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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by DollyParton1(f): 11:25am On Nov 19, 2016

OK, what's the approx cost of a room in shared flat, how much should one budget for a month expenses in Lodz, how is racism there, and compared to Warsaw and Krakow is Lodz lively enough to be classified as a vibrant student city? Uni of Lodz

Depends on the location and type. I got one in 2010 for about 2000zl plus bills, we were two sharing the apartment, so we paid 1000zl per month each, and the bills came every 2 months, highest we paid was 200zl per person in 2months, it might be more than that now.
But I will advise you not to rent an apartment immediately you get to Poland. Stay in the dormitory for a semester at least, in order to study the system a little bit, except if you have someone reliable that can help you with it.
I can't really say what the budget will be now precisely, but you can budget 500-700zl for basic expenses.
There is racism everywhere. Wether Krakow, Warsaw or Lodz. But its not so bad or dangerous Just some racist attitude and speech mostly. . You just have to keep your head down. But I know it is better than how it was about 7 years ago.
Yea Lodz is almost totally a student city, more international students keep trooping in each year. It has 3 major higher institutions owned by the government and some other private ones.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by DollyParton1(f): 11:55pm On Nov 16, 2016

OK. What is it like studying in Lodz? Can we discuss more better.
Depends on what questions you have in mind.
Generally it's a relatively cheap city.
Closest major city to Warsaw, the capital city.
Lots of international students compared to some other cities aside Krakow and Warsaw.
Which of the higher institutions are you planning on attending?
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by DollyParton1(f): 9:07pm On Nov 04, 2016

Not completely. Are you interested in studying in Poland?
No. I finished from lodz.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 5:31am On Nov 02, 2016
The Human psychology and its face saving mechanisms. We are now into name calling? Blockhead? You would rather die than admit you were wrong.

And you saw nothing insulting in your penultimate post.
I said Cardiologists do not perform surgery and I went ahead to explain myself. All you need to do is come up with your own and tell us how and where cardiologists perform surgeries.

You said Cardiologists do not perform surgery,you were wrong ,they do. That is the only point I raised and the only one I am interested in here
Everything else is self indulgent egoism. Get over yourself

I still maintain that a cardiologist in a sane clime does not perform surgery. You were wrong and you are still wrong. Educate yourself and stop throwing tantrums, it's not cute.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 1:56am On Nov 02, 2016

If a doctor is employed as a cardiologist specifically esp in a teaching hospital , he won't perform surgeries because there will be consultant surgeons to take care of surgery cases while he concentrate on heart diseases.
Before becoming a cardiologist, the resident doctor undergoes rotational trainings in different departments including surgery, there and then, you learn the surgeries and even perform some of them.
So, he is actually equipped to perform it and can do if everywhere and anywhere.
He also graduated with mbbs giving him the license to be able to perform surgeries as far as he can learn the skills.
But no matter what, a non doctor is not licensed to do anything doctors do.
So, compare likes for likes.
So, yeah, a cardiologist is empowered to do anything plus surgeries if the opportunity comes up
Seriously? That's how they train specialist in Nigeria?
Just loop everything in a specialty together? .
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 1:55am On Nov 02, 2016

What pharmacists suggest to doctors are brand names that they market.
Design drug regimens with doctors indeed. In which village?

They actually do design drug regimen with doctors in some cases. They are some drugs or medical conditions that the doctor has to run his prescription through a pharmacists and get his/her go ahead before it can be administered to the patient. But this is not an everyday occurrence.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 1:21am On Nov 02, 2016
Go and ask the person who usually beats you at this time to get busy,you need it!!
This is what happens when a blockhead tries to act smart....

So you actually think that aspect of medicine is actually divided into only two? Sorry to disappoint you, there are more than two subspecialties in cardiology.
There is the cardiologist, who is the basic specialist of them all. Deals with diagnosis and treatment of various cardiovascular diseases. No surgery. No invasive techniques involved.
There is the interventional cardiologist who deals with the invasive aspects of the field. The angiography/angioplasty and the likes.
And there is the part of those whose focus is on Ischemic Heart Diseases. Not all countries has this as a subspecialty.
And the Cardiosurgery field is for any of those three who decides take it further through the use of the scapel.

You gotta read and be sure of things you are arguing about before you come here and start exposing your dumbness.
The fact that any doctor can pick up the scapel and cut people open in Nigeria, does not make it a normal way of medical practice.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 11:11pm On Nov 01, 2016
I am not talking about Nigeria do not change the subject, Is it part of the job description of a cardiologist to perform surgery YES or NO??
There are two types of cardiologists.
No it is not for a cardiologist.
But it is for an interventional cardiologist.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 10:14pm On Nov 01, 2016
I just wondered about YOUR definition because the last time I checked cardiologists do do a few surgical procedures so maybe you have a new definition of what surgery is
Yea.... In nigeria every doctor is a surgeon.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 10:12pm On Nov 01, 2016
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 9:57pm On Nov 01, 2016
Depends on how you define "surgery"
Surgery has many definitions?
Oh say more.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 9:55pm On Nov 01, 2016
Yes really, your remark just reveals ignorance or lack of exposure. Really!
Errmmm. ... just go take several seats please.
Romance / Re: Ibadan Woman Dies During Sex Romp With Lover Who Drank 'Man Power' by DollyParton1(f): 8:04pm On Nov 01, 2016
I wonder how she go explain herself to baba God
Best way to die though.
Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by DollyParton1(f): 11:26am On Nov 01, 2016
Hello guys, I will like to know if anyone is studying or knows something about University of Lodz, what is it like studying in Lodz and also Gdansk. Lots of things have been written online regarding Poland, but I think it's best answered by those living there. I will really appreciate it if somebody can share some information on Lodz, Gdansk, Lublin. Thanks.
Did you find your answers on Lodz?
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 11:11am On Nov 01, 2016

Are you actually a practicing doctor?

Whichever way you look at it, pharmacists determine to a large extent the drugs that the doctor prescribes.

Most of the drugs they prescribe are recommended to them by pharmacists who are medical reps of pharmaceutical companies.
All it takes is for the pharmacist to organise a Powerpoint presentation for the doctors, introduce a drug to them or tell them why they should prescribe a particular drug and the next day, you see them prescribing it.
For instance, a doctor may have been used to prescribing erythromycin for a particular illness but along the line a med. rep comes and tells him that azithromycin is a better choice since it is an improvement upon erythromycin with better pharmacokinetic profile and better tolerated, then he starts prescribing azithromycin. I have seen this times without number.
Now tell me, who influenced the doctor's choice? Is it not the pharmacist?

In a sane clime, a drug rep cannot just walk into your office and recommend a drug to you and you just take it like that. The example you gave is a marketing/advertising strategy.
I think it's better to always clarify things from the go. Based on your initial post, an average person would think Doctors run their prescribing decisions through the pharmacists most time.

I have seen doctors asking the pharmacists opinion on the best drug to use for certain patients.
Also, the pharmacists influence to a large extent the content of essential medicine list in the hospital
It is appropriate for a doctor to ask for a pharmacists or nurses opinion if the need for it arises. That's why it called an health team.

Yea Pharmacists can influence the contents of essential medicine in an hospital because it is part of their job description

There are also situations where pharmacists design the drug regimen for cancer treatment (chemotherapy) with the doctor.
You obviously haven't heard of that i guess.

One major problem with Nigerian healthcare system is lack of exposure among the members of the team and ignorance of the capabilities of each member of the team by the other members.
Our healthcare system needs to grow up!

In reply to your last two paragraphs, I had my medical training in an European country. So yea, I do know and I have been involved in what you are talking about.

And yea I know of cases where only the pharmacists can give the go ahead on a doctors prescription (I actually thought you would use that as a point in your argument, but maybe you have not heard of it undecided )

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Travel / Re: Polish Student Visa by DollyParton1(f): 10:49am On Nov 01, 2016

Kindly educate us how student survive such a place?

You get support from your family or whoever is funding your education.
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 9:59am On Nov 01, 2016
The difference is clear especially in the scope of practice.

The author is mainly pandering to nurses.

Did you read where he compared the experience of floor Nurse to "interns"? Unbelievable!

If need be, the author should compare interns and nursing students because both groups are still under training.


I thought I was the only one that noticed that.
Talk about grasping at the straw.


Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 9:56am On Nov 01, 2016

Pharmacists can't prescribe for every disease.
Not because they don't know what to prescribe but because,treating an illness is more than just prescribing drugs.

There are a lot of things to consider in prescribing drugs. There could be co-morbidities which the pharmacists may not be aware of and these can only be revealed by investigations ordered by a doctor.
There are comobidities that are obvious but there are many which can only be revealed by detailed investigations that only a doctor is trained to do.
Some drugs need therapeutic drug monitoring which can only be carried out in the hospital under the supervision of a doctor with inputs from the pharmacist.

So the pharmacist has his limit in prescribing, not because he doesn't know what to prescribe, but because there are a lot more things to consider beside the obvious presenting symptoms of the patient.

Some diseases are not easy to diagnose because there could be up to five different diseases with similar symptoms. The pharmacist is trained to know symptoms of various diseases but he has his limits. This is where you need a doctor- the expert in diagnosis.
Once the doctor has confirmed the diagnosis, the pharmacist can help to choose the appropriate medication and help the patient to understand how his medication works, the possible side effects and how he should take the drugs for optimum result.

In all, healthcare is more of a symbiotic relationship between all the players involved.
Y'all like to butter up things though.
Pharmacists help Doctors choose the appropriate drugs? Really
Career / Re: A Doctor Reveals The Only Thing That Truly Separates Doctors From Nurses by DollyParton1(f): 9:52am On Nov 01, 2016
You all should remember that this article is talking about AMERICAN NURSES and NURSE PRACTICIONERS, who are nurses that have undergone advanced training to the extent that they can now diagnose common ailments and prescribe drugs, since doctors are scarce everywhere....

Please NEVER compare a foreign trained nurse to one nurse that finished from school of nursing.....

The only nurses I really give respect and regards are the graduate nurses, they went to the university, did a five year course, learned the real art and practice of nursing, there their training can be at par with the American nurses...

All other auxiliaries and those lazy "school of nursing" nurses need to take a chill pill......
You know nothing about what you are writing on.
Your post reeks of ignorance.

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Celebrities / Re: Iyanya Celebrates His 30th Birthday With Mavin Stars & Wizkid Ex Tania by DollyParton1(f): 9:45am On Nov 01, 2016
He's 30 years old

Worth over 90 million naira

Have a nice house

Have 4 endorsements worth over 80 million naira

Makes good music

Have 8 cars

Still going strong

While you who is 33 years old, have no job, still live with your parents, still drag food with your siblings, don't have up to 50 thousand naira in your bank account is jealous and bitter

This is the reason why you will never be successful in life

Finally you got to pour your heart out.
Don't worry it will get better.
Culture / Re: Oba Rasheed Akanbi Dressed As Arabian King (Photos) by DollyParton1(f): 9:42am On Nov 01, 2016
Romance / Re: Miss Anambra Sex Video: Medical Doctor Blasts Nigerians,Explains Their Hypocrisy by DollyParton1(f): 9:46pm On Oct 28, 2016
The doctor should shut up already. When she decided to do porn what was she expecting? A pat on the back or a national award? It's a shame that our generation is so useless that rather than condemn her actions, some morons are trying to defend her. Same sex union is highly prohibited in this part of the world. When you're in Rome behave like the Romans. What she did was wrong and must be condemned. I'm still surprised the police are still quiet when it is obvious she was the one. She should be cooling off in kirikiri as well speak.
And of all the things he wrote, this is the best line of argument you can come up with?
The Doctor is right afterall.
Or do us one better by being the police and the judge and just go arrest and sentence her to prison already.

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Crime / Re: Housewife Tortures 12- Year-old Girl For Stealing Meat by DollyParton1(f): 10:01pm On Oct 27, 2016
The woman no do well

BT if the small girl start to dey thief meat now


I wonder what she will Starr stealing in future

maybe na so diezani madueke take start

And tell me you did not steal meat while growing up.
Family / Re: 11 Female Struggles Girls Go Through That Men Will Never Understand by DollyParton1(f): 9:47pm On Oct 27, 2016

No, a yeast May not be STD, it happens when there is an hormone imbalance.
Yeast makes your vagina itch you, I think the infection gets to me when I sit on that very wrong toilet seat undecided, eat too much garlic lipsrsealed, overstayed pad, clean from my anus to vagina, instead of the other way round or mistakenly use soap or Dettol to wash my vagina when bathing and sitting on dirty seats embarassed
The thing can make you scratch for Africa.... And you wii be catching fun scratching, till you stop and hear the devil laughing at you because, the way e go pepper you? Chai! Women suffer sad
Once you've got a syndrome of such, please rush to your gyne to avoid something going wrong in future... I use One drug like that that looks like tampon(just saw it in my drug closet. It's called mycoten(cotrimazone) by DGF) , or you could get clean water that is hot put it in a big paint bucket, or a nice bucket that's strong. pull off,and then sit on the bucket, (not the water) and let the steam of the hot water do some magic(it also works if you feel your vagina smells) then the last I learnt in school is; get a clove of fresh garlic, get a thread, preferably the one used for sewing, and then remove the shell of that garlic and create a tiny space for the thread in the garlic, tie up the thread in the garlic and leave a good amount of the thread to hang freely, then insert the fresh garlic in your vagina with the thread hanging outside to make removal easy(note:it would be peppery like).
I also advise, you try all those above, out, at night when you've bathed and are about sleeping. Once you remove the tampon like drug or garlic in the morning, you'll see all the yeast,that would accompany them out......... But please, your gyne, comes first. Please.

Douching is not healthy for the veejayjay
Celebrities / Re: Chidinma Okeke Granted Asylum; Blackmailers Got N1.8m From Her - Victor Ibeh by DollyParton1(f): 4:30pm On Oct 27, 2016
Not everybody that have tolerance for gays is a gay, in the part of the world I live, we mind our business and focus on youth empowerment, intellectual development and not trivial privacy matters that wount change the price of garri in the market, everybody have right to live his or her life as far as the person is not commiting crime and are liable to God judgement at the last day for the acts that has no victim like fornication,adultery,porn acting etc,lesbians and gays are private issues with no victims as far as they are consenting adults,what is left for them is to hear the word of God and come to repentance when there still chance for them, those quoting old testament of the Bible for death sentence have forgetting that Jesus came not for the righteous but for sinners to be called unto repentance, the Bible did not say that gays are not called unto repentance, ]take message of love to gays and lead them Christ not killing them.

Girl no homo.... but can I kiss you.

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Family / Re: Women: Which Do You Prefer? by DollyParton1(f): 6:36am On Oct 20, 2016
Wife abusers alert!!!
I wonder what was/is going through you and your friends' to come up with such options.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Graveyard At 26000ft, Stories About The Frozen Bodies On Mount Everest(Photos). by DollyParton1(f): 6:22am On Oct 20, 2016

Just before he was about to set off, Mallory was asked why would anyone want to climb Everest and he famously replied, “Because it’s there.”
I'm asking myself same question.
But some people like living their lives on the edge


Religion / Re: Is Abuse An Acceptable Reason For Divorce? by DollyParton1(f): 3:08am On Oct 12, 2016

1. Physical abuse could be mild
2. it could be a one-off, situationally driven event
3. It could be dealt with effectively - healing and reconciliation should always be the first recourse
4. It's not given as grounds for divorce
5. There are no grounds for divorce in a consummated marriage

Further, even if you separate (you cannot remarry) unless your spouse dies - I am not counselling murder 0! - even if you call that separation "divorce". That's Christianity - I didn't write the rules grin

You realise the word abuse means it is not a one off thing.
Romance / Re: Pre-Wedding Photos Of Police Officers & Medical Doctors In Love by DollyParton1(f): 2:59am On Oct 12, 2016
the woman take style fat small!
Who asked you?
Travel / Re: Olumo Rock: What No One Told You About Th Ancient Rock (pics) by DollyParton1(f): 8:40pm On Oct 05, 2016
I wish to visit olumo rock one day, but I was told that your camera will malfunction because of the powers in that environment. smiley
Cameras don't get spoilt and pictures don't get corrupt either. His was just a coincidence.
They even have photography services that comes with touring of Olumo rock

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Travel / Re: Olumo Rock: What No One Told You About Th Ancient Rock (pics) by DollyParton1(f): 8:38pm On Oct 05, 2016
OP nice one... But the anthem is Egba anthem not Ogun State Anthem.
I was about to say that too.

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