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Politics / Re: Yoruba Nollywood Actors Under Criticism For Endorsing Tinubu As President. by Coolabbie: 11:59am On Jun 29

Make election go first, so many things would be revisited

Policies to bring sanity back fully to SW are already on ground. Make time ripe first
Please I hope this is not just talk.
I am from the SS but I have been a beneficiary of your people’s warmth and I hate the way it’s taken for granted. It’s disgusting the things you guys tolerate from people that don’t wish your tribe well at all.
Your liberalness will be your demise if something is not done on time.

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Career / Re: Selling My House To Relocate Abroad. by Coolabbie: 1:02pm On Jun 27
Do it!
After all, who no go, no go know
Travel / Re: Lagos Mainland Vs Island. by Coolabbie: 2:39pm On Mar 17

My brother, immediately TuFace commot Festac, e carry the glory commot. Festac time don pass o. Just come Ogba or Berger jeje. The light go enter your body. 15 Hours. If you add Solar knack am, finishing
grin grin grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Missile Strikes On Kharkiv Central Freedom Square, Residential District by Coolabbie: 4:23pm On Mar 01
This looks serious.
Hope civilians were not killed


Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistan Has Announced That It Will Import 2 Million Tonnes Of Wheat From Russia by Coolabbie: 3:05pm On Mar 01

They did not. Africa is smart enough. They said, we will wait on the UN declaration. The democrat are losing the senate and the white house.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pics: Large Russian Army Convoy Matches Into The Ukrainian Capital by Coolabbie: 3:04pm On Mar 01
If you see my comment as insult then that is your problem. Truth is bitter but there in is freedom.
Na you sabi
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pics: Large Russian Army Convoy Matches Into The Ukrainian Capital by Coolabbie: 2:55pm On Mar 01
After reading some of the replies here I've come to realize why Nigeria will never be great. Corwardice and wickedness. Most Nigerians want to live in the US but are unwilling to do what the US did to be the strong nation that they are today. That's why blacks will always be victimized and considered as subpar human beings. Because of sorry excuses like yall. Legalizing gun in Nigeria is the way forward.
Most of y'all are asking Ukraine to give up... Some idiot thought it wise to invade a country because of some selfish wicked reasons, causing destruction in their home and you ask the Ukrainians to give up. You are wicked and foolish and that's why whatever bondage that's holding you down will continue to hold you and your future generations down. Its better y'all never have children since you are unwilling to do the needful and get them off the ancestral curse holding you down.

Please, y'all should check out my profile to see my videos for your entertainment. I made acapella cover of songs that you might like. Someone asked if I was a comedian while another asked why I was crying after watching my videos. Well, check one of them out at least and tell me what you think. Insult is allowed. Feel free to share with your loved ones if you like it.
After all these insults, you still want the same Nigerians to click on your YouTube channel and give you support?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden Taps Non-binary Drag Queen To Look After Nuclear Waste ( Pics) by Coolabbie: 2:31pm On Mar 01
I’ll have to side with China at this point
You think it’s bad, here are army generals from the US, Canada, Australia.
All of them are trans.
But at least they don’t bother anybody.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden Taps Non-binary Drag Queen To Look After Nuclear Waste ( Pics) by Coolabbie: 2:25pm On Mar 01
American freedom!
Coming to a place near you grin


Foreign Affairs / Re: EU Reject Plea For Ukrain Membership Of The Union by Coolabbie: 2:23pm On Mar 01

It take around 10 years
Many countries in Europe applications have been accepted but it’s don’t mean they will or have been approved.
Turkey application was accepted but it’s on the list.
EU can’t accept country currently at war because EU have article 5 or 6 just like NATO.
Meaning EU will have to send troops to Ukraine
Bosnia’s application with them is still hanging since 2003. It still hasn’t been approved.
They won’t accept Ukraine
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistan Has Announced That It Will Import 2 Million Tonnes Of Wheat From Russia by Coolabbie: 2:11pm On Mar 01
But Africa has already rushed to side with the US instead of maintaining neutrality at least!

Our journey is very far.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Nigerian Students Caught In The Russia-Ukraine War by Coolabbie: 3:41pm On Feb 28
African politicians should continue fooling themselves. Shey the Europeans want the African continent without Africans in it. Anyway, they will only kill the men and leave the women only. We women should be ready to fuuk them in exchange for our lives. We will watch them kill all the useless African men while having orgasms upon orgasms during a long delicious fuckfest. I’ve been celibate for a long time now, in readiness for the long delicious fuckfest. Aluta African women. We rise.
Jeez! grin
I thought I was bad. grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING: Russia Captures Kyiv After 17 Hours Of Fierce Fighting by Coolabbie: 1:54pm On Feb 28
Oshey! Set awon armchair analyst grin see how he detailed the whole thing like he's got the slightest idea what the Bleep he's talking about.
Dem full everywhere
Foreign Affairs / Re: Putin Deploys 'Thermobaric' Bombs That Can Rupture Enemy Lungs To Ukraine (Pix) by Coolabbie: 1:45pm On Feb 28

The Ukrainians wont still cower- they are holding strong. No major Ukrainian city is under Russian control.

The thieving Putin is losing the battle already not to talk of the war

In the unlikely event he is able to take the capital, he should get ready for war of attrition and just like the Russians fled Afghanistan in the 1980s, putin soldiers would be forced out of Ukraine

Putin has biten more than he can chew.
Like hitler, he must be regretting his ill-thought out plans

Foolish mofo

And all the U.S.A haters here, don't quote me. If you were denied a U. S visa ..apply again but go with the right documents. Don't forge grin
American visa American visa!!!

Yet the vast majority of you are living on credit card debts. Lose one bill payment, you lose everything and end up homeless.
You can only deceive those who don’t know how e be.

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Romance / Re: Feminist Please Gather Here, I Have A Question. by Coolabbie: 7:00pm On Feb 26
Any small thing, Nigerian MEN would start telling you how development started in EGYPT. Always attaching!

Whereas if Egyptians had their way, they would have carried their country out of this continent.

In fact, most Egyptians HATE to be identified as Africans.

If you sef observe them and their way of doing things, you would understand their anger. tongue

Naija men stop attaching and go fix your mess. Leave women alone!

I am always happy whenever I hear incidences of racism against them. Maybe it will ginger them to finally have shame and build like other men have done.

But for where? They will rather be slaves to whitey than stand like men. It’s the reason they are so particular about submission. Nobody respects or regards them outside. So they carry that anger and heap it on the ONLY people they think they have power over.

When you ask them for their contribution to civilization they will mention eighteenth century garbage.

Ndi we wuz kangs


Foreign Affairs / Re: Video: Nigerian Student Desperately Tries To Board Train Fleeing Kiev, Ukraine by Coolabbie: 7:31am On Feb 26
If they had told these Nigerians to return back home back in January of this year, many would have said no and claimed that it better to suffer in some obscure Eastern European country than to come back to the 'shithole.' Now see what is happening. I am not against migrating but what I never understood about today's Nigerian youths is how they don't bother to do any research about the country they are moving to. You have the internet at your fingertips yet you won't sit down and thoroughly research the country you are heading to.

Learned minds know that Eastern European countries are not the ideal places for Black people to move to for any reason but some of you want to pretend that racism is a facade and won't affect you. You have erroneously convinced yourselves that oyibos are kind and love you very much, lol. Oyibos that have never for 1 second hidden the fact that they don't particularly like Black people. Yet, many of you behave as if, if you don't go and live in their countries, you won't make it in life. The same oyibos that don't want you to progress to begin with. The same oyibos that are practicing Neo-colonialism on you right now. The same oyibos that enslaved and colonized your ancestors. But you suffer from Stockholm syndrome and you are in love with a group of people wey no send una message.

I feel sorry for what Nigerian students in Ukraine are currently facing but they would not have been facing this nonsense if they had chosen a very good university in West or East Africa to attend. Airports are currently not open in Ukraine due to the war and Poland, another racist Eastern European country is not even willing to make an exception and let you into their country to take refuge despite the fact that they know a war is raging in neighboring Ukraine. African lives don't matter to them obviously.

We Africans need to know who our true enemies are. Maybe, if more Nigerian and African youths suffer racism abroad, they will become motivated to fix their homelands or call for a referendum in the case of Nigeria to discuss on the way forward. My prayers are with all African students stuck in Ukraine. May the good Lord see you through. Next time, think twice before going to the land of your oppressors to go and study because when kasala burst, you are on your own.
Well, you diasporans should take the blame.

You all tell us how whites welcome with you open arms and how tribalism is worse than racism.
You show us how rich you become immediately you land there as money is everywhere and how everything works.

So who won’t want to go
Career / Re: My Journey After Graduation In 2012 by Coolabbie: 5:49pm On Feb 25

Hmm the woman better have a good job o. I take care of my late uncles kids. They are just 2 and it's not funny at all.
God is your strength.
My late cousin left three children, all under five. I have been dodging the responsibility but I know a day will come that I will have to do the right thing. Not anytime soon though.
If not for the health implications, I would have done hysterectomy a long time ago because I don’t see the use of bringing children into this world. But what do I know? I’m abnormal according to everyone.

You’re doing well sir.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Wow Pictures! New Militant 'Xenophobic' Movement In SA Called 'Operation Dudula' by Coolabbie: 6:13am On Feb 24
If you people want to kill all the immigrants there, please do.
We don’t care here in Nigeria because people are warned about going there.

Carry your stale news away from here. What you are doing is no different from what you’ve been doing and we are bored at this point.
There are more interesting things happening in Ukraine abegi!

Btw, I have a cousin working as a doctor there and being paid well too. He isn’t even worried because he lives in the white enclave and you guys can’t make him leave. I know he is VERY safe because you guys would never dare attempt to touch your white masters. grin tongue cool
Sports / Re: "The Super Eagles Thread: The Road To AFCON 2023, 2025 And 2026 World Cup by Coolabbie: 4:40pm On Jan 21

Except she wan apply for Mistress role, make she no bother herself.

Half those guys are married and the other half have serious babes in their location that are highly ambitious.
Maduka has a babe angry
Anyway, there is still hope because he has Nigerian blood so faithfulness would be alien to him. Besides being the mistress of such a man is something to be proud of jare grin grin

I love reading your posts, Safarigirl smiley

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Guinea-bissau: AFCON 2021 (2 - 0) On 19th January 2022 by Coolabbie: 8:21pm On Jan 19
So Maduka is truly not playing? embarassed

Mtcheew angry angry

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Coolabbie: 1:58pm On Nov 10, 2021
With the way things are going now, I may just sell my father's plot of land and send my younger brother over there.
I will tell him to learn the accent very well so he can come back, package, open fintech app.
Boom! We are rich.
Please stop! grin
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Coolabbie: 1:57pm On Nov 10, 2021

True. Inflation seems to compound many of their present challenges too, the bills keep piling up. The wealth inequality is also shocking, and the form of capitalism they practice is also partly the reason why in many parts of their country, workers are threatening to unionise e.g. John Deere. People especially blue collar are also silently revolting. - they've tagged it "the great resignation". Folks are just tired of working. If you'd ask me, they work non stop there. That's a recipe for health disaster

I thought that Nigerian work environment is generally toxic, but after reading a few posts there, I can say its almost the same or even worse there. You can get fired in a second. And once health insurance is lost, one bad illness can throw you into much deeper debt. People are still making it there, but I'm not sure that that number is part of the majority.

Remote work is a game changer for freelancers, and many highly skilled workers. You get the best of both worlds - sort of. Great income via forex, low cost of living, low tax, and in some cases, great benefits and bonuses. If you have a good savings habit and can keep such jobs or gigs for at least 5 years, you'd have accumulated good money which can be invested.
You are so right!

I am always thankful that I discovered this thread and this section. The discussions have really been enlightening and helped in getting my finances in order.

Thank you for the conversation. smiley
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Coolabbie: 1:31pm On Nov 10, 2021

I agree with you, even if you studied Busines Administration and you have built duplexes in Europe and US that experience is enough for you to build 30 storey skyscraper in Lagos and our big men will buy an apartment for a minimum of $1.5 million in that paradise in the sky project
For the first time I know this one!
But let me drink warra and mind my business cool
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Coolabbie: 1:30pm On Nov 10, 2021

Haha. I joined that subreddit a while back.

Such an eye opener. Abroad is not the eldorado that many young and uninformed Nigerians think it is. The stories of toxic work environments, very low wages and their struggles to make ends meet is quite revealing, and sad too. Many European countries are faring better than the USA in terms of better living and work standards. Blue collar workers are worse hit.

Bottom line, as it has been discussed many times here, if you have a good source of livelihood, forget abroad., or take your time to pick a good country. Some African countries are even better.
This is an understatement!!!

As a freelancer, I recently interviewed for a $40/hr position. I was bummed when I did not get it but that feeling vanished when I stumbled on that subreddit.

Much of the people there are earning between $7 - $22/hr. I even saw where someone is earning $2.50/hr in America! To put it in context, I started freelancing a while back and I was charging $15/hr as a newbie, in Nigeria.

And these positions over there require you working 80 hours a week, at least. For me, it’s a very busy week when I work up to 30 hours. Sad thing is that most of them are juggling 2-3 jobs and still can’t make ends meet!

I am presently camped on that sub and just reading. I am still reading. The fact that this is mostly the experience of white Americans is another thing that makes me shudder. Like they say over there, “If white America catches a cold, black America gets pneumonia, not cough.” So if the whites are shouting like this…

It is well.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by Coolabbie: 9:53am On Nov 10, 2021
Still on this US subject, I stumbled on the antiwork subreddit where Americans where bemoaning the fate of their country and how they are poorly paid, with many even calling their country a shithole and asking for Europe to colonize them. shocked

I almost thought I was on nairaland.
It made me realize that maybe the true divide is between the haves and the haves not. All these issues about race, tribe, religion are just mere distractions.


Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by Coolabbie: 12:14pm On Oct 19, 2021

When I talk, one redpiller will start quoting me with terrible English.

Despite the fact that our mothers married early, if you come for their 20yrs old daughters in 2021, they will pursue you! Affliction shall not rise a second time. They will tell you to allow her to graduate. Next they’ll tell you to allow her to serve. Then they will tell you to allow her to get a job. All this is to buy time!

The major exception is if you both are relatively young or they are so broke they need you to elevate. If not, they will look out for their daughter because the kind of men you would meet when you are working in KPMG is different from the ones you meet as a broke undergraduate.

If you are a man above 34, you must bring more to the table. If you want a very young educated girl from a middle class home, you must make her very comfortable. She can’t be trekking under hot sun and jumping Obalende bus with a man that conductors would mistake for her uncle/father.

I can so relate.

My parents married very early. In fact, my mama don born all her children finish at my age.
But my papa no even wan hear 'mar' not to talk of 'rriage' from me now.
He will ask me where I am rushing to or who dey pursue me. undecided
His own na to send me every news about NOI, Christine Lagarde, Chimamanda et al. But I just want to be a baby girl embarassed grin

So when I see some girls talking about pressure from family to marry, I find it difficult to relate.
Indeed, times are a changing.


Family / Re: Her Family Says I Can't Marry Her Because I'm An SSCE Holder by Coolabbie: 11:30am On Oct 19, 2021

Except her father himself is a professor, I don’t think it is a question that comes up when the man is doing well for himself. A man that they saw physically.

I hope with time men will begin to understand the times we are in. An educated YOUNG girl in her prime won’t just marry the average advanced bachelor when she has options. That thing ended in 1998 when Anambra traders were marrying doctors/lawyers and keeping her in their shops.

In this generation of iPhone and fur-slippers-girls, she will chop your money, help you to waste your time till you clock 40. Then she’ll disappear when you least expect it.

Love is not enough. Let’s all be realistic and strategic in this thing.
Shebi you have started again. undecided
You want them to accuse you of wanting this high value mail for yourself, okwaya? grin

@op, someone once said that "men are the prize" is only for men with money o!
Do with that what thou will.

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Romance / Re: Help !!! I'm Not Romantic by Coolabbie: 11:08am On Oct 19, 2021

I read this post along with a friend, and he called me "social media influencer!" Haha... cheesy

Actually, it's a heart warming feedback cause sometimes, it feels like no one really wants to understand that we can't achieve the society we dream of if we keep thinking certain people don't deserve the privileges we enjoy.
Oh most of us understand but it's a battle of egos. It doesn't help that there is also a massive indoctrination going on.

This site was never this bad; the toxicity was usually contained to the politics section. This section was primarily for lighthearted banters and flirtings. That was until a Zimbabwean baby daddy arrived with his redpill ideology to 'free men' from their chains. Imagine Nigerian men believing they are victims of women! This same Nigeria that a man can throw out his wife of 30years from "his house" with nothing and no one blinks an eye.

You've been around long enough so you must have known about the NL pageants that used to be a massive buzz around here. I shudder to think of the dehumanization those women would be subjected to if it were to happen today.
The site is fast turning into a sausage fest and I think they prefer it that way.

Anyway, they can bark and vent online about how we should be like their mothers; we've allowed them that space. It won't stop the already changing tide. smiley
They also know the tide is turning which is why the screeching is at an all-time high. cool


Oh... and thanks for attempting to write me in French. I'm not even going to tell you how you destroyed the language. grin

Thanks, really.

I'm sorry I won't apologize for the destruction. That's an acceptable rookie mistake for a native English speaker. grin
I've been learning the language for some months now on Duolingo and it's been...sigh. I just don't understand why words have to be male and female. Sexism is just everywhere angry
It was fun understanding some of the sentences you wrote in French, though. It lets me know my lessons are not in vain.

I'll try again.

Tu es genial
Romance / Re: Help !!! I'm Not Romantic by Coolabbie: 11:59pm On Oct 18, 2021

That's awesome. Javascript is not my stronghold but I use Typescript for POS and React for UI when I have to. Working for a company in the US while you're in Nigeria gives you the economic advantage. Actually, that makes you much better than most of us here who earn and spend in dollars. Best of luck!

Regarding your question, I don't subscribe to labels cause definitions are subjective and they come with baggage. But I am an apologetic advocate of fairness/equality in all its kinds, and I really don't see why everyone shouldn't be.
Some hours ago, I was really incensed about a post on nairaland and logged in to "enter the gutters" with the poster. But first, I calmed myself down a bit to look through the profile of the offending nlder.

And that was where I stumbled on a post of yours he quoted.

I immediately thought you were female. And so I went through your posts.

Some hours later, I have all but forgotten about the anger that made me log in. Seeing Nigeria through the eyes of a non-native is sad and hilarious at the same time. Couldn't help chuckling at your honest reactions to some things deemed normal here especially the insults. grin

I really don't know why I am writing this but thank you for being a male with empathy. It's difficult finding it around here.
Thank you for your civility and choosing to share your experiences without being condescending.

Tu es génial personne

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