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Politics / Re: "That Buhari Has Igbo Driver And Cook & Not Tribalistic Is A Lie" - Reno Omokri by gunther6(m): 9:38pm On Oct 10, 2018
From Gistvic.com

Reno Omokri comes out to debunk claim that Buhari is not tribalistic.

He wrote:

"The Buhari Campaign Organisation says Buhari is not tribalistic and claim that his driver and cook are Igbos. First of all, this is a lie. But even if it is true, does it mean that all Buhari thinks Igbos are good for is as drivers and cooks? Are Igbos not good enough to even head one single military force? If they are not competent for that in Buhari’s eyes, can’t they head a paramilitary agency? #RenosDarts"

Campaign gimmick of his Igbo driver and cook is built on lies and is an insult to Igbos if the only thing Buhari sees them fit for is to drive and cook. They are not a slave race. The most significant thing Buhari has done for the Igbos is Python Dance #RenosDarts

Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/renoomokri/status/1050094481834500096

I don like this Reno sha, I used to find him grating and annoying before, he has silly hair too, but as long as he is firing Buhari, driving his blood pressure up, we are fine. grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: "That Buhari Has Igbo Driver And Cook & Not Tribalistic Is A Lie" - Reno Omokri by gunther6(m): 9:36pm On Oct 10, 2018
In 2015 zombies like omenka, ngeneidiot, buterflyle0, midolian, egift etc claimed boobhari's daughter married an Ibo man from Enugu. Even egift claimed him knows the family compound in Enugu. Abeg who still remembered that garguantuan lie? grin

Today are still looking for that phantom Boobhari's daughter who zombies claimed married an Ibo. Immhotep have you found boobhari's Ibo 'in-laws'? grin

grin grin grin

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Romance / Re: Ladies, What Would You Do If This Guy Were Your Boyfriend Or Husband? (photos) by gunther6(m): 9:34pm On Oct 10, 2018
U men ar evil, u wont make heaven

I find that really funny coming from ‘AnalQueenluci’ grin grin grin
Politics / Re: PDP Primary: Makarfi Reacts To Atiku’s Victory by gunther6(m): 9:21pm On Oct 10, 2018
Ok, Good!

I'm bafflled by the effontery and temerity of these creatures called yorubas in the past few days, and I ask myself few question s:

Why are yorubas suddenly interested in the PDP vice president slot- A party They so much loathe and detest

Why do They suddenly want to produce a running Mate to Atiku Abubakar? -A man they hate so much hate, call currupt and insults at the slightest opportinty

Why have yorubas suddenly fallen in love with PDP since after the primaries that they are now advising PDP on what to do if they want to Win next years elections?-yorubas now find PDP so appealing and irresistable. Interesting isn't it?

Yorubas by nature are very cunny, mischievious, greedy, selfish, treacherous and deceptive. They have this overbloated sense of self-worth and value. Isn't it unbelievable that despite the fact that no south West state is currently giverned by PDP, yet these greedy people are asking for the VP slot under PDP on a platter of gold, where is that done?

Isn't it unbelievable that the south East and south south that has provided the much needed viable opposition to this current failed govt aren't even shouting for the VP slot unlike these loquacious and Greedy yorubas? You now ask yourself, on what basis are the Yorubas asking for VP? Why exactly do the yorubas now want to reap where they did not sow?

This is a region that cannot guarantee you electoral advantage or block votes, a region that always sits on the fence and votes are shared 50:50, a region that can't give you a landslide, a region whose votes are inconsequential and can't guarantee you electoral victory

Their overbloated ego and Pride won't allow them see that the large number of voters in Lagos for example has been largly neutralised by the presence of Igbos and other tribes which constitute a substantial number of eleigible voters as opposed to states in other region where eligible voters by tribe are homogenous, so those talking about South West having more voters are grosslyy ignorant and largely unreasonable.

The worst mistake PDP and Atiku will make is to take a non-igbo as VP or from any region other that the south East. That will cast a death knell on the PDP's ambition of defeating this evil and incompetent APC govt. The south East is not short of credible, capable, competent, prolific, proven and eminently qualified candidates to fill in the VP slot of the PDP. Any thing short of an Igbo VP candidate will result not just in voters apathy and boycott, but a considerable number that will vote will vote for APC, just to ensure that the PDP self-destruct is completed.

Buhari led government is a total failure, gross misfortune and monumuntal disaster of garguantuan proportions. Only mentality deranged persons would want this inept, incompetent and incorrigible government to continue in office for another 4years

The attempt by a few misguided yorubas to hoodwink the PDP into making this grave mistake of fielding a Yoruba vice will not fly. They know it will be an easy coast for buhari and APC if PDP dare make the mistake of picking a yoruba vice . We see through your greed and deceit, gone are the days when people fall for your cheap lies and propaganda. People have become wiser now. Atiku + an Igbo VP candidate is a done deal if we are to oust the lifeless one and send him back to daura through a cow ride

A word is enough.....

I actually agree with you but the toxic oleaginous ethnic politics you had to stroke to arrive at your point makes objective judgement of your arguments impossible.
I agree that the VP slot should go to an ibo woman or man (I said woman first Okonjo Iweala I’m looking at you). We Yoruba’s should sit this one out, our son Yemi Osibanjo despite his considerable intellect is part of the Aso rock furniture while the dull one hashes it out with his fellow Northern supremacist, we would however require the senate presidency, the Northwest should take one for the team and content themselves with the House of Representatives, the North central can produce both deputies.


Car Talk / Re: What Auto-makers Used To Do Before They Started Making Cars by gunther6(m): 5:56pm On Oct 04, 2018
No afonjeezy dere

You are one sad puppy, I can’t see your name up there too. You are like a poster child for why the Nigerian experiment has failed. Quietly crawl into your twin bed in your single room apartment and cry yourself to sleep. Loser


Politics / Re: President Buhari Slams Elite For Allowing Nigeria Get ‘mismanaged For 16 Years’ by gunther6(m): 4:29pm On Sep 29, 2018
It’s been nothing short of heaven in the last 3 years. angry were


Car Talk / Re: Uber's Self-driving Car Just Killed A Pedestrian. by gunther6(m): 7:13am On Mar 20, 2018
Tempe, Arizona is in UK abi? Kontinu
Religion / Re: Pastor Adeboye At 76, Human or a spirit? - Sunnewsonline by gunther6(m): 5:58am On Mar 17, 2018
Religion / Re: Paul Enenche: Gospel Truth Of The Tithe Revealed by gunther6(m): 9:51am On Nov 26, 2017
Please am I the only one still searching for the ‘endorsement’ by Jesus. Well make I go sleep I have church this morning.


Romance / Re: Boy Tattoos Name Of His Secondary School Girlfriend On His Hand (Photos) by gunther6(m): 5:26pm On Oct 27, 2017
Young love grin, beautiful in its own way
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Hit Me With A Sudden News by gunther6(m): 3:36am On Oct 26, 2017
You’ll be fine lol


Politics / Re: Soldiers Pose With Dead Bodies Of Boko Haram Members After Attack In Sambisa by gunther6(m): 4:57pm On Oct 23, 2017
What the f*vk, what the actual fv*k is this, they are vanquished opponents, show some effing respect, there is no need to desecrate their bodies, the army should hold itself to a higher standard. I’m so pissed right now.

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Education / Re: Doctor Aarinola Olayia Breaks OAU 28-Year Record (Photo) by gunther6(m): 4:48pm On Oct 21, 2017

tribalist not tribalism cool

If you don’t recognize typo’s for what it is, perhaps and evaluation of your self vaunted smartness is required... just saying.
Education / Re: Doctor Aarinola Olayia Breaks OAU 28-Year Record (Photo) by gunther6(m): 3:47pm On Oct 21, 2017
I will have said yorubas and record breaking are like 5&6.But as a yoruba boy.I was NOT brought up be a noise maker and chestbeater like some people that make noise on little achievement.

You are just a silly, small minded tribalism. Nigerians and other nationalities for that matter break records that’s why it is fucki*g called records.. now get the f*vk out of here you silly Lilliputian
Celebrities / Re: Ycee Looking Hot In His New York Photoshoot by gunther6(m): 2:10pm On Oct 13, 2017
nigga no fine thank God for wire runs Malaysia IP idiot

What are you waiting for go and do your own na. Are you allergic to money?

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Literature / Re: Kazuo Ishiguro Wins The 2017 Nobel Prize In Literature! by gunther6(m): 7:16am On Oct 06, 2017
I knew the Nobel committee were going to do this. I am just sorry for Marukami and Nguigi, also rams every year cry

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Romance / Re: Say Something Nice About Your Ex by gunther6(m): 10:45pm On Sep 25, 2017
I will always love her and may the good lord keep her and help her find the happiness she deserves.


Forum Games / Re: Whats Your Score ? by gunther6(m): 5:00pm On Sep 05, 2017

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Celebrities / Re: Frank Edoho Dropped As Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Host by gunther6(m): 4:11am On Sep 02, 2017
They can't afford him lol...

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Car Talk / Re: What Is The Worst Vehicle You Have Ever Used ? by gunther6(m): 7:27am On Aug 18, 2017
Lexus ES 300 and Acura MDX ... when I think of the fortune I wasted at Sunny-T mechanic workshop, I just find one corner and faint for 30 minutes...


Education / Re: Jenifa's Diary English: A Project Topic In OAU (Photo) by gunther6(m): 8:29am On Aug 17, 2017
The name of the department is Linguistics and African Languages, don't let that name fool you it is Yoruba department... chai the fun we had at their expense back then

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Family / Re: Man Sent To Prison For Failing To Marry A Lady He Got Pregnant In Lagos by gunther6(m): 2:30am On Aug 16, 2017
grin grin wetin man no go see for Nigeria
Romance / Re: How To Make A Man Admire You, Chase You, Fall In Love With You And Marry You. by gunther6(m): 2:27am On Aug 16, 2017
@Op you need to fix your brain this is the most sexist article I have ever read on this site.

And seun you need to get your brain fixed for all the anti gay propaganda.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 12 by gunther6(m): 8:00am On Aug 12, 2017
Please OluDare01 and Gunthar06 please reply your pms or message me on omoyeoziegbe@gmail.com. I have some urgent questions to ask you guys.

Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by gunther6(m): 5:08pm On Jul 03, 2017
@adewotired you mind asking your questions here, finding it hard answering PM's new device and stuff.
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by gunther6(m): 5:00pm On Jul 03, 2017
Happy Sunday everyone.please I want to ask the gurus in Trumpland how easy does it come for a naija guy to make male America citizen friend(white) to female.please share ur experience.

This is a funny question, it's quite easy but somehow this question does not sit pretty with me, it seems to come out of a place of deep insecurity.
The answer is just mind your business, be yourself, smile and bring your drinking A-game you are in college after all, you'll make friends of every shade white, blue, yellow, green but pls represent us well don't be a 'Nigerian' supplicant begging for a white friend.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by gunther6(m): 4:52pm On Jul 03, 2017

Gunther6 biko your attention is needed grin.... i believe he is in Baltimore

Mama I dey here o... if you want a true answer to Baltimore, my answer is don't come. It is too small, too dirty, too boring and too expensive, unless you getting a graduate degree in Health Sciences I know Llamas that will get an assistantship before you at JHU, UMB is not much better, The Nigerian presence in the Baltimore area can be a positive or negative, I am still undecided, most affluent Nigerians live in the 'burbs anyway the one you'll see in the city work at 7-Eleven, lest I forget the rent will chase you out of town( I used to average $1100 a month in rent and utilities). I have not minced words for you @the guy that wants to go to Baltimore and although my answers are colored by my experiences I have tried to incorporate the experience of others too.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by gunther6(m): 3:00pm On May 25, 2017
Gunther6, where art thou?

Oga mi
Foreign Affairs / Re: Real-life Robocop Starts Work In Dubai Tomorrow Onward (Photo) by gunther6(m): 10:21pm On May 22, 2017
We are on course to start the production of pencils in 2018 - Ogbonnaya Onu ( Minister for 'Science and Technology' )

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Romance / Re: If Your Name Is Abigail, Your Biomed Boyfriend Just Showed Your Nudes To Friends by gunther6(m): 12:40am On May 08, 2017
Fuckîng snitch... prolly crushing on the girl
Celebrities / Re: Fans React To Ese Eriata's Sultry Photo by gunther6(m): 6:24pm On Apr 12, 2017
Nigerians have lost their collective poo over this BBN of a thing, even Nairaland sef. Smh
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 11 by gunther6(m): 1:23am On Mar 28, 2017
Gunther6 baba, I hail o cheesy
Owo meji, ese meji fun enikan!

Egbon, a ki yin o. O t'ojo meta o

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