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Education / Re: Why Are Lawyers Buried Face Down (photo) by dmk23: 6:28pm On May 30, 2021
That English in the picture is from Google? �����
Romance / Re: If Sex Doesn't Prove Love, Then Why Is Cheating Painful? by dmk23: 10:59am On Jan 29, 2021
You are contradicting yourself
No he isn't contradicting himself. Let's hear others talk.

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TV/Movies / Re: CITATION: What Do You Think About The Movie?! (SPOILER ALERT) by dmk23: 8:38pm On Nov 23, 2020
I loved the movie. I even wish I can download the song at the end... MY CHILD.
I loved the adventure in the movie too. I never believed she would win the case. I think what helped was that I never knew that was Temi Otedola at the first instance.
I love the movie, I definitely would love to act in one of Kunle Afolayan movies one of these days.
It was a good one, thinking of what we females go through in the hands of wicked and callous lecturers. To even think that in the movie, everything she ever did was against her, I mean people who see her do such things would never believe she was innocent. It was either her or the lecturer who would go down.
The name also fits it perfectly.
If you haven't seen it, it is a must watch. You can watch it later, it is always on Netflix.


Jokes Etc / Re: How I Lost My Virginity. by dmk23: 11:46am On Oct 07, 2020
Continue please!. grin

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Family / Re: How To Look Out For Yourself When Your Relationship Goes South. Part 1 by dmk23: 1:01am On Sep 18, 2020
Woooooah. Op I am enjoying this. I have learnt a lot, thank you for putting this out there. smiley

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by dmk23: 11:13pm On Sep 04, 2020

Let's not have negative vibe. People won't wanna post their date here o. Just ask the normal questions of what category. Thanks
if it is real then I have no problem with it.

Congratulations brov on your sister's appointment. It is really a good news and a breakthrough.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by dmk23: 5:34pm On Sep 04, 2020
Good news!!!!

How can you book an appointment 30.09.2020 and still got a date 04.09.2020?. What Visa category are you going for?.
Oh, it is even *you have booked an appointment Lagos*
Romance / Re: hello by dmk23: 2:10pm On Aug 21, 2020
Chiboy dear.
Can we chat more on WhatsApp?
Alright! Let me send you a mail.
Romance / Re: hello by dmk23: 8:27pm On Aug 20, 2020
I am chiboy from Delta state.
Student of Delta state poly.
Studying computer science.
HND level.
I am a teacher, speaker, web designer and orator!!!
oh nice. You have an made a nice impression of the person that you are to me. Which is your name chiboy or oluwatobi?. kiss
Romance / Re: hello by dmk23: 4:10pm On Aug 20, 2020
Don't make me blush joor. God is our destiny helper jare. You said hello and I said hi. Can I know more about you.
Oluwadamilola. cool
Romance / Re: hello by dmk23: 6:12pm On Aug 19, 2020
Hy Mrhandsome2013 wink How are you doing?.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by dmk23: 4:32pm On Aug 17, 2020


Please is it only December bank statement that will be printed for each of the family member as proof of income for the year 2019 or for the while year? I got admitted at Unibo and I want to apply for Er.go grant. It's challenging getting the documents. I'll appreciate if you can help with any info.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by dmk23: 4:31pm On Aug 17, 2020

Rome Business School gave me this exemption certificate

If you were admitted there, please give me a shout
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by dmk23: 4:29pm On Aug 17, 2020
Please has anyone here applied for er.go grant or fees exemption? I need information on how to go about the documents covering economic and assets status. I got admission at University of Bologna for MSC but I'm currently having challenges relating to Er.go. grant. Any useful info will be appreciated.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by dmk23: 4:27pm On Aug 17, 2020

I think you should send them a mail or call the embassy no to confirm.

I’ve read this thread from the beginning, sometime last year, someone mentioned that academic documents are free while the price for legalization of non academic documents is dependent on how many documents you have. The person also mentioned that he paid 11,600 for NPC attestation. (I don’t know which of the embassy he used).

I also got this response from Lagos embassy when I sent them a mail as of July.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Due to present situation relating to the Pandemic (COVID-19), all appointments are suspended.

This office is presently unable to give a response as the time table for the 2020/21 academic session is yet to be released by MUIR (the authorized office).

The documents are usually:

Birth certificate/ attestation from NPC (depending on which is appropriate)

Academic certificates

Academic transcripts

There are cost implications.

These vary from document to document and the use for which it is being requested.

They vary from N4000 to N 25,000 per document.

The actual price can only be given on presentation of your documents.

Thank you
Culture / Re: If Your Country Had To Merge With One Other Country, Which One Would You Choose? by dmk23: 2:49pm On Aug 13, 2020
China, we need technology to better our lives abeg. And another things is that, we need the culture of punishment for corrupt law markers and politicians. kiss kiss kiss

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Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by dmk23: 1:29pm On Aug 11, 2020
Please who here has got a date at the Abuja Italian for legalization and done so, was it free?. A friend of mine said he did his and it was free at Abuja and another friend said he did his in Lagos and paid 57,200 naira just today. I want to know if anyone has also experienced this.

This matter just tire me. embarassed
Romance / Re: You Nigerian Ladies Need To Stop This "Have You Eaten" Nonsense by dmk23: 2:45pm On Aug 07, 2020
Op thank you jare. As the girl wey I be, I wan stop to dey ask have you eaten. If you ask some guys they will start feeling like super mario.
Of recent, I only felt it was just a waste of my time, then I realized I only asked because I wanted the conversation to be prolonged not that I really cared about the answer, or maybe I asked so that I can mock the food the guy made. Anyways, I think it is a very lame question, and I want to stop it.
Romance / Re: Experienced Nairalander Should Coach Me Please by dmk23: 11:32am On Aug 07, 2020
grin grin grin grin

Was this your experience and your current situation?


Travel / Re: Travellers To Arrive Three Hours Before International Flights by dmk23: 11:18am On Aug 07, 2020
It is too early to restart international flights. The virus is still spreading like wildfire in US, Brazil and some European countries. The numbers of people getting infected daily in the country is gradually going down and we need to sustain the gain. Opening the country up for easy coming in and going out may lead to a new wave of infections. The presidential task force should please be guided.
Haba kiloshele. Please regardless of the virus spread please most of us have plans abeg. We only need to protect ourselves. If you knew things that people go through everyday because of the locked international space you will know. Many things are been wasted. Do you know how badly people want the international flight to open, they will go to other neighbouring country just to fly out. Why not open the international space and let things fall into place, academically and in other sense. They know how much they are loosing in this sense. Open it up, even if international flights will be expensive you will see how many people will still take it. And besides a lot of other people too are stucked in other countries and are waiting for us to open up. We can only put precautions in place and not totally shut ourselves off from the world. Thank you.

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Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by dmk23: 7:31pm On Aug 06, 2020

Thank you!
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by dmk23: 10:22am On Aug 06, 2020
I almost cried after reading this. You know at times, it would seem like our village people are after us. I have been thinking the same thing sha.

Thanks for the piece. I wish to slide in your DM.
Please ma, what did he post I can't find it and I am very much interested in reading it. Thank you.
Travel / Re: Italian Student Visa-help! by dmk23: 1:01am On Jul 30, 2020
Hello guys,
Please for authentication at Abuja, is it the original and photocopy I am to authenticate or just original only.

I have appointment with the embassy for legalization in September, so I'm planning towards it.

please help me out guys?

Yes you would authenticate both original and photocopy. Please how did you get a date, I thought all appointment were cancelled already. Or is this the Abuja Consulate?.
Travel / Re: General-german-student-visa-enquiries Part 8 by dmk23: 9:08pm On Jul 28, 2020
[This important information is for all winter semester applicants and future ones that will be using Verpflichtungserklarung fur studium (sponsorship letter, SL), please read carefully all that is involved using SL and how the embassy operates with it.[b]

Firstly, I want to let you know that using a Verpflichtungserklarung fur studium does not guarantee the issuance of student visa (I don’t care where you will be getting it from whether issued by a family, an acquaintance, or you paid), you stand the same chance as every other applicant using Blocked account. If you are using SL, you can still be rejected on the basis that your sponsor is not capable. The rejection is always in this form from the embassy.

“Your secured subsistence cost is not ensured in germany”
“There are doubts regarding your secured subsistence cost in germany”

Now I know you want to ask me why the office in germany gave your sponsor the letter if he wasn’t capable to sponsor you in the first place. I want you to know that different cities/town in germany have their own criteria in giving out the SL. Let’s take a case like the Auslanderbehorde in Munich, if your sponsor is living in Munich which is the most expensive city in germany, as of September 2018, your sponsor must be earning 1,880 Euro monthly before tax to sponsor 1 person if he is single (and must be earning 2,610 Euro to sponsor 2 people), if he has a kid living with him or married without kid, he must be earning 2,300 Euro monthly before tax to sponsor 1 person (and must be earning 3,040 Euro to sponsor 2 people), if he is married with a kid, he must be earning 2,540 Euro monthly before tax to sponsor 1 person (and must be earning 3,270 Euro to sponsor 2 people), if he is married with 2 kids, he must be earning 2,780 Euro monthly before tax to sponsor 1 person (and must be earning 3,510 Euro to sponsor 2 people). This is the breakdown of how Munich checks your sponsor to see his/her eligibility to sponsor you. So different cities got its own breakdown of how much your sponsor must be earning monthly to sponsor you. Normally, after all monthly tax, bills and have been deducted from his monthly salary, he must have 720 or 730 Euro left, that’s how they do it. You can see it equates to the amount of blocked account (BA) to be dispensed to you monthly if you are using BA.

Now, some cities issues this letter even without your sponsor not being capable or not earning that stipulated amount and that is where you start having issues with the foreigners office of the city you are heading to and definitely with the embassy. A city I know that gives sponsors the SL without the sponsor being capable is Pforzheim, germany. This city dishes out the letters anyhow and most of the letters I have seen that comes from Pforzheim always ended up being rejected by the embassy. Part of the criteria generally in germany in issuing this SL is that your sponsor must hold a Permanent Residence permit or Temporary residence permit or must be a German citizen or EU citizen to sponsor you (This is the only residence titles your sponsor must have to be issued the SL). Now there is what they call fiktionbeschenigung (fiction certificate), this is the permit they give people living in germany that applied for a residence permit and the foreigners office has not yet decided on the residence permit whether to issue the applicant or not, so they give the person a fiktionbeschenigung, this person can work with it pending the time they decide on his/her RP. This person is not allowed to stand as a sponsor which is clearly stated by most cities in germany but Pforzheim can give people with a fiktionbeschenigung (that’s how bad Pforzheim is), now imagine you are applying to another city with this SL signed by a person with a fiktionbeschenigung, that’s auto rejection.

Let me talk about Hannover city, now Hannover has one of the strictest foreigners’ office in germany, and the place is always filled up. If your SL is coming from any city in germany, whether from Munich, Hamburg, and so on, just know that Hannover will write your sponsor through postal mail to send some documents including his/her 3 month payslips to check the creditworthiness of the SL, Hannover will now make their own calculations to see if your sponsor is really capable (they always do this because they know some cities are not strict with the letter and due to fluctuating credit-rating of different cities), after making their own calculations and they see your sponsor does not meet up their criteria, then sorry is your case, even if your sponsor is a white German or White EU citizen, they will write him, and if your sponsor doesn’t get the letter Hannover sent him asking for his docs, that’s not their problem, and they wont write another one, so your sponsor must have a working mail box. You might want to ask how they will know your sponsor’s address, your sponsors address will be asked when filling the SL. So I advise you all, please if your letter is coming from another city and you are going to Hannover, don’t try it, you will be disappointed, the best is for your SL to come from Hannover if you are heading to hannover, you wont even have issues, that’s auto acceptance. Hannover is the only city I know that writes sponsors to send documents and this is how to verify SL issued from other cities.

Furthermore, there is a particular number of people a person can sponsor (I don’t the exact number) but let me give you a real life case that happened summer 2018 and winter 2018. There is this German-Nigerian man in germany, he own a company so he is earning so much money to even sponsor 40 students, in summer 2018, he sponsored about 7 people and they made it to germany. In winter 2018, he gave about 11 people SL again, and embassy rejected all of the 11 people. Why? Because there is a rule of how many people you can sponsor. Why did they give him in the office in germany since he was already sponsoring 7 people? The answer is he went to another city to get the SL. Yes, your sponsor can leave his residence city and go to another city to get the SL.

If your sponsor is living in Berlin, Berlin has 2 offices where this SL is issued from, there is one for long term (student, family reunioun and so on) and there is office for short term (visiting, tourism and so on.)
Also, the embassy are not the ones that verifies SL, embassy send your SL to the city you are heading to in germany and the city does the verification, now the embassy can still decide whether to give you the visa or not, meaning even if your foreigners office in germany approves your visa, embassy can still reject you for different reasons. They might say “they doubt your indicated purpose of trip” they have their own convictions are you cant sue or fight them.

I hope I have stated all what prospective applicant that wants to use SL needs to know. And please and please, don’t pay anybody you don’t know personally for SL, I read part 4 of this thread where a guy was scammed 400k, a lot of scammers in town now cause they know people are desperate to leave Nigeria, and there are scammers in germany too, if you get scammed, you get scammed for life, you cant hold anybody, and even if you got the SL and the embassy rejects you based on any reason, then the money you paid is gone.
This is my 2 cents. BE WISE and BE SHARP!!!! [/b]A lot of people are crying in one corner now for this.[b]
I read a post some pages back where one Guy was saying he has 2 million naira and he can’t raise the remaining 1.6 million for the blocked account. Dude if you are reading this, you better hustle for that complete money. I have a friend that had to stay back for a year in Nigeria to get the complete blocked account money and now he is in DE.

NB: SL can be handwritten (filled with pen) or typed-written. SL from Munich is always handwritten except for the official remark, date of entry, employer of your sponsor, and date of issuance of the SL, all these I mentioned are always typed. To get a sample of SL and how it looks like, type “Verpflichtungserklarung” on google, facebook or Instagram, you will see samples.
And please when you get your SL, before the sponsor sends the original by post mail, always request for the softcopy and check that your details (Full name, passport number, date of birth, purpose of stay in germany) is correct.

Thank you. God bless you. I appreciate it.


Business / Re: First Bank Needs To Ask For Pin When Buying Reacharge Card by dmk23: 4:17pm On Jul 28, 2020
I think it would be nice if banks ask for pins before you can buy airtime with the USSD code so that when your phone gets stolen or lost, you are rest assured that nobody can buy airtime without your input.
Romance / Re: Girls, It's High Time We Stopped Playing Hard To Get. by dmk23: 10:44pm On Jul 22, 2020
Op I have learnt my lessons. I once had a guy who was on my neck since 2011 then I had a lot on my mind so I told him when we see in school, because we did one remedia stuff. Year 2012, 2013, 2014 we still talked, and he was still disturbing me I decided to give him chance. We now started it wasn't long before oga said he doesn't have any interest in me any more, he started cheating and what have you then he was treating me so badly. Me I was now so in love with him. One day he told me "I am sure you came back to me after you have had other men" cry Then we broke up Sha, people were calling our relationship one side love. Since then, any guy I like I will let him know if he asks me out I will say yes immediately. But if the guy too is playing hard to get I loose interest and focus on another guy.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Help Me Thank God, Just Got A Job With A Very Attractive Pay!!! by dmk23: 4:40pm On Jul 10, 2020
Congratulations! I pray that my dreams and goals for this year will be accomplished! And I too will testify!

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Romance / Re: Boyfriend Hired Friend To Sleep With His Girlfriend As Loyalty Test, She Reacted by dmk23: 10:29am On Jul 04, 2020
Why do I have a strong feeling that you are the man. Please if you have a girl that is loyal to you, don't try this sh*t because you would end up regretting it. He got served, don't sweat it bro. I feel you should delete this because it don't bring out the empathic man in you, it makes me feel so sh**ty about you.
Abeg this guy did nothing wrong. Even God tested faithful Job, does it mean He didn't trust Job? No He even boasted about Job.

My verdict is that girl is unfaithful and she's angry that the guy even suspected her. And she would have fallen when tested with her type of man. Shikena.

Besides that guy should just end this thing. A girl who discusses her guy's joblessness and still be friends with people who mock and disrespect him is not a good wife. Abeg Gutman just dodged a bullet.
Music/Radio / Re: Di'ja - "Te Amo" (Video) by dmk23: 11:10am On Sep 19, 2019

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