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Jobs/Vacancies / Vavancy: Sales Executives Wanted Urgently (abuja Only) by jchima14: 7:49pm On Jun 19

Company Description
[/b]eBrand Promotion is a full-stack digital agency based in Abuja. We provide innovative web solutions for businesses and organizations in Nigeria and beyond. Our team of experts specializes in delivering effective strategies to help our clients achieve their goals and succeed in the digital landscape.

[b]Role Description

This is a full-time Sales Executive role at eBrand Promotion. As a Sales Executive, you will be responsible for generating new business opportunities, building and maintaining client relationships, and meeting sales targets. You will work closely with our tech team to understand client needs, provide solutions, and ensure customer satisfaction. This is a hybrid role, strictly for individuals based in Abuja with flexibility for remote work.

Proactively sell website design and digital marketing services to businesses and organizations.
Follow up with clients to ensure satisfaction and provide post-sales support.
Meet and exceed sales targets through effective prospecting and closing strategies.

- Proven experience and passion for sales/marketing
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
- Strong negotiation and persuasive abilities
- Ability to build and maintain client relationships
- Knowledge of web design and digital marketing concepts
- Understanding of the Nigerian business and market landscape
- Self-motivated and target-oriented mindset
- Ability to work independently and remotely
- Demonstrated success in a sales role with a strong passion for achieving results.
- Proficiency in using CRM software for sales tracking and client relationship management.
- Excellent communication skills with the ability to articulate value propositions effectively.
- Ability to conduct effective sales presentations and negotiate contracts.
- Strong organizational skills with the ability to manage time effectively in a hybrid work environment.

- Competitive compensation package including base salary PLUS commission.
- Hybrid work model offering flexibility and work-life balance.
- Opportunities for career advancement and professional development in a growing industry.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates are invited to submit their resume and a COVER LETTER outlining their sales achievements and relevant experience to recruitmentngr@gmail.com.

NOTE: Your cover letter is more important to us in decision making than your CV/Resume
Crime / Re: PSA: Widespread Remote Working Scam Underway - BEWARE! by jchima14: 3:58pm On Oct 28, 2021
Admin please push this to front page so that we can make this scamming method common knowledge to all
Crime / PSA: Widespread Remote Working Scam Underway - BEWARE! by jchima14: 3:57pm On Oct 28, 2021
I’ve just gotten off the phone with a victim of the scam that I’m about to describe. This is impacting a lot of folks, so please do spread the word. It’s infuriating. I’ll be around to reply to your comments below, but please do not engage in victim-blaming, because until you’ve actually been hit by one of these scams, you don’t know how convincing attackers can be.

As you already know, Defiant is a 100% remote company. We have been remote since 2015 when we first started hiring. Thanks to COVID, a lot of brick-and-mortar companies are now hiring for remote positions. There is a remote hiring scam that has rapidly gained popularity and works as follows:

The Attack
An attacker will post a job ad on a job board for a position. We have seen “Data Capturing” as one of the roles, but the roles vary. An interview is conducted. In the cases we’ve seen, it has been done via Skype direct message and there were two attackers who had a conversation with the victim. The first attacker posed as a kind of coordinator and went by “Jennifer Udin”. The second posed as a manager named “Antonio Wheeler”.

The victim gets the job. The “employer” (attacker) congratulates them and says that they will provide all required furniture and office supplies. The attacker then sends the victim a check which they are told to cash, and they’re asked to immediately buy furniture from the attacker’s preferred supplier. In the case we investigated, the amount paid was several thousand US dollars.

The victim’s bank will put a hold on cashing the check until it passes fraud checks. The victim spends the money out of pocket, on the furniture, in a non-refundable way. The victim is out of pocket thousands of dollars. And the “furniture company” is actually the attacker who now has the money.

There are several variations of this attack. The goal is to either get personally identifiable information (PII) from a victim or to get money. In all cases, the scam is based around an employment opportunity and a legitimate company is used as a vehicle for the attacker to scam the victim.

How To Avoid This Scam
We recommend you take the following steps to avoid this scam:

Go to the employer website and confirm that the job you’re applying for is actually an open position on their site.
Contact the hiring company using the published contact information on their website – either an email address or phone number – and verify that the role exists and that you are in the hiring queue.
As far as possible, do not apply on job boards. Instead, apply by navigating to the hiring company’s website and proceed from there. You may be directed to external HR sites like Workable.com, but you will be following links from the hiring company’s own website.
Never spend money out of pocket for a job application or for a new job you have just started. You may need to spend money out of pocket in the future because reimbursement has become standard practice among many companies, but this should be unacceptable for a position you have just started.
I have not encountered a company that only does interviews via direct message. COVID has changed the way we do business, so it is understandable that victims are assuming that direct-message interviews are part of that change.
Please share this information as widely as you can. This has had a significant financial impact on folks I have talked to, and their stories are heartbreaking. If you have been affected by this, please visit IC3.gov and report the crime.

Data We Have Gathered
The following screenshots and data were kindly provided to us by several victims of this scam. We have redacted sensitive information.

An introductory chat session:

An authoritative-sounding Jennifer gives instructions on visiting the “hiring company’s” website which is a real website. They add a time limit to add legitimacy.

Once the victim has been hired, they’re referred to a “training supervisor”.

This is the profile of one of the scammers. Probably a stock photo and plausible-sounding name.

One of the checks received by a victim:

The following is a transcript of a Skype direct message conversation between one of the victims and an attacker. Stacy is the attacker and Mary (not her real name) is the victim. Asterisks represent redacted information.

Stacy, 2:14 PM
Good afternoon
Stacy, 2:15 PM
How are you doing?

Mary, 2:26 PM
Good Afternoon

Mary, 2:26 PM
I am fine thank you

Mary, 2:26 PM
and you?

Stacy, 2:28 PM
I’m great

Stacy, 2:28 PM
I believe you are here and ready for the job briefing/interview?

Mary, 2:51 PM
Yes I am

Stacy, 2:57 PM
I am Mrs Stacy Morgan. The Interview manager for ******. Please introduce yourself and indicate your location.

Mary, 2:58 PM
Ms. Morgan, are you there?

Stacy, 3:00 PM
Yes we can proceed.

Mary, 3:21 PM
I am Mary ***** and I am located in ********.

Stacy, 3:23 PM
Next would be the briefing about the Job and the company. I advise you read with care. Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. Let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later. With each line just respond with i’m through.

Mary, 3:30 PM
I’m through

Stacy, 3:31 PM
Here’s the company website www.******.com. You are required to use (Five) minutes of your time to glance through the website and read more about the company. let me know as soon as you are done so we can proceed with the briefing..Okay ?

Mary, 3:32 PM

Mary, 3:34 PM
I’m through

Stacy, 3:35 PM

Stacy, 3:35 PM
Primary Responsibilities are to perform general clerical duties to include but not limited to: Resolve customer complaints via phone, email, mail, or social media.

Use telephones to reach out to customers and verify account information.
Assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges.

Take payment information and other pertinent information such as addresses and phone numbers.

Place or cancel orders. Inform customer of deals and promotions.
Utilize computer technology to handle high call volumes.

Can you handle that with appropriate training ?

Mary, 3:36 PM
Yes I can handle that appropriate training
I’m through

Stacy, 3:38 PM
The pay is $28 per hour, training is $18 per hour and will get payment bi weekly via direct deposit or paycheck, the maximum hour you can work a week is 45 hours. If you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee.

You will undergo training from your training supervisor, The first phase of your training will be centered on your mini-office set up and handling of tasks/assignments which will be done intermittently.

In the second phase, trainees will imbibe a direct-stringent approach in getting themselves acquainted with their office equipment (software & hardware) and company’s payroll system. Also will they be assigned special projects to work on.

I believe that will not be a problem for you ?

Mary, 3:39 PM
No this will not be a problem
I’m through

Stacy, 3:40 PM
What means of payment do you prefer ? Direct deposit , Check , Wire Transfer ?

What Bank Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company’s official salary payment account ?
Note: I am not asking for your banking information.

Mary, 3:42 PM
Wire transfer…JMMB
I’m through

Stacy, 3:43 PM
BENEFITS : Benefits for eligible worker include: Health, Dental, Life and AD&grin Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts.That counts after working 30days with the Company.

Mary, 3:44 PM
I’m through

Stacy, 3:45 PM
We are now on question and answer interview section. As soon as you are done answering any question, you are to write DONE…Understood?

Mary, 3:46 PM

Stacy, 3:47 PM
Alright good

Stacy, 3:47 PM
(1.) Are you seeking a part time or full time job and are you currently employed ?

(2.) Do you have a printer, scanner and fax machine and what is your mobile carrier?

(3.) How would you describe yourself during work ?

(4.) Do you have an idea of how to use ms excel and what is your typing speed?

(5.) At this company, we like to think of ourselves as a team that works together towards the same goals. How do you feel about working in a team environment?

Mary, 3:50 PM
1. Part-Time with the possibility of turning into Full-time. Yes I currently employed, but need something flexible. DONE

Mary, 3:51 PM
2. Yes I have a printer and scanner. ******* is my mobile carrier. DONE

Mary, 3:53 PM
3. I would describe myself as friendly, easy to get along with, laid back yet hard working. DONE

Mary, 3:54 PM
4. Yes I know basic MS Excel, would like to learn more and 40wpm. DONE

Mary, 3:55 PM
5. Working in a team environment is great, I would love working in a team. It allows for growth. DONE

Stacy, 3:57 PM
Very good

Stacy, 3:57 PM
(6.) What computer skills do you have and what programs are you comfortable using?

(7.) Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

(8.) What is it like working for your supervisor?

(9.) How would you feel supervising two or three other employees?

(10.) What do you understand by privacy & code of conduct?

Mary, 4:03 PM
6. I am skilled with power point presentations, email communication, spreadsheets and research. I am comfortable with Ms power point, ms word, and I have recently started learning SQL. DONE

Mary, 4:03 PM
7. I do not have a preference. DONE

Mary, 4:04 PM
8. Working with my supervisor is great actually. He encourages growth and allows me to work independently when he sees it necessary. DONE

Mary, 4:05 PM
9. I have no problem supervising 2 or 3 employees, I would consider that support them rather than supervising. DONE

Mary, 4:08 PM
10. Privacy is important because this is respecting persons and company information by not divulging information,it goes hand in hand with trust. And code of conduct is how I would represent myself , my place of employment and treat my fellow team members.

Mary, 4:08 PM

Stacy, 4:12 PM

Stacy, 4:12 PM
I really hope the company can depend on you. You have performed quite impressive.

I need you to hold back on online, while i go through your answers to my question and discuss with the rest of the recruiting team. Okay ?

I want you to keep an eye on your IM (simply be alert). I will get back to you soon with the result of the interview.

Mary, 4:15 PM
Yes I am okay with that. And I will be looking out

Stacy, 4:30 PM
I’m back

Mary, 4:31 PM
I am here

Stacy, 4:33 PM
Congratulations, your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training program. You scored 9.0 out of a possible 10. , you have just been confirmed qualified for this position
You are now offered the job position…you are HIRED!
You are welcome to ********
You are now given a chance to show your commitment,charisma,diligence and be a productive employee.

How do you feel now ?

I believe the company can count on your devotion?

Mary, 4:34 PM
I am happy, excited and nervous!

Mary, 4:34 PM
Yes the company can count on my devotion

Mary, 4:35 PM
Thank you and thanks to the recruitment team for choosing me!!!!

Stacy, 4:35 PM
You’re welcome

Stacy, 4:36 PM
To enable you sit for this job and position there are working equipment and software’s which are required for this job and position this is because you will be working from home as all expenses are handle by the company, so there for the company will be sending you a check, this check will be for the purchase of all the working equipment that you need as you will be purchasing them from the company local vendor, method of purchase and means of payment will be made known to you when the check get to you, as you will be getting the check asap. The check will include your advance training pay and sign on bonus. I believe you understand?

Mary, 4:36 PM
I understand

Stacy, 4:37 PM
In the mean time i need you to provide me with these information to enable the company’s secretary’s department put you into register. Full names, state, city, address, zip code and cell #

Mary, 4:38 PM
Full Name: Mary ***** ******

Mary, 4:38 PM
Our address layout is a bit different

Mary, 4:39 PM
Street: ******** Road

Mary, 4:39 PM
City: ******

Mary, 4:39 PM
Zipcode: ******

Mary, 4:39 PM
Cell#: ******

Stacy, 4:41 PM
Got it

Mary, 4:42 PM

Stacy, 4:42 PM
That will be all for today, make sure you are prompt online 8am tomorrow morning so i can connect you to your training supervisor. Have a Great Day and Stay Bless.

Mary, 4:43 PM
Okay…no problem. And same to you

This attack is having an impact on real victims applying for roles that tend to be less senior. Please do spread the word. Let’s try to make this scam common knowledge, along with how to avoid falling for it.

Thanks to all the victims of this scam who kindly shared data with us and those who spoke with me on the phone.

Mark Maunder – Defiant Inc Founder and CEO.
Jobs/Vacancies / Urgent Vacancy For A Graphic Designer In Abuja by jchima14: 2:11pm On Jun 01, 2021
The ideal candidate will have strong creative skills and a portfolio of work that demonstrates their passion for illustrative design and typography. This candidate will have experiences in working with numerous different design platforms such as digital and print forms.


Collaborate with the team to ensure consistency of designs across various media outlets
Create compelling and effective logos, designs, print and digital media
Maintain awareness of current industry and technology standards, social media, competitive landscape and market trends


2-4 years of experience in graphic design
Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite
Strong communication, conceptual thinking, typography skills and design skills
Portfolio of work

Interested candidates should send CV and cover letter to --> recruitmentngr@gmail.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Digital Marketer With Graphic Design/animation Expeirence Wanted by jchima14: 12:34pm On May 21, 2021
A web design and digital marketing agency in Abuja is interested in employing an experienced digital marketer (Social media and search engine marketing).

The individual MUST have sound knowledge of graphic design/animation.

This is an urgent vacancy.

Send CV and cover letter to apply via recruitmentngr@gmail.com

Company location: ABUJA

Selected applicant is expected to start from first week of June.
Politics / BREAKING: Abducted Katsina School Boys Regain Freedom by jchima14: 5:03pm On Dec 17, 2020
BEVERLY HILLS, December 17, (THEWILL) – Freedom came, Thursday afternoon, for over 300 students abducted by Boko Haram insurgents from the Government Science Secondary School, Kankara, Katsina State, as they were released at about 2:20pm after six nights in captivity

THEWILL recalls that the school boys were abducted, Friday, December 11, when armed bandits led by Daudawa along with Dankarami and Idi Menore stormed their school.

Using the school boys as human shield, the bandits marched them through the night to Daji Yankuzo village in Zamfara State, making it difficult for security operatives to rescue them by force.

Governor Ahmed Masari of Katsina State had said yesterday that intelligence showed the victims were taken to a forest in Zamfara state and the government had intensified negotiation with the kidnappers to secure their release.

The Nigeria military however surrounded the location where the bandits kept the boys and maintained aerial surveillance as negotiations that led to their eventual release went on. THEWILL could not confirm the amount paid as ransom to the bandits for the boys to be released.

Crime / Re: Have You Ever Been Scammed? Share Your Experience!! by jchima14: 9:43pm On Apr 23, 2020
If you have been scammed online and you have the accounts details of the scammer Let me know you can get back your money

Can you also get the money bank if it is a foreign bank
Gaming / Re: Hacked 120GB Fat PS3 Console With 6 Games Installed & 2 Pads For Sale In Abuja by jchima14: 9:47am On Apr 03, 2020


The trade has to be after the lockdown
Gaming / Re: Got Ps2 For Sale? In Box Me! by jchima14: 11:11am On Apr 01, 2020
I want to start the biz ASAP
I need TV, generator , analog cusor to buy chat me up 08059009520

Are you in Abuja?
Gaming / Re: Hacked 120GB Fat PS3 Console With 6 Games Installed & 2 Pads For Sale In Abuja by jchima14: 11:09am On Apr 01, 2020
How do I get your ps2 for 10k am in abuja?

Which side of Abuja are you? I stay in Karu by the way
Gaming / Re: Which Site Can I Download PS4 Games by jchima14: 5:30pm On Mar 27, 2020
Gaming / Re: Abuja Ps4 Game Swap/sale by jchima14: 5:26pm On Mar 27, 2020
Please i need a used PS4 game.. Anyone who want to sell or have an idea of how to purchase one should private chat me.

Just go on jiji, you will find sellers in Abuja at a good price. that's where I got mine.
Gaming / Re: Abuja Ps4 Game Swap/sale by jchima14: 4:06pm On Mar 27, 2020
what games do you have l am looking to buy

I don't have any game for sale, am looking for one to buy
Gaming / Re: Abuja Ps4 Game Swap/sale by jchima14: 4:52pm On Mar 26, 2020
I need Mafia 3, any seller in Karu?
Gaming / Which Site Can I Download PS4 Games by jchima14: 4:03pm On Mar 26, 2020
I am looking for a site to download PS4 games that work on 5.05FW for free.
Gaming / Re: Abuja Ps4 Game Swap/sale by jchima14: 11:23am On Mar 23, 2020
available for sale

2tb external 18k each

rdr2 12k

DMC 5 12k

resident evil 2 9k

available in Abuja. but I can waybill to anywhere

WhatsApp 07035178360

Is the external disks still available
Gaming / Hacked 120GB Fat PS3 Console With 6 Games Installed & 2 Pads For Sale In Abuja by jchima14: 11:28am On Mar 02, 2020
I have a 120gb fat PS3 game for sale in Abuja. For interested buyers in Abuja only I don't do shipping.

The game comes with 2 Pads and 6 games installed (Fifa 2020, Pro Evolution 2019, Wrestling, GTA 5, etc).

Price: N35,000


I also have 2 PS2 games Price: N10,000 each
Technology Market / 2 Box Television For Sale by jchima14: 11:07am On Mar 02, 2020
I have two box 21inch television for sale @ 10k each. For interested buyers in Abuja only I don't do shipping.
Family / Re: Help! My Husband Is A Night Crawler by jchima14: 10:34am On Feb 19, 2020
All Night Crawlers Like Me lets gather here and read comments
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Budget Friendly PS4 Console Needed by jchima14: 3:38pm On Nov 26, 2019


am in Abuja so it can't work
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Budget Friendly PS4 Console Needed by jchima14: 7:53am On Nov 26, 2019

The normal size
No pad
Less than a year
Phone /WhatsApp: 08169916318
Let's discuss

whats your location
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Ps4 With 7 Games Installed by jchima14: 7:50am On Nov 26, 2019
How much is your budget, I have one for sale

Are you in Abuja?
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Ps4 With 7 Games Installed by jchima14: 7:48am On Nov 26, 2019

How much is the one you have in Abuja

I don't have one. I want to BUY
Phones / Re: Which Good Phone Can I Buy With A Budget Of 25-30 Thousand Naira? by jchima14: 7:35am On Nov 26, 2019
Add 4k to your budget and buy techno spark 4.

3 Likes 1 Share

Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Ps4 With 7 Games Installed by jchima14: 2:34pm On Oct 24, 2019

How much is the one you have in Abuja

I don't have I want to buy
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Ps4 With 7 Games Installed by jchima14: 1:49pm On Oct 18, 2019


too far. am in abuja
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: Ps4 With 7 Games Installed by jchima14: 7:07pm On Oct 14, 2019
Whats your location
Webmasters / List Of Things You Need To Have Before Contacting A Web Designer by jchima14: 5:07pm On Apr 02, 2019
Web Design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. It encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web designs include web graphic design, interface design, authoring, user experience design and search engine optimization.

Over time, the transition of web design snowballed, most especially when smartphones were introduced. In past times, corporate websites were designed to be assessed by computers (Desktop/laptops) and the use of mobile phones to access these sites was difficult. In the present time, smartphone devices are now used as alternatives to computers, as they are very easy to be carried around and as such the design of websites has evolved in other to make the sites to accommodate the high demand of smartphone users.

Web Designers now create an alternative from the same website designed which is called “Mobile View”. With the mobile view option, the webpage will be automatically compressed and sized up with the aspect ratio of your smartphones. This will enable you to properly view the web content, fill in parameters, view a compressed gallery in the webpage. If you are not conversant with this kind of option, if you always have difficulties when surfing a web, i.e; if you navigate websites with your smartphone and you still see oversized junked and scattered display, you definitely need to see websites designed by eBrand Promotion. They are experts when it comes to website design and web development.

Furthermore, if you are considering creating a website of your own, maybe for your SME, school, church, NGO and the likes, it is necessary to make a wise choice. The Ultimate wise decision is consulting Ebrand Promotion. Another important step in having a world-class website is readiness. Another Part is to check the cost of website design in Nigeria and make sure you are financially prepared, joined with physical and mental readiness. After being done with the aforementioned, there are some other important items you should have before contacting a web design company.

- Firstly, you must have a desired website name e.g xyzcompany.com

- the company logo

- Content of the website

- Finally, an outline of desired features of the website

Source: https://ebrandpromotion.com/before-contacting-a-web-design-company-to-design-your-website-vital-items-you-should-have-ready/
Properties / Re: Can A Landlord Stop A Tenant From Using Under A Staircase For Storage by jchima14: 10:37am On Mar 28, 2019
I leave in the upstairs of a one storey building while another tenant stays underneath.

Can the landlady (who lives in the next compound) hijack under the staircase leading up to my house and convert it to her storage area? Mind you, I'm the only tenant living upstairs.

I confronted her and she said I paid for only upstairs and as such have no right over underneath the staircase and she can use it to do whatever she pleases.

I need a legal perspective on this matter before I sue her or involve the police.

I don't want to damage the wood structure she used to seal off under the staircase.

Please I need some advice on this matter before I take action.
Properties / Re: Can A Landlord Stop A Tenant From Using Under A Staircase For Storage by jchima14: 11:25pm On Mar 27, 2019
You should read the tenancy agreement if one was provided when you initially paid for the house.

Ideally the storage should belong to you if there is a gate leading to the stairway but this is at the discretion of the owner of the house because byblaw you only paid for the flat and not other parts of the property.

If there is a gate or door that leads stairway to the flat upstairs then you have a higher probability to win the case because you can always say you want to keep the gate locked and don’t want people entering your personal space. If there is no gate or door then you should provide one and use the excuse that you don’t feel secured enough and would like extra security.

Thanks so much for the reply

We did not sign any written agreement. I entered into the house when her husband who died few months ago was alive. We had very good understanding then and lived peacefully. He specifically told me countless times that anything after the metal gate was part of my house.

Even before putting some stuffs there he had to tell me first.
Properties / Re: Can A Landlord Stop A Tenant From Using Under A Staircase For Storage by jchima14: 11:19pm On Mar 27, 2019
Of course, she's right undecided

Can you explain why?

Note that I have a metal door that you need to pass before you can access the stairs which I'm supposed to lock when going out as I'm the only one that lives up
Properties / Can A Landlord Stop A Tenant From Using Under A Staircase For Storage by jchima14: 11:07pm On Mar 27, 2019
I leave in the upstairs of a one storey building while another tenant stays underneath.

Can the landlady (who lives in the next compound) hijack under the staircase leading up to my house and convert it to her storage area? Mind you, I'm the only tenant living upstairs.

I confronted her and she said I paid for only upstairs and as such have no right over underneath the staircase and she can use it to do whatever she pleases.

I need a legal perspective on this matter before I sue her or involve the police.

I don't want to damage the wood structure she used to seal off under the staircase.

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