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Phones / Re: Phone Engineers On Nairaland Willing To Assist You - Part II by foxvilles: 11:42am On Sep 27, 2021

Good day brother that is the effect of a bad screen I have the follow come Samsung certified screen . And it’s readily available I’ll fix it for 38k

Call or WhatsApp me 09014566031

Please do you have a samsung note 5 screen and how much please?
Computers / Re: Between HP Pavilion 15 (gaming) Or Acer Nitro 5, Which Should I Go For? Overall. by foxvilles: 11:22am On Sep 27, 2021
I've read all the comments but no one seems certain about any of the systems.

I would have gone for the Nitro 5 but the display panel is not good for content creation.

The purpose I'm purchasing a system is for graphics intensive applications. I decided to want to go for gaming because of their built for intensive and extensive stress endurance.
Computers / Re: Between HP Pavilion 15 (gaming) Or Acer Nitro 5, Which Should I Go For? Overall. by foxvilles: 11:19am On Sep 27, 2021
Sager Gaming Laptop
Intel Core i7
Nvidia Dedicated Graphics(6gb)
Good Battery.
4 Ram slots. 4 storage slots (2 SSD and 2 HDD)
220k Only.

Brand new or used

Plus, how durable is it?
Phones / I Need A Samsung Note 5 Screen And Back Glass by foxvilles: 10:31am On Sep 27, 2021
In need of a samsung note 5 screen and the back glass with reasonable price.

It fell down, ink started spreading on its screen till everything went blank.
I've abandoned it for quite sometimes now and wants to fix it.

Computers / Re: Between HP Pavilion 15 (gaming) Or Acer Nitro 5, Which Should I Go For? Overall. by foxvilles: 2:43am On Sep 07, 2021
I've read all the comments but no one seems certain about any of the systems.
Computers / Between HP Pavilion 15 (gaming) Or Acer Nitro 5, Which Should I Go For? Overall. by foxvilles: 11:51am On Sep 01, 2021
I'm cut between the two.
Computers / I Need A System, Acer Nitro 7 (used Condition Preferably) by foxvilles: 12:37pm On Jul 06, 2021
My whatsapp contact 08034918999
Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Vs Merkel: White House Orders Withdrawal Of 9,500 US Troops From Germany by foxvilles: 12:26pm On Jun 07, 2020
Western media has made everything non_western evil.
need to sit down and look at it logically.
Nigeria has been struggling to fight BH for decade, US
never shown any genuine support, infact, at a time they're
were technically supporting BH by blocking every
to access weapons. Whereas, the same US has been
building sophisticated millitary bases all over Africa with
several billions of dollars even all over islands in Africa.
In a
continent struggling to provide as basic thing as clean
road, edu, etc. In term of infrastructural development, US
hasnt built anything tangible anywhere in Africa despite
big economy and influence.
On the other hand, China is building projects across
from electricity to train to Airport, roads, scholarships to
Africans, etc even with their own money. Let's say we
pay and they take over them, who would still be using
infrastructure, Chinese? At least they brought them here,
if we can't pay back and they take over them these things
would still be in use by Africans and improve quality of
just like every private business.
US/Trump that everyone is supporting call Africans all
to unprintable names, visa ban, reporting weak sides of
African nations and continuously ridiculing everything we
The list is long. China hasnt done any of these yet,
media still find their ways into the hearts of Africans to
Chinese. Sadly, enough some fake pastors joined this
brainwashed citizens.
Look at China, how many times have they tumbled
govt? How many nations have China invaded in Africa?
many times has Chinese embassy criticize our local
New York started have underground train in 1809, that's
200yrs, they never extended such to Africa. China started
booming just 20yrs ago and they've extended everything
technology they have to us, that have improved our lives;
From phones, train, Good Airport, Naval ship, Telecom,
Roads, scholarships, etc
Africans must sitdown and think. China is not your

You better don't type or copy and paste what you don't know.

The US has offered to establish a major base in Nigeria specifically in the North but all efforts were thwarted by the NATIONAL ASSEMBLY.

Not once or twice as such offer being made but spontaneously revoked.
What foul cry are you now crying for like this.

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Celebrities / Re: Majek Fashek Dabbled Into Spiritism And It Affected Him Terribly – Amos McRoy by foxvilles: 1:33pm On Jun 06, 2020

If you have a brother that talks like that, then you are a very lucky person. I strongly advise that you listen to him, if not for anything, but to make fun of him, you know why?

The more you make fun of him, the more your Unconscious aspect picks up the data and builds a model of alternative opinions, and at a certain level, information circuit within you will gain sentience and become alive. You would have created a Shadow Self - Your shadow Self. The conflict between your shadow self and your physical avatar will seem like a demonic attack until you unite the knowledge or go to church and get even more confused and get into alcohol or so.

You can stop this from happening, except you either ignore your brother fully or listen to him fully. It is the usual trajectory. He is there in the family to wake up the lost Souls and it is a very tough job.

I wish him well.

[3/23, 08:45] Abithel: Yeah... They r master black magicians
[3/23, 08:45] Abithel: Working on the subconscious level

[4/2, 15:43] Abithel: We r blinking in and out of reality at a duration of microseconds interval
[4/2, 15:44] Abithel: I can't remember the exact no. in microseconds or maybe it's not even static
[4/2, 15:45] Abithel: As in the no. but it's in microseconds duration
[4/2, 15:45] Abithel: Bhudists knows this blinking and out phenomenon
[4/2, 15:46] Abithel: When U see a magnet... It's got two poles which are the north and the south
[4/2, 15:47] Abithel: Both poles are stronger as u move from the middle of the magnet to the edges... both edges
[4/2, 15:48] Abithel: The middle of the magnet is the zero point
[4/2, 15:48] Abithel: Buddhist calls it the Bardo
[4/2, 15:49] Abithel: It's the gate to the inner worlds or the nonexistence reality
[4/2, 15:50] Abithel: That middle point is got a null magnetism in it
[4/2, 15:51] Abithel: So it's the gate that unleashes the inner reality into the physical realm
[4/2, 15:51] Abithel: The physical realm is the magnetic domain... the poles
[4/2, 15:51] Abithel: That aside...
[4/2, 15:51] Abithel: Reality can be edited at will
[4/2, 15:52] Abithel: Reality is being run by a super quantum computer as I see it...

We talk alot and I'm the one who understands him most cis I easily key into what he says.
The above are excerpts from our convo

[3/23, 08:47] Abithel: Subconscious level of humans... That's why symbolism is supreme... It's the language of the subconscious mind.

[3/23, 08:59] Abithel: Everything they said U should not do is what they use against U... Coz they r the real tools

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Celebrities / Re: Majek Fashek Dabbled Into Spiritism And It Affected Him Terribly – Amos McRoy by foxvilles: 1:18pm On Jun 06, 2020

You are right on track. I have a feeling you will make it in this life-time because your understanding at your level is very clear and sound. Please note that nothing is absolutely wrong with All Religions as they have been constituted.

The Religions were initially designed for a purpose, and that purpose has been achieved, but the shops were not closed down before the shylocks took over and use these institution as mind control centers as well as OPM(Other People's Money) revenue collection centers and money laundering charities.

We are the Divine in fractals of archetypes of the Divine Absolute. Individuated units of consciousness having unique experience on a 3D plane of existence. So the process of evolution should also be unique. Organized Religions of any kind, seeks to erroneously think you can fix Spiritual Ascension using group-think or Dogmatic Theology when you have not even known all or can answer for all.

And you wonder why I think COVID-19 is a perfect wake-up call for Humanity? If COVID -19 does not wake humanity up; then what will be done next might not be as nice. - I digressed, but then there is a reason for that.

As for Majek, I really am impressed that he at least made an attempt of knowing more, even though I know he may have given loyalty to an AI.- Cosmic AI.

Hahaha..... This dude is talking exactly like my bro.
I hope it's not even him sef.

Dude can just so talk in all these stuffs that I just shake my head and be like....you've come again.

Stuffs like.....Humans has been locked into this plane by layers of coded whatever.

Humans are awakening, there's a constant ray that's surging through everyone and awakening their soul into accepting the ONE consciousness



Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsman Caught Having Sex With His Cow In Kubwa, Abuja (Graphic) by foxvilles: 8:19pm On May 02, 2018

I became a Pescatarian after seeing that video today. I'm done with all things meat except peeeni.s of course.

This got me cracked up cheesy cheesy
Romance / Re: Is 9.5 Minutes Of Sex Too Short? My gf wants to kill me by foxvilles: 8:08am On May 01, 2018
After sex this morning with my girlfriend, she thinks it was a short time.
I am seriously embarrassed since it was our first time and I feel terrible that I can't last more than 9.5mins (I checked the time I started thrusting)cry , tho my doctor strongly disagrees, I still feel bad!

Is 9mins not OK? cry
Are there natural ways I increase latency time at least to 20minutes? Cos I don't want to take drugs . cry

You'll just end up killing yourself.
It's good to die on top of the world but not on a Püssy. It doesn't worth it at all bro.


Phones / Re: Check Out 20 Android Smartphones That Copied The Iphone X by foxvilles: 6:21pm On Apr 27, 2018
Why do people just like spewing wrong info like this? angry
iPhone X design is being copiėd?

You even added the phone that iPhone X copied among the list of phones that copied iPhone X? cheesy cheesy

The Essential Phone started the notch trend but it only got popular with the iPhone X

iPhone X copied the Essential Phone when it comes to the notch design.

Get your facts right please and stop disseminating false news. undecided

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Phones / Re: Unable To Play Clash Of Clans On Iphone by foxvilles: 6:15pm On Apr 27, 2018
I have downloaded the game from Apple support and when I am starting the game it is crashing so unable to play it how can I play the game in iPhone

Simple! Switch to Android. Samsung to be precise and it will work without stress grin
Celebrities / Re: Jaywon Replies Followers Who Accused Him Of Bleaching by foxvilles: 8:23pm On Apr 19, 2018
It's kinda funny even guys too are criticizing him. If you wear trouser often, the possibility of your legs getting lighter than other part of your skin is absolute cos of less exposure to sunlight.

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Family / Re: Man Leaks Facebook Chats Of His Wife With Married Man by foxvilles: 6:29pm On Apr 10, 2018
Lol....Nairaland emojis needs to be updated.
Lawd Gawd of the Heavens!

Both of them needs be put on a stake.

Omo ale jati jati meji

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Romance / Re: Who Is The Bride In This Picture And Why?(photo) by foxvilles: 11:48pm On Mar 27, 2018
It's definitely number 3. She's wearing a golden crown. Others are putting on silver crown
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsman Caught Having Sex With His Cow In Kubwa, Abuja (Graphic) by foxvilles: 6:12pm On Mar 26, 2018
And they will come and sell us these abominable meats in the market. Lawd Gawd

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Phones / Re: Nigerians And Kenyans: Who Pays More For Data Services? by foxvilles: 7:11pm On Mar 23, 2018
Lol......dont get it twisted. Have you checked their tarrif as in charges per kilobyte or megabyte
That's where we'll be able to determine the authenticity of the gap in charges between both countries.
Nevertheless, the law of demand and supply should still apply.

Checking the Popoluation density of both countries. Nigeria is still a better market if the data price is still set at a low charge.

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Autos / I Need Help On The Price Of Mazda MPV 4 Plug Manual Transmission Engine by foxvilles: 2:55pm On Mar 21, 2018
Hello guys!

I have a Mazda MPV I've packed for over a year now due to engine condition.
I've tried to Google the Price of a new engine but all to no avail.
I need the help of auto gurus to help me with the Price range and the Best option to buy from.

The engine is a 4 plug Manual Transmission model and it's a 2001/2002 model.

Romance / Re: The Complete Version Of The Bro Code by foxvilles: 2:48pm On Mar 16, 2018
This is just so funny and me likey.
I just visited the site too. Can't believe I just bookmarked this shït. grin
Music/Radio / Re: [video] Skales Ft. D,banj – "Senrere" by foxvilles: 9:58pm On Feb 19, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Babylon Lounge Opens In Abuja, Hosts Iyanya (Photos) by foxvilles: 10:08pm On Jan 28, 2018
Wuse 2...... Lolzzz. Death zone! Full of badoo gals

Lol..... once lived there!
Place is dope especially at night.
Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent to be precise.


Romance / Re: What Does It Mean When Ladies Can't Look At A Guy Straight In The Eye? by foxvilles: 7:45am On Jan 28, 2018
Hilarious comments everywhere. Nairalanders are just too funny cheesy cheesy cheesy

Phones / Re: Which Chipset Would U Prefer On Your Next Phone by foxvilles: 7:30am On Jan 28, 2018
Exynos snapdragon of course


Lol....this is a case of a confused being! cheesy
YOU either pick Samsung's Exynos or Qualcomm's Snapdragon Chipset.

As for me, I'll go with the Samsung's Exynos 9810 chipset. Beats Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 chip hands down.

Team Samsung wink


Politics / Re: "Buhari Has Not Disappointed Me" – Obasanjo Said 4 Months Ago On CNN by foxvilles: 7:37am On Jan 25, 2018
Most people don't know tis before criticizing. All you people do is criticize every message without trying to ingest and understand the reason why some things happen.

I'm not suuporting OBJ but no one goes outside to discredit his leader especially in a foreign center stage.
Family / Re: Woman Slams Her Husband's Side Chick, Her Brother -In-Law Supports Side Chick by foxvilles: 9:34pm On Jan 08, 2018
And someone will tell me Igbo's are the best husbands......keep deceiving yourselves
Literature / Re: I Need This Book: Leadership By John C. Maxwell by foxvilles: 12:39pm On Jan 04, 2018

Go to laterna on Oko Awo close VI. by deltafrik same street you have verve and quickteller coy

I stay in Abj brio bro. Can't remember when last I've been to Lagos
Anyways thanks for the info.
Literature / I Need This Book: Leadership By John C. Maxwell by foxvilles: 10:42am On Jan 04, 2018
I need this book:

Leadership (Promises for Everyday)
Author: John C. Maxwell

It's a daily devotional.
I need like 10-15 copies.
Note: It's a daily devotional.

Contact me on this number: 08034918999 (WhatsApp only)
Science/Technology / Re: Does Sound System Of A Particular Brand Work With DVD Of Another Brand? by foxvilles: 10:11am On Jan 03, 2018

But ist call alaba

They can/must fix ur sony

Who's Alaba? Kindly forward his number please, thanks!
Science/Technology / Re: Does Sound System Of A Particular Brand Work With DVD Of Another Brand? by foxvilles: 9:08pm On Jan 02, 2018
Sure, it will work with another DVD player

Thanks very much bro....I really appreciate!

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