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Celebrities / Re: Rihanna Called A N*gga B*tch In Dutch Magazine by jaybaby(f): 4:08pm On Dec 23, 2011

I don't see her point

Why is she shouting?

Black people call them-selves ni**as and b**ch, so why can't a white person call you such?

Am sure if na Chris Brown call her such, her loins go dey happy

Nansense tongue

Flogos Flagas
embarassed @ your comment
Celebrities / Re: The Man Whose Photo Was Published Isn't My Husband. . . . . Stella Damascus by jaybaby(f): 7:34pm On Jun 03, 2009
cheesy Gosh!---ll surely get back to read it--Dang its 2 Long!
Nairaland / General / Re: Happy Birthday Crazykid! by jaybaby(f): 12:32pm On Mar 21, 2009
Api Bafday Swtie wink
TV/Movies / Re: Jenifa the. blockbuster by jaybaby(f): 3:43pm On Mar 04, 2009
Bufhead-- take a chill pill gal--- Everybdy is entittled 2 der own OPINION.

Abt the FILM--- it's funny but letz be realistic--- which Village gal wld come in2 the UNIVERSTY & get in2 RUNZ--that is such a big CRAP & DUMB ending
Music/Radio / Re: Nairaland To Feature On Top Radio Fm by jaybaby(f): 3:25pm On Mar 04, 2009
Who Cares!
Music/Radio / Re: Why Do Igbo Artistes Sing In Yoruba? by jaybaby(f): 3:21pm On Mar 04, 2009
Seriously, i'v asked myself that same Q-- but for you to actually make it in Lagos--U must b able to flow in YORUBA.
Music/Radio / Re: Nigerian Artist Capable Of Winning Grammy? by jaybaby(f): 3:55pm On Sep 08, 2008
Phones / Re: Why Do Nigerians Prefer Nokia Phones? by jaybaby(f): 3:49pm On Sep 08, 2008
I'm so so Lovin it, from my 1st fon till date

Business / Re: Which Bank Has The Best Domiciliary Account Services? by jaybaby(f): 1:46pm On Aug 27, 2008
1st Bank--- I can Vouch 4 that Bank,
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Johnson In An Affair With Dbanj. by jaybaby(f): 10:25am On Aug 20, 2008
City people ke---that Mag na crrect rumor transporter

Mercy J & D--- cant b
Celebrities / Re: Who Is Nigeria's Most Hand Some Male Rapper by jaybaby(f): 10:02am On Aug 20, 2008

Mode 9

Naeto c

Ikechukwu- He is so Charming wen he Smiles

& btw My gal SASHA N B--I go 4 Sasha
Celebrities / Re: Your Best Celebrity Couple by jaybaby(f): 9:36am On Aug 20, 2008
Brad & Aniston, so srry she is single again

Diddy & J lo but she looks better off with Mac

Eddy Brown & Kenny st Brown

Patrick doyle & IRETI

Celebrities / Re: Sexiest Actor In Nollywood, by jaybaby(f): 11:18am On Aug 19, 2008
Celebrities / Re: Re: Bernie Mac Is Dead! by jaybaby(f): 11:11am On Aug 19, 2008
Na wa 4 nairaland pple---

May God be with your family in this time of sorrow !
ll really miss his jokes!
Nairaland / General / Re: Celtel Changes Name To 'Zain Nigeria Ltd' by jaybaby(f): 1:11pm On Aug 04, 2008
They r jus confused-- in jus how many yrs it has chged its name a million tyms--God help 'em
Fashion / Re: Check Out My Cornrows by jaybaby(f): 1:03pm On Aug 04, 2008
nICE Hair undecided
Fashion / Re: Can You Date Or Marry Someone With Facial Tribal Marks? by jaybaby(f): 12:54pm On Aug 04, 2008
Yea if its not that loud---but if na ILA IBADAN--I CANT FIT lipsrsealed
Fashion / Re: What Size Of Clothes Do You Wear ? by jaybaby(f): 12:49pm On Aug 04, 2008
Size 8,10--OKIRIKA Size wink
Fashion/Clothing Market / Re: How Much Does A T. M. Lewin Shirt Cost? by jaybaby(f): 12:46pm On Aug 04, 2008
U can get a 2-hand 4 3k
Celebrities / Re: Tulips---why Genevieve Got Kicked Off by jaybaby(f): 12:26pm On Aug 04, 2008
I guess U r his alta ego---go n still call ur mates!
thanks 4 ur contribution
Celebrities / Re: Meet The Brangelina Babies by jaybaby(f): 12:22pm On Aug 04, 2008
cant see 'em clearly
Celebrities / Re: Tulips---why Genevieve Got Kicked Off by jaybaby(f): 12:14pm On Aug 04, 2008
War Lord--pls pass n go
thanks 4 ur contribution
Celebrities / Re: Why Do People Call Jim Iyke Fake? I Beg To Differ by jaybaby(f): 12:12pm On Aug 04, 2008
What is wrong with u GUYZ angry---- must U b born in d US b4 u can spk like 'em--if his role says he shld act like a jand guy n he can flow so well in it does that make him a FAKE?
he only interprets d xter given 2 him in da script--waz da FUSS? angry
Celebrities / Tulips---why Genevieve Got Kicked Off by jaybaby(f): 12:02pm On Aug 04, 2008
She goofed and got kicked off’

Leila Djansi is a Ghanaian and the producer of the now controversial movie Tulips. Out own Genevieve Nnaji was initially penciled down to play the lead role until things went awry between her and the producer.

Last week, the deliciously beautiful star actress stated her own side of  the story, denying pocketing $110,000 as being alleged in some quarters. Barrister Lindsey Moore, the legal counsel on press matters to Ms Djansi and Esther Lafontant, the publicist, in the interview below stated their own side of the story.

Did you ever hire Genevieve Nnaji for a role in your upcoming film, Tulips?

We did, upon a recommendation from the original star of the film, the adorable Chioma  Chukwuka.

Under what process?

Genevieve was sent an official offer. She responded and asked us to work with her manager, Debre. The executive producer, Leila Djansi, negotiated all the necessary clauses in the offer with Debre and they officially responded, thus making the offer firm and pending a signed contract after Ms Nnaji submits the tax information forms sent out to her and also had creative discussions with the director; discussion that needed to be addressed in the Talent Agreement ( contract).

It sounds like things were moving smoothly. What went wrong?

The director, Ms Djansi, could not get in touch with Ms Nnaji for the said creative discussion on the script. Now, these were needed because Tulips is under bond from a completion bond house and we, the producers, were under strict obligations to present our distributors and bond company reports on cast, crew, permits etc. mind you, this is an American production company, an American distributor and an America bond company. Africa is not a familiar territory for them because they do not have any co-production treaties with East and West Africa, excluding Senegal. We also asked for Ms Nnaji’s demo reel but Debra gave us a list of movies and told us to go to a website called videoonline Nigeria and watch Nnaji’s films there. That was wrong. But Ms Djansi bought a lot of Genevieve’s movies herself and even cut a demo reel which she sent to the bond company. In fact, Thelma Nwosu, another cast member, was the one who got in touch with Genevieve to get her measurement for the costume department. Genevieve claimed she had launched a clothing line and was too busy to e-mail her measurements. Everyone in the production office tried to reach Ms. Nnaji  but failed to return calls or messages left on her phone. The director then sent a brief e-mail for them to get in touch with her to negotiate creative terms of the contract. Miss Debra gave a flimsy excuse of her two phone lines being out of order for about two weeks and the director decided to take another creative step by booking another actress.

She never tried to make friends with Ms. Nnaji or stalk her with calls?

Oh come on…friends over the phone? There is an eight hour time difference between California and Nigeria. Ms. Djansi is too busy. In fact, she has hundreds of friends all over the world, her office and house is overflowing with assistants. The only numbers Ms. Djansi dials herself are her personal calls. She gave Genevieve preferential treatment by talking to her herself, I guess that’s what got into Genevieve’s head. We all love each other and respect each other through Tulips. In fact, Ms. Djansi and Thelma Nwosu have become more than sisters. Even the Bible tells us to be kind and loving to each other. Why? Is she too big to be friends with anyone? She will be lucky to be friends with Ms. Djansi. Anyway, a director and an actress must establish a certain rapport to work together, Ms. Djansi  is a super friendly person and is always looking to make a joke or try to make things light and easy. She has never been uptight with anyone. If Genevieve mistakes Ms. Djansi’s free sprit as an attempt to become best friends….well, she read wrong.

About Van Vicker.

That’s the painful part for us all. We love Van. Debra needed the additional cast information for Ms. Nnaji. She was told Van was in the cast and she is reported to have said Van Vicker was a bad actor, and asked Ms. Djansi to  watch a movie made with Genevieve and how Genevieve said he was cool, but a stiff actor. Please, if Ms. Djansi thinks Van Vicker is a bad actor, she will not have him as part of the cast. She never told Ms. Nnaji or Debra that the script was being expanded for Van. That is a very bad lie.

Any other notions you want to dispel?

Yes, Debra and Ms. Nnaji jointly altered a mass e-mail Ms. Djansi sent to all the cast and worded it her own way to make Leila look bad. There was never any time that  Ms. Djansi said “ unlike other African actors, you are natural.” That’s a very bad press move on Nnaji’s side. Why then is Ms. Djansi working with other African actors if she thinks they are not natural? Knowing her well, if she thought so, she’d have brought all the actors from America. In fact, Ms.djansi told Genevieve that she finds her to be a very emotionally withdrawn actress and requested to know the problems she has with her scripts and directors that makes her so distant, or if she wore contacts, as they make your eyes cold on camera. But then, she also added that she was probably bored with the scripts she gets as her older works were more appealing than the recent ones. Now, Ms. Nnaji claiming she is so professional should have politely told us to go kick rocks if she felt that the production was not “up to her standard.” Even if we called 22 times, which we did not, what stops a polite lady from sending a text message to say I am backing out of the deal? Genevieve is an angry girl. She was hoping that because Ms. Djansi is a Ghanaian, she will treat her like a goddess, like she is treated in Nigeria. Well, none of the producers of this movie have time to hero worship anyone. We give the same amount of respect  to every one. Stars or extras and above the line crew or below the line crew. Same respect. Our producer, Akofa Aseidu, is a living legend, we treat her normally.

She said there was no contract?

An offer is a tentative contract, which was why we put her on our website and submitted her information to SAG. The offer was a contract enough for the period. Ms. Nnaji does not understand how the America film industry works; she has made some ignorant statements. Even if Sony Pictures comes to hire her, this is the same process in film making.

What about the demands she made?

She wanted to bring her assistant, but the production office was divided over that, partly because her assistant was also very rude to us upon the initial contact with Ms. Nnaji. But we resolved it and everything was fine. She really did not make any crazy demands. She was jiffy about the Ghanaian crew and requested that make-up be brought from US but Ms. Djansi told her she is also a make-up person, so if she, Genevieve was not comfortable with the Ghana make-up artiste, she ( Leila) will do her make-up. Mind you, Robin Givens never requested for a make-up team.

Did Ms. Djansi insult Genevieve?

A big  NO. Leila spoke to only Debra for a long time, how could Nnaji be insulted? When she got kicked off the project, she sent a letter, via Debra, vehemently calling Ms. Djansi an impostor of Hollywood and someone trying to break into Hollywood. That’s crazy. Ms. Djansi is quite well known in the American film industry, a simple Google search will show you that. Ms. Djansi got very upset when Debra sent a very nasty e-mail to her after we terminated their offer. Debra  was defending the fact that we never requested a demo reel and even if we did, she had directed us to a website to watch Genevieve’s movies. Ms. Djansi told her that there was no way she ( Leila) will allow her executive team which comprises of very powerful studio bosses watch our obviously low quality Ghana and Nigeria movies. The truth is, Genevieve has not been in any of the better Nollywood films, in terms of quality. Like Tade Ogidan’s or some of their very soap operas: she hasn’t.

What about this issue of owning 40% of Nollywood?

We will be launching a venture capital initiative in the later part of 2009, if God wills it. Leila and Akofa have set up a fund to finance and distribute African movies to the world.

So, what you are saying is that everything was going fine until communication with Genevieve became a problem?

Yes, Genevieve knows she has missed a great opportunity to meet some great stars and be on Oprah Winfrey show upon release of the film and become a member of SAG. Yes…this movie is about women liberation from violence. It is being supported by very wonderful organizations and women groups. Genevieve knew about all these, she goofed and got kicked off, now she is burning.

She said she was not paid $110,000?

Her payment was contingent upon her appearing in the movie as Tulips and upon other terms of the contract. Her offer was not a pay or play.

Has another  actress been found?

Oh yes, Ini Edo. And we love her. She is very sweet and is starving right now because she has to get into shape for the movie. We had to push the dates back because of all this trouble.
Celebrities / Re: Pregnant Man (with Pic) by jaybaby(f): 11:48am On Aug 04, 2008
Wow-Things really happen,

How can he b married to a woman n still gets preggy?
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: February Birthday Members! by jaybaby(f): 4:36pm On Jul 24, 2008
Feb 4th---Good 2 b Aquarius. tongue
Our Trait
Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexiest out of everyone. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest And loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt.  Gets angry really easily but does not show it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Hot. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous.  Spendthrift. Tries to learn to show emotions.  Repost this in 5 mins and you will talk to someone new and realize that you are a perfect match.

WE R 2 MUCH! cheesy
Education / Re: Which Is Better? Covenant University Or Babcock University by jaybaby(f): 4:23pm On Jul 24, 2008
Education / Re: Unilag vs OAU-Ife vs UI? by jaybaby(f): 4:19pm On Jul 24, 2008
Dnt ever compare OAU OR UI wit UNILAG Unilag is no more Unilag of those dayz, so my list goes,


Education / Re: Expulsion Scandal Rocks Covenant University: 120 Students Expelled by jaybaby(f): 4:05pm On Jul 24, 2008
Wow, You guys shld plz take it ezzy on PAPA.

And deposky waz with U?
Waz wit d banning thing?
Na u get N/L?
Celebrities / Re: Tonto Dike Is Don Jazzy's Girl-friend by jaybaby(f): 12:09pm On Jul 24, 2008
Don Jazzy--Ugly or not gat toooooooooooooooo much moni, Who cares abt he;s Wowoness?

I Thank God 4 her sha,her own don better grin
TV/Movies / Re: Most Beautiful Lady On Second Chance? by jaybaby(f): 1:56pm On Jul 22, 2008
Boi---- Angela-- BEAUTIFUL

girl thanks 4 d update n link
Celebrities / Re: Chris Okotie Grammer by jaybaby(f): 12:51pm On Jul 22, 2008
Lol Madichie---dis is 2 much --- cheesy

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