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Food / Re: BBQ And Grilling by HassieMalcomson(f): 1:34pm On Jan 28
Thanks for sharing this thread and link. It definitely helps many barbeque lovers to learn more about smokers and grills. I would also like to share my suggestions in this regard.

First of all, if we talk about the use of smokers then you should start them earlier to properly get the taste of smoke. Yes, it is always suggested to begin the smoke process earlier to absorb the smoky flavours properly.

Similarly, barbeque is typically cooked on a low flame with slow cooking approaching.

On the other hand, if we discuss grilling then I always prefer to grill meat on a hot, well-cleaned and oiled grill. I would mention here that I am new to grilling and still getting reliable tips from this site https://fascinatingsky.com/ to get perfectly cooked food. I would recommend you guys click on the 'Grilling Tip' tab that is available at the top of this blog.

Also, it will be a good idea if you open the grill's vents open to improving the flow of air. Moreover, avoid overcooking your food because it can make the meat unhealthy and rigid.
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by HassieMalcomson(f): 1:11pm On Jan 28
Better to start with PHP, HTML, Python or Java.
Health / Re: Neem Tree (dongoyaro): Health Benefits And Side Effects by HassieMalcomson(f): 12:01pm On Jan 23
Azadirachta indica or Neem trees offer many benefits to users. Especially people who live in Indian or African regions are well aware of its use. My grandmother has used its leaves to overcome her blood sugar levels and luckily, it worked.
Science/Technology / Re: Is It Safe To Use A Cash Apps Routing Number To Transfer Money? 2023 by HassieMalcomson(f): 3:00pm On Jan 21
It purely depends on the credibility of such applications. Better to play with great safety.
Science/Technology / Re: Why Cloud Computing Is Perfect For Small Businesses by HassieMalcomson(f): 2:58pm On Jan 21
Thanks for sharing such a detailed thread. It is great to see that you mentioned several cloud computing benefits in this discussion but I think you should include fewer time-to-market features as well. Yes, cloud computing models whether they are Platform as a Service or Backend as a Service promise to shorten the time to market with a rapid development approach. In this regard, it also helps startups to quickly build and launch MVPs to get the attention of investors.

Similarly, it is seamless to build, test, deploy and host your applications on these platforms without taking care of the size of your users. These platforms only take a few clicks and money to extend the resources. Likewise, the majority of cloud computing service providers are considered very scalable when it comes to increasing support horizontally and vertically. These platforms also keep you free of the tension of infrastructure, backend, hardware and software costs especially if you choose PaaS or SaaS.

Some other benefits could be data loss prevention, great flexibility and small teams. By the way, the spending of IT companies is also expanding over cloud services.

TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:18am On Jan 09
Watched the last episode of Money Heist Korean last night. Now, I am watching The Glory (kdrama). More Kdrama recommendations are welcomed.
TV/Movies / Re: Turkish Series And Movies...... by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:16am On Jan 09
Turkish series are my all-time favorite. I have watched several romantic, historical, action, and emotional Turkish series. Although you can find several series here https://digitalcruch.com/turkish-tv-series-2023/ but I am sharing the ones that I have already watched:

Sefirin Kizi
Kara Para Ask
Kara Sevda
Kurulus: Osman - Still watching
Yali Çapkini  - a new romantic series
Cesur Ve Güzel
Dirilis: Ertugrul
Erkenci Kus 
Siyah Beyaz Ask

Business / Re: How To Make Money On Instagram by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:07am On Jan 09
I noticed that businesses and different influencers are doing good on Instagram and honestly, I also want to increase my followers on this networking site but it didn't work. In this regard, when I tried to open your provided link, it didn't open. Mean I tried to click on the provided image but it is not clickable. So, it will be great if you provide me a link here.

Secondly, I want to know what are the ways to make money on Instagram in case, I don't have enough followers there. Is it possible to start selling photos on Instagram for different brands? By the same token, I also want to build a successful business on Instagram and found this article https://goread.io/blog/get-rich-or-die-grammin-how-to-build-a-successful-business-on-instagram very helpful in this regard but do you think I should limit my reach to these followers only?

Actually, I only want to sell my products and services to a particular city or a few towns only. Is there any method to customize your post and story reach while using Instagram? In addition, I would be grateful if you share organic means to get more followers in this regard.

Programming / Re: Do Nigerian Banks Have An Api To Their Database. by HassieMalcomson(f): 4:58pm On Jan 02
This scenario depends on whether the bank uses an open banking API or not. However, open banking APIs could be beneficial for quick innovation and personalized offers. Although you can consider reading this thorough article https://geniusee.com/single-blog/core-open-apis-for-banking about open banking APIs but if I share leading banks and financial services that are already using such APIs then you will find many renowned names here. Indeed, PayPal, Fidor Bank, and OnDeck Capital are already using open banking APIs for different tech stacks.

Similarly, if you are in search of open banking APIs then you should consider Dapi, Moneyhub Open Finance, and Brex. However, I don't think that banks would provide single detail about their data. Because such financial institutes always keep the data secure.
Programming / Re: How Much Do You Charge As A Web Developer? by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:31am On Dec 27, 2022
It varies from project to project.
Programming / Re: Merry Christmas! Fellow Programmers. by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:31am On Dec 27, 2022
Merry Christmas fellow programers. Hopefully, all of you were not coding on this special day. grin tongue
Programming / Re: I Need Help On Backend Development by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:28am On Dec 27, 2022
Your friend gave you one of the best pieces of advice. By all means, backend or server-side development is considered more significant compared to front-end development. Even it is vital to know that client-side development is only considered 20% of programming activity and it is backend operations that are responsible for 80% of processes.

However, it is not essential to put all of your energies on backend development because cloud computing models like BaaS, IaaS and PaaS are assisting developers a lot in this regard. You can also read this thorough article https://blog.back4app.com/how-to-build-a-backend-for-a-mobile-app/ and can understand everything about how to build the backend of mobile applications or even the web ones and how these models can aid you hereof. Mainly, all elements like app logic, database management, API, SDKs, security, debugging and testing are part of server-side development.

This image can also make you familiar with backend and frontend development.

TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by HassieMalcomson(f): 10:42am On Dec 27, 2022

Vincenzo is highly rated but I didn't like it.
Strong woman do bong soon
Come and hug me
The innocent man
While you were sleeping
I can hear your voice
W two worlds
Descendant of the sun
Big mouth
Six flying dragons- my best drama ever. Very little romance as the focus of the story is a power struggle that spans generations. It's a historical.

All of them sound interesting.


TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by HassieMalcomson(f): 10:33am On Dec 18, 2022

Flower of evil

I already watched it. Any new suggestions?

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Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Web Development, How Do I Start? by HassieMalcomson(f): 10:32am On Dec 18, 2022
Start with PHP and Python.
Programming / Re: Help With Node.js App Deployment To Heroku (Solved!!!) by HassieMalcomson(f): 10:31am On Dec 18, 2022
It sounds great that you have solved it but I think newbies can also contact to Heroku support in case of such issues. If I share my experience, I have been using Heroku for years and it was an outstanding experience. I was a big fan of the free-tier programs of Heroku but recently, this app deployment platform just changed its policy and there is no freemium plan anymore.

Therefore, I left Heroku this year and chose Back4App for my Node.js app deployment tasks. This platform still has freemium plans and services and I don't need to insert my credit card details in this regard. Hereof, this guide https://blog.back4app.com/how-to-deploy-node-js-application/ confers you with all details about deploying a Node.js application by using the Back4App platform. This guide allows you to proceed with web hosting and database with ParseJS.

Luckily, the free plan of this cloud vendor permits you following features:

- 25k requests
- 250 MB data storage
- 1 GB transfer
- 1 GB file storage
TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by HassieMalcomson(f): 9:20am On Dec 09, 2022
I am a great fan of Kdramas but it will be great if you guys suggest me some romantic and full of action Korean movies. Waiting for your suggestions.


Webmasters / Re: A Guide On How To Scale Through Mobile App Development Challenges by HassieMalcomson(f): 9:17am On Dec 09, 2022
Thanks for sharing this detailed thread. I read that you shared versatile scalability challenges that programmers face while developing. However, I believe cloud computing solutions are more attractive in this regard when it comes to extending mobile app resources quickly. In my opinion, the use of Back4App with the powerful backing of Parse and AWS could be more effective here.

Although I tried to open your provided link but unfortunately, it is not opening. So, I would recommend you follow this thorough guide https://blog.back4app.com/mobile-app-infrastructure/#How_to_scale_a_mobile_application to swiftly scale your mobile applications with Back4App, EC2 Instances, Elastic Block Storage and S3.

However, if you are still confused about the scalable infrastructure of a mobile application then you should see this image. Hopefully, it will clarify all of your doubts.

Agriculture / Re: Harvest Of 10 Months Hybrid Catfish by HassieMalcomson(f): 3:52pm On Nov 29, 2022
Wow! It is really impressive. Can we also raise king fish or seer fish with such methods at farms?
Agriculture / Re: My Farming Sweetcorn Experience by HassieMalcomson(f): 3:50pm On Nov 29, 2022
I really love the way you guys shared your experiences. Honestly, I am entirely new to gardening and planting crops. Actually, I started my home garden last year and successfully grew herbs, but now, I want to grow corn. So, first of all, I want to know your thoughts on simple corn and sweet corn. Basically, what are the differences we need to see a farmer?

Similarly, is it possible to harvest sweet corn in small containers or areas of the backyard garden? I found a beneficial step-by-step guide here https://progardeningblog.com/how-to-grow-sweet-corn/ to harvest sweet corn, but several of my questions are still unanswered. Likewise, how much time does a sweet corn crop takes to grow in an area like Abuja? Is it 60 to 95 days?

What insecticides and fertilizers will you suggest for smooth growth?

I need your suggestions.
Business / Re: You Are Fired �� by HassieMalcomson(f): 2:38pm On Nov 29, 2022
The value of crypto stocks is already low. Is it safe to work in this field?
Business / Re: Decorative Painting Designs For Homes And Office Place by HassieMalcomson(f): 2:34pm On Nov 29, 2022
These office interiors and paint ideas are definitely amazing and unique. Mainly, I love the second paint design with a brown scheme. Although your ideas are different from typical office paints but I think you can also go with bright and light-themed ideas. Likewise, complete white office walls with dark-tone flooring give a good vibe. Have a look:

In my opinion, the office should give employees a more positive and relaxing feeling and enhance their productivity at work. Therefore, it is better to go with quality painting services like this because professional property maintenance companies guide you on which paint theme or colour will suit your office according to its size and niche. Here are also some paint ideas for offices:

Properties / Re: Some Amazing Benefits Of Hiring Handyman Services With Free Estimates by HassieMalcomson(f): 8:12am On Nov 19, 2022
Thanks for sharing these exciting benefits of handyman services. During my vacations in West London, I have also hired handyman services and this property maintenance company helped me a lot. So, I have liking for handyman services and I would also love to share a few of its benefits here:

- Handyman services are efficient because here you don't have to waste energy and time with contractors. You already know what your handyman can do for you. By the same token, handyman services are also affordable compared to expensive property and renovation contractors.

- In most cases, households don't have to provide renovation tools to handymen because these guys or companies already have such tools.

- These guys also have much knowledge of house contraction so, you could be reliable sources to get better advice.

Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:20am On Nov 16, 2022
Becoming a mother or giving birth to a new life is not easy. It is full of pain, joy, and challenges but yes, mothers should also feel the happiness of this period.


Health / Re: I Want To Build Muscle And Gain Weight, What Is The Fastest Way by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:17am On Nov 16, 2022
Here are some tips to build muscles rapidly:

- First of all, you need to expand your training duration and reduce the break period between intervals.

- Similarly, you should increase the intake of protein and lean should be your preference. High-protein items could be salmon, eggs, chicken, shrimp, pork, lean beef, tuna and wild catfish. Keep in mind, I am referring to wild catfish, you shouldn't mix it with farmed catfish.

- In addition, the use of SARMs is also getting popular among athletes and people who want a muscular body. It is definitely safe to use compared to steroids. Indeed, SARMs from top brands can help you in gaining quality muscle mass and reduce the recovery duration. Hopefully, you will consider using SARMs after taking the advice of a GP.

- Also, don't forget that you have to increase your calorie intake rather than reduce it. However, the food items that you are using should be according to the suggested diet plan.

- It is also important to take proper sleep and avoid staying awake late at night.

Best of luck!
Business / Re: Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Tactical Gear In Australia by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:52am On Oct 25, 2022
There are several things you need to consider before buying tactical gear in Australia. Here are a few of my suggestions:

- First of all, you should be aware of your needs. It means what kind of gear you need for a particular venture. You shouldn't randomly buy tactical gear because you like them.

- Similarly, you should always buy tactical gear from trusted and reputed stores. I would recommend you to consider 'On Duty' because it is not only an official partner of Garmont Boots Australia but also confers the most reliable tactical gear in Australia. In this regard, you can simply visit their official website onduty.com.au and browse various tactical gear categories like boots, clothing, flashlights, and much more.

- By the same token, I will also suggest that tactical gear buyers to choose quality over quantity. Hereof, you shouldn't compromise on fabric and other stuff quality in any case. Also, don't forget to examine the suitability of a particular product for your skin and body.

Hopefully, these suggestions will also assist you in finding the best tactical gear in Australia.
Properties / Re: Modern Wall Painting Ideas/thank You Nairaland by HassieMalcomson(f): 9:43am On Oct 18, 2022
Wow! these modern wall paint ideas are amazing, and they could be happily used for different industries. Likewise, if you are entertainment industry and want a painting service for your office, then shiny walls should be your preference. Similarly, 3D wall paint ideas are perfect for tech companies, but yes, colour should also be wisely used.

I have recently got a painting service from these painters for my London office and noticed much improvement in daily work. I am also getting less stressed and depressed. By the way, these guys didn't only paint the wall but also did some maintenance work, so I got a more transformed look. Here are some wall paint ideas you must consider for offices:

Fashion / Re: Glimmer Of Hope Sterling Silver Australian Opal Ring by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:10am On Oct 05, 2022
Are these pure silver rings?
Fashion / Re: �� Beautiful Latest Wedding Gowns | 30 Wedding Dresses Ideas For African Bride by HassieMalcomson(f): 11:05am On Oct 05, 2022
Wow! she is looking decent and beautiful in these dresses. Although I also like A-line dresses but mermaid ones are looking awesome. However, I think she should also try more colours like these https://www.princessly.com/collections/formal-dresses-gowns/mermaid for mermaid dresses. The selection of glittery burgundy, black and blue tones could also be a great choice in this regard.

Here are some dresses that females should also try at weddings if they want to go with mermaid-style dresses:

However, if you only want to stick with white tones then here are some more simple ideas:

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