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Culture / Re: Nairaland Official Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba Dictionary by ghettochyk(f): 9:15pm On May 23, 2016
Wow! Today I remembered Nairaland! lol! I haven't posted since 2010 and last logged in back in 2012. I remember I was mostly in the culture section after asking Seun to create the section. I wonder if all the other old heads are still here.

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Celebrities / Re: Mike Ezuruonye's Traditional Wedding Photos by ghettochyk(f): 7:32am On May 29, 2010
the guys glasses made it look like she had a cigarette in her mouth. lol!
Celebrities / Re: Mike Ezuruonye's Traditional Wedding Photos by ghettochyk(f): 3:56pm On May 25, 2010
oh! I love it!!! I wish I was there! Everything is soooo beautiful!! I want a traditional wedding, NOW angry

Jokes Etc / Re: Now, I Am Not Racist But This Is a very Peculiar Phenomena!!! by ghettochyk(f): 6:54am On May 18, 2010

Wasnt ok in the first place. And Davidylan claiming that primates look like blacks,is just shocking. Doesnt he know that God created man in His Image? And these same ignorant comparisons always given evolutionists fuel to insist that their theiries of evolution are sacrosanct.
and that'sda point I was try to make in my post, but morpheus seems to not understand the simple English written in that post. It's a wonder how u managed to highlight the point of the post and still not get it.
whatever for real.
Jokes Etc / Re: Now, I Am Not Racist But This Is a very Peculiar Phenomena!!! by ghettochyk(f): 2:31pm On May 02, 2010
[b]MORPHEUS said[/b]White people are the most recent human phenotypes and there are hardly any monkeys that evolved in Europe

so No pictures of Monkey wey resemble caucasian. sorry.

The closet are gibraltar monkeys,

"resemblance" also depends on how YOU wanna look at it. The association between blacks and monkeys, or other colored people and monkeys is probably subconsciously because of the obvious similarities in color. If most African monkeys didn't have dark fur, would people be quick to jump on the idea that black people came from monkeys? Or to make jokes or insults of calling a black person "monkey"?
Has anyone thought about what color monkeys would be if they were hairless or had minimal hair?
Now, between black Africans and white Europeans, who's actually more hairy like monkeys? The way I see it, white folks are more similar to monkeys. Unless you wanna compare their resemblance with bears.
Funny, a white man said the same thing. lol!
Culture / Re: Annoying Nigerian Sayings by ghettochyk(f): 5:38am On Apr 02, 2010

It all depends on how the speaker sees the situation, if (s)he sees the situation as "how" instead of "what" while the listner sees the situation as "what" instead of "how" then there would be misunderstanding.

For example,

Mr. A: Your not wearing your belt properly
Mr. B: How do you mean

Mr B. sees the situation as "how" as he does not see anyhow else someone could wear a belt if not it going through all the belt holes.

Another Example,

Mr C: Your not wearing your belt properly
Mr D: What do you mean

Maybe Mr D can not see all his belt holes but think he might have missed one, so he says "what" to be pointed in the right direction.

ghettochyck angry angry angry

shut up. who asked u? I already made my point. Don't add to it. angry

Culture / Re: Annoying Nigerian Sayings by ghettochyk(f): 6:04am On Mar 29, 2010
Dis Guy:

I think this is correct when you are explaining a particular procedure/process

Hospirall = hospital = popularised by Saidi Balogun nigerian actor grin
No, I mean saying "how do u mean" in a "what do you mean" situation.
Culture / Re: Annoying Nigerian Sayings by ghettochyk(f): 6:57am On Mar 26, 2010
I absolutely can't stand these:
"are you hearing the odor" which means "do you smell it?"
"i should take?" which means "can I have it". I always reply with "no, you shouldn't take"  tongue
"berra" for "better" (I guess an attempt at an American accent?    I dont get this one though.
Finally, I really can't stand:
"how do you mean?" wth?!! How do you mean what?!! what happened to "what do you mean?"
Romance / Re: I'm 15 And My Boyfriend Is 20: Is That Right Or Wrong? by ghettochyk(f): 6:09am On Mar 18, 2010
what's the point? why are folks still giving her advice now? She's probably 19 or 20 now. LMAO!!!
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 5:41am On Mar 17, 2010
sara j:

Its OK. These pictures would make anyone angry ghettochyk. Lets just hope these sick people who committted this
horrible crime will be severly punished. How could anyone torture a human child. I wouldn't have such a bad heart to
kill an insect.
This isn't about my anger from the pix. Because [i]obviously,[/i]ANYONE would be angered by those pix. You're clearly not getting my point, so we'll leave it at that. wink
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 5:37am On Mar 17, 2010
Politics / Re: Nigerians Overseas Told To Come Home and Fight by ghettochyk(f): 5:08am On Mar 15, 2010
Fear not, we (Nigerians Overseas) are with you in spirit. Cool
So let the Fight begin

OMG!! I think my water came out my nose with this one! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 11:54pm On Mar 11, 2010
and you should be smart enough to know that observation is not bashing. If I say your makeup wasn't applied properly, is that bashing or an opinion formed through observation? Pls, lets get a good command of the English language before we try to use it to make a pointless point. Christians are hypocrites? Call yourself a hypocrite then. Hypocrites are everywhere and in every sort of group (gay , straight, fat, skinny, Polish, secular, religious). I dont recall asking you the religion your friends follow. Obviously, not all muslims are violent beasts, as you see can, (well, I doubt you could or even did), I didnt say that. I made two separate statements close to each other. Did you see where I said hate muslims because of their religion? It's nice and all that everyone wants to sound smart and wise, but pls, save it for someone else or for yourself. You can call it discriminating or whatever you like. It's a wonder how terroristic people that suffer from this "evilness" as you said are muslim. When you heard a Nigerian attempted to bomb a plane, I;m sure we all knew where our first thought went. hmm, surprise, surprise. Looks to me like THEY are the one's discriminating (aka distinguishing) themselves from the general popluation. I didn't determine the religion of most terrorists now did I?
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 2:54pm On Mar 11, 2010
sara j:


Christians are hypocrites.

Use your brain. Where's the hypocrisy in what you bolded?  where's even the correlation between the two? You're sadly lost. Your quotation is a weak and unrelated example of whatever foolish point you're trying to make.
Are the people involved with the massacre not damned? 
So, are you saying that the muslims involved in the massacre will not be judged and punished by God?    And if you're among those causing havoc, then you too will be punished by God, muslim or CHristian. But we all know who starts most of the trouble like this in Nigeria.
Anyway, you never know the mental capacity of whoever you're talking to online, so I guess I should just ignore you. I bet they call this "Jihad" too. SMH.
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 5:56am On Mar 11, 2010
These damn Muslims!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They wanna kill EVERYTHING!!!!!!! angry angry angry angry angry angry angry Always causing trouble.
Culture / Re: Igbo Kwenu! kwezuo Nu! Join Us If You're Proud To Be An Igbo Guy/Lady by ghettochyk(f): 1:21am On Mar 10, 2010
Nd'Igbo o gini mega ebe a?
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 1:37pm On Mar 09, 2010

Organized religion is the worst thing that ever happened to mankind,especially christianity and islam,it turns brothers against brothers,sisters against sisters,neighbors against neighbors,friends against friends,communities against communities and countries against countries.It has always been the bone of contention among men from time immemorial,especially among those who are just learning to think for themselves.

ur entire response almost sounds so cliche, so automated, so borrowed. If you knew anything about Christianity, you'd know that none of the above applies to CHristianity. Christianity is strictly about love for one another. Jesus says to love you NEIGHBORS, walk around ur neighborhood and see how different everyone is: religiously, culturally, politically, etc. That goes to say that our religion preaches to love EVERYONE no matter what.
Besides, it's not like u have a better alternative. And if you think you do, good luck with life and the afterlife.
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 7:05am On Mar 09, 2010

My dear that just happened Sunday, these awusa ppl have lost their mind.
God!! Wait, you mean this is a religious thing?! u gotta be kidding me?!!! (So that's what my friend meant by here Facebook status msg. I didnt get it at first.)
wow, and (I'm gonna dare to ask), what happened to the people that did this? did the law do anything? This is ridiculous!!!!!! I wanna find an article about it. Does anyone have a link. I'll read it in da AM, it's after 1am over here.
Religion / Re: You're A Christian, Your Wife Is A Muslim. Will The Marriage Work? by ghettochyk(f): 6:57am On Mar 09, 2010
I was agreeing with u (if I understood you right) by saying, as a Christian, I couldn't live peacefully or happily feeling sorry for my muslim husband that I love so much because I know he would not be saved as a non-believer. Get it now?
Religion / Re: You're A Christian, Your Wife Is A Muslim. Will The Marriage Work? by ghettochyk(f): 6:49am On Mar 09, 2010
what are u confused about?
Religion / Re: You're A Christian, Your Wife Is A Muslim. Will The Marriage Work? by ghettochyk(f): 6:28am On Mar 09, 2010

How can I marry someone who does not believe that Jesus Christ is not Divine? And why would I now, decide to 'compromise' for what reason? Love or money? Neither!
Right? And how could live with a clear mind knowing that your spouse will not be saved for not believing in Jesus the King of Kings? Too tough, at least, it's easier, though still sad, when it's not the mother/father of your children.
Crime / Re: Pictures From Jos Massacre (viewers Discretion Advised) by ghettochyk(f): 6:25am On Mar 09, 2010
OMG!!! This is a recent activity in Nigeria?!! I heard of a riot in Jos about a month ago. Are these pics the same event?! What's going on?! What the cause? OMG!!!!!!!!!!
Religion / Re: You're A Christian, Your Wife Is A Muslim. Will The Marriage Work? by ghettochyk(f): 6:08am On Mar 09, 2010
It can work if they're only nominal Christians/Muslims. If they're serious in their religious beliefs, then obviously, it will not work.
Islam for Muslims / Re: If Jesus Is Just A Prophet Then Why? by ghettochyk(f): 6:15pm On Feb 17, 2010
There's two motives when asking a question: 1--asking due to ignorance or to attain a better understanding and 2: just to ridicule the idea of the question. In the case of 2, the asker is only seeking to argue, therefore, will not be listening to the response becauss/he is busy thinking of a rebuttal.
So, I'll make this statement, and if you are a reason 1 question asker, I'll respond to you. wink I dont have time for arguments or unintelligent blabbers. You know who you are. wink
Jesus died because He was man. Yes, He was fully man AND fully God. God's incarnate (incarnate=flesh). As man, he was mortal. Why was He spat on, and abused? Because the abusers saw Him as any other man, and therefore He was not above their "punishment". This was God's plan to use His Son Jesus Christ to save the world. Jesus didn't have to die if it wasn't the will of God. After all the prophets God sent us, we still displeased God and just weren't getting the point, so He says, "ok, let me do this myself" and was willing to sacrafice His Son. God loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus (His Incarnate) to earth and be as human as WE are, to show us what God wants us to do. Jesus didn't use His "special" God powers to ward off temptation. He was tempted like every other human. But, He showed us how to deal with temptations and other things. Jesus fasted for 40days and 40 nights and was tired and weak (physically), His God powers didn't help Him. He loves us so much that He came down to our level to show us how to deal with circumstances, how to interact with each other, how to pray, etc. Could you imagine Paris Hilton giving a low-income person advice on how to make ends meet? The low-income person would proabably not pay her no mind because he'd feel she couldn't possibly understand the situation (in this case, doing the will of God and still being human).
This is as much time as I have right now, so I'll add more later when I get the chance.

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