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Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 12:24pm On Nov 12, 2020
I really appreciate the comments here, I've been busy with work. I've not seen the guy nor the car yet.
We spoke moments ago, the car had gadget burnt again, new mechanic told him the initial gasket was fake. Had to change it, but since then the car didn't overheat but the rev isn't stable.

He has abandoned the car now, I will have free time (next week) to help him check out the car putting all the aforementioned into consideration.

I will update when I get hold of the car.
Thanks again
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 12:15pm On Nov 12, 2020

I have not changed my radiator to double cell. My car is yet to overheat.
Two things I can deduce from what the op posted.
1. The radiator blocked which led to the radiator hose bursting
2. The owner has been using tap water or borehole water high in dissolved mineral content. That is why the thermostat looked dirty.
Those minerals (calcium, iron etc) precipitate out of the water and deposit themselves in the radiator passages during the repeated cycles of heating and cooling. This blocks the radiator over time.

The owner should
1. pressure test the system for any other leaks. Fix those leaks first.
2. Flush the entire cooling system.
3. Replace all coolant hoses except the 1/2 inch return to the coolant reservoir. (Since one failed, it is highly likely the other have been exposed to serious stress).
4. Install a new radiator (I don't care if it's single cell, double cell or 50 cell).
5. Install a new thermostat
6. Restore the fan system back to spec.
7. Use coolant or demineralized water to fill the cooling system.

All these on the premise that the gasket and sealing surfaces have not been damaged again in the recent overheat.

It takes a very prolonged period of overheat to warp a Corolla engine.

I used es300, now on es350
All on single cell radiator (not a fan of the double cell though).

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Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 12:13pm On Nov 12, 2020

And ?

i covered every corner

alot investigating when dealing with a overheated headgasket

1 was the head wrapped?

2 was the grinding aka (skiming the head) done by a machine or just eye inspection and do it by hand

3 was the torque done stage by stage to the right spec ?

You know so much, I really appreciate sharing this
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 12:11pm On Nov 12, 2020

your car is already butchered

let me tell you what was meant to done done when the burst


what is bleeding, it is a procedure to take off trapped air from a pressurised system, in the event that a pressurised system is broken and put back together there is air trapped in the system that air needs to push put if you dont it is that air that will burn your gasket becoz the area it occupies it should coolant all the way, remember air doesnt cool anything, therefore instead of smooth flow of coolant there are pockets of air in that pressurised system and the gasket get burnt

so i suspect that your car wasnt bled and also no headgasket was changed, and a proper mechanic who know how to change a headgasket should know how to bleed a car coolant system

Each time a car has a headgasket change, bleeding should be gone otherwise the car will come back with same overheating problem

People take off the thermostat to hide away overheating or a burnt headgasket, without a thermostat your cooling system is not fully pressurised therefor you wont notice that the headgasket is gone

Very informative, thanks alot
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 8:19pm On Nov 08, 2020
Wahala for who no de observe common safety precautions. I am sure that Toyota Owner's manual would advise that if your temperature is high, park and allow engine to cool. Call a qualified (here we have Kazeems) Toyota Technician to check its out.

The mistake
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 8:18pm On Nov 08, 2020

Check if the radiator is a single cell or double cell. If it's a single cell, buy a new radiator which is a double cell and thank me later.
My kid brother just had the same issue. Exactly like yours. Jasket got burnt too. The most annoying is that his car is a tokunbo! That issue jejely welcomed him to the car users world. Lol

It is still stock single cell...

Ok boss
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 8:17pm On Nov 08, 2020

@OP, heed this, that cooling system needs to be torn down and rebuilt with good OEM parts

Also, and most importantly, change that mechanic

Thank you so much
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 8:17pm On Nov 08, 2020

It's unfortunate most of this mechanics don't know how the cooling system of a car operates. The only thing they know is to remove thermostat and connect fan direct.

You problem is likely a bad radiator.

Chat me on whatsapp when ever you are with the car let me help you out.


Thanks,I will reach out
Car Talk / Re: Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 1:37pm On Nov 08, 2020
The check engine is catalyst missing, he can't access where the car can be scanned right now

And others please help
Car Talk / Cooling System Malfunction On 2009 Corrola(us) by DGD1(m): 1:35pm On Nov 08, 2020
Good afternoon,

A friend of mine uses Toyota corrola 2009, his radiator burst about a month ago, he managed it to mechanic (his mistake). The mechanic told him the gasket was burnt, so he changed it and the top cylinder was grinded(according to him). Fan connected to run direct.

The car last week while I was driving had its temperature to the roof(pictures attached). Noticed the water on the radiator dirty (no coolant), then mechanic asked to remove the thermostat, I allowed him(I noticed the thermostat was dirty, the mechanic said it was bad). We flushed the radiator and put clean water. I noticed the car temperature was still at the middle as though the fan wasn't connected directly. They told me it was normal (my mind wasn't settled).
He just called me now that the car is doing overheating, he had to park.

Please what could be the issue

Car Talk / Re: Lexus Es 350 Dashboard Sign by DGD1(m): 10:43am On Oct 22, 2020

Ha! !!

Check engine light didn't show. So therefore, not sure catalyst should be brought into this case.

If you are sure the check light has not been compromised, I congratulate you.

Then the leg brake stuff should work
Car Talk / Re: Lexus Es 350 Dashboard Sign by DGD1(m): 7:19am On Oct 22, 2020
Scan the car,
The catalyst can be the culprit, it has 3, two in front and one at the middle, under the car.

This lights wouldn't ever go out if its own catalysts are not installed.

Have a panel look at the exhaust for you.
Car Talk / Re: Why Are There So Many ES 350 Lexus Nigerian Used For Sale by DGD1(m): 2:47pm On Oct 02, 2020
Es350 is a very fragile car (my experience)

From the dashboard to the body parts.

Most Nigerians always tend to buy cheap big cars.... They end up buying lemon.

Most cras on the market don't have catalyst, trust me driving an es350 without one is a nightmare

Driving an Es350 with messed wiring will bring headache

Poorly fixed salvaged (accident) es350 na wahala

One problem we always have is noise on the legs...no matter how careful you drive that car on high way, after each journey....your mechanic will be expecting you except you don't mind the noise.

The car has very low clearance

Except you have flowing cash, the car will be tiring in no time


Car Talk / Re: Reverse Mode On Toyota Corolla Making Noise by DGD1(m): 6:34am On Sep 02, 2020
Also check the engine mounts.

I've experienced it before.
Car Talk / Re: I Need Ur Advice Regards Rav4 2007/2008 by DGD1(m): 7:49am On Aug 15, 2020
2.5m can't get you a rav4 of that year, even if you get, you have nothing left.
As some advised, go for registered one. I've seen some registered cars better than most toks. Owner might want to sell for upgrade after spending alot to make the car take shape or distress sales.
Car Talk / Re: What's Your Views On Toyota Camry Touring by DGD1(m): 9:37pm On Jul 16, 2020
just saying

I didn't mean to be rude,
Just that the subject matter was on the i4.
Believed we all know the 2gr was widely used in almost all Toyota/lexus V6 from 2007 model years upward.

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Car Talk / Re: What's Your Views On Toyota Camry Touring by DGD1(m): 7:58pm On Jul 16, 2020
venza v6 is using same engine With 2008 camry v6 which is 2gr fe

No one mentioned V6 sir,
We are talking about i4.
Thank you.
Car Talk / Re: . by DGD1(m): 7:34am On Jul 16, 2020
Hope u have security men and watch dog in your house,

Hope you have tracker to install on the car

Hope you will buy comprehensive insurance

Hope you can wake up around 2pm and 4pm to check window to see if the car is still there

Hope you are a security minded person

This is all you need to know in buying a corrola provided your mechanic has certified it OK.
Car Talk / Re: What's Your Views On Toyota Camry Touring by DGD1(m): 7:30am On Jul 16, 2020
This is not 2011 cos 2011 doesnt come with this 2az engine instead 2ar

It's always annoying when middle men and car sellers call 2AZ a venza engine.
As if Disgrace that Internet fraudsters are giving us isn't enough, this set of people to add to it.

They don't look anywhere alike. Imagine saying a 2008 muscle (Camry) has venza engine.
O wrong na
Literature / Re: Ben Enwonwu's 103rd Posthumous Birthday Is Today by DGD1(m): 9:04am On Jul 14, 2020
Odinigwe Benedict Chukwukadibia Enwonwu!!!

Your works speak for you including
Cotton trees
Girls in waiting
Feeling African
Three African Women Dancing and many more


Car Talk / Re: Recommendations Needed! by DGD1(m): 7:49pm On Jul 13, 2020
The Honda Odyssey will be better for private use.
You won't be wrong going for it provided you aren't buying a lemon

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Car Talk / Re: I need help/answers. by DGD1(m): 6:48pm On Jul 11, 2020
1. One week tops for all documents

2. One week, costs 45k max

3. Ideal or you meant average.... Depending on the trim/options from 2.4-2.6m

4. Both are good... Best is relative

5. At 15k miles per year 2006 hilander should have 210k miles..... But you can get lower if you search well
Car Talk / Re: Can Honda Odyssey Engine Fit On Honda Pilot 2007? by DGD1(m): 11:40am On Jul 05, 2020
you clearly edited it If not, the 'I' should had been bolded too. You should apologize joor.

Mad oooh


Car Talk / Re: 2007 Toyota Tacoma Body Needed by DGD1(m): 11:35am On Jul 05, 2020
Search for guy here Tpound or so, he helps people get cars from owode. He is your best bet.

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Car Talk / Re: 2008 Es350 Steering Control by DGD1(m): 2:08pm On Jun 08, 2020

do you mean you replaced the es 350 steering wheel with rx 350? if yes, please what year rx, does it work perfectly? Driving, the buttons etc and how much?


It drives well
All buttons work well.
This is rx330 2006 Steering (seller claimed its rx350 2008) all I needed was a neat steering that won't require modifications.
Cost 30k to replace
Took about 30mins
Location is Ibadan
Car Talk / Re: 2008 Es350 Steering Control by DGD1(m): 8:25am On Jun 08, 2020
Finally got the RX350 Steering to replace, thanks to everyone that contributed.

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Car Talk / Re: Nature's COVID-19 BUSH Meat Palliative by DGD1(m): 12:59pm On May 31, 2020
Car Talk / Re: 2008 Es350 Steering Control by DGD1(m): 9:44am On May 24, 2020

About 30k or so in Apo Abuja. The metal one though not the rubber.

Thank you
Car Talk / Re: 2008 Es350 Steering Control by DGD1(m): 11:52pm On May 18, 2020

Is...is it your finger?

People dey this life o.

So much frustration abounds my brother.
Everyone looking for who to dump on.

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Car Talk / Re: 2008 Es350 Steering Control by DGD1(m): 11:50pm On May 18, 2020
Replace with 2012 own or use rx 350 complete steering

Might consider this option though
Car Talk / Re: 2008 Es350 Steering Control by DGD1(m): 11:49pm On May 18, 2020
It's replaceable but if bought in Nigeria ridiculously expensive. You might prefer to replace the entire steering wheel instead. I replaced mine.

How much did it cost you for the replacement

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