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Politics / Re: Check The People That Are Following Obi, NMK Is Also Their Mentor by Idiotseverywher: 3:41am
If you see anyone that Nnamdi Kanu successfully brainwashed, it won't be difficult for Obituary to brainwash such person. Anyone that believes Buhari was cloned must have escaped from Yaba left.
. And then what about it?

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Politics / Re: Peter Obi Not Ready To Be President – Kayode Ajulo (Former LP Secretary) by Idiotseverywher: 8:24pm On Aug 13

Typical Tinubu supporter.
No logical reasoning nor substance.
It's actually really difficult supporting Tinubu without sounding foolish.
. That one Na Fulani terrorist, don't you notice how aggressive and his mind is filled up with hatred, this is the attributes of a Fulani, most of them here are terrorist from the North, they pretend as Yoruba or Igbo to cause hatred or raise some tribal bashing to cause division between Igbo and Yoruba, you can easily know them through their aggressive nature and and stupid post, once you counter them the next thing in insults

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Politics / Re: Femi Kuti: I Didn’t Say ‘Obidients’ Are Zombies by Idiotseverywher: 8:05pm On Aug 13

Brains trump brawns any day!…..surely, your ancestors should have passed that message to the younger ones who are willing to die for nothing. I thought they said thunder doesn’t strike same place twice…your case may end up being an exception. Use your brains, my friend!
. This is not a matter of too much idiocy from most people, the fact still remain that, we wish another war will come up again so that we will all settle the matter once and for all, so that everybody will know his level , "Ndi anyi ka ka Na abara anyi mba" British government like I said can still join again
Politics / Re: Femi Kuti: I Didn’t Say ‘Obidients’ Are Zombies by Idiotseverywher: 10:33am On Aug 13

You mean capacity to chase you out? Who chased you in 1966/67? Didn’t you pack your loads by yourselves?
Lagosians are much too smart for that…. better start respecting your hosts and making friends instead of antagonising them. Think!! undecided undecided
. See this one making mouth as if you can even do any thing , how Igbo youths have been praying for another war in Nigeria supposed to send signal to all you making mouth so that we will settle this once and for all, we are challenging British government to come again to help you again this time around
Politics / Re: Femi Kuti: I Didn’t Say ‘Obidients’ Are Zombies by Idiotseverywher: 7:25am On Aug 13
They are foolish zombies who will be chased out of Lagos when the time comes.
. As if you have that capacity, where do you even own in Lagos?
Politics / Re: Videos Showing Killing Of Ebubeagu Commander False – IPOB by Idiotseverywher: 9:04am On Aug 12
I suspected that immediately I saw oyigboupdate aka udele in that picture, check the video very well, the guy who used his leg to push the guy inside the whole, with wool cap
Politics / Re: Can Peter Obi Control Nigeria Alone.? by Idiotseverywher: 2:42am On Aug 12
Peter Obi will be subdued in less than 6 months , he thought Nigeria is Anambra state he can kill anyhow
. Is that what you think? You have a dirty mindset and more over you think LP will not get some national assembly members or decampees? Well let him win first
Politics / Re: Coalition of South East Youth Leaders Ask Promoters Of Tinubu To Keep Off SE by Idiotseverywher: 10:32am On Aug 11

The insincerity of Peter Obi and his supporters is sickening. Is Guardian newspaper a pro-Tinubu media platform?

A pro-Peter Obi media platform just published a threat to the Tinubu campaign organization and all Tinubu supporters and instead of Peter Obi and his supporters to condemn and disavow the statement, they simply play around and then blame Tinubu for the publication. Is Tinubu issuing threats against himself?

Is this how Peter Obi will treat all concerns relating to other parts of the country if he becomes the president? Is this how he will look away and start blaming the victims when Ipob, ESN and UGM start killing other Nigerians under an Obi presidency? This is a new low for you guys.
. Is that guardian newspaper report? I worked in guardian newspaper for fives years, they can't write such stupid report, this is the pattern of lies and propaganda Tinubu men ate into, they play this tribal to cause problems, even in 2015 we all know , how can they write such stupid report only against Tinubu APC and left out atiku PDP, don't you there is a gimmick in that report? Concerning the web you are talking, if you go through the report at the down part you will notice the real report of their Enugu, what the op did was to copy the real and edited the top of the report into it, These Tinubu men will start what they can not finish, the obi supporters are very resolute and are ready for any outcome , they know the game very well because they Yorubas used it to run down Jonathan without opposition
Politics / Re: Meet Man From Osun State Who Has Worked In Anambra Since 1994 (vid) by Idiotseverywher: 5:49am On Aug 11
And there are thousands of igbo civil servants in South West. So, no big deal here.
. Which of the state please?
Politics / Re: Obi Supporters Are Igbo Tribalists by Idiotseverywher: 5:55pm On Aug 10

Keep consoling yourselves with your usual lies.

Igbos are the most crass ass lickers of this Buhari govt.

Orji Kalu was running around like a headless chicken campaigning for Buhari after he was set free by Buhari . He continued his useless campaign long after Buhari was sworn in for a second term.

How about Roachass? Hope and the likes of that harlot Stella Odua who all benefited from Jonathan but ran to the APC immediately GEJ conceded.

Then there is Arthur Eze who donated over 10bn naira to Buhari's reelection.

Should I remind you of that your shameless reverend, Mbaka and all his pro Buhari antics.
. I don't even blame you because your people are known for this type of character of bending facts and lying, this is and open forum, those reading you will be embarrassed by your obvious confirmed altitude of lies

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Politics / Re: Obi Supporters Are Igbo Tribalists by Idiotseverywher: 5:36pm On Aug 10

I don't know why you fools keep claiming the 5% medal when it was directed to the Niger Delta people who overwhelmingly rejected Buhari in 2015.

Go and check the 2015 results and you will see that Buhari got more votes from Imo alone than in five Niger Delta states of Cross River , Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Delta. Only Edo voted considerably for Buhari but he still lost in Edo.

You igbos voted for Buhari more than the Niger Delta so stop this your useless posturing.

Have you forgotten the avanlanche of defections by Igbo politicians to the APC when GEJ lost?

Has there been any more shameless ass licking than the likes portrayed by Orji Kalu, Roachass, Umahi and Ozudimma?

You people like to lie .

Even Tinubu owes his emergence as APC flag bearer to you Igbos who selfishly sold your votes to Tinubu despite vowing to see an Igbo candidate emerge on the APC platform.

You people are full of shit.
. As usual you can insult when you face with truth, like I said Igbo sees failure miles away, so now you are claiming Igbos voted buhari now it has been confirmed that the man in a failure in government and the Niger Delta are now the 5%, you're just shameless, for trying to alter facts, that's is why no body trust your people
Politics / Re: Obi Supporters Are Igbo Tribalists by Idiotseverywher: 1:33pm On Aug 10

I am sure you didn't see Atiku as a tribakist when he picked Obi as his running mate in 2019 and you went ahead and voted for him .

You igbos ehn!
. The same way Obi picked Datti, in 2015 and 2019 Igbo voted against Buhari because the recognize failure when they see it miles away and posterity proved them Right, you can see how Nigeria is today, because of tribalism and envy you people work against Igbo thinking that you are smart and to teach Igbo lesson not knowing you are only pushing tipper loaded with sand, no amount of lies and propaganda change the mind of Nigerians, because we all know how you people play politics of lies, hate, propaganda and even violence, the killing of late former Kano state INEC REC come to mind, what was not done to Jonathan because hr was contesting for president, you people want to follow the same Pattern on Obi but his supporters knows the game you people play, that is why they are following you people bumpa to bumpa , and you people are not comfortable with it, and you now turn around to accuse them of insolent and hateful because they are now playing your game you


Politics / Re: Obi Supporters Are Igbo Tribalists by Idiotseverywher: 1:12pm On Aug 10
Where was all the Igbo mass PVC registration and advocacy for the likes of GEJ in 2015 and Atiku in 2019?

Note that GEJ's govt was labelled an Igbo government owing to the highly lucrative portfolios GEJ appointed Igbos to oversee.

In 2019, Obi was on the ballot as Atiku's running mate but we never heard from the Igbos on how a magnificent messiah he is now being labelled. Voter apathy in the SE remained the same like in 2015 when the most Igbo friendly GEJ was on the ballot.

So now that we have Peter Obi running for President we see that Igbos are now dominating our public space shouting for an Obi's candidacy.

The only reason for this new found Igbo voter advocacy (and a new found patriotism) is because Peter Obi is Igbo and to them only an Igbo deserves such fanatical support and advocacy .

Don't be fooled by Igbo tricks.
. While Tinubu and Atiku supporters are what?
Politics / Re: National Association Seadogs Aka Pyrates Confraternity Mocks Bola Tinubu [video] by Idiotseverywher: 10:55am On Aug 08
ahoy sea dogs.

Na big men like us dey this game cool
. Rumes for you know you at the Bunkers Bay, fingers on me
Politics / Re: Pyrates Confraternity Mock Tinubu (Photos, Video) by Idiotseverywher: 10:33am On Aug 08

SINCE 1952 !
ahoy sahley on
Politics / Re: National Association Seadogs Aka Pyrates Confraternity Mocks Bola Tinubu [video] by Idiotseverywher: 10:19am On Aug 08
ahoy sea dogs.

Na big men like us dey this game cool
. Odas is Odas, ahoy sailor

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Politics / Re: SWAGA Dismisses Peter Obi, Says 2023 Election Is Between Tinubu, Atiku by Idiotseverywher: 5:25am On Aug 08
LP is rising only on Twitter.
SWAGA are not rookies in politics wink

They know that the real opponent is PDP and Asiwaju Tinubu won't stop consolidating in NW, SW, NE and NC.

It is straight PDP vs APC but APC will win so that after the election HE Obi can return to his PDP

Just yesterday,

BREAKING : CAN Leader, Yakubu Dogara loses Constituency as APC Wins Bauchi Assembly Bye-Election....


That is a PDP state o not twitter election.
Check my signature for freebies!
. Continue to fool yourself not others. Self consolation is accepted anymore
Politics / Re: National Association Seadogs Aka Pyrates Confraternity Mocks Bola Tinubu [video] by Idiotseverywher: 5:09am On Aug 08
lol @ a bunch of ipob cultists shouting and constituting nuisance..

Jobless losers..

. Look at this illiterate, go school , you no go calling pyrates cult group, a group against social vices and bad government. Your blackmails ended with your online mob lynching in 2015 so your lies can not be accepted anymore Aboy

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Politics / Re: Breaking News!!! See How Ijaws See Peter Obi!!! by Idiotseverywher: 11:27pm On Aug 07

Igbos are not larger than Ijaw in population and land mass.
. Are you sure you are talking to Igbo man. If you are smart you would have noticed the divide and rule game he is playing in his first comment

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Politics / Re: I Pity Peter Obi On What Is Coming. Pls Tell Him by Idiotseverywher: 11:07pm On Aug 07
If an Ibo man become the President and the Northerners start behaving like IPOB, who will blame them?
. He will give them Chance to be in their on
Politics / Re: National Association Seadogs Aka Pyrates Confraternity Mocks Bola Tinubu [video] by Idiotseverywher: 9:39pm On Aug 07


Politics / Re: Tinubu Ass Licker Receiving It Hot Via Twitter . by Idiotseverywher: 9:36pm On Aug 07

I didn't go through your comment, I will end up giving you replies that will make you feel I am a Tinubu supporter, we will see in 2023 and we hope for the best that will benefit the common man in the nation, whoever wins the presidency doesn't have anything to give me, let him benefit the common, lay good foundations to build a society Nigerians can be proud of, realistically nobody on that ballot can build Nigeria the way you guys think.
. I like your comment, this is exactly what I expect all Nigerians to believe in not playing politics of hate, tribe and blackmail which some tribes are known for, you can remember how media mobs attacked Jonathan and his supporters in 2015,the mobs are out to Lynch Peter obi again with the same pattern and dirty and filthy pattern, that is why Peter obi supporters are following them with their pattern, now they are calling them hostile and aggressive supporters because they are now following them to play dirty , if not the rate of online mob lynching of obi would have been unprecedented
Crime / Re: Cubana Chief Priest Escapes Death After Convoy Was Attacked By Gunmen by Idiotseverywher: 3:19pm On Aug 07

It's possible, the man is capable of all manner of evil.
. This was how they nearly assassinated Ekweremadu and his family exactly this time before last election to hook it Peter obi in order to cause criss in the south east after the Yoruba media houses especially the Nation newspaper brought up fake report of Ekweremadu not being comfortable with obi VP ticket with atiku, they wanted to kill ikeoha exactly with the same pattern of of assassination of funsho Williams and uncle Bola where the security men went out to eat , but ikeoha overpowered the killers and handed over to the police, what the police can only say was , those people were armed robbers, people now asked how can robbers come to national assembly quarters and deputy senate president house for that matter, those who planned the assassination was to cause criss in the south east because south east was strongly behind atiku and obi, had it been they succeeded, southeast would not have recovered from that shock and crises till today. Thank God Enugu put a warning to APC then even to tinubu that if anything happen to their son they know who to follow, Tinubu has been using Asari Dokubo to do his dirty jobs in the south east to blame Igbos and to demarket south east, very very soon him and Asari will face it. Asari get mind on killing Igbos , he will face it soon

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Politics / Re: 2023 Election: Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State Endorses Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu (Photos) by Idiotseverywher: 8:17pm On Aug 06
Peter Obituary's Ipob terrorist supporters will not like this grin

At least there are still sensible Igbos out there.
. So tgaty you will allow them to vote their candidate without oluomo and his gang molesting them
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: IPOB Plans Rallies In Liverpool’s Stadium Anfield, Other UK Cities by Idiotseverywher: 9:17am On Aug 06
These people are really confused undecided
. Please what is the confusion here or do you actually know the meaning of confusion?
Politics / Re: Ijaws Will Pay Tinubu Back In His Own Coin by Idiotseverywher: 5:15pm On Aug 05
Idiotseverywher You are really ubiquitous
. There is no big grammar here, its people like you I choosed that name for, you entirely matched that name

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Politics / Re: Ijaws Will Pay Tinubu Back In His Own Coin by Idiotseverywher: 2:57pm On Aug 05

Non indigenes in Yoruba land helped Jonathan win in 2011??

So why did they not help him in 2015?

Yoruba land is the only place where non indigenes alter electoral outcome?
Yes you are everywhere as your name suggests
. It's people like you I chooses the name

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Politics / Re: Ijaws Will Pay Tinubu Back In His Own Coin by Idiotseverywher: 12:09pm On Aug 05

. Which statistics are you showing me, you think you are taking with a novice? I told you what altered the plans of the Yoruba was the non indigenous votes and few Yoruba votes coupled with voters aparty but for majority of Yoruba who came out to vote voted against Jonathan

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Politics / Re: Ijaws Will Pay Tinubu Back In His Own Coin by Idiotseverywher: 12:03pm On Aug 05
There is a lot wrong with being IPOB
It is a terrorist organization
With a leader that called for the destruction of Lagos
It denounces Yoruba churches and espouses hatred against the Yoruba people calling Yoruba slaves and other expletives
as such IPOB is a manifest enemy of Yoruba

This is a different thing from Tinubu . Many Yoruba do not support Tinubu either and Tinubu is not a representative of the Yoruba.

There is a lot wrong with being IPOB if one is Yoruba.

IPOB is a declared adversary of the Yoruba race and should be treated accordingly
. You people are just joking, ipob in the eyes of the international community ate not terror group, it was a declaration by tribal jingoist and hatred Nigerians who want to deceive us, when the chips is on the ground you will know, if your government want to do anyhow let them not release MNK and pay him his due compersation according to UN direction and see what will happen to them, rubbish, they left calling themselves terrorist and tag an innocent group terrorist, already their cases and those of their killers and other names will be summoned by ICC soon

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Politics / Re: Ijaws Will Pay Tinubu Back In His Own Coin by Idiotseverywher: 11:52am On Aug 05

Will you keep quiet with your gibberish. Yorubas voted for Jonathan in 2011. They withdrew their support in 2015. That's the fact.
. They never did, the facts are there you people only want to claim that you did because Jonathan won, had it been he lost the usual jubilation would have been sounded. When Jonathan was declared winner in the , there was a silent of grave yard in Yoruba land


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