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Politics / Re: China Explains Nigeria Loans, Rejects ‘Plot To Hijack Sovereignty’ by Invitationn: 5:23pm On Jul 24

Isn't that the obvious answer for any agreement? Are you taking us for fools? Please what are those terms?
Oga relax, no be fight cheesy
I watched the NASS session where they raised the question of losing sovereignty to China.
These fears were addressed.
Of course that's the obvious answer like you observed, so what answer do you want again?
If your government is daft enough to stake your sovereignty for loans, then so be it.

If you want to believe they did stake your sovereignty against facts that they didn't, it's up to you.
Events / Re: Ilorin Emirate Holds Durbar Despite Ban by Invitationn: 2:15pm On Jul 24

Hearsay huh?

Never peddle hearsay, it is never admissible to my kind.

Lol grin
Hearsay mate. Of course no be me talk ham.
Go to Reno Omokri's to challenge him if e sure for you.
Politics / Re: China Explains Nigeria Loans, Rejects ‘Plot To Hijack Sovereignty’ by Invitationn: 2:13pm On Jul 24

What will happen if Nigeria defaults in loan repayment?
I did answer that in my previous submission.
The Chinese invokes the terms in the agreement. Simple!
Events / Re: Ilorin Emirate Holds Durbar Despite Ban by Invitationn: 9:22am On Jul 23
What Igbos will never do is extending the olive branch to land grabbers.

People have been conscripted to do away with their roots rather feed their masters with information that could help in conquering the yet to be conquered territories. Some are online, some can be seen in the pictures very happy.

What about extending an olive branch to your slave masters like revised by Reno Omokri recently??
I even heard that the Igbo slaves in Delta now claim they were never Igbos but a distinct tribe; funny isn't it?

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Music/Radio / Re: Billboard Called Wizkid Songs “Yoruba Music” On Their Official Twitter Page by Invitationn: 9:10am On Jul 23
Sports = Igbo
Entertainment = Yoruba
Food = Hausa
= Fulani
Politics / Re: China Explains Nigeria Loans, Rejects ‘Plot To Hijack Sovereignty’ by Invitationn: 9:01am On Jul 23

You too haven't answered the simple question
Which is?
Politics / Re: China Explains Nigeria Loans, Rejects ‘Plot To Hijack Sovereignty’ by Invitationn: 8:55am On Jul 23
I also think the Chinese ambassador is being economical with the truth here.

There are real life examples of China taking over nations.

Nations that are now sovereign in name only.

Go to Zambia, the Chinese run them there thanks to debt trap.
It's basically a Chinese colony in Africa.

Go to Sri lanka, China has taken the port of hambantota because they couldn't pay back.
China owns it for the next 100 years.

Go to Gambia, China has wrecked their beaches by industrial extraction of sand, and overfishing of their waterways.
They have taken over Gambia.

These are a few of the Countries in the China debt trap.

If Nigeria does not pay, China will collect one or way or the other.

The only thing that is stopping from being aggressive is because of the west.

The west is watching.
This is Africans keying into the western media anti-china propaganda.
Did you know that the US is the most indebted country in the world?
The US is owing China over a $Trillion.
It's funny how the US media houses be like; Yes we owe China over a $Trillion and our sovereignty is intact but countries like Nigeria owing China some meager few $Billion are walking into a debt trap.
The Chinese just acquired port Haifa in Israel to be managed and operated by them for a period of 25years.
The Israelis,just like many EU countries are also recipients of the BRI loans.
Yet they shout debt traps because they see African countries shunning the IMF and world bank.


Politics / Re: China Explains Nigeria Loans, Rejects ‘Plot To Hijack Sovereignty’ by Invitationn: 8:42am On Jul 23

How are the loans of mutual benefit?

If Nigeria does not pay back what are your plans of getting your money back?

Mr chinko man, you didn't explain well.

There are hidden things in this explanation.

It's of mutual benefit because they're building infrastructures in our country with the loans and to them, they get their money back with interest. Also, more Chinese are doing businesses in Nigeria like never before.
Their construction companies are also the ones doing the projects.
To if Nigeria does not pay back.
Why won't we pay back??
If we don't pay back like you said, then the Chinese invokes the terms in our contracts.
Question now is, did we signed that our sovereignty be taken if we default?
Agreement is sacred!
If we did, then so be it!
Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa's Looted Coffin Recovered But Blue Couch Not Found Yet (Pix) by Invitationn: 3:12pm On Jul 22

Coffins can be resold to dubious undertakers. Anything on earth can be sold - not everyone is superstitious like Nigerians.
Obviously, they ain't superstitious.
Fact from an insider grin: Anything on earth can be sold
Coffin looters; no joyy grin
No reservation at all grin grin
Politics / Re: How The Bini Used And Sold The Igbos As Slaves For Centuries - Reno Omokri by Invitationn: 3:02pm On Jul 22

It is also funny that African Americans are not paying homage to their roots daily.
Some are even dragging America with "real" Americans.
Aswear grin
I have heard a black American trying to draw a distinction between African-Americans and just Africans.
In disgust, he goes; you are not even an African-American, you're African!
It's human nature, everyone one just want to feel superior to the next person.

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Politics / Re: Benin Republic Shuns Buhari's Request For Igboho's Extradition - SaharaReporters by Invitationn: 11:51am On Jul 22

Dreamer, dream on.
Man be dreamer grin
If far away Kenya from East Africa jumped local protocols to package and deliver Nnamdi Kanu to the Nigerian authorities, talk more of a tiny Benin, sharing borders with us and feeding fat on us like leeches.
It's all initial gra gra.
Buhari go soon close border cheesy

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Politics / Re: Benin Republic Shuns Buhari's Request For Igboho's Extradition - SaharaReporters by Invitationn: 11:40am On Jul 22
How I wish Nnamdi Kanu was arrested in Benin republic and not Kenya. The struggle continues all over the south. Southern Nigeria shall be free.
Benin republic is just doing that for public consumption; to prevent the backlash Kenya got.
On my balls- they'll extradite him! grin
They don't have any choice.
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Threatens To NUKE Japan On Eve Of Olympics If It Intervenes In Taiwan(Pix) by Invitationn: 2:13pm On Jul 21

Go and watch the movie midway and see what Japan did to china.

That wasn't a joke back then neither is it now.

"Eni f'oju ana wo'ku, ebora a bo laso".
Get a Yoruba interpreter if you are not one yourself.

Movies are exaggerated. Of course, not a denial of the fact that the Japs were like masters to the Chinese and Koreans back then and of course far above them in tech and innovation.
However, the Japs now are no match to China's military might...the Japs know this. It's why they always cry to the US any time China issues a threat.
Politics / Re: Igboho Didn't Surrender Himself - THE PUNCH Replies Igboho's Lawyer by Invitationn: 2:01pm On Jul 21
Funny enough they are using the same lies and propaganda they are fighting against to breed emotions to what end exactly?.

Nigeria's freedom fighters are really senseless, I wonder what they are even fighting for when their regions are as bad and worst than Nigeria itself.
Same cheap lies and propaganda.
The types that are so cheap and irrational that one could easily discard as not authentic within seconds.
Sports / Re: Ghana League: Hashmin Musah Scores 2 Own Goals To Foil Match Fixing Plot (video) by Invitationn: 3:15pm On Jul 20
See spoiling.
If they catch that guy ehn.
Dem go skin ham
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Threatens To NUKE Japan On Eve Of Olympics If It Intervenes In Taiwan(Pix) by Invitationn: 3:12pm On Jul 20

That will be a grave mistake. Anyway it can't be done at all. Because China will be in rubbles.
It's tactics. PSYOP.
They just wan jeopardize the fate of the Olympics the more.
As if COVID-19 hasn't done enough.
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Threatens To NUKE Japan On Eve Of Olympics If It Intervenes In Taiwan(Pix) by Invitationn: 3:09pm On Jul 20
Japan no.be your mate.

China read that again.
grin grin
You are joking obviously
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Threatens To NUKE Japan On Eve Of Olympics If It Intervenes In Taiwan(Pix) by Invitationn: 3:07pm On Jul 20
my concern is on the threats by these Chinese. Sometimes, I wonder if the Chinese, were in the shoes of the u.s interms of millitary might and ww2 nuclear weapons, the whole world for no dey again
Don't you think you are being unfair to the Chinese?
The US had threatened countries with nukes so many times.
Unlike the US, the Chinese has never invaded anyone; never nuked anyone.
The Chinese were erstwhile slaves to the Japs(at their prime).
Now the Chinese are saying we don't want you meddling in our affairs... we're not your slaves anymore!
It's a statement, the Japs should use their heads and mind their business.
Foreign Affairs / Re: China Threatens To NUKE Japan On Eve Of Olympics If It Intervenes In Taiwan(Pix) by Invitationn: 11:48am On Jul 20
No boast, nuke lez see how China, and all their collaborator will be wiped off the surface of the earth. For una information, when Japan surrendered after second nuclear weapons was dropped,the u.s kept their third nuclear weapon they were planning to use if Japan refused to surrender on the museum since 1945. It's still there. The whole world wasn't even aware u s were making a bomb in Manhattan, till they were dropped. U.s no boast. They can just drop only that bomb or something worse, and end all these fake ass chinko. Russia can do nothing.
It's always amusing to read how people see China and how far China has actually gone.
Of course the idea is largely to deter the Japs and their allies...but you can never predict what a dictator is upto.
But would the Japs actually risk the lives of their citizens for Taiwanese?
Las las the Japs would rather mind their business.


Politics / Re: How Sunday Igboho Was Arrested In Cotonou - LEADERSHIP by Invitationn: 11:26am On Jul 20
Chief Sunday Igboho should have gone farther than anywhere in East or West Africa to travel out. All West African countries (in particular) are Nigerian lapdogs when it comes to this kind of situation. Being a German residency holder could have allowed him to travel from a North African country or used the Libya route. Nigeria government was really out to get him. He should have been more cautious.
How is he supposed to get to the North African countries?
That's the best he could do.
He's a fugitive! If Nigeria weren't a joke he shouldn't have been able to travel interstate without being caught.
Foreign Affairs / Re: South Africa - Starving Rioters Say They Are On Verge Of Eating Each Other(Pix) by Invitationn: 9:26am On Jul 16

Just imagine Fulani Buhari arresting Obasanjo a Yoruba man or Jonathan an Ogbia man... Think of what Yoruba's would do to any cows they see and any Fulani man's business sasa Ibadan would be a child's play... Think of what militants would do

Arresting Jacob Zuma was a wrong move... Zulus won't take it likely

PS; before you think riot and looting is exclusively a black man thing.... Remember Antifact, Black lives matter, Trump Republican supporters, EPL and European Football supporters,

This is poorly thought.
Yorubas are not irrational people...why would I or any Yoruba resort to violence because OBJ's arrested by the FG(regardless of who's in charge) if he's truly guilty of corruption in a court of law.
Yorubas don't support nonsense.
Says a lot about how you think.
We should learn how to compartmentalize our emotions and sentiments.
Did he share the loot with us while he was at it??
Celebrities / Re: Born-Again Moesha Boduong Apologizes To Men She Seduced by Invitationn: 2:39pm On Jul 15
Ugly-shapped homo sapiens.
What's seductive about your stupid unbalanced shape ?
Had to go check again to appreciate what you are saying.
You are right!
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Fighter Jets Intercept US Spy Plane Over Black Sea (Pictures) by Invitationn: 10:45am On Jul 15
When will Nigeria reach this level? As in going to Russia to spy them and shooting out their vessels. Nigeria should learn from USA
Nothing much to learn here mate.
Isn't it obvious that this is a case of a covert mission turned overt?

The stealth plane is not stealthy enough to beat the Russian defense.
They should give it a more sophisticated stealth job and try again next time. grin
Crime / Re: Police Uncover Baby Factory In Lagos by Invitationn: 10:33am On Jul 15

Not all.Some got pregnant unplanned
Those who did it deliberately are also there, it is done in civilized countries too.
It is called surrogacy and it is not a crime
You again.
Why are you so bent on justifying this evil act with your dumb and incoherent analogies.

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Crime / Re: Police Uncover Baby Factory In Lagos by Invitationn: 10:27am On Jul 15

That is exactly what it is but 3rd world mentality will call it a crime.
There are women pregnant with babies they don't want to keep and there are mothers to be who want those babies.
Somewhere are men who impregnated those women.
They may even be on nairaland running their mouths.
There should be a way to do surrogacy legitimately like in developed countries without criminalizing it.
The alternative is that the babies end up in pit latrines and rubbish dumps dead.
As long as the government refuses to rise up to its responsibility and provide legitimate means where these pregnant mothers can be taken care of and babies legitimately adopted, this will continue and in other quarters babies will be found in dumpsters.
Give us a break! Surrogacy doesn't work like that...not even close.
Stop making people dumber here

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Foreign Affairs / Re: SA Deploys Army As Country Descends Into Chaos Following Zuma's Arrest by Invitationn: 3:11pm On Jul 12
Shopping malls and commercial trucks have been torched and looted, in order to render the country ungovernable.

The violence has been limited to Zuma's home province KwaZulu-Natal and low-income parts of Johannesburg. President Ramaphosa has blamed it on Zulu nationalism. The country's other 7 provinces remain peaceful.
Meanwhile, the white folks in SA are on another level.
I mean, e no concern them one bit!
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho: A Yoruba Woman In Military Uniform Led Attack On His House - SR by Invitationn: 6:02pm On Jul 01
Hehehe... Igboho dragging this front-page with MNK. Damn nigggga, it's not alright!

And for the betrayer, it's a norm with them, I'm not surprised.
Lol grin
Well said from your anus grin
Because she's Yoruba, she should have resigned when tasked to raid Igboho's home.
Especially when you consider that, Igboho has been paying her bills and putting food on her table.
What a betrayal! wink

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho’s House Attacked 72 Hours To Lagos Yoruba Nation Rally (Pictures) by Invitationn: 1:07pm On Jul 01

This one is obviously running mad oo��.
Why would I weap over the arrest of someone who brought nothing but problems and trouble into Igboland??.
I can only but wish him a fair trial.
Btw way you are not intelligent else you would understand what I meant by using the word breed another ipob�
Ipob is synonymous to problems, chaos and trouble.
One thing secessionists and their sympathizers need to know is that violence begets violence.
They can argue about who fired the first shot for all I care!
But does your David have the divine intervention to collapse the Goliath in this case?
You don't attack security officers and lynch a minority group in your region and go scot-free!
You don't cry foul on your payback day either.
You should be agreeable to the concept of actions and consequences.
Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho’s House Attacked 72 Hours To Lagos Yoruba Nation Rally (Pictures) by Invitationn: 12:56pm On Jul 01

That is a big lie, the 'elites' you are talking about are less than 5,000 in number, and are fast losing their relevance, they can't even protect the lives of their citizens! all they are looking at is the numbers to see if they can continue with their one Nigeria, besides, their new constitution and restructuring jargon has been struck down by the North so they have nothing to bargain with among their own people,
Freedom is a bug, and it has bitten a lot of southerners, and as the days goes by and the word spreads and the people actually start to realize they deserve better, they will become angrier than I am, (u realize that is the real reason for the Twitter ban right?)
Politics / Re: "The Language Is Now Clear For Everyone To Understand" - Bashir Ahmad by Invitationn: 12:22am On Jun 30

Continue to deceive yourself.
Why have they not arrested or paraded one single Boko Haram or Bandit? Mention one.
And why have they not proscribed Boko Haram and Bandits? Which is worse? Boko Haram or ESN?
ESN and IPOb is a terrorists group, but Boko Haram and Bandits are saintly and law abiding Nigerians abi?
Fulani Hypocrisy at the core.
All you hear is they have killed scores of Boko Haram and Bandits, and yet still we are seeing more and more of these terrorists.
I don't support Nnamdi Kanu cos he is a criminal by the way he is killing his fellow ibo indigenes, but I won't be fooled by the double standard way Buhari is handling things in this country.
I want to see him arrests the leaders of Boko Haram and Bandits and parade them as terrorists that they are.
Give us a break!grin
Stop making everyone dumber here.
Properties / Re: Chinese Company Erects Luxury 10-Storey Apartment Building In 28 Hours (Photos) by Invitationn: 6:39pm On Jun 23
As say na China, I won't near that building.
Multi storey building in 28hrs by Chinese looks like a disaster waiting to happen. grin
I think it's high time we snapped out of these China-make-fake delusions.
These guys give it to you how you want it and according to your budget grin
The Chinese are king when it comes to precast engineering.
They can assemble Burj khalifa in less than a month mayhaps, using precast concretes.
And mafo! it's solid.
TV/Movies / Re: Dorathy Gave BrightO A Mouth Action (BBNaija Reunion) by Invitationn: 6:29pm On Jun 23
I always think she is the most decent after lekan..... Never knew she is good at giving head. Wel it's a God given talent sha... This can win her endorsement and other goodies if she step up her game to the next level.....
When I tot I have seen it all....
The other lady claim to be classic whereas na oshofree she dey do....
Another one they fight for degree, who degree help . Buhari without degree is Nigeria president today.
All this shameless girls claiming celebrity
Lol How's she good? She apparently sucks at sucking d*ck, that's why nigga had a swollen d*ck. grin

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