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Family / Re: I Will Be Dead In Few Days by corisande: 10:43am On Feb 14

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Family / Re: I Have A Problem With My Husband Brother Wife by corisande: 10:08pm On Feb 08, 2020
For me personally I can never leave my child with someone else. What if she is breast feeding your baby? Sorry for what happened to her.. For me personally, let hell let loose, I can't leave my infant with anyone.

This was what crossed my mind. She may have breastfed the baby


Celebrities / Re: Halima Abubakar Is Pregnant! (Photos) by corisande: 11:14pm On Nov 27, 2019
I’m happy for her. She recently had fibroids removed and seeing that she isn’t so young, Fibroids may grow back if there’s no baby growing there.

best way to go❤️
Family / Re: Tribute To HungerBAD by corisande: 9:49am On May 24, 2019
I remember his post was always Ftc or on the first page.

Very Intelligent comments he made.

Rest In Peace Hungerbad.

Valar Moghulis!

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Health / Re: See What Happens When You Eat Garlic On An Empty Stomach For 7 Days by corisande: 12:55pm On Nov 19, 2018
is it possible for the licking of honey to reduce the smell of d garlic

No oh. The honey is just to sweeten the mouth after chewing.

The only way you can reduce the smell is when you eat it at night before you go to bed so in the morning you freshen up
Technology Market / Re: Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tab E 70k by corisande: 8:00am On Oct 22, 2017
please proof to me it's npower tab. Una no go get something to do. All in all una brain is just to look for away to ruin someone's business. And let's even look at it from other angle. Is it your business.

you have removed the third picture.
Npvn was written on it. N-agro was also written on it.
Sorry it's not my business. better sales oh

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Technology Market / Re: Brand New Samsung Galaxy Tab E 70k by corisande: 11:40pm On Oct 21, 2017
see this guy selling npower tab oh. sad npowerng
Romance / Re: See This Secret Why Mbaise Girls are Number One by corisande: 4:48am On Oct 11, 2017
Mbaise women no dey comot from marriage oh. divorce is a no no for those people. They can die inside there.
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by corisande: 2:19pm On Sep 24, 2017

kindly drop your number lemme call you
please call me
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by corisande: 3:42pm On Sep 22, 2017
abeg remove my number
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by corisande: 3:27pm On Sep 22, 2017
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by corisande: 1:35pm On Sep 22, 2017

how much do you wanna drop it
The phone has some other issues oh if you're still interested
Technology Market / Re: **PHONE SWAP CENTRE**SWAP IT NOW!!! pin:265DA560 or 08033923897 by corisande: 11:51am On Sep 17, 2017
Any one Samsung s4 screen for sale. Please quote
i have an s4 with panel problem but good screen. Gt- 19500

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Phones / Re: China Won't Kill Me With Options! Please Help A Nairalander Make A Choice. by corisande: 11:39am On Sep 17, 2017
im intrested, whats the model no,hope the screen is working. 08028617397

GT-19500. The screen is working
Religion / Re: What Is Your Best Bible Verse? by corisande: 7:26am On Sep 17, 2017
For i know the thought i have towards you sayeth the lord, thought of good and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


Health / Re: How I Contacted HIV From Sleeping With Different Prostitutes At The Age Of 24 by corisande: 10:00am On Sep 15, 2017
I can understand your frustrations especially if you've not taken time to access the number of people living with more dreaded diseases that is incurable, you can't even diagnose what their ailment is - here is my advice ,life has not ended for you ,it has only taught you a lesson probably a bitter one for that matter. How about folks that have lost their sight before or after their 25th birthday ? How about those that woke up with strokes they never planned for ? How about those that died without even any sign of illness , How about those that are missing without anyone knowing if they are alive or dead ? How about those that have never ever been well medically ever since they came into this life ?

I can go on and on without pausing - Life is full of ups and downs and non of us here is aware of what awaits us in the future .Do not give up on yourself right now ,dust yourself and start another phase of your life -You just lost one battle and not your life .With the proper attitude and counseling you can live a productive life for yourself and others around you. Stand up tall and say to yourself ' yes I have made mistakes but this another me now' Nobody's pity or 'sorry' will change where you've found yourself right now and most people won't even care except for some family members who truly love you deeply.

I have learnt one dangerous habit after the things I have seen and it is simple nothing should be too important or too serious to be taken too seriously in this life. Live your life and when you fall stand up again and again and if you can't just pretend you're already standing tall for your own sake and those who you love dearly. As you're their frustrated about your predicament someone very healthy just gave up the ghost in this same planet - Do not give up until you close those eyes forever.

This is for everyone not just the op. Truckpusher wehdon!
Family / Re: Introverts Lounge (Extroverts Pls Keep Off !!) by corisande: 12:16pm On Sep 13, 2017
well dear, i used to fink am d only one but here u are. Where are u now?
I stay in owerri
Technology Market / Re: Cheap Iphone 7 For Sale by corisande: 12:01pm On Sep 13, 2017
[quote author=chidekings post=60412820][/quote]ok
Technology Market / Re: Cheap Iphone 7 For Sale by corisande: 11:50am On Sep 13, 2017
please show me the pictures of the S5
Phones / Re: China Won't Kill Me With Options! Please Help A Nairalander Make A Choice. by corisande: 11:35am On Sep 12, 2017
Abeg I get s4 I bought brand new in 2014 grin, I've been using it till 3months ago e get panel wahala. I wan sell am undecided. Buyers contact me. I go even sell am with the carton and receipt if you want grin
Romance / Re: 7 Shocking Cases Of Accidental Porn Played At The Wrong Time&Places. by corisande: 10:44am On Jul 19, 2017
I have experienced accidental audio porn too.
Those far back days when we used to watch late night movies on ABS TV, it happened that one midnight like that, a movie was playing, and all of a sudden, the sounds of the movie went off but the visuals continued playing. Next thing, some background sounds,, then a female voice moaned loudly.. The female voice was not from the movie that was playing...
After some cackling background sounds and some more moans from the female voice, the movie sounds came back on..
I couldn't stop imagining what went wrong, yet I stopped paying attention to the movies. I was lost in my imaginations.
Then the worst happened.
The movie-sounds went off again, and this same female voice took over immediately.
Come see shouting.!!
"Ooh Fúck.! Ooh Fúck.!! Ohh Shít.!!"
And the guy's voice was grumbling quietly., with sounds of "kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa" clearly heard in the background.
Like Thirty full seconds, these sounds continued..
I don't even know when the sounds of the movie later came back on..
That was how I stayed there and watched the rest of the movie without any single interest in it..
As if things were not enough,, after the movie, the duty continuity announcer was seated to announce that they have come to the end of the day's broadcast. A "not so beautiful" lady that wore pink ruffled polo, with her "somehow scattered" hair.
I've never seen her face on ABS.. She probably might be a new staff or something.
Just before she started announcing, she didn't realise that the camera was already on her. She blew a kiss in the direction of the screen in a very sexually inviting way. Then, her eyes ogled in surprise with her mouth open, then she coughed immediately and started announcing that they had come to the end of the day's broadcast bla-bla-bla..
Her voice was the same as the voice of the moaning lady and the "Ooh Fúck" lady..
She was the one being fúcked right there in the studio.. What tha Hell.!!
She finished announcing and was waiting for the camera to cut, and her face changed and became sexually inviting again, like she can't wait to leave that seat and get back to action...
Then the camera went off, and the coloured-curtain covered the screen..
Then, I heard the shifting of the rolling-chair, some doubled-up pace of someone bare footed running across the room, and the same female voice saying "Baby Come Here..."
That was when the national anthem started playing..
I stayed some minutes after the national anthem and the pledge, with the hope of some more audio-porn,, but I was disappointed.
They went off-air after the pledge.

shocked shocked
it's a lie! Did this really happen?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Apply For Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Recruitment 2017 by corisande: 5:03pm On Jul 17, 2017
so i should be hopeful the site will come up?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Apply For Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Recruitment 2017 by corisande: 3:49pm On Jul 17, 2017
i applied for immigration recruitment, but i didn't print it out. i don't have the printout. Now the site is not available. What do i do?
Please reply
Health / Re: A Reply To The Topic: It Is Possible For AA And AS Couple To Have An SS Child by corisande: 6:46pm On Jul 16, 2017
Dear OP, genetically it is impossible for a certified AA and AS couple to have an SS offspring. You should be aware that all those other haemoglobinopathies (abnormal haemoglobins) you mentioned are not common at all in this part of the world. Punjab is seen in India, most B-thalassaemia traits are incompatible with life i.e the baby may even die in-utero and not come to term at all (especially B-thalassaemia major). I cant start going into details right now but it'll help you if you go online and read about Haemoglobinopathies and Thalassaemia. Better still, meet a Doctor to get more knowledge. Bottom line, error in diagnosing other abnormal haemoglobins apart from the S and C (C is rare in Nigeria) is nearly impossible

I am AC. Growing up i always knew my genotype to be AA. I did about 3 genotype testing in 3 different labs and it came back as AC.
Celebrities / Re: Death Defying, Extreme Selfies, People Risking Their Lives In Photoshoots. by corisande: 4:19pm On Feb 18, 2017

Lol....So you can't jump from a plane, skydive from 10,000ft?
no i can't oh sad My heart fit just fail me
Celebrities / Re: Death Defying, Extreme Selfies, People Risking Their Lives In Photoshoots. by corisande: 10:31am On Feb 18, 2017
O lord! looking at this pictures I'm sweating and so uncomfortable.
I can't do this! Not for any amount in this world! cry
I have an overwhelming fear for heights and depths.
I avoid taking routes where i have to make use of flyovers, bridges.
Jesus! It's that serious! i discovered i had to climb to the third floor of 5 storey building on Tuesday and i had panic attacks.
I've only flown thrice in my life! and those times i had no options/emergency something that was why.
Let me not even talk about depths. I don't swim, nothing fit carry me play near water.
*fearfully runs outta thread*


Education / Re: 14 Methods Humans Have Used To Dispose Their Deads Throughout History. by corisande: 11:43am On Jan 10, 2017
Cryonics is one technology that looks promising. But a funny twist about it is that if one's brain and life could be preserved for such a long time, why haven't we seen a real life scenario of the technology? I've been seeing it in movies and reading about it from novels since I was a kid.

I watched a real scenario of this cryonics on dstv ED channel last year. This woman suffering from 2/3 types of cancer, she was almost at the point of the time given for death. They videod her from that point. She and her husband signed up for cryonics. The something is very expensive.
The cryonics doctors were with her moments before she died. once the doctor certified her dead in the hospital,the cryonics doctors switched her over to their truck/ambulance to be transported to their cryonics lab.
There the process was shown life. i hear that was the first time they allowed cameras into the theatre where the art of preservation starts. After seeing the woman alive walking,talking and seeing her in the cryonics preservation state, her body injected with some kind of liquid, frozen and submerged in a big tank containing liquid nitrogen (i watched everything,i get mind sha), from that point , my life changed. Really there's nothing in this life.


Fashion / Re: .. by corisande: 10:32am On Dec 31, 2016
This is bad. How can you defraud someone of their money just like that. That's why i always try to buy from trusted sellers who have shown reliability and have customers give a lot of 'good reviews'.

So many shady sellers online
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Shows Off Her Grammy Invitation Letter (photos) by corisande: 10:15am On Dec 31, 2016
Nice one
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa, Tiwa Savage Throw A No Boys Allowed Party In Ikoyi, Shares C0nd0m by corisande: 10:11am On Dec 31, 2016
no boys party but condom is allowed cool grin

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Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky left with red eye after bae slaps him, smashes his iphone (pics/video) by corisande: 9:59am On Dec 31, 2016
No pictures of his red eyes? grin
Bobrisky is an attention seeker. Anything to stay in the news
This gender confused somebody needs help!

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