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Politics / Re: Bayelsa Election: 13 Things To Know About David Lyon by freedomchild: 6:31am On Nov 18
I'm not a fan of APC but i think PDP had failed Bayelsans for years. As they try another party, let's watch there performance. There is nothing as constant as change

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Education / Re: Which Popular Person Attended Your Secondary School? by freedomchild: 10:47am On Nov 15
Government College, Umuahia.. The great men include 1) Chinua Achebe the great author 2)Laz Ekwueme a great actor 3)The minister of education during Obasanjo's tenure. I've forgotten his name 4)Dr Orji uzor Kalu former Gov of Abia State 5)Chukwueze the great super eagle's player 6)Elechi Amadi

and host of others
Crime / Re: Okada Rider Clashes With A Physically-Challenged Bus Driver In Lagos (Photos) by freedomchild: 11:10am On Nov 09

How safe is it, when a man meant to be driving a wheelchair is driving a whole bus in a busy, dangerous megacity, plus the tendency that the bus could be faulty.

Each moment spent on this side of the planet, the indwellers are exposed to new levels of risk especially for people in places like Lagos.

I always knew that Nigerians are specially protected by special set of Guardian Angels because if village people are really that active plus the high level of risks inherent of the country, the mortality rate would have been more than Hiroshima.
looool.. this your comment dey trip me

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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Replies Justice Binta Nyako Suggesting Prison To Be Safest For Him by freedomchild: 4:15pm On Nov 01
reply well deserved
Imaging a presiding judge making such unguarded utterances just because she wants to please some people above. Well, the country is in a total mess and her judiciary shouldn't be an exception

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Religion / Re: Six Wrong Reasons For Attending Church by freedomchild: 11:07am On Oct 27
Blah blah blah. Is it ur own body ni?
this your post eh
Science/Technology / Re: China's Mission To Mars 2021: Unveils Spacecraft, Vehicles And Mock Base (Pics) by freedomchild: 7:48am On Oct 12
china is in a world of its own.. as far as one nigeria is concerned, we will never achieve this even in a million years

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Romance / Re: How Can I Cut This Guy Off Without Hurting His Feelings? by freedomchild: 5:04am On Oct 10
hahaha...which one is best picture again? you mean your other filtered pictures? ..no amount of filter can make u look good sef... see head like Coconut, boobs con be like agbalumo seed.. Choi
��� lwkmd
Politics / Re: Anthony Sani: Stop Using IPOB Threaten North Over 2023 Presidency by freedomchild: 8:50am On Oct 07


Bookmark my post

Nigeria will end 2031 if the Igbos or SS are denied power after the North has done 2 terms
2031 is even far but lets keep it that time

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Travel / Re: If Nigerians Are So Smart, Why Isnt Nigeria Developed? by freedomchild: 2:18pm On Oct 05
bros if you are smart you would have decoded what was happening. The current nigeria benefits the west and our leaders. So they work in tandem. U think dino melaye will empower his village instead of buying cars He won't because during election he can buy their votes for 1k each. When the west were conquering africa any kingdom those on ground could not beat. The british empire sent naval warships and reinforcements to defeat or make them surrender.

Read this peace by lord lugard. Out of all races the black man is the most back ward. Go to jamiaca or haiti its same story. See what whites did in south africa.

Lord Lugard, the former governor-general of Nigeria, in 1926, wrote his unfiltered thought about Nigerians. From his book, The Dual Mandates, come these excerpts: "In character and temperament, the typical African of this race-type is a happy, thriftless, excitable person, lacking in self-control, discipline, and foresight. Naturally courageous, and naturally courteous and polite, full of personal vanity, with little sense of veracity, fond of music and loving weapons as an oriental loves jewellery. His thoughts are concentrated on the events and feelings of the moment, and he suffers little from the apprehension for the future or grief for the past. His mind is far nearer to the animal world than that of the European or Asiatic, and exhibits something of the animals' placidity and want of desire to rise beyond the state he has reached.

"Through the ages, the African appears to have evolved no organised religious creed, and though some tribes appear to believe in a deity, the religious sense seldom rises above pantheistic animalism and seems more often to take the form of a vague dread of the supernatural. He lacks the power of organisation, and is conspicuously deficient in the management and control alike of men or business. He loves the display of power, but fails to realize its responsibility - he will work hard with a less incentive than most races. He has the courage of the fighting animal, an instinct rather than a moral virtue. In brief, the virtues and defects of his race -type are those of attractive children, whose confidence when it is won is given ungrudgingly as to an older and wiser superior and without envy. Perhaps, the two traits which have impressed me as those most characteristic of the African native are his lack of apprehension and his lack of ability to visualize the future"

Even in uk, usa , canada indians and chinese are setting up companies to bring their people over. A black man would not do that. So bros we are not smart as a unit. Many voted buhari cos he was a muslim and fulani in the north. But wont vote an intellect like moghalu because he is igbo and has no funds to share. Bros wake up
wonderful.... i want to like this post a thousand times
Travel / Re: If Nigerians Are So Smart, Why Isnt Nigeria Developed? by freedomchild: 2:09pm On Oct 05
What Nigerians call smartness, would most times turn out to be total disresgard for the next person, basic etiquette, moral values, laws or rules and regulations.

A Nigerian will drive one way, get to the front- return to the correct lane and feel like a sharp guy.

A Nigerian will jump the queue, luckily they get attended to by whoever after dropping N200. They come back to you that is standing on the queue like a sane human being and tell you that you are not STREET SMART. So, you fit sleep here today o...Truly you might sleep there.

Na this kind smartness we dey exhibit most times. Majority of us are guilty of one or more. Not our fault sha, it is the kind of smartness you need to survive in a third world country, where everything-including the government is working against you.

The people that are BOOK SMART (we call them efiko and even demonise them), we stereotype them as clumsy and timid- NOT STREET SMART. The ones going about their businesses jejely are not left out from the above stereotype.

That is why when we go to countries where normal humans are, we complain it is slow, boring...etc. We have to relearn to live, because we have only been existing/surviving in the jungle we hopped on the plane from.
one of the best comments this year

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Romance / Re: Share Your Mumu Experience With A Lady by freedomchild: 11:16am On Oct 05
Mine was in ss3 oo ,There was this girl I liked then ,so I decided to shoot my shot as a novice who was ignorant of his own naivety considering the fact that I was one of the biggest boys in class having girls BUT this particular one I really liked her.
So I called her we talked normal ,we kept talking well for like a week then I made the GREATEST MISTAKE ever I told her "I LOVE You" chai! That is were I bleeped up eeeeh! This girl seeing that I have fallen for her yakata considering my big boy status in class started feeling funky behaving anyhow and she collaborated with other girls in class then who were crushing on me seriously so my people see ALLIED subtle scorning ,to her it was fun to the other girls they were acting out of the usual girl jealousy.
By then I really liked this girl so the mumu button even without being pressed started working ,My people ,It was Valentine's day ,so she send she wanted us to go out ,Omo I lied to my father before hand that We need 7k for Waec stuffs and registration ,You know the usual whining of parents now.
So the day came I took her out ,I have already planned that Las Las she go confirm my status as the "biggest boy in class with too much swagger" we reached there my people I spent the whole 7k there ooo , no kiss no nothing I wasn't expecting any sef. Omo the next day castings come dey sup every were sey "Jennifer chop me 7k" chai! I was down eeeeh that shit really got to me DEEP upon that when I confronted her ,she shouted at me on top of but luckily we were alone.
So that heartbreak too much I managed to keep my cool and act as if nothing happened deep down I was dying ,I couldn't even tell my close cartel men then because is was the "TOUGH guy they looked up to me for Orientation" about getting girls so crying to them or telling them would hurt my status .So I took it all alone ooo even that very weekend my mother complained that I looked sickly and pale I told her it was malaria.
Then that weekend I tried calling that girl and even sending her messages ,she no reply me ooo at that juncture I remembered who I was after all the most respected Guy in SS3 ,imagine being rubbished by a girl chai! I had to give myself sense by force, so I stopped calling .
Monday I came to school acted normal ,the girl thought I would come to her as usual ,I just maintained it was hard ooo but with the guys around I never went to her , Gradually days and weeks passed at that juncture I was getting over her becoming cold at heart towards her ,she noticed it and then started doing "notice me" for me I no even send her by then I was now rolling with one other very beautiful and most intelligent girl then in our own class the girl had been crushing on me since but I no send her but I just started liking her.
When trying to get my attention failed she became more desperate eeeh meanwhile some of those her friends were even writing me letters secretly ooo I was just chopping them one by one on a low-key. But that Jennifer in particular I just went cold towards her to the point she was my practical mate in chemistry for the first time I looked her in the eye my heart didn't beat. She sef saw the coldness in my eyes .
The next day very early in the morning she wrote me a letter kept it in my desk before I even came to school telling me she wants us to talk by then my main babe started noticing her strange over niceness to me and Drew the battle line grin. So during sports we met babe went down on her knees begging me crying but deep down I now saw her as a piece of shit a prey to my coming mental and emotional torture the most wicked and brutal it all. I gave her very wicked conditions she desperately accepted lmao grin at that juncture she signed up for the most brutal and wicked EMOTIONAL and Mental torture which lasted for 2years even after we left secondary School.
Till today that girl still sticks around she always like " Chuka you are the most wicked guy I have ever meet and will ever meet you destroyed my heart and distabilized my Emotions at a very young stage" according to her even till today the effect of those psychological torture affects her relationships till date. But I don't care she should have left me entirely when she broke my heart then but NO her want for CONQUEST and COMPETITION drove her into my doom dimension cheesy. We are still friends though but she still likes me even though she hates me ,I don't even know sef cheesy.
NOTE: The worst thing that can happen to any man is trying to use money to get a lady , BELIEVE me you have just opened the doors of all kinds of Evil and Manipulations. Don't show your spending power If she go leave she go leave if she go stay she go stay NEVER try to impress with money NEVER! *Redpills*.
i feel your pain guy
Education / Re: Model Secondary School Nsukka, Enugu State, Emerges Fg’s 2019 Educational Award by freedomchild: 6:10am On Oct 04
The only thing they don't win in the East is political appointments.

Only the North win that one.
Because of quota system.. without it some regions are as dead as carcasses


Education / Re: Model Secondary School Nsukka, Enugu State, Emerges Fg’s 2019 Educational Award by freedomchild: 6:08am On Oct 04
When it comes to education, the east is leading, just a little above the west and Nigerdelta... Igbo amaka

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Politics / Re: Why Vessels Avoid Eastern Ports — NPA Boss by freedomchild: 4:09am On Sep 26
The main reason is due to shallowness of the seas to accommodate large vessels.
other reasons are mere propaganda

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Meet Mike Edwards' Mother (Photos) by freedomchild: 5:20am On Sep 24
Chei see Peter on and Paul still standing firm on her chest. E be like sey the woman no give her children breastmilk when she dey young. If the woman give me the thing walahi I go do without any hesitation, if Mike like make he shoot me
If this woman catch you for bed ehn, she go wine of your dick with her rides.. Only a very strong big dick fit hammer her well and she go feel am
Politics / Re: Nigeria Detained Children As Young As Five Over Boko Haram Links - The Guardian by freedomchild: 10:33am On Sep 22
As far as Igbo child is not there, that's non of my business. One Nigerianists should fight for them
Politics / Re: UN Report On Violent Conflicts In Nigeria Disappointing –presidency by freedomchild: 4:27am On Sep 21
I stand with the UN report..... Bleep the delusional govermment of Nigeria

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Religion / Re: 10 Richest Pastors In The World And Their Cars by freedomchild: 8:14am On Sep 18
The very essence of religion has been compromised.

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Travel / Re: Dr. Patience Tsavnande Dies In Accident In Benue [photo] by freedomchild: 11:57am On Sep 16
sad occurence indeed. Accident has wasted a lot of important lives in this country though most of accidents are preventable


Romance / Re: Wife Ties Husband Up And Chops Off His Manhood (photo) by freedomchild: 6:09pm On Sep 11
women and prick.. when a man is fighting with a woman, her main target would be his dick. But the way they form, you'll think they don't like it..


Crime / Re: Man Commits Suicide As Wife Refuses To Have Sex With Him In Delta (Photos) by freedomchild: 4:25pm On Aug 27
Such a stupid decision... all because of a pussy other people enjoyed before it got to his turn

Well, a part of my mind doubts this story

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: Girls Open Legs, Guys Open Hearts. by freedomchild: 11:43am On Aug 25
This is highly educative... Ubunja fire on..

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Politics / Re: Anambra’ll Soon Overtake Lagos As Top Investment Destination, Obiano Boasts by freedomchild: 5:02am On Aug 22
it's possible but with adequate infrastructure, planning and commitment.. I see a major developmental boost in the South East in the future and it has gradually started..

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Romance / Re: Why Do Men Think Widowed Women Are Prostitutes? by freedomchild: 12:35pm On Aug 18
Many times when a woman loses her husband to death, some unknown or little known friends of d late husbands and other neighbours /male colleagues start been good to d woman, trying to start sleeping with them ,rather than purely helping them or getting them remarried. This brings up d question "are women who lose their husbands not entitled to be married again? are they suppose to turn themselves to prostitutes overnight just because that's what men want?
When a woman loses her husband especially when she's young and good looking, men will start making advances to her. Even women whose husbands are still alive are being wooed talk more of young widows. We are in a society where women are considered as sex objects by men. Most young widows detest these men. That's why they resort to having secret affairs with only a young man she fancies around her as she needs to be satisfied until she finds someone who can remarry her. The truth is that genuine and honest help is very rare in our present day society. Ingratitude is the major reason many people don't wanna help without benefits

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Politics / Re: Police Killing: DHQ Orders Taraba Battalion To Produce Wadume by freedomchild: 8:12am On Aug 13
Wadume has left this shithole since Adam... All I see is eye service.. The purpose for the whole scenario has been achieved.. Wadume got some damaging secrets

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Romance / Re: Help! I'm Emotionally Wrecked! by freedomchild: 8:03pm On Aug 12
My young bro, take heart. The sad truth is, she has found someone better, and you should accept it even if you do not feature in the picture. It's about emotional maturity and letting this just be.

Your next step is to give yourself time, as time has a way of healing things. You'll pass through it, and you'll like yourself better after this. I experienced something you passed through when I was 18, and felt even worse than you, but I was naive, innocent, and didnt understood the timeless truth of female nature, keeping attraction, and stimulating the relationship sustainably. Looking back those times, I could see clearly the mistake I made, and I've refined myself to a point that such could not happen again. And in the unlikely scenario that it does, well, a replacement is around the corner. You should do the same.

It seems to me that your relationship with her is your job, you specialized in loving her and treating her as the best thing, while ignoring your own personal growth. Listen attentively, women DO NOT want to be your goal. They want to be part/beneficiary of it, not the goal. You treated her nice and gave her everything to the best of your ability and probably didn't focus on your growth, and compete with other men in the free world.

You were too available, making you appear as someone with female scarcity, with no option and not a real catch. Also, pursuing her even after her formal declaration for relationship withdrawal is something that men with no options do. You cannot beg a woman into a relationship with you, it's an instant attraction killer. You attract and keep her with the lifestyle you've built for yourself, and the man you've developed yourself to be.

Remember the biblical story of when God told Adam (after eating the forbidden fruit from Eve), that henceforth he would toil the ground for food and survival, and cursed Eve that she will suffer doing child birth? The true meaning of this story is that as a man, you have to be out there hustling, pursuing your goal and fulfilling your dreams, as no woman want to be for a man that is not out there toiling the ground.

She dont want to cry during child birth for man with no purpose, and be amother to his kids. Whether you believe in this story or not, you may comb any other religion, culture, science, and just observe the world around you, you would see that your value as a man is by being resourceful. Women are made, men are born. You see where a woman automatically becomes a first lady or a queen just because her husband is a president or a king? But it doesn't work in the opposite direction, there is no first firstman for the husband of a female president. You should know that women are rewarded for being women, all she has to do is look beautiful, and men and society will reward her. For a man, you must build yourself to be rewarded by women and society.

You're almost depressed (that's if you're not), because you are not pursuing things in the real world that would make her wonder why you do not call her always, that even if she breaks up with you, you're too busy achieving and breaking through to even feel an inch of her jilting you. She is at a stage of her life with male abundance, she wont do anything special and men will find her attracted and seek her commitment. All she has to do is sit back and choose, and if she left you for someone else, it means the other guys playing their game better. Loving her is not playing, buying her gift is not playing, but to play, you must develop yourself to be a good catch. That your presence is enough for her to find you attractive. Any man can save, spend and impress, but not every man is a top dog.

That even if she breaks up with you, in the back of mind, she knows there are younger and far beautiful women out there waiting to take her place, and will question herself if she can get a man in the same calibre as you. Do you think Davido will be worried if Chioma decides to leave him? Davido will laugh at her because he knows that she will be dead lucky to meet a man in his status, and she knows this as well. In every relationship, many young boys are clouded with feelings and love without understanding the power dynamics that is ever present and playing in the background.

I hope you get well, but remember this, you will never loose women chasing money (interpret it as goals, achievements, purpose etc), but you'll always loose money chasing women. Men compete with other men for success, women compete with other women for successful men. If you do not have women competing for your commitment, then you've either not reached there yet, or you're doing it wrong.

Goodluck young blood.
you nailed it bro.. I've learnt from this toi
Romance / Re: "Marry Me Or I Die"— Lady Faints "Repeatedly" On A Busy Road In Lagos (Photos) by freedomchild: 8:15pm On Aug 09
The gal be like .. Uncle you must continue to hammer me forever oh. You can't leave me now or person go die

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Celebrities / Re: Efia Odo: “Ghanaians Like Sex, They Like It Too Much” by freedomchild: 7:03pm On Aug 04

Ghanaians do not like sex that much...they are only less hypocritical about it.

Unlike religion-centered Nigeria which is made up of undercover perverts, nymphos and depraved souls who eat, breathe and think sex yet are too pious to talk about it.

Well, except me.
true talk.. naija is the headquarters of hypocrisy


Crime / Re: Eight People Die In Enugu As A Result Of Generator Fumes (Disturbing Photos) by freedomchild: 10:50am On Jul 23
I don't know why I find it difficult to believe this story. I don't know why


Politics / Re: Buhari Aide, Garba Shehu Mocks Oby Ezekwesili Asked "What Is Oby?" by freedomchild: 8:59pm On Jul 21
What is Garba..... A short word for Garbage


Crime / Re: 29-Year-Old Man Rapes 15-Year-Old Girl In Delta (Photos) by freedomchild: 6:26pm On Jul 20

I've always been sceptical about these activists; from Emeka Ugwuonye to this one.
Just surprised that Harrison despite all his awareness on the rape scourge and the abundance of predators left a vulnerable girl all alone in his house.

What was a 15 year old girl even doing in his house in the first place? Who would have even thought he'd be neighbors with a rapist.

Like they say,
"Show me your acquaintances and I'd tell you who you are".

Till then, good evening Nairaland.
welcome back man.... Nairaland savage master


Education / Re: EKSU Finally Produces First Set Of Medical Students by freedomchild: 8:42am On Jul 20
pumping out healthcare professionals without corresponding house jobs talk more of permanent jobs.. Many of them might stay long before getting house job or bribe there way in.. No wonder our healthcare system are filled with money mongers without professionalism.. I stayed almost one year without getting house job not because I didn't do well in the interviews but because I didn't bribe my way in..


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