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Family / Re: I'm Married, But... Could This Be My Soulmate? by DollyParton1(f): 10:36pm On Jun 06, 2016

It's ur father dat is old fool
Bìťćh-Nigga.... your parents fvcked up big time. Yo mama should have flushed you out of her womb and down the drain. You are nothing but a waste of space and a discomfort to everyone. Your parents are the real fools. They kept you instead of shredding and discarding you dumb-fùćk. Now we have to deal with your senseless self.

Am out of here airhead.
Now fvćk off with your shrunken and fucntionless brain.

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Family / Re: I'm Married, But... Could This Be My Soulmate? by DollyParton1(f): 10:21pm On Jun 06, 2016

Is this ur idea of a threat, u weak small child
Good for nothing Old fool.
I am telling you, I don't play.
Retract your filthy phalanges.
Family / Re: I'm Married, But... Could This Be My Soulmate? by DollyParton1(f): 10:14pm On Jun 06, 2016

Dolyy or whatever u call urself? Are u insane? Who are u referring to has stupid? U must be insane! What brought about this insult.

Don't peace me off! Ur lucky I don't know what u look like, if not I for look u, join with that rude arrogant girl, and beat some sense into d 2 of u.
They are nice.
I am not.
I don't play.
Don't let me start with you.

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Family / Re: I'm Married, But... Could This Be My Soulmate? by DollyParton1(f): 9:25pm On Jun 06, 2016
Sir Siena.
Why waste your time on him?
Dude is way below your intelligence level.
Don't let him drag you into his stupidity.
Family / Re: My Girl Friend Having Issues Having My Siblings Living With Us If We Get Married by DollyParton1(f): 1:58pm On May 17, 2016
i love your response....its easier said dan done...I love my privacy..I can't allow 3 of my husbands siblings to live with me..I can still allow maybe 1..starting a new marriage with that kind of a crowd?? u won't even be comfortable and teenagers of nowadays can be tasking....I can still make do with dem spending d holidays thou..but three of them staying I can't accept dat..especially with d way d economy is.

The question is that do they have anywhere else to live?

These kids did her no wrong and she had no issue with them until she went seeking opinions outside.
Those kids are going to the boarding school according to the OP, they are gonna be around for the holidays in which they might not even spend all the holiday time with them. The third is in the school of nursing, that one will definitely have little or no time to come home sef...

I think if one has been in a situation where your elder ones are your only source of stability, then you will understand how scary it is to pull those kids out of that place.

Those kids need their elder brother, they lost their dad already.


Family / Re: My Girl Friend Having Issues Having My Siblings Living With Us If We Get Married by DollyParton1(f): 1:33am On May 17, 2016
Bros why the secret court wedding? Don't fall for that biko.

Secondly, no one should make u choose between them and your family. She should know what she is walking into, it's either she accepts it or walk away.

There are some people like that, they don't do family. They are not being wicked. It's just who they are. Let her go, you will find someone who understands you and is ready to accept you and your family.
Getting married to her means unhappiness for both of you.

And I don't think she is matured enough to grab the full perception of marriage and it's attachments. Probably because of her age. You need a matured wife, cos of the role you are playing in your siblings life.
Don't let those kids down.


Family / Re: Man Bathing His Baby In Blue Coloured Bowl, Must Be A Male Child by DollyParton1(f): 9:54pm On May 12, 2016

lmao. are you married? because if you are then I'd just want to know how many time your husband bathes the kids and feeds them and changes their nappies, backs them and so on, and still goes out to work while you take a much deserved maternity leave.

I never said it was wrong for the man to care for his kids, read my response again in context with the poster I was responding to okay? besides caring for the child is more than just bathing the child which was what started this argument in the first place.

I can also bond with my kids by taking them out for basketball practice or shopping at the mall, taking them to school and picking them up when they close and a million other ways.

and yes, the breasts on the woman's chest is the primary tool of child care and I'm surprised you are even arguing that. even the basest of animals have got a pair to suckle their young with.

a new born that doesn't suckle is as good as dead. or you think bathing the baby is the primary care for the child.

no matter how much time a man spends caring for his kids, there will always be that extra special bond of child and mother. for example, if I asked you if you celebrated mother's day some few days ago, you will answer in the affirmative, yet can you tell us without Googling it when father's day is celebrated?

it's alright, you can call me a chauvinist. it's your opinion, not necessarily right.

when you get married split the household chores with your husband right down the middle.

please just mention my moniker when you decide to write about it on Nairaland. I'll gladly oblige you the time of day.

First of all, there is no way in hell or even high waters that I will end up with a guy like u, so yeah my husband will bathe and feed the baby while I take maternity leave, if necessary. Where I come from, women are not slaves.
You are probably the only working adult in your marriage, cos if our wife can combine working and childcare, why can't you do the same.

Lol.... U did not just say the breast is the primary tool of childcare, and a neonate who doesn't suckle is as good as dead?
So a woman who adopted a baby has failed in terms of childcare cos she can't breastfeed or a baby whose mother passed away at birth is as good as dead? Did u re-read what you wrote at all?

So how did u think this special bond between moms and their children came about? You don't think it has to do with women doing almost all the caring for your child. You should at one point in time come across those kids who share a special bond with their dad, their reason is that their dad was the dominant childcare giver during their childhood.

Fathers day is celebrated on every 2nd Sunday in June. I need no Google for that.

So you can act as your kids chauffeur and shopping buddy, but God forbid that you are caught backing or, feeding them, Or even cooking for them or changing their diapers and couple of other duties. Pray tell me what's your fear? It makes you less a man or what?

And please don't mix things up, childcare duties is different from house chores.
And yea my husband will help me with the housechores and no, he won't be dead or emasculated if he does.


Health / Re: Audu Ogbeh: Stop Eating Moi-Moi Made In Cellophane. by DollyParton1(f): 4:38pm On May 12, 2016
Shey we can eat the ones inside plastics or cans?

How many people can successfully wrap moi moi with leaves? Not much.
Politics / Re: TUC Reacts To New Fuel Price by DollyParton1(f): 4:34pm On May 12, 2016
Resist it. No need for back and forth.
Family / Re: Man Bathing His Baby In Blue Coloured Bowl, Must Be A Male Child by DollyParton1(f): 4:23pm On May 12, 2016

like I said I see nothing wrong with the couples helping each other.
When you are caring for your child, you are not helping your wife out. You are simply carrying out your duty as a parent of that child(ren)

But you just made my point for me. child care shouldn't be compared with car wash or car servicing.
You actually did compare child care with carwash and carservice.

if God or nature has deemed it fit to put a child's food on the chest of it's mother, who do you think should take the lead on child nurturing and child care?
The breast on the female chest is the most important tool for child care abi? Issorrai.
So being expected to take care of your child(ren) when ever you are available means the mom is relegating her duties to you or what?
We all know most men cannot cope if we are to let u do most of the child nurturing. No one wants you to lead in that aspect.

please read my earlier response. I'm in no way a chauvinist. I believe in helping the woman I love if just to ease her stress and bond with the kids at the same time. it's a win win.

The last part of this paragraph screams out the chauvinism you are trying so much to hide.

But I'd object if she insists that because we are equal we should split the duties equally.

what most women who are claiming gender equality don't know is that "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world", according to a Chinese saying.

it may be a man's world, but women are the actual rulers who allow men to pretend to be in charge.

you want to give up that position just so as to compete with the man on who wears the trousers in the home?

This is where you are getting it all wrong. You are not asked to care for kids because of gender equality. No.
You should split the duties of childcare with her because those are your kids, you are their parent as she is too. You go out to work and she goes out to work too. And you should be involved in bringing up your kid. Money, car servicing and the likes cannot be equated with an all round parental love and care in a child's life.

And you fathers and husbands keep wondering why those kids grow up and tend to appreciate their mothers more. You have equal responsibility to care and train your kids, but you leave it to your wife alone because she is the one with the breast. Lol... As if an breast u wan use bath pikin or change nappies. Or na inside breast brain dey.

All in all, you are a chauvinist. It written all over your post. You don't have to deny who you are

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Family / Re: Man Bathing His Baby In Blue Coloured Bowl, Must Be A Male Child by DollyParton1(f): 2:14pm On May 12, 2016

That's cos women are slaves where you come from

Family / Re: Man Bathing His Baby In Blue Coloured Bowl, Must Be A Male Child by DollyParton1(f): 2:13pm On May 12, 2016

let me tell you a little bit of something madam cos I sense you are more reasonable than most peeps I come across on this forum.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong in partners helping each other out or stuff. in fact it is encouraged and time spent together helps to develop bonds between the two.
I cook and and I clean, no biggie, and no biggie doing it for the woman I love.
truth is that some roles are TRADITIONALLY suited to some than others.
you in your first comment to that lady made it sound like as if its a compulsory thing and she must demand of it from her husband.
to me there is a fantastic hypocrisy going on. y'all claim that men must do household chores because you aren't his slave.
my question is, when was the last time you picked up a duster and a bucket of water and washed the car? even if you take your car to the car wash daily or you have a chauffeur, who pays for most of these services.
when was the last time you actually took the cars for servicing or got under the hood to fix something or even changed the tires yourself while your husband was backing the baby and watching you.
in our bid to equate men and women, we turn logic on it's head.
men and women are equal, but they aren't the same.
God created woman different from man. that's why women have natural mothering instincts and are softer and better suited for some roles, while men are created to be provider and protectors of their family.
I may be old school, but that has worked for centuries.
one of the major ways a woman shows she loves her man is taking care of the home, while the man shows he loves his family by providing for them. that's the natural order(and it doesn't matter if the wife earns 10x more than the man, he is still the provider).
all this feminist bull crap only puts tensi
on in the home, where the woman struggles to emasculate her husband so that she can wear the pants in the home and the man feels resentful of her.
I sure hope you know where to draw the line cos even if you're married to a white man, no man ordinarily would wish to be emasculated.

No, you did not just compare childcare with carwash!!!

So you get emasculated because you are caring for your kids? I mean your own kids o!!! Who bears your father's surname and not your wife's.

And your argument holds no water if your wife contributes financially to the upkeep of the family. If she is sharing your "traditional duties" with you, it is normal that you share hers with her too


Family / Re: Divorce Is Not The Answer. by DollyParton1(f): 8:56am On May 12, 2016
Divorce is the best answer to an abusive/cheating spouse.

But I still think, if people paid attention to details and not lose reason to what they think is love, we will have fewer marital problems involving abuse.
I keep telling people to open their eyes and ears wider and of course use their brains to connect and process the information when dating or courting. Because mostly, there would have been hint(s) of whatever monsterious behavior they are exhibiting now.
Family / Re: Man Bathing His Baby In Blue Coloured Bowl, Must Be A Male Child by DollyParton1(f): 8:26am On May 12, 2016

He is not helping you. He is bathing his baby so that his baby will be clean. Just make sure you stay away from men that feel caring for a child is a mothers job. It is both parents job. Do not be brainwashed

Lol... Careful before the anti feminist squad swoop in here
Family / Re: How I Ruined My Marriage Because Of Pride by DollyParton1(f): 8:19am On May 12, 2016
Most times I find it difficult to believe, the extent some women go to prove they are not inferior in a relationship, despite the fact that nobody ever says they are.

Don't be so absolute with your statement. And just speak for yourself.
Some men do say or imply that women are inferior to men.
Family / Re: The Surprising Truth About Women And Violence (vis-a-vis The Family Domain).... by DollyParton1(f): 8:13am On May 12, 2016
Seriously I don't understand the motive behind this thread. It is just what it is..... Misogyny!!!
Family / Re: Join Siena In Celebrating His Birthday With His Wife And Kids! by DollyParton1(f): 11:21pm On Apr 16, 2016
Happy birthday Sir Siena.
May you always be blessed
Romance / Re: The Major Reason Why Many Ladies Remain Single For A Long Time. by DollyParton1(f): 12:39am On Apr 15, 2016

I guess so, it's too big a gamble to let the assumed engaged 'mr right' go just like that. Plus a woman like that shouldn't have issues finding a 'mr right' that would stop her career just because she's married.
She needs to explain that initial post.
I don't see the issue here. Except if she felt she was too young for marriage or she wasn't just ready for marriage.
Romance / Re: The Major Reason Why Many Ladies Remain Single For A Long Time. by DollyParton1(f): 12:27am On Apr 15, 2016
40k a month should not be an issue as long as the lady is earning something. Nigerian girls always want the menn to provide everything for them without them adding to the growth of the family. Grow up ladies. Else, you will be singles for a long time.

Lol.... See another broke guy ranting.
Romance / Re: The Major Reason Why Many Ladies Remain Single For A Long Time. by DollyParton1(f): 12:26am On Apr 15, 2016

Bros, I surprise ooh I think say n only me dey think am, and others were hailing her like its really an achievement. I mean who would end such relationship because you just want to prove a point of being independent. I would've enjoyed the story more if she said the guy was a jerk because he felt she couldn't be independent. These are the daftos that don't know the power they have as women.
Lol. I know right
I am team independent lady and all... She probably made up the story.
Romance / Re: The Major Reason Why Many Ladies Remain Single For A Long Time. by DollyParton1(f): 12:13am On Apr 15, 2016
That's right! I am still single because I have high expectations. Not for the man though, but for myself.

I once dated (and engaged) to a doctor who earned over 200k with a beach house, and another tri-level home in a wealthy part of city and who could give me the 'world' with just a smile as he put it.

Guess what? I decided I rather struggle and become my own "doctor". Instead of wearing a t-shirt that says "I married a doctor", I decided to wear "I am a doctor". Damnit.

Now, If I saw a future with him, maybe that would be a different case. But, I did not. But, anyway, I am a girl of different breed--more like the masculine side of me. I did not want to marry until i had something to offer or contribute or at least feel financially and (satisfactorily) ready.

However, it is a different story tho in many parts of the world where women have very little to no other options BUT to seek and marry a wealthy fellow, or at least one with sustainable source of income.

Tell me the reason you did not marry him is cos he is a butthole...
Romance / Re: The Major Reason Why Many Ladies Remain Single For A Long Time. by DollyParton1(f): 12:10am On Apr 15, 2016
I come back after a long time to see this kind of post. And broke guys masturbating all over the thread.

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Celebrities / Re: Queen Irene Onwuka's Birthday Party In Abuja by DollyParton1(f): 12:02pm On Feb 19, 2016


I never even said "ugly" but you had to bring that up. And you've posted ya face before...no comment on that. grin
Now, you're advertising yourself to me. But trust me, ya batty isn't worth 10p, with 10p attached to it. Take it from me, as the duke of big batty and someone who has been up, close, and personal with all kinds of batty. grin

And why do you care about what I think, if you're not insecure? An unattractive chic is an unattractive chic. tongue

Lol... now u re just bullshiting... me post my face here? Never!!! Not in a thousand year.

Nope u don't have to spell it... I can read in between the lines. I know what u implied.

Nope... I would be interested in you first. ... Then I would advertise myself to you or care about what u think of me. I might play with u online and all, but I am not interested in you.

Get it out of your head... you're not an OG!!!! angry angry angry

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Celebrities / Re: Queen Irene Onwuka's Birthday Party In Abuja by DollyParton1(f): 11:08am On Feb 19, 2016

Lmao...now you're getting conceited and narcissistic, after getting served. grin

You and I know that ya batty ain't worth 10p, with 10p attached to it.

Why would I beg for a batty that I'll have to cover the face to beat? Nah, you've to beg me to beat that, not the other way around. grin

When you talk reckless, you'll get served. tongue

You've got jokes!!!
My face is ugly?
The face you have never seen.
You'll drool when u see this face and batty live.
I know u are used to playing around with butter faces.... and you think the rest of the world is ugly.
I got it all beautiful and in the right places... just like my mama gave me.
Celebrities / Re: Queen Irene Onwuka's Birthday Party In Abuja by DollyParton1(f): 10:45am On Feb 19, 2016


We're in the shade room. grin

Darn! £100 is a bit of a stretch...I don't think I've £5.
Ya batty isn't worth 10p on the black market - it gatt be free and don't be an Indian giver. grintongue

Laughing my sexy black aśś out.

Yea... thats what brokeass nïğģå say.....
They can't afford shït so they degrade everything... ... I bet 10p is a lot for you to afford.
Next time just beg nicely. tongue tongue tongue tongue

And who the eff liked ur post!!! I better not get that person.
Culture / Re: Olubadan-In-Council Declares Eze Ndigbo Illegal by DollyParton1(f): 7:46am On Feb 19, 2016
That is our way of life,our culture is not rigid and this is one Nigeria. we install Eze ndi Igbo in diapora to maintain our culture. If they are not comfortable with that,they should call for disintegration. As far as there is one Nigeria,we shall continue installing Eze ndi Igbo outside our territories
You guys should pick one struggle abeg.
One Nigeria or Your Biafra?

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Celebrities / Re: Queen Irene Onwuka's Birthday Party In Abuja by DollyParton1(f): 7:33am On Feb 19, 2016

Lol. I won't even pay a dime for ya batty. Bigger and softer batty chase me around for a good beat all the time. The only batty I'd pay for would be Bria Myles' and/or Miracle Watts'. Then maybe certain strippers like: Mercedes Morr and Melyssa Milan. And that's cos they're glamour models. Ya batty gatts be free. grin

a shade well thrown....
But you offered your life savings of £100 first.... so u brought up the issue of paying....
I know u re gonna come with your claim of how u dont consider that payment offer because you wipe your butt with £50 notes.
tongue tongue tongue tongue
Family / Re: What Is The First Thing That Attracts You To Your Partner? Let's Be Sincere by DollyParton1(f): 12:35am On Feb 19, 2016
His beautiful smile.
His height
His Sonorous voice. (BOY HE CAN SING!!!)

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Family / Re: My Father Has Been Calling Me Too Much These Days! by DollyParton1(f): 12:33am On Feb 19, 2016
Seriously. .. you just open shitty threads all over the place.


Celebrities / Re: Queen Irene Onwuka's Birthday Party In Abuja by DollyParton1(f): 12:28am On Feb 19, 2016

Lmao @ the shade thrown at FFK the supreme emperor of Igbo chics. grin Don't throw stones at thethrone of the parrot and Igbo chics' kryptonite like that cos he has nice taste in Igbo chics. Bianca definitely is one of the beautiful Nigerian women ever. And the baby mama ain't that bad - apart from the excessive bleaching cream.

Lol. C'mon, how many times have I alluded to how supremely beautiful Meagan Good, K.D Aubert, Sharon Leal, et al are? I think that Yoruba chic Damilola Adegbite is decent. Ditto the Osas chic who got married to the Yoruba guy, Jibade. My taste is just different cos I've got beautiful sisters and I'm always around beautiful chics. grin

The free fall of the naira ain't got nothing to do with me. Shyte, with the pounds sterling at around £1 to almost N550 - I should be able to buy a truck load of batty in naija with just £100. grin name ya price! grin

Aint throwing shade at your king... just saying he loves eating anything yellow/ripe.

Well only your sisters and you are beautiful and maybe a handful of people. The rest of the world is ugly. tongue tongue tongue

Lol.. my batty is not cheap. You can't afford it.
Politics / Re: Buhari To Name Journalist, Tolu Ogunlesi, SA New Media by DollyParton1(f): 12:19am On Feb 19, 2016
Is he related to Adebayo Ogunlesi, the finance guru?

I doubt it.

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