their affairs is incorporated in his DNA


Politics / Re: PDP Convention: Iyorchia Ayu Emerges PDP National Chairman by Cnach: 6:39am On Oct 31, 2021
I am highly disappointed at CcMANNABBGRILLS and for the first time I have agreed that the young man is not after the betterment of Nigeria but the progress of the APC (such hypocrisy). "He who comes to equity must come with clean hands". If truly a better Nigeria is all you want, you will not be demonizing an opposition voice/party; your main concerned will be whether the candidate is good for the country. You are not patriotic; you are only protecting the system because you are a beneficiary to it corruption, injustice and underdevelopment.

But what do I know
That gibberish is a fool
MANNABBGRILLS illiteracy is not about not writing English language or speaking it but not thinking well. U thinks like a core corrupt aboki, u are a fool. U hate Nigeria at all cost, u are a very daft divide and rule idiotic campaigner. People like u would lead our children astrey. Such a bigot that claims to love all tribes but hate at every chance, any body who is not careful wont read that ur mind is as black as coal, ur wickedness and selfishness is hidden under cunning and protected by eyes service which is sponsored by ur avericiousness. U are like the tortoise they use to tell us about while we were small. Have a rethink of ur life and know that life won't help u if u continue building hatred for some people. U got nothing but envy those who has. I fear no ban here is not my bar let alone my bank..i have my bed

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Crime / Re: Kidnapped Corpers, Others Pose With Their Abductors (Pictures) by Cnach: 11:18pm On Oct 29, 2021
Very funny.

Didn't the kidnappers know there face will be in the open?

Very soon you will hear something like .....

Hello my name is Ibro,am a kidnapper, this isnmy complementary card.
U really think they don't know that they have backing from FG. Do u know what it takes for a minister to come out openly and defend bandits?
Celebrities / Re: Williams Uchemba's Hair Cut By His Wife, Brunella Oscar After He Was Charged £50 by Cnach: 10:42am On Oct 29, 2021

When there's a cheaper option? Will throw such out for just a haircut when you can pay less elsewhere just because you earn in pounds?

I was referring to one who said that staying in Nigeria is better than abroad bc of high cost of that hair cut. I was just telling him that it so bc our economy depreciated making a dollar to be way too high for us, but for them who earn there 50box it not that much..
Cheaper u said? Ur wife who is not skilled cutting ur hair may not be cheap o unless if u can accept any thing. Hope u heard basket mouth said his was 100box last week or so

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Celebrities / Re: Williams Uchemba's Hair Cut By His Wife, Brunella Oscar After He Was Charged £50 by Cnach: 8:56am On Oct 29, 2021
After they'll say abroad is better. A place where you can't afford a simple thing like haircut, is that one better?

Pray to make it here in naija, you'll enjoy life to the fullest.

No place like home abeg.

Uchemba stays and works in Nigeria if I'm correct and that's y he was not ok with it. If u earn in dollars then it nothing

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Romance / Re: Please Help!!! This Is What My Girlfriend Said To Me!. by Cnach: 8:49am On Oct 29, 2021
lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed age is just a number, na common sense matters which I think you lack, you need to pray for more maturity please. First take good care of your parents and siblings at home, if you don't have any, invest in your future since you can't think straight or if you don't have a good future, please buy her the phone and cleave to her, you will surely be alright, Pele.
Bro u are getting something wrong. Age is not just a number in every part of the world. It would be just a number in Africa if education didn't fail, for it was education that was made to fill the gap between smartness, experience and age and since we are more interested in English language than knowledge in Nigeria then one cannot say that age is just a number. U have to go through many things before u start thinking well.
Ur climax followed as: he should take care of his parents and then get something tangible. But do u know that u parents are not after what u give them at a point but how improved and established u have become?, infact their joy is hoping that their son has chased poverty out of his life no matter what happens, though during their time they may have done the same wastage of resources but now experiences which must come with age has taught them better.
"Age is not just a number in Africa where education has failed"


Politics / Re: Anambra Kicks As NCAA Suspends Commissioning Of Anambra Int'l Airport by Cnach: 6:40am On Oct 29, 2021
We pray for no casualties on December flights, in the name of IAM
Politics / Re: We Didn’t Call For Boycott Of Anambra Election – IPOB Clarifies Statement by Cnach: 7:43pm On Oct 28, 2021

Make una put hand for una matter first make we see signs sey una go fit handle the entire Nigeria. Make una show us example of how Nigeria go be under una leadership for una people first, before we give una the mandate of power
Unfortunately an average Ibo man prefer a full container of goods more than being Nigeria government official. Can u still say that poverty is higher on Ibo land more than any other place? Remove the assets of ibos from every bit of Nigeria and see what remains. Apart from mega city which 70% assets are manned and owned by easterners no any other part of nigeria has standardized personal residential homes than east, u may talk of road but that's for government. Bro that's how to checkment people's effort and not the uncoordinated taught u assemble like aboki scrab heaps.
Crime / Re: Eze Napoleon Amadi Killed By His Wife Gladys Amadi In Rivers State (Photos) by Cnach: 5:58pm On Oct 28, 2021

Etche (Echie) and Ikwerre and different people.
The thing self dey confuse me bc them talk say na ikwere lga

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Crime / Re: Eze Napoleon Amadi Killed By His Wife Gladys Amadi In Rivers State (Photos) by Cnach: 5:32pm On Oct 28, 2021
This man fine shaa o.
Ikwere chiefs wife can kill them for africa

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Politics / Re: Dada Fasoto Arifanlajogun, Igboho's Witch Doctor Arrested By DSS by Cnach: 5:27pm On Oct 28, 2021
That's why Buhari's legacy will be so sour that even the devil himself will detest it and reject the name Buhari.
I swear, an illiterate in action, words and advice
Celebrities / Re: Zlatan Ibile Gifts His Lawyer A Rolex Watch (Photos, Video) by Cnach: 5:23pm On Oct 28, 2021
should we tell her?
Guy no talk o, na ur sister? Li am make she see wetin she wan see..chioma dey learn
Celebrities / Re: Zlatan Ibile Gifts His Lawyer A Rolex Watch (Photos, Video) by Cnach: 5:21pm On Oct 28, 2021
hope say no be charge and bail lawyer be this
Guy rest nah, shebi she no dey do well him come gift am something ni?
Politics / Re: We Didn’t Call For Boycott Of Anambra Election – IPOB Clarifies Statement by Cnach: 5:18pm On Oct 28, 2021
See how much energy this IPOB people are putting into their lost course. Why not use it to educate and empower your people. Biafla will never happen. Not even in the next 500 years.
And in that next 500 years ibos would continue being a threat to u guys. One Ibo man must be noticed out of 2000 northerners and others. No dey brag, if ibos fully put hand in Nigeria e go better but minus that it can't work. Them get the glory

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Phones / Re: Oraimo Freepod 3 (29$) Vs Apple Airpods 3 ($179) : Battle Of The TWS Earbuds by Cnach: 4:57pm On Oct 28, 2021
The only oriamo product I use is their powerbank.

Don’t really give a hoot about the others
Guy u dey miss o..their charger and earpiece na world. E dey cost o but u no go feel the cost y using it. I sell most of their products and it one brand I can give out without compelling customers to test it y I observe. Give it a try
Phones / Re: Oraimo Freepod 3 (29$) Vs Apple Airpods 3 ($179) : Battle Of The TWS Earbuds by Cnach: 4:53pm On Oct 28, 2021
learn to write better sentence
Exactly, because I wrote good sentence. Oh sorry for u who never knew anything about comparison of adjective let alone its usage not because u were not taught but because u are addicted to jargon. A toddler like u in English language and grammatical structure should always try to learn and not hyping ur failed brain.
Next time say "learn to write good sentences" Set awon teacher


Phones / Re: Oraimo Freepod 3 (29$) Vs Apple Airpods 3 ($179) : Battle Of The TWS Earbuds by Cnach: 3:39pm On Oct 28, 2021
lol, fake? It's cheaper and those so called "fake parts" are what give you the quality you get with the Freepod 3, so who's fooling who? Personally I think it's money very well spent.
That guy u are quoting can't spend at most one dollar daily. Make him Go buy Apple but first he should send us the receipt of his iPhone 12
Phones / Re: Oraimo Freepod 3 (29$) Vs Apple Airpods 3 ($179) : Battle Of The TWS Earbuds by Cnach: 3:34pm On Oct 28, 2021
One is a terrible fake made by chinese crooks while the other is an original product
U don't know the meaning of Oraimo..his price alone will let u know if fake or original
Career / Re: What Job Can One Do With National Diploma (ND) Result. by Cnach: 3:27pm On Oct 28, 2021
Which kind rubbish question be that? Which certificate buhari and Andy Uba get? U can become anything u want my brother, just click on the right page
Politics / Re: Anambra Election: FG Shouldn’t Ignore IPOB’s Threat- Igbo Community In Akwa Ibom by Cnach: 3:25pm On Oct 28, 2021
as if they are not already fearing ipob, they are just doing gra gra
Na terrorist u quote so o. They can hunger for blood eh
Celebrities / Re: DJ Cuppy: Student At Oxford By Day, DJ By Night (Photos) by Cnach: 1:16pm On Oct 28, 2021
Pls I'm trying to be envious or something but I just need to know what is special about dj work. Bc I have been thinking that the quality of delivery is less matter of professionalism but more of how wealthy u are to get the best equipments. Is there what I am missing, does it has anything to do with talent? Or is it what Every One can learn and very easily
Politics / Re: Fayose To Bride: My Son Won’t Cheat On You, You Have Flat Stomach, White Teeth by Cnach: 9:50am On Oct 28, 2021
Oga Peter dey talk of wetin dey turn him on, unfortunately ur son saga and urs may not be the same and so he may still cheat sir

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