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Webmasters / Re: How To Map Out Unhosted Account To Your Domain With Whogohost(guides) by hostkobo(m): 11:50pm On Nov 11
I followed all those steps but when i try to view my blog through my blogger account it is displaying server cannot be found. So what is the problem

This thread is a 5yr oldbaby. Things have changed on their platform.

Msg me on WhatsApp, I can hp you out.

Webmasters / Re: What Is Happening To Domainking.ng by hostkobo(m): 11:37pm On Nov 11
Ever since last month or so domainking website has been crashing back to back. Today own is even worst . How can a web hosting website be crashing like a novice owned site . Then one can imagine how they can be able to maintain their customers hosting services when they can't maintain theirs

Hi there,
Msg me on WhatsApp, details in my signature.
I babysit ywebsites whiyou can go to sleep..... 101% uptime.

Webmasters / Re: Mapping My Domain To Blogger .. Pls Help by hostkobo(m): 11:33pm On Nov 11
Hi, I can help you.chat me up on WhatsApp

Webmasters / Re: How Can I Pay On Godaddy? by hostkobo(m): 10:20pm On Sep 23
Please house. Does Godaddy accept Nigeria's GTBank debit card payment?

Di you still need help?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Experience Job Hunting Today by hostkobo(m): 8:22pm On Sep 19
This may look or sounds unreal but it's definitely the truth.

Since e-hailing didn't go as planned, I resorted to searching for job which I was invited for several interviews the past few weeks.

During the weekend, I got mails and calls that two of the places I applied for were successful and I was to resume training today(Monday)

First job: call center agent for a loan agency, the renumeration is 50k per month, daily rechard card and weekly bonus (if target were met) location is ikeja

Second job: Loan/field officer for a microfinance organisation, renumeration is 70k per month, weekly transport allowance, accommodation, HMO. Location is gbagada

I currently sleep at a church around ojodu berger, though my dad built a house where I was living before but I had to leave because there wasn't any progress while living there, story for another day.

So, I chose the second offer due to the accommodation involved, so I dressed up for work waking up without shishi on me. I tried selling my phone to raise funds but was unsuccessful, I also reached out to few well wishers to raise funds but also unsuccessfully, so I spoke with my legs to do the job.

Though I woke up very early as 5:30 so as to meet up with time. I began my journey and as God will have it, I got there around 8.30 or so, they hr acknowledged my presence not even knowing how I got there, lol😂

I sat for two hours but I was just hearing "we are coming" from hr.

When it was 10 after, one of the hr reached out to me and said unfortunately they won't commenced with the training with just me, reason was because we were many scheduled for the training but I was the only one who showed up.

So the hr pleaded I should go back home that another date will be sent across to me.
Omo I felt like the ground should open and swallow all of us in that building at that moment, because wtf?
Bruh, I trekked from ojodu berger to gbagada ooo.

In my mind, no be una fault sha. I just stood dust my shoes again and spoke to my legs again, we are going for another walk bruh.

Did I mention the other company were calling me to know if I will still be coming but I had to send them a message that I got another offer😭

It's well.
I have trekked again sha, I don reach ojodu berger. Food self I no get money to chop.

Abeg, if u want to buy phone, Huawei p10 lite is available, Any amount below 25k I won't sell.

Do not be annoyed for the long post.

shout out to all the struggling guys out there. We will surely get there one day.


Hi, send me your cv via WhatsApp.
Webmasters / Re: Hosting And It's Wahala by hostkobo(m): 8:18am On May 31
Hi there,
Do you need hosting for personal / business?
Chat me up. Digits in my signature..
Webmasters / Re: Let's Start A Hosting Company Together? by hostkobo(m): 8:17am On May 31
Nigerian hosting is not very competitive.

I've seen a few guys start almost last year and are now very very stable. Too stable that their customer care is full of yanga.

I have a plan in mind.

First we get a reseller plan from a Nigerian hosting. Quite cheap and their service is good.

How do I know this? I've been with them for almost a year now and never had a single downtime.

Since we are getting the reseller hosting at a very cheap price, we can afford to give away our hosting service for free.

New users get one month free hosting.

This will help us penetrate the market. Of course in the short term, we won't make the profit, but in the long run, we get two things

Reputation and free advertising.

Free trials helps to build reputations as it cost people nothing to try it, they will be willing to.

Once they try it and it's good, most people will stick with the hosting.

This will even help people spread the word around.

Secondly, my next plan is to contact web designer teachers. Those people that sell web design courses.

They can add our free package into their course package as an extra. This will boost their services while getting the word around about our own.

Gradually, we’ll phase out the free option. Maybe in one or two or three months.

And we sieve to see the customers we'll retain.

But more importantly, I want us to build a hosting service with rock-hard customer care service.

This is the complaint against most web hosting in Nigeria and I really want to make a difference here.

Thirdly, most web hosting in Nigeria don't run blogs for their business. Yet they get good google search position. We really can make a difference here because I am also an SEO writer.

Why get reseller hosting from a Nigerian webhosting company.
A lot that I have used are simply unreliable. Their servers are always going up and down.
I suggest to get reseller hosting from a foreign provider.....of course the dollars.....but at least things are more stable technically speaking..
Business / Re: How To Make Payment Online After The Close Of Flutterwave Barter by hostkobo(m): 3:27pm On Jul 29, 2022
Everything in this country is just a huge disappointment.

I just got the info today, after funding my Naira barter card, hoping to do a $ transaction.

Please, anyone with credible info, pls share

wahala dey o.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Biden Reacts To Overturn Of Abortion Rights By Supreme Court by hostkobo(m): 8:31pm On May 03, 2022
Very neat belgium hp zbook 15 direct from USA
Comes with core i7, 8gb RAM, 500gb hdd, Nvidia graphics and keyboard lights, 5 hours battery life, has never been worked on before just buy and enjoy.
Selling @wholesale price.

Call/whatsapp me: 09023672911

How much? Pls msg me, WhatsApp!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Got A Nice Job Via Nairaland by hostkobo(m): 8:36pm On Mar 29, 2022
All these jobs that you people are sharing, share reach here o.

I have 5 years experience in Customer Service and Relationship Management.
I studied Agric. Economics in one of Nigeria's Federal Universities.
I graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division)
I am open to roles outside my experience, I am exceptional at learning.
I am Smart, Resourceful, Enthusiastic, Innovative and a Go-getter.

Thank you
Pls send me your cv
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Been Rejected For A Remote Job Because You're Nigerian. by hostkobo(m): 6:28pm On Mar 23, 2022
Rubbish...you are a oyinbo ass licker. Talking about she would have never given you the job if she knew you were Nigerian, I bet you she as never had a negative experience with a Nigerian before just bullshitting you. I know them very well, she is nothing but a bloody coded racist, you are just their token negro. She is patronizing you by telling you that you are different from all those bad negros. She is actually insulting you, but you are too dumb to realize. I would told her to take a hike and go to hell with her job.

Bros, are you okay? Is all well with you?

It seems someone has offended you. Why all the venom. Tell us your own story rather than pouring out hate.

Life is better than the glasses you are looking through presently.



Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Been Rejected For A Remote Job Because You're Nigerian. by hostkobo(m): 4:50pm On Mar 23, 2022
Why overindulging that bloody racist, should have told her to take a hike. Learn to have some dignity and how to put this bloody racists in their place. And you are proud your job in their family is to vet Nigerians for them, you must suffer from a serious lack of esteem and self worth.

No. Its because I know who I am and I'll rather positively change the Nigerian reputation narrative whenever and wherever I can.
Not all of them oyinbos are racist, some are ignorant and a whole lot have had bad experiences with Africans, one out if every 3 is a Nigerian.

You can bet that the same way she tells me of Nigerians she meets is the same way she will tell those Nigerians or Africans about me.

If I didn't present myself very well, both technically, professionally and otherwise, do you think I would have been able to sustain the relationship? It would have ended after the initial contact. The good relationship I built has open doors upon doors of referral opportunities, just by someone putting a positive word out there.

I think we the young ones should strive to change the narrative regarding the Nigerian reputation through our actions.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Been Rejected For A Remote Job Because You're Nigerian. by hostkobo(m): 3:48pm On Mar 23, 2022
A couple of years back, I did a remote job via a freelance website for a client in the US. It was for a Joomla website. From beginning to end, all communication /update was via mail. I got the job done, prepared video tutorials, pdf tutorials, etc. Job was like for 3-4 months. The end-user, a she, was so happy, she wrote a long mail to me, expressing her gratitude for my professionalism, clarity etc. She said she would like working with me, etc. She made payments via Paypal, and then requested a video call to see my face at the end of the job.

During the video call, she asked my nationality, and that is where wahala started. She mentioned that if she knew I was Nigerian, she would have not given me the job.

She actually didn't believe I was Nigerian. She asked over and over again if I have another nationality, etc; that "why have you been so nice and polite? I never knew I was exchanging emails with a Nigerian; why are you so well mannered? are you sure you are Nigerian? Are your parents Nigerian? She said she has never met a Nigerian who is honest.

At that time, myself wasn't in Nigeria. I was a student abroad, so that part calmed her down a bit. She even asked for my passport screenshot just to be sure I was Nigerian, a good one. Long story cut short, she told her husband about her catch, me. Another video call, he too asked me all the questions in this world, wondering how lucky they are to find a good Nigerian. Over time, we exchanged mails, calls, as I had to offer support services, we became remote friends. She tried setting me up with her daughter, so that I wont go back to Nigeria. Daughter was the one who told me after we exchanged contacts. Momsi begged me not to go back to Nigeria. Long story, we are still remote friends. Now, my job in their family is to vet the identity of every Nigerian she comes across.........as if all Nigerians know each other.

Last Dec. She called me to tell me bout Tunde the school bus driver of her youngest daughter.


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Been Rejected For A Remote Job Because You're Nigerian. by hostkobo(m): 3:00pm On Mar 23, 2022
Been black and Nigerian at the same time is like mixing mentos and a bottle of Coca-Cola. If you know you know.

Webmasters / Re: Premium Domain For Sale Enairaxchange.com by hostkobo(m): 12:31pm On Aug 14, 2021
You want to sell a domain with 4 backlinks and 2 referring domains for 30,000 dollars? Kai, go and learn more about domaining.

The seller wants to cash out!!!!

Webmasters / Re: Migrate Joomla Website From 1.5 To 3x. Let's Know Your Price. by hostkobo(m): 11:26pm On Jul 31, 2021
Hi there,

Yes I can handle it.

Price will be determined on the # of content.

Pls msg me the URL

Webmasters / Re: Fixing WP Admin. by hostkobo(m): 1:50am On Jul 01, 2021

Available to help if you still need a fix

Computers / Re: Kali Linux Vs Ubuntu, If You Are A Linux User, Share Your Experiences Here!! by hostkobo(m): 12:12am On Jun 27, 2021
I use both
Webmasters / Re: I Want To Make My Own Web Host Company by hostkobo(m): 2:42pm On Jan 28, 2021
I have the license key. I need data sponsor for me to install it

Hello there,

pls clarify the help you need.
The post title says "I want to make my own web host company".

Webmasters / Re: Who Has Paypal Account That Can Pay by hostkobo(m): 9:58pm On Oct 31, 2020
Msg me, what do you want to pay for?

Webmasters / Re: . by hostkobo(m): 7:11pm On Aug 23, 2020
Hi everyone! Good day.

I'm looking to sell ANOTHER blog which I left for a while to focus more on my brand's site and other projects.

This is going to be a bit long as I'm going to be dropping ALL the necessary details so that you can decide whether it's what you need before messaging as that will save us time.

Here's a total breakdown of the blog:

Domain Age: 3 years +

Monetization: CV writing. Adsense, sponsored posts and contests.

Niche: NYSC/Jobs

Traffic: As at the last time I checked the traffic (as shown in the images attached), I have a regular traffic and it's usually a little below 5000 views monthly. There's also active visits from search engines, sites I had backlinks from and also social media platforms which I have been actively posting and sharing contents.

Comments: The blog has got tons of active readers, both direct and from search engines. 99% of the comments are from real humans who do leave meaningful and related comments.

Earnings: For adsense, I have earned a total of £195.56 for the 13 months I had the ads running on the blog.
The blog has also earned a decent amount from CV rewriting, loan/plan/proposal writing, sponsored posts and corpers requesting a shoutout/repost/post.

Backlinks: The blog has got good, organic backlink profile from reputable and clean sites. They come from people who put up posts on their sites and use mine as reference. No paid backlink or any sort on the blog.

Url state: The url is safe and not banned from adsense or social media platforms. It is also placed only on safe sites for either backlinking or filling a comment form.

What will the buyer get?
Any person buying the blog will get the domain, instagram page (with a few followers), email list of 500 + active Nigerian users (both job seekers and corpers) and support.

How to improve the blog?
The blog is active and get very good traffic from search engine.

There are some posts that can be updated to double the search already coming from search engine. Affiliate links can be added if you can get good products corpers or job seekers would love. Also, a few new articles and an application to adsense can get an approval in no time.

Any major hit?
Google and other search engines have always looked favourably on the blog and it has never suffered any major hit during all the updates and even very old articles (as old as 2017 posts) still rank just fine. Each time I login, I still see new keywords that are searched for and they are always bringing in good traffic.

Why selling it off?
I know that this site brings in good income especialy from corpers passing out as some of them are interested in CV, loan, grant, proposal writing etc; and affiliate or ads running on it can still bring in steady income.
However, I have a site for my brand now, 2 other sites I want to use for dropshipping and education, alongside some other projects I'm running with a partner. For these reasons, I really lack the time to focus on building this blog to the point I would have loved to take it to.
Of course if I get a buyer, I'll be willing to support you, share ideas and tips on how you can make the best out of the blog.

Price? I'm willing to give this blog out to the buyer with the highest bid.

Site url - potential buyers will get it when they indicate interest.

I'm open to take any questions if you still need clarification.

Message me here for url https:///2349044856545

Isnt the url nysctales.com.ng?
how much?

Webmasters / Re: Help Needed - How Can I Create This In Wordpress by hostkobo(m): 2:14pm On Aug 23, 2020
Please, how can I create something like this on my WordPress website. (See picture) Any plugin?


Yes, such a plugin exists, especially for Bible websites
You'll have to do a thorough search. i dont remember the name, but Ive used something like it before - commercial though, and very good

Webmasters / Re: I Need Help On Downloading Files With Windows Vps by hostkobo(m): 1:59pm On Aug 23, 2020
I have researched the web on downloading files with Windows vps . It's a bit confusing for me . Please can someone just give me a detailed outline on how to go about it . I would really appreciate.


Pls clarify your enquiry:
- do you want to download files first onto a windows vps, and then download it from the windows vps to your local storage?

Webmasters / Re: Tech Blog For Sale. Naijatechaudit. by hostkobo(m): 1:54pm On Aug 23, 2020

just Incase you are interested in [url]citytrends.com.ng[/url]

what exactly are you selling on your site?
seems less than 10-posts?

Webmasters / Re: Tech Blog For Sale. Naijatechaudit. by hostkobo(m): 1:48pm On Aug 23, 2020

With 6 1000+ unique articles.

Perfect for tech reviews.

Has the right keywords on domain.

Hit me up (zero7081-three-3041-four)

Hi there,
how much are you selling?
msg me on whatsapp?

are you sure you have 6100 unique articles?

Webmasters / Re: I Need Urgent Help by hostkobo(m): 1:32pm On Aug 23, 2020
My name is adeniji feranmi and am fifteen years old.
As at the age 10 i've always tought of opening my own blog and start making my money.
So as time passes by i realised that there so many things blocking me from reaching my goals. e.g My parents don't care about my own dream/choice they just want me to do their will, Do you know am using java phone (yes my phone spoilt and they just hissed when i told them i needed a new phone. My mum said "Am not buying any useless phone for you so that you stop making useless websites"wink.
I decided on my own that nothing will stop me from achieving my goals so i opened a [url=tvseriez.byethost31.com]blog[/url] on a free hosting platform and i've come to realise that looking for free stuff is a waste of time and resource.
All i need now is a kind hearted person to buy me a basic hosting plan(#200/month) for a year(#2400) on [url]domainhosting.com.ng[/url] and a " .com.ng " for (#899/yr) so everything together cost #3,300.
please don't send me money please buy it with the domain name mp3horizon.com.ng God bless our handwork.

Hi there,

msg me on whatsapp, details in my signature, ill setup your domain and hosting account on my own platform, free for 1-year, blog all you want - Ill install wordpress for you and basic plugins as well

blog all you want.



Webmasters / Re: I Need Your Help To Restore My Wordpress Editor by hostkobo(m): 5:09pm On Aug 19, 2020

check my digits in my signature, msg me on whatsapp, ill get it done for you.

Webmasters / Re: What Are The Things Required For A Lady To Become A Blogger? by hostkobo(m): 8:15am On Jul 12, 2020

I wrote about blogging about your passion here:


Webmasters / Re: Website Creation by hostkobo(m): 9:11pm On Jul 11, 2020
please who can create a website for me and state your total cost

The cost of your website will depend on what kind of website it is, and the functionality/features.

Msg me on WhatsApp, digits in my signature, let's talk and get started.


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