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Politics / Re: Elderly Man Assaulted For Voting APC In Anambra State by Hizzojay(m): 5:20pm On Feb 25, 2023
At least, he was allowed to cast his vote. The urchins in Lagos are not even allowing people to vote: destroying election materials in several polling units.

Make I see wetin people who don dey accuse APC of Election violence go talk now
Crime / Re: Bolanle Raheem: ASP Vandi Pleads Not Guilty For Alleged Murder Of Lagos Lawyer by Hizzojay(m): 4:51pm On Jan 16, 2023
I knew it will come to this. I was equaling discussing with someone, sometime back, about this scenario of this man pleading “not guilty”. And of cos, he is not guilty of “murder”.

The State Attorney is very stupid for charging him with only one charge; “murder”. Which obviously the accuse will win this case against him. “Murder” wasn’t the best charge that would have been charged against him, but, “Manslaughter”.

“Murder” are always argued to have been premeditated before it was actualized. The prosecution won’t be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accuse planned the crime before he actioned it out on the poor lady.

Nigerian judiciary are just some useless sets of idiots. His lawyer obviously saw the loophole and requested he pleaded “not guilty” cos he knew he’ll be able to defend him.

The preferred allegations would have been “1st degree, 2nd degree and perhaps 3rd degree Manslaughter”. This, he wouldn’t have been able to plead “not guilty” to.




Nairaland / General / Re: Password Guessing Attack: Don't Reuse Your Nairaland Password by Hizzojay(m): 1:55am On Jan 15, 2023
Thanks @Seun.

Password reset done!

Fellow Nairalanders,

We have observed an ongoing password guessing attack against Nairaland members. The perpetrators have obtained a list of thousands of usernames and passwords from hacked websites & are systematically trying those passwords on Nairaland to take over your accounts.

If you have used your Nairaland username and password on other websites, they may be able to log in to Nairaland as you, mutilate your profile and send spam messages with your name. To prevent this, please change your Nairaland password to a unique password asap.

For the dozens of Nairalanders whose accounts have been affected, you would have gotten an unexpected login notification from Nairaland. All you need to do to secure your account is to logout, reset your password with this form, and correct your mutilated profile.

For those who are affected, we may scramble your password and log you out to force you to change it. Don't be alarmed. Just logout and reset your password with this form to regain access to Nairaland.

We have taken measures to slow the perpetrators down severely, but it's up to you to make sure that your password is secure.

Best Regards,
Seun Osewa.
Romance / Re: Love � by Hizzojay(m): 9:02am On Dec 31, 2022
Romance / Re: Cheat by Hizzojay(m): 9:01am On Dec 31, 2022
Once you go black, you can never go back!

Never to venture if you’re not ready to get hooked and stuck!
Politics / Re: Tinubu, APC Will Lose Buhari’s Home State – Katsina Rep, Ibrahim by Hizzojay(m): 7:57am On Dec 31, 2022
Interesting times for the bedwetters and spare tyre supporters.

I can assure you, I don’t want to exaggerate, but the APC is coming third in Katsina, struggling to meet up.

So Tinubu was even a senator for just 3 months? Kwankwaso is by far more qualified than the drug lord. But obi is the best.

He who has ears let him hear what the spirit is saying. Vote wisely


Crime / Re: Bolanle Raheem: NBA Demands ₦‎5 Billion For Slain Lawyer’s Family by Hizzojay(m): 8:43pm On Dec 29, 2022
You need not lie to favor your submission.

Yes, it’s very shameful that learned but “bigoted” lawyers will still want to defend killers of Deborah owing to their so called “religion”. Religion that has done more hand than good to humanity.

The very day I saw over 200 Nigerian lawyers requesting to defend those that killed Deborah Samuel.

That day I gave up on the Nigerian judicial system

Politics / Re: How True Is This Video? APC National Chairman Stripped by Hizzojay(m): 11:40pm On Dec 09, 2022

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TV/Movies / Re: Job Seeker Delegates Interview Questions: Mr Macaroni Tinubu Chatham House Drama by Hizzojay(m): 4:58pm On Dec 09, 2022
At least you waste your data watching their skits, while they keep cashing out. Continue deceiving yourself! Okponu!!!

Shallow, empty, low IQ, brainwashed delusional retar@ded Zombidient fools.
Same fools who claimed that 100s were killed at the toll gate without providing evidence to back it up.
Same set of extremely Shallow, low IQ fools who believed that Buhari was Jubril from Sudan just because one idiotic terrorist said so..
I don't take these fools seriously on important issues. They are only good for occasional comedic skits.


Celebrities / Re: N-Power Fraud: D'banj Arrested & Detained - ICPC Confirms, Releases Statement by Hizzojay(m): 1:38pm On Dec 07, 2022
Same way the idiot ‘Senior Advocate of Narcotics’ Festus Irolabi Keyamo flipped after he started licking the arse of the APC and it’s patron.

lol the same youth of tomorrow....

I always ask people blaming Politicians for Corruption wu be the politicians no be we the same citizen lata turn Politicians.....

Na wen he neva reach ur turn u will turn activist when the table turn reach ur side u will be silent people really don't hate Corruption in this part of the world....

Na bkuz of say he neva reach dere turn....
Romance / Re: How Can One Easily Travel Abroad? by Hizzojay(m): 12:01am On Nov 17, 2022
Even though 3 of my cousins went through that route as far back as 2007 (about the time the youngest crossed), I won’t advice you cross that desert. Things have gone “from worst to nightmares”. I’m glad they are all settled in Europe & UK now.

The risk isn’t worth it at all. Google some videos to see how being black alone won’t make you be treated as a human; let alone animal.

Being broke alone is a disadvantage to jakpa from this country because relocating involves being financially bouyant on its own. Some of us who were fortunate took bank loans, borrowed from friends and families. Heard some stole employers/organization funds to jakpa.

@Chelnut: At 22, you’re still very young. That’s about the same time I gained admission in Uniben for my diploma (DICE). Don’t look down on yourself, but be hopeful for the future.


You don't need any excuse for your mom, as a man, you take your decisions and bear the consequences, but don't try that route, us 30/70
Politics / Re: Bola Tinubu Donates ₦‎40 Million To Flood Victims In Edo by Hizzojay(m): 1:44am On Nov 15, 2022
Such a funny story.
But goodwill will persevere.
Thank you EscoBAT & Osho Baba.

Etsako C: N20,000,000 / 19061 = N1,049.26 per person
Etsako E: N12,000,000 / 7742 = N1,549.99 per person
Esan SE: N8,000,000 / 6000 = N1,333.33 per person.

Bola Tinubu Donates N40 million to flood victims in Edo on Sunday.

Politics / Re: David Hundeyin: Deloitte Denies Knowledge Of Tinubu Ever Being Its Employee by Hizzojay(m): 9:35pm On Nov 14, 2022
Guys, enough of being tribalistic in responses all because you prefer a candidate to another. If you must argue, don’t do it blindly, but with facts.

Yes Haskins merged with Deloitte in 1972, and later merged with Touché in the USA in 1989 to form Deloitte and Touché. BAT probably joined them after this merger when they were starting up.

Also, recall he was a staff of Mobil Oil Nigeria Ltd, USA at the time from 1989 to 1993.

Argue with facts and not just spewing “garbage” from from guts!


How low can people go? Even the court confirmed that he worked there and got the salary he earned then to determine that his income was above his salary. By the way, it was Haskins and sells that metamorphosed into Delloite.

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Crime / Re: Security Operatives Kill 3 Gunmen In Anambra by Hizzojay(m): 6:50pm On Nov 03, 2022
Too many spam ads on your website.


See More Photos Via www.. Com
Family / Re: How Do I Tell My Unmarried Elder Sister That She Is Getting Too Old? by Hizzojay(m): 3:03pm On Oct 16, 2022
She has a well paying job and is not only comfortable but also supports me financially sometimes.

Honestly guys, I am tired. And as a man in the family, I am thinking of changing it for my sister. Am planning on threatening her that if she doesn't take the issue of marriage serious, I will go physical with her and teach her some lessons. But the issue is that she is my elder sister and I have some respect for her. And my action might end up affecting the bond in the family.

You think because you are “the man” in the family you can decide to “do and undo”? I honestly don’t know where all these small boys, aka Gen-Zs, have their comprehension of life from!

You want to bite the finger that feeds you because you carry one small thing under your yansh!!


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Politics / Re: Osun Youths Walk For Bola Tinubu's Presidential Campaign by Hizzojay(m): 8:35pm On Oct 13, 2022
Unfortunately, you will be teaching yourself, and your generations unborn, lessons from the forthcoming elections when power changes hands but only becomes “frypan to fire”.

Unfortunately, you haven’t learnt anything from this present government. Perhaps, you don’t even have the comprehension to assimilate the sufferings awaiting you, and your generations unborn, when you choose to support and elect a fragility that has nothing to offer but to steal away your future, and that of your generations unborn.

Continue to advertise your nonentity and emptiness of a common sense not availed to your learnings, which ought to have been achieved from your current sufferings.

Your suffer neva do! As your name/moniker implies, “e go choke you”!

There Zaddy!!! We will teach 5% a big lesson

Obi is like those homeless Igbo boys that sweet talk you to buy fufu as iPhone in computer village. #sweettalker with zero score card!!!!!

LoL… the same Okupe that sabotage Jonathan campaign
LoL… the same Okupe that failed as a father
LoL… the same Okupe that have efcc case
LoL … the same Okupe want to lead obituary campaign.

LOL.. Tell Okupe to manage his disgusting son and family issues before selling a candidate.
Now Is 100% certain that obituary and his 5% voters regional party are clueless! #noisemakers #emptybarrels

Next year they will start crying marginalization after election.
They never learn from past mistakes.

(Awon Omo Ale Yoruba kan nah ti wa brainwashed).
Obituary are shouting no to tribalism but when we checked 99% of Biafra are supporting there Biafra dead on arrival corrupt candidate. I wish other tribes candidates have half % of thesame supporters other tribes gives there Biafra candidate.

Very soon they will start insulting there parents . This matter they pain dem lol

Politics / Re: Enugu 2023: Udi/Ezeagu Progressive Alliance Declares Support For PDP by Hizzojay(m): 6:27am On Aug 16, 2022
If not for greed n selfishness all ibos should be in labour party to support their brother, dis is not tribalism this is equity, since 1999 no ibo has rule.............

Mind u I am yoruba ...........

You Dey mind the stupid old idiots? All they care about is the largesse they will get into their pockets. Do they care about what/how their future generations will survive the hardship “the drug addict” and “the other thief” has plunged the nation into?

At the moment, our (Nigeria) debt ratio is already more than our income. We are almost at the verge of declaring bankruptcy as a country.
Romance / Re: Her First Child Belongs To My Friend! Should I Tell Her Husband? by Hizzojay(m): 2:42am On Aug 13, 2022
Best reply yet. Option 2.

Let her come clean to her husband by herself.

I hope you're not just spinning a story to hit front page.

You should stay out of this!

Let your friend find his way....or

Let the lady confess to her husband..... or

Let the husband wake up and let his intuition work.

I don't know how people just accept a pregnancy as their own.My kind of person,the day I had sex with you I will remember and calculate to your EDD.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: Peter Obi will Not Last If He Wins, He Will Be Impeached by Hizzojay(m): 7:23pm On Aug 08, 2022
Disregard this man. He is a paid urchin suffering from diarrhea of the mouth.

“Diarrhea of the mouth” is called Logorrhea.

Meaning: “a tendency to extreme loquacity”�
Romance / Re: Bride-to-be Strips N#ked In Pre-wedding Photos by Hizzojay(m): 7:13am On Aug 08, 2022
Guys pls avoid this post and don’t click on that rubbish link. It’s not worth it. angry


Travel / Re: What I Saw in DOWNTOWN, Los Angeles by Hizzojay(m): 6:16am On Aug 02, 2022
What store is this and where in DTLA

You can also get it at Dora’s African Produce in DTLA.
815 Kohler St, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

That’s where I get mine.

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Romance / Re: . by Hizzojay(m): 2:17am On Jul 24, 2022

Nice try.


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Romance / Re: Relationship Dilema by Hizzojay(m): 3:13am On Jul 17, 2022
Very simple. If you are sure he won't disappoint you. Get pregnant for him. Your parents will be begging him to come and marry you

Whilst this to me is going the extreme to prove your love for this young man in question, I’ll also want you to be aware that it may lead to the “outright disowning” from your parents. Even though I’m not in support of your mum’s choice of dislike towards this young man, I don’t think you’ll be able to handle the output of their venom.

Your parents, most especially your mum, is wrong for her verbal outburst to your man, your dad is also not helping matters and behaving like what our kids on this forum will call “a simp”. They are supposed to encourage you, ‘cos in the end, they won’t live in the marriage with you. Should anything happens to you during the marriage, all they’ll be saying is “Shebi we warned you?”.

I really do hope that this man you’re fighting this battle for is worth the “bloodshed”, otherwise your fighting is in total futility.

Tbh, if I were the man, I would have called it quits with you from the first sight of your mum’s venomous insults to me. Same I did with one of my exes when she said her aunt weren’t in support of her r’ship with me because I come from the same tribe with her dad. Apparently, her dad maltreated her mum before she died. Guess what, years later she regretted listening to them and allowing our relationship to die a natural death.

If you truly love this man and won’t want to live a life of regret in a decade’s time, do everything possible to make sure you stick by him. Don’t be like my regretful ex!
Romance / Re: Unwanted Abortion: Should I Facilitate Her Release On Humanitarian Ground by Hizzojay(m): 4:14pm On Jul 11, 2022
Her mom and some of her family members had been begging me since the day I got her arrested,Her mum in particular, has been on my neck begging me, to get her released! I can't even celebrate Eid in peace yesterday cos of unnecessary bugging, Getting to station today I really pitied her , she had lean within 3 days even tho I make sure she ate best of food in the cell, but one of the officers told me she rejected all food brought to her!! Am actually confused, should I get her released or continue with the plan to charge her to court
Even DPO advised me to release her, I av proving grounds already, and I brought the evil sister unto her knees! Nairalanders, Should I?

First of all, you ain’t married to this lady in question. I bet she was your side chick or something. Then, you got her arrested for going for an abortion. That’s sheer wickedness.

If you had a sister and someone did this to her, how would you react? I bet you won’t even been able to type the nonsense you wrote above.

You want her to cut short her own destiny for you? I spit! I wonder the woman who would/marry you. I don’t blame anyone here that’ll call you a simpleton cos you’re even worse than the word.

Just pray nothing happens to her in that cell cos you won’t even have opportunity to return to nairaland!

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Sports / Re: Raheem Sterling Signed For Chelsea by Hizzojay(m): 12:59am On Jul 10, 2022
Congratulations to Chelsea. Make them dash arsenal Timo Werner grin

I dey tell you. Timo was just a wasted deal!
Romance / Re: Lady Sacks Boyfriend From Hotel She Rented For Him After Small Quarrel by Hizzojay(m): 2:33am On Jul 09, 2022
You no get money you wan dey form alpha male

Hahahaha. Shebi be nah here their “Alpha King” dey.

Broke a*s MFs forming alphabetical specie w/ tiny pens in between their stricken looking legs.


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Pets / Re: Grooming Tools Is Available by Hizzojay(m): 5:26am On Jul 03, 2022
Romance / Re: I Suspect My Girlfriend Is Seeing Her Ex by Hizzojay(m): 7:28am On Jun 19, 2022
Good advice. Yomi, I’ll advice same.

Working in the bank and trying to deal with some personal challenges can be quite tasking. Be sure of what you are desirous in life and ask yourself if you need such distractions, if your answer is in the affirmative. Seat her down and have some heart2heart talks. Your mental health is paramount moreso in this present regime. You deserve the best and not some leftovers.

Yomi. I was a banker like you in the past. Stop snooping through a customers account. If fraud were to occur in that account, I am very sure you are aware the auditors will check whoever logged into that account. Thats by the way. Well its obvious you lady friend still has an attachment with her ex. The fact that she still collects money from him means that they still talk alot. Sit her down and ask her what she wants in life? Cheers.
Romance / Re: At Least 150 People Killed In 400 Shootings Over The Fourth Of July Weekend by Hizzojay(m): 6:01am On Jun 01, 2022
Radio without battery. We never even enter June. You don dey forecast July event.

Are you an evil prophet of doom

At least 150 people were killed in hundreds of shootings over the Fourth of July weekend, according to CNN, as Chicago saw its deadliest weekend of violence so far this year.

Citing data compiled by the Gun Violence Archive, CNN said the US had seen a surge of 400 shootings over the weekend.

A total of 92 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend, according to The Chicago Sun Times, with 18 people killed.

Six children were reportedly injured in shootings in the city during what Police Superintendent David Brown had warned would be the “most challenging weekend of the year”.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Leave My Job And Japa To The UK by Hizzojay(m): 8:22am On May 28, 2022

Thank you.

Let's talk more privately...will contact you shortly.

Feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to give you tips on how best you can proceed.

PS: I also run admissions for people seeking school means. All fees are paid by yourself.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Leave My Job And Japa To The UK by Hizzojay(m): 8:06am On May 28, 2022
kindly state all for weekly expense too . Tax housing insurance .na 300 dollars will be left .

Baba, for the avoidance of doubt, I net in an average of $2k Monthly (after all bills are paid for both home and abroad) and I’m currently doing odd jobs. I don’t have to give you details. My finances is my personal business. That being an average doesn’t mean that’s what I have left every other month.

I have guys here in the US that even make more than I do. I’m doing less all because of schooling. Imagine when I have the time to commit myself to full time hustling or when I finally get an office job after school.

The best entry to the US is via F1 student visa, it paves the way easily for you. You get your socials quickly and opportunities are abundant via the means (F1 visa). And that’s what makes the US more profitable to migrate to, than the UK, hence they always deny lots of people visas and/or entry into the country at the port of entry.

Just so you know, the reason(s) why most people tell you that they earn paltry sums like the $300 you mention, after all bills are paid, is just so you won’t disturb them too much to send you naira (that’s if you’re the type that look forward to seeking such). Nah only lazy guys for here dey complain say them no dey always get money; rather make them work, then wan they flex all the time. Forgetting that there is time for everything.


Romance / Re: . by Hizzojay(m): 8:01am On May 28, 2022

starcooms not starlink grin

No mind the indomie generation forming ol’gee.

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