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NYSC / Re: Stop Looking For Job, Create One by IyawoToBe(f): 8:11am On Feb 20
yes, I buy clean funds PayPal, skrill, payoneer, neteller and Bitcoin. Any quantity at very good rate and escrow is highly allowed.
Car Talk / Re: How Efficient Is The 2015 Lexus ES 350 by IyawoToBe(f): 11:44am On Jan 17
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 1:25pm On Jan 16

I check mine everyday but they don't add it everyday. Sometimes they add for two, three days at once.

And the next time I check they have reduced it.

Its supposed to be done daily but its not so with FBNQuest.
Please what do you mean by the bolded?
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 1:24pm On Jan 16
FBN deducted about 11,000 naira from my account this morning. Called Customer care and sent e-mail,no concrete explanation has been given yet. Guess it's time to port. Enough of the loyalty.
Now you'll are getting the memo grin
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 12:11pm On Jan 16
Do you check yours everyday??
I check mine like once a week or in two weeks
I don't o. Until they started swindling me cheesy They didn't pay me yesterday.

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Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 9:48am On Jan 16
FBNQuest people, have they paid your interest for yesterday? shocked shocked
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by IyawoToBe(f): 9:40am On Jan 16
You people sha want me to miss the cheap ticket I am seeing grin grin

Who has flown Etihad? Do they provide hotel for long hours layover in Abu Dhabi? Biko
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 4 by IyawoToBe(f): 6:13pm On Jan 15
Hi all. A quick one please sad

Does Etihad provide hotel for long hours layover in Abu Dhabi?
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 6:41pm On Jan 13
I just opened a Money Market Fund and Stock Trading account with United Capital

The process was smooth in that you must submit all required document and you dont need to step into their office to do all that.

I did it all online

My account dash board is impressive.

The rates are displayed for each of the products. I can make all kind of requests

I am impressed. I hope I will continue to be impressed.
What is their current daily rate?
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 6:30pm On Jan 13

The page has issues on mmf interests not paid correctly, delayed response to emails, arm mmf. Maybe it's not the right page.

Pls house/forum I really need urgent reply to my earlier questions:

Wow I want to say a big thank you all the contributors here, so much too learn. God bless you all richly in Jesus name Amen.
Well I have decided to try mmf using fbn quest since tb is too low, now here are my questions:
a1. Will my capital be preserved just like tb?
2. What are the tenure(tb has 30d, 60days etc)
3. Can I pull out my funds anytime it matures
4. Any charges?
b. Now for fg savings bonds what is the minimum tenure?
2. Can I get it at any commercial bank?
What are the rates now?
For someone who is learning stock and decides to buy 50k of( E.g uacn or Access), is the person
a share holder or what is the difference.
C. What is FS

It's the right page. Run from FBNQuest
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 10:25pm On Jan 10

Strange cos I didn't ask for my account statement yet I was sent, infact twice by 2 different representives when I complained about the deductions to verify my claims. It is well
Can you please provide the numbers you called. Apparently, my account officers are USELESS!!! I'm moving my money on Monday if I don't get to the root of this.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 6:42pm On Jan 10

If you are in Lagos please pay them a visit or try and speak with your account officer.

I get my statement of unit holdings every month.

If I want to stop investing with them, can I take out all my money including the few interest from this new quarter?
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 6:30pm On Jan 10
For those defending FBNQuest, ask for your account statement. Or they should show you a breakdown of how much excess they paid into your interest on the 14th of December.

The day someone mentioned here that he got an outrageous excess as yield for the previous day, I quickly logged into my account and noticed there was no strange increase in my accrued interest.

So without any explanation, they took out a whooping 30kplus from my principal on the 6th of January and then paid me short of my expected value for the number of days the accrued interest showed 0.00. I even tried to use 6% as the yield rate but I was still short paid.

Send me my account statement, MBA! They refused to send... Who is being shaddy here?
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 6:07pm On Jan 10

I share your view my brother. How can they claim there was a mistake? It raises a lot of concerns. What if they subsequently say that most of the accrued interest was a mistake? I did not want to comment more on this further but at least I have seen one person that thinks outside the box who will not just accept whatever they want us to believe.

If, they really think it's a mistake, let them come clean by telling us what and how they calculate/calculated it.

I have asked for my statement for over four days and they have refused to send it to me. They took 30,234 from my principal and then paid me short in my daily yield. I am closing the account on Monday.
Investment / Re: Mutual Funds by IyawoToBe(f): 6:04am On Jan 08
FBNQuest!!!! Still waiting for their response. Let me not spoil their business yet. These guys are crooks cheesy cheesy.

Guys take random screenshots of your accrued interest every other day and at the end of each quarter (very important), they take out from your money!!! For people who have a few millions you might not notice because they take in thousands.

Let me just assume this is a glitch o. Cos they must vomit my money. I am closing the freaking account after getting to the bottom of this.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 2:16pm On Jan 04

Don't tell me you still have certificates, Investment has gone digital. You should have dematerialized your certificates long ago

You will be advised to open a CSCS account through a stock broker

Don't mind me o. I just lost total interest in anything stock after what happened to NSE. The one that pained/pains me most is the ECOBANK transnational rubbish. All the money I made early in life as a young lady were used to buy stock, thank God for his grace. Reason why I would not go into it again no matter what anybody says.

I have all the certificates staring at me. I only use them to apply for visas cheesy cheesy cheesy I don't even know if it counts sef, but I normally get the visas after supporting my application with those 'useless' certificates grin


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 8:26pm On Jan 03

Hope u have not sold it, if you have not i greet you congratulation because the buyer from dangote paid 24naira per share which has been executed and the shares have been deleted on NSE. So, go EDC registrar to fill form and collect your 24 per share. OLAM bought the company from dangote, they bought the total 5billn shares. Last time while Checked, they were at onipan.
OMGeeeeeeeeeee shocked My new year has started on a good note!!! Let me dust my certificate. Thank you so much for this info.

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Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 6:52pm On Jan 03

Dangote also failed in flour mill and that was why he sold initially to tiger brand of SA which they could not run profitably and then bought it back very cheap pumped 10biln the ran it into profitability for just a yr or there about then later slip into loss making company, he finally sold it this yr. So, there is no success witout a failure
The stupid Flour Mill I bought their IPO years ago. My 1million has turned to less than 100k cry cry


Autos / Re: I Am A Clearing Agent,if You Have Consignment,am @ Your Service by IyawoToBe(f): 8:58am On Jan 02
I have been following your thread for a while. But I am still kinda skeptical about using your service because I don't see any reviews from your clients. All I see here is your advertisements.

Can some people who have used your service in the past put up reviews? That will help doubting Thomas's like myself cheesy.

Thank you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking : Iraq Protesters Attack And Burn Down US Embassy In Baghdad by IyawoToBe(f): 3:59pm On Jan 01
please resend message to @yahoo.com
Hi. Will send an email shortly. Thanks
Foreign Affairs / Re: Breaking : Iraq Protesters Attack And Burn Down US Embassy In Baghdad by IyawoToBe(f): 12:05pm On Jan 01
This will certainly not end well.

Hi Trust you are doing great. I sent you a DM. I'd really appreciate a response.

Thank you.
Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 10:15pm On Dec 15, 2019
Page 1000 kiss I need to mark my space

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Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by IyawoToBe(f): 7:57pm On Nov 07, 2019

Wondering if you used airbnb for a comodation,
What was the monthly rate. Am finding it hard getting affordable accomodation in chicago.
Kindly give tips

Between 1200-1500 you'd get something decent.


Webmasters / Re: Please, Check Out My Website Coded From Scratch by IyawoToBe(f): 6:34pm On Jun 17, 2019

Yes, that's basically it. I lost interest in PHP cuz JS worked better for my workflow. I am aware of composer, the other things are new to me and its nice to know PHP is going somewhere. I'm just sold out on JS and its frontend/backend dual appeal.

Hi. Pls can I send you a DM?
Business / Re: Taxify/uber Partners And Drivers by IyawoToBe(f): 2:29pm On Apr 17, 2019
Religion / Re: The Non-Christian Chatbox ( sticky ) by IyawoToBe(f): 11:04am On Apr 07, 2019
Hi all, Please what is the title of this Daily Confession book? I normally see it on Toke makinwa's Instagram story. Been looking for it.

Religion / Re: Have You Praised Him Yet, Today? by IyawoToBe(f): 11:02am On Apr 07, 2019
Hi all, Please what is the title of this Daily Confession book? I normally see it on Toke makinwa's Instagram story. Been looking for it.

Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 9:23am On Mar 18, 2019
"Still Yet" with MSc?
You are so heartless and insensitive!


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by IyawoToBe(f): 7:54pm On Mar 01, 2019
Hi nairalanders mums and Dad
Pls I need ur advise , am currently pregnant and traveling to USA for delivery. I want my 1st child to come over on visit when school is on Easter holiday has she as not travelled to USA before
I won't be around for her interview so my husband will b taking her.
Now this is where I need advise
I gave birth to her while studying in d U.K. 2008, was a single mum till I married in 2014, ( I have a court shown affidavit stating am solely responsible for her up keep) I don't know d whereabouts of her biological father as in all U.K. Visa applications I leave the father information blank even in d documentation of her Nigerian passport father's information is blank.
When I applied for USA visa birthing purpose in 2016 I and my husband where asked if he had adopted her and we said yes . Reason was that we were already considering it. After the interview I went to d appropriate ministry to start the process and was told that since the father is a Nigerian I need a letter from my child's biological father as long as he is still alive or from his family stating they agree to d adoption.
This put me in a very sad emotional touture as it reminded me of what I went through in that relationship and how so hard I tried then to exterblish a relationship between the father and child while I was in U.K. And even wen I came back to Nigeria.
Also at some point in Nigeria Due to the way school educate kids I noticed in my child's exam booklet she had a great score but left a particular answer blank so I checked d question and it writes what is the duty of a father. I realized she didn't know cos I was doing very thing as a single mum.
At that point I spoke to few elderly people who advised in Nigeria law that the man owns d child. I went through d pain travelled to lagos to locate where his mother lives after hours of searching d area I eventually located it but she travelled out of d country. Collected her Neighbour's contact , came back to abuja and kept calling just to b able to reach her. After 2 months of continued calls I was able to speak to her, told her I let my child talk to her grandma for the first time and after giving d phone back to me she said I should never call her again that when d child grows will look for her father.
That day I wept bitterly cos her son never denied d pregnancy, I wasn't contacting cos I needed money or for they to take care of d child. I was doing so cos of d society we live in Nigeria.
That was d only day my child saw me break down in tears and on that day I vowed not to contact his mum again as for him I don't even know his whereabout.
Am sorry my mail is so long but I believe you need to have a true picture to b able to advise me properly.
I have filled my child's USA visa visa form using b1 and where father's information was asked ini didn't fill it. It's my husband sponsoring my child's trip so pls where it's asked for sponsor will I fill in parent? And if asked about d adoption what would my husband's response b as I will not b there with them during d interview.

Thanks you so much will b waiting to read from u.

I know someone in a similar situation but guess what she did? She changed the children's surname to her husband's. Her story is just a bit different because she was actually married to the man and they had 2 kids together before he ran off with another woman. She remarried another man who was divorced and willing to accept the two kids as his. They all relocated to Canada 3 years ago.

I know it's not lawful, but you cannot hold down an innocent child because of the circumstances of her birth.


Investment / Re: Treasury Bills In Nigeria by IyawoToBe(f): 4:56pm On Feb 24, 2019
undecided undecided undecided
Travel / Re: USA Visit Visa Part 3 by IyawoToBe(f): 9:09am On Feb 24, 2019

You don't even need anything like that... give them the site and let them sort it out... no need asking for passport number (it is very private)...
As in!!! I just tire sad Are you immigration? grin Why do you need passport number to book an hotel online? Why would you even want to book an hotel for a stranger with your Debit card details?


Travel / Re: Give Birth In USA: Cost And Procedures Part 6 by IyawoToBe(f): 7:46am On Feb 24, 2019
Hello mums,
Please I need your advice, I got to chicago 2 weeks ago n signed the self pay contract last week (6,400) at cook county hospital,I went into labour Friday morning (37wks6 days)arnd 1am n I met my son 3 hours after,I rested on Friday,on Saturday morning I dressed up to go and settle my bill downstairs but the nurses said the billing office does not open during the weekend,the challenge now is that I will be discharged on Sunday but being discharged without paying nullifies the contract, I am confused should I stay an extra day n pay 600$ and not be discharged to enable me settle my bill on Monday,kindly advise.
Well, If things haven't changed in Cook county you can still pay on Monday. Something similar happenned to me. I was unable to pay before discharge because my labour started in the train, so I was not prepared. I had to send my preggy flat mate to pay for me after I was discharged and she brought back home the receipt.

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