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Education / Re: What's The Worst English Sentence You've Ever Heard? by Jaytoy(f): 6:45pm On Apr 26, 2016
This happened years back at my computer school.
Lecturer: Miss Sinat why are u sleeping in my
Student: I forgot sleep at home.
Back in primary school.
I am a student I'mot I?


Literature / Re: A Call by Jaytoy(f): 9:33pm On Apr 25, 2016
For where.. How u no c me. Abeg bring money jor.... Ticket na #1000. Because na u I go give u for #2000 grin
JT, sorry, I didnt meet anybody at entrance o, soo I'm inside already. Thank God o, I kuku don't have change gan smiley
JT, sorry, I didnt meet anybody at entrance o, soo I'm inside already. Thank God o, I kuku don't have change gan.

Mattkent, a big welcome to you. Please some suspence will do me wella
Literature / Re: A Call by Jaytoy(f): 9:43pm On Apr 22, 2016
Running to the front row for a seat.... Abeg buy ur tickets before coming in.... Welcome back mattkent.
Literature / Re: In Love With Her Pastor-episode 3 by Jaytoy(f): 11:05pm On Apr 08, 2016
More.... More.... More... Nice story but we need more... More.... More.
Literature / Re: Broken Seal by Jaytoy(f): 2:25pm On Apr 08, 2016
Wow very interesting.... When is season 2 starting
Literature / Re: Broken Seal by Jaytoy(f): 12:10pm On Apr 08, 2016
Thanks sweetie I'm right behind u. Any where u go I go dey follofollow u....
And that was how oyinprince started a new story without mentioning ME US. Well lemme do the honours.


PS: never forgetting to mention Missmossy. This is the First thread in literature section that I didn't meet her on grin
Literature / Re: My Rapist by Jaytoy(f): 10:56am On Apr 08, 2016
Interesting story keep it up...... Please when is the next update?
hopefully, I will
Literature / Re: The President's Daughter And I {by Vict-vames} by Jaytoy(f): 8:12am On Apr 07, 2016
I thought the guy said he is not ready to post his story here? Y can't we just follow simple instruction and follow the tread he gave us? I we are still begging him to upload. If after seeing this and he refuses to upload any story I won't blame him but blame u for bridging the agreement.
Rubbish over Sabi na e dey worry u.

They placed a small table across my waist and put the food on top. A tumbler was filled with yoghurt.

Mum: Take **giving me a spoon** start eating. Make sure u eat a lot, lemme go and close the shop. I will be back soon.

Me: Ok ma

Mum: And your medicines, make sure u take them accordingly ok?

Me: Yes ma

Mum: Please uhmmm… is it errmmm Miracle?

Mirabel: Mirabel ma

Mum: Ok Mirabel, please help me look after him

Mirabel: I will ma

Mum: Help me make sure he eats well because he hates food whenever he’s not feeling well, and please make him take his medicines accordingly

Mirabel: Okay ma

Mum: Thank u very much. Oya Nancy let’s go

Nancy: Mummy…

Mum: Come on!

Nancy: **she starts doing that child-like angry attitude and walked out**

Mum: Ok till i come back

Mirabel: Okay ma

Mum: Victor eat well oh…

I didn’t say anything, she left.

Mirabel: What happened to u sweetheart?

Me: U said your Dad saw the video, do u know what that means?

Mirabel: Wait, what? I never said such

Me: U answered yeah when i asked u

Mirabel: Oh (laughs) I said where not yea, Like where would he have seen it

Me: U mean he hasn’t seen it?

Mirabel: Yeah

Me: But news as such should’ve gotten to him

Mirabel: Not if something has been done

Me: How do u mean?

Mirabel: Don’t worry, eat first we’d talk about that later. Go on, eat

I start pretending like i’m not interested in the food. Well its like that for sick people, buh am i really sick? I’m just weak. I still couldn’t help but pretend.

Mirabel: Eat dear, don’t u want to get better? Its your favourite… oya eat for me, for my sake please… see yoghurt, u can drink as much as u like,,, come on start eating already

My mind sweet me eh….. i dip the spoon into the rice, fetched out small of it and ate

Mirabel: There u go, try it again or should i feed u?

I took my yoghurt and sipped it like i was drinking a bitter herbal medicine. Mirabel supported my hand to make it flow more into my mouth, i tried to decline but she persisted and i really enjoyed it,,, just pretence. After finishing it, i looked like a baby that was just fed.

Mirabel: Excuse me lemme use the rest room

I nodded in agreement. As soon as she closed the door behind her, i grabbed the hollandia and start sucking it from its container.

The door just burst open

Mirabel: Gotchaa!!

I freezed immediately with my eyes wide opened facing her speechlessly. She caught me!!

Mirabel: I knew it! That nothing can make u avoid hollandia yoghurt no matter what.

I didn’t know what to say or do, i slowly dropped the yoghurt

Mirabel: Hhmmm… do u have anything to say?

Me: Sorry…?

Mirabel: Good! U know what to do now

So jeje i started eating my rice, the chicken was so many. I ate and drank as much as i could before i retired. Mirabel gave me the medicines which i took.

Mirabel: How do u feel now?

Me: Hhmmm… **forming sick**

Mirabel: Talk jare!!

The shout shocked me. Seems like Mirabel don’t take nonsense oh…

Me: I feel much better now, thanks dear (I humbled myself)

Mirabel: Did u enjoyed the meal?

Me: Yes it was good, uhmm… why were u smiling when u were putting the food on the plate for me?

Mirabel: *laughs* I saw how u were swallowing your saliva on seeing it

Me: No i didn’t

Mirabel: Yes u did, U didn’t ke. Tell that to the gods

**The Doctor and a Nurse walks in**

Doctor: How u feeling now Victor?

Me: Better sir

Doctor: Okay, lemme see…

He examined me.

Doctor: Ok good

He collected a paper from the nurse and wrote down some things.

Mirabel: How is he Doctor?

Doctor: He is okay now, I will discharged him immediately the bills get settled. Where is his mother?

Mirabel: She’s not around buh i can take care of it

Doctor: Ok lets go

Mirabel: I’m coming Victor

Me: Ok

She came back some minutes later

Mirabel: Time to go, you’ve been discharged

Me: Thanks sweetheart, u are dah best

Mirabel: And you’re so welcome my love

Me: Hhmmm… can i get, U know **touching my lips** I miss it like crazy

Mirabel: No u can’t

Me: Please….

Mirabel: No! **arranging my stuffs**

Me: But why?

Mirabel: U pretended not wanting to eat and drink ‘coz you’re ‘sick’, so,,, why don’t u wait till u get better before u get ‘this’ **giving me a sharp kiss**

Me: But i’m fine now that’s why i’m being discharged

Mirabel: I don’t care

Me: Babe…?

Mirabel: Yea?

Me: Come on

Mirabel: No no no no

Me: Why?

Mirabel: That’s what u get for pretending,,, I don’t like pretence, not even from u. So beat it

Me: Arrghh!! **I fell back on to the bed and unintentionally hit my head against the steel frame of the bed**

Mirabel: Oh my god! What happened?

I was holding my head in pain

Mirabel: Sorry dear, i’m coming lemme call the Doctor

Me: No!

Mirabel: Why?

Me: I don’t need the Doctor

Mirabel: Then what do u want me to do? U are in pain

Me: Kiss! I want kisses from u, arrghh

Mirabel: What?

Me: Aish! Kiss oh… kiss kiss kiss please kiss

Mirabel: Ok! Alright calm down

She kissed me for like 3 seconds

Mirabel: Alright that’s enough

Me: No, more more more… my head oh… please more

She kissed me again, this time i grabbed her so she won’t escape, she tried to get off but i held her tight until she gave in and responded, we then kissed passionately. We continued until the door burst open bringing in my momma.

We disengaged immediately.
Literature / Re: The Mute Slave by Jaytoy(f): 7:21am On Apr 05, 2016
Pls update more.... Ur posts are too short and take years.. Nice story anyways

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Literature / Re: The Reunion....(A Short Story) by Jaytoy(f): 6:22pm On Mar 23, 2016
Reminds me of a film 21 or 27 can't remember..... So scary..... Ahhhhhhhhh somebody helpppppppppppppp.
Literature / Re: The Reunion. by Jaytoy(f): 8:23am On Mar 21, 2016
Grab a pack of popcorn with zobo drink. Number one on seat. Keep it rolling.... Nice one.

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Literature / Re: The Reunion....(A Short Story) by Jaytoy(f): 8:05am On Mar 21, 2016
On board.... Nice story even thou u no call me say food done ready. Mouth sealed sha.
Literature / Re: Unplanned Love (imaginary Love Story) by Jaytoy(f): 2:24pm On Mar 11, 2016
am sori if u feel dat way, just b patient wit my dear
I'm truly sorry for my comment. I transferred d aggression on u. My phone was seized by my boss and query giving to me cos I was checking if u've sent an update during d meeting hours at d office. Please I'm soooooo sorry don't mind my harsh words.
Kudos to u, God bless u and.... Stop starving us so I won't repeat such in d office.

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Literature / Re: Unplanned Love (imaginary Love Story) by Jaytoy(f): 10:00pm On Mar 10, 2016
If I hear say she update 3episodes. Na so all this writers dey do. When they start dey draw u closer with 2 or more updates. Once they see u are addicted they starve u. Mtchew....

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Literature / Re: Of All The Girls In Lagos (story By John Spurgeon) by Jaytoy(f): 10:48pm On Mar 08, 2016


I guess I'm gon do d tags myself. I'm losing interest in continuing this thread. No feedback, no more posts.
Just came across it. Nice job ..
Literature / Re: My Journey with The Supernatural/aliens by Jaytoy(f): 10:24pm On Mar 01, 2016
Nice one keep it rolling......
Donkross1, mattkent where are u guys.?? Food done dey ready oooo
Literature / Re: My Journey with The Supernatural/aliens by Jaytoy(f): 10:16pm On Mar 01, 2016
Make i import people here
I dey back seat.
Literature / Re: The President's Daughter And I {by Vict-vames} by Jaytoy(f): 8:28pm On Feb 22, 2016
Mtchew..... All this writers sef.....
Literature / Re: My Mother (A True Life Story) by Jaytoy(f): 12:21am On Feb 16, 2016
Wow Kross. Pls accept my condolence. What a touching story. The Lord who has always stood by u since her departure from this sinful world will not leave u. U shall make it in all u lay ur hands on. What ur mum could not live to fulfill, u shall fulfill it with all ur siblings even beyond ur imagination. It is well dear friend. Remain blessed.

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Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 9:00pm On Feb 08, 2016
Omo Kross u are d best. Sweetest story ever.... But this Abeni girl... Hmmmm short of words. I hope d Chief priest will ressurect and save isaac again... Nice story anyway. Thumbs up
Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 2:27pm On Feb 06, 2016
Donkross what im i going to do to u? U wan kill person with suspence?
Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 2:19pm On Feb 06, 2016

See my babe don dey support another guy cos of im tales.
Anyway, it is over !
Atleast lets have a break!

Let valentine coman go
haaaaaa for where. Sunday na val oooo no church for u. Infact i done turn mario for una hand. Lol.
Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 9:04am On Feb 06, 2016

Bros you no go calm down undecided, I drop an update per day. Whatelse should I do? Drop two or three updates per day Nawa to you oo
yes oooooo
Literature / Re: The President's Daughter And I {by Vict-vames} by Jaytoy(f): 7:44pm On Feb 04, 2016
I doubt if there is any continuation to this story. Im out of here. No more updates guys. Catch ya. Bye guys. Nice reading together
Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 7:39pm On Feb 04, 2016
Donkross1 pls na. No do me like this na.
Literature / Re: Life Of An Abuja Boy by Jaytoy(f): 8:54am On Feb 04, 2016
Nice story. More ink to ur pen and more data to ur phone. Oya update.
Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 12:29am On Feb 04, 2016
Kross you are one creative genius. First off, I really like the story line and the choice of words. Most especially that of Ajadi when he was addressing the elders and villagers, his speech was very moving. Also how you manage to add humour: the part of Adisa when he was dying and replied labake, got me laughing.

Swinging the scenes back and forth from past to present also added so much to the story, I know that's not an easy thing ;connecting one end to another. So kudos to you.

There is a mad mad mad suspense in this story bro, too good a story from an amateur writer....and I saw what u did there tho...with that name wink

Anyway minor mistakes tho but in all its a breath taking story. Thumbs up bro. Don't mind my ghost mode, I'm following keenly and quietly.
welcome onboard honourable mattkent. We miss u online. Abeg take ur share of fura & kunnu + gala. Winks. Front seat reserved for u.
Literature / Re: Palingenesis by Jaytoy(f): 6:36pm On Feb 03, 2016
Donkross swty oya come and update. I wont divorce u again. Atleast u shld be dropping like 3updates a day na... shocked

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