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Education / Re: I Need Someone Very Good In Physics GOOD PAY For Two Hours by futurewise11(m): 10:02am On Dec 28, 2020
Hey guys, Please don’t waste my time or yours, this is a SAMPLE question, if you look at it right now and know how to approach it, then please send me an email to erdberry120@gmail.com so we can talk further. Thanks. English is in red.

Hmmmm...Becareful of what you Post online. Internet never forgets.
Education / Re: Let’s Discuss! If School Does Not Work Out, What Is Your Back Up Plan? by futurewise11(m): 2:28am On Dec 14, 2020
Here in Germany, the only thing they care about is "can you get the job done"? Yes...they test you..if you can ace the interview process, you have the job. Degrees only assist you in landing interview or getting hr attention of the company request it.

Many managers in amazon, facebook, google etc do not have a degree. Learn a skill..IT...networking, software development, PC repairs, software, learn excel(you cannot succeed in modern world without it).


Family / Re: My Wife Won't Cook For Our Guests. Please Advise Me by futurewise11(m): 5:11pm On Sep 03, 2020
I'm a man, I live in western world and can cook for 20 people without stress...I cook for my friends, family, birthday stuff etc...please Nairalanders what's the big deal about cooking that some people turn it to a big deal? You no live single life for lagos before? This is the type of wife that will say they cannot even cook for any husband family.....intact I enjoy cooking when am free and invite friends to come over..what's the point of marrying someone you cannot go to extra length for.....some men don suffer ooo. .thank God for my mother. Cooking, na my wife sef go run...mr man grow some balls.


Family / Re: My Wife Won't Cook For Our Guests. Please Advise Me by futurewise11(m): 5:05pm On Sep 03, 2020

Yes, but know that she will not be happy with this approach. You may have won the battle, but would have started a longer term war. Successful marriages take lots of give and take. Why must he win this particular issue? Especially at the expense of peace in the family? If he backs down and tells his wife that he will ask for a cancellation, she may reconsider. If she doesn't, at least she will appreciate the fact that her husband has consideration for her feelings and is looking out for her. The meeting is once in 20 months, he has to live with his wife everyday.

YOU ARE A WEAK MAN. You are really scared of your wife. War in the house u pay, wife u legally married, please grow some balls. Stand your ground and threaten her with whatever you have to....what nonsense..ordinary soup is wahala..your wife knows you are a weakling that's why hes playing you like ball.

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Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Ogun State To Stop Non-Essential Inter-State Movement From Monday by futurewise11(m): 2:43pm On Mar 29, 2020

Who're you describing as 'old and uneducated' ?

Lol, oga, Dapo Abiodun is well read - studied abroad but
did not take part in NYSC. That he submitted only WASC to INEC was
to avoid the NYSC controversy that consumed Kemi Adeosun


What's his age and mention the name of the university abroad?
Health / Re: Covid-19 : See What Germany Is Doing (photos) by futurewise11(m): 8:16am On Mar 29, 2020
No wonder people are running to Germany
U are doing well.
Who knows a school in lagos that teaches German language?

Goethe institute...lagos Island opposite st nicholas hospital.
Politics / Re: Coronavirus: Ogun State To Stop Non-Essential Inter-State Movement From Monday by futurewise11(m): 7:57am On Mar 29, 2020
Our able and proactive governor, we know you can do it and we give you all our full support if that will solve the problem.

Very useless old and uneducated governor.

No single one project ever since he resume. No waec governor.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Bans Gathering Of More Than 2 People by futurewise11(m): 11:00pm On Mar 22, 2020
Very low death rate in Germany, just like South Korea and both countries are carrying out 20k+ tests daily, with enough testing you can contain this virus without locking down everywhere. South Korea was just behind China but did we hear of any 600+ daily deaths there like Italy? Anyway, let Nigeria and these other countries keep on being slow, population is too high sef.

Low death rate because last week is the first phase.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Bans Gathering Of More Than 2 People by futurewise11(m): 10:59pm On Mar 22, 2020
Last week I was surprised seeing people in cologne partying while Italians are battling with the virus. Meanwhile, there's a free ride of cars from italy to Germany.

God help us...over 30, 000 people are already infected by this deadly virus.

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Religion / Re: Coronavirus: RCCG Amends Its Worship Schedule In Lagos & Ogun States by futurewise11(m): 9:13am On Mar 19, 2020


Very wrong directives.

What kind of stupid religious bigot are these people?

I'm in a country with top notch medical facility, yet everywhere is lockdown..nothing like 50 people or below blabla...

Which govt agency will be there to count their number if it is 50 or more?



Family / Re: I Have Been With Him For 5 Years, No Sign Of Marriage by futurewise11(m): 10:09pm On Mar 06, 2020
Hi Famlanders, Please I need your advice. I beg you all to save a sister. I have to bring this here coz I know it's where I will get wonderful contributions. Again, I am using this new account coz I have friends and customers here. I don't want to blow my cover. Please this is real and not fiction. This will be quite lengthy, please bear with me.

I met this guy in 2013 when I was in year one. It was not a steady relationship coz we barely call nor see so I didn't take him serious. And whenever we see, it was always at one friends house or another. I accused him of being married but he vehemently denied it. Later on I figured out he had accommodation issue after he lost his job. He later rented a house when he got another job with one of our prestigious federal universities here in Nigeria and that was when things became serious (kinda).

We became very serious around 2016 that is why I count it as 5 years instead of 7. But then during one of my visits, I was sleeping in the room when I overheard him talking to someone but the only thing that caught my attention was when he said "I don't even have a girlfriend". Though I didn't confront him, but I thought about it deeply.

Two nights ago, I had a dream where he was getting married to another lady. I was crying while he was still saying he loves me but can't marry me. I confronted him yesterday, he said I am pressurizing him to marry me that was after he first asked what will happen if we don't end up together. He hasn't told me where the relationship is leading to after 5 years. We have been living for the moment. Just for the moment!

Few info about the relationship
1) He will be 40 this November while I am 27.
2. He has always had numerous girlfriends that when he's with them, he doesn't pick my calls though he always apologizes and he's trying his best this year.

3. He always send pictures of other women to his friends to let them know they are the people he wish to marry but never has he sent mine. Though he claims he's not doing it again.

4. From the look of things he's still searching while he wants to have me all to himself. Maybe a second option since the others are not accepting him and I love him foolishly.

5. The relationship is 50 -50 .We spend on each other. He believes it's the woman's duty to do all the house chores but not the man's duty to take care of the woman.

6. On his Fathers burial last year, 3 of his girlfriends came (me inclusive) and we all wore the burial uniform. Together, we served his guests even when we realized we are dating same man. His neighbors were giggling and gossiping but we all decided to be matured and work together.

7. When my sister that raised me died, he didn't come for the burial. his reason was he had supervision that day in school,same person that calls his colleague to cover for him during exam supervision so he could do other things. He also didn't send me any money but he questioned me for not giving him any money for his Father's burial. Even when I paid him excess for the burial uniform. I know why I did that. Mind you, he has asked me before if he can give one of his ex 10k during her Father's burial which I agreed and he sent her the money.

8. I have rejected some suitors who were willing to marry me coz of him. Though he has never encouraged me to accept any of them. In fact he gets angry hearing that another man is coming close to me.

9. He doesn't call often, I do more of the calling though he always return my calls. He can stay for days without calling unless I call. I know I have been the one holding the relationship coz I thought he will change.

10. Sine 2017 till last year, all I did was forgive him coz I love him. He keeps bringing new / different ladies into the picture. I have gone through a lot of emotional stress. He keeps asking me to stay that he loves me but he's confused.

His good side: He's understanding, motivates me to do my best, he doesn't hit me, he is gentle.

Me on the other hand is sometimes stubborn though very faithful coz I love him to a fault. I easily get angry but forgives easily. When I'm angry I talk so much but I don't abuse him. He is simply the cause of all my anger. He always say I am very understanding, a good girl, drama free but yet he doesn't want to marry me and won't let me go too. I have never involved a third party in our relationship except my late sister who said she wish I will walk away from the relationship because I love the guy more, that it won't end well. All my friends thinks I have a perfect relationship because I don't discuss him with them.

Back to last night, I told him I won't call him again coz he said I am pressurizing him to marry me. The truth is I have seen the hand writing on the wall, not today but two years ago but I keep going back. Please I need advice on how not to go back again. The love he proclaims for me is not enough for him to marry. I have wasted enough time already. Maybe hearing the raw truth here will help.

You dont value yourself. If man is too scarce go and get intimacy gadgets and cum as you want....
Romance / Re: My Pregnant, Stubborn Girlfriend Slapped Me, Insults My Parents by futurewise11(m): 8:29pm On Feb 17, 2020

Thanks Daddy ☺
She loves me though never cheated on me infact shes caring, neat, she cooks well but her only problem in life in anger and her anger can do stupid things

Shes intelligent and smart too,, i fell in love for the intelligence and not really cos shes preety cos i have dated gurls preetier than her

Shes 21 though

U be mumu and big fool...until she stabbed you to death abi?

You are seeing the signs already..yet u are talking about intelligent

Last week, a lady stabbed her man to death.
It's a trending news on Instagram..do you remember the pdp former chairman son that was stabbed in Abuja by his wife? Same age bracket with your wife..
Since u dont value your life, do you want your mother to cry? And will nurture your baby?

Wise up and be a man..take a walk and support your child when she finally deliver.

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Computers / Re: Ubuntu Linux by futurewise11(m): 10:51pm On Feb 01, 2020
I need someone to teach me some network protocols.

Business / Re: I Released My House Document To My Cousin To Obtain Loan, How Can I Get It Back? by futurewise11(m): 3:56pm On Jan 23, 2020
I gave my house documents to my cousin to take a bank loan of 3 million naira but I like to retrieve my documents back because of the way he and his wife have been doing things since October, 2019.

He is involved in sales of agrochemicals. He discussed with me on how profitable the business is but that he didn't really have money to put into it.

The wife lost her job in the bank and had to join him in the business. Being a close cousin and friend of mine, I gave out my house documents to him as collateral and the bank actually came to do some inspection in my house and I signed some documents.

The big issue now is that my cousin have not paid a dime back since August last year when he got the loan and between then and now he has done 3 parties that I'm sure gulped lots of money. The wedding of his younger sister in October, wedding of his brother in law in December and 40th birthday of his wife in January. These were serious lavish parties which I think could be done modestly.

I asked him on Monday about the loan and he said his moratorium will expire in February and there's no cause for alarm. This is different from what he told me before I released my documents, he said he will have gone far in repayment even before the expiration of moratorium. I reminded him about this but he said there is no problem about his ability to pay back since the business is lucrative.

I also discovered that one of our uncles actually borrowed him 2 million naira in 2017 which he hasn't paid back till now, he hasn't paid a dime back, I didn't do due diligence before releasing my documents to him.

Uncle told me yesterday that he would have discouraged me from giving out my documents if I had informed him before the loan was granted. Uncle also told me that he disagreed with him about his clubbing and partying lifestyles as a struggling businessman but that instead of appreciating his concern, he and his wife fought him and boasted his 2 million naira will be paid back before mid 2018 but till today he hasn't paid a dime. Hope I haven't shot myself in the leg with this help which I think I rendered to a friend and family?

The worst part of it is that my wife was not fully in support of my intention to help him then.

Where do I start from good people?

He promised to start paying by January ending, if he fail to do this, is it possible to break that bond and retrieve my documents from the bank? Can I tell him and the bank that I'm no longer interested in guaranteeing the loan? I'm afraid, kindly help.

I'm sorry to say this...you dont deserve to own that property...and it shows you did not work hard to acquire it.

You gave your house document to anyone without doing proper due diligence..you dumb bros.

Go and sit down with lawyer and appeal to dpo of the police station in your area to retrieve it or visit the bank to know more info about the loan before it's too late.
Romance / Re: Lady Buys 5k Wristwatch For Boyfriend As Birthday Gift, Laments As He Rejects It by futurewise11(m): 11:23am On Jan 06, 2020

Do you know who you're talking to?
NwaAmaikpe, spewing wrong grammar?
You truely don't know him.
NwaAmaikpe is one of the best grammarians here on Nairaland. You prolly didn't catch the drift on those words he misspelt. Pun intended. Those are the Aba versions of the real deal.

Stop wasting your energy mentioning him cos he won't even reply you. grin grin..

That guy is obviously a noobs on NL....

NwaAmaikpe is a known clown with astute archives of grammar to show off...

Nice observation from you.
Religion / Re: Francis Meshioye: Ogboni Fraternity Was Created To Promote Christian Values by futurewise11(m): 5:33pm On Dec 14, 2019
Most Christian leaders are Ogboni members.

Also, you dont have to be a member to get assistance from the society. (Omo agbo) u will be observed, if u are the cool headed type and u humble yourself and loyal to the members of the society......hmmmmmm you will be surprised that God in heaven gave SOME SOCIETY supernatural spiritual power.

Where do u think most of those your so called pastor get their power from

I laugh at ignorant people

They are enjoy the spiritual influence of ogboni society.

Why do u think most the miracle performing churches are located around southwest?

Celestial church of christ and CHERUBUIM AND SERAPHIM have many pastors that are ogboni members and the church members are aware.

All the black soap, ring , spiritual water your pastors gave u, where do u think they get it from? Israel or where Lol..

Wake up...dont dare fool yourself.

If I talk ehn...hmmmm


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Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dikeh Drags Stella Dimoko-Korkus Husband Into Their Fight by futurewise11(m): 8:07am On Nov 26, 2019
undecided angry
Bia! If ur sis/family member marry a white.Automatically dem be olosho undecided abi? I can confam,dat's not stella Hubby

I know stella wells for Germany.

She currently lives in Northrine westphalia (NRW).

she's not what she's portraying to Nigerians but her time never reach..

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Family / Re: I Think My Husband Scammed Me by futurewise11(m): 12:28pm On Nov 22, 2019
Please I seek advice from experts here as I'm lost and devastated over this issue, please bear with me as my story is a little bit long.

This is the 7th year of my marriage and the union is blessed with three kids, hubby and I stayed in UAE, but whenever I'm pregnant I come down to have my kids due to cost and also I ll be needing helping hands after delivery, it happened that when I came down to have my last child 3years ago as usual, I was preparing to return to UAE , I discovered that my Husband had canceled the resident visa for myself and our two kids, when I confronted him he said he is making plans to leave UAE and there was no point for us coming back and also business isn't moving as usual so taking care of us will cause a strain on his finances. At first I felt bad and cried about it but later I accepted my fate and moved on.

First plan was for me to apply for Canada study visa, the plan was to go with my last child and after sometimes hubby and my other kids can join me later, I got admitted into a Canadian college but when the time for visa processing hubby pulled out that we should go the express entry way, I accepted and started with registering for ielts tutorials which I did for 5 weeks, and to God b the glory I aced my exam. It was left for him to write his as he ll be standing as the primary applicant since he has lots of job experience but along the line he pulled out again and said everyone is going to Canada and he ll work out something different.

Last year he applied for US visa he was denied, he applied for Germany too, still denied. While he was doing all this I was alone in Nigeria with the kids while he stays in UAE but visits every 5 months. This year June, we had some issues that would ve resulted to divorce but we settled it with the help of some elders so he said he was going to make up for his mistake by applying for UK for both of us so we can just take a vacation to London, of course I was excited and looking up for the trip.

He applied for UK visa for both of us and lucky they granted us 6 months, I was already getting set and looking forward to the trip when he said he needed to rush down to UAE as he has some unfinished business, two days after he left I saw him updated his fb and the location was showing UK, he left without me and he didn't even inform me that he ll b going until he got there. When I confronted him he came up with the excuse that he needed to meet with some companies over investment so that way he can process resident permits for everyone at home so we all come over there at once, two days later he told me he got a job.

it's been 2 months over there already, we filed our stay for 10 days when applying for the visa and I know what he has done is messing his future chances up, now he doesn't do video call, won't pick my calls when I call at my own time, from 7pm he isn't active as no way I can reach him, before now the only time he put a call across is when he is in a bus .. I confronted him over all this and guess what,he has stopped talking to me, Wont reply my chats or even talk to me yet he reads them, our sons bday was 4 days ago and he couldn't even call to speak with him or wish him happy birthday.

I'm so confused, this is the man that I have lost lot of jobs opportunity for simply because he doesnt want me to work, I learnt fashion designing so it won't be like I'm staying at home doing nothing, I run a fashion store but trust me I'm not feeling it because its not what I'm meant to do ..

In two months time I will b 30 and you know how Nigerian systems works, the older you get, the lesser chances of getting a job I dont even know what to do with myself, please advise me what to do?

I'd also like those who ve an idea of how the system in UK works to tell me how long it takes for one to b granted residential permits in the UK so I ll know when all this will end or if it ll ever end so I can make my next move
also how possible it is for one to land UK and in two days he is already working .

I feel used, I feel like hubby used me to secure a visa and I was never in his plans..I reported the issues to our family already and he Told them all he did was for the future of myself and the kids and I shld endure but I do not know for how long..,I'm tired of this distsnce marriage ,its been 3years in distance marriage and its been hell for me.

MOD please help me post this

Your husband is a runs man and u know it...hes now showing u street so enjoy it...at 30 already three kids, its foolish for u to suspend your dream and aspiration for a cunny, tricky and lying partner..start preparing life without him.


Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Benin: AFCON 2021 Qualifier (2 - 1) Full Time by futurewise11(m): 6:11pm On Nov 13, 2019
you are mad 80 percent of South African national stars play in South Africa earning good pay South Africa league is rated more than some European League... only an idiot ll play maduka ahead of akpeyi

Bro, not against German 3rd Division team...
Car Talk / Re: Your Motor Guru Is Here! Ask Your Questions... by futurewise11(m): 8:14am On Oct 09, 2019

There are actually cleaners for that not detergent.

Investment / Re: If You Have Genuine And Reasonable Investment Idea - Post It Here by futurewise11(m): 4:15pm On Oct 08, 2019

How much will it cost to land a Vanagon bus in Lagos now?
don't knowbro
Literature / Re: Through The Storm (sequel Of Saved Through Love) by futurewise11(m): 1:35pm On Jan 05, 2018
Lol,funny Ava and kevin,thanks for dat dear
Hi Seun.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Soldier Celebrates His Birthday At The War Front In Desert (Photos) by futurewise11(m): 4:55pm On Dec 30, 2017
Sports / Re: Divorce: Emmanuel Eboue Is Broke, Suicide On His Mind As He Loses Everything by futurewise11(m): 8:43pm On Dec 24, 2017
The trend in europe presently is anti-marriage.

Lived-in couples is legal.....dont sign the dotted lines because the law here empower the weaker vessel.

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