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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 11:36pm On Jun 21
Most remote work requires work authorization.


If you’re highly skilled in IT with certification in your area of specialisation, then search for remote & contract works in Canada for freelancers.

Best of luck!
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 5:55pm On Jun 21
I really found out something strange today. I was earlier refused Open Work Permit for attaching insufficient documentation about my spouse full-time study last year. I just decided to order my gcms notes only for me to find out the visa officer could not state the so-called missing document that he used to decide that my document is insufficient.

IRCC are big yahoos. If I knew earlier, I would have appealed.

Please if you have similar reasons just order the gcms note and find out the truth at least for your knowledge sake that the fault may not be you.
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 12:41pm On Jun 16
Bros pls what does it imply to have one's application profile updated?

No change on the Application portal but tracker has just got the Biometric Completed while Background check still in progress and Medical plus Eligibility are on Not started.

Anyone with similar experience and what does it implies can drop hints....note, I applied in late March this year and not a first time applicant.


This happens all the time, and you don’t need a lawyer or an agent to solve this problem.

All you need is a bank reference letter from your bank.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 5:15am On Jun 16
While I agree with you that it is not ideal to claim a situation you cannot defend the ask here is NOT for proof of hometie but proof of Purpose.

Probing Purpose cones first before hometies because even if you are worth over 200 million naira and all the people in your village are your parents and siblings...if your purpose isn't strong you will be rejected. Purpose determines the first reason why you should be considered for the admission so it is very strong.

What he can do here is to approach someone who has an IT company let him get a backdated offer of employment letter with the companys letter head for an entry level IT role and back it up with salary payment to your account which you will also print that you work there. At least 2 months salary payment evidence before you apply.

Also include Leave of absence that shows your employer support your study abroad detailing how it is going to help the company and that your job is guaranteed when you return back. This letter must be written by the company HR or MD. That's how to improve your purpose for applying for the course. This is what I have used before that works. I come in peace.

Also be ready for the HR or MD to be emailed in case there will be need to prove.

Don't declaim what you can't defend with documents. There are other ways to prove home ties instead of declaring what you can't defend with a document.


Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 9:39pm On Jun 14
Let me try, though ppl say the chance is 0.1%

1. Evaluate your transcript gottent outside Canada in WES so you can get the Canada equivalent

2. Research the job areas of interest to know where your target your beam search is fully equipping yourself with the skills, experience, education, certification etc

3. Standardized your resume and cover letter to the specific job based on knowledge in 2 above.

4. Apply on Job bank, Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdor for roles with sponsorship visa

5. Be very used to regret Mail and keep updating and finteuning your application till you hit the goldmine.

Greetings guys

Please how can I get a job in Canada while living in Nigeria?

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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 8:36pm On Jun 14
Are you sure you re real? All downloaded bank statement even from mibile app comes with electronic stamp by default.

No it wasn't, I just downloaded it from the bank app as you can easily request for your statement directly from the app instead of going to the bank.

Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 9:52pm On Jun 10
You need to meet some requirements to qualify for study visa in Canada as a visitor as not everyone can qualify else you will be refused.

1) Your spouse must have work or study permit
2) You did a short course (less than 6 months) that qualified you for that study admission
3) others.

Let me share a link for people's enlightenment so think very well before you think you want to use local sense to bypass Canada immigration.



Visitor visas and student visas are two different categories of visas. If you arrive in Canada with a visitor visa, you need to secure admission, pay the school deposit, and get a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and (PAL) If you applied for a master's degree, PAL is not needed, but you must complete a medical exam, which is more expensive inside Canada. Then you apply for a student visa. Additionally, you have to show your proof of funds along with a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and then wait for the visa, which is not 100% guaranteed. If your visa is approved, you go to the land border to get your study permit. Please note that applying for a student visa inside Canada gives no added advantage; you will still be assessed based on all requirements, especially your proof of funds.
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 11:33pm On Jun 09
Na wa oh this Canada ppl no go break person heart..lols.

My spouse just told me of a live case. The man applied for SOWP extension based on hid spouse new status of PGWP having graduated but IRCCC refused his application for the wife not attaching an offer.

They had to go to border and do flagpole with Spouse offer letter, the CBSA guys still said the offer letter is old how are they sure she works there? The spouse has to show them her current pay stubs from phone before they gave her spouse SOWP extension .

If they can do this to someone with already SOWP talk less of a visitor or no status person. Final answer, your spouse with PGWP must have a full time offer for a spouse or children dependent to be qualified for SOWP or study permit..
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 8:46pm On Jun 09
I was thinking of doing a Masters myself since my spouse College can no longer qualify me for SOWP but having found this link that explains that with her PGWP which should be due in May 2025, I can apply online with her for PGWP. I have to back track for the masters oh, money wey no dey surplus bayii.

Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 8:35pm On Jun 09

I welcome all the learned contributors in the forum to go through the above and analyze.... seems IRCC is not consistent with their who qualifies for Open Work Permit.

The above suggests families (spouse and children) of Foreign Students who have PGWP can directly apply for Open Work permit without requiring any Teer 0-5 skill job wether in Canada or outside Canada.

At another link I quoted before this, they added that a Teer 0-3 or Teer 4-5 job must be attached by the PGWP Primary applicant.

I need contributors to the above, lets analyse and conclude for the enlightenement of all. cc: @Bobomaigida
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 11:31pm On Jun 08
Who started this trend that portal affects the outcome of Canada Application? Ensure you do the needful and forget about leveraging old or new portal to improve your chances.

New Portal

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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 10:34pm On Jun 08
I guess 21k is standard for living expenses for student applicant because he or she will rent apartment to start with and other bills.

If a spouse is join8ng him or her, he or she cannot be subject to same 21k so the 7k plus slack suffice since they can co-live with student spouse to minimize cost of living.

So you re right my guy. How is it going bro?


No sir/ma, the 21K is for the principal applicant, there are some costs that a dependent will not incur again, cost like housing and utilities. The ideal thing to do is to show a minimum of 7k, not just exact 7k, build some slack into the amount so that it is not considered to be on the bother line.


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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 10:22pm On Jun 08
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 10:00pm On Jun 08
Try Masters (school) if you have a good undergraduate degrees.

I can help you with a strong SoP if you have other things intact.

It's not Canada fault, our people abused it.

I know of a family that had hotel business in Nigeria that is bringing cool money but spent over 10m to get a Canadian visa for his family via immigration lawyers and they will apply for Asylum.

This person profile is economically stronger than most of us here but that is his aim. Why should Camada see you differently? Tell me.


Canada has kuku denied me the visa, so I don't feel the need to further explain myself to someone that's not my father. I won't be applying for their visa again because no matter what I write, they'll still see me as a desperate asylum seeker.

I'll be trying somewhere else. Best of luck to dem wey get the country.


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 1:08am On Jun 07
You don't need a new permit, get the new admission acceptance and apply for extension explaining your circumstance. My wife had a somewhat similar case but a little different from yours.

So since you wont need a fresh study permit application that cones with 21k living expensees, you wont need to do a new medical.

Good day, All.
I need help from people that experienced a situation like mine or know people that did.

I started my 2 yr diploma program in Fall 2023 but in my second choice of study. I had to apply for program change to my preferred program and it was granted to me( my college policy is that an international student must complete at least one semester in the program the study permit was gotten before changing). Unfortunately, the intake to my new program is only in fall, so I had to wait. I returned home after discussing with my school immigration specialist. I was told it would ONLY be a problem if I stay in Canada for 8 months of no study. I had the option of continuing with my old program in January but I didn't , since there will be no certification for just one year in it with all the money.

I have been given a deposit to make for the new program which I am about to pay but my questions are:
1. Do I need to do another medicals since I have stayed out of Canada for Six months and my last medical is over one year?
2. What is the proper way to let IRCC know about my program change?
3. Do I have to apply for a fresh study permit ? OR Apply for Study permit and Visa extension with the explanation that, it is due the change of program.

Please, I need a detailed outline of what to do in conformity with IRCC rules and regulations.

Note: I have written mails to my school but the replies are not straight to the point.


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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 12:32am On Jun 07
Everyone asylum seeker said this until they got an opportunity of a visit visa, they abused it.


I had enough money to support myself and I was planning to migrate through legal means. Had it been it didn't work out, I'd have eventually left Canada. I'm not a clueless asylum seekeer


Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 12:11am On Jun 06


This should fly, the key is to have funding sources that will be used to repay the loan as they fall due. Since you are self sponsored, you need to look for a way to explain how you will keep on getting funds to repay the loan without recourse to working in Canada.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 2:07am On Jun 05
Hello guys who here know who have used Mpower loan support to successfully get a study permit?

For my expected Masters course, I need 21k cad for living expenses and 30k cad for a years Tuition.

I want to get 30k cad from MPower and 25k cad from my self sponsored bank statement. Would this format work to get study permit from IRCC as I am currently working and will be able to attach my pay slip, account statement and leave of absence with study to defend my self finance for the study application.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 1:31am On Jun 05
Congrats, but please did using MPower in your previous application impact your application negatively? Please let's know for some of us planning to use MPower loan biko.

It’s PPR guys, sorry it’s coming late

4th time single applicant (previous applications I used Mpower but it didn’t work so had to restrategize) - Self sponsored.

Date submitted: April 12, 2024
Medical passed: May 6, 2024
PPR: May 23, 2024

Documents submitted
Full tuition fee receipt
GIC 13k CAD (explained why I could do more due to fx cash deposit limit of 10kUSD transfer)
2 months Access bank Dom account- 10k USD (cover balance of LE, travel cost and miscellaneous)
6 months Payoneer dollar account - 6k USD
6 months Stanbic naira salary account - 600k naira
Upwork invoices
Payoneer payments to account holder statement
Reference letter from Nigerian employer
Reference letter from US employer
Upwork certificate of earnings showing over 45k USD made in the past 10 months
Geegpay transfer receipts (explaining how I funded access bank
Payoneer transfer receipts (explaining how I funded access bank)
Transfer receipts to Aboki for dollars in cash
Birth certificates
Employment Letters
Past Employment letters
Promotion letters
NECO result
BSc certificate
Family photos
Lump sum explanation letter
LOE for using less than 4 months Access dom account
LOE for source of funds/financial sufficiency
Land gift deed
Education / Re: Babcock Student Whose Nude Video Was Leaked By Her Boyfriend Bags First Class by Jeboy(m): 1:16am On Jun 05
I now see why Buhari called Nigerian youth lazy and unproductive or so. We major on the minor and minor on the major.

She can relocate to the US, Canada, UK, Australia for a PhD with her 1st class and get a good life while all the lots cursing and condemning her will still be struggling to eat a decent meal in Nigeria.

Do something productive with your lives rather than analyzing how the lives of others have been accursed by their past actions especially when they have moved on to greater things.
Travel / Re: Canadian Student Visa Thread Part 23 by Jeboy(m): 12:24am On May 29
For the form you can calculate the total amount of tuition for the number of years but IRCC requirement for PoF is just for a year.

It is very important that the person sponsoring you has a monthly, weekly or recurrent income to backup successive payment of your school fees. That is what IRCC will be looking at.

If you just provide let's say 40k CAD to cover your 1st year as required but there is no pay slip or business venture that brings regular income, it will suggest to IRCC that it may be difficult for you to complete that program after a year.

If you can show that you have more than one year fund if you dont have regular income pls show it in your PoF but only one year is mandatory.

Yes, this implies that the total number of years for your program should be summed up for the tuition fee space, you do the same for living expenses (room, and board).
Example: if your tuition fee is 17k per year; 17k + 17k = 34k, while room and board is 42k. This is the normal way to calculate POF.


Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 12:10am On May 29
Yeah he or she should grab the job first and then explore the possibilities.


I have a friend with a PGWP and applied for his wife and got the visa his job is in teer 4 and 5 pls don’t be discouraged try just show a valid job offer and all

Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 12:05am On May 29
Care job experience falls under Teer 4 to 5, its semi skilled not skilled. Someone here said Canada has a temporarry route for thos category of Teer 4 to 5 jobs for SOWP but it ends in April or May 2025. So yes you can take advantage of it.


Can Care job be classified as professional job?
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 12:28am On May 25
When we advised people against it, they claim they must survive at all costs by claiming asylum . Everybody go collect now.


Do not worry yourself, just carry both passports to the visa center. You will be fine with or without any webform. Your case is not about a missing or stolen passport. My guess was perfect and you matches the category of approval I have seen recently . Canada is not smiling now with visa approval for visitors applicant . The refusal rate is too high! Thanks and no thanks to many who claim asylum on a visit visa, and we all see the effect now.

Celebrities / Re: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde Celebrates Son, Michael's Graduation From University by Jeboy(m): 7:38pm On May 24
Things have changed, gone are the days you give birth to children to take care of you at old age.

Children you trained to school can end up hooligans or not fancying you and your old age can be miserable.

Best is to plan for your upkeep yourself, that's the new normal. Invest in yourself that you ll have resource to pull people to support you at old age not depending on a child.

Also, the early marriage Omotola had in her time is not a normal occurrence, else her daughters that are over 18 should have made her a grand mum by now. It's just 1 out of 20 chances.

If you never make money, just go marry. Money go still come.

Early marriage good.

Imagine a man still struggling at the age of 45 yet not married. By the time he gets to 60 his first son is still in primary school.

Then who will take care of him at old age

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Politics / Re: Kano Assembly Repeals Ganduje's Emirates Council Law by Jeboy(m): 11:53am On May 23
N20 billion that never existed.

APC used him to blackmail GEJ govt.


I would love to see that happen, but I honestly think Sanusi would've made more impact as a technocrat in a political office instead of a traditional ruler.

He performed quite well as CBN governor until Jonathan sacked him for revealing the missing $20 Billion- this is one of the reasons I feel like Jonathan was also a villain dressed in a hero's cloth.

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Phones / Re: The Real Reasons Why You No Longer Find ATMs Giving Cash by Jeboy(m): 10:12pm On May 21
I interviewed most PoS operators I use their service. They have formed an alliance with market traders to collect their cash and transfer to them for a fee. So most of the cash from filling stations, supermarkets, shops, restaurants etc do not go to the bank anymore as someone claimed. It's on record that 95% of cash in Nigeria is not within the bank space, they are hoarded outside the banks.

I think banks also like it cos it cost then more to operate ATM as cash dispenser. Some of these banks have FinTechs or FinTech arm that runs PoS business for them so they have tried to also gain from the chaos.

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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 12:12am On May 21
Experience in which job role? PR processing is on skilled Job 0 to 3 Teer or Teer 4-5 (low skill) which ends in April 2025 or so. His skill job experience will also determine the level of score expectations on the English Language Test.

You need to check Google the PR route (Federal Skilled Worker (Express Entry), Provinvial nomination and others) he is looking to explore and check the requirements.

Good day everyone. Please I have a question. My spouse have a year plus Canada experience which he achieved via SOWP. He is qualified for PR and am still a student. Can he apply for PR.
Career / Re: Lady Who Assisted Father With Vulcanizing Job Receives 500k Cash Gift (photos) by Jeboy(m): 11:50pm On May 20
The rate at which small boys here talk about simps marvel me like its the biggest problem we have in Nigeria....if you don't treat women well, your old age will remind you. That time you need a woman by your side to be a worthy companion, support and a helpe. Life progress is not by forming hard all the time especially to your loved ones. Rather let's channel our hardness on career and technological breakthrough, about upgrading our business ....about making money and travell around the world etc and not concentrating all our energies on simping men....how does that help us.

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Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 10:24pm On May 15
The condition is very clear. You must get a valid job offer and apply for work permit before you can. It is an immigration offence to work with a visitors status. No employer will dare it for a visitor because of the consequence on Canada laws.


This does not imply you can work on a Visitors status. It was put in place to apply for and get a work permit from Visitors. I think I understand where you are coming from sha 😃
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by Jeboy(m): 10:19pm On May 15
Because of the four children, she can apply for visitors extension and qualify for a visitors record. She has a very good justification.


God will help your husband change to a master's program because as it stands, you can only stay for a maximum of six months as a visitor with no work status. After six months, you must either return home or apply for an extension, which is uncertain. Leaving four children with your husband who is a student, will pose greater challenges, especially when combined with part-time work to pay the bills in A country where u cannt leave child alone in the house.that new law affecting many couples and masters even more expensive. God will help everybody
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by Jeboy(m): 4:25pm On May 15
maybe due to more application entries.

They will have an algorithm that automates those things.

Please why is IRCC extending the processing time every week, coz I don't get it anymore

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