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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by havilla(f): 10:59pm On Nov 22

It looks reallly nice sis
Where my spoon oo � � �
thanks sis

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by havilla(f): 10:38pm On Nov 22
Fusilli pasta and beef

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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by havilla(f): 10:35pm On Nov 22
Poundo and egusi


Romance / Re: My Fiancee Stopped Talking To Me Because She Needed A ₦‎3 Million Wedding by havilla(f): 9:22am On Nov 11
Forget about that woman she is too shallow minded

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Family / Re: My Brother From Hell by havilla(f): 9:44pm On Oct 10
Yes you heard me right. My brother seems to be from hell. He is the first son, family of 6 children

He was giving all the privileges in childhood, he went to one of the best secondary schools and did his masters in UK and was doing PhD before he was deported for alcohol related offences.
Prior to his departure to UK my brother tormented my parents, always having accidents that nearly claimed his life, my mom did nurse him in the hospital. He womanises and brought women to the house. My parents were tired and sent him to do his masters in the UK and he completed and was running his PhD. He became an offender and got deported. He recently drove off with my dad's car and crashed it necessitating us getting a new car for dad and just yesterday he went to drink again and crashed my daddy's car.
My 3 siblings stay in abroad, 2 in UK and 1 in USA, whereas I and my sister are doing very well in naija, then this my brother from hell made us 3 in naija

I have lost emotions for my brother, he brings my parents tears and nothing less.

My brother is from hell cry cry
Wow, my brother who was also the first born was this same way maybe even worse, he couldn't even finish his degree from the UK before he came back, he was aggressive and a chronic alcoholic. He went to rehab for months soo much spent but no improvement, his story is too long. Unfortunately he died last month after binging three days straight on Origin bitters with an already damaged liver and heart condition all caused by substance abuse. It's really tough having someone like that in the family, keep praying for him and ask God to visit him, rehab is another option it may be the best solution for him.


Family / Re: He Lied About Genotype. Should He Be Forgiven? by havilla(f): 11:31am On Sep 19
If they are buoyant enough they should do ivf, no need throwing away the relationship as they would have invested alot in it after soo long. But if they don't have money they may have to separate.
Romance / Re: Tell Me Your Date Of Birth And I Will Reveal Your Personality To You by havilla(f): 10:19pm On Sep 10
January 20th
Family / Re: Five Places To Meet "Husband Materials" In Nigeria by havilla(f): 8:12am On Jul 18
If you want to know your husband check the position of your Mars ♂.
I thought for women it's jupiter
Romance / Re: Single Men & Ladies; By Faith, Pick Your Wedding Month/year & So Be It Amen(pix) by havilla(f): 6:16pm On May 02
December 2022 IJN
Health / Re: What Is The Permanent Ulcer Treatment? by havilla(f): 9:59pm On Feb 17
I am currently taking some herbs from ihesie_naturalhealth and am feeling soo much better, he is on instagram, he is quite pricey but it also includes a meal plan.
Health / Re: COVID-19 Update For December 25 2021 In Nigeria by havilla(f): 5:07pm On Dec 26, 2021
Lies upon lies just to steal money. Bastards.
It's no lies, am on my way now to visit my dad in the hospital, he is on oxygen.
Family / Re: Why Did My Wife Lie To Me? by havilla(f): 10:08am On Oct 09, 2021
Why does it seem as if men complain more about their wives than the other way round?
Health / Re: Reoccurring Health Issues. by havilla(f): 3:58pm On Sep 22, 2021
Oga go and see a Doctor, it's that simple.
Family / Re: Six of 10 children brought for DNA testing not fathered by supposed fathers by havilla(f): 1:19pm On Sep 18, 2021
For a man to take his kids for DNA testing it means he already has been suspecting his wife of cheating, so this shouldnt be surprising.
Health / Re: Bumps Around My Genitals (graphic Images) by havilla(f): 9:25am On Sep 15, 2021
Good day, medical practitioners in the house.
Pls, I have this bumps around my genitals & I noticed they keep increasing as time goes on.
The funbact A I got doesn't seem to be working.
It doesn't scratch or itch me but I really find it uncomfortable.
Someone should pls suggest any cream for me to use embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed
am not dr but this looks like genital warts a viral std, pls visit your dr immediately

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Health / Re: Unvaccinated Tiktoker Begs People To Get Vaccinated, Before Dying Days Later by havilla(f): 12:37pm On Sep 11, 2021

Leave them to continue their fear campaign. It's an attempt at pressuring people to get vaccinated against their will. Today every health challenge is attributed to covid. People die, they say it is covid.
Meanwhile Israel that vaccinated nearly all of her population is battling with what it calls covid again.

I will continue to maintain that covid might be ravaging many parts of the world, that however doesn't include Nigeria. Whatever people are calling covid here is pure institutional lie.

Malaria still kills more people here. Yet they won't do anything to create malaria vaccine. It is one unknown covid that they so care about. Caring government indeed!
malaria is not a white mans problem because they dont have it in their country, plead with your african scientist to develop a vaccine for you


Romance / Re: The Increasing Number Of Gayy Guys In Portharcourt... by havilla(f): 1:43pm On Aug 31, 2021
It is not only in ph, Abuja is their headquarters

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Romance / Re: Why Don't Southerners Like Dating Northern Ladies? by havilla(f): 6:19pm On Aug 26, 2021
I guess you are referring to northern muslim ladies because alot of northern christian ladies have not only dated but married southern men.


Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by havilla(f): 12:00pm On Aug 02, 2021
Spaghetti jollof with shredded beef


Health / Re: Shortness Of Breath, Headaches And High Temperature by havilla(f): 2:34pm On Jul 07, 2021
Health practitioners please come to my aid.

Some time around February 2020, I was diagnosed with Ulcer/H Pylori with which I had symptoms like burping, diarrhea, indigestion and major anxiety.
I used all the meds and local remedies for ulcer and today, I can say all those symptoms are close to gone.

As the ulcer symptoms were eradicating, other symptoms started to manifest.
Around August I started having these migraines/headaches. Mostly around the areas of my forehead. They troubled me 24/7 and I can't use pain relievers because of my ulcer history. Even when I risked a pain relief medicine, it didn't help at all.

A few months later, my temperature would get so hot that sometimes it affected my hearing.

Around January 2021, I had my first episode of shortness of breath. I thought I was going to die and I cried at the hospital when the doctors were looking at me like an alien. They eventually gave me sodium but it didn't help. What helped was me calming myself thinking to myself it would pass. It did.
A week later, another episode of shortness of breath but this time it was not an episode. It lasted the entire day and ever since, I've been living with shortness of breath.

Baseline, I have headaches, anxiety, shortness of breath and high temperature 24/7. Help Me. I've been living like this for almost a year.

- I've done HIV/AIDS test. Negative.
- Malaria/Typhoid. Treated.
- Xray Scans say my organs are all fine.

am not a dr but have you done an ECG?, perhaps you should see a cardiologist, it might be a problem with your pulse being too fast or slow.

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Health / Re: Having A Loose Stool For Over Two Months by havilla(f): 6:35am On Jun 24, 2021
A good one should contain different strains of lactobacillus, there are different brands of the supplement just ask your pharmacist for a good one.
Health / Re: Having A Loose Stool For Over Two Months by havilla(f): 9:09pm On Jun 23, 2021
No rashes...I think it all started after taking antibiotics for sometimes
the same thing happening to me, took antibiotics for sometime too, I think you should try probiotics they might help
Health / Re: The Top 6 Causes Of Kidney Disease by havilla(f): 2:33pm On Jun 20, 2021
Especially for ladies urinary tract infections are dangerous, if your pee burns or smells off dont delay going to the hospital or else it affects the kidneys.


Health / Re: The Negative Effects Of Taking Paracetamol - A Must Know by havilla(f): 4:42pm On Jun 18, 2021
Even taking too many supplements can be detrimental to our health, thanks for the awareness.
Health / Re: Help!!! My Urine Is Smelling by havilla(f): 10:29am On Jun 15, 2021
Please help. The closest government hospital to me is always full of people no matter the time I go there and I don't know what's stopping me from going to private hospital around me. I've had this issue for so long. I'm not sexually active, I don't smoke neither do I drink alcohol. I take energy drinks on the average of twice a month, I don't take other soft drinks and I drink a lot of water. What I noticed is when I drink a lot of water, I don't smell any offensive odour but if I take little water, the smell can be killing. I don't know what to do. I can't always keep up with the drinking of water cause of what I do and this started months ago. Every morning I wake up to use the toilet, it's always this smell. I don't know if it's an infection or something. Even sometimes when I take lot of water, it still smell but not close to the normal one when i don't take water.

It got so bad that when I have a visitor, I use air freshener after urinating.
Anybody here to help? Please help a boy.
you better rush to a hospital or any good lab near you for a urinalysis if you love yourself, it sounds like you have a urine infection which could cause kidney infection and trust me you dont want it to get to that level.

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Celebrities / Re: Temi Otedola Meets Her Nephews—DJ Cuppy’s Dogs (Photos, Video) by havilla(f): 7:58pm On Jun 09, 2021
Cuppy is trying with the colour of that room. The color is not calm at all. I understand that she likes pink but baby pink would have been milder to the eyes undecided
the color is just too harsh, would feel uneasy in such a house and would probably not sleep well with such a color.

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Religion / Re: Daily Dreams Interpretation by havilla(f): 12:25pm On Apr 30, 2021

In looking at your first dream, it should be noted that dreams are one of the various ways God communicates with his children . Also, the enemy is very wise and can use a person's face to fight an innocent soul to cause discord among people, that is why we all need to pray for the spirit of discernment. Now back to your dream Ma, the white colour of the scarf represents the state of your sister's heart, it is pure, open and accommodating to all while the embroidery represents her blessings hence the beauty and peculiar nature of her gift and blessings. For it to be stolen simply means the enemy stole whatever great blessings God kept for your sister because the mission of the devil is to kill,steal and destroy see John 10:10. Your desire to go to the house of your neighbour signifies your willingness,prayer and determination to go into any satanic coven or bank to recover whatever belongs to you and your loved ones and your sister attitude in the dream shows the level of inactivity and preparedness in her prayer life.
Prayer points: I enter every satanic coven or bank to recover whatever the enemy stole from me.
Oh Lord, set my prayer life on fire and fill me with your power.
Oh Lord send your angels to guide everything that belongs to me and my family. Shalom

As for the other dream, the message is look before you leap. God bless you.
thank you very much sir, I appreciate it.

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Romance / Re: My Advise To Young Women by havilla(f): 10:49pm On Apr 27, 2021
there's no story here at all
a better story would have been to advice young men to make their own money and not rely on their parents so they dont treat them like puppets and dictate important life decisions for them like who they marry . But their bias towards women wont let them think straight.
Romance / Re: My Advise To Young Women by havilla(f): 11:19am On Apr 27, 2021
I just pity people like you
pity yourself, am doing just great!

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Romance / Re: My Advise To Young Women by havilla(f): 10:56am On Apr 27, 2021
What are ladies exactly to learn from this story? It's clear to see that the op had a problem with the way his friend was spending on that girl and opened this thread to mock the poor girl. Get a life pls and leave young ladies alone.
Religion / Re: Daily Dreams Interpretation by havilla(f): 11:36am On Apr 26, 2021
Good morning sir, I had a dream that a lady who happens to be my neighbour stole my sisters scarf, my sister complained to me that the scarf is expensive, it was a white scarf with beautiful embroidery on it. I got so angry and confronted the lady to return it but she laughed and said no she wont, I ended up going to her house and got more aggressive shouting at her to return my sisters scarf. My sisters enter the house not looking bothered and told me to just leave it that the more I get angry the more she would say no, i felt more angry than my sister who owned the scarf. ( the neighbour is someone we are friendly with and I just saw her on Saturday morning)

Second dream I had, I saw a man I used to like a while back in a suit and I was told in the dream that he was getting married, but to my surprise I saw him with a man as his wife. I have known him and have mutual friends never heard of him being gay. Pls could you interpret these dreams thank you.
Romance / Re: The Ugly Side Of Being An Extremely Beautiful Lady (true Life Experience) by havilla(f): 11:26am On Apr 16, 2021
I don't know what this thread is meant to achieve as different group of people face worse stereotypes and discrimination everyday. Imagine what fat people go through, people considered ugly, albinos, people with disabilities, skin conditions and the list goes on. And you expect people to cry for you because of you are "extremely beautiful " whatever that means, knowing fully well that it comes with more privileges. Infact this post is an insult to those who face real problems.

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