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Crime / Re: 11-Year-Old Girl Raped In Ubeta Rivers, Bleeds From Vagina (Graphic Photos) by Danyl(m): 12:52pm On Dec 10, 2018
the people who said this girl will never know peace. May there ways be dark and slippery until they merry their end. They have been sold out to the devil already. such heartless ppl without any fear of God.
May nemesis catch up with them. I feel like crying fit this girl. Chai
Health / Re: The Moment A Couple Lost Their Child In A Government-Owned Hospital by Danyl(m): 3:27pm On Dec 05, 2018
Yo action is worse than this hospital. You have been waiting seeing 3babies die for the purpose of making a report? why not save a life by paying for oxygen for the baby. I do hope you have a better reason for valuing to video rather than helping save life.

and what if he doesn't have the money to pay for the parent of the child? The govt should be blamed here for turning this country into this mess. the hospital has their own portion of the blame too, they should at least Give the child a chance to live and claim there money later.
Webmasters / Re: Cost Estimation For This Kind Of Website by Danyl(m): 9:17am On Dec 05, 2018
It depends on the technology you intend to use to build this website. If you are using nodejs/full stack JS frameworks, you should be looking at between 180-250k, reason being that you need to integrate APIs like remita/paystack API for client verifications during registration, and support.
also, you wouldn't use a shared server for this kinda website due to the nature of the website, dedicated servers are expensive and cost of setup if you are not tech savvy can be on the high end.
other programming Langs can also be looked into such as python/PHP, also you would also consider having a mobile app as people prefer using mobile app for transactions such as this rather than the website.
USSD code is another one people feels secured with.
If anything is not clear you can reply here... or reach me on 08 030 82 .797 one.
Business / Re: How not to be seen as a bad person by Danyl(m): 8:58am On Dec 05, 2018

Couldn't continue with him... As there was no proof of earnings to convince me.
money for Christmas is really doing wonders on nairaland.
10,000 without proofs...haba
Webmasters / Re: Shorte.st is A Scam And Fraud Beaware! by Danyl(m): 3:11pm On Nov 30, 2018
Adfly is very easy to use, All you have to do is to sit down and think of your own strategy, before I created my own strategy which make me earn $3100 every month, I worked really hard, though it was not easy, but at last I can now be proud of earning $3100 (1,116,000) online.....kudos
Please are you still using for this purpose?
Business / Re: TRANSCRIPTION JOB OPPORTUNITY... Interested? Open This Thread. by Danyl(m): 10:55pm On Nov 21, 2018
I am interested - 08030827971
Webmasters / Re: Google Adsense Rejected On The Ground Of Scraped Content by Danyl(m): 3:23pm On Nov 06, 2018
So what's the way forward?
my advise for you is, transform your site to a shopping site, import products to your site like 50 products and apply again. if they refuse to approve, try UK AdSense. you will only need an approved payoneer account to receive your earnings the rest will be history.
when you get the AdSense account, get a new domain and host your blog there. add the domain name to your AdSense account for authorization.
You will thank me later.
See ya.

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Webmasters / Re: I Can Show You How To Make Up-to 30 Pounds Daily On Your Adsense by Danyl(m): 12:05am On Sep 17, 2018
am interested 08030827971
Business / Re: Let Me Show You How I Hit $22,500 (N8M) On Jvzoo Between July And Now by Danyl(m): 2:24pm On Sep 16, 2018
Before I proceed, let me tell you a little about myself.

I started as a freelancer in September 2015, writing marketing copies on Fiverr.

Over a period of 24 months, I generated N7,000,000 from it.

And not just that, I taught a whole lot of others how to earn income on Fiverr…many of them are doing successfully well there.

But I became more ambitious.

I saw some few Nigerians doing eye-popping figures on JVZoo.

I mean people generating 30 – 50 million naira yearly on that platform.

Trust me, I became hungry for that…I needed a bite of it.

So I started looking for who to teach me how it works over there.

I contacted many of those guys crushing it there…and was even willing to pay huge amount for the training.

But guess what?

They ignored me.

The only person who wanted to help charged me 5 million naira.

Can you imagine that?

But I was willing to do it because I know what the result would be.

Even though the deal with him didn’t pull through, I hustled my way…lost heavy money, and denied myself lots of pleasure just to find my way in there.

I promised myself that if I find my way in, I’ll democratize it as I did with Fiverr…(I know some guys won’t be happy with this).

Fortunately, I have broken in…even though I’m not in the top or even middle rank there.

But even as an underdog on JVZoo, I have generated close to N8,000,000 between July 8th this year when I broke in, and now.

(If you’re in doubt, search for my personal profile on Facebook in this link https://web.facebook.com/enyumpatlex and go through my timeline).

By the way, this is peanuts compared to what the intermediate and top guys are doing there.

But hopefully, before the year ends, I'm confident of where I will be.

Now, I want to show you how to break in too.


Other countries, especially India, are trooping into this space and making big bangs.

So whether I teach you or not, hundreds of others will still join the game from other parts of the world.

It’s only fair that I open the eyes of my fellow countrymen into this and not just leave it for other countries to exploit.

I said this because of the short-sighted people who will come asking: if you are making money there, why will you want to expose it?

For your information, this game is not for children…you must be willing to work hard.

But rest assured that your efforts will pay off.

So here’s the thing:

Preparing this course will take lots of days for me…maybe even months.

I don’t want a situation where I’ll waste that much time, and you guys wouldn’t be interested.

So I want to know first if you guys would be interested in learning this.

If I get enough response, I’ll be motivated to create the training.

Just click the link below to tell me if you would be interested or not:


I’ll contact everyone who answered the questions and keep them informed about the training.

My mission is to help you get to 5 Million naira over the next 12 months (could be more if you work hard).

So if you are interested click this link to fill the form, and I’ll contact you.

Enyum Patrick, I know you will definitely make it. I can see the traces but I really lost you on that group. I have been towing this line since we chatted on this stuff hut stopped along the way as the niche I chose didn't worked out as I expected but I will love to learn to do thing differently now.
Please I am highly interested in this and will look forward to hearing from you.
Romance / Re: Why Is It So Hard To Find A Good Man? :( by Danyl(m): 11:39am On Sep 11, 2018
No one is good by default, only the fear of God makes men to be responsible given that all factors remain constant and the God factor is out of it, any man could become a beast in seconds. having said that, if deeply within you are good, just let good thoughts of good men fill your heart of heart, and they will find you some day.

close your eyes, imagine it, every day, what you think mostly about you attract. if you don't see them in your mind, you won't see them in reality. Asking if they truly exist is an indication you do not believe they truly exist. they do come in different shades however, good things often come in ugly packages, learn how to unwrap the package and you will be happy at the end.
Business / Re: In Search Of Crowdfunding In Nigeria by Danyl(m): 7:39pm On Jun 25, 2018
If Nigerians can mimick a platform like kick starter/indiegogo I think this will carry us further.
I also had this dream but, later got to know that CBN is not in support of crowd funding platforms. The government of this country is still living in the archaic era so we need to move forward on our own. if the support of investors could be sought for, and those who can make donations and not necessarily investing in ideas/startup we will go a long way.
I once use indiegogo and it was such a beautiful platform not backed by any financial institution but yet it favors the Americans more.
a platform where Nigerians can contribute funds without necessarily investing but keeping tabs on such startups will go a long way. we just need to get it right once.
Webmasters / Re: Can I Make $1,000,000 From Blogging? by Danyl(m): 7:38pm On Jun 24, 2018
It was so funny that someone asked me this question, how much can I make from blogging?

Blogging is a source of living for so many people, sure they make more than $1,000,000 per month with where blog.

Examples of the kind of blogs are:

- https://matthewwoodward.co.uk, it makes more than $1,000,000 every month.

My point now is that, can you and I make $1,000,00 from blogging?

Yes, that's absolutely possible.

I have discussed more in my content, click "here" to read more about it.

Are you kidding me? from the outlook of that site, I doubt if they can make such an amount monthly, may be I need to see some real stats? do you have any reference chief?

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Business / Re: LEARN HOW TO MAKE $50 Daily by Danyl(m): 11:56pm On May 15, 2018
add me 08030827971
Properties / Uncompleted Duplex For Sale In The Heart Of Mitros- Ogun State by Danyl(m): 3:38pm On Feb 06, 2018
Good day all, guess you are good today.
Check out this landed property, a 4-bedroom duplex (under construction but ready to go) for sale in the heart or Ogun state.
Governor's office
Ladering estate
Nigerian immigration service
and many more modern structures coming up in the near future.
The property is located at Diamond estate (katawa properties), no omo-onile troubles, survey and legal documentation all done with.
Price: 5.5million naira.
N.B. This price is negotiable.
Contact me on 07038911322, 09076191416, courseunit42 @ gmail.com

Career / Re: Kill This Corruption Before This Corruption Kills You!!! by Danyl(m): 9:38am On Feb 06, 2018
Nimc is the worst place you can work in Nigeria...
Nothing is right with that organization.... FG needs to improve the funding to the commission; it's an embarrassment on us all. Ordinary Benin Republic here, you get your National ID hassle-free and in no time at all.
1000% correct.
If this commission was designed like the FBI of US, then they are on a long thing.
Business / Re: Get Your Complete Autopilot/automated Dropshipping Store Best Price Ever by Danyl(m): 4:43pm On Jan 20, 2018

OK I had bought the plugin through him but he is building a complete e- commerce store for me which he will also help me in promoting the site at the rate of N700,000. Since you want only the plugin, you can buy it through his post.
N700,000? that's something. chai.
Business / Re: How To Make Serious Income Online With CPA by Danyl(m): 11:09pm On Jan 17, 2018
Guys! Let's connect. grin
oya now. You may reach me on 0 8 0 3 0 8 2 7 nine seven 1
Business / Re: Get Your Complete Autopilot/automated Dropshipping Store Best Price Ever by Danyl(m): 11:07pm On Jan 17, 2018
Am also interested in that dropshiping store but it seems he was banned again by antispam bot though I had contacted him through his signature. You can reach him as well through his signature
I got in contact with him already but the cost is quite exorbitant. a lot of those things I can do myself, only a working Dropshipping plugin is what am looking out for.. How far about yours?
Business / Re: Steemit.com A Chance To Financinal Freedom by Danyl(m): 5:55pm On Jan 14, 2018

What is your username.
it's @courseunit
Business / Re: Get Your Complete Autopilot/automated Dropshipping Store Best Price Ever by Danyl(m): 12:19am On Jan 14, 2018
So what are you saying about the price and the points I raised earlier
Business / Re: How To Make Serious Income Online With CPA by Danyl(m): 10:18am On Jan 11, 2018
Hello, please, is pin submit same as submitting credit card 'pin'?
Been researching on this CPA thing for quite for sometime now, but taking action has been something, is it possible not to use landing page for any cpa niche and still earn something cool,though building one is ot a problem, but targetting more types.
Business / Re: Steemit.com A Chance To Financinal Freedom by Danyl(m): 8:06pm On Jan 10, 2018
Just be patient,Once approved you will be sent an activation email which is where you will be issued a password for your account.Remember to keep your password safe and secured to avoid stories,thank you
its now approved. thanks
Business / Re: Get Your Complete Autopilot/automated Dropshipping Store Best Price Ever by Danyl(m): 1:46pm On Jan 09, 2018
Of course, here is: ksort.com petscie.com allmywallets.com

I Seem to like the ksort.com template, how much is the package? and how am I going to be sure, an on the safer side if I pay now?
Business / Re: Steemit.com A Chance To Financinal Freedom by Danyl(m): 3:53pm On Jan 08, 2018
I just signed up but no provision for password, however, i was told that my account will pass through an approval process is that the way it is done?
Business / Re: Steemit.com A Chance To Financinal Freedom by Danyl(m): 12:09pm On Jan 08, 2018
The site has refused to open since. been trying it too.
Business / Re: Get Your Complete Autopilot/automated Dropshipping Store Best Price Ever by Danyl(m): 11:05am On Jan 08, 2018
please do you have samples of the one you have done before? web link, I am interested

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