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Travel / Re: JAPA: I Used To Enjoy A Comfortable Life Back Home - Man Laments In UK (video) by Hannover(m): 9:38am On Mar 14

Anyone that is complaining after Jakpa, should please return to Nigeria immediately, so we can send another person to that country for clear verification of the situation.

Signed by the government

They are the same people always complaining about the price of things, always converting the money to Naira as if the country they are living is paying them in Naira.
They want to be earning pounds and be spending Naira.

Don't mind them. They are all mad!!!!
Travel / Re: JAPA: How My Nigerian Accent Failed Me In Canada (pix/video) by Hannover(m): 9:35am On Mar 14
Very stupid post to get YouTube views. This girl if she is in Canada should go get a job.

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Business / Re: How Inexperienced Tech Personnel In Banks Scuttle Cashless Banking by Hannover(m): 3:07pm On Mar 13
This has to do with poor infrastructure and not inexperienced personnel. You people like writing shit.

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Crime / Re: Please Help Me Find The Guy That Scammed Me. by Hannover(m): 9:25pm On Mar 12
Hey guys.. Please I need help

A young man scammed me of all my hard earned money in Lagos island, lekki in the name of helping me with a job

I am a young, single lady managing myself and I came to Lagos to source for means of income.

Right now all my savings is gone. I am depressed and do not know how to start my life again.

Please I need my money back.... Please someone should help me find this guy... I am having sleepless nights I can't even eat. And I have no one to stay by my side. Please I need help nairalanders....

How did you meet him? Where did you meet him? We need more information
Romance / Re: My Shocking Experience At A Hangout Yesterday With A Superficial Girl. by Hannover(m): 7:22pm On Mar 12

bro that's what am facing here too in lag, seriously am beginning to drop respect for girls, I only respect our old mother's now

😂😂Lagos is worst! Lots of beautiful girls with no morals. Portharcourt has lots of beautiful girls too but far better in morals than Lagos girls
Travel / Re: Help: What's The Average Rent Around Ikoyi, Lagos? by Hannover(m): 7:13pm On Mar 12

900k shey per year or month?

Per year


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Much Was Your First Salary And Which Year by Hannover(m): 6:05am On Mar 12
My first salary was 40,000 2006.

I have been following you in the UK Travel section for a long time now and noticed you're very experienced and I just love how u give information so freely kudos. Are you married?

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Business / Re: IWD 2023: Wema Bank Unveils Big Sister Project For Its Female Employee by Hannover(m): 5:54am On Mar 12
Appreciating women is very good.

However, a woman who has been fvcked and mounted by many men does not deserve your appreciation to the point of marriage.

Play the game with her. Fvck her and let others fvck her.
If you desire a happy lasting peaceful home with legitimate children, fvck any girl you want but when it comes to marriage, find a virgin woman and marry. Only her deserves your love and devotion.

A woman you did not disvirgin will fvck her ex the moment he shows up to her on Facebook or in the market and you will train another man's child thinking it's yours. Never marry a woman you did not disvirgin.

Man people (especially non virgin girls) have been advocating that only a virgin man should marry a virgin woman.
They are of the opinion that body- count has the same importance for women as it is for men. They are wrong!
A man is the one who gives during sex. The semen leaves his body into a woman's body. That is to say that a woman collects the semen which is housed in her body.

Have you wondered why a wife starts to look like her husband after many years in marriage? That's because she has been absorbing the man's genetic material into her body. This will somehow (however minute mix with her blood and inturn, her DNA). This traits in her system will also be passed down to her children (as we all know that fetus feeds from the mother's system (that is, they take from everything inside the mother's blood).

Now, if a woman sleep with a man who has some kinda of disorder (biological or spiritual disorder), the man deposits this disorder in to her system. Her system will keep some of these disorder ( through a genetic process called "duplication " of blue print - this is how DNA multiply in the body of animals)
If this same woman sleeps with other men, her body keeps a copy of all the men's DNA in her system ( she may not even know that this is happening). Therefore, if she slept with 5 guys, she would house five traits from these men.

Now, if this same woman marries a man. The man impregnates her. The baby will feed from the mother's body system (which is now a hub of the genetic material of 5 men). This baby will absorb the traits of these 5 men (now 6, including the husband) and develop into a full grown body.
Here is the danger of this super- hybrid.
If the traits in these five men is womanizing, stealing, assassination, gluttony and depression, this innocent baby will "inherit" these traits even when it is not found in the family of the original father.

One day, you will see your child exhibiting characters that your father and grand great father's did not exhibit and you would wonder who is the father of this boy.

This is why our fore father's used to pick wife for their children from a notable family not from a family with bad tract records.

As for wether body count means anything to a man, The man gives the semen. It leaves his body into a woman's body.
Take for example; you have a big cup. You pour orange juice in it. Then you pour wine in it. Then coke. Then mango juice. Then urine. Then tomato paste. Then saliva. Then pap. Then sea water. Then goat blood. Then engine oil and many assorted juice.
Which do you think will be conterminated?
The juice containers or the big cup?

Marry a virgin. If you did not, then I am sorry to tell you that one or Two of your children is not your own.
Most likely, your wife pinned her ex pregnancy on you.
You want to spend your life training someone else's child?
Make a choice today. Fvck any girl you want but settle down with a virgin.

Non virgins are good for sex but not for family (except you want your daughters too to open their legs for men before they marry).

Check what the bible has to say:

Deuteronomy 22:13-21
13 “If any man takes a wife and goes in to her and then hates her 14 and accuses her of misconduct and brings a bad name upon her, saying, ‘I took this woman, and when I came near her, I did not find in her evidence of virginity,’ 15 then the father of the young woman and her mother shall take and bring out the evidence of her virginity to the elders of the city in the gate. 16 And the father of the young woman shall say to the elders, ‘I gave my daughter to this man to marry, and he hates her; 17 and behold, he has accused her of misconduct, saying, “I did not find in your daughter evidence of virginity.” And yet this is the evidence of my daughter's virginity.’ And they shall spread the cloak before the elders of the city. 18 Then the elders of that city shall take the man and whip[a] him, 19 and they shall fine him a hundred shekels[b] of silver and give them to the father of the young woman, because he has brought a bad name upon a virgin[c] of Israel. And she shall be his wife. He may not divorce her all his days. 20 But if the thing is true, that evidence of virginity was not found in the young woman, 21 then they shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones, because she has done an outrageous thing in Israel by whoring in her father's house. So you shall purge the evil from your midst.

I just screen shot your message. This is absolutely correct. I pity alot of Nigerian men
Celebrities / Re: Popular South African Musician Costa Titch Slumps, Dies On Stage (Video/Photos) by Hannover(m): 5:45am On Mar 12
What's up with artist slumping dying during performance recently?

Too much intake of hard substances might be the primary cause, who know.. RIP man

It's the COVID vaccine!!! I have told people not to take it. Alot of young people have been slumping suddenly recently

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Celebrities / Re: Popular South African Musician Costa Titch Slumps, Dies On Stage (Video/Photos) by Hannover(m): 5:42am On Mar 12
This is what the COVID vaccine has been causing. I have told people to not take that vaccine.

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Romance / Re: Advise Needed Pls, I Am Planning To Start A Family by Hannover(m): 12:49pm On Mar 11
If i knew what i know now i would have married at 23., When you are 45 and with your children looking like your siblings, you will understand. Though it needs a different level of maturity

Oga shut up with all this bull crap talk. I'm 38 with a 16 Year old and a 13 Year old. There is no trophy if you don't give them the very best.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 8:56am On Mar 11

Do you have idea or job link where someone can secure their visa sponsorship job, cuz I know that Job offer is one of the major requirements for CSV

I think it very hard for you to see a visa sponsorship job. In my case I was redeployed by the company I work for to their branch in South Africa.

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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 10:11pm On Mar 10

You can’t stay longer than the days stamped on your passport. For now they don’t issue permit anymore, even people who have been there for long most of them are now illegal but being illegal in southy is not a big deal like people use to claim. And lastly no more 24 hours electricity and you can only buy generator to power the house you bought not the one you rent, make sure you carry your power bank with you. Peace ✌️

🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is so so funny.
Religion / Re: Re: Purpose Urself This Month by Hannover(m): 9:54pm On Mar 10
Why? Because I don't understand you
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 9:38pm On Mar 10
[quote author=Graceness777 post=121636398][/quote]

Please send me your number to kaladajumbo74@gmail.com
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 9:37pm On Mar 10

You don’t need to use an agent for evisa😃
Don’t be a lazy Nigerian youth

If you are going for vacation
Your data page
Yellow card
Introductory stating where and how long you would be staying
Enough in your proof of source of income .showing how u made your income
If you’re working (employment/contract letter
Business/your company docs
Reserved itinerary tickets

For people going to visit a host
Host invitation letter
Host bank statement with enough fund /host payslip (optional)
Host utility bills
Host Trv/ ID/permit letter
Host international passport
(Applicant data page
Yellow card
If you have a minor
Include his data page
Immunization card
DOB certificate
Consent letter for from 1/both parents for minors
If you re going to meet your spouse(include marriage certificate
Then leave the rest toGod

Please can you put the link here for the evisa. Thanks
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 5:14pm On Mar 10

Not "sponsor" in the sense of what applies to the UK (COS) and Canadian (Nomination/LMIA) processes. For the South African process, there are a couple of options.

Intra Company Transfer Visa - businesses to transfer employees from an overseas branch to their South African branch for up to 4 years. The visa can be issued for any period of time up to 4 years, but cannot be extended or renewed

Critical Skills Visa - This one doesn't matter whether you handle it yourself or if the company does, as far as you have all the requred documentations from them (esp., the offer letter), being "sponsored by the company" is only a matter of whether they pay for the process or you pay for it.

General Work Visa - This one, it is a matter for Matthew 19:24 cheesy

Thank you very much @bolded refers to my matter.
Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 11:22am On Mar 10
Please gurus in the house. My question is can a company sponsor relocation to South Africa? How is the process like?
Travel / Re: Living In China, Life Lessons And Experiences by Hannover(m): 11:17am On Mar 10
cue64 where are you? Please we are still waiting for you here on this thread
Politics / Re: The Hatred For Me Is Too Much, Desmond Elliot Cries Out by Hannover(m): 10:55am On Mar 10
I really love how everyone is now holding this people accountable. I'm so happy politicians don they sit up

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Travel / Re: My Experience Living In China For 4 Months - A Nairalander by Hannover(m): 10:51am On Mar 10

How did you do it brother?
What kind of work?

It's actually a heavy duty equipment manufacturing company. They build cranes, tractors, excavators etc. I actually applied via Google jobs. Although they needed someone in Northern Africa (Egypt). But I was experienced enough.
Travel / Re: The Hype Of These Abroad People Is Making Some Of Us Feel Less Achieved by Hannover(m): 9:57pm On Mar 09
Trade day pay big time abroad

A guy way be plumber for Strasbourg day cash out £80,000 per week

You be real "Ekuke" if you believe this

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Travel / Re: General South Africa Visa Enquiries by Hannover(m): 6:26pm On Mar 09
Guys my visa is out today! Thank God


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Travel / Re: General UK Visa Enquiries - Part 5 by Hannover(m): 6:21pm On Mar 09
ps is there any body travelling to Nigeria 2mor night on British airline from uk. pls I need an urgent favour. kindly DM please. Thanks

What favour do you seek? Say it here


Travel / Re: Switzerland Students Visa Thread by Hannover(m): 6:19pm On Mar 09
Hello guys,

Is there a way to keep this thread running?.

I have just secured admission in Switzerland and I'm in need of information.

I will appreciate any guidance from this thread or to join a (WhatsApp or telegram) group if there is any.


I am very sorry bro, you may never get the information you need because Nigerians behave like zombies. All they talk about is UK USA and Canada. No large scope at all. Every tom dick and Harry in Nigeria only know about this 3 countries only because that's what everyone is talking about now till restrictions starts happening.
Travel / Re: Living In China, Life Lessons And Experiences by Hannover(m): 5:07pm On Mar 09
i honestly want to come back, but I don’t even know where to start from anymore

I really love all your post here. I was just granted a work permit from china for the processing of my Z Visa here in Nigeria. Please what are my chances of getting the visa. How is working in china like? Hoping to hear from you
Travel / Re: My Experience Living In China For 4 Months - A Nairalander by Hannover(m): 4:47pm On Mar 09
I was just granted work permit to China to work in China. How is it like working there
Travel / Re: My Experience Travelling Without Cash by Hannover(m): 4:24pm On Mar 09
POS operator said they didn't see anything, sometimes you'll transfer they'll debit you without alert... If you use Zenith Bank during weekends, it's always tough ... Kuda sef have started misbehaving... Cashless policy that makes people lose money.

I lost over 70k to Kuda last week. I sent 70k from my GTB account to my Kuda account till now I never see my money.
Family / Re: My Mother Wants To Pack Into My House by Hannover(m): 1:22pm On Mar 09
You are a very wicked girl. You are completely stupid! You don't want to let your mother in because that your useless boss is spending the night with you always in that house and you don't want your mother to know. If you don't want to receive curses go and bring that woman in.

You're a bloody fool


Politics / Re: Election Postponement: Where Was Mahmood Rushing To For God's Sake? - Momodu by Hannover(m): 10:53am On Mar 09
That inec chairman is the most incompetent person I have ever seen. I wonder what criteria was used to give him that position


Education / Re: Married In School, Single At Home by Hannover(m): 10:48am On Mar 09

No give her belle oOoOO, if you are tired. Starve her and watch her run cheesy

🤣🤣🤣 There is nothing I have not done still she won't bulge. As long as Netflix dey and BBN shes good.


Education / Re: Married In School, Single At Home by Hannover(m): 10:46am On Mar 09

Bro na FM she De throw for you .she don see say the crying de work for you .
Sebi na your babe ? Nothing do you na

Yes na my babe. But I feel she needs to go home and stay with her parents (although she is in final year in school).

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