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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 5:46am On Aug 31

In my polite opinion, I think you're aggressive with words. It would have been more calmer if you'd assisted the moniker with the desired answer.

Not at all.. different perspective here..
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 10:58pm On Jul 05

Bros, you can only renew your passport when it has at least 6 months to date of expiration. My time of reapplication and initial traveling schedule prompted me to opt for submitting my application with the old passport.
Thanks anyways!

Oh yeah ? Not sure how it works in Naija but When i got my 3yrs Post grad work permit. I had two years on my passport.. i contacted Nigerian embassy in Ottawa, wrote a letter and they cancelled my passport without prejudice and issued me a new passport.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 9:04pm On Jul 05
Good day to all the knowledgeable persons who are making out time to share their knowledge with newbies and applicants in quest for Canadian study permit.

I'm very optimistic about my reapplication for Sept 2019 because I tackled the VO's concern but I have a little challenge, fam.

My passport will expire by Jan 2020 and I'm wondering if I should send a new passport alongside my old passport that I used for reapplication once PPR drops because my intent is to travel by Jan 2020??

I'm asking because student visa can't be valid for more than the stipulated expiration date on a passport.

Hope to hear from everyone who have a first-hand knowledge on this.

Cc Frankrobbn1, makano, TheAfrikan, guzenaira, Mudicua and everyone that I sincerely can't remember their usernames.
why put yourself in this situation knowing your passport is gonna expire soon when you could have easily renewed
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 9:02pm On Jul 05

My SOP is up to 4 pages... Hope I'm safe?

You wanna write a book ? A page is perfect

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Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 6:26pm On Jul 05

1st of all.. I dont know Simon Fraser university, I didn't apply there.. in fact am leaving Nigeria for the very 1st time in my life..so I am going to get the knowledge of canada wen I get there...

I am not going for an Msc, but a PGD...I really don't know how getting supervisors with funding works..

I suggest you go to thread 15.. and read up cos there were Msc applicants who applied, got supervisors and funding and got visas...
You dont need a supervisor for a PGD program
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 6:17pm On Jul 05
Pls Sir! I have 4Million on personal account and I have a sponsor my elder brother's Company with over 15Million, I want to do masters next year in Canada, but I graduated with 3rd Class from a Federal University. Do I stand a chance or are there a pre masters programme i can before applying for Masters. I need your advice guys
Company account is a no no.. let your older brother use his personal account. And not a huge sum deposit..
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 6:07pm On Jul 05
Did you pay your first semester tuition ? The bank statement you submitted, does it cover 2nd semester tuitiin plus extra $10,000 CAD equivalent for living expensenses ?

• I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.
• Pursuant to paragraph 220(a) of the IRPA, I am not satisfied that you have sufficient and available financial resources, without working in Canada, to pay the tuition fees for the course or program of studies that you intend to pursue.
• Pursuant to paragraph 220(b) of the IRPA, I am not satisfied that you have sufficient and available financial resources, without working in Canada, to maintain yourself and any family members who are accompanying you during your proposed period of study.
• Pursuant to paragraph 220(c) of the IRPA, I am not satisfied that you have sufficient and available financial resources, without working in Canada, to pay the cost of transporting yourself and any family members who are accompanying you to and from Canada.

i never said any of my family members is accompany me to canada. i am shocked to see these reasons
You are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond to these concerns and can demonstrate that your situation meets the requirements. All new applications must be accompanied by a new processing fee.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 16 by Finestlex(m): 6:01pm On Jul 05
Please help me with college that offer 2yers program for undergraduate certificate... ??
Seneca college
Romance / Re: Nigerian Cries Out Over Christmas List Given To Him By His Girlfriend by Finestlex(m): 11:29am On Dec 15, 2017
Please what's hand watch? I wanted to say breakup and escape the list but when I scrolled down and saw their pic.. Realizing she got a bright future behind, now I'm thinking twice..
A Nigerian guy on Facebook has taken to the platform to reveal what his girlfriend is demanding from him as gifts for Christmas.

And according to the list his girlfriend sent to him, she compiled it in a way that is going to be cheaper for him.

Here are the items she demanded in the list

Shoes – 30,000
Hand bags – 20,000
Human hair weave-on – 35,000
Foundation powder – 15,000
Hand watch – 20,000
Hand purse – 5,000

Total – 125,000


Romance / Re: Lazy/unmotivated Boyfriend by Finestlex(m): 7:44am On Mar 29, 2017
Hey Guys,

So I have a bf who I have been dating for 5 months now and I have this issue which i have overlooked severally and told myself that I might be paranoid but I am beginning to think otherwise.

So I am 22 an engineer and my bf is 23 and a Yoruba guy who repeated his first year again on another course and is going to uni full time. I work full time and go to school part time very saturdays and I am in my final year about to finish in August.

Now the issue I have with him is that, he never has any money at all ever since I have none him, he has never bought me not even a £0.10 sweet and I am not a materialistic girl. He is always broke and I gave him £50 for his birthday and he needed £50 the last time which I gave him and now he wants me to lend him £50 and promised to give me back and I hv ignored his request.

Now what really pains me the most is the fact that all he does is play video games all day, told me he was on a football betting website or some sort, wasnt working before until I told him and he got a job but now he had an interview like 2 days ago but told me the company dont care about their staff and are not a good company. So he asked me to text him a message on his number pretending to be the company and say his interview was re-scheduled and I found that odd and was gonna ask him why but I didnt say anything and did it anyways but sill kept it at the back of my mind.

Throughout our relationship, he had a coursework/assignment to do and he asked me like 2 do his assignment for him as in and I was working and also going to school and he only goes to school 2 days in one week and at the time was not working so I was like he wasnt doing anything at all but all he does is watch movies all day or play games. Anyways coz I know men say we women nag a lot I kept my cool and tried my best to find some good sites he could do a research on and he still asked me if that is good enough for his assignment and I was like look I am here busy at work and also have my own assignment or exams to do and he said its okay dont worry.

Now another time he had a letter to write for someone who needed a stay permenently in the UK and he had a letter already but needed to type it out and fill in the blanks its sort of like a template and this guys asked me to type the letter for him and I was like seriously? Anyways again, I am very patient person and didnt say anything and even though I was busy a work I still typed it out for him and removed from of the errors and sent it to him and he got angry and said why did I change some of the things he letter that when he ask me to do somethign that I should follow instructions, now that is the moment I lost it with him and told him how ungrateful he is and didnt even say thank you. I told never to ask me to do anything for him ever again and he apologised and we moved on.

Now we were supposed to meet up yesterday but hr had asked me remeber to borrow him £50 but I told him early that since I left my previos job like last week for a new one that starts next week, my previous company paid me less/deducted some amount coz I was sick for a week and the policy is that you are not eligible for SSP so sick pay after your resignation notice period so I told him I was gonna be skint this month and my parents bday is february and also I have three brothers and my parents who I still leave with by the way gave me the responsibility sine I started working 3 years and 6 months ago to pay for my brothers food and give them anything they need like toothpaste etc or just money in general (apparently so that I know how it feels to be responsible and take care of a family but I know damn well that isnt true and they just wanted a break from taking care of my brothers and saw my independence of work as an excuse but that is a story for another day - by the way I live with my step mum and my dad). My brothers are now 19, 19 (twins) and 21 but now two of them have student loans and one of the twins is still in college so I still have to take care of him and myself.

So since I have told my bf about this severally, for him to asked me to borrow him money has just made me loose it. For crying out loud yes he is still young and is 23 but I expect him to be at least working, I dont care what the job is as long as it is legal. But know all he wants to do is live with his brother who works by the way and sleep, watch tv and play video games all though.

Don't get me wrong, he is nice and all but he is not ambitious, I have asked him want he wants to become severally and he says he does not know and his new degree course he is doing, he doesnt seem to enjoy or know what he is doing. Although I must say he loves to cook and he gave me some rice and stew which I though was cute of him and was delicious and I thanked him.

Also the last straw was that sine I hadn't seen him for like 5 weeks or so, I was like why dont we meet up this friday (that was from last week) and he asked me what should we do when we meet and I was like hey, lets go the movies etc you know coz I am an old fashion girl anyways, he said movies? and i said yh? and he was like nooo thats rubbish. We should do something else and I was like okay what? He started laughing and said don't you know that body no be firewood and said he wants to have sex and says thats I annoy him at times coz I dont want to have sex and wants to show me some styles we could do and then I knew what sort of guy I was dealing with but again I didnt say anything and hanged up.

So please people before I break up with him because I have had it up to here with him, am I being paranoid or overracting a little or am I a gold digger as you men call it coz I think I have been patient long enough. I have spoken to him about this asked him if I was a booty call babe to him and he said know that I am his girl.

But he doesnt want to go outside as he make silly excuses like, its cold oh I dont have any money or if I come over to his house, oh there is no food in the house so you will have to buy something or the last time I was on my way home from work and he called and said , hey I am hungry can you please buy me some food maybe at Nandos (nandos aint cheap!!) and come over. I was like OMG. Anyways, again I was patient but was about to loose it and I spent over £30 that night for both myself and for him since I though I will be spending time with him. I reached his house, gave him his food and I was expecting him to come and join me and eat his but know, he went to the living room and was playing games and chatting on the phone (whenever I come over he is always on the phone or about to make a call- sigh) anyways, I finished my food and he still hadnt come to the room to eat with me what I bought and he would come to check on me then pack the plate (which is sweet but anyways, it dont cut it). Then he asked me when am I leaving so that his brother can come and sleep, and bare this in mind, I always hear his brother in the house but never see him etc but anyways, I told him I am gonna leave and he asked me if I want him to walk me to the station and I said no, dont bother and I know he could tell I was pissed but I didnt care if I stayed any more second I would have lost it.

Now guys, please tell me I am an ediot for wasting my time with this dude? a lot of people say women love to complain about things and love to nag etc and dont know when a guy loves them but please is it wrong to have a guy who is ambitious, working, or has a plan for the future or something and isnt just sitting in his house the whole day playing games and watching tv. Like I don't understand.

Coz I am about to loose it, he called me yesterday and I told him to whatsapp me coz I am busy(I LIED coz I didnt want to talk to him and just wanted my space) and he boldy said "call me when you are free".

Am I freaking out for no reason guys?

Sorry for the long post but I am just tired of this!! Sorry for any mistaked and punctuation's I may have missed, I am literally writing this on my phone.
I read your very loooooonnnngg story, glad I was able to finish it, from your story, you sound like one who's got plans for the future. Nice one. I got a friend who's so into video games just like your bf. I play video games, but Mayne once in 3months. I have a ps3 but whenever I think about my car insurance bill, credit card, rent, phone bill, Internet, all I can think of is hustle. Different strokes for different folks, you need to sit him down and ask him what his priorities are, there's no need for you to endure in 21st century.. Cos the path he's taking is not right. Find out what his problems are, but the truth here is, when I was 23, I was crazy about video games though as an igbo man, I've always loved making money.. Lol. Naturally ladies get organized faster than guys. If that place is cold, tell him to come to Toronto and see how mad the cold can be. BTW, you're pretty.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by Finestlex(m): 1:42am On Mar 03, 2017
This thread is starved of students experience in Canada.

Many get their visa and is goodbye.

At best, they post POE experience that's all.

We have little information on students experience in Canada.

The U.S. thread is way different. A lot still come back to help and share stories.

Don't tell my busy, It's a choice. No one is too busy.

you're Damn right. I'm one of them but I ain't proud of it. Life here is too busy, trust me. Coupled with time difference. Lots of bills to pay. I tried to keep up with NL when I got here in 2014 but Seneca college showed me pepper. I was working more than I was supposed to cos I be igbo man. Been a relief since I finished my two graduate certificate programs at Seneca last year December . Now we on the hustle of getting a job, thinking about PR, when to visit Naija. I still Salute and respect chrigo and miss bon for their contributions here. The hustle is real here. My email works best for me finestlex@gmail.com


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 12 by Finestlex(m): 1:32am On Mar 03, 2017
Goodmorning house,im delighted how you guys treat issue in this trend,i have a quick question,i want to use my mum as my sponsor and she is no longer married to my father,she has remarried which has changed her surname from mine,what document do you need to proove she is my mum?
divorce cert. And new wedding cert
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Finestlex(m): 3:47am On Feb 23, 2017
I applied for a school in canada. I have been given admission to resume in September. The only issue I have now is that my passport will expire next January.
you should have renewed your passport before applying for admission, i think you should have a new passport ready before you get to visa stage. #call vfs to verify# justwise, any take on this?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Finestlex(m): 3:32am On Feb 23, 2017

One question though. When my sister is applying for her visa (in like September) if I've gotten mine, will my dad list me as a dependent (I'm admitted to a fully funded program).
No, he doesn't have to name you as dependent if you're in Canada. congrats on your scholarship.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Finestlex(m): 6:42pm On Feb 22, 2017
I need advice.

My sister plans to begin her masters next year january. In the mean time she's out of school and working.

Should my Dad list her as a dependent when I'm applying for visa? Or he doesn't need to since she hasn't began studies yet.
when I applied for visa, I have 6 siblings but I only declared 2. Declare your sister as sibling but not dependant if your dad got average finances. But if he's very wealthy, then declare as dependent

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Finestlex(m): 6:36pm On Feb 22, 2017
Good afternoon guys. Please I made a terrible mistake by not declaring if I have been denied USA visa or not when I was submitting my application. I have been denied USA visa three times. This afternoon I got a mail from CIC to explain why I have done that and I need to reply them in 15days. Please I need everyone to enlighten me on what to do. Thanks.
declare to them you've been denied US visa trice and tell them you misinterpreted the question thinking the form refers to Canada only. State the reasons why they denied you for US. You just gotta come clean and seek God's intervention.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Finestlex(m): 6:32pm On Feb 22, 2017
Good afternoon guys. Woke up to this mail this morning and this is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life, hope it won't cost me this visa after all the stress I went through. What are my chances of getting visa after replying them with prove in my SOP stating I was previously refused Visa on 2 separate occasion with reasons attached and I even include my GCMS which should also serve as evidence that it was just a mistake I made out of negligence. Help will be appreciated Asap because am being given 15day to reply. Thanks a brother in need.
you doing biometric shows your record is with them. Countries share database these days.. I'm sure US, UK and Canada share. When it comes. Especially to visa application, it's best to be honest. I really hope they don't ban you cos even after the 5yrs, your record is there and will always pop up. Best of luck
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 11 by Finestlex(m): 5:02am On Feb 22, 2017
Good to be back. How are y'all doing.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 3:15am On Jul 11, 2016
smiles, i wasn't picking on you, i see no reason why you stated all these, you didn't have to reply if the topic was dead and buried. you could have simplified ignored if you were busy enough
bro this issue is dead na and buried just that passersby who weren't glued when the argument originated which was as a result of CIC tension/Frustration/HBP have come to bring up this again.i have accepted and apologised.this was as a result of intensed argument.i had felt sorry for myself for improper public conduct/display..moreover the moniker that brought this up again should be careful cos I'm being calm explaining/apologising publicly and individually and to that effect i owe not any further comments on this.whoever feels to counter this buried issue again, i will be antagonistic about it if people will come from nowhere without reading past posts!

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 3:12pm On Jul 08, 2016
i still don't get it why folks still go to agencies. i applied my visa myself, in my dad's living room. i mean, am pretty sure i saw the steps and procedures here on nairaland. it was well explained with pictures of where to upload, how to even merge documents, and what to click. the documents needed for your visa application is repeatedly posted on this thread in every part. Agencies don't do any extra ordinary thing that you can't do yourself. School workload here is too much. you gotta learn how to do things yourself. Don't assume you can't do the application yourself, if i can, and i did, you can!!! Putting it to someone that he must be denied isn't right. if you more knowledgeable about something, give him reasons why you think the path he's taking is kinda wrong by relating to others experiences if possible with examples. just my thoughts
i am not here to battle words with any1. I speak facts and from experience amongst my friends who are in canada already. If you noted my ending statement i said i was speaking relatively to the concern about the documents listed . Ask people on this thread that if u r idle for a long time/unexplained gaps and you apply for visa..i repeat it again you MUST BE REFUSED on "PURPOSE OF VISIT" and its accomplice. Last month i spoke against about using maple edu.canada agents and 2 people on this thread who used them and i wldnt want to mention their Monikers have been denied.i dont say nonsense or what i don't know i speak facts as i have mastered the Canada study visa system.moreover my close friend used MAPLE EDU.CANADA,paid almost N600k to them and was denied visa last 2months,their family cried wella. I was the one that helped him apply for his GCMS note and the VO noted program inconsistency as the sole reason for refusal.i dont say rubbish here.if that guy above can be sincere,if he has long gap without covering it/unexplained,he won't get this visa.im not here to sugarcoat words..this is from experience which i have never seen any1 overcome even if he goes to shiloh at cannan land and pray day and night. It can't solve it.moreover with the documents the guy listed i never knew he has submitted,i thought he was asking for review so he will proceed to submitting,that has why i made those comments to cater for any long gap if he has one since i don't know when he finished service.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 2:46pm On Jun 17, 2016
you can get msc with a 2.2 here. go for for post grad program of one year, hit a nice cgpa, and proceed to msc afterwards. goodluck

This thread is part 10. Tried to follow as a "Silent Addict" like the other guy, but it didn't work so far. So I have to open up and admit that I want to apply for a Canadian University, masters in Biological Science or Agricultural related course. Please, second class lower grade. I need help about the deadlines and terminologies. Am not a linesman, I've stayed on the side of the pitch too long marking offsides and other people's testimonies.

In short... I need HELP. Help me start and Complete the application.

Travel / Re: Should I Go To America Or Forget About It? by Finestlex(m): 6:07pm On Jun 09, 2016
the first question i wanna ask is " what do you do in Nigeria now" ? do you have a good job? with the present naija situation, i dont know what the future holds in naija. grab the visa first, then see how it goes
Good day nairalanders,
I need your advice and help on what to do because I am totally confused.
I am 23, holds a Bsc from a Nigerian university.
I recently got into a masters program in the US with full tuition waiver and a generous monthly stipend that would cater for my living expenses. I already have my particulars to apply for my F1 student visa but I'm scared because of the uncertainty that lies ahead; also the exchange rate is not helping matters cry
I am sure I would get the visa but as I'm talking, I only have 100k left on me because I spent a lot during the application processes.
I can huzzle and get my flight fee because I still have 2 months to resumption.
Now, my headache is that I would still need up to $2000(roughly #700,000) to survive for the first month, pay health insurance and other small fees before I start receiving my monthly stipend of $1500.
School resumes August 14, what should I do?
Tried taking up loan from the bank but didn't work out.
I am confused at the moment.
Should I go ahead and get the flight fee, get to US with almost no amount except God provides an helper?
Or should I just forget about my America dream
I have exhausted all my options, God help me.
Please advice a brother.

My parents are old pensioners that only God knows when the government would answer them.

I am at a crucial point in my life.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 5:56pm On Jun 09, 2016
your gp is 2.47. that's 3rd class. you CAN'T get Msc with that GP. have two friends that finished from Madonna uni with3rd and they couldn't get Grad Cert programs in Colleges here.
Please can someone help me with any school or college
that will give a 2.2 holder in mechanical engineering admission for MSC or MEng in mechanical engineering or its related field.My CGPA is as poor as 2.47....your responses will be appreciated.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 5:49pm On Jun 09, 2016
no vex.. what do you mean permanent visa? or you mean permanent residence (PR) or citizenship?

Please help attend to ds

I have read through this thread and I must say that is
really helpful but I still have some questions to ask.
My intention is to apply for permanent visa to Canada
but with all have read I think Tourist Visa is the easiest. If
I apply for Tourist Visa and they grant it, what is the next
process to take for me to get the permanent visa.
I work with a financial institution here in Nigeria
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 5:47pm On Jun 09, 2016
sometimes the clinic delays in forwarding the result.. happens once in a while. Am pretty sure you'd be fine. Take it easy
Hi all, i am a newbie here, i applied for my trv paper route on the 22nd of April and was contacted for medicals on the 11th of may, i did my medicals on the 12th but it was sent on the 25th of may (dunno y because i wasnt called in for gurther tests by d clinic, childrens practice). M kinda worried cos 4 of my friends got their trv 3weeks after their medicals last year nov/dec. Please i would like to know if this is normal?

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 7:07pm On May 29, 2016
The program is boring. When it was time for coop, my program coordinator told us plainly that we are international students and no one is gonna take us since the program is designed for Canadians. Whoever wants to hire you, expect you to be Canadian.

I will like to understand you bro, is it that Job prospects are low for international students with a pub Admin degree? Or that it's not a relevant course of study to the Canadian Economy?
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 5:02am On May 28, 2016
ohhh, i thought you knew them well. but if you were in good terms with your boss during your stay, you could tell him or her whats up. Else you gotta look up someone else as sponsor
I thought companies don't do that for fresh graduates... My only time spent with them was during my Industrial training.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 4:57pm On May 27, 2016
its much better if the coy can give you an employment letter and a study leave letter. they can state that they are the ones sponsoring your trip so you can bring back the international knowledge you gained in Canny to maximize productions in real life situation
Bosses, is it a good idea to include a letter from a company saying they are highly going to consider me for employment if I return back with a master's degree in my field... I just finished service early dis month.
Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 4:52pm On May 27, 2016
please i beg you in the name of God, DO NOT DO PUB ADMIN. that was my first program here. it's only useful to Canadians. Human Resource is awesome. you dont need GRE or TOEFL
Hi guys!!! Please help me out. I'm thinking of a Masters in Public administration or international relations in an affordable school in Canada. Please I want to know if GRE is very essential or can be waived. Thanks


Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 5:01am On May 27, 2016
luckyprince, i hail o

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 10:38pm On May 23, 2016
You the boss. God is in charge, cheers
Am good man, am jus about to start my admission process, am waiting 4d skool response base on ma degree level, I will ur experience to avoid some pitfall, though I had read and learn a lot from this thread.. kudos 2yu man..

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Travel / Re: Travelling To Canada Part 10 by Finestlex(m): 4:59pm On May 23, 2016
Visa is issued in ghana Yes.. But the place is called Canadian embassy.
It's the deputy high commission that's there. There high commission is in ghana.

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