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Food / Re: Rate This Homemade Concoction Rice. by Gloriagee(f): 2:16pm
How do you wash the inner part of this fish without it disintegrating
Family / Re: How Do I Confront My Wife With This Kind Of Question by Gloriagee(f): 2:56pm On Nov 21
Just negodu the illiterate...
In his weird world, children only look like their mothers when there's an affair involved....

Oga,forget that cheating thought.You cheated and now suspecting your last child looks like his cousin because you think your wife was doing the same thing you werr doing.
My 1st son and my sis 2nd son could pass for twins。
Same age,same names,same face.
It is blood .
Family / Re: How Do I Confront My Wife With This Kind Of Question by Gloriagee(f): 2:50pm On Nov 21
You the Born again Christian cheated but your wife's child is not permitted to look like her first cousin, a relative by blood. So your narrow minded brain can't comprehend that children are also allowed to look like their mothers, so your child can't look like her mum, while the sis in laws child looks like his/her mum, explaining the resemblance.

Look, your lifestyle / your guilt are fueling your suspicions and maybe your biased mum! What a mess....
Family / Re: . by Gloriagee(f): 10:39am On Nov 06
Forget ibo girls and work on your grammar! Can't believe you are a graduate shocked grin

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Politics / Re: Bayelsa Guber Polls: INEC Releases Amended Candidates Lists, Removes APC’s Sylva by Gloriagee(f): 8:23am On Oct 25
Do you by any Chance mean disaster?

Sylva is one destater not only to Bayelsa but to Nigeria. He should go rest because he has nothing to to offer to Bayelsan.
Family / Re: The Guilt Of Locking My Husband Up For Two Days by Gloriagee(f): 3:47pm On Aug 22
Please accept my heartfelt sympathy. I truly feel your husband could be doing more in the situation particularly with helping out at home but let's assume he's depressed. Now, why do you feel hes reluctant about getting a new job? Cos Nigeria is not really swimming with jobs. You need to get family involved and try to be emotionally composed if you intend to stay married cos he's always gonna paint himself as a victim once you overreact. Can he drive uber? Are there hustling jobs you can point him in the direction of? In all, the safety of you and the children whose paternity hes contesting come first. God blessss

Good afternoon Nl family
Please pardon my epistle

My husband lost his job two years ago and ever since he has been so reluctant on getting another.. not to brag but I can say I have been the one keeping the family going ever since the job incidence (not like I ever complained) .

What I noticed about him is he now drinks and smokes and he is always hissing (obviously he is not happy and I try to always console him just to elate his Spirit)

Fast forward to last two months.. I got back from work and I was very tired.. I had to go pick the kids from school , bathe them, feed them and to make matters worst I wasn't feeling too alright .. (when I got home he (my husband) wasn't at home)

When I was done with the kids and fixing the house I was so tired I thought to myself to take a lil nap that was how I slept off (and this was around 9pm) ..

He got back around 10pm obviously drunk and smelling like a skunk.. he went straight to the kitchen. That was how the whole problem started.. first was insult.. then my phone, smashed it on the ground later my clothes he started tearing them .. saying all those things he was destroying was why I was feeling untouchable that he knows I have male friends sleeping with me..

I tried securing my items so he doesn't destroy more things that was how he pounced on me..

The next day I got him arrested he spent two days there.. but now I feel so guilty... He doesn't talk to me anymore.. I have apologized times without number

I don't just know what to do...

Nb: even while he was there I was still taking food to him


Family / Re: The Guilt Of Locking My Husband Up For Two Days by Gloriagee(f): 3:42pm On Aug 22
The one pouncing on his overworked wife is 'endangered species'? I hear you, I really do.

Men are endangered species

Men's life matter

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Family / Re: My Brother In-law Is Making Advances At Me by Gloriagee(f): 3:56pm On Aug 13
Less than a month ago you were undecided on if your mum or your boyfriend should stay with you. ( https://www.nairaland.com/7773338/should-let-live-me-mother).
Now Now you Don get husband wey I'm brother dey advance towards. Since na only you waka with all this plenti tales by moonlight, I wantu confirm if you're paid for storytelling by Nairaland grin
Travel / Re: Kekwaru Ngozi Mary Gets Free Canada Permanent Residency After Returning $70,000 by Gloriagee(f): 6:10pm On Aug 12
Shes not ibo. If you listened carefully, she said people from her local government are usually known for kidnapping so are kidnappers honest?

Igbos are honest people so I'm not surprised

Congrats to Ngozi Mary and thank you for making the Igbo nation proud

Food / Re: Which Other Way Man Can Use Punish His Wife Rather Than Rejecting Her Food by Gloriagee(f): 5:10pm On Aug 06
You or your friend tongue
Food / Re: Boiled Eggs, Boiled Unripe Plantain And Fried Eggs On A Sunny Sunday by Gloriagee(f): 5:05pm On Aug 06
You are really on a diet wink


Education / Re: Meet The 24-year-old Nigerian Lady Who Achieved Bsc, Msc, And Started Phd by Gloriagee(f): 12:11pm On Aug 04
Wasnt expecting much from an alien

No big deal. My cousin FINISHED her PhD at 26 and we didn't put it in the news. My sisters finished masters at 21 and 22.

The earliest this lady can get her PhD is at 27. What are we talking about?

I don't do tribal wars. But unless you finish your PhD before your 25th birthday in South West, you won't get much attention.
Politics / Re: How Obi Found ‘missing Phones’ At Tribunal – Aide by Gloriagee(f): 12:35pm On Aug 03
Such a naive man. Dem don tap his phone tire undecided
Family / Re: Katsina Man Divorces Wife For Allowing Male Doctor Attend To Her During Delivery by Gloriagee(f): 9:15am On Jul 28
Idiot! Maybe that was too harsh cos he might just be an ignoramus. So, the 14 year old whose innocence was stolen still has to contend with your insecurity. So, she should have died rather than allow a male gynaecologist attend to her during her difficult labour. God forbid that the paths of my children cross with your type!

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Family / Re: What I Noticed About My Uncle's Child by Gloriagee(f): 2:04pm On Jul 27
Can he speak? Is he autistic? Just asking to know if that's how his parents cope with his sleep apathy?
Family / Re: My To Be In-laws Are Frustrating Me by Gloriagee(f): 4:56pm On Jul 25
No vex

Like say your English is better.Rubbish. Naa so una go dey talk like you don't make mistakes.
Family / Re: My To Be In-laws Are Frustrating Me by Gloriagee(f): 2:59pm On Jul 25
No vex, e fit be German company

u think na by queens English den dey take make am?
Family / Re: My To Be In-laws Are Frustrating Me by Gloriagee(f): 1:25pm On Jul 25
Which multinational company employed you with all your gbaguns? Sha, e no concern me but for this relationship, I will advise you not to rush things. I will also not advise you to marry someone whose family thinks she can do better than you.

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Celebrates Prof. Wole Soyinka On His 89th Birthday by Gloriagee(f): 7:12pm On Jul 14
Bros, you try too hard. In other words, you too do!
Celebrities / Re: May Yul Edochie Begins Divorce Proceedings Against Her Husband, Yul Edochie by Gloriagee(f): 6:45pm On Jul 11
Na she leave the home or na Yul leave the home?

Very Wrong move and Action by may.
You cannot leave your Home for a home robber.
The Stranger is the one that will leave your Home.

May Edochie cancel that move. 2 wrongs will not make a right.
GOD ALMIGHTY is still seated on HIS throne.
Stand in Gap for your Home.
Visit the Lord's Chosen. The GOD of Chosen is tested and Proven to restore your Home.

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Career / Re: With My 450k Salary Am Not Still At Ease. by Gloriagee(f): 7:55pm On Jul 08
450k is not huge especially in this country....

450k is huge, especially in this country.

My advice is for you to learn how to save.

Cut down your expenses, don’t spend recklessly, don’t compete with co-workers and don’t try to impress anybody (including women).

Rent an affordable apartment, start up a business.

(Don’t start building any house immediately, because it’s a liability). It will only tie your wealth in one spot.

Imagine building a house with 30-50m in Lagos, only to get at least 2m yearly as a rent. How long will it take to get back the capital

A House is a long term investment + retirement plan.

Start a business first!


Family / Re: See,How we have bn surviving! by Gloriagee(f): 6:03pm On Jul 02
Just negodu jamb questions grin

All bananas look like that and we don't cook them.

I don't know how you guys came to a conclusion that they're plantains and you cook them.

How did you guys know that they're plantains and not bananas


Family / Re: I Look So Older Than My Age! Will I Ever Get A Man To Marry Me? by Gloriagee(f): 3:12pm On Jun 29
Wat do you always wear? Native and head gear?

Wats your skin like? Invest in a good skin care regimen with a water based moisturiser.

Are you overweight? Try cutting down on carbs

Light makeup especially lipgloss, well defined brows, and nice hairdos should seal the deal.
Family / Re: Help!!! Why Is There Always Sand In This Grinded Pepper by Gloriagee(f): 11:43am On Jun 26
Buy the unblended one and blend yourself. I do that for crayfish, ogbono and egusi too

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Family / Re: Any Suitable Explanation For This? by Gloriagee(f): 1:11pm On Jun 24
Just the sugar should tell you better. Lifestyle differences with the later generation being more comfortable with a sedentary lifestyle,
more ACs, more air pollution from generator fumes et al, more processed meals and the high inflation is enough to raise BP, not necessarily a bad wife that is assuming your scenarios are true which they are not.

Okay guys, I saw this post on Facebook and the comments there are not too satisfying, so I decided to bring it to our noble forum.

The question is...Is this really true? Who can give a good explanation for this scenarios.

Okechukwu Okeke
Occupation; Farmer
Age: 98
Wife: 6
Children: 47
Grandchildren: 86
Cause of death: Old age

Lazarus Olemgbe
Occupation: Carpenter
Age: 115
Wife: 11
Children: 56
Grandchildren: 132
Cause of death: Old Age.

Nnaoma Oleka Onyeka
Occupation: Tailor
Age: 109
Wife: 4
Children: 38
Grandchildren: 73
Cause of death: Old Age

Dr Benson Dube (Phd)
Occupation: Lecturer
Age: 56
Wife: 1
Children: 2
Grandchildren: 0
Cause of death: High Blood Pressure.

Samuel Julius
Occupation: Bank Manager
Age: 53
Wife: 1
Children; 3
Grandchildren; 0
Cause of death; BP, Sugar

I am not saying anything. It is up to you to give your own interpretation....😷😷😷👩🏼‍🦯👩🏼‍🦯👩🏼‍🦯👩🏼‍🦯Na wao ..I come in peace✌️😁

Copied from Facebook
Agriculture / Re: Lab Grown Chickens For Sale In The US by Gloriagee(f): 1:06pm On Jun 24
Wahala pro max...

cheesy[color=#000000][/color]Vegetarians are vegetarians for ethical purposes. So I'm guessing it's what they mean by it being ethical
Agriculture / Re: Lab Grown Chickens For Sale In The US by Gloriagee(f): 11:52am On Jun 24
How is this more ethical tori olorun?

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Food / Re: Chicken Republic 1500 Special At Eko Atlantic City. Pictures by Gloriagee(f): 1:30pm On Jun 19
T for tenz, especially the fried rice.


The rice dey taste like say na from Home Econs practical. lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Family / Re: Stop Buying Gas To Cook And Power Generator ! by Gloriagee(f): 10:37pm On Jun 18
Oh ok. Do you use the regular LPG cylinders?

It is called BIOGAS very safe for cooking and generator. Infact I install on roof and kitchen.
Family / Re: Stop Buying Gas To Cook And Power Generator ! by Gloriagee(f): 4:11pm On Jun 18
Should you not be wearing a face mask abi no be real gas
Family / Re: Don't view by Gloriagee(f): 1:43pm On Jun 17
How long has it been since she gave birth? Cant you work with her to lose weight by going to the gym, setting up an exercise regime and encouraging her to eat healthy.
For stretchmarks try shea butter, bio oil.

You have zero filter but i assume she loves you so be kinder to her.

Can I divorce a wife full of stretch mark all over her body after birth?
because presently i don't feel attracted to her anymore because anytime she is naked her arm thighs laps etc are all full of stretch mark and she added fat after birth which caused all this like am not interested again 😭😢😭

Although she be 99% wife material but 🤔

What can I do on this case cos am feeling like getting married to someone else.. 😡
Politics / Re: Emefiele Implicated Suspended EFCC Head, Bawa In Naira Redesign Scam by Gloriagee(f): 2:04pm On Jun 16
How naive can you be? And hey you use the word, technocrats too easily!

[b]All the while I was thinking Emefiele was one guru doing the nation a service with all his policies. Nigeria's technocrats disappoint in public offices too much for comfort. Also, the youngest EFCC chairman let the youths down. [/b]

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