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Career / Re: Captain Segun Omole Retires After 40 Years Of Flying, Gets Celebrated (Pics) by freezy(m): 9:46pm On Jun 13, 2019

Jolly Papa is still flying.

Still with Arik. I'll assume he is doing more of local routes now.

Is this Jolly Papa ?

Will surely miss him .
Crime / Re: Why Fulani Herdsmen killed Over 86 People In Plateau – Miyetti Allah by freezy(m): 3:18pm On Jun 25, 2018

Buhary till 2045.
Nairaland / General / Re: Taxify Drivers Protest In Lagos: "We Are Not Rapists, We Need Respect" (Photos) by freezy(m): 4:19pm On Feb 01, 2018
Sole... Smh

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Politics / Re: Omokri 'Opens' Bank Account For Amaechi, For Nigerians Owing Him To Pay by freezy(m): 10:07am On May 08, 2017
The account number is not NUBAN compliant...
Business / Re: CBN Extends Stamp Duty Collection To Savings Accounts by freezy(m): 11:16am On Jan 03, 2017
This is irresponsible journalism. CBN released a circular specifying collection from current accounts. Any collection outside current accounts should be deemed illegal and clarifications sought from CBN. CBN did not release any circular extending this to savings account. Banks doing so are being ridiculous. The bank accounts I operate have not being charged stamp duty


Someone with sense.

Absolute blabberdash from punch.


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Jobs/Vacancies / Urgent Vacancies. by freezy(m): 5:05pm On Nov 24, 2016
Hello everyone.

Urgent Vacancies

1.Telecoms/Protocol Officer. 2. Store Supervisor 3. Insurance Officer. 1 year experience. BSc./HND. 2/2 Lower Credit. Salary up to 100k/month or more depending on experience. Please send CV to niyifreeze@gmail.com by 12 noon tomorrow.

Thank you.
Romance / Re: Lagos Guys Are Becoming Gold Diggers by freezy(m): 7:41pm On Mar 10, 2016

Habaaaa na wa o

Me I am not proud o!

I like the picture die, I come like you too join.

I don't like stories or too much English either... (Who English don epp??)

Drink jare...? Just lemme know when you are ready

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Romance / Re: Lagos Guys Are Becoming Gold Diggers by freezy(m): 6:30pm On Mar 10, 2016
I'm quite disappointed seeing the way guys in lagos behave these days! This thread is based on stories i'v heard from friends and my experience as well.

Recently a friend in access bank borrowed her boyfriend 800k to start a business but got the shocking news that her boyfriend of 3years has eloped to UK without a trace.

As a pretty tall lady I get to have a lot of these guys as "toasters" even though i'm not always interested but I always have one or 2 things to add to my smartness. These are the questions an average lagos guy ask these days:

1) where do you live? Island or mainland
Once they hear lekki, oniru, ajah the next question is "do u live alone" if the answer is no, you would instantly see the disappointment but if it's yes, the next question is "when am I visiting, hope u cook well, is it a flat or self-con, I would sleep over o......... undecided you can imagine!

2) where do you work? If they hear kpmg,gtb,acceSs, chevron etc instantly they become available for dating! They discharge any side chick to avoid complications as they wouldn't have to spend a dime on you.

If they hear: sorry i'm an applicant or a company that pays 40k e go be later for that babe

3) Do u have a car? Dude seriously? U wanna be driving my car? I buy fuel with my hard earned money while you park yours and you think i'm gonna release my keys to you to tour round lagos? Have a re-think.

4) what's your net worth? How much do you have in your account? How much do they pay you! Trust me they have other ways to check. I once dated a guy who called his cousin in my company to confirm how much I earn. Next thing he started complaining about low funds,how he needed to get a house bla bla bla. I kicked his ass to the curbs!

5) what do your parents do? Are they retired? Does your dad have companies? How many are you guys? Are u the first daughter(to know if u entitled to properties) how many cars do they have? Does your dad play gulf? Is he a member of polo club? undecided no be only polo club na palmwine drinkers club e dey, rubbish!

Have you been out of the country before?? Yes dude i'v been to Somalia, that's abroad as well undecided

Ladies who have no experience in relationship matters or those who are blinded by love tend to talk too much and become victims of these scammers. Next thing u hear is baby we must get married this year, I must settle down with you, this is my last bus stop, u are everything I want in a woman, meeeeen u'v got class babe, and the mumu would be blushing and putting his pics on BlackBerry and instagram with #mybooforages

Fast forward 3months later, u start hearing stories like I borrowed the ediot 300k he eloped, he took my 500k and when I asked he threatened to release my nude pictures etc

So these days it's all a game,the smart ones scale through! It not just ladies who do all that,guys have now adopted this new style and a lot get away with it. So y'all should not come here weeping and wailing about ladies, guys now have a degree in gold digging although some just enrolled in the university of gold diggers, others now have masters and phd.


You are cute!

Can I buy you a drink?


Politics / Re: FG Announces Dates For Ocholi's Funeral by freezy(m): 4:14pm On Mar 09, 2016
When is DSP Alamesigha going to be buried?


Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce's Mother, Brothers & Sisters + PHOTOS by freezy(m): 9:02am On Feb 17, 2016
Where is number 8? undecided
Culture / Re: Photos From The Burial Of Alfred Akawe-Torkula by freezy(m): 1:48pm On Feb 04, 2016
When is Diepiriye Alamesigha going to be buried? undecided
Jokes Etc / Re: LOLZ! by freezy(m): 6:23pm On Feb 02, 2016
haha u cn wed under water not a bad idea Dou grin

Extra Fine geh. Where are you?
Politics / Re: Jonathan: 'Don't Handover', An African Leader Urged Me After I Lost by freezy(m): 5:37pm On Feb 02, 2016
No African leader told that joker anything.

He should just shut up already.

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Business / Russia's Ruble Hits All-time Low Against The Dollar by freezy(m): 6:03pm On Jan 21, 2016
Moscow - The ruble hit a historic low on Wednesday as the dollar climbed past the 80.

1 rubles level for the first time, exceeding the levels seen during the shock plunge of the Russian currency in December 2014.

After a day of relative calm, the ruble resumed its downward spiral, breaking through the previous record low it hit on December 16, 2014, as oil prices, key to Russia's economy, test 12-year lows.

The ruble was also trading at 87.
6 against the euro as Asian and European markets suffered another rout.

Gas and oil account for more than a half of the Russian budget revenues.

"The market will be generally driven by global economic sentiment, which does not exactly look hopeful at the moment," Alfa Bank said in a note to clients on Wednesday.

In December 2014, the Russian currency crashed to unprecedented lows, trading at over 80 rubles to the dollar and 100 to the euro.

Western sanctions over the Kremlin's support for the separatist insurgency in Ukraine have all but closed access to foreign borrowing for Russia and exacerbated the crisis.

The worsening economic outlook amid falling oil prices presents a serious challenge for President Vladimir Putin, whose pact with voters has been based on years of economic stability and relative prosperity.
The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday downgraded its forecast for Russia, predicting that the country's economy would contract by 1 percent this year.

The IMF warned that slower Chinese growth, a stronger US dollar, the collapse in oil prices and political turmoil could all wreak further havoc in struggling economies like Russia's.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said that while the government will seek to honour its social obligations, it will have to "considerably cut" spending.

Igor Nikolayev, director of the FBK Grant Thornton Institute of Strategic Analysis, said the plunge in the ruble did not bode well for the economy as it exacerbated financial risk, leading to lower investment.

"Even an ordinary person already understands -- if the ruble falls, prices will grow and life will become harder.

Politics / How Peter Obi Killed APC In The East by freezy(m): 10:52pm On Jan 12, 2016

Enugu State. My state. My home. Igboland. My fatherland. It was Peter Obi who buried APC in Igbo land when he claimed that Fashola deported Igbos. He went on air, sensationalized it. Good job. Igbo youths lapped on it. Jonathan and PDP were all smiles and Obi was hailed for a job well done. He quickly joined the party on leaving office as was planned out. APGA, the alleged Igbo party was dumped and left to crumble. Ojukwu had died. The new Igbo party was PDP. The plan was going well. Jonathan would win election and our brothers would continue chopping on our behalf. The Grand plan was for 2017. Oil blocks allocations would expire in 2017 and there would be fresh allocations. Boys were positioning themselves for the greatest cake. Dasuki released 500m to Jim for Igbo elders.

They did a perfect job. In churches Buhari was branded antichrist and anti-Christians whose ambitions were to islamize the east and persecute Christians. Prayer points were raised and brethren fasted against his emergence. Jonathan was sent by God and only his emergence would save the church. Brethren spoke in tongue and prophesied. Anyone who ever prophesied anything contrary to Jonathan winning was branded antichrist and anti-Igbo. Jonathan was Igbo, our brother. Ndi Hausa hate us so much. Buhari wrote Ohaneze severally to pay them a visit. No one as much as acknowledged his letter not to talk of inviting him. What's the point? Our son is running and he's gonna win anyways. APC was outcast and taboo in the land. At the election the elders dutifully allocated 500,000 votes to Jonathan, maybe at 1000naira per vote. And 15,000 votes to Buhari. This was Igbo project remember. By 2017 Igbo sons would own oil blocks on our behalf. All seemed to be going well. Except that men without ears didn't think that God had the final say. Suddenly, like the great titanic, everything went wrong! Our brother didn't win after all! Wow. What next? They started shouting persecution. Ana emegbu ndi igbo.

Can't y'all see his appointment? I told you! We need Biafra! We never really wanted Nigeria. We only managed to take part in the election. We want Biafra! Our brothers in the Niger Delta will join us and we will get Biafra. Let's just own all the oil blocks at once. Again things didn't go as expected. Wike first threw the first stone. He warned against any Biafra rubbish. One after the other, our so called brothers, denied us again. They ain't part of any Biafra business. Wow. I thought we fought for this people? We gave Jonathan our all. We actually threw away Igbo ambitions for these people? Wow. This is happening again. They did it in old Biafra. Now again. Na wao. What next? And Buhari is arresting people up and down. Nwobodo has been named. Who next?

Uche Ekwunife has been sacked at the court. Na wao. Wahala de o. Uche, with the endorsement of Peter Obi, that same Peter has finally joined that same APC, the anti-Igbo Islamic party. She has to go back to Senate. Tony Nwoye is set to join. But that's not the main gist. Our father, Senator Jim Nwobo, first executive governor of old Anambra state, the godfather of Enugu state, founding member and the biggest chieftain of PDP, a member of the yam eating Dasuki committee of eminent Nigerians, yesterday, in company of another former Enugu Senator, walked into stakeholders meeting of the APC in Enugu and declared loyalty. He has joined the "Islamic" party.

Finally. Who's the fool here? Igbo youths! Y'all put your businesses on the line. You were ready to go to war in Lagos. You risked your families and livelihood for these men. They lied to you and you believed them. They now use you the way northern elders use their youths. They call you out at will and endanger your lives. They tell you it's because of the Igbo. Did they do our roads? Nope. Did they provide infrastructure? Did they create more jobs to employ our teeming qualified graduates? Did they improve our schools? They did nothing. They don't have our interests at heart. It's always all about their pockets. As old as elder Jim is, he still decamps up and down. Men without ears, men without shame.

Yet we defend them. We protect them with our lives. Why brothers, why. See the western youths calling out almighty Olu Falae. See the northern youths calling out the princely Dasuki. But we? No way! These men are eating on our behalf; we must attack anyone who calls their name. In fact, we shall adopt any other accused person as ours and defend him no matter how he insulted the Igbo in the past. FFK is now our son. Who did this to us? Are we cursed or are we the cause? I repeat, the real enemies of Igbo land are our political leaders at present. Let us sack the enemies at home. We Igbos are blessed with intellectuals, why do we let charlatans lead us? 2019 is around the corner. Now is the time to start. My name is Mcginger Ibeneme, I just wanna bare my mind.


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Car Talk / Re: How Much Mileage Is Too Much Mileage? by freezy(m): 5:59pm On Jan 12, 2016

i dont doubt it, cuz she is married with 3 boys. so big ups to her and her hubby

but yours grin grin grin grin grin grin grin it probably looks like port harcourt owerri express way

No Offence grin grin grin grin grin

Officially, you are a goat. angry

How dare you make me laugh so hard that all my junior colleagues wondered what was wrong with me? grin grin cheesy

Jeez! You are sick, bro... Trust me. cheesy cheesy

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Bellcheque At Flavour Manager's Wedding, Sets It On Fire (pics) by freezy(m): 7:58am On Jan 08, 2016
Err...its an SX sir....puny, but effective in the right hands. E.g. Xclusive works with an SX.

Looking closely, I think you may be right.

Jog wheels on the SZ should be larger than that.

In the right hands, it'll do magic.

Folks wreak havoc with even the Numark Pro II.
Celebrities / Re: DJ Bellcheque At Flavour Manager's Wedding, Sets It On Fire (pics) by freezy(m): 10:31pm On Jan 07, 2016

I doubt if she knows how to use it. She could find several cheaper headphones with far more quality. The Ddj SZ is one of the best in the market. its likely she just splashed her money with no fvcking clue what some buttons use.

There is Studio, Mixr and etc but you choose solo 2...That is rather wack to me
You have a point jare. But cheesy grin cheesy You are vexing o. I've had to use a phone's earpiece once... emergency situation though. But it got the job done. But like you said, I do doubt she knows how to use it. Watched DJ Cuppy on new year's day and I was sorely disappointed. Girl had no clue on reading her crowd. Good thing we dudes still boss 'em in this field sha. Cheers.
Celebrities / Re: DJ Bellcheque At Flavour Manager's Wedding, Sets It On Fire (pics) by freezy(m): 9:11pm On Jan 07, 2016
Nairaland Grandpas be like


A dJ that uses Beats Solo 2s to turntable at an event should not be taken seriously, LIke seriously Da FUQ?? undecided
She however has a Pioneer DDJ SZ right there... That's more than enough to take her serious. I just hope she knows how to use it. Just that I prefer to show pictures of my crowd grooving instead of myself posing all over the place without doing what I was brought there for.
Politics / Re: FG Declares Dec. 24, 25, 28 Public Holidays by freezy(m): 5:17pm On Dec 22, 2015

Let him go to work on that day, if he does not like it, nobody is forcing him.

grin grin
Politics / Re: FG Declares Dec. 24, 25, 28 Public Holidays by freezy(m): 3:45pm On Dec 22, 2015
That makes it 3 festivals you know.

See? You learnt something new

Your thinking capacity could be broader than you think...

Thank me later.

Politics / Re: FG Declares Dec. 24, 25, 28 Public Holidays by freezy(m): 3:40pm On Dec 22, 2015
I know of only two muslim holidays since I was born; Eid el Kabir and Eid el Malaud.

Why is the Islamist declaring another public holiday for muslims?

That is the Prophet's birthday. cheesy cheesy

You seem to have forgotten Id el Fitri... undecided
Travel / Re: The Man Who Caused A Scare At The Lagos Airport Today Pictured by freezy(m): 4:43pm On Dec 02, 2015
Blow out air whilst the plane remained static?

How was that achieved?

Pilot that cannot see the engine from his cockpit?

Damn Bloggers... angry
Politics / Re: Buhari Wake Up, Fuel Scarcity Is Reducing Productivity – Oby Ezekwesili by freezy(m): 3:55pm On Nov 25, 2015
She didn't say anything like that in the quotation. undecided

Oh... It is Trentonline grin grin
Career / Re: Revealed: Practices In Nigerian Banks That Will Shock You by freezy(m): 3:42pm On Nov 20, 2015
Oga O.P I know a couple who work in GTB, they got married in the same branch but the hubby was then transferred to Head Office today he is an AGM and the wife HOP in a branch here in Lagos.

Just a little test... Make his details available and lets forward it to GT Bank's HR. I should be able to locate one or 2 folks in there.

That should clarify if they are allowed to marry, yeh?

Career / Re: Revealed: Practices In Nigerian Banks That Will Shock You by freezy(m): 3:39pm On Nov 20, 2015
Doubt the OP at your own risk.

These practices are real.

You'll be shocked it is one of the criteria used when laying off in some Banks.

For fresh bankers who currently are flouting these rules one way or the other, get your staff handbook and study it religiously. It could be a life saver. There is a reason they tell you to attest with your signature that you have read and understood all that has been stated therein.

All the best, people.


Crime / Re: A Boy Knocked Down To Death [very Graphic Photos] by freezy(m): 1:27pm On Nov 17, 2015
The Boy In The Picture
Dou name his unidentified
He was said to be a student at Zero Limit Computers
He was said to be very talented
But he lost his life While Listening to Music with earpiece on the way
And got knocked down by a moving Truck

May his soul R.I.P sad

May untimely death never Be our portion
Did I Hear an Amen?

Amen... sad sad

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Politics / Re: Current Prime Minister Of Netherlands Mark Rutte On His Bicycle Riding To Work. by freezy(m): 12:51pm On Nov 17, 2015
Doubt that is Uhuru Kenyatta's convoy.

The convoy is definitely not African especially with the white folks at the wheels.

This is how Kenyatta rolls:


Do try to read the comments on that article.

Romance / Re: 5 Things To Remember Before Falling In Love!!! by freezy(m): 2:11pm On Nov 04, 2015
6] Love conquers all.
. When You Love someone some faults are hidden. Am not saying you should Let a Third Party in. But always try to Learn and Listen to other people's complaints about ur Partner
Sometimes they help you grow because there is always a " SENCE " in some " NONSENSE "

7] Love I not actually BLIND:
Love with your HEAD not Just Your HEART

8] Don't Date Who You Love:
SIMPLY Love who you Date

smiley smiley wink
Business / Re: Our Economy Has Taken A Nosedive – Ezekwesili by freezy(m): 9:44am On Oct 29, 2015
Did anyone notice that there's no news on the link?

Amazing...! shocked 5 pages of banter on non-existent news. undecided
Celebrities / Re: SEXY African Babe Set The Internet Blazing After Sharing Her Very Exp0sing Photo by freezy(m): 5:58pm On Oct 23, 2015
I am not leaving you o.

We are in this together.

Tell mummy I said 'Hello!'
Politics / Re: The Biafran Intention Exposed by freezy(m): 5:56pm On Oct 23, 2015
Dang. @Jpphilips

Learnt so much from you today.

Cheers mate...

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