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Business / Pls I Need Money Urgently Now,where Can I Donate My Blood In Lagos Hospital by ctbhola: 1:18pm On Nov 22, 2021
Pls Naira lander,,, i am in serious and urgent need of #5k now,,,i mean right now,,,,though i am a security guard with a security company in lagos,and the month has not ended to receive salary,,,,the purpose of this money is so urgent pls,,,,no one is able to lend or help me,,thats why i placed it here on the forum,,pls if you know of any hospital where i can donate my blood for money,,just contact me directly.,,,,pls no insult ooooo,,i take God beg una oooo,,,the seriousness no be small thing ooo,,i stay at ejigbo lagos state.
Family / Pls Friend Help My Family Out by ctbhola: 8:07am On Mar 15, 2020
Good money friends and NAIRALANDERS....... Pls let me not bother you much with tales,,,,,but right now as you are reading this,is a true tale and not false,,and is very serious that need an urgent solving.

Pls if you know that in your heart and soul that you can help pls do,,,,,and if not pls do not insult,cos you never know when the table will turn around against you.

To those will act and help will a sincere milk of humanity thank you and to those who wish to do but cannot thank you too.

PLEASE ME AND MY WIFE AND CHILDREN ARE STARVING FOR SOMETIMES NOW,,GOING LIKE FOR A WEEK WITHOUT PROPER MEAL,,,,WE DONT HAVE ANY FOOD STUFF AT HOME,,,,AND IS AFFECTING ME DEEP WITHIN AS A FATHER AND HUSBAND... circumstances change life,,,,but endurance is the best option,,,, but my children cannot endure much,,that is why I am reaching out to you all to help me,,,,,even today's meal is uncertain.....

Pls before you act,,,I am not a beggar I am a family man,,and I work with a security company in Lagos,,,,and my wife also manages all salary work,,,but right now we have no food at home and the children are starving, and it will be bad for them to go to neighbours house to eat,,so pls help me oUT..

CALL ME ON. 08115367121

OR. ZENITH BANK. 2118005762

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Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 11:59pm On Feb 08, 2020
After sixxxx children Wetin she ean go born to an already married man with children? Una woman worse pass Jezebel.
Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 8:25pm On Feb 08, 2020
Am angry very very angry,, after Sixxxxxxxx children from a man for twenty years,,,,,what does she want to born or deliver again Women especially urohobo women fear them pass coronavirus
Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 8:12pm On Feb 08, 2020
God forbid that I marry an urhobo woman,,,they are very cunning and selfish and also wicked.following an already married man after six children. TUFIAKWA
Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 8:04pm On Feb 08, 2020
Stop that hypocritical statements,, if God was not with them,he would not have giving them six children and one died,,,,,,I even remember that this said woman her mother almost spent two years with her daughter in that man's house at lawanson odo eran in itire....so where is the bad thing there,, where the mother knows about her daughter relationship?
Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 7:52pm On Feb 08, 2020
I do understand you,cos I myself did a little traditional wedding for my wife,,but what is hurting me the most is that she went for a legally married man from her tribe,while she knows that the man is legally married to an akwa ibom woman who has children for him,,must she becomes a prostitute or an adulterous woman simply because a man has not paid her bride price,must she pay the man back with following a married man,,where is the Christian virtue in that? And the man has already made up his mind to do it,but with what she has done,,even me I will not accept her back,
Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 6:36pm On Feb 08, 2020

No one said the woman will take the kids away, they only said if she was Igbo, you'd never see those kids again, Urhobo has a different culture and traditions from Igbo.

I blame your friend, he wasn't serious, bribe price in Urhobo land is very cheap, with little cash at hand, you can settle everything, w.
hy then did he not do the necessary? you said she had some attitudes yet your friend kept impregnating her, not one but 5kids.

If he had paid the dowry, the woman won't dare move out with another man just like that, our ladies take their marital vows sacred.

According to our custom, the lady has done no wrong, and if her current man pays the dowry, then forget about her.
,,,,,,,,,,so you support her behavior,, after my friend begged her,even use the pastor of her church,, even calling his family and friend,,,,,, now she followed a married man with children,,, and the man's wife is from akwa ibom...
Family / Re: Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 5:21pm On Feb 08, 2020
Pls this has nothing to do with me,,is just that I want to know all of you opinion, so that my friend can move forward,, and to those who Say's that the wiFE WILL go away with the children,,, they are grown up,,,the first child is 18, the second is 15, the third is 12,the fourth is 10and the last is 7,,,so I really don't think that the woman will do it.
Family / Pls Advice A Friend Of Mine,is Important. by ctbhola: 4:19pm On Feb 08, 2020
Dear NAIRALANDERS, this note could be long but I will still make it brief concerning a very close friend of mine who is troubled with a family issues.

This my friend back twenty years ago meet a lady,an urohobo lady,they started dating, and eventually the lady got pregnant and delivered a first child who should be eighteen by next month,,and after that they had five more children making six but one died later making the children now five (3boys and 2girls)

The problem this my friend is having now is that the woman has left him for another urohbo man because this my friend did not pay her dowry,,,and this said man that this my friend wife followed is a married man with children, but according to my finding this man's wife is from akwa ibom.

Now this my friend has tried to pursued her to reconcile back for the sake of the children, but the woman refused, the man tried all avenue of people to intercede on his behalf but the woman said no,,,this my friend even called the pastor of her church,,, and even his own family to beg her,but she refused.

This my friend initially made a mistake of cheating on his wife first due to his wife troublesome behavior, so he now found a side chick, but when the woman found out,and seeing that after all the man has not paid her dowry also went a LovePeddler too.(but the reason this my friend gave me was that the parents of this is wife were also divorced too and they are not in Lagos,and this his wife does not want to see his father.

So friends, what should this my friend do now,,should he continue to beg her or finally call it quit?? There was a day this my friend showed me the his wife's man friend at lawanson Cole street,,,,,,,, but to me I told this my friend to move on with his life,,,,as long as the man has rented an apartment for her and have been moving together for four years now...

So pls give my friend an advice,,cos he need it .
Business / Am Still Crying For Help by ctbhola: 10:52am On Feb 04, 2020
Dear moderator and NAIRALANDERS pls help me to push this to the front page for a proper attention.
I have been posting this type of article for sometime,but I won't stop until I see my good Samaritan hear,whom God will use to answer my call,,I still believe some is there.
My message I need a soft financial loan like #80,000 from anyone to able me get an accommodation ASAP,,,I WORK and a salary earner,,(monthly).
I work with a security outfit in Lagos, around ejigbo,,,,I cannot be able to save the money myself due to other serious pressing need at all time.
Pls I will appreciate if anyone can help me out urgently.. Even with his writing terms and agreement,, but that my repayment should be on a monthly basis,,,,,pls I am in dire need of this loan,,,,,,is a loan and not a gift,,,,I need someone to show me compassion on my ordeal right now.

Pls friends if you can help me don't hold back,,contact me with your terms of agreement on it,,even if it means involving police or efcc to be a witness to it,,I will sign,,,if its also favourable to me.

Thank you for reading,,,, my contact 08115367121
Crime / Who Can Render A Soft Loan Here by ctbhola: 9:42pm On Jan 29, 2020
Dear friends,, let me not bother so much but go straight to the point.

I need a small loan of about #70,000 to pay back in installment on a monthly basis with a certain amount until is covered.
I need this loan as soon as possible to resolve a serious issues at hand now,,,,,,I know that this is a crime section and I shouldn't post it such thing here but a lot of NAIRALANDERS love to read crime news than any other section.

This loan that I am seeking for is very urgent,,,I don't trust all this so called loan companies, they can easily defraud someone,,,, I cannot go to my bank cos of a lot of strenuous and stupid questions, and at the end it will not be issued to you.

If I can get a banker or anyone who can help me out I will be greatful,,I live in Lagos ejigbo axis,,I will abide to your terms if its favourable to both parties,, each person keeping the end of the bargain,,,,, pls this is serious and is no joke and is true,cos I want to solve a serious pressing problem.

Every month end I will be depositing an agreed amount to the person's account unill completed.... Pls if you can help or have any idea how to go about it,message me or call 08115367121 WhatsApp

Thanks for reading.
Business / Is There A Loan Monthly Loan Connection Here by ctbhola: 9:51pm On Jan 24, 2020
Dear NAIRALANDERS,,,, pls let me use this opportunity to ask for a connection concerning a loan facility,,,,,,

I need an urgent small loan of about #70,000 to pay back let say within some month and also on a monthly basis....

There's a serious crisis/problem that I wish to solve right now,,and its giving me a big sleepless night and boring day.

I cannot be able to gather this money at once through savings ,,that is why I need a connection to secure it personally

Lastly ,,any type of agreement that will be entered into is ohkay and fine by me if I see the terms and conditions will favour the both parties.,,,,,,,,,, I live in Lagos state,,,, precisely ikotun ejigbo axis..........call and WhatsApp me on 08115367121.

Thanks all for reading .
Romance / Re-for A Matured Woman Nly by ctbhola: 3:47pm On Jan 12, 2020
Dear friends, I once posted an article with the above topic,,,,I had a lots of view,,but hoping to get someone to respond

But it seem that there are no single matured minded woman who wish to settled in to a family life like I wish to.,,I won't blow my horn by myself but let me say that

I am a gentleman
I hate argument
I don't like insultives words
I prefer diplomatic approach to issues
I believe that secrets should be kept
I don't like third party with interference
I believe in dialogue
I value mutual respect and love.

If you are a matured single woman of 30-35,,WhatsApp me or call 08115367121

NB,,,pls ooooo,,,I am just a simple and a humble young man in my early 40s,,,,if you think that I can builld or I have mansion in the sky,,a take God beg you no halla me ooo.I dey collect minimum wage ooooo.

But one thing I know what a woman want and what a woman is worth.
Romance / For A Matured Single Woman by ctbhola: 12:52pm On Jan 10, 2020
Dear friends, can I indulge your attention, especially to the Ladies and single.
If my doing this is wrong pls don't insult or judge, just walk on by.
I am In my early 40s single, and in this year of 2020 I need to settle down to a sweet relationship with a matured minded woman,who knows what relationship and marriage is all about,,not the slay queen type,,I need the old kind of marriage like our elders n those days.
Pls,I am just a salary earner with a minimum wage ooo,,,don't think that I have mansion in banana island or lekki ooo,,I am just a simple gentleman with hope for the future,,and I believe that me and my wife to be (anyone) we can work things out put heart and soul together to raise a decent family.
I stay in Lagos ,ejigbo axis and am from Edo state (esan).,,I know what a woman is worth ,,,that she need to be loved always and all time to bring out the best in herself and relationship.
If you arr single and matured with a kind heart.then say high to me on WhatsApp 08115367121

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Business / Please Nairalanders I Need An Urgent Loan by ctbhola: 7:13pm On Jan 07, 2020
Dear friends, pls I really and desperately right now need an urgent financial help,,even if its a loan,let me not bother you with Much of what I want to use it for,, but I really do need like a #100,000 right now for a serious urgent need right now.

On this term do I need the loan.

1)The lender or borrower must give me a stipulated time of seven months

2) The lender or borrower must give me till every 5th day of the new month to pay installmentaly (since am a salary earner)

3) The lender or borrower will add an interest rate which can be afford by me (eg) 10% on #100,000

4) The lender borrower must make sure that we come to mutual understanding of repayment before witnesses (eg) police or lawyer of his choice

5) The lender or borrower and I must have a well written documented agreement, in which each party will have the said agreement.

6) The lender or borrower must be ready and to ascertain that on or before 5th of every month he/she will received an alert from his/her bank ,while the deposit invoice will be with me for clarification.

So with this I plead with anyone or group who will render this help to me ASAP NOT TO hesitate.

Pls call this number 09012072554
Adverts / Re: Do You Need "Real" Money/finance For Some Pressing Personal Or Business by ctbhola: 10:12pm On Dec 20, 2019
i am in urgent need of it.this is my email.....ctbhola911@gmail.com or whatsapp 09012072554
Business / Pls I Am In A Great Need Of Financial Loan by ctbhola: 8:45pm On Dec 18, 2019
Please Moderator Take This Front Page Is Urgent.

Dear Nairalanders,this is urgent and need urgent attention...

I am writing this post cause I have exhausted all avenue to solve this problem that is why I come online to seek your help and also opinion.

the main reason why I am post this is that (I NEED A LOAN) I am in a great need of accommodation her in Lagos precisely within ejigbo ikotun axis,,because is closer to my work place. I have an accommodation problem that is affecting me physiological and also emotional... even if is a as single room apartment or even a boys quarter.

I work with a security company here in Lagos,,and presently I squat with someone who has been troubling me with great issues.

is not that I cannot save but I do give or send money to my children for their upkeep with their mother (I am divorced),, the woman has remarried,, and I begged her to allow the children to stay with her until I can secure a place to bring my children to stay with me.

pls people,,,,I am prepared to sign any form of documents to secure small loan to get the accommodation,, even if it means before any police or lawyer or court,,,,,,, the only terms and agreement is that I will start paying monthly basis,,until I offset the loan,,pls dear people and friends help me out,,,,,thank you I will be waiting for any one who can help me or connect me,,
Business / Pls I Need A Loan Seriously And Urgently by ctbhola: 9:43pm On Nov 15, 2019
Dear nairalanders this is an urgent appeals to you all reading this post now that someone (me) I am appealing to anyone or groups to help me out of my predicaments that is choking and giving me sleepless night and my brain want to explode because of it,,,,I have been trying to save and get accommodation here in Lagos but it hasn't been so easy due to some other financial pressure that I have and engage in,,,I am a security officer working with a security company in Lagos and I live and stay at ejigbo with someone, but I wish to secure an accommodation of my own ASAP,,my salary is #25,000 a month,but saving out of it for this urgent accommodation need has not been so easy,due to other obligation from my children and family.
Pls I want an individual or group who can and will assist me to be able to secure a loan of #100,000 to be pay back on a monthly basis with interest according to our terms and conditions,, even if it means having a lawyer or police to stand as a witness for the loan I will do it because of the urgency of the accommodation,, pls my fellow nairalanders don't allow this problem to weigh me down and to take hold of my mind negatively,, I am weeping in my heart cause of this serious issue.
pls once more if by Gods grace you can be of help or you have an idea for me pls don't hesitate to contact me on 09012072554 WhatsApp or 08115367121,,,I am in a desperate need now bless you all as you respond to my cry.
Crime / Re: Robbers Attack A Bank In Ikoyi, Lagos. 2 Feared Killed by ctbhola: 4:48pm On Nov 14, 2019

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Business / Pls I Need A Quick Urgent Loan by ctbhola: 10:53am On Nov 09, 2019
Good day dear nairaland,,I am using this opportunity to solicit for an urgent loan from anyone or group who will/can help me out.
I need an urgent accommodation ASAP,due to my landlord problem and also the person I am squatting with at ejigbo area in Lagos state..I work with a security outfit here in Lagos within idimu road ikotun,,I wish to get this accommodation also for my children sake to visit me sometimes and stay with me,cos I am divorce,,, and my children can not stay with me with the person that we are squatting together.
I am prepared to enter into any agreement that will suit the lender or borrower, even if it means dropping my bank account details and bvn,,,cos my account is my monthly salary account with zenith bank,,,every month a certain agreed amount + interest will be deducted from my salary until I have fully paid all.
If the borrower or lender want me to go into litigation signing I will do,,because I definitely know that I will pay back as we agreed. Pls if you want to help me (cos I am in urgent need of it now) call me on 09012072554 / 08115367121 .I will be so glad and happy if you can help me out .
NB...pls op let this get to front page thanks.
Business / I Need An Urgent Loan Pls Nailanders by ctbhola: 2:14pm On Nov 04, 2019
Dear friends,,pls this is s clarion call to you all to help me secure a loan for an urgent accommodation in Lagos,,I am in urgent need of a loan of about #120,000 to secure an accommodation,,, I stay at ejigbo axis and squat with someone,, I am a salary earner with a security outfit here in Lagos,, I want someone who we will go into terms and conditions for the loan,,,in which I will be paying back on a monthly basis for a set period with interests if the need arise,, I will wholeheartedly welcome any assist to help me urgently,while we come to an agreement, even if it means involving a lawyer to bear witness to it..
Pls help me out as I await any one who will help me out....my contact is 09012072554/08115367131,,,,,pls I am in urgent need of it.
Crime / Happening Now :::: Robbery Incident St West Care Idimu Ejigbo by ctbhola: 3:16pm On Jun 23, 2019
theres is a robbery incident going on right now at west care food idimu road at ejigbo Lagos,,,23/6/3019,,,,two men on a bike came in and apprehended the security guard,,,and asked all the customers that came to eat to lie flat on the floor ,,after shooting the door to the kitchen where the money is kept they also shot to the air to scare people,,,,,,,the police from ejigbo station and that of idimu division are there right now to investigate the crime,,,,,,,,,,,
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: 2024!! Marriages For Working Class: Drop Your Contact And Get Your Spouse Now. by ctbhola: 12:30pm On Jun 20, 2019
I'm omotola by name, looking forward to meet a graduate,working class,caring,muslim sunni brother that will lead to marriage and not courtship insha ALLAH.
. I can be your husband if you will allow me,,and also follow your religion,, though I know a little about Islam way of worship,, I want to get settled down too to a marriage life like you,,I live and stay in Lagos,,,,,,09012072554
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: 2024!! Marriages For Working Class: Drop Your Contact And Get Your Spouse Now. by ctbhola: 12:25pm On Jun 20, 2019
MY NAME IS CHRISTOPHER,,I AM IN MY EARLY 40S,,,I AM SINGLE,,,,I LIVE AND STAY AT EJIGBO LAGOS STATE,,,I AM A SALARY EANER,I AM 6f",I am chocolate in color,,I am from Edo state (esan), I want a very well matured lady for marriage life,,,a lady with matured heart and mind,, who isready for serious mmarriage life,,,not the unserious type,,,,a lady that want to be called a mother and a wife (Mrs),,I am gentle,soft kind hearted and loving,,, the Lady must be from 30-35years,any tribe is okay by me as long as she can be loving and submissive to her husband,,,,,,call me on 07081580057 (whattapp) too,,,,,,,,,or 09012072554
Programming / My Social Networks For Sale by ctbhola: 4:35pm On May 20, 2019
All my social network for sell,,,TWITTER,,FACEBOOK,,,INSTAGRAM,LLINKEDIN,,,,,,,IF INTERESTED CALL ME 09012072554 ,,07081580057
Religion / Let Talk About Making Money by ctbhola: 5:11pm On Apr 16, 2019
Let's us talk about making money,,,,money is important to our living in this world,,,l need it so do u,,,,if in a spiritual way,I am in and ready.
Politics / #atikucomeandsavenigeria by ctbhola: 5:59pm On Nov 09, 2018
Jobs/Vacancies / Please I Need An Urgent Job by ctbhola: 9:59am On Nov 08, 2018
pls i need a job and employment,am not a graduate,but i have experiences with security operative job,i am very alert with security apparatus,and i can also do other jnbs like cleaners,office assirtant etc..,i am family man who reside at ejigbo ikotun lagos,pls if u have any connection comtact me urgently 09077944955
Business / How Can I Obtain A Loan Without Collateral by ctbhola: 2:16pm On Nov 07, 2018
Culture / Please I Want To Contact An Occultic Society by ctbhola: 6:28pm On Nov 03, 2018
If u have any idea of connection pls call me privately on 09077944955 once again 09077944955. i am serious and not a joke

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