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Education / The Beauty Of A Plan by emekakalu26(m): 8:26am On Sep 24
In planning, there's what I call...
a) The Purpose of a Plan.
b) The Activities in a Plan.

In pursuit to make sure such plan stand on
it ground, some set of people carryout the activities inside a plan, forgetting the
purpose of that plan.

I want you to know that, activities of a
thing can change at any point in time, but
once it purpose changes, it won't be the
same plan.

If I plan going to a market for an example,
and such market has a four joint leading to
it location; you should know that such has
already given me a leverage to follow any
joint I desire to follow.

While following that my heart desire joint, I can come across with mama Obinna, and
we start this our local greeting that takes
time; maybe, after greeting mama Obinna,
the next person that will show up will be
my primary school headmaster.

You know how headmaster's use to behave na, greetings that should take five seconds
will end up taking thirty minutes (this part
weak me ooo), do also remember that, I
haven't gone to the purpose of my plan,
which is the market.

If I can be smart enough to locate the purpose of my plan, I'll be assured that I'm
a fulfilled man that day, than allowing
cumbersome activities take away the
purpose of my plan.

In everything you're doing on earth, always
try to figure out the purpose of that thing; you can change the activities around, in
order to make sure you get to that purpose.

To your greatness.

Education / The E-book Is Ready by emekakalu26(m): 9:23am On Sep 21
Finally the e-Book is ready for download.
This is the link for download of the book 'Understanding Yourself'
The new development is that, the price of the book is now Five Hundred Naria. This is the link www.paystack.com/pay/understanding
To your reading greatness.

Education / Imagine Reading A Book Like This (4) by emekakalu26(m): 5:30am On Sep 21
This is one of the person that used her helplessness to create opportunity for herself.

Her weak, which she didn't allowed to be her ending point in life.

The download link will be coming up soon.

Education / Imagine Reading A Book Like This (3) by emekakalu26(m): 4:25am On Sep 21
In life, every body have their own weak point; but your ability to transform it into a value, that people run after it, is what will create money at the end, and not shame.

In a short period of time, the link to the book will be release for download.

To your greatness.

Education / Imagine Reading A Book Like This (2) by emekakalu26(m): 11:35am On Sep 19
The second NUGGET of this book, will lead you into a choice platform.

If living is a choice, that means success in any field of endeavour is also a choice.

You don't jump into a choice, you walk into it, otherwise regret will be a second action.

To your success.

Education / Re: Imagine Reading A Book Like This (1) by emekakalu26(m): 11:17am On Sep 19
Oh! Thank you for the correction. You've done noble.


Education / Imagine Reading A Book Like This (1) by emekakalu26(m): 7:36am On Sep 19
Understanding Yourself should be the first fight you should engage in, before working to get money.

The book will be coming your way on 21st September.

To your greatness.

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Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 20) by emekakalu26(m): 7:30am On Sep 18
Welcome back to the last 'text' format of the
book launching series.

At first, when the 'text' format series
started, it was very cumbersome, but with
Grace at work, today's series is the last.

If you followed the last series before this
one, you'll notice I said that, the launching
series date will be released during today's

Let me cut the rope, yes! I've to do so,
because delay is dangerous.

Testing the mic one two, hello! hello!, are
you hearing me?..hello! hello!!
'This is to announce to you that, the
launching date of the book 'Understanding
I' will be on 21st September 2020; save the

Wow! at last, the M.C announced that, 21
September will be the launching date.

Do you think that after today, the launching
process will stop? No na, we must get there,
and until it is 'there', it's not 'there'. So I'll be
moving over to what I call 'the picture format' launching, which will kick up by

Through the help of the picture format,
you'll be able to know more about this

Thank you once again for having followed the series up till this point; of a truth, you're
in the hero's list.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 19) by emekakalu26(m): 9:07am On Sep 17
Welcome back to the book launching series
of 'Understanding I' .

Today's session will be more of SUMMARY
of what has been said concerning this
series, talking of it start, till the last series yesterday.

I also want to add to the list, the launching
date, which will be disclosed through
tomorrow's series.

If you can recall, the series touched on the
system of education in Nigeria, which I told you that, I went out of my skin to make
sure I touch three (3) sectors of schooling;
talking of....
a) The Primary School.
b) The Secondary School.
c) The University.

The move continued, as I also informed you
that, if you want to eat this food (Book), it
will only cost A THOUSAND NARIA from your

As the move kept moving, I launched out
the name...which I told you that, the name of the book is called "UNDERSTANDING I".

In the pursuit to make sure that every
desiring living soul gets hold of the food
(book), I decided to make it a softcopy; so
that such pursuit in trying to get it, won't be
denied because of destination issues.

I also displayed the LEFT RIGHT format of
explanation, which I gave the details of the
letter 'I' and 'Understanding'.

A lot of things was linedout during the
series, and that's why you need to visit the
series if you haven't.

Tomorrow's series will be more of releasing
the launching date, and telling you the next
faith of the series.

I really want to thank you for having
showed interest in the launch series

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 18) by emekakalu26(m): 12:29pm On Sep 16
Welcome back to the launching series of
'Understanding I' .

If you understand yourself, you should
know that what you put into your mouth,
plays a great role to you success on earth. One of the things that made up a mad
person is the eating dirt session behind
it...so with a reasonable being, once you
develop into eating dirt, you end up with
the caption of a mad person.

A 'glutton' person can be liken to a mad person, because their eating habit is the

One of the signs of a 'glutton person' is that
such person puts food first, before personal
visions, which is very bad.

As an individual you're, there should be an understanding level that should inform you
that eating a lot shouldn't be your
passion...if you want to be fruitful.

We now have machine mouth eaters, that
eats 24 hours per seven day; to such a
person, it's a way of life.

There can never be a successful glutton,
because such person will end up eating up
the tools that will make one successful.

Don't worry, one of the ways to avoid
glutton habit is to get information on that,
and that's why the book 'Understanding I' is here to help you solve such problem.

Tomorrow's series will be better.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 17) by emekakalu26(m): 10:14am On Sep 15
Welcome back to the book launching series.

I know you love 'tale', which I have one for
you; and it'll display the place of
Understanding to you.

Something happened few months ago.
There was this woman that was selling her
product inside a general market.

As she was still selling her product, her
mobile phone started ringing...which she
quickly picked the call, just to be
informed that her HUSBAND is dead.

Oh my! What a bad news....this woman
wanted to run mad inside the general market.

The relationship between this tale and the
series is......
If such person that called the woman have
'Understanding', s/he would've known that
sharing such news to the woman will birth madness to her.

Just imagine madness inside a market
place...that one will be a fruitful madness.

Lack of understanding has, and is still
causing many pains.

Haven't you ask yourself why the media houses doesn't share every news the came
across with.

Because the know that sharing
some of those news may develop an
atmosphere for war.

Sometimes you save people from the pains of emotional display by not telling with them
some deep information.

The topic of 'understanding' is one that
can't be discussed in a rush motion.

Don't worry, tomorrow's series will be

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 16) by emekakalu26(m): 9:25am On Sep 14
Welcome back to the book launching series.

Do you know that today is Monday, and mostly in Nigeria, it's a busy day all together. Today calls for responsibility.

Back to what we have for today.

During the last series, I told you that today's
session will be a continuation of the
previous left right format.

The eyes that sees is called 'Understanding',
while the eyes that looks at an object is
said to be 'knowledge', why because, the
product of Understanding is to provide
solution of something.

This means that, anywhere you see
solution, is as a result of an Understanding
been put in place.

"Understanding of a thing is better of, than
just having potentials untouched".

One of the reasons why some employers of labour always demand a person with
'experience tools' and not paper tools.
Some one talked against the 2 and 3
year experience that an employers of
labour do demand; I took a step backward
and said to myself, 'that's needful, because such business needs people of solution and
not destroyers'.

The year shouldn't be a count to
Understanding process, but how willing to
pick up knowledge, and then walk into
understanding of such knowledge.

I was once speaking with one of my old
friend before now, and I asked the person,
'why did you took such decision at this
level of your age, and the answer I got from
the person is that understanding of a thing is what profits the most".

Which means that age is just a number, while
Understanding is its SENIOR brother.

Don't worry, tomorrow's series will be more

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 15) by emekakalu26(m): 9:01pm On Sep 13
Welcome back to the launching series of
'Understanding I' .

One of the formulas for finding success is
to push forward.

Don't forget that, the left right format of explanation is still active.

Jumping into today's series won't favour
you, because, yesterday's series is the
foundation of left and right format, so jump
backward to 'series 14' if you want to walk
in light of this series.


Understanding can be referred as a
workable knownlege, which means,
knowledge has a degree possibility of
turning into understanding.

Proof to this word can be seen in the life of some one who is a beginner.

individuals have it, mainly when it comes
to knowledge...that's beginner's back bone;
but the productivity of the known can only
be in place when there's understanding platform.

What knowledge can do for you is to tell
you that, what you're holding is a spoon as
an example, but understanding of the
potentials of that spoon will tell you that, I
can go beyond holding this spoon to eating anything with it.

If such thing is not workable, then
understanding of such is missing.

Who on
earth builds a house without planning for it,
and who decorates a house without seeing (understanding) how the house shape looks

The topic of understanding can be liken to
deep ocean.

During the next series, there will be a need
to visit the ocean once again.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu
Education / Re: Walking Out From That Box by emekakalu26(m): 8:53pm On Sep 13
Thanks for engaging in the article. Yes it takes sacrifice to walk into the desired intention.
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 14) by emekakalu26(m): 10:16am On Sep 12
Welcome back to the launching series of the book 'Understanding I' .
I really want to thank you for sacrificing your precious time, in order to follow this series...your name is also written down in the heroes list.
I told you during yesterday's post that I'll be looking into the 'left right format of explanation.
Here comes the left right format explanation.
'I' is a letter of English alphabet. Even a child can boldly tell you that the letter 'I' represents an individual body.
Now if you look at things the way it should be, you'll see that such individual have some potentials untouched.
You should know by now that, having zeal alone can't lead you to your destination, but the zeal that is backed with knowledge (understanding).
This is one of the reasons why an individual body needs education, because such individual is looking forward to Understand self (I).
For understanding of something to be in place, there has to be some one who should stand in gap for such. This was why I used the left right format, because, understanding can't work on itself, it'll need an individual body to carry it out.
So if an individual body can accept the fact that s/he needs to understand self, there won't be much pain attached.
Don't worry, tomorrow's series will explain better on this and more about to come.
To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Understanding_I #Book_launching_Series
Education / Walking Out From That Box by emekakalu26(m): 7:23pm On Sep 11
We have boxed some details of things to a
point that, if it doesn't come out from that
same box, it won't be valued.

An example to this dilemma is the writing
craft. It is said that, before you can write
anything called 'article', you must first have
a title to what you want to write, before
writing it out.

I'm not saying that's a wrong teaching, or
step to take, it's just that the little 'but' there is...you can sometimes write out a great and
impactful article without having a title to
name that topic.

Some times, I'd break out from that box into
freedom of expressing myself to the ful,
then come back to think on what my free expression was able to create.

It may not work for you, at least, that may
be my own sign of difference.

Always try to go beyond the teaching of
any type you were taught to follow.

Every teacher is indirectly boxing you into his/her view of experience, or reality; so try
as much to break into light of your own.

If some one went ahead to discovery an
electricity of another kind, we may at end,
have two electric source..but we stood
inside that box of one, and that box is still ruling us by till now (I'm not indirectly
saying the first electricity is bad..there can
be rom for more).

There can Always be more to that thing
you're doing now, and that's how to walk
out from the box of now, into the future.

To your greatness.

Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 13) by emekakalu26(m): 4:13pm On Sep 11
Welcome back to the launching series of
'Understanding I'.

I want to step into another view before
speaking on what today's series prepared
for you.

Do you know that, you shouldn't just be
following the launching series for following
sake, No! There has to be a thinking process
within your mental capacity in line with the
projects you have at hand.

What that word means is....as you're coming around to view this series, you should be
also seeing reasons why your own projects
should be launched.

The scripture said...
By wisdom a house is..................
and by Understanding it is been.........(Go back to your Bible if you want to know the

So I won't advice you to come here and go
away without getting light on how you can
solve your own project maths of life.

Back to focus point.

I believe that, everybody in Nigeria, and her
sister's countries walks with the format of
left before right leg follows...so I decided to
explain the name of this book in 'left right'
walking format.

Let me give you a picture of what I meant by left right format of explanation.

Locate any white paper, write on it the
name 'understanding I'; if you're through
with that stage, then pick up that white
paper, having done that, now make sure the
ink written spot is facing where there's spotless ink at the back of that same paper.

Having done that, congratulation to you,
this shows that, you can't fail in life
(Hahaha). But it doesn't end there.

Still looking at that white paper, you'll
notice that, the letter 'I' is now positioned at the left hand side of you, while the word
'Understanding' is now positioned at the
right hand side of your hand.

That's how the 'left and right hand side of
explanation came into existence in this

Even those days in college, when teachers
commands a student to engage in a 'left
right marching'. Atleast the format has been
there before now.

So if you desire to know about this 'left
right' explanation of a thing, then follow tomorrow's series, because I'll be displaying
it there.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Understanding_I #Book_launching_series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 12) by emekakalu26(m): 11:04pm On Sep 10
Welcome back to the launching series of the
book 'Understanding I'; now the name is
out, I think the authority to call it
understanding I series has been given to

If you followed the last series (yesterday's
post), you'll notice I said that, I will be going
in the direction of book format via today's

What The Format Is All About

The world is becoming a global village, which if you don't locate yourself to your
own side of the village, you'll end up
standing on a foundation that has no stand.

What this means is, if you and your product
is not working in line with the demand of
update law, you two will be nullified on earth.

Working towards the desire for every body
to get his or her own copy, without any
location problem, I decided to make the
book a soft copy.

Which means, the book 'Understanding I' will be a soft copy.

In order to end this session, let's say that
the book 'Understanding I' is an ebook
format, that can be access at any location.

During the next session, the enlighten part
of this series will birth itself.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Understanding_I #Book_launching_series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 11) by emekakalu26(m): 10:14pm On Sep 09
Welcome back to the launching series.

The review on last series, stated more about
the name of the food.

If not for anything, atleast, you now know that this food is not Beans, soup, but the
name Understanding I.

Thinking about something, is the heart cry
of any living being, so thinking about the
name of this food and what it will offer to
the reader won't be a sin...in fact, inability to think about something before going into it
is called 'foolishness'.

The name itself has already explained few
details about the book, but because of
lightenment purpose, the standard series
will explain more through the platform of the next series.

During tomorrow's series, I'll show you the

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Understanding_I #Book_launching_series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 10) by emekakalu26(m): 6:56pm On Sep 08
Like seriously, this is the tenth series...it can
only be God.

Welcome back to the series of food(book)

I know the delay of the releasing of name is ending at this spot, like I said during the last

This act should tell you that Human beings
lack perfection system, but thank God, we all
are walking into perfection.

During ancient times ( I've not existed before, I'm just standing on the coverage of
research), it was said that, whatever name
you give your child, is how such individual
will behave like. That means, the child will be
working as a formation of such name,
which the effect of such name may produce good or bad in the of the person.

That part is a another topic of its own...let
me tell you the name of my food, and its
effect will work in the life of the eater.

I gave the food the name 'UNDERSTANDING

This means that, once the reader get hold of
this book, Understanding self becomes a
thing of ease.

Don't worry, you'll get light in this move

To know more about this, then keep following the series till the end.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Understanding_I #Book_launching_series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 9) by emekakalu26(m): 1:34pm On Sep 07
Some one said success is doing it again, again, and again until result shows...I think I'm that some one.
Welcome back to series nine(9), and a new week.
In case you've not been following this series, I wonder how the 'back' of the welcome will be yours.
So if you desire the complete 'welcome back' note, start your reading process from series 1 (it's not that long, just short and impactful).
Have you ever given food to someone and the person didn't ate the food...but paid before planning to eat it? I can tell the kind of shame that'll come upon you. So that's one of the reasons why I want you to get more details about this food before buying it.
I'm sorry for having delayed the name of this food(book)...that spirit of delay is over...yes it is!
Just pay attention as I'll show you the name during the next series.
Have a nice day, and sorry for late release of the name.
To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_launching_series
Education / Re: Do You Know Ignorance? by emekakalu26(m): 8:36pm On Sep 04
Wow! That's just the truth. Thanks for engaging in the post, you've done noble.
Education / Do You Know Ignorance? by emekakalu26(m): 7:51am On Sep 04
My mentor once said, "The only prove you
have over ignorant person is EVIDENCE".

Imagine unclothedness promising to give you
cloth...you will run away. Let me now shock you, "Ignorance is even
bigger than the Devil".

You meant say, A whole best cunning beast
of the field as the Bible describe him, that
ignorance will be bigger than?.

Drink water my NARIALAND friend let me prove myself.

1) If devil knew that Jesus will rise up from
death, then go to hell to get the key to live
and death....he wouldn't have let JUDAS to
betray Jesus to He death.

2) If devil knew that king Solomon will be the most wises of his time, he wouldn't
have let the heart of Solomon think of
sacrificing those animals.
Those this examples look old to you, or
deep for you to understand...now let me
come home.

3) If the devil knew you will turnout to be
great as you are now....he wouldn't have let
your mother marry your father, making
your mother marrying the wrong person
that won't produce you.

Ask Cain that killed his brother, when he tried to name his son after the name of the
person that will birth Methuselah.

He failed because he is not the person that
should birth such...also will the devil
would've done to your mum.

Thank God the devil was Ignorant of your coming to this world.
To your Greatness.

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Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 8) by emekakalu26(m): 7:41am On Sep 04
Welcome back to today's series.

It has been a long run, and you're still
following the process...this shows you're in
for business of developing self.

If you've been observant, you'll notice that the series is moving from one stage to
another, which shows that this food
is not a child's play.

If you're to pay three thousand naira in
order to get this food...it worth it ( I know
what I'm saying), but for the sake of the season and its financial drama, added that I
want everybody to eat this food, I decided
to bring down the price.

What will be the price of this food?

Don't worry, it can only cost you 'A
THOUSAND NAIRA NOTE', meaning, if you can locate
1k for the sake of eating this food, the food
will be yours.

But wait! Before being excited about the
price of the food (book), I will advice you
follow the series till the end, so that you'll be able to know what you want to buy with
money, if it's real or not. Still in that sense,
need to go back to previous series.

Tomorrow's series will be better than today's series, so follow till the end of the

Do have a nice day.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_launching_series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 7) by emekakalu26(m): 8:58am On Sep 03
Welcome back to the launching series

Hope you've been following and gaining
light on this process? If you've been following this series, you'll
discover where I said few things about,
what this food (book) is made up of...and in
that saying process, I pointed education
system in Nigeria.

When it comes to education system in Nigeria...I went to three sector of schooling,
which is the
a) Primary
b) Secondary
c) University
Just to make sure I get active and valuable interviews from this sector.

I went out of my skin for the education
system of this food...so when I tell you that,
you can't eat this food and not ask for
more, I wasn't joking with your intelligence.

By now, you should reason why this food is not just this order foods in market,
but quality of it kind.

Do you want to know more...not until you
follow till the end, will such purpose become

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_launching_Series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 6) by emekakalu26(m): 9:14am On Sep 02
Welcome back to a new session
of the series.

I've been talking about this series for long,
why because, I want light to shine on your mind concerning the details of the food

While cooking this food(book), I told myself
that, 'if it takes going to meet an ant to ask
questions I need to know...I will do it.

Imagine a food containing...
a) Educational system in Nigeria.
b) Mode of eating.
c) Brand people won't tell you about. Etc.

Seeing any food that has this three and still
counting in its flavour; running after it
won't be a sin.

During tomorrow's series, I'll be focusing
more on the educational sector.

To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_launching_ series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 5) by emekakalu26(m): 7:52am On Sep 01
Welcome back to today's Series which is
part five(5).
Just have it in mind that we are getting to
that promise land, where we can sit down comfortably and eat the food.
It is one thing to know something, and
another platform to apply what you know
( it's called wisdom in display)...and one of
the reasons why you haven't apply such
thing you said you know is in two stages... a) You haven't gained deep details about
such thing.
b) You haven't decided to move out in
motion to doing such thing.
This are few forces that can be holding
someone back from starting any project. I know by now, you'll be waiting to know
the name of this food(book) I've been
cooking for you( but wait ooo, our 'female
being' are really doing a great job inside
the kitchen; Just cooking one thing inside
the kitchen is almost taking me centuries to prepare...thank God it's their ministry ooo).
Do you know what?
Come September this
year, I must come out of this kitchen that
has been taking my time from seeing
visitors in my house. Once I succeed in coming out from that
kitchen, and you come and eat that food,
see and testy the difference between
a brain and having a mind( you may not get it right, not until you eat this food).
Let me just end today's series here...my
pot is placed on fire ooo.
Have a nice weekend.
To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_Launching_ Series
Education / Leadership Matter by emekakalu26(m): 10:22pm On Aug 31
Everybody desires to become a leader...in
fact, that's every ones identity to become
But hear this! Only few of the multitude can walk into
leadership because, what it takes is beyond
human mental capacity( I know what I'm
saying: you need to come out of your skin
to walk into such).
Then when it comes to those that jumps into leadership...I really feel for such set of
individuals because, when the drama of
leadership starts, you'll see such set of
individuals watching it, when they should
be involved in the play.
Don't jump into leadership! Don't jump into leadership!!
Don't jump into leadership!!!
Leadership is not a position that you must
occupy, it's a responsibility that place you in
a position, so as to take full delivery of such
responsibility( don't say I didn't inform you!).
The responsibility of your leadership starts
from when you started sitting down in a
class, in order to take lessons that will
enable you face what will arise in the
position you'll be given to. Those that walked into leadership last
longer, why because, they must've in one
way or another came across different
views of life, and how to handle them.
Imagine a 10 years old child positing to
become a father in the next FIVE YEARS of his life...hmm! That must be a thought from
the ancient hell, and not a fatherhood
leadership mentality.
Learn to walk into leadership, and your
'being' won't forget so fast what brought
you there. Hope you're getting ready for the book
launching series that'll be coming your way
by tomorrow?
To your greatness as you walk into
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 4) by emekakalu26(m): 6:45pm On Aug 31
Do You Want To Eat My Food?
As the process of this Series is drawing
lines, so is its enlightenment becoming clear
for you to believe which kitchen this food is
coming out from. In respect to 'enlightenment purpose', I'll
like you to go back to the pervious posts, so
as to gain more believe system about this
I heard that whatever enters your head
freely, can't be valued as much as it should. When I heard that, I went on a research to
know the truth of that dilemma, which I
succeeded in the search.
It's true that some individuals won't value
it, but the fact in it is, some will value it: so it
now depends on the individual receiving the things.
The way you eat the food you bought with
your money, and the way you eat the one
bought by your friend's money, will be
different thing altogether( self branding doesn't answer call during this part), that's
why so many individuals don't like eating in
So all I'm trying to say in today's series is;
cost you something, in order to eat this food, but whatever it may cost, it will
always be affordable for you to buy the eat.
Life gets more improving when you
advance your future, and one of the way
to do such is... to pay the price for
advancement. Stop buying food that won't bring about
care to your body...remember if your health
(MIND) is destroyed, your wealth
(development) will be the next.
Have a nice day.
To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_Launching_ Series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 3) by emekakalu26(m): 8:38pm On Aug 30
Welcome back to the process of my food
preparation details.
Do you believe with me that, there's a food
you won't need to ask about it price twice, before buying it ( calm down! You'll say, 'is
this guy saying this vegetable words during
this period'...it's possible).
There's this secret about a quality
food...once the food can provide balance
diet to your health( mind ), you won't even regret bringout your hard earn money to
pay for it.
I've been opportunte to buy something, so I
know what I'm saying, when it comes to
joy that flows when your expectation about
a food is on a standard point.
Don't worry, this food was checked by two
NAFDAC (editors) officers of it kind...so it has
been given the licence to be sold without
any 'stop notice'.
Do you want to know more about what this
food will offer...then stay connected in order to receive more update.
Do have a nice day.
To your greatness. #Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Boo_Launching_Series
Education / Do You Want To Eat My Food? (series 2) by emekakalu26(m): 7:07am On Aug 29
Welcome back to the process of my food
preparation details.
If you haven't been following this series, I
wonder how you'll gain knowledge from today's series. But the good new is that, this
is the second series, so you don't need to
remove your skin in order to search for the
first one.

Let's get back to business.

Do you know what?
My previous food was a ' give away food
'...this means, it was free because Wise-up
paid the price.
This year's food promise to be enjoyable
and affordable in price for all to eat it.
This kind of food is not the kind, you won't wash your hand to eat...you'll have to sit
down, zip down, wash your
hands; make your prayers, then enjoy your
food, because its quality is not what you
would want to rush into eating it( if you
rush into eating any food, you will forget the how and when the food finished).
Do you desire to know more?....then keep
following the series.
Have a nice and blessed day.
To your greatness.#Chukwuemeka_Kalu #Book_launching_Series

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