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Politics / Re: Wike Bans Meeting Of Igbo Group In Oyigbo, Rivers State by FACE(m): 4:47pm On May 21

Ikwerre never said they came from Bini. The Bini angle started from the people of Ekpeye(Ahoada)
I am Ikwerre. I dont believe the Bini angle. I see myself more related to the Igbos. The only place I disagree with you is that I am Igbo. I am not. We are brothers no doubt. But not you. If you come to Ikwerre land and see things yourself, you could some similarities that are not exactly the same. Dont force Ikwerre people into what they are not. We have Swedish people that speak almost same language with the Finish people. But they are different people.
The same also to Portuguese and Spanish and they are also different people.

I think that i understand where this confusion about the Igbo identity comes from. It's a misconception by Ikwerre people that all Igbo people from the hinterland have the same root and speak the same way. The Igbo you hear in Owerri, Enugu , Aba, etc. are all urban Igbo, which is a fusion of dialects and doesn't belong to anyone in particular, but it's usually formed around the indigenous dialect. The Igbo you hear anyone speaking usually changes as soon as he is speaking with the relatives or kindred. I have an Ikwerre friend who speaks urban Igbo and he told me that his Ikwerre was different from Igbo until I broke into my own dialect. The truth is that someone from Umuagwo in Imo is more likely to have a fluent conversation with an Ikwerre person from Elele than the Ikwerre person would have with his Ikwerre kin from Emuoha if all should stick to their original dialect.

The hinterland Igbo you see in Port-Harcourt are likely to be speaking urban Igbo and that is why when you as a native of PH on hearing them speak would would think that they all speak in the same dialect from Imo to Ebonyi and from Abia to Anambra. This is probably why you don't understand why one variation (dialect) of your language keeps trying to subdue your own, but that is not true as Igbo is a conglomerate of dialects.

A very long time ago, people identities were based on their clans, but one thing they all agreed on was that they spoke Igbo and if you read about the slave trade era, you would see people described as for example, "Ungua (ngwa) from the Eboe (Igbo) nation, Aboh from the Eboe nation etc.

You call other Igbo groups Isoma, which is exactly what the typical Owerri person calls other Igbo groups and it's not out of disrespect. There are slight cultural variations across the board as well and you might be shocked to find out that you are more culturally linked with an Ngwa man than he is with an Enugu person due to proximity.

Having said all those, the Ikwerre seem to be more comfortable being an ethnic group on it's own and I do respect that.


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by FACE(m): 11:52am On Dec 27, 2020

THE HATE-MONGERS OF IMO STATE lobbied for, or watched all government institutions that induce development, including futo, Imsu, aifce, polynekede, fercolat, to be in one Owerri area, still fight against having government presence anywhere else in Imo state outside Owerri.

AICE campus in Orlu was closed down after the hate mongers lobbied a new military governor to close the campus.

Imo state has no university teaching hospital in Orlu because of the sabotage of the hate mongers.
Construction of Orlu urban roads and drainage system contract was sabotaged by the hate mongers of Imo state - the job was not completed till today.

Probably replying the same person of many many monikers.

You are clearly paranoid and all your points are dustbin worthy. Owerri people, Owerri people; who are these Owerri people forcing everybody to locate everything in Owerri?

Your useless points can be thrashed by half a moniker, let alone multiple monikers. I know you are a troll, who spent the whole of Christmas on Nairaland typing rubbish so this is my last response to you.

I have been here since 2007 and have only managed less than 800 posts, so that should indicate to you the amount of time I have, let alone dedicating my time responding to trolls.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by FACE(m): 3:18am On Dec 27, 2020

That man is troll no doubt but he is a very dangerous one. He is busy spamming everywhere with concorted lies and devilish propaganda but the worst thing you will do is to ignore them because he will end up convincing the unsuspecting ones. We have waited patiently over a year now while hoping he will stop his dance of shame but all to no avail, instead he continued to utter rubbish here and unfortunately, some people have started believing his lies. That was the mistake Aba/Abia State people made when their state was being dragged in the mud under the guise of criticizing their irresponsible governors. If they had countered it then, they wouldn't be having terrible image now.

A propaganda is steadily being pushed that Owerri is the prostitution capital of Nigeria because it has lots of higher institutions. Now, I have destroyed that perception by providing facts on the contrary. Instead of ignoring them you counter them with superior logic and make them look stupid.

If a lie is repeated severally it will start looking like the truth~~Igbo proverb.

Good points.

The amount of venom coming from him is in no way geared towards pursuing government presence in Orlu.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by FACE(m): 2:11pm On Dec 26, 2020

Owerri is your state capital, stop hating on it. Achike Udenwa built Imo international market and Imo State teaching hospital in Orlu and no one is complaining yet the only higher institution state government built in Owerri which is IMSU, you want it to be transferred to Orlu?! Why are you so wicked??

Imo Poly is already in Orlu zone, or you want it to be removed and built inside Orlu town before you appreciate it??

I really don't know what your problem is because you're not making an atom if sense.

Stop feeding a troll. Trolling is a lifestyle that thrives on attention and trolls will always have the last word. They are not interested in any logic. Their arguments are upside down and self imploding so there is no point.

Considering the number of Imo citizens seeking university admission each year, it is clear that Imo needs more high institutions, yet someone with their correct senses wants one of the existing universities to be shut down and relocated to another area, when the argument should be for more universities to be created closer to the people. The same person wants Okigwe to be happy with a University in another state because it's near to Okigwe. I just feel sorry for his successful neighbours.

His mission is to sell the narrative that Owerri is the prostitution capital of the world and true Imo people know that it's a blatant lie. They did the same thing to Aba, using pictures of a few areas to paint the whole city. They succeeded because people engaged them. Ignore them and they soon fade away.

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Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by FACE(m): 6:08pm On Dec 24, 2020

What criterion qualifies Owerri to host Imo state university after hosting FUTO, AIFCE?

Edo, Anambra, Abia, in fact, more than 80% of Nigeria’s states don’t have their state university in the state capital.

Imo state university permanent location has no business with Owerri if Imo state is to be for all of us. Take your blackmail to the birds of the air.

Why Mbaise? Mbaise is in Owerri senatorial zone.

Okigwe? Okigwe has a nearby ABSU in Uturu-Okigwe, as well as IMSU Engineering faculty.
Okigwe is 6 LGAs.

Orlu with 12 LGAs has no multi faculty government university. You must be living in Mars if you don’t understand that an area as large as Orlu senatorial district with its population needs a multi faculty government university to jumpstart human and economic development in the area.
Instead of support for the needful to be done - locate IMSU permanent in Orlu zone - and diminish the picture of Owerri as prostitution capital of Nigeria - you write to sustain the prostitution business in Owerri.

Why must someone lose something to another person, when the same thing can be replicated and given to the next person?

I can't even see where your argument is coming from; not from costs nor from logistics point of view.

Pushing Owerri as a prostitution zone is a narrative by your likes, same as the concerted attacks on Aba in Asia State.

You claim that high institutions in Owerri are prostitution trading centres, I ask again; are you looking for Orlu to become the new centre for prostitution in Imo State or are your rhetorics simply driven by pure jealous rage?

Achike and Rochas are from Orlu, so why are you going about acting that Owerri people are holding the governors to ransome?

Imo state university was originally located at Uturu, but the new university in Owerri was established following the creation of Abia State during the military regime, so why are you crying Owerri Ugandan like they stole your yam?

So Okigwe people should depend on Abia state because it is near? See sense. Orlu is close to Owerri and Awka as well, so what is good for Okigwe is also good for Orlu. Mbaise is in Owerri but Umuagwo is not in Orlu Zone? You have a school of midwifery in Orlu as well.

Anybody that wants someone else to be deprived of what they already have instead of asking for their own is greedy and selfish.

We say, mee mu ka emere ibem, not napu ibem ihe enyere ha, ka inye m ya


Politics / Re: Few Pics From Imo State by FACE(m): 2:58pm On Dec 24, 2020
On this thread over the years, one particular OruExpress has consistently defended clustering of young people in Owerri, defended location of all tertiary education institutions in Imo state in Owerri; and denies the fact that hotels springing upandan in Owerri are mostly used for sex tourism on exploitation of the young students.
Unarguably, you profit from the prostitution business in one way or another. Why not take the prostitution business to your Awo village?

Biko, this whining is becoming redundant. How many tertiary institutions in Owerri are owned by the state government? Imo State University, which other one?

This line of arguement is why Nigeria refused to invest in education, choosing the easier route of quota system, depriving other people in order to accommodate others instead of expanding the facilities to other areas.

Why do you want the state government to relocate schools from Owerri to Orlu rather than arguing for a University to be brought closer home to your Orlu?

Why should Owerri lose those institutions to Orlu in particular? Why not to Mbaise or Okigwe?

By your own warped thinking, a University in Orlu would lead to a new prostitution racketeering in Orlu isn't it? After all, high institutions are just sex trading markets, not so? So why are you asking for this prostitution racket to be extended to Orlu? What about Okigwe, Mbaise, Mbano, Ohaji, Oguta, Obowo, etc?

Men like you are putting their hard earned money on the ground and investing as they deem fit and all you can do is to carry on whining like an entitled brat. I pity your successful neighbours with the amount of jealousy they must be enduring from you.


Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by FACE(m): 11:05pm On Jul 01, 2020

1000km of concrete roads in ebonyi? if this isnt sensentionalism on your part, that's a good one from ebonyi -their government is a class act-but I bet you even he can't totally reconstruct enugu -ph road.
Oga from aba to enugu is a distance of over 100km, from Aba to ph is a distance of over 40 km.
On an average, we are talking of reconstruction of a 100km road, dual carriageway of two or 3 lane per carriageway, with a bridge on the ph border, a flyover at Aloji section and earth reinforcing.

Don't believe me actually do some research, it's costing the federal government over 150 billion to construct the abia section of the road!!!!
Can Abia afford to reconstruct such road? with state funds hell no. Anambra and enugu couldn't reconstruct the anambra to enugu fed road, what Anambra government did was to do sections within their urban Areas -thats what Abia can do. Abia can't definitely do that whole road.
thankfully the fed are working on that road and are very close to aba -the Chinese firm handling the ph section are at work within the obigbo axis.

what some of you want is for us to join you in bemoaning Aba (that's the basis of all this denigration ) and before you go off I would point out that currently aba road umuahia, aba-owerri road aba, the nnpc depot road aba are all Federal roads being done with state funds. Newmap is also handling the ph road aba (another Federal road)

I wonder where you got the notion that I am denigrating Aba. I am Nwa Aba at heart. I never said that Abia should reconstruct the whole stretch of the express road to Enugu and PH ; I mentioned the main arterial road in Aba, which connects you to anywhere you want to go to in Aba. It's only 14KM long end to end from Osisioma junction to Alaoji through town. The other stretch is from Osisioma (Old toll gate area) express stretch to Alaoji, which is about 16KM long, making a total of 30KM. Faulks road is not a Federal road. I am happy to see that some Aba roads are getting repaired but Okezie has been a total failure and you know it. Aba is dear to every Igbo man and we know that poor governance has hindered the potentials of this awesome city.

How do you feel when people whose states cannot lace Abia's shoes heap all sorts of insults on Abia because the useless governors are busy playing federal and state politics with the roads while looting the state dry? Look at the increment to Abia debt burden since 2015 and tell me it is commensurate with the progress made by the state. Okezie deserves to rot in jail alongside Orji and Kalu


Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by FACE(m): 3:56am On Jul 01, 2020

you made valid points but no state government in the east would be able to fund a reconstruction of the enugu-ph road. Do you even know how long that road is?
aba road umuahia, the Nnpc depot road, aba-owerri -factory roads are all Federal roads in Abia that the state government is reconstructing. Even ph road aba (the bulk of bad pics of aba is from that axis) is another Federal road newmap is handling.
point is, be realistic in stating your views

The people in Abia and the economy of Aba are bearing the cost of the neglect of the so called Federal roads. By the same argument, the governor shouldn't be building a flyover at Osisioma since it's a federal Road.

Aba-Owerri-PH Road ( Express junction at Osisioma through town to Express junction at Bakassi/Ariaria) is about 17km long. On the express, Osisioma to Alaoji is about 15km.

Are you saying that Abia state isn't capable of reconstructing 32 km of road and passing the bill to FG? The funds from Ariaria alone can reconstruct those roads. OK, so what's the argument for the poor state of Ngwa road? Federal road too?

There is no escuse for the bad state of roads in Abia. Ebonyi state just claimed to have completed more than 1000 Km of concrete based roads and you are saying that Abia isn't capable of much more?
Politics / Re: Abia State Development Thread- PICTURES by FACE(m): 11:30am On Jun 30, 2020

I dont get the people promoting propaganda online for the Orji clan and Ikpeazu? What is the use of the lies they are promoting?

Just fix Aba and this crown jewel of a city will promote itself. You dont need a paid army of propagandists to promote the idea of say Abuja having good roads. Why do you need that for Aba if the roads were actually good? Stop paying these people to promote an alternate reality and just fix the damn place already

Fix all the roads, change the horrific markets to malls and unleash the massive potential of the city. There is no point in propaganda.

This market is very near to Enyimba stadium. When foreigners come to Aba to play Enyimba this is the horror show they are greeted with. Yet we want people to respect us. They view us as animals

The Aba people of nowadays are falling too much hand. These traders pay millions in various levies every month and still carry on paying with all the bad roads in the markets.

Let's take Ariaria for example; with more than 37000 shops and each shop paying a minimum of 5K per month to various agencies and touts, you are looking at more than 2.2 billion naira per year thrown into the bush, and we haven't even added all the money from the car parks. The Aba people of old would not take that rubbish. The old guards would have stopped paying and used the money to fix the internal market roads. Ariaria is like a town on it's own and the footprint of the main market is minus all the surrounding trading areas is about 1km x 700m in size. Maybe it's time to run Ariaria as it's own self funding municipality. Same goes for Ngwa Road, shopping centre and Cemetery markets

It's criminal to neglect Aba, but I praise the resilience of the people. There are 3-4 heavily subscribed industrial layouts in Aba and other industries which are sporadically spread within the city and people are still investing against all odds. An industrial belt was developing towards the PH road end of Ariaria but this was quickly killed by the poor state of that road. Aba - Owerri - PH road (Express to Express) is the main artery of Aba and yet the criminal governors hid under the cloak of federal road to neglect that road.

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Politics / Re: Why Israel sold weapons to Biafra and Nigeria during the civil war. by FACE(m): 1:17pm On Apr 15, 2020

Lol you guys are a funny bunch. You cant bother scrolling down before making erroneous comments.


The problem with revisionists is that they don't know when they move to fairy tale zone. So on what basis would Aminu Kano make arms request to Israel in a military government headed by Gowon when he wasn't a member of the SMC? I don't even know why I bother with some of you guys.

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Politics / Re: Why Israel sold weapons to Biafra and Nigeria during the civil war. by FACE(m): 10:44am On Apr 15, 2020
Israel wanted to maintain relations with The Federal Republic of Nigeria for arms exports. It also supported Biafra because they sympathized with their plight because of moralistic beliefs and memories of the holocaust. This created a contradictory policy where they supported both sides of the conflict with arms. The policy eventually led to bad relations with Nigeria after the war in 1973.

Front Page: Lalasticlala mynd44

Even your own timeline shows that all arms sales to Nigeria by Israel were before the Nigeria-Biafra war and they switched their empathy to Biafra when the war started.
Politics / Re: Igbo Will Suffer If They Secede —senator Doguwa by FACE(m): 11:55am On Nov 04, 2019

Let me tell you something you may not know. Theres a big difference between being landlocked and having access to the sea. Both are not the same thing. London is a landlocked city but London handles majority of British shipping. That's because London has waterways that lead from it to ocean such the River Thames and the River Lea. London has several River ports and many barges.

Technology has gone far. Gone are the days when you need a big wharf by the ocean before you can import or export. All you need now are water ways and barges or crane mounted barges. Crane mounted barges can go out to sea, meet a coastliner, discharge or receive goods or containers and return to an inland River port without need for a wharf. One barge can carry hundreds of containers.

A River port can be built in Oguta in Imo or Obuaku in Abia, both Oguta and Obuaku both have tributaries that run from them to the Ocean. Onitsha in Anambra already has a River port

The SE might be landlocked, but it definitely has access to the Sea.

However, Igbo land exceeds the so called SE

The should ask Egypt what happened to them when they tried to nationalise Suez Canal and deny Israel unhindered passage of vessels. They lost Sinai Peninsular, which they regained after several years with abeg.

Although it runs through Egypt and commercially controlled by them, the canal is open to use by all vessels whether commercial or war vessels and in times of war and peace. Simply put, it is international waters running through Egypt and Egypt cannot stop anyone from using it regardless of their flag.

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Politics / Re: . by FACE(m): 11:23am On Sep 17, 2018
I have been away from this forum for a while and it is good to see Ndi Igbo show a passion for our homelands within and outside the five states in SE.

We must reverse the current trend in Igbo land where there is a sustained outflow of resources from Igbo land. The ultimate saviour of Igbo land will be independence from the clutches of Nigeria because Nigeria is designed to emasculate the Igbo at home unless they seek opportunities from elsewhere.

Most of the graduates and young men, who really are the back bone of any society, are leaving in droves in search of opportunities and it is only a matter of time before we end up as a society for the elderly. Florida is reputed as an elderly society but they have an enormous industry in tourism which brings in endless funds but we are not in that position.

All the airports in the north are designated as international airports, while Owerri, the de-facto number four airport is still a local airport. Enugu airport is still number 6 closely behind Kano despite the closure to traffic last year. There are opportunities around us and we need to harness them for growth.

1. We already have a proven market of at least 30 million, extending to 60 million or more if you include our immediate catchment area so we must strive to maintain this market and expand. To make this workable, government must invest aggressively in inter connecting ring/loop highways and comprehensive rail networks.

2. To make Enugu airport thrive as an international hub, the region must come together and float our own airline. The airline should make technical stops in Abuja and Lagos and also extend services to Port Harcourt to maximise profits with Local connecting flights to Asaba and Owerri. When we grab a big share of the market, it will force other airlines to use Enugu as well and our tourism industry will open up as well.

3. To make sure that both the Onitsha and Owerrinta or Obuaku or Oguta River ports work, we should also float a shipping line and waterways maintenance company.

4. The individual states must have R&D or innovation centres properly funded to carry out research in household equipment, software and apps development, aviation and energy developments. Apple’s worth is approaching $1 Trillion today, Apple is richer than Nigeria! You can imagine if we are able to develop an App that brings in $40 - $50 million a year. We should have our own home made TVs, refrigerators, cookers, ACs etc by now. We have the talents to accomplish those simple tasks.

5. Most of our cities are already laid out in reasonable grid system, therefore we should be thinking of developing a major gas supply line to pipe our abundant gas to homes. This will create hundreds of thousands of jobs. If we are able to make just $10 per household per month from about 10 Million households excluding industrial users, that is at least $1.2 billion right there. Osisioma industrial area of Aba is already being supplied with gas so it is not impossible to achieve.

6. Float our own civil engineering construction companies to do our own rail tracks and roads and to also bid for federal government jobs. We don’t need Julius Berger or the Chinese for those. We only need them to build one Kilometre of rail tracks for us to serve as training for our own in house engineers who will take over and complete our projects.
The crux of the matter is that we need to find a way to exist as a country within a country.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News: Nigerian Military Surround Nnamdi Kanu's Compound Now by FACE(m): 11:43am On Sep 12, 2017
Those of you rejoicing at the thought of a war in the east do not know anything at all. There will be no war in the east, at least not in the east alone.

If you are expecting a face me I face you type of war where bombs will rain in the east alone while you sleep peacefully outside the east; you are very naive. This time around,when pushed, it will be fought in pockets so don't imagine you will be reading about it online with glee while Biafrans suffer offline. You will also be as unsafe as Biafrans.

Igbo people especially do not want to be part of Nigeria and all we ask for is simple referendum and not war, but Nigeria may end up learning civility by force.�


Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:39pm On Dec 30, 2014

i will get his manifesto and post it here for all to see. you are right about the airport. owerri airport can still serve abia state, what i think okezie will focus on from 2015 is to expand our industrial base/smes etc strengthen our economy by pumping infrastructure into aba. aba needs all the infrastructure it can get because that is the bane of the town. okezie as nwa aba can do it for his people.

Ok, I will wait for his manifesto, so that we can hear from the horse's mouth. Just be aware that I am going to ask a lot of questions about "hows" and whys
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:34pm On Dec 30, 2014

Brother i think we need it not just because of the reasons you gave above but for the money it will generate for our state.

How much are we expecting to make from it and over what period of time? Owerri airport is actually nearer to Aba than the Umuahia airport, so why would someone in Aba prefer to Use Abia airport ? I think the airport is a misplaced priority.

Do you know that the government can actually make more money by restoring and expanding the water system in Abia than embarking on a huge financially tasking project like an airport? I hope he has set enough money aside to complete the airport before he leaves, otherwise any right thinking person taking over from him would simply put the project on hold.

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Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State - the industrial and economic hub of the east. by FACE(m): 1:50pm On Dec 30, 2014
Face I see you viewing.

Good work bro
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 1:38pm On Dec 30, 2014

i want to see very massive drainage system that can have at least 2meters diameter/width. this will go a long way in evacuating flood water down to ogborhill. he should set up a taskforce to make sure that anybody that is caught emptying refuse in the drain is charged to court. strict penalties are required to tame aba people.

The fall/gradient of a sewer system is actually more important than the size. I get your drift though; you are saying that you want a more effective drainage system and I want that as well, but has Okezie mentioned anywhere that he would tackle the drainage problem in Aba or is it something that you are hoping he would do as an Aba boy? I have looked at his website and it is too bland without any specifics about his visions.

There is a lot of multiple taxation going on in Abia, especially the waste and environmental fees, therefore people expect that there should be outlets for the waste they generate. There should be no need for a task force if there is an efficient waste collection/disposal system. Would you blame you child for failing at school if you did not provide him with the materials to enable him succeed at school?

Moving on:

There are several markets, SMEs, artisans and industrial areas in Aba. How does he intend to harness the potentials of the city and sustain/expand the comparative advantage Abia has over other states and neighbouring nations?
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 1:09pm On Dec 30, 2014

i mean being an aba boy will give him an edge and push him to do more his fatherland. that aba is the dirtiest town today in nigeria is partly because of the mentality of our people. we have to do the little we can but here nobody does anything than worsening the situation. okezie has done it before and he will do it again to restore aba. another challenge in aba is the topography of the town- it is flat, so government need to do more on big urban drainage to take away flood water because most roads are usually covered with flood each it rains coupled with drainages stuffed with refuse.

Ok, you have pointed out that he would do more on urban drainage, which I think is a good idea, but what does he intend to do with the drainage and how would he prevent the people from displaying their die hard mentality?
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 1:03pm On Dec 30, 2014

We have almost everything except seaport and Airport but believe me by February next year our airport will start working.

I do not think that we have a pressing need for an airport in Abia State. No part of Abia state is more than 70 kms from an airport and I do not go about wishing there was an airport in Umuahia, when ever I use Sam Mbakwe airport. I live about 40 miles/64km and 70 miles/112KM fro heathrow and Gatwick respectively and I get to them in no time at all when the roads are free. I think we should focus on regeneration of our areas and consolidating on our comparative advantage which is SMEs
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 12:47pm On Dec 30, 2014

okezie is a train expert on environmental issues. if he take over as the gov he will tackle aba headlong. he is an aba boy who knows all the holes in the town. beside that he cannot fail his homeland or he will face the aba people. let point out that even if the roads in aba are repaired today, if the people do not change their mentality of dumping refuse all over the place the problem will continue. we have suffered enough.

I have headed the environmental health division of my local authority, which comprises of wastes, street scenes and parks amongst other areas and I did not have to be an "Aba boy" to execute my job. Apart from being an Aba boy, what does he identify as the environmental challenges facing Abia and how does he intend to tackle them?

On the issue of people and their mentality; mentalities are not changed overnight without commensurate solutions or reprieve to encourage a change in mentality. How does he intend to make people change their "mentality" and what would he do if they refused to change?
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 12:29pm On Dec 30, 2014

problem of aba is their mentality. do you know that once the sky change, the peopl will start pouring refuse inside the drainage. how is that orji's fault. my people should learn how to live a healthy life. that was what okezie came to change though he was the deputy but he still did a marvelous work.

Ok, let's move on from the problems and on to solutions:

What are the environmental challenges facing Aba/Abia and how does Okezie intend to tackle them?
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 12:20pm On Dec 30, 2014

the problem we have today in abia started with ouk. ta orji came and they influenced aba people to insult him despite all the good works. okezie is the right man for the job because he is an aba boy. if he fail us we shall burn his house in aba.

Being an Aba boy is not the sole/most important qualification needed to regenerate Aba area, but we would get to that in a moment.

Good works are hot hidden. There are nearly 2 million people in Aba metropolitan area and I think that you give very little credit to their ability to reason for themselves when you say that one man influenced them to bad mouth Orji. Could you name the good works he did in Aba and environs please?
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 11:54am On Dec 30, 2014
okezie must rescue abia. abia has been reduced to a laughing stock of nigeria. no road, no nothing. abia state has been reduced to a jungle by ouk. if he fail us we shall burn down his father's house in aba. abia needs all the help it can get to come out from this deadly situation.

I want to engage you on some issues, but I need to know whether you are Okezie, his representative or just someone who supports him and with a good knowledge of his visions for Abia, but before we take this further, if he cannot accept that Orji had 8 years to correct those things you blame OUK for, how are we sure that we would not be going round in circles in 4 years time still blaming OUK?
Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 3:15am On Dec 13, 2014

Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 3:01am On Dec 13, 2014
New timber shed

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Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:56am On Dec 13, 2014
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Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:53am On Dec 13, 2014

Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:50am On Dec 13, 2014
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Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:47am On Dec 13, 2014
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Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:44am On Dec 13, 2014

Politics / Re: Welcome To Abia State: God's Own State (pictures) by FACE(m): 2:34am On Dec 13, 2014
Museum. After Col Shittu terrorised my villa with his MIG, he was shot down in recompense maybe by my uncle de Mart. RIP though. Several pixs from here

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