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Celebrities / Re: 9ice Shades Tinubu As He Throws His Support Behind Jimi Agbaje by collybright58(m): 8:01pm On Mar 09
Learn history before you talk.

Tell them
Politics / Lagos State Governorship Race - Your Stake And Winner by collybright58(m): 4:51pm On Mar 09
I cast my vote today around 12noon and I had to walk some distance before I get to my pulling unit and this is my observations.

On my way to the pulling unit I observed that all the pulling units I saw two weeks ago with many electorates willing to exercise their voting rights are now almost empty. My pulling unit is not in any way different as I spent less than ten minutes there campared to two weeks ago that I waited for like 2 hours before I was able to vote which means the turn out for the gubernatorial election is very low. I cast my vote and on my way home, in one of the pulling units INEC ad-hoc staff are cancelling the ballots papers already.

On my way home I heard two guys discussion that some people didn't come out to vote because of the results of presidential election two weeks ago. When I heard that I remember I made a comment in one of threads on this platform that with or without Igbo, APC will win Saturday governorship election...... and my reasons are as follows.

Looking at the two candidates of two prominent parties you will want to say Jimi Agbaje is the best for the job but my concerns for him is that Jimi Agbaje is not really willing to stand as major opposition in Lagos politics even if his party is either here nor there, this is what I mean Jimi Agbaje contested for the same position four years ago and after that election I have not heard Jimi Agbaje coming out to provide policy alternative to governor Ambode's policies or by providing solutions to any challenges faced by lagosians, by doing this Agbaje would have registered himself in the minds of many people so that in the election period or even APC would have also think deeply before replacing Ambode with Babajide Sanwolu, another thing that I know Agbaje is banking on is the supporters who just don't want APC, not because Ambode is not working but because they tag one man whatever name and unfortunately for majority of them were disappointed by the presidential election results and didn't come out again to vote for their preferred candidate this time.

About Babajide Sanwolu the APC gubernatorial candidate, I think his party has put him out well than any other candidates in the race, on his own part he has been going from one location to another to make sure he identifies himself with Lagos people and some time he says what he is going to do when he becomes the governor of Lagos State.

I can say it categorically that APC will win Logos gubernatorial race and it is going to be victory for all.

Lastly from the presidential election and what happened today, despite the fact that Lagos has over 5mm registered voters and substantial increase in all other states. It is the same voting population that voted in 2015 that are still voting now. INEC should start preparing for next election from now with full ELECTRONIC VOTING PROCESS in mind.

Lagos is moving forward!!

God bless Nigeria
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Uba Takes Sanwo-Olu On Campaign Tour In Lagos (Pics) by collybright58(m): 5:27pm On Mar 06
They said Igbos are not relevant and they have been running around seeking ways to get Igbo votes through patronage.

Thank God Igbos are not Yoruba moslems, if Ifeanyi like make him sleep for the houses of all Igbo people in Lagos, an Igbo man will vote for who he wants to vote.

I like Sanwo-olu for personally reasons but I don't think my brothers will stand with someone that is a puppet.

With or without Igbo APC will win Saturday governorship election mark my words, if you decided not to vote APC because you tag one person whatever name. It is visible to the blinds and audible to the deaf that Lagos is moving forward since 1999 and I'm sure majority of you guys don't hold your governors accountable back home, we know and see what is happening from those states.

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Politics / Re: INEC Pronounces Buhari Winner 2019 Presidential Poll by collybright58(m): 6:33am On Feb 27
Another four years of suffering, God who did we offend?

What you see is what you get, if you don't think positively up to you!! Change your thinking change your life!!
Politics / Re: Davido Mocks APC At Presidential Rally In Port Harcourt Today (PHOTOS) by collybright58(m): 7:16pm On Feb 11
I stand with Buhari/APC. Davido will be buried with PDP come 16th Febuhari

Even Davido does not have PVC the same goes for majority of people in the crowd, they came because of Davido. All those people that are shouting they better go and mobilise for their candidate so that presidential election results will not surprise them.
Politics / Multiplier Of Corruption In Economy Like Nigeria by collybright58(m): 3:24pm On Feb 11
I stumbled on this FB post and I think more people need to see it.

Please read and make your contribution.

Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Campaign Rally In Enugu With Atiku And Peter Obi by collybright58(m): 6:01pm On Feb 01
I'm from UDI and I can tell you guys categorically that if Buhari gets up to 5000 votes in Enugu, call me bastard. if you see any vote for Buhari, just know that they are from Northerners doing business at Garriki and Ama-hausa. Although, we have mobilized to disenfranchise them this coming Election. go to Ogbete market and shout sai baba, you can only survive lynching just by miracle. we are waiting patiently. All our block votes must go to Atiku, we the youths have resolved already.

Your Enugu votes will make Atiku win presidential election. Politics is not the way you guys are playing it, you need to learn fast.

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Politics / Re: Appeal Court Can't Stay A Criminal Case - Appeal Court To Onnoghen by collybright58(m): 3:53pm On Jan 30
Nigeria and Nigerians are being liberated little by little from every big men and women who are pulling us down every time and again. In the forthcoming election more of them will be retired forcefully as well.

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TV/Movies / Re: Why BBNaija 2019 Is Holding In Nigeria by collybright58(m): 6:28pm On Jan 29
The traffic and money come from Nigeria so technically the organisers see sence in the Nigerian show

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Politics / Re: Onnoghen: BVN Reveals More Accounts by collybright58(m): 11:42am On Jan 27
He, who hires can either suspend or fire
Buhari appointed CJN and he suspended CJN, we should be careful th the way we politicised everything in this country.
The reason Buhari suspended CJN is valid, you can prove me wrong


Even if you link Onnoghen to murder of CHARLES DE GAULE and JF KENNEDY, the law has provided a procedure to deal with him. Anything less or more is acting "ABOVE THE LAW".
Somebody must sooner or later be made to pay for this nonsense.


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Politics / Re: Coming To America: Atiku Shows Swag In US (pictured) by collybright58(m): 2:07pm On Jan 18
What a shame,a presidential candidate of so called PDP travelled to USA after 12 years banned and some mumus are jubilating.Who knows how much Obasanjo collected before he went to America on behalf of Atikulooting

Tell them more jareee...

They need to know as well that Atiku can tour Europe if he likes FEBUHARY 16 2019, is the day and I can make bold to inform Atiku and his followers that ATIKU WILL NOT WIN THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.


Politics / Re: Atiku Abubakar Meets Chris Smith, US Congressman At Capitol Washington DC by collybright58(m): 11:07am On Jan 18
okay compare the 2 pishure undecided grin grin grin grin grin

Let me do my own differentiation

Picture 1: Full of old entourage with little or nothing to contribute to the subject matter!

Photo desperate!!!

Desperate to show off

Lastly lifeless! Never to be seen by Donald Trump!!! grin grin grin

Picture 2: young and dynamic entourage

Few but mighty!

Exudes confidence!

Straight to business

Lively and interactive!

People not only Donald Trump but world leaders would want to meet!

If e pepper you, don't commit suicide ooooooo grin grin grin that is not the last option grin you must live to see Atiku become the next president grin grin grin

Let's get Nigeria working again!

If you are part of those gullibles that claimed that when Atiku visit the US it will earn him presidency, you need to think again even the current record if elections were to be conducted today, it will not favour the PDD.
Politics / Re: Thieves Stole Money In Senator’s Car, Says Ekweremadu by collybright58(m): 1:41pm On Jan 17
In Nigeria today by law, we have certain amount you can carry around and what should be in your pocket or car and people that we think are adults will be talking like babies and if they stepped out of the country they comply Sharpe Sharpe.

Ki lo Kan mi, ole gbe ole gba, Ko ma lobeee! Until they get sense
Business / Re: Your Alibaba Account Has Been Temporarily Blocked by collybright58(m): 8:14am On Jan 02
Alibaba ko, Kenny blaq ni

I actually got the info I was looking for.
Don't be surprised if you have to pay for this information I now have. cool cool
Business / Sources Of Short Term Finances For Your Business by collybright58(m): 8:04pm On Dec 30, 2018
One thing that set business aside is it's own existence regardless of the owners or investors. The success or otherwise of any business depends on the people who have been appointed to manage and run the day to day operations or activities of the business. There are different types sources of funds available to business and how these sources can be assessed is largely depends on how the business is positioned.

Below are sources of short term finance mostly used by business across the globe.

Short-term finance is a method used by companies to address day to day cash requirements of the business with the aim to settle within 12 months

Some of the short-term sources of financing are: Trade Credit, Unsecured Bank Loans, Bank Over-drafts, Commercial Papers, Secured Short-term loans.

Trade Credit is an agreement between buyer and a seller of goods. In this case, the buyer of the goods purchases the goods on a credit i.e. the buyer pays no cash to the seller at the time of buying the goods, only to pay at a later specified date. Trade credit is based on mutual trust that the buyer of the goods will pay the amount of cash after a specified date. For instance Purchase order, Supply Chain, Letters of Credit.

Bank Overdraft is a type of short-term credit which is offered to an individual or a business entity having a current account which is subject to the bank’s regulation. In this case, an individual or a business entity can withdraw cash more than what is present in the account. Interest is charged on the amount of over-draft which is withdrawn as a credit from the bank.

Unsecured Bank Loan is a type of credit which banks are ready to give and is payable within 12 months. The reason why it is called an unsecured bank loan is that no collateral is required by the individual or a business entity taking this loan. Examples are Cash Advance, Line of credit, Credit cards and payday loan etc
Business / Your Alibaba Account Has Been Temporarily Blocked by collybright58(m): 10:28am On Dec 29, 2018
Hello everyone on NL

Please I have been trying to get some products on Alibaba.com but each time I tried to order, chat or make enquiry I receive the subject error remarks. Temporarily blocked frequently is becoming permanently blocked. I'm sending this if someone in the � can help.

It is frustrating trying to order stuff on this site. The website is not user friendly at all, customers service is non existent as well. If I can get alternative marketplace like Alibaba that works I will so much like it

Thank you in advance.

Politics / Re: Oshiomhole And Okorocha Avoid Each Other At APC Rally In Akwa Ibom. Photos by collybright58(m): 10:48pm On Dec 28, 2018
So many political analyst or watchers don't notice what you just pointed out, and this is priceless.

Buhari has redefined political campaigns in Nigeria, moving forward, I pray people realize his efforts, just imagine, if it were to be in the past, all hotels I Uyo would have been fully booked, all airlines flight would have cancelled all flights going to any other part of South East or South South simply because there is a presidential election campaign flag off and several millions of dollars would have exchanged hands.

Thank God, under the Buhari administration, all that has changed, politics is now being gradually being driven by passion and belief in the Buhari candidature.

Very soon we shall get the process right.
Health / Re: How Long Does It Take Hepatitis A & B And HIV Symptoms To Show? by collybright58(m): 9:31pm On Dec 27, 2018
Please Help An IT Personnel

Hi great Physicians in the house, how long will take hepatitis A & B and HIV symptoms to show on someone?

I have a seminar and project to present next week as regard. I couldn't get a compressive explanation online.

people of great experience, I'm in need of your views.....

please help out.....

I can say what happened to me on hepatitis B
It is viral deases and one can effected by sharing of Sharpe object, sexual intercourse just like HIV infections.
I detected my status at General hospital when my wife was pregnant back in 2014 because I needed to donate blood. I commenced treatment thereafter and now , I'm okay now to just cut a long story short I went back for check up like one month ago after one and half years.

I wanted to put my story on NL but still working on it and very soon I will do that.

If you still need specific information about hepatitis B virus just let me know I will explain it based on my experience.

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Politics / Re: Sen. Dino Melaiye Says Next Level Na Grave Side' On Xmas Day And Nigerians Respo by collybright58(m): 8:34am On Dec 25, 2018
All that have come for Dinos head, seeing their names are just some inconsequential slaves and their masters. Next level na grave side jare where Nigerians go bury the Muslim Brotherhood.

There you go again! ethnic bigotry, let remove this card and look at issues objectively and say the right thing collectively to move Nigeria forward. What you see next year's to is what it will turn out to be for you, that why the book of wisdom says "call those things that are not as if they are" and before you know it they will be.
Change your thinking and change your life.

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Politics / Re: Sen. Dino Melaiye Says Next Level Na Grave Side' On Xmas Day And Nigerians Respo by collybright58(m): 8:06am On Dec 25, 2018
The last one

Politics / Sen. Dino Melaiye Says Next Level Na Grave Side' On Xmas Day And Nigerians Respo by collybright58(m): 8:05am On Dec 25, 2018
Merry Christmas and Compliment of the season to you and your family and a prosperous new year ( IJN)

Senator Dino Melaiye tweeted early hour of today a Christmas day and his message to Nigerians is 'Next Level Na grave side' Nigerians for who they are have been giving him back, left right and centre.

For me, I can see a simple survey here and the strategy that politicians have or don't have to make their candidacy appeals to the people or appall them especially this type of message on a day like Christmas.

2019 election will definitely come and go but people remains and winners and loosers will emerge. If you think senators are super humans one day people will not vote them again they will rather elect true representave to the legislative assembly because you are actually to represent them.

NL people please see Sen. Dino's tweet and peoples response below

Politics / Re: Union Bank And Bankers Warehouse Reply EFCC On 2.8 Million Dollars Seized by collybright58(m): 2:25pm On Dec 22, 2018
I knew from the get go immediately I saw the news, those guys weren't money launderers, how do u conceal millions of dollars in cash boxes and comfortable stroll inside the airport strutting the cases after providing all necessary documents and still call them money launderers.

Now the EFCC in a bid to seem proactive, ended up embarrassing themselves. Very uniformed and ignorant of EFCC.

To make matters worse, they paraded those people like comnon criminals without doing due diligence, or charging them to court.

Sue them for libel, defamation of character and every other charges in the book the defense can lay their hands on. Haba!! Very annoying!!!

CBN must confirm this, and also give the requirements for moving local and foreign currencies, whether the way this is being moved is right.


Business / Open Letter To CBN: Diamond Bank Takeover Is Fraudulent And Desperate Move by collybright58(m): 7:50pm On Dec 20, 2018
I am writing this as a Nigerian and expert in business and I'm pained every time something like this is happening and unfortunately we can do little or nothing thing to avert it.

If you are interested in this matter I will like to surprise you that the whole assets of Dimond Bank across the country only worth USD200m, one wonders who did the valuation or how did the valuation was done? Diamond Bank is a quoted company that its share price has been on downward slide for some time now based on INFO that bothers on many factors but takeover with riduculous price and without giving more time for investors is questionable. Another option is to give room for counter offer. In my opinion all options have not been explored to get commensurate measure that will give value to all stakeholders

Looking at it critically as well I don't think CBN is doing enough to restore sound regulatory sanity, proper and transparent procedure should be considered and upheld with unbiased standards. I read in one of the daily when CBN governor said ' we are still looking for investors for defunct Skybank' and I'm wondering why not taking the same measure in this case of Dimond Bank. The planned takeover will make so many employees lost their jobs, assets will be exchanged with riduculous price, huge benefit to beneficiary e.t.c

AMCON is the Assets Management Company of Nigeria- The body acted as the buyer of banks for the Nigerian Government by acquiring the non-performing loans (NPL). I ask: why is AMCON not come to the rescue of this bank at this time and manage the whole process for stability so that many employees who are on the verge of loosing their jobs will be avoided, unless if it does not matter to regulators

Access Bank will be feeling cool at moment for being a beneficiary of faulty takeover arrangements, the same thing happened the last time where Access Bank allegedly owed Intercontinental Bank over N16b naira and the takeover agreement then was around USD50b Naira. The same thing is happening again now. And another issue that came with Intercontinental Bank takeover was the way Intercontinental Bank staff were treated. Those employees are the one that can tell the story.

CBN governor Mr Godwin Emefiele please revisit and review this issues so that more Nigerians will have confidence in the institution and system. You will write your name in the sand of of time if proper things are done properly.
Thank you in anticipation

Sports / José Mourinho Sacked By Manchester United After Defeat At Liverpool by collybright58(m): 11:02am On Dec 18, 2018
Manchester United have sacked José Mourinho following Sunday’s defeat at Liverpool, ending a tenure that began in May 2016.

A poor start to the Premier League season has seen United slip 19 points behind the leaders, Liverpool, and fall off the pace in the hunt for a top-four place. They have won only once in six league matches, drawing during that sequence with struggling Southampton and Crystal Palace.

Even a José Mourinho gripped by defensive dogma was better than this | Jonathan Wilson

Relations between the manager and the executive vice-chairman, Ed Woodward, also seemed strained after the club did not sign a central defender this summer. The club concluded that of the players in that position targeted by Mourinho whom they could potentially land, none was an upgrade on the existing squad.


Politics / Re: 'happy Birthday To My Boss' Osinbajo Celebrate Buhari On His Birthday by collybright58(m): 11:19am On Dec 17, 2018

That’s not the qualities of a great leader

Please list the qualities of good leader
Politics / Re: 2019 Elections: APC, PDP Disagree Over Readiness by collybright58(m): 8:49am On Dec 16, 2018
NEXT LEVEL or Nothing

PMB and PYO will take US there safely
Politics / Re: PMB Should Be Judged By Numbers And Not Emotions by collybright58(m): 5:58pm On Dec 15, 2018
u shamelessly forgot to mention d graduate GEJ killed through Abba Moro during immigration recruitment.ohh I forget it is buhari that conduct that exercise.

I wonder oooo!!
Politics / Re: PMB Should Be Judged By Numbers And Not Emotions by collybright58(m): 2:56pm On Dec 14, 2018
Hungry man looking for BMC appointment.

You are not comfortable with facts and figures but the Nigeria of the future will not move forward without facts and figures, definitely people that will be relevant will be people that are working with or embrace facts and figures.
Politics / Re: BALARABE MUSA: Nigerians Risk Having A Fascist Government Under Atiku by collybright58(m): 11:12am On Dec 14, 2018
Balarebe miss has only been a beneficiary of buhari, he is just protecting his belly. We as a Yoruba people must never forget Buhari’s atrocities against of our people. As yorubas go to cast their votes, we must remember that while he locked up late Pa. Bisi Onabanjo, late Pa. Bola Ige, late Pa. Michael Ajasin and pa. Lateef Jakande, great incorruptible Yoruba leaders in prisons because he wants to spite Awolowo, he left his Hausa/Fulani kinsmen like Maitama Sule, balarebe musa, Lawal Kaita, Umaru Shinkafi and many others to walk freely. We must also remember Late Major Bamidele, whose military career, was ruined by Buhari.

We should never forget that Buhari sent Fela to prison under controversial circumstance. When APC shenanigans ask us to vote Buhari, we yorubas must tell them the many reasons why we will not.

To forgive Buhari, is to allow history to repeat itself. Buhari should be told by our collective votes as yorubas that February 14 is our day of vengeance. Certainly a Buhari’s presidency is a mirage as far as Yoruba votes is concern.

Yorubas has moved on and forget all these you are saying. It obvious that you are still living in the past. On February 14 you will be sucked and surprised that Yorubas FEBUHARY.

It is also important for you to know that the convention that PDP presidential candidate emerged from, was full of bribery and corruption, imagine delegates went home with USD6000, USD9000 etc and the highest bidder carry the day and Bukola Saraki also said it by his audio that went viral that Atiku will bring the money out. Where do you think Atiku to recoup the money if he wins the election?

Yorubas will vote for integrity in FEBUHARY 14
Politics / BALARABE MUSA: Nigerians Risk Having A Fascist Government Under Atiku by collybright58(m): 8:15pm On Dec 13, 2018
I just hope and pray that the voting population of Nigeria in 2019 election will see more to vote the right candidates at all levels to guarantee secured future. I heard and saw it today where Wole Soyinka said 'the same politicians that caused the recent resession are now regrouping to loot our common wealth again' Let us listen to some respected and knowledgeable elders and leaders we have around and make informed decisions and choices. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians.

Politics / 2019: INEC Signs Mou With NURTW, NARTO For Effective Logistics by collybright58(m): 9:23pm On Dec 12, 2018
The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Wednesday in Abuja signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with transport unions for efficient logistics in the 2019 general election.

News men gathered that the unions who signed the MoU are- National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and National Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO).
The Road Transport Employees Association of Nigeria (RTEAN) is yet to sign the MoU, as INEC Director of Voter Education and Publicity, Mr Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi said there are issues needed to be addressed before the agreement can be signed.

INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, described the signing of the MoU as another giant step in the commission’s preparations for the 2019 general election as one of the critical challenges to the conduct of election in Nigeria is logistics.

Yakubu said the commission required over 100,000 vehicles to deploy personnel and materials from state offices to 774 Local Government Areas (LGAs) 8,809 electoral wards and 119,973 polling units, which he described as a huge undertaking.

“In order to achieve this commitment, INEC requires over 100,000 vehicles. The logistical requirements are beyond the internal resources of INEC.
“It is for this reason that the Commission has been in partnership with NURTW for which an MOU was first signed with the union in January 2015.
“However, with the increase in the number of voters as well as political parties since the last General Election, we need to increase the pool of our service providers to meet the consequential increase in the number of vehicles.

“Accordingly, we decided to expand our collaboration beyond the NURTW,’’ he said.
Yakubu called on national leaders of the unions to supervise their members and branches for the full implementation of the MoU by working closely with INEC Resident Electoral Commissioners to ensure that the objectives were fully realised.

“We will also require you to swear to an oath of neutrality as your participation in the delivery of electoral logistics requires absolute neutrality and impartiality.
“The security agencies shall escort all vehicles to locations. In addition, we shall track the movement of all vehicles electronically and real time, as we did in some recent elections,’’ he said.

Yakubu assured Nigerians that INEC was determined that all polling units nationwide would open at 8 a.m., saying the commission was determined to give Nigerians a pleasant voting experience in 2019.

“We have been working hard to ensure that personnel and materials will be on location awaiting the arrival of voters rather than the other way round,’’ he said.
Yakubu appealed to the unions’ leaders to ensure that there was no failure on their part, especially when it is too late for the Commission to make alternative arrangement on the eve of election.

INEC Chairman signing MoU for logistics deployment for 2019 general elections, on Wednesday in Abuja
“While we appeal to political actors to call their supporters to order, I wish to assure you that we will continue to work with the security agencies to ensure the safety of your members and your vehicles,’’ he said.

Speaking on the MoU, the Chief Technical Adviser to INEC Chairman, Mr Bolade Eyinla, said that the MoU empowered the leadership of the unions to supervise and monitor their members.

“We have built in this new MOU some administrative responsibilities. The new MOU ensures that we will certify the quality of the vehicles to be used on Election Day so they meet the required safety standard,” he said.
Eyinla advised all parties to the MOU to abide by the regulations spelt out in it, by ensuring that the required vehicles were assembled at required locations at stated time.

The National President NURTW, Alhaji Najeem Yasin, pledged that the union would contribute its quota to ensure the success of 2019 general election.
“I will like to assure INEC that in 2019 we will do our best than what we did in 2015,’’ he said.he National President, NARTO, Dr Kashim Bataiya, also pledged that the association would carry out its assigned duty effectively as stated in the MoU.

“We will do everything possible to carry out our duty effectively for the deployment of personnel and materials and other logistics for the elections,” he said.
The Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Boboye Oyeyemi, pledged that commission would work with INEC in the area of certification of vehicles to be deployed for the election.

Oyeyemi represented by FRSC Assistant Corp Marshal, Victor Nwoko said that the Corps would do more than it has been doing in collaboration with INEC, to ensure success of 2019 general election.(NAN)

Politics / Re: PMB Should Be Judged By Numbers And Not Emotions by collybright58(m): 5:02pm On Dec 12, 2018

We are not talking when it started, remember this thread is about the number, not useless emotions and false stats.
Boko Haram used to be a terror to civilians, now they are terrorising the military.

You are aware they captured 5 AA guns from the military under Buhari's administration and has been using the soldiers as target practice, you know that, right?

I'm sure you aware of number of states and local government Boko Haran was occupied before the current administration and you cannot deny the fact about progress made by the administration. Do not also forget that this is not conventional war, our army cannot be 'all knowing' and because of years of neglect our army lack required weapons. For you to know that the efforts of this administration has yielded fruit it may not be as expected but more than previous administration.

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