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Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Petitions UN, EU, US, UK, Russia, Israel, Over Military Operation by jayblinx(m): 3:23pm On Sep 16, 2017
Idiot, that has always been his belief, does the guy think those guys give a bleep about this his particular style of agitation in dis 21st century, especially in a situation where he's agitating for a landlocked country which is of no real tangible value to those countries to in fact deserved any form of sentimeted supportership in his agitation. The guy is in for a long thing. Idiot with idiotic followers. If they truly wanna leave, he doesn't need to wait for referendum from anybody, what he was suppose to av done at the peak of his popularity was to av organized a civilized referendum process and folks like us would av supported him 100%. Me I don't mind igbos leaving Nigeria, afterall Igbos are only majorly in the 5 Southeastern states and a minority in in delta, a small fraction in kogi and possibly Rivers. No oil for them, no sea for them, losers.

Igbos are 75% thieves, armed robbers, 419ers among many other in the country, so their leaving gatz no problem for anybody. I've never met a Yoruba man owing properties or businesses in the east neither an Hausa man, who is to lose.

believe me sir..except what u said has proof. ,it would never be well with you and ur generation until u apologize...Blv me and I knw ur pride won't let you..God would honour this words I wrote to you
Gaming / Re: Adetomiwa Edun Featured As Alex Hunter In FIFA17 The Journey by jayblinx(m): 2:28pm On Sep 20, 2016
Happy for this guy....first he comes to man U on the game...amazing...grt Nigerians. ..say no to tribalism
Health / Re: How I Lost My Childhood Friend To HIV/AIDS by jayblinx(m): 7:06am On Sep 20, 2016
HIV Test : Know Your Status

I just want all of you to see this.

Today marks the 3rd anniversary I lost Ada, my childhood friend to Aids.
She didn't get it through sexual intercourse, she didn't contact it through blood transfusion, she didn't contact it through contaminated needle but probably through the blade she might have shared with her sibling cry

Ada was the first child of her parents, she had 3 siblings. Her dad was a driver in Agip company, so they were well to do because he was paid well.
But he lived a promiscuous life, I remember the numerous women he brought to the house in the absence of his wife whenever Ada and her siblings travel for vacation.

I can still remember vividly the numerous fight he had with Ada's mom over infidelity.

The whole problem started when Ada's dad fell ill, he was taken to the hospital but his ailment would stop temporarily only to come back again. He had an unending cough, chicken pox and other sickness.

He was taken to the church later on because everyone thought it's spiritual. They brought him back to the house when it didn't improve either.
Different pastors and prayer warriors came to the house to pray for him too.

A huge handsome man that use to be the centre of attraction to women, became a shadow of himself. He became so bony and scary. His eyes popped out of his head and his cheeks sunk. He looked like a zombie and walked slowly.
I remember his wrapper falling off his waist whenever he walked for a short mile and he will b so weak to pick it up.

Rumours started going round that he was suffering from Aids. While some persons believed it was a spiritual problem.
He later died after some months and his wife became sick alongside her last child, Victor.

That was when it dawned on everyone that is Aids. She was placed on Anti retroviral drugs alongside her last child.

People in the neighbourhood avoided her, and her house help also ran away.

Before my mum would go to the market to sell her wares, she would call I and my siblings indoor and begged us not to play with Ada or go to their house to see movies like we use to.
She told us to run away whenever we see her.

I remember how she flogged me with firewood for allowing Ada come to the house to play.

Ada's mom later died alongside her siblings and she went to live with her Uncle only to be returned after 7 months when she started having symptoms of Aids too.

Nobody took care of her and she died later on. She was just 13yrs old when she died.

HIV/AIDS is real, know your status.

For the teens out there, abstain from sex or use condom.

For the married men out there, remain faithful or use condom

Your life doesn't worth the fun.
truly..ur life is not worth the fun....that was wise...thnk yu
Sports / Re: Uche Ejimofor: The Man Who Handed Kanu His First Professional Contract by jayblinx(m): 3:07pm On Aug 19, 2016
I have a 22 years old boy I saw back in the days in a similar situation. He was so good on field that I had to put him in a football academy in Cotonou. A real star!. I mean, he was so good I had to beg him to show me their house so I could talk to the mother to make sure they allow him to play football.

Went to Cotonou the other day and saw him and he's hibernating between football and street hustle because of lack of resources to continue. If anybody know this man should contact me let me handover the guy to him. I'm quite sure he'll be as good as Kanu or even better. In fact, if he doesn't play football he would be a wasted talent.
snr same with me..am a good midfielder but I think lack of opportunities is actually telling on me...but I have a better player in my brother and friend...he needs help too...I have never seen any man live dead or alive play as good as he is
Programming / Re: Categories Of Programmers (by Areas Of Expertise) by jayblinx(m): 3:51pm On Jul 13, 2016
Please, I need to build a mobile app that is capable of mining out a few information/data from a database of regularly updated numerical entries. The app does some random selections, generate some sets or lists or arrays as the case may be. It then does some intersections and some iterations and countings. And that's all.
It's indeed a very simple programme, an Android application.
Is there anyone inhere who can do this for me at a very minimal price? If there is such, please respond by quoting this message here. I'll then tell you how to contact me.
boss I can help
Romance / Re: I Cant Explain This Puzzle..! by jayblinx(m): 7:41am On Mar 22, 2016
lols. play some games dude , you're not ripe for marriage, are u?
not exactly but i wud b due in mayb 3 yrs...cus i wud marry a litl early
Romance / Re: I Cant Explain This Puzzle..! by jayblinx(m): 12:52am On Mar 22, 2016

I bet u can solve that problem juz like u wink... grin
cud u help me kashy??
Romance / Re: I Cant Explain This Puzzle..! by jayblinx(m): 11:58pm On Mar 21, 2016
You: too gentle.
she: want a badboy with an adventure.
she voiced out not because she wanna leave. she just want you to change. try to act like a romantic guy for a week and see what happens.
am nt as gentle as dat....i stl do bad tns wt her....adventures...we v gone to heaven and back....am jxt feelin like some nigga is lurking around
Romance / I Cant Explain This Puzzle..! by jayblinx(m): 11:18pm On Mar 21, 2016
towards mid november,i had some feelings i hadn't felt in yrs....i was abt to fall in love again...somehw it fell in place and i started dating after 4yrs in the university....am an engineering student..(like JOHNNY)....for the first time..we got along well and with all my hrt i loved this babe...21st of feb,she walked to my house nd told me she wanted a brk....cus i was treating her as if she was jx my frnd...dat i dnt always cuddle her...she described me nt goin to get her attache to plait her hair as not being romantic even when i already gave her the money....that we r beta of jxt frnds...i av explained and begged her but she's stl adamant.....since the brkup....we ve met twice in our rooms nd kissed passionately but she still keeps saying she is done...she calls me shuga as usual nd that makes me more confused.....
Romance / Re: Val: Post The Pics Of You And Ur Bae And Let C The Most Beautiful Couple Here. by jayblinx(m): 10:31pm On Feb 11, 2016

Bros you be photographer? Is this the negative or... cos that looks like a dark room to me.
over here in the east,the harmattan is stl much....so de first pix was during de day,the oda was @ a party...


Romance / Re: Val: Post The Pics Of You And Ur Bae And Let C The Most Beautiful Couple Here. by jayblinx(m): 2:37am On Feb 11, 2016
swt nd i

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Romance / Re: ... by jayblinx(m): 10:34pm On Nov 06, 2015
maybe u shud start stretching it out the more with ur hands. Masturbbate up to to 5times daily and watch ur dick regenerate.
my dear...the truth is de cause of his problem is masturbation...guy say the truth...go online...u wud get useful information...
Phones / Re: We Nigerians Are Unfair To MTN by jayblinx(m): 1:59pm On Oct 31, 2015
if any company should be banned...i think its DSTV....very greedy
Politics / Re: What Is The Possible Outcome Of Buhari's Certificate Court Judgement Tomorrow by jayblinx(m): 10:39am On Apr 22, 2015
this is English language:

The suitbwas to disqualify him to run, but he has ran and won, the suit against him is baseless and useless.

Besides, the law didn't say a runner must have ssce, it sply said ssce is the minimum requirement. What if he had a maximum one? grin
i thought u were a matured person until u wrote this senseless comment....how can u get a maximum certificate with a basic oneaint u an illiterate too??
Religion / Re: Picture Of Bishop David Oyedepo And His Entire Family by jayblinx(m): 8:22am On Jan 14, 2015
lord make me a billonaire also...i tap into ur grace sir

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Romance / Re: The Reseacrh Behind Hips And Curves by jayblinx(m): 6:05pm On Dec 06, 2014
I'm glad they know that culture is an important factor.

But na wa sha, the kind of research these people spend money on ehn it's no wonder they have info about everything. I no blame them, malaria no dey worry them na in make
.....lol...malaria no dem wori dem true true
Romance / The Reseacrh Behind Hips And Curves by jayblinx(m): 6:49am On Dec 06, 2014
science is suggesting that women with
wide hips are more attractive. Because
they are more attractive, they have a
larger pool of suitors to pick from. Because they have more options, they are
more likely to cheat on their boyfriends. A
research published in a recent issue of the
Archive of Sexual Behaviour says that women
whose hips are wider than 14.2 inches (36
centimetres) are more likely to have one-night stands than girls whose hips are narrower
than 12.2 inches (31 centimetres). It looks like both classes of women – the wide-
hipped and the narrow-hipped – know
instinctively the correlation between the width
of their hips and their health so they act
accordingly. Colin Hendrie, an associate professor of human
and animal ethology at the University of Leeds
led the study, which interviewed 148 women
around the University of Leeds who are
between the age of 18 and 26. All these
women have had sex at least once in their lives. Hendrie says, “Women’s hip width has a
direct impact on their risk of potentially fatal
childbirth-related injury. Women’s sexual
activity is therefore at least in part influenced
by hip width.” Among the women interviewed by Hendrie
and his team, those who had off the cuff sex in
75 percent of their sexual encounters have
hips wider by 1 inch (2 centimetres) than
those who had fewer hit-and-run sexual
relationships. “The less curvy ones “really only had sex in
the context of relationships, demonstrating a
more cautious sexual strategy,” says Hendrie. As reported by ozy.com, the research team
measured the hips of their subjects. “They
measured their hip width — the distance
between the upper edges of the iliac crest
bones of the pelvis — as well as their hip
circumference at the widest point, plus their waist circumference at its narrowest point,” the
site wrote. The ladies also filled out questionnaires about
their sexual histories, stating when how old
they were when they gave up their virginity
and how many partners they’ve had. They
were also asked about the emotional
significance of the relationships with questions such as, “Were you in love with this partner?” It is true that Cesarean Section is often needed
when the baby is too big to pass through the
pelvis, a situation known as cephalopelvic
disproportion (CPD). But, according to the
American College of Nurse Midwives, this only
happens in one out of 250 pregnancies. Asides that, some anthropologists believe that the Leeds experiment might have
exaggerated things a little bit. Holly
Dunsworth, an assistant professor of
anthropology at the University of Rhode
Island, says, “I honestly think there are some
pretty shameful omissions in this paper.” Those omissions include the weight or height
of the test subjects. Besides, she said, “I have
an obstetrics textbook on my desk and
nowhere does it say or diagram how big the
birth canal is by using by-iliac breadth.” There is also the question of cultures. Since the
study was done only with females in Leeds, it
may not apply to other populations. But still, ladies would know if this research is
right, right?
Romance / Re: Do Big Girls Really Cry? by jayblinx(m): 7:16am On Oct 14, 2014
nonsense question...
Crime / Re: Murder Suspect, Jeffrey Okafor Arrested 5 Years After Fleeing To Nigeria From UK by jayblinx(m): 10:44pm On Sep 27, 2014
hugelyendowed: d guy he killed is also a Nigerian too
asiedu is a ghanaian name
Investment / Re: The 10 Richest Africans In 2014 by jayblinx(m): 12:03pm On Sep 18, 2014
rawpadgin: one day my name will surely be mention in the same breath as these folks
we have the same vision bro...
Sports / Van Gaal The Come Bk KING by jayblinx(m): 7:20pm On Sep 14, 2014
as a manchester united fan,how did u feel after the final whistle.....

For me,i was so elated...it made my day...even the hug i received from a girl i had a crush on didn't matter @ all(the hapinx frm de win took charge already)......anyway share ur experiences.....chelsea fans(haterz) ure invited too to say ur rubbish...it's welcomed.......

Romance / Re: My Top Cuties On Nairaland by jayblinx(m): 10:20pm On Sep 06, 2014
maynation: who's this? U uploaded the pic 7:37PM bcuz of this thread bah? undecided
Romance / Re: My Top Cuties On Nairaland by jayblinx(m): 7:33pm On Sep 05, 2014
maynation: GUYZ.

*) Abumikey

*) Beennkumar

*) Divepen

*) impactz

*) Lirusehn

*) Logicalmindy


*) naijaboiy

*) ruudnisterooy

*) Stinggy

*) valmunich


You can add urs but plz no PICTURE here cool
check my picture and see if i merit ur list

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Celebrities / Re: Chidinma Wows Audience In Kenya (Photos) by jayblinx(m): 6:41am On Jul 17, 2014
kennygee: ^^^
i wish i was that small.
nd that's y u can't av it all
Foreign Affairs / Re: More Ghanaians Renounce Their Nationality - Interior Ministry by jayblinx(m): 9:45am On Jul 16, 2014

Trust me no Ghanaian will renounce their nationality for Nigeria, not when u your president is even more useless than our president and you can't be any more clueless than the Ghanaian president.
even if president jonathan is clueless and useless, he is not as useless as ur president,mahama who can produce sanitary pads for ladies with his face on it
Politics / Re: President Goodluck Jonathan's Reply To Obasanjo's Letter by jayblinx(m): 1:54am On Dec 23, 2013
donphilopus: This letter was composed by Abati, Okupe, and Gej himself; I've taken my time to read every-page of this letter, but I saw no reply to the "corruption allegation" levelled against his administration.

With all these, I'm beginning to believe that "the ship of Nigerian state is trending around the political Bermuda Triangle".

This man was busy addressing the internal crisis in PDP, instead of the country in General. I also thought I would see something like names of the corruption-personified Nigerians on the letter; but I saw nothing of such. They were busy calling Okosun and Anikulapo-Kuti; only God would save Nigeria.

I'm still expecting another open-letter, between now, and January ending. It's now synonymous to our name.
my friend...did u read that letter?you pple raise stupid and nonsense claims...i dont blame you...am sure ure from ogun state....what corruption charges didnt he answer.....u spew nonsense with intution....go hug transformer...obj has lost it...


Science/Technology / Re: Farmer Kills 15-foot Snake In Ekiti (Picture) by jayblinx(m): 6:40am On Dec 08, 2013
Cold blooded: Is it me or ma imagination that refuses to believe that this picture is the real pic?

Why is everybody wearing cardigans and jackets as if they were in a temperate region? I expect to see a dirty farmer but what am seeing here is different
no be harmattan we dey xperience so?
Sports / Re: FIFA 2014 World Cup Draw In Brazil by jayblinx(m): 11:54pm On Dec 06, 2013
Popowaa: Na Ghana u ppl dey cry for?I pity those crying for Ghana cos they will pull through hands down.You guys think they will idle abt knwing they have tough competitors?We are going all the way to the finals.I believe in my Ghana boys,just watch them prove u all wrong.
GH for lifewinkwinkwink
obi di pong......take am easy....u go bre33 ooo.......surely surely....dem go chop gh......k3k3

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