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Family / Re: My Gas Cylinder Was Stolen Tonight by GorillaApp(m): 8:21pm On Aug 21

Chaiiii!!!!! cry

@ motirayo2018, send me your phone number. Don’t mind, I just called you a few mins ago.
Thank you bro
God bless
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Meets Olu Of Warri (photos) by GorillaApp(m): 4:55pm On Aug 20
If tinubu genuflect like that, him go need another surgery abroad grin grin
My thoughts exactly
Sports / Re: Roberto Gabriel Trigo: Footballer Who Brought Down A Plane With A Football Shot by GorillaApp(m): 2:16pm On Aug 20
Name your price sir, I have a job for you at Abuja
Hush! Don't say it loud

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Sports / Re: Innoson Vehicle Shades Manchester United- Man U Fans React by GorillaApp(m): 7:12pm On Aug 19
100% visa application guaranteed 7slots available hurry now and call 081::63::83::85::69 for more information. this is an opportunity to apply for two years u.s.a, canada, australia, south korea and any other country working visa; for both family and single packages. note : no down payment until visa is out and payment must be made immediately your visa and employment letter is out. please only interested persons can contact/whatsapp us on 081::63::83::85::69
Myndd44 and lalasticlala make Una ban this guy. Fraud
Family / Re: I Messed Up. by GorillaApp(m): 3:15pm On Aug 18

Okwa it's drink you want to buy me? Buy it here cool
Hey! She be my sister

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Family / Re: I Messed Up. by GorillaApp(m): 3:03pm On Aug 18

Lol... I don't do backyard deals o cheesy. My own is very very opendencial. tongue
Fear not. You have nothing to worry. let's go away from the prying eyes hear cool
Family / Re: I Messed Up. by GorillaApp(m): 2:28pm On Aug 18
Op, don't let anyone make you feel bad about your actions. Some times when human beings behave like animals, there's need to reset their brains back by giving them some form of discipline.

From all you said, it's like your wife is taking your gentility for stupidity hence her incessant tantrums and disrespect to you.

I know her type. Once they see you're not the type that beat women, they'll want to climb your head. So it was necessary you beat some sense into her. I'm also a lady and don't support domestic violence of any kind but your woman overdid it and it was best you called her to order in the language she understands better.

My advice, if she raises her voice at you again over any argument, get a proper cane and flog her on her legs. Since she lacks home training, she'll have to get it all over again. Afterall as children, we were flogged as corrective measures to reset our brains and make us respectful children. So no biggies if you introduce the same measure to tame a rude adult. Flog her on her legs. Nonsense!

I wonder what some married women were doing in their youth and singles days if they didn't learn to be respectful good wifes and virtuous women to their husbands.

It is for this purpose churches organize youth and singles programs and seminars. Some will not attend, some will attend but will only go there to look for a guy or lady to toast, learning nothing at the end of the day and tomorrow they'll be rushing into marriage with empty heads only to start misbehaving.

Please no body should mention me to say trash cos this is how I feel about the whole thing and I've only given my sincere take on the matter. I'm not one to sugarcoat my words to please anybody or gender.
Just say your own and pass.

Abeg newborn27 come and read this. Na your fellow woman write am.

I don't know what's wrong with most women. When a woman fvckup, no matter the severity, they will never condemn it, rather they will tell you to manage it and bear. If it's a man doing same thing, all hell will break lose.
Now don't assume I'm one of those who go bashing women on this forum. I have a proper head on my shoulder.
Now to blessedmercy darling. Where you dey stay? I want buy you drink for this your post. You just won my heart.

Now to the op.
Your wife is toxicity personified. She will make you shriveled and all dried up with her wahala. Just waka leave her. .

I don't approve beating a woman
Ehen, back to blessedmercy, I will like to see you for backyard

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Travel / Re: Jakpa Advise: Think Critically by GorillaApp(m): 1:28pm On Aug 18
look. My dear, many people o. Immigration post brexit is bloody. You would be seeing kids driving good cars, living plush while you slave away. When I go to festivals or events with my kids you won't even see one single black. They are busy in factories and care homes while the white man is enjoying and knacking free kpekus
O boy! See life. Where would you advise na, egbon?

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Travel / Re: Jakpa Advise: Think Critically by GorillaApp(m): 1:19pm On Aug 18

I'm not sure you visit this section a lot of read student visa thread at all because this topic is a heated one yearly, you will be called all sorts of names just for tell prospective students to prepare well and lower their expectations, you will hear things like: Stop discouraging us, Nigerians are smart they will survive, God's grace differs..bla bla bla..

Ma main man! Will reach out to you later chief
Science/Technology / Re: 100 Tonnes Of Dead Fish Pulled Out Of Europe's Oder River ( Pics, Video) by GorillaApp(m): 10:28am On Aug 18
We are living in very strange and Perilous times.
The Grace of God is still here. The restrainer is not yet taken away.
Yet we are seeing Famines, pestilences, droughts, wars, sea quaking, earthquaking, and so lots more.
You can't make up these things.

I begin to wonder how life will be on earth for those that miss the RAPTURE.
We are in the Last of the Last days of this Dispensation of Grace.

Set your Priorities right folks.
Focus and Invest yourself on What really matters , which is the salvation of your soul through JESUS Christ.

The Coming of JESUS Christ is Imminent.
They that Have got Ears to Hear, let them Hear.
My brother in Christ.
I'm an environmental scientist. This may be a case of dumping of toxic waste, most likely containing heavy metals.
I'm a Christian too and I know just like you do that the end is near
Keep up with the good work

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Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by GorillaApp(m): 12:28pm On Aug 17

You've apparently run out of ideas. Salaries of political appointees has been fixed, it was even Buhari that reduced it to what it is now. Jonathan paid them more than this. We should try and be objective in our criticism.
Oga what ever you think or say, is your cup of tea. What I believe is my own pot of beans.
Buhari is hugely nepotistic. Take that to the bank
Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by GorillaApp(m): 12:23pm On Aug 17

How much did the Southern Jonathan paid his SAs when he was in power?
I don't really bother engaging any body here with arguments.

Buhari is nepotistic and have ruined this country. Him and his band of travellers.

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Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by GorillaApp(m): 5:14am On Aug 17
Just imagine!

The political class and the north most especially have destroyed this nation. A nation that does not value meritocracy

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Foreign Affairs / Re: 7 Amazing Things About William Ruto, Kenya’s President Elect by GorillaApp(m): 7:08pm On Aug 16

Me insult you? For what?

You have nothing to say because his performance was woeful as a Governor.

Have a nice day too man
What ever rocks your boat.

Obidiently observant still cool
Foreign Affairs / Re: 7 Amazing Things About William Ruto, Kenya’s President Elect by GorillaApp(m): 5:03pm On Aug 16
Tell us what he did in Anambra, he also had an energy as the Governor of Anambra State, tell us what he did.
If you expecting me to join you in a debate on this, then sorry. The next thing I will see, is insults and verbal attacks. I dont have time for that Shi*t. His achievements are there. I'm sure if you search you will see them.
I have chosen my candidate and so have you. It's fine as such. Bye

Have a nice day
Foreign Affairs / Re: 7 Amazing Things About William Ruto, Kenya’s President Elect by GorillaApp(m): 3:45pm On Aug 16
What do you mean by Obi is the lesser evil? What did he do in Anambra that makes him better than Tinubu?
Do I have a choice to pick my candidate?
I said Obi is the lesser evil because he is much younger and more energetic. Being the president requires more effort.
Look at buhari's government. The man knows little or nothing about what goes on in his government. Others are actually calling the shots.
Same thing may happen to tinubu. He may be too weak and far gone to be in total control. Hawks in his government will now take over.

That is why Peter is the lesser evil.
Foreign Affairs / Re: 7 Amazing Things About William Ruto, Kenya’s President Elect by GorillaApp(m): 5:37am On Aug 16
And Kenya will turn UK....lol

Your Obi is even fighting for his Ambition
Who among them isn't fighting for his ambition? Is it emi lo kan or the other one who stays in Dubai?
None of them is a saint. No one is perfect but in all honesty, Obi seems the lesser devil than the others
Man is younger( more energetic), someone who loves knowledge.
Let's try something different this time

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Family / Re: Man Laments After His Little Son Refused To Allow Him ‘Enjoy’ his Wife (Video) by GorillaApp(m): 5:00am On Aug 16
but how you go name this small pikin Orji? Name wey big pass em mates.. With this em bow leg and akpruka head, e suppose stubborn because that name na senior men name
Wondered the same thing too. Who names a child orji in this time and age? The name reminds me of wicked uncles in the village


Family / Re: I Just Need A Family by GorillaApp(m): 9:11am On Aug 14

Who is Abraham to God? A friend after God's heart right? Did he marry another woman aside Sarah,? Yes he did. Hagar who became his concubine and gave birth for him. Why didn't God rebuked him or his wife Sarah when Sarah suggested he go in with her maid so he can have a child. Read Genesis 21.

What about David. A man after God's heart. Did God destroy him when he married many women? No. Infact God was angry with him when he took Uriah's wife after causing him to be killed in battle.
This is what God told David.

2 Samuel 12:8 And I gave thee thy master's house, and thy master's wives into thy bosom, and gave thee the house of Israel and of Judah; and if that had been too little, I would moreover have given unto thee such and such things. 12:9 Wherefore hast thou despised the commandment of the LORD, to do evil in his sight? thou hast killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword, and hast taken his wife to be thy wife, and hast slain him with the sword of the children of Ammon. 12:10 Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife. 12:11 Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will raise up evil against thee out of thine own house, and I will take thy wives before thine eyes, and give them unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this sun. 12:12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this thing before all Israel, and before the sun.

In general, God is not against polygamy. Stop judging those that want more than one wife. As long as they are capable, there is nothing wrong with it.
I don't want to mention that of Solomon

Happy Sunday bro.

I know all of these accounts. I was expecting something from the new testament. Cc righteousness2 and jesusjnr over to you
Family / Re: I Just Need A Family by GorillaApp(m): 5:15am On Aug 14

There is nothing wrong with polygamy. God Almighty even gave wives to His servants I'd they sure desire.
Nowadays women hates it because they don't want any competition, so they can misbehave. Whether you like it or not, polygamy is not a sin and God is not against it.
You better situp if you're already married or else someone will have to share kitchen, bedroom with you.
Can you please provide biblical proof
Family / Re: I Just Need A Family by GorillaApp(m): 5:14am On Aug 14

You seems to be alone in this

Why not involve your family and both families will meet and end this marriage, just tell them that you are no longer interested in the marriage and don't listen to any begging from any one to give another chance, return the bride price and then file for a divorce if necessary

But am very sure that she is not in good terms with your family

You may remain like this forever if you don't take the above step and advice

But If you are a very weak man, then that's another bigger problem
You are always very objective and practical in your analysis. Maybe you can give pointers on an issue. Can I reach you
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by GorillaApp(m): 7:08pm On Jun 28

Immediate Pick Up

✅ 2 HP Split AC (fairly new) 120k
✅ LG DVD Home Theater System 80k
✅ Dinning Table (Tempered Glass) 40k
✅ Center Table (Tempered Glass) 30k
✅ Shoe Rack 7k
✅ Wooden dressing mirror 15k
✅ Floating Shelf x2 10k each
✅ Art Frame (3 pieces) 5k
✅ kitchen cabinet with Glass doors 17k
✅ Sokany Healthy AirFrier 3.0l New 29k
✅ Microwave ...........15k
✅ Inspiration & Motivational Books
✅ LG 32 Inch LED Flat Screen TV 55k
✅ Washing machine 6k Top Loader 30k

(pick up date June 30th -July 2nd)

✅ Sumec Generator 2.2KVA ......75k
✅ Water Storage Drums X2 .....7k each
✅ Pressure Cooker
✅ Gas Cooker Table Top 2 Burner+12.5kg Cylinder+Regulator+Hose ............20k
✅ Curtain+Accessories
✅ Food Processor ….............35k
✅ Century 1000VA Stabilizer......... 8k
✅ Wall Clock ..........….....9k
✅ Children cloth box ............6k
✅ Ceiling fan X6 ..............5k each
✅ OX Standing fan ..............17k
✅ Water Dispenser .............30k
✅ Wooden bed+Mattress(6by6) 74x74x9 inches ..................55k
(Frame alone 40k Mattress 20k)
✅ Bed Frame (6by4 and half)... 30k
✅ Toyota Corolla 2003.....1.9M
✅ 3 and half plots at Abeokuta...1.7M

DM for Pictures

Pick-Up Location: Surulere, Lagos
WhatsApp Contact: 08137620277
TV still available?
Food / Re: What's The Difference Between Coca-cola And Pepsi And Which Do You Prefer? by GorillaApp(m): 1:51pm On Jun 28

Everything in this world is poison except water.

Give me a chilled bottle of coke.
Even water is a poison. Too much of it against your will can kill you
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu, Wife Sue NIMC, NIS, Banks Over David Ukpo’s Real Age by GorillaApp(m): 8:14am On Jun 28

Prohibition of commercial dealings in human material for transplantation
(1)A person commits an offence if he—
(a)gives or receives a reward for the supply of, or for an offer to supply, any controlled material;
(b)seeks to find a person willing to supply any controlled material for reward;
(c)offers to supply any controlled material for reward;
(d)initiates or negotiates any arrangement involving the giving of a reward for the supply of, or for an offer to supply, any controlled material;
Firstly,the link you posted is faulty, wrong or missing.

Secondly we need to find out what controlled substances are. I actually wanted to see if kidneys are among them
Lastly, the keyword there is "supply". Donate and supply are two different things, don't you think?
I want you to view it against the backdrop of people who are into organ racketeering. I want to believe this is the area the law is meant to cover.

Btw, I am not a supporter of the senator. If they had put in place vibrant health care system, they won't be in this mess.
Let's wait and see how the pendulum swings. I will be interested in the legal fireworks that will ensue.
Enjoy your day
Politics / Re: Ekweremadu, Wife Sue NIMC, NIS, Banks Over David Ukpo’s Real Age by GorillaApp(m): 5:55am On Jun 28

Typical Naija oppressor mentality. The issue is not about age.
Per 1989 UK Law-HOTA, Live organ donor and recipient must be genetically related. Is the boy related to the Ekweremadus?
It’s also illegal to induce, coerce, manipulate or offer monetary compensation to donors.
Ignorant and arrogant leaders worshiped by ignorant followers like you.
Genetically related does not mean the person must be a relation. It simply means their is a genetical and cellular match so that the organs are not rejected by the recipient's immune system which can view it as a foreign object and send antibodies to destroy the said kidney. Even among blood relations, there may be no match.
Always get facts. Don't think people with contrary views are slaves or supporters.
Secondly, it's not a crime to receive financial payment if you decide to donate your organ. You can donate freely as charity or receive money. It's s thing of choice. This is where age comes in. Is the boy old enough to make this decision? Was he smuggled into the UK?
Not everyone is a supporter of the man but don't attack does who view things objectively

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Romance / Re: Went To My Ex Wedding And This Is What I Did by GorillaApp(m): 12:49pm On Jun 27
The mod that pushed this to front page is mad
Nairaland is slowly going mad
You banged her and so what

Atleast she is married now

Same way u banged her that’s the same way she banged u

I'm so shocked I'm reading this on front page! Had to check to see if it is still front page

Seun, lalasticlala. Myndd44 Dominique. This an all time low.
Pls yank this piece away from front page.
This is disgusting. So many influential people are here to.
Op, weldone you hear! Dem dey press your future wife somewhere too

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TV/Movies / Re: Where Can I Download Good Movies by GorillaApp(m): 6:37pm On Jun 26
Try tvshows4mobile.com for series and hdmpa4mania1.com for single movies
Alright. Thanks

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Politics / Re: See Pictures Of The Classroom Block Peter Obi Rebuilt In Bende LGA, Abia State by GorillaApp(m): 3:00pm On Jun 26

You get sense so?....dem dey ask you to show us school wey the old criminal build outside Lagos state...you dey narrate wetin him do with government funds. Abi you think say Obi is from Abia State?...yet he did what he did outside Anambra his home state while not in office as a Governor
God bless you. I wanted to point this out
Phones / Re: Delete These Apps Immediately! by GorillaApp(m): 2:28pm On Jun 26
Well, I really don't know all those techy sturvs you wrote up there( I'm no tech geek). I just avoid them because I think they are malwares.

So what's the ram size of your device.

Btw, thank for the lectures
Education / Re: My School Receipt In 1989 by GorillaApp(m): 2:20pm On Jun 26

Chai, but why comrade grin

Lalasticlala command see something
Crazy meme grin


Politics / Re: Is Peter Obi The Face Of Take Back Nigeria Movement? by GorillaApp(m): 9:39am On Jun 26

He's already the IPOB and unknown gunmen president.
You can congratulate him already.
He has been sponsoring IPOB from the proceed of his beer business.
Check out the simarity of Obi's beer and IPOB logo.
Does it get more haram than this?
Just see how ignorant you are... Exposing your ignorance in public. No one stops you from having a different view but try and state the correct facts.
I'm certain you are a young man and does not know much about historical facts.
That logo is called the rising sun it is the logo of the then Biafra Republic of 1968. It existed even before nnamdi kanu or ipob was born.
Get your facts straight

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