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Politics / Re: Jonathan, Sambo, David Mark Meet With Service Chiefs And NSA, New Plans To Rig by Gbawe2: 4:53pm On Mar 29, 2015
Three monumental failures.
They should accept that Nigerians need change and leave us alone. Haba!

I so much hate that David Mark with passion. angry

Same here. One of the biggest and most quintessential enemy of Nigeria's progress. His leadership of the Senate has been regressive and highly worthless for Nigeria. I always remember him as the wicked elitist who said, as communication Minister, that "telephone is not for ordinary power". Mark is a shameless elitist who hates Nigerians yet never stops agitating to lead them in one way or the other. Absolutely one of the most worthless leader Nigeria has known.


Politics / Re: INEC Releases Presidential Results From 10 LGs In Ogun State by Gbawe2: 4:32pm On Mar 29, 2015

I beg to disagree sir...... with the released result in ekiti......APC got approximately 40% of the votes ooo...

Of course we all know that but fans of Jonathan live in cloud cuckoo land so never expect sane statements from them.
Politics / Re: INEC Releases Presidential Results From 10 LGs In Ogun State by Gbawe2: 4:31pm On Mar 29, 2015

Stfu you fu....cking donut
pdp swept ogun the last time now they have lost it, what bloody in road did you then make?
Daft cun t

I really don't get the special type of r.e.tar.dation that seems to afflict all TANdroids and Jonathanian. Absolutely clueless and delusional the lot of them.
Politics / Re: INEC Releases Presidential Results From 10 LGs In Ogun State by Gbawe2: 4:29pm On Mar 29, 2015

And does PDP have up to 10% in the north You guys talk sometimes as if your brains are programed.

That particular person you responded to is very dumb so I would not waste time with him if I were you. Imagine talking someone who says what is written below seriously. GEJ fans are simply dishonest and very delusional.

unlike Buhari who scored zilch in the released results of Ekiti.
Politics / Re: Osun State Presidential Election Result - Punch (Ife central now added) by Gbawe2: 4:09pm On Mar 29, 2015
it shows PDP can still achieve more than the needed 25% from the South west
GEJ all the way

You lot are funny. From saying GEJ will "win the SW" and "Yorubas will never vote for Buhari" you are all now embarrassingly eating your words and running with tales between leg. grin grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: List Of States Collating Results Presently by Gbawe2: 3:35pm On Mar 29, 2015
hahahahha.,please tell them.they think Buhari is the Messiah that will come to their house to give them job.

That is what democracy is about. The option to try change by a people who really have the power to do so. Buhari too can then be voted out as early as possible if he fails to deliver satisfactory leadership for Nigerians. WHat we cannot have, which will damage our democracy and continue to put it far behind the best in the world, is for the PDP to offer nothing for 16 years yet be voted back into power continuously. When the PDP land in opposition then they will know never to misrule Nigeria so hideously if they ever get power at the centre again.

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Politics / Re: Hope For Nigeria Says PDP Is Winning Kano by Gbawe2: 11:32am On Mar 29, 2015

Nigeria is wrongly structured. You can't stop reality.

Mobilize the entire troops to the creeks and you will raze both the boys and oil facilities down together.

Besides all the creek boys need is just 2mins on a trunkline with a dynamite and Nigeria's revenue is history.

The oil companies cannot continue producing in a violent region where the troops are active. They will simply shutdown production

Force is never an option on this one, nobody succeded with force on this one.... not even Obj.

Is it not funny how you guys where "democrats" only days ago when you were sure of a GEJ victory, despite everything pointing to the contrary, only for you to now be anarchists today when it seems Nigerians have rejected GEJ? Jonathan will leave and nothing will happen. Nigeria, and the future of 170 million people, is greater than the political ambition of one single individual.


Politics / Re: Elections Will Be Cancelled Due To Massive Irregularities by Gbawe2: 10:51am On Mar 29, 2015

Ok ,no wonder you guys still suffer
Myself and my family are based outside.Suffer all you can

It does not matter where you re based. If you retain a genuine and passionate love of Nigeria in your heart then you will know your call is nonsensical. The whole elections cannot be cancelled. There were irregularities but this is why INEC stipulated that voting continues into Sunday.

You have made ethnocentric statements here in the past so I certainly know your motivation for wanting the elections 'cancelled'. Yet I urge folks like you to accept the loss of GEJ when it is announced. It is his just reward for the monumental misrule of Nigeria your kind thought he would simply get away with to then stroll into a second term.
Politics / Re: Buhari Is Beating Jonathan In Imo, Kwara, Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Lagos by Gbawe2: 9:25am On Mar 29, 2015

just shut up your dirty smelly toilet, You people are SLAVES that are so docile, and 5tupid and cannot chart the way forward for your selves, BULUHARI The 11diott the not rule a united Nigeria, I am well prepared to go to the creeks (IF HE RIGS HIS DIRTY OLD SMELLY SELF TO POWER) and we shall see what you 1diots will depend on for your so called smartness, be smart is now redefined by Robbers. you will rule your niggerArea with groundnut oil definitely not crude oil.

This nigga is in pain grin You will accept the choice of Nigerians. You have no option. You can move to Cameroon when Buhari takes over in May.


Politics / Re: The Yoruba Race. by Gbawe2: 1:17am On Mar 29, 2015
I have heard many things about the Yoruba Race, But i have not seen much with my eyes. Within the next 24 - 36 hours i will confirm who the Yorubas really are. They will either turn out as completely intelligent people, Or complete Mor.ons. Time will tell.

What happens decides how i will view and understand them for Life.

Judge yourself first before you attempt to judge the Yoruba ethnic group. Well-documented history has pronounced us a great and intelligent empire-builiding people with perhaps the greatest artistic culture in Africa. Who then needs the jaundiced opinion of an internet noisemaker and empty barrel like you?

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Politics / Re: Lagos; APC Leads In All LGA Except 3 (NOT Confirmed) by Gbawe2: 12:43am On Mar 29, 2015

Chill dude. We want good governance decent and detribalised Nigerians know Buhari can deliver. We cannot be like the vile PDP who spread hate and division to thrive. Some bigoted Igbos may have made it their mission to support GEJ blindly but I urge you not to make it about them. I wish you will celebrate the likes of Berem, Cleverly, Pa Eziachi, ObiagellI, Gen Buhari and many other Igbos who have stood for the good governance of Nigeria consistently and uncompromisingly to the extent of being ostracised by others . GEJ has divided us horribly but we will have to heal as a people and not lose our humanity because of him. Good governance must remain our agitation and not a hollow search for 'payback'.

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Politics / Re: Election Update: Femi Fani Kayode Was Defeated In His Ward by Gbawe2: 9:33pm On Mar 28, 2015
FFK is just a Foolish Errand Boy Na!!

Nothing more and nothing less. If not for GEJ that gave FFK a platform then we all know that Fani-Kayode is a desperado who will "sing and dance" for whoever offers him food. Reference supplied by Olusegun Obasanjo.

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Politics / Re: Mimiko, Obanikoro Lose Their Respective Wards by Gbawe2: 9:03pm On Mar 28, 2015
If you really have gray matter that is carrying out its function, you ought to have deduced that I don't touch base with people like you.

You can keep your pettiness to yourself as I have more important things to busy my mind on.

Could someone please tell me the propriety of wasting my time on a fellow salivating on election results that are, at best, speculative for the time being...

What a childish brat. Long on sentiment and pettiness yet completely lacking in pragmatic/critical intelligence. I feel sorry for you.
Politics / Re: Mimiko, Obanikoro Lose Their Respective Wards by Gbawe2: 8:47pm On Mar 28, 2015
The dangers of celebrating or drawing conclusions too early.

Propaganda ought to have run its course by now...

Are you trying to console yourself? With all due respect, and assuming you are a sensible person, are you telling us Nigerians will vote GEJ back into power for another 4 years when Jonathan has shown, over 5 years, he literally does not "give a damn" about ordinary Nigerians? Why will those folks, abandoned by Jonathan horrendously for 5 years, now vote for him? Ask yourself honestly what GEJ can expect from voters who are all about leadership performance and owe GEJ no ethnic or religious allegiance.


Politics / Re: Mimiko, Obanikoro Lose Their Respective Wards by Gbawe2: 8:07pm On Mar 28, 2015

Is the collation of results concluded?

Ngwakwe, you need to learn some fundamental truth about the Yorubas. We are completely about social justice and good governance. This is why the most vocal social critics in Nigeria by far throughout our history as a sovereign nation, i.e individuals who paid with their lives and liberty, have always being from the SW.

I expect that this election will bear the SW out as a people who side always with what is best for Nigeria .Never forget that the SW made GEJ President in 2011, by voting for him overwhelmingly, because they believed in him at that stage. The region believed in him back then and gave him a chance to deliver. The SW has now seen he is worthless, performance-wise, and has absolutely nothing to offer.

You and others are duty-bound to abide with GEJ because you are ethnocentric and prejudiced above everything else. Personally, I think those who side with the good governance of Nigeria, something GEJ cannot be credited with, will carry the day. Good, decent and detribalised Nigerians want change even if that is very difficult for you to understand.


Politics / Re: Mimiko, Obanikoro Lose Their Respective Wards by Gbawe2: 7:52pm On Mar 28, 2015

I am not bothered about Obanikoro's ward. I am referring to the massive defeat the PDP seems to be getting across the SW

Like I stated before, objective and realistic Nigerian's only need to look at the 2011 electoral decimation of the misruling PDP in the SW to note that the SW will not abide with misrule and misrulers.


Politics / Re: Senator Ndume Broke Down In Tears After Voting In Maiduguri by Gbawe2: 7:26pm On Mar 28, 2015
Sometimes Nigerian's shock me with their ignorance and simpleton outlook. Do you guys know that Ndume is currently in court and charged with sponsoring Boko Haram? Do you all know that the 'common man' who pointed to Ndume as the sponsor of Boko Haram, i.e Kongduga, has since been found guilty and jailed? It is only Ndume's position as a PDP politician and the immorality of GEJ that is keeping this faker out of jail. His Crocodile tears cannot fool informed Nigerians who know he is currently the only prominent Nigerian political to be charged to Court for aiding Boko Haram terror. This thread is embarrassing. Nigerian's should make an effort to educate themselves better if only so you can hold your leaders accountable. Ndume should not even be in this position to be shedding Crocodile tears only for Nigerian to be indulging his tears when he is currently on trial for causing the misery he claims he is upset about.


Politics / Re: Just In:polling Unit Result by Gbawe2: 6:09pm On Mar 28, 2015

Long time, bros.

Let's reserve this thread to results of the election only. We are going to have a lot of time to talk about how Buhari demolished Jonathan.

Yeah you are right. Let us keep watching the results. Plenty of time to deal with everything else.


Politics / Re: Just In:polling Unit Result by Gbawe2: 6:01pm On Mar 28, 2015
Mushin, Papa Ajao, Unit 045
PDP: 28
APC: 84

MushinPapa Ajao, Unit 046
PDP: 39
APC: 77

These results are suprising as unit 046 id house of a PDP chieftain where they usually hold their Local Government/Ward Meetings. About 100 pdp agents were even here early this morning 2 pick up their identification tags. D man was dejected to say d least.

"Surprising" ke? I have said it here that this election is more than an ordinaty election. It is a people revolution. It is 16 years of frustration Boiling over. I would personally like to see how the PDP will come out of this without being totally disgraced. If this is the result in a supposed PDP stronghold then it is obvious, as some of us predicted, GMB is winning by a landslide.

People want change and social networking has shown even Nigerians in the villages what obtains worldwide. Courtesy of a better-linked world, the Nigerian who used to look down on Ghanaians and Togolese now realises that they enjoy stable electricity while he pays a fortune for darkness. The average Nigerian is now angry and wants change. It is now clear to him that what the PDP has delivered over the past 16 years falls far below what an effective government should provide

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