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Politics / Re: Cow Bill In Senate: Proposed Database For Cows By Senate Sparks Outrage by debolayinka(m): 1:30am On Apr 22
No functional database for humans yet. Despite all the NIN ish, some years to come, another government will complain of unavailability of citizens data. But what bothers our leaders most at a time when there's an unprecedented rate of insecurity ravaging the entire country? A database for cows! Cows are truly Senior Citizens in Nigeria, thanks to the current government.

Una sha wan make being a Nigerian something to be ashamed of.
Family / Re: Husbands Should Abstain From Breastfeeding Wives For 6 Months - Medical DG by debolayinka(m): 9:19pm On Aug 19, 2019
This one is strong...it’s disgusting to even go back there for the first few months. Not touching my wife for a year after childbirth.

Your moniker makes me think otherwise.
Religion / Re: Mike Bamiloye Has This For Nigerian Artistes Who Left Church For Secular Music by debolayinka(m): 12:30pm On Aug 19, 2019
Why do people call these men of God "Daddy"?

Is it your call? Or your Daddy?
Crime / Re: Nigerian Maid Who Went To Work In Saudi, Fakes Madness To Escape. Photo by debolayinka(m): 6:42am On Oct 09, 2018
How did she get the picture taken in the car?
Celebrities / Re: Gospel Singer Nathaniel Bassey And His Wife All Smiles In Adorable Photo by debolayinka(m): 6:17am On Oct 09, 2018
Onise Iyan hit track shot him into the limelight.

You should rather say that you knew after he released that track.


Politics / Re: Buhari Preaches For Respect Of Rule Of Law At ECOWAS Summit In Togo by debolayinka(m): 2:08pm On Jul 31, 2018
E gba mi ooooo, Rule of law from, Buhari.....?
Crime / Re: 2 Female Armed Robbers Arrested In Kogi Along With Others. Photos by debolayinka(m): 11:35am On Jul 31, 2018
Pair of pullover
Pair of beret.
I just weak ooo
Education / Re: Things To Consider Before Choosing Your Project Topic by debolayinka(m): 7:48am On Jul 29, 2018
Projects have lost relevance in most of our undergraduate programs. Students in some schools just pay their lecturers to get project grades without necessarily doing the needful research, hence the poor quality of research in Nigeria.
Phones / Re: Stolen Samsung C5 Needs To Be Tracked. by debolayinka(m): 5:15pm On Jul 28, 2018

Read here. You can find tips on how to locate a lost/stolen phone https://www.unlockunit.com/blog/how-to-find-a-lost-phone-instantly/

Thanks Bro, I'll try straightway.
Phones / Stolen Samsung C5 Needs To Be Tracked. by debolayinka(m): 7:40am On Jul 28, 2018
Hello Nairalanders,
My brother just lost his phone now, and his location settings is off. Is there anyone who can help us track it?

It's a Samsung C5.
Politics / Re: Governor Ikpeazu Turns Goalkeeper, Dives To Make Football Save (PHOTOS) by debolayinka(m): 5:34pm On Jul 27, 2018
Governance is really comedy and absurdity in that part of Nigeria.

grin grin grin
Don't be jealous Just because Buhari can't do the same.


Health / Re: Lady Shares Her Amazing Weight Loss Journey From 330 Pounds Up To 120 Down(pics by debolayinka(m): 10:34pm On Jul 26, 2018
Bloggers can lie.....
This not the first time I'm seeing that slim picture making news online.
Crime / Gunmen Kill Katsina’s Ex-education Commissioner On Kaduna/abuja Road by debolayinka(m): 6:17pm On Jul 24, 2018
A former commissioner for education in Katsina State, Prof. Halimatu Idris, was killed by unknown gunmen on Sunday evening along the Kaduna/Abuja road.
Scores of staff at the headquarters of Katsina State Ministry of Education were in sober mood on Monday following the news of her murder.
She is being buried in Kaduna today (Monday) in accordance with Islamic rites.

News of professor Idris’s death was officially announced by the ministry’s public relations officer, Salisu Kerau, on his WhatsApp platform, where he also informed of her burial in Kaduna on Monday afternoon.
The announcement read, “Innalillahi Wa Inna ilaihi rajiun. The death has been announced of the former Commissioner of Education Katsina State, Prof. Halimatu Sadiya Idris.
“Funeral prayer is scheduled to hold at Unguwar Sarki Kaduna by 1:00pm.
“May Allah forgive all her shortcomings and grant herAljanna.”
Investigation showed that Professor Idris was, on Sunday evening, gunned down by unknown gunmen suspected to be kidnappers along Abuja-Kaduna highway.
Professor Idris was Katsina Education Commissioner until December 2014.

Politics / Re: Ngige To Oshiomhole: You Got Your Facts Wrong On NSITF by debolayinka(m): 11:53am On Jul 23, 2018
N242 billion Naira for 2019 elections. Our population is approximately 200 million. Please, we don't want election in 2019. Just share the money. N1 million to each person through our accounts and BVN and continue with your second term.
Just thinking aloud ni ooo. Who is with me ? ���
Zombie looking for a way to retain Buhari!

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Crime / Re: Man Escapes From Court Room, Jumps Into Canal To Evade Trial by debolayinka(m): 10:54pm On Jul 22, 2018
Who sells thunder here?

This P. M. Express guy thinks we're all kids, for always cooking up fake news.
Religion / Re: The Reason Why Jesus Christ Is Flogging Your Church Instead Of Blessing It by debolayinka(m): 11:08am On Jul 22, 2018

Hello everyone,

Today I will be speaking on why Jesus is flogging your Church instead of blessing it. I know someone will be quick to say the Church he attends is not getting flogged because it is blessed materially. He might be quick to point to the fact that his church is fully air-conditioned, has a beautiful stage with purple lightenings and the members flood the parking space with cars. That's not the kind of blessing I'm talking about.

Many Churches are spiritually dead, but have ascribed material possession to mean they are alive. A Church which can't perform miracles, which doesn't go soulwinning, doesn't care for homeless people is not blessed but is getting flogged by Jesus. There are certain things such a Church could be doing wrong for them to be dead spiritually. Today, I will be speaking on one of them. Let's start by reading the passage below.

John 2:13-16

13 Now the Passover of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. 14 And He found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and doves, and the money changers doing business. 15 When He had made a whip of cords, He drove them all out of the temple, with the sheep and the oxen, and poured out the changers’ money and overturned the tables. 16 And He said to those who sold doves, “Take these things away! Do not make My Father’s house a house of merchandise!”

Why do you think Jesus flogged those in the temple in Jerusalem? Because they sold items in the temple thereby turning it into a market place. That is exactly what many Churches have beceom today. At the entrance or at one corner of churches today, you will find a table which showcases books, CDs, anointing oil, stickers etc being sold. You can even find a restaurant or a kiosk around where donut and drinks are sold. All of that is turning the house of God into a market place.

You might be quick to say there is nothing bad about that because it is just food sold in case members go hungry. Also, the CDs and books contain messages of great pastors like Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, E.A Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo etc; you say they pertain to the word of God. You might be smart to say those Jesus Christ was angry at for selling at the temple in Jerusalem was because they sold things like doves, oxen, sheep, and not things like books. You might also be quick to say those sheep, oxen and doves have nothing to do with God, but books and CDs containing messages of great pastors have a lot to do with God.

Have you ever asked why those people decided to go sell sheep, oxen and doves at the temple when it is not a pet store or a farm? They took those things there because people needed them for the things of God. Back then, when you want to pay your tithe with farm produce but the produce are too big to carry from your own City to Jerusalem, it is allowed to sell the produce then go to Jerusalem with the money. When you get to Jerusalem, you can now use the money to buy anything ranging from sheep, oxen, dove, wheat etc which you can now drop at the temple. That's why those business men moved their wares closer to the temple so as to be closer to customers (sharp guys).

Can you now see that just as your CDs, anointing oil and books have something to do with God, the sheep and oxen also do? They also have another thing in common: they are being sold in the house of God. That's when Jesus Christ comes in with a whip because you all have angered Him and turned His Father's house into a market place.

It's even worse in today's Churches because the pamphlet or bulletin printed for the day's sermon also includes adverts of businesses in the local community. What we should expect next: billboards and posters hanging all over the walls in a Church advertising soft drinks and other products.

You might build the biggest cathedral, but a little disobedience can be dangerous for the congregation. Instead of getting blessed spiritually such that people see vision, dream dreams, speaking in a foreign language and perform miracles, they are getting flogged and blinded away from the truth. May God help us all.

Kindly show this to your pastor or an elder in your Church.

I've been following you on this forum for a while, but on this particular topic, the Lord will give you understanding.
Phones / Re: Facebook And Instagram To Begin Closing Down Accounts Of Under-aged Children. by debolayinka(m): 7:47am On Jul 21, 2018
Nairaland needs to do the same.
Sports / Re: Fans Go Gaga For Cristiano Ronaldo In China by debolayinka(m): 4:29pm On Jul 20, 2018
We don hear, next please

pained barcelona fan!
Politics / Re: Buhari: Why I Declared My Second Term Bid Early by debolayinka(m): 4:20pm On Jul 20, 2018

Deep down in my inner recesses,do I want Buhari to win?no. But the more the general election draws closer, the more I have resigned myself to the logical conclusion that this man will return back as the President.

He is 75 years old,and will be around 80 when he leaves.

Let us take a moment to ponder about that. 75 Years old.

A lot of people have been saying, go get your PVC. But after getting the PVC,who do you vote for?Buhari has the structures put in place already, as compared to the other assumed candidates.

In the West, he has Tinubu. The El-rufai's are in the North. Judas Iscariot(Okorocha)is in the East. Amaechi is in the South,Yahaya and Ortom(forget his leaving the APC) are very much in the middle belt.

But what does Buhari want?he was a Federal Petroleum Commissioner(Minister) in the 70's. He was the Governor of the North in the 70's. He was the President of Nigeria(via Coup) in the 80's. He is the President now.

What does Buhari want again?

He joined the Army in 1961, and since then has been on Nigeria payroll until now July 20 2018.

What does Buhari want?

Hackers at work!
Fashion / Re: Beautiful Bride With No Makeup, No Earrings (Photos) by debolayinka(m): 5:26pm On Jul 16, 2018
You call this beautiful?

Nairaland guys be honest, will you take a second look at this thing on the street

Stop being sarcastic, she's as ugly as ugly could get.

The ugly ones always rush to condemn the beautiful. If you're sure you reach half of her beauty upload your picture.

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Food / Re: A Lady Ordered For A Superhero Cake And Got This (Photos) by debolayinka(m): 4:52pm On Jul 16, 2018
It's better than what Nigeria got on May 29,2015

My God! shocked
Computers / Re: My Laptop Is Never Charging by debolayinka(m): 10:58am On Jul 09, 2018
Thanks everyone!
Computers / My Laptop Is Never Charging by debolayinka(m): 7:19am On Jul 09, 2018
I've noticed my laptop always shows "plugged-in, not charging". What can be responsible for this, and is there any possible solution?

Family / Re: Mom Whose Kids Burnt To Death In Ondo State Speaks In Heartbreaking FB Post by debolayinka(m): 1:42pm On Jul 03, 2018
And your point is?

What's your business with my point?
If you care to know, my point is God is Good.

If you're not satisfied with that, get off my mentions, or better still put off your data connection.
Family / Re: Mom Whose Kids Burnt To Death In Ondo State Speaks In Heartbreaking FB Post by debolayinka(m): 1:35pm On Jul 03, 2018
God is so fuvking useless, were was God when the child was burning?

God my ass!

They have arrived......
Travel / Re: 6 Common Things We Do That Cause Accident While Driving by debolayinka(m): 7:35am On Jul 03, 2018

Op you forgot to add

Sucking/Licking female genital organ

your lips may swellup and blow off, what a disastrous accident will that be. shocked

Guys be careful!

Who else thinks this is NwaAmaikpe's reincarnate?
Family / Re: Mom Whose Kids Burnt To Death In Ondo State Speaks In Heartbreaking FB Post by debolayinka(m): 7:26am On Jul 03, 2018
Nairaland atheists and the Freeze crew, over to you.

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Business / Re: FCMB Seems To Be The Most Fraudulent Bank In Nigeria. by debolayinka(m): 12:51pm On Jun 30, 2018
Try Access bank before you conclude.

If I could buy more thunder from the market, I would have added it to small one with, and send it to their headquaters, for their baseless deductions.

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Business / Re: How These 3 Businesses Can Change Your Life by debolayinka(m): 12:48pm On Jun 30, 2018
How do I handle the issue of getting a piece of land for farming?

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Business / Re: Lecture Me On Bitcoins Wallet by debolayinka(m): 12:45pm On Jun 30, 2018
I think you need to know what cryptocurrency means first.
Business / Re: Most Affordable ICT Solution Strictly For Ngos GUARANTEED You Cant Get Elsewhere by debolayinka(m): 12:42pm On Jun 30, 2018
OP, Why are you now posting and re-posting?

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