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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Has Been Arrested In Cotonou by freedomchild: 4:45am On Jul 21
I wanted to say something to piss off some yoruba on here, but I won't. E suppose Choke, but I won't make a mockery of it.... Yet.

But you c this one Nigeria, e suppose Don dey bitter Una for mouth. Sophistication will never bring lasting peace to Nigeria. Nigeria is not a country where you achieve something wearing suits and ties, Nigeria is a jungle and you must be a vicious animal to get what you want in this country, that's why northerners don't play it cool. Even in NASS they fight with their babanriga and threaten slur swears wrapped with superiority over other tribes.

Make Una 4get yoruba and igbo presidency, there's serious problem in this country even a yoruba president cannot solve. As an igbo guy, I don't like Nigeria at all... There's absolutely nothing about this country that interests me. You know, even in ASO Rock, these people don't value southerners, I know these because it's normal gists here in Abuja in elite gatherings. A small hausa guy will run you local on NASS like a pauper.
I have a Tiv friend in one of the highest govt parastatals filled with northerners and he was telling us one day that whenever there's an ethnic issues between the north and south, they gather in clusters to threaten uprisings against the south and they do it in Whispers. Try passing in between such gathering and they give each other signals to hush for a moment till you disappear.

Sunday igboho who be messed up big time,as I don't see any huge prominent yorubas coming out en masse to radically seek for his release. What happened in that guy's house was a massacre especially in a country over ridden by fulani blood letting herdsmen. I just imagined what if his grown up kids where in the house? These people for just shoot them die, Chai! Nigeria! Nigeria!! Cursed be on her! SMH

When your neighbour's house is on fire, don't mock him because fire spreads and may soon engulf your own house. I may not like Nnamdi Kanu style, but that's the style Nigeria government understands. Na that style make northerners dey panicky so te they rejoiced in their mosques and Arabian tea gatherings in Abuja after he was captured. It was a massive breakthrough for them... But we are watching...

The way yorubas react NOW will determine the amount of respect this janja-weed government will respect them. They want to test your resolves, don't act like cowards.

E no go dey funny if this government decides to castrate Sunday, it will be a big slap on your race
you're damn right
Politics / Re: Wike On Secession: Won’t Allow Anyone To Annex, Hoist Unnecessary Flag In Rivers by freedomchild: 8:21pm On May 04

Precaution before opening the video. You may choke on Igbo hatorade. grin grin grin grin


Biafrexit: An Ikwerre King Destroys 50 Years Of Propaganda (MUST WATCH!)
good one.. I watched this revelation by the chief
Properties / Re: Landlord Or Landlady, Which Of These Do You Prefer To Rent Their Houses?? by freedomchild: 8:02pm On May 04
I prefer a Landlord. Land ladies are usually sentimentally attached to their house and will treat u like bull shit if ur in their black book.
Most landlords don have wahala like my formal landlord before God blessed me.
The guy can smoke weed from morning till night without saying a single word. Next thing na to go fuccck the landlady till she run comot for house go her friend place. Then the man will go and faint in the kitchen, in the name of eating from the pot..
I like this kind landlord
Politics / Re: Ubi Franklin Denies Sandra Iheuwa's Claim Of Sponsoring His Trip To Dubai by freedomchild: 12:31pm On Apr 22
Seems Sandra is not over with Ubi Franklin..

when women are being outsmarted in there perceived game, they will wail and wail and wail

She should move on

Though Ubi really played her sha

But women have been duping men since time immemorial but we just count our loses and move on like nothing happened

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Travel / Re: New Groom Dies In Ondo Accident, Wife Seriously Injured by freedomchild: 2:10pm On Apr 19
so sad..
Politics / Re: Before I Fled Boko Haram’s Den, Many Chibok Schoolgirls Were Pregnant – Escapee by freedomchild: 10:40am On Apr 19
Are they their 7 virgins? Just asking for a brother pls. They for say na women d hungry them. Very stupid set of people. Na them
your comment pics funny... lmao

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Politics / Re: Ahmad Lawan: Nigerian Leaders Need Prayers From Followers by freedomchild: 5:30am On Apr 18
These politicians always think they can use religious shenanigans to deceive us or get pity from us

pray for you as in what??
When you share money, frustrate laws that will benefit the common man, pad budget, do you ask us for our prayers?

Anyway the current agitations down south show that we don wise up..

Make una keep deceiving una selves

prayers ko, fasting ni

Thunder fire una two dirty hairy balls

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Romance / Re: Another Broke Nairaland Guy Just Displayed His Stupidity. Rubbish. by freedomchild: 8:06pm On Apr 14
I just downloaded the song... He try..


NYSC / Re: Has NYSC Destroyed Your Relationship Before? Tell Us Your Story by freedomchild: 7:53pm On Apr 14
NYSC gave me chances to bleep pussies but I declined because that was when as a first child, all the family's responsibilities felled on me. Many of my Corper friends especially in medical fields bleep pussy tire. The way those girls were eyeing guys especially us in medical fields and guys from rich homes, you go think say they are not in any relationship. One find me come to my business premises. Hmm. My dear if you're not a well to do guy and your babe go service, no too reason her especially if she fine.. She just go hustle for a better man/guy using NYSC as cover..
NYSC was fun but I used the opportunity to set up what is sustaining my family of seven including my ageing parents. Banging pussies wasn't on my mind despite its availability as at the time.
What our so called babes do behind us.... hmm.. mouth no fit talk.. If she find someone better than you, voooommm.. she don bail.. she don leave you asap

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Health / Re: Belgian Hospital Cut Off Ajima Ogbole’s Cervix, Paralysed Her Sister (Photos) by freedomchild: 9:40pm On Mar 23
Nigerian medical team would've done better but because we've practically destroyed our health institutions, overseas healthcare became an alternative for the rich. This is really a life-altering situation I tell you.


Crime / Re: Troops Destroy Scores Of Boko Haram Terrorists In Lake Chad And Tumbus by freedomchild: 10:22am On Mar 15
Audio tecord in progress
Crime / Re: Attempted Kidnap Of Secondary School Students In Kaduna Foiled by freedomchild: 2:23pm On Mar 14
E be like say this business of kidnapping is really flourishing for these northern bandits.. As for us in the east, ESN full ground.. North should enjoy there brother's government.


Politics / Re: Government Supplies Us The AK-47 With Which We Kill - Repentant Bandit (Video) by freedomchild: 9:22pm On Mar 02
We know already so tell us something else.. No wonder they're hell bent in destroying Amotekun, Igboho, ESN, IPOB and MNK.. But they always fail.


Family / Re: Blessing Oko Ikpor: Bank Manager Husband In ‘Secret’ Wedding Saga In Rivers by freedomchild: 8:10pm On Feb 25
All I observed was that both of them are hiding the actual truth behind there marriage saga. Many people are just managing there partners especially when kids are involved.


Crime / Re: Resign Instead Of Arresting Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu Warns Oyo CP, Ngozi by freedomchild: 3:15pm On Jan 24
Alliance between KANU and Igboho of a guy go make sense.
Politics / Re: Ohaneze: Governor Ikpeazu Congratulates Professor George Obiozor by freedomchild: 7:11am On Jan 11
Nnamdi KANU remains substantial and viable leader ndigbo has.. The average Igbo man knows this.. Whether you outlaw ipob or not, KANU remains the eye the average Igbo man uses to visualise the Nigerian state and the state of the nation gives him the benefit of doubt that he might be right..
Ohanaeze are group of Nigerian state benefactors who give us false hope to believe things will be better in this country while they go behind and collude with our enemies and aggressors to mock us. Bunch of men with questionable characters

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Family / Re: Men Sleeping With Their House Maids...who's To Blame? by freedomchild: 2:37pm On Jan 02
50% blame to the man for not sticking to his marital vows.
20% blame to the wife for not taking 100% control of the husband's sexual energy,
15% blame to the housemaid for coveting what her madam is enjoying and
15% blame for the gateman who has refused to take charge of the housemaid's gate.

Family / Re: FCMB MD, Adam Nuru In Sex Scandal - Business Live by freedomchild: 7:32am On Jan 02

A lady came to me asking for Money.

Married lady with Four kids.
I promised to give her the money and she said she said she will come to my house by 8pm.

I didn't think much of it.

When she came by 8pm, my head nearly scatter.

If you see wetin she wear. All the assets were showing in high definition.

My John Thomas responded immediately, but the FEAR Of GOD kicked in.

I gave her the money so she can go asap, but she just sat down on the chair, asked for water and watched TV for 2 hours till 10pm.

If not for God, I would have fuccked someone's Wife that day.
some married women are hoes I tell you..

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Family / Re: FCMB MD, Adam Nuru In Sex Scandal - Business Live by freedomchild: 7:29am On Jan 02

No be only America Canada inclusive My close relative living in Canada told me of one fine runs woman like that A top ED in one of the banks Took her away from her matrimonial home Funded her moving to Canada with her kids
Guy man go visit them during vacation Come be the fine babe dey hustle other guys for Canada The ED was angry and thought it was Nigeria He locked the babe in the house give am the beating of her life
She call police Na so Canada deport that guy And banned him for 15 years from coming to Canada

that serves him right
Family / Re: FCMB MD, Adam Nuru In Sex Scandal - Business Live by freedomchild: 7:08am On Jan 02
Just as women will remain sex objects ad infinitum, men will also remain “success objects”.

I only feel sorry for men that genuinely think a woman can love and stay loyal to them just for being handsome and “smart”.

I also feel bad for ugly hardworking women that would never find true love.

If you're going to marry a hot woman, make sure you can handle what comes with it. Beautiful women have the right to choose (whether married or not) the best man that can guarantee financial security for them after passing their prime.

As a beautiful woman, don't waste your youth with a loser, there's no dignity in poverty.
As a man, hustle o. Build yourself. Even if you're shortsighted, red pill with an empty pocket cannot get you a top-quality punna.

RIP to the dead.
you're right

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Religion / Re: Winners Chapel, Canaanland - The Most Beautiful Church In Nigeria? (Pics, Video) by freedomchild: 9:34pm On Dec 27, 2020
that's the kind of stuff we brag about in this God forsaken shit hole. If all these churches were industries, Naija would've been a better place.
Romance / Re: How Did You React To Your First Breakup?and How Did You Handle It? by freedomchild: 6:03am On Nov 10, 2020
I met this girl back in my Year 1 in Uniuyo those days. I really loved her but she started acting funny. I was blinded by stupid love even with the signs she showed me. She no gree come my place, she no gree go out with me because she knows I can tolerate anything in the relationship. I'll be the one to visit her, call her most times. I managed to assist her academically. We stopped talking after our year 1..I finally broke up with her when I saw her in year 3. (we were in the same level but diff department). I tried to reconcile with her but she just shocked me by saying she took me as an ordinary friend. kaaiii.. I left her.. I was down. I faced my studies till final year when I took the redpill and banged 4 girls without remorse.. Till this day, I don't take any relationship seriously. I'm done with service but something doing.. Hmmm. When a girl finds that you love her more than she does and you show it, that relationship is in problem. My current girl respects and loves me because I already made know indirectly that I can do without her..
Politics / Re: Governor Wike Dares IPOB Members To Harass Him Whenever He Travels To Europe by freedomchild: 7:50pm On Nov 02, 2020
If wike be strong man, make him go abroad the kind beating ipob go give am ehn, e go pass him cult initiation beating..
Politics / Re: FG To Matawalle: We Own The Gold Deposits In Zamfara- PICTURES & VIDEO by freedomchild: 10:16pm On Oct 11, 2020
Matawale: Salamu alaikum Buhari Baba, I comfirm I geti goll for my flace

Buhari: Goll shocked

Matawale: Yawa tongue

Buhari: Fedral Government I get every Goll , State I no get Goll

Matawale: State I get , I dey keef Goll naira baba

Buhari: Barawo I be , Make I no cause wahala for ya flace, Make I handoffer Goll for ya state for Federal
Matawale: I keef this Gold I no dey gife federal , Bab wahala Baba.

Buhari: Shekau I go send remofe am

Matawale: Baba, Shekau ko
Buhari ( Cut off the phone) Danboroba sad
lwkmd.. una go kee person with laugh..
Crime / Re: Man Invites Gang Members To Rob Abuja Neighbour by freedomchild: 3:35pm On Oct 11, 2020
Even the bible says, your mouth can build or destroy you. Success and advantages attract envy and jealousy which directly leads to hate and evil. One guy who won a huge sum of money through betnaija was poisoned sometime ago around my during celebration with friends. Change your circle of friends when you change levels. Envy IS REAL.. You never know what the next person around you thinks of you.

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Romance / Re: Four Reasons Why House Helps Sleep With Their Bosses by freedomchild: 5:36am On Sep 29, 2020
another reason is if the couple make noisy lovemaking and she eventually hears it. If the husband has big gbola, she'll eventually want to taste also. Some house maids can be jealous of their madam.
Family / Re: Wives Living In Nigeria And Husbands Abroad: My Encounter by freedomchild: 6:08am On Sep 26, 2020
relationships like this take patience and understanding to survive
Politics / Re: Insurgents Using Illegal Mining To Finance Banditry – Military by freedomchild: 7:07am On Aug 27, 2020
A New Metal has been added to Chemistry
Name: Woman
Symbol: Wm
Atomic mass: Light when first found... tends to get
heavier with time.
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES - Boils at any time - Can freeze at any time
- Melts if treated with love
- Very Bitter if Mishandled
- Very Reactive - Highly Unstable
- Possesses Strong Affinity towards Gold, Silver, Diamond, Platinum, Credit cards, Debit cards & Cheque
- Money Reducing Agent
OCCURRENCE Mostly found in front of the Mirror.
It's highly flammable when mixed with in-laws.
It has mixed properties when seated with parents. # Very harmful to you if she sees you with any
element similar to itself!
Please circulate to all scientists
lol.. nice creation
Politics / Re: Dr. Chris Ngige Dances To Zoro's Music At A Ceremony (Photos, Video) by freedomchild: 6:32pm On Jul 24, 2020
Ngige correct man. V. I. man
Romance / Re: What Is The Largest Age Gap Between You And Someone You Dated? by freedomchild: 8:08am On Jul 24, 2020
mine is 5 years and we're currently dating. It has been the best so far. I'm currently through with service while the girl is in final year. We studied the same course but in different schools. She's my spec and I might marry her if everything fall in place
Crime / Re: Missing Lagos Nurse Found Chilling In Osun Hotel by freedomchild: 7:23am On Jul 16, 2020
She need 'am' sha.
Romance / Re: Which Is The Easiest Phase Of Life To Have Sex? University, Streets Or NYSC by freedomchild: 9:01pm On Jul 13, 2020
To me uni is a goal.
As a pharmacy student back then, I banged and romanced some girls especially in my final year when I'm certain I'll graduate. Some of my classmates professed love for me but I stylishly decline until my final year. I banged 4 girls just in final year. I was banging one aunty like that till my induction. she was even calling me after I left the city. Uyo was a goal.
During my NYSC, I focused on building my newly found business. Girl matter wasn't in my agenda. I even got some green lights as a pharmacist corp member but no time.
I'll say that Uni is the place easy to bang girls. In NYSC you might be occupied and focused with thoughts and plans to follow after your service.

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