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Technology Market / Re: Prepaid Error Code by herrlekan(m): 12:09pm On Sep 15
Go to the customer service center of your electricity distribution company to lodge a complaint. They will come and fix it themselves, don't call an electrician because you may be accused of tampering with the meter.

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Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 10:26am On Aug 29
Pls who has Umidigi one Screen 5.9 Inches. Thx

I have a complete and functional umidigi one pro phone for sale if you are interested, let me know.
Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 11:18am On May 16

But when I called, the lady told me they didn't have part for a7 pro yet until next week, are you sure?

That is what I was told. If you called and you were given another information,then that is their problem not mine. Peace!!!
Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 8:23pm On May 14
Lines in my camera wen I take photos,
I have updated severally problem still there,
Phone didn't drop,
I just noticed the lines ,

From one single line
Now it's 3,
How do I fix this,

Where umidigi repair office dey,
I also get a3pro bad screen, can sell if interested or fix and sell if there is a repair office, only screen break everything else works

This is the pic from my a5pro

Their offices are at Ikeja City Mall and Maryland Mall both in Lagos. However, they don't have parts for older umidigi phones. I called them today to ask if they have A3pro screen and one pro battery but they were not available for now.

They have part for the latest ones like A7pro, A9pro,bison etc
Phones / Re: I Started My Generator & Switched On My Freezer & Stabilizer, Then This Happened by herrlekan(m): 1:29pm On Dec 23, 2020

Oil dey ur head
Let me explain something here
We use stabilizers for Nepa because most of there lights are either below or above 220mw and most electronics we have works well when on 220mw
Our generators are set already on 220mw, so no need to stabilise the current because its already stabilized by the gen

I believe it is typo error, it is 220v and not 220mw.


Politics / Re: Niger, Benin, Togo Pay Nigeria N2.04bn Electricity Bill by herrlekan(m): 10:00am On Oct 28, 2020
To the lot of you confused about why Nigeria gives electricity to these countries. The answer is simple, the river Niger.
It is part of our agreement with them. They don't damn the river and cut us off and we give them electricity instead.

That is what most of them don't realize. If Niger republic decides to dam the Niger river, Kainji Dam is doom forever. This is because there won't be enough water to go through the turbines that generate electricity.

Secondly, the distribution companies rejects electricity generated by the GENCOS most times because they don't have enough capacities to distribute the electricity supplied to the consumers. Majority of the DISCO are not investing in capacities building, all they are after is making money without investing.


Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 2:31am On Oct 28, 2020

I have mentioned this PB charging issue, numerous times....

It's surprising that Umidigi devices I use in the UK, never develop any mechanical issues......

They either have broken screens or charging port damage issues...... And all the aforementioned faults, are due to user errors.........

Umidigi phones are one of the best if not the best in the market today. I am a proud owner of Umidigi One Pro and my wife owns A3 Pro. Both devices are almost 2 years old and we never regretted buying them. I bought my A7 Pro in August and have been charging it with mains supply. In every production process there are room for a minimal percentage of defective products. I believed the complainants and few others were unfortunate to have bought the defective ones but it doesn't mean the product is bad totally.

The Samsung and iPhone of this world do have faulty devices too but the difference between them and Umidigi is that they have warranty. And also there are official repair centres within the country for their defective products to be repaired free of charge if within warranty period. With the level of patronage Umidigi products are experiencing, I believed we deserve warranty on their products. It will be addressed very soon I believed but how soon I don't know.


Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Invited Us To Intervene In EndSARS Crisis, Says Army by herrlekan(m): 2:05am On Oct 28, 2020
That is no reason to shoot directly at protesters in my humble opinion. Someone being shot in the chest area creates an impression. If you're invited to maintain peace and enforce a curfew, bullets should be the last on the consideration list of the rules of engagement.

The sight of a military truck full of soldiers is enough to make most people scamper for safety anyway. Unfortunately, the Governor has no control over the rules of engagement. Besides, the shooting happened before the curfew commenced.

I wish that the youth had listened to wise counsel for them to retreat and restrategise once the FG accepted their request. Sometimes you have to retreat to fight greater battles and win the war.

Yorubas say "moja, mosa la fi nmo akinkanju ogun". (Not sure I got it perfectly right.)

"M'oja mosa la nmo akinkanju l'ogun, akinkanju to moja ti o ma sa ose, iru won ma nba ogun bo mi lo ni".
Politics / Re: Governor Sanwo-Olu Invited Us To Intervene In EndSARS Crisis, Says Army by herrlekan(m): 2:04am On Oct 28, 2020
We are getting there
Autos / Re: Affordable Cars From Canada by herrlekan(m): 8:53pm On Oct 18, 2020
Bastard. Cars with 400k 500k highest miles are abt 99% gone. From mechanic to mechanic

The odometer in Canadian cars are in kilometres and not miles as such 400,000-500,000 kilometres is 248,548 - 310,685 miles
Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 8:25am On Oct 03, 2020
Umidigi One Pro for sale!!!

The phone is in good shape and highly functional but the back glass has cracks. Kindly get in touch if you are interested, thanks.

Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 12:39pm On Sep 18, 2020

Telf2 sound is thiny, and lacks bass. But the battery would last between 7/8 hours per bud........

Thank you so much for the review,i really appreciated it.
Phones / Re: UMIDIGI DISCUSSION THREAD by herrlekan(m): 8:53am On Sep 18, 2020

Did you eventually buy the Elf2?....

It's got touch controls and when you remove from ear, it stops..... And resumes when put back in....... grin

Would fully test the battery tonight...... tongue

Oga Lexusgs430, how is the performance of this bluedio bluetooth headset after the battery test? I want to get one for my A7 Pro.
Technology Market / Re: Xiaomi, Leagoo, Doogee, Cubot, Umidigi Phones Service Center Nigeria Lagos Abuja by herrlekan(m): 8:20am On Aug 24, 2020
Good morning, what is the cost of LCD screen replacement for Umidigi A3 Pro? Thanks
Car Talk / Re: I Need A Medical Report For Tinted Windows by herrlekan(m): 8:44am On Aug 21, 2020
How/where can I get a medical report for tinted windows in Lagos please?

Contact Pattybf
Car Talk / Re: Help, I Got Different Prices For Vehicle Change Of Ownership by herrlekan(m): 1:07pm On Aug 20, 2020
thanks guys, I spoke with Owolabi and he said I don't need to come to his office (duet to the distance) that I just need to transfer the money to him and snap my vehicle documents to him, he will process it within 2 weeks

You are welcome
Car Talk / Re: Help, I Got Different Prices For Vehicle Change Of Ownership by herrlekan(m): 11:23am On Aug 20, 2020
Hello guys, I finally got a very clean Nigerian used 2005 Corolla sports, I got some contacts of guys that can help with change of ownership and plate number but they told me different prices. Our guy owolabi5 says he does his for 45k (has anyone here run any deal with him before?) one guy in my compound said he has a contact that can do the same for 60K, I also got a contact that said 55k.

I don't want to do something fake and I don't have much money to throw around either, please guys, help a brother. I'm in Ajah.

I have done business with Owolabi5 before and presently he is doing one for me. The guy is legit and i have met him personally. For the record Owolabi5 is a Vehicle Inspection Officer and very humble as such you are in safe hand.


Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by herrlekan(m): 9:25am On Aug 05, 2020
Good Morning bosses

Please what does this yellow light means on my Toyota Matrix 010??

Anticipating Response

That is the tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), it come on when your tyre pressure is lower or higher than the recommended tyre pressure. You have to check the pressures of all the four tyres to ascertain which one is the culprit.
Technology Market / Re: Pre-Order ur Goods via Aliexpress/1688/Taobao/Dhgate @Cheapest shipping Rates by herrlekan(m): 9:03am On Jul 23, 2020
Technology Market / Re: MAKE ORDER, WE SHIP 4 YOU, BUY FROM USA/CHINA ebay,amazon,$4/Ibs MAYORALL by herrlekan(m): 5:25pm On Jul 21, 2020
Autos / Re: Pre-order Toks 2013 Camry Sports ₦3,000,000 Arriving July 16th. by herrlekan(m): 7:55am On Jul 10, 2020
Gazzuzz, kindly change the date on the thread heading/subject. Arrival date is June 16th while in the body it is July 16th, do the needful.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by herrlekan(m): 3:22pm On Mar 31, 2020


You're welcome Sir
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by herrlekan(m): 3:00pm On Mar 31, 2020

Does comprehensive cover both insured and third party? Or only insured?

Yes it covers both the insured and third party. The difference between comprehensive and third party only insurance is that it covers own damage that is damage to own car whether you're at fault or not your car will be repaired.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by herrlekan(m): 2:56pm On Mar 31, 2020
Please can you or anybody else recommend some good Insurance company. Around Lekki axis. Thanks

You don't have to restrict the location of the insurance company to Lekki axis only because their coverage is nationwide. You have to do your due diligence, I don't have any particular insurance company to recommend to you. However, there are so many of them that are doing well:

FBN Insurance
Consolidated Hallmark
Law Union & Rock
To mention just a few. As I said earlier do your due diligence.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by herrlekan(m): 2:33pm On Mar 31, 2020
Please can you explain how the premium is paid. And the total cost.

Insurance premium are calculated based on the value you placed on your vehicle that is the cost of purchase determines the premium to be paid. For example if the value of your car is N2million and the premium rate is 3%, the premium payable will be:

2,000,000.00*3/100 = N60,000.00

If the premium rate is:

5% Premium payable=N100,000.00

4% Premium payable=N80,000.00
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by herrlekan(m): 2:03pm On Mar 31, 2020

How about I the car that got damaged hitting the fence or running into another car? Or the insurance covers for just the car that was ran into?

In a situation, the car that was ran into has a comprehensive insurance and the car that ran into it just a third party. How Will things play out?

If your insurance cover is a third party only insurance,it only covers the repairs of the car ran into. Mind you if the cost of repairs is more than the maximum claim you are entitled to, you will have to bear the rest. That means you will pay the balance of repairs cost.

The insurance company of the car than ran into a comprehensively insured car will still bear the loss. This is because the car that ran into the other car is at fault.
Business / Re: If You Are Uber Partner In Lagos, Please Share Your Experience Here by herrlekan(m): 12:30pm On Mar 31, 2020
Please I also want to clarify or ask a question. Because I was reading terms and conditions of one insurance coy.
That for example if you have third party insurance on your car and you ran into a shop or bicycle that is not a car. That as long as its your car dt caused it the insurance will pay for the damages.
That means it's not only car dt it covers that it covers third party properties involved.

If it's fence you break insurance will pay

Your car third party insurance covers the following:

The insured’s (policy holder) legal liabilities for death and bodily injuries to third parties.

And third party property damage.

The answer to your question concerning breaking of fence is yes,the insurance company will take care of the claim.

While remedies for bodily injuries and death are unlimited since we cannot put value on life (never mind that some people attach no value to life in Nigeria) the limit for third party property damage is N1million or N2million depending on the insurer.

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Business / Re: Nigerians Shun Pos Transactions Over Charges by herrlekan(m): 2:48pm On Mar 09, 2020
First bank has been charging stamp duty for every N10,000.00 transferred to my account. I am not a merchant and the account is just a normal savings account. The banks just keep charging customers dubiously, at the end of the financial year they declare billions of naira as profit after tax.


Autos / Re: OLIVERJAID - Where Is Our Container? by herrlekan(m): 10:12pm On Feb 06, 2020

Don't forget he stole a spare tire from a tipper he was meant to clear one time like that.

I remembered this incident very well but I can't remember the title of the thread. He cleared a truck and the spare tyre disappeared.Oliverjaid said there was no spare tyre attached to the truck. His bubble was bursted when the client post the picture Oliverjaid sent to him after the truck was cleared. A blind man can see that the tyre was attached to the chassis of the truck in the picture

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Autos / Re: OLIVERJAID - Where Is Our Container? by herrlekan(m): 6:47pm On Feb 06, 2020
Amdman I prayed you will be able to retrieve your container so that the good image you have built will not be dragged in the mud,Amen


Autos / Re: OLIVERJAID - Where Is Our Container? by herrlekan(m): 6:36pm On Feb 06, 2020
This guy Oliverjaid has been called out several times on this forum. These are some of the threads:



Autos / Re: OLIVERJAID - Where Is Our Container? by herrlekan(m): 6:24pm On Feb 06, 2020
This guy Oliverjaid has been called out several times on this forum. This are some of the threads:



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