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Car Talk / Re: Car Papers by electroTech: 8:06pm On Feb 08
Documents Required for Change of Ownership of a Naija Used Car

1. Proof of Ownership Certificate

2. Allocation of Registration Number

3. Vehicle Licence

4. .Signed Letter of Agreement of the Newly Purchased Nigerian Used Vehicle

5. One Passport Photograph

6. Valid Means of ID card (Government Issued)
Thanks bro. Your info are really helpful. Though, I only tendered 1, 3 & 4 to process Change of ownership.

Also, I was able to renew my car licence just for 2020 alone even though the previous owner didn't renew for 2019.

I think the processes varies with one's location
Crime / Re: He Ran Away With My N700k, Please Can I Get Justice ? by electroTech: 9:25pm On Dec 17, 2019
Was he under a spell or what?

700k Cash by hand.....

Even the #300k i did by bank transfer am yet to recover..
Have you involved a lawyer?
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 11:20am On Dec 11, 2019

How late? You will surely get a response. As you wait, familiarize yourself with the school's policy regarding (late) deferrals.

Do also send emails to the international office or admission office. Either one of them would be swift with a feedback.

Good luck
Thanks for your reply.
I have already emailed my department stating my intention to defer my admission. The message you quoted was the reply I got from the school
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 9:07pm On Dec 10, 2019
Hi guys, I got a late admission and I emailed the graduate secretary requesting for deferral but here is the response I got.

Hi {Applicant},

In order to proceed with an entry term change, confirmation is required from your supervisor. I have spoken with {your supervisor} and he is unable to proceed with this request. I have copied {your supervisor} on this email.

What do you guys advice I should do from here?
Car Talk / Re: Car Papers by electroTech: 6:34am On Dec 09, 2019

1. Yes, you can renew the particulars up till date with the previous sellers details. But you will have to pay all outstanding debts on the vehicle licence (if any).

2. Proof of ownership certificate does not expire. As the name implies, the confers the ownership right to the car on you.

However to make the car officially yours, you have to undergo a process of change of ownership after which you get a proof of ownership certificate with your details.

3. You don't compulsorily need a driver's licence to process the change of ownership of the vehicle, you can use other valid means of identification such as: (a) International Passport;
(b) National ID Card or
(c) Voter's Card

4. It is advisable to go to the relevant motor vehicle administration agency in your area and not to patronize touts to avoid getting fake documents. You can check my earlier post for details or call/WhatsApp the number in my profile for further inquires.

5. If I know when the documents actually expired, then I will be in a better position to give my utmost professional advise. Do let me know should you need further clarifications.

Thanks sir, I am always at your service!
Thank you very much Sir. I'm really grateful.
One more thing....
Is it advisable I use the previous owner's number plate to effect the renewals or should I change the number plate first?

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Car Talk / Re: Car Papers by electroTech: 11:01pm On Dec 08, 2019
Hi owolabi5, I recently bought a used car.
But I have the following challenge:

1. The person that I bought it from didn't renew the papers from the previous seller before selling to me. Can I successfully renew the papers using the previous seller's details?

2. Do I change number plate first before renewing proof of ownership certificate and other car particulars, or should it come after?

3. I don't have driver's licence. Will that hinder me in processing a new number plate or other documents?

4. Where can I process these documents such as proof of ownership, vehicle license, insurance and road worthiness

5. What additional advice do you have for me? grin
Sports / Re: Andy Ruiz Vs Anthony Joshua: Photos From The Rematch by electroTech: 8:13am On Dec 08, 2019
It's like this Anthony Joshua guy is overated o. Though he won with his hit and run tactics, Ruiz remains a better fighter.

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Romance / Re: I Don't Know What My Problem Is With Men And Dating by electroTech: 1:28pm On Dec 03, 2019

Hi. Let's connect. How do I reach you?
Hi, check your email please
Romance / Re: My Wonderful Relationship Is About To Suffocate by electroTech: 11:00am On Dec 03, 2019
Kindly approve to the homepage, mods.

Hello everyone.
I have an unusual issue at hand and it's really giving me a headache.

I have a girlfriend I met in August this year when I traveled to my state from Abuja. She's beautiful, a graduate, and she's everything I have ever wished to have in a woman or so I once believed.

I loved her and our relationship was going to lead to marriage.

After we met in August I traveled back to Abuja and a few months later her NYSC call up came. She told me about it and we planned that she will serve in Abuja. I paid one NYSC man to work her posting but unfortunately, she was posted to another Northern state.

On her way to the state where she was posted she stopped over at my place in Abuja on the 3rd of November, That night we had sex without a condom and after the sex, I gave her a pregnancy prevention drug tablet I had collected from a doctor.

She refused to take the drugs not until after much persuasions. The next morning, some thick blood mixed with water started coming out of her and she was also having stomach pains so I called the doctor that gave me the drugs and he said we should come to his hospital.

We got to the hospital and after explaining to him what happened the doctor said she was already pregnant before taking the drugs that's why her body reacted that way to the drugs.

She denied that she's pregnant and eventually she had to undergo a pregnancy scan. The result came out negative but the doctor kept on insisting that she was pregnant and that the reason why the result came out negative is because of the drugs she took and how young the pregnancy is.

She left for home angrily that day and I had to beg her to forget whatever it is that happened.

A few days later she left for NYSC camp in the state where she was posted. After two weeks she started complaining to me that she's been feeling cold, hungry, and sleepy often than she used to.

I told her that it could be because of the change of weather and the approaching harmattan season. While she was in camp I was working for her to be reposted back to Abuja and somehow she didn't want to serve in Abuja again. She wasn't really open to me about that but she was subtly letting me know of her desires.

Finally, her reposting worked out and she came down to Abuja three days ago. Today she told me that she wants to go for a pregnancy test and I obliged and escorted her to another hospital different from the one we previously went to the first time she came to Abuja.

After the test and scan, the result said she's 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. We went to another hospital and the result came out the same.

Remember that I first had sex with her on the 3rd of November. Tomorrow will make it a month I had sex with her but she's already 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

I could not understand why she should be 6 weeks pregnant when it's not been up to 4 weeks I had sex with her. I have asked her to tell me if she slept with someone else earlier before she came to Abuja but she has maintained that she did not.

I have equally asked the two doctors we met today plus a few other doctors I spoke with on the phone if they think that I'm responsible for the pregnancy but their answers are all contradicting.

Now I'm confused. She's in my house, with a child I'm certain does not belong to me. I don't know what to do. I'm really really confused. Please, any mature advice would be gladly appreciated.

Thank you!

The child most likely belongs to you. Pregnancy is normally counted form the time a woman sees her last period not from the time she was ovulating (which is the time you had sex with her).
Romance / Re: I Don't Know What My Problem Is With Men And Dating by electroTech: 10:30am On Dec 03, 2019
Hi Harlequeen. It's not a big deal to get the man of your choice if you can go out to woo them. But the problem is most women sit and expect men to do the wooing. Most of these ambitious guys might be too busy with their lives to even start thinking of women.

I'll say I'm a guy version of you. But the only difference is I currently don't want to get married or have any kid.

In the past, I had the problem of meeting ladies that don't meet to my standard. Though I later met one of my taste but it didn't work out between us after she discovered I was irreligious.

So, for some reasons, the ambitious one might reject you too or you might discover some undesirable in the long run. Just work on yourself and take your mind off so you don't get disappointed.

On the other hand, your can also help narrow down your standards.

For instance, you can put more effort to work on your own relocation and solve the problem of finding a man who wants to relocate


Celebrities / Re: Islamic Poet Dares Etinosa To Use Quran As Ashtray (Video) by electroTech: 4:20pm On Dec 02, 2019
Before you had the Quran or the Bible in booklet form, it first exists in electronic form(electric signals represented in ones and zeros). Then it was printed using paper material and ink material before being binded as a book. It went through all the processes every other books go through before they exists in printed form.

What this means is that we could equally use the computer, printer, paper, ink, and whatever material used to produce the Bible or Quran to equally produce other books. Why then should a logical person be disturbed if either a Quran or Bible is destroyed? - just mere writings brought together by men using technology.

Ok, what if we had destroyed these materials just before we click the print button on the computer to print the Quran or Bible? What will you say then?

Why don't we raise eyebrows when a Quran or Bible app installed on the phone is deleted or uninstalled? It is logically the same thing but we have failed to use our brain.

Life isn't as complicated as we have made it seem. Please don't allow religion blind your common sense and ability to think logically.

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Family / Re: My Friend's Father Is A Ghost!! by electroTech: 11:13pm On Dec 01, 2019
Anyone of you that posted believing this story needs to be flogged and his/her entire school fees right from primary school donated to the medically challenged for being a waste.
A simple question you dumb lots should have asked the Op was:Of the other soldiers that survived the imaginary battle,so no one went back then to tell the family,even if after the war,that the phantom Mr.Thaddeus died during the war?
Or did they all travel to Gabon?
Did the imaginary friend that travelled to Gabon not keep in touch with his own family all these while and was he not asking after his war comrades that were close then?
Lastly,the possibility that an Easterner still alive would stay in an African country for 50 years without visiting home all these years is zero,Nilch,nada!
Reading comments of people that even entertain the possibility of this fiction happening has really spoilt my day and ruined my appetite for sleep and food.
Very depressing.
Anyone that believed is a glorified illiterate.
I'm shedding tears bro. Not only cos of those who believed it, but also for the mod that moved it to front page.

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Family / Re: My Friend's Father Is A Ghost!! by electroTech: 11:02pm On Dec 01, 2019
Guys, these things happen.

A close friend of my late aunt saw her at Abeokuta in 2006. She even stayed with her for 2 weeks. Late aunt who struggled in her lifetime was already a well to do and living in her own house with exotic cars in her new life at Abeokuta.

This lady (friend) had relocated to Abeokuta city several years back and never knew my aunt had died in 2002.

This friend came to Lagos few weeks after my late aunt had hosted her. She stopped by at our family to share the hospitality news and how well her friend hosted her for two weeks. It was there and then she got the shocker.

Every member of our family was shocked and in disbelief. In fact one of my cousins followed the lady to Abeokuta to reconfirm but the flat they both lived for 2 weeks was no where to be found and has a totally different building on it.

What makes it scary was that something similar had already happened 3 years back when my Uncle too passed on (story for another day) and we all just concluded that's the norm in my paternal family.

Lost my mum in 2011 and I thank God similar thing did not happen. I still think about her till date and never for once have I dreamt about her in my dreams. To me, it means she's resting perfectly well in peace.

Things happen folks. Mysteries beyond your comprehension.
All these things don't happen.
The world is so simple than we try to make it complex.

Sometimes it just put our heads around all physical and natural explanations before we resort to supernatural ones.

What if I told you the lady friend could have just wanted to claim she saw your aunt (reasons best known to her) not knowing she is dead. But when she got the shocker, she decide to cover her lies and shame.

How can a whole building be nowhere to be found? Hahahahahaha! Funny people grin


Romance / Re: Man Manhandles A Lady During A 'Crazy' Dance (Photos) by electroTech: 10:01am On Nov 26, 2019
What do people gain from leading such reckless and purposeless life?

If she gets injured in the process, it would have been a different story altogether.
Religion / Re: Apostle Joshua Selman: "If You Own Land, You Are Rich" by electroTech: 3:59pm On Nov 23, 2019
Churches these days preaches mostly about prosperity, fruitfulness, love, family, relationship, romance, politics, education, and other real life topics.

You rarely hear about Moses, Joshua, Joseph, Tabitha, Jabez, Nebuchadnezzar, Ahab or even Jesus and his audio salvation.

You know why?
Cos there's a wide difference between fairytales and reality.

Our subconscious knows the reality, but out of mental slavery and childhood indoctrination, our consciousness won't let go the fairytales


Family / Re: What's Your Biggest Fear About Marriage? by electroTech: 11:01pm On Nov 18, 2019

It's like your reasoning is beyond electrotech compound.you reason like a philosophy on the second issue you raised.your submission about husband alone,wife alone coming to receive the thing really amuse me.about the issue of bringing children forth to life.the life is unfair it's real,but shouldn't stop us to recreate even if it's two.
When you love someone, you prevent them from going through unpleasant ordeals you went through, isn't it?
I think nonexistence is better than a short and painful one. Or don't you think so too?


Family / Re: What's Your Biggest Fear About Marriage? by electroTech: 10:52pm On Nov 18, 2019

Lol...Be a man and face your fears. You don’t have to bring kids, one is fine.
One man's food is another man's poison
Family / Re: What's Your Biggest Fear About Marriage? by electroTech: 10:48pm On Nov 18, 2019

Robert Disney jr. Said the exact same thing you are saying now in an Harpers bazzer io interview.

He said he felt like that even in his first marriage.

Then he met his wife Susan and proposed after six months of dating.

He never felt weird about being together forever again with a woman after he met her. They were like yin yang.

Marriage never felt like a cage for him again.

In fact, it was that cage that led him into drugs at first to escape reality from childhood.

There is a whole lot of explanation as to why this is so in personality typing but you won't understand if I went into the basics.

I presume you are an extrovert (even if you say no, from your write up you are). A sanguine too.

The right partner will know instinctively to give you that space without you asking for it because she will also want it. Them you will want her to be around because life won't be boring after all.

But in case you don't meet that woman you vibe with, I hope you find someone who understands your rules and keeps to them.
He's Lucky then. But I think I'm way different from Robert cos I like people coming and going instead of being around like forever. By the way I'm neither an extrovert nor a sanguine.

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Family / Re: What's Your Biggest Fear About Marriage? by electroTech: 10:37pm On Nov 18, 2019

Accept Christ and your perception about life will change for the better. All you said is a lie from the pit of hell.
Thanks. I only narrated my perspective about marriage. And mine is true to me just as yours is true to you. We all have our own stories

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Family / Re: What's Your Biggest Fear About Marriage? by electroTech: 10:02pm On Nov 18, 2019
I feel lonely when around people than when alone. Having to live together with someone forever scares the sh!tt outta me. If my future wife would be living on her own and be coming to visit once in a while, then I'll consider getting married someday.

I love kids too but I don't dream of having one. The thought of bringing innocent souls to experience this short and painful existence is still a nightmare I can't afford to bring into reality.

I pity married folks than I envy them. In fact, this whole marriage sh!tt is just overrated

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 9:19pm On Nov 16, 2019
@Frankrobbn1, Qudkom, JustMellow

Thanks so much guys. I'm super grateful

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 12:49pm On Nov 16, 2019
Hi guys. I just got admission with University of Victoria for an application I did since May. If I start now to apply for Visa, will I meetup with resumption at January? If No, what should I do? Help
Celebrities / Re: Steph-Nora Okere And Omotola Jalade Meet For The First Time In 20 Years by electroTech: 7:33pm On Nov 14, 2019

Lmao, which one be treble clef eye pencil. You wicked oh
Lol. That her eye pencil drawing that year na die. She dey draw eye pencil reach back of her head. I wonder if she still draws her eye pencil like that.

Even till date, whenever I see a treble-clef, I remember Eucharia's eye pencil grin

Celebrities / Re: Steph-Nora Okere And Omotola Jalade Meet For The First Time In 20 Years by electroTech: 7:03pm On Nov 14, 2019
Stephanie Okereke
Sandra Achums
Lillian Bach
Regina Askia
Liz Benson
Chiege Alisigwe
Nkiru Sylvanus
Bimbo Akintola

These are the beautiful screen goddess that made us stayed glued to our 14inches TV way back....

The new crop of runs girls hiding under the umbrella of Nollywood had made the industry a laughing stock.

Good looking out to Omotola and Steph-Nora.
You forgot
Hilda Dokubo
Eucharia Anunobi(with her treble-clef eye pencil)
Shan George

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Health / Re: Man Saved By Doctors From Impaled Handle Of A Sledgehammer In Imo (Graphic Photo by electroTech: 2:32pm On Nov 12, 2019
We keep praising God for things he doesn't do.

A God who can't avert danger cannot save you from it's consequence.

With that said, I give all my praises to the doctors for saving his life and all other precious lives out there

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Travel / Re: World War II Plane Crashes In US Airport, Kills At Least 7 Persons by electroTech: 12:45pm On Oct 03, 2019
This is sad. cry

Plane insist on completing it's job description before going to final rest.

RIP to the dead
Phones / Re: How Do Major Social Media Platforms Make Money? by electroTech: 10:38am On Oct 03, 2019
You are curious yet you cannot do ordinary Google search.

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Programming / Re: Which Programming Language Should A Beginner Start With? by electroTech: 11:43am On Oct 02, 2019
PHP: one of the easiest programming language for beginners.

Python is the easiest but if you start with python, you may begin to have problems with alien concepts in most programing languages like curly braces, semi colon, etc, if at all you wish to switch to another language in future

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Religion / Re: The Secret Truth About Witchcraft That Everyone Should Know by electroTech: 9:04am On Sep 22, 2019
Witchcraft, Juju, God, Demon, Satan, Heaven, Hell, etc, all falls under the category of superstition.

It is truly beyond me why any rational person can not laugh in the face of these absurdities in the 21st century

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 10:43am On Sep 19, 2019

University of Victoria is a no go area for international Admissions and always come up with flimsy reasons after wasting an applicant's time waiting for an admission. I would suggest you check out Lakehead University or University of Windsor for MEng program. From my vast experience, I have noticed that applicants going to these schools (in particular U of Windsor) are mostly favoured in getting VISAS. Also the school is flexible in the sense that they have different start dates (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Another interesting part is that you DON'T need to secure a Supervisor kiss. So waste no time and apply for an admission.

All the best
Thanks bro. I'm grateful.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 11:27pm On Sep 17, 2019
Try University of Calgary. I gained admission in a similar program without needing to contact a supervisor.

At this time though, their intakes would be for September 2020.

Thanks bro. I'll check them out
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by electroTech: 11:26pm On Sep 17, 2019
So your program is only coursework. No research no project?


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