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Celebrities / Re: Jnr Pope: Remains Of Make-Up Artist Abigail Frederick Exhumed (Photos) by Jman06(m): 11:55pm On Apr 14
Yes, I learnt they would have to replace her with a cow

Such nonsense.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Man Marries His Older Oyinbo Lover (pics, Video) by Jman06(m): 9:10pm On Apr 14
Biko, Nigerian broke men shouldn’t choke me with laugh cheesy.

Bunch of gigolos!!
I'm curious to know your net worth Jenny Jenny.

I mean, how much you get for account wey you dey always broke shame people??
Celebrities / Re: Jnr Pope: Remains Of Make-Up Artist Abigail Frederick Exhumed (Photos) by Jman06(m): 9:03pm On Apr 14
If it is true that that community charged so high to release her corpse, then I think that Whoever is responsible should be fished out and investigated for fraud.

Such cold-heartedness!
Celebrities / Re: Jnr Pope: Remains Of Make-Up Artist Abigail Frederick Exhumed (Photos) by Jman06(m): 7:08pm On Apr 14
RIP to you hustler cry

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Romance / Re: I Have Found The Truth About Our True History! Everything Makes Sense Now. by Jman06(m): 5:35pm On Apr 14
300years ago is too short a time for all the things you wrote to have taken place without traces so, I don't believe you.
Politics / Re: The Igbo Tribe's Tragedy And Curse Of Being A Niger Deltan by Jman06(m): 4:24pm On Apr 14
Op, you clearly didn't make valid points to why you claim to hate the Igbo tribe!

You mentioned about how the Igbo man outcompeted you and your brother and my reply to that is simply that no Nigerian tribe can beat Igbos in trading and it didn't start today! Mind you many Urhobo people who understand the astuteness of Igbos in trading have sent their wards to Igbomen for tutelage.
Meanwhile, just the same way that Igbo man competed with you and your brother is the exact same way he'll compete with other Igbos even in Onitsha main market.

You said Igbo people contributed to your father's death but failed to state how. Meanwhile, you already accused a church in a thread for your father's death. Can't you see how daft you appear with all the accusations you're making for your father's death

Before now, I used to see some of you from South south with the lense of a next door neighbor, but honestly I now careless about you lots. Y'all can go to hail for all I care.

I have seen and witnessed the hatred y'all have for the Igbos and I'm fully ready to return same in greater measures. I now have a believe that the worst Hausa man is better for me than the best South-south man.

So Op, you can kiss my @sz with your hatred.
Religion / Re: Do You Know Angels Had SEX With Beautiful Women And The Romps Produced Giants! by Jman06(m): 1:11pm On Apr 14
And the offsprings of those fallen angels are the DEVILS of today's world!
Crime / Re: From Cubana Brothers To Ned Nwoko’s Wife, How EFCC Ignored Nigerian Elites by Jman06(m): 8:14pm On Apr 13

Objectively speaking, it’s not fair. But it’s also not as simple as “live and let live” when the person is actively and proactively flaunting a lifestyle that is at odds with the sensibilities of the society in which they live.

From the governments perspective, they are doing the right thing for the people they represent by suppressing him.
They are not doing the right thing for anybody!

Bobrisky's lifestyle does not affect me and other straight and right thinking Nigerians in anyway! I can never start crossdressing because I see him doing it! Just like I can never become gay simply because another person is.

Kapish! They should release the guy joor

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Crime / Re: From Cubana Brothers To Ned Nwoko’s Wife, How EFCC Ignored Nigerian Elites by Jman06(m): 7:10pm On Apr 13
This is why I don't like the way they treated Bobrisky's case. Spraying of naira is a common thing in Nigeria! Why single out one individual What other motives do they have for jailing him

If the guy committed any other offence, it would have been a different ball game.
Nigeria is supposed to be a liberal society, so why are they punishing Bobrisky for his lifestyle!? Because that's what the whole thing is pointing at.

I may not like the guy's lifestyle but I honestly think the latest judgement against him was unfair and need to be revisited by liberal minded lawyers.

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Politics / Re: Obidients Declare Operation One Borehole Project Per Community In Support Of Obi by Jman06(m): 12:22pm On Apr 13
Water is life!


Romance / Re: Men, Are You Really Happy With Only One Woman by Jman06(m): 7:18pm On Apr 12
Real men marry one woman and stick to her.

No matter what some people think, I'll continue to say it that men are not naturally designed to be with multiple women! It's just about ego boosting and for show off that some yesteryears men were polygamous. If nature designed men for multiple women, a typical man would not get tired after one to two rounds of sex.

Some men in the past saw polygamy as an attribute of wealth. They married multiple women in other to birth many children, all of whom would contribute in cultivating their farmlands.

The troubles in polygamous homes far outweigh whatever benefits there is in polygamy.

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Celebrities / Re: I’m A Man, Bobrisky Confesses In Court by Jman06(m): 4:09pm On Apr 12
What I don't understand is why they'll jail him for spraying money when that is almost like a culture in Nigeria. Why single the guy out Come to any typical Igbo traditional marriage or other occasions, you'll see people spraying money!

Why single Bob out!
Religion / Re: Nigerians In UK Engage In Praise And Worship On The Street Of Cannock (video) by Jman06(m): 7:10pm On Apr 11
When they're deported now they'll start blaming village people.

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Celebrities / Re: The Other Side Of Life: The Movie That Took Junior Pope's Life by Jman06(m): 3:36pm On Apr 11
What a loss caused by cutting costs.

You put people in cheap boat on a big River without safety crew riding close.
Later you will start claiming you spent Billions on recording the film. Nollywood need to learn a lot from Hollywood
Just like most Nigerian private business owners, Nollywood producers are devils who derive pleasure in exploiting their employees by paying them peanuts and not providing safety gadgets nor insurance for them in the event of accidents. They're only concerned about maximizing profits in order to afford exorbitant lifestyles for themselves and their children at the expense of their poor employees. It's too bad! Black men with black hearts!

RIP to you jnr Pope.

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Family / Re: Married Nigerian Ladies No Longer Take Shit From Their Husbands (Pictures) by Jman06(m): 1:30am On Apr 11
This topic really pained nairaland boys ooo grin

See them crying all over the thread grin

Selfish fools with no self control over their libido. If you like cry, wives leaving cheating husbands has come to stay and na una cause am.

In the olden days when men were actually providers like the Bible and Quran said, wives stayed with cheating husbands because they had no money to liberate themselves from terrible marriages since they depended on their provider husbands' income to survive.

Then you men started insulting women that couldn't provide like their husbands and started calling them liabilities until women acting as co-providers or even better providers became the norm.

Now these providing and hustling wives have no reason to stay behind and tolerate their husband's selfishness and wickedness because they can survive very well without men in their lives.
Every woman that works and makes equal financial contributions in her home deserves fidelity from her husband and has every right to demand same.
But you see all these ladies that wait until a man has suffered alone and made his money, they don't have any right to demand fidelity from the man. Regina Daniels for example knows from the get go that her husband Ned Woko is entitled to more women, therefore I'm sure she'll not start making trouble or demanding a divorce if Ned decides to sleep with other ladies.

The problem is with all the ladies that want to remain stuck to the old patrarchal system of men providing for them but refuse to accept the man taking care of and sleeping with as many women as he can afford as supported by same system.

Ladies have to choose between the modern day gender equality marriage and the old patrarchal system of marriage. They shouldn't expect to eat their cakes and still have it.


Family / Re: Married Nigerian Ladies No Longer Take Shit From Their Husbands (Pictures) by Jman06(m): 9:24pm On Apr 10
Only ladies who make equal financial contributions at home have the right to demand faithfulness from their husbands.

If you're a lady who believes in the old tradition of men being the sole providers and protectors then you should also accept the fact that such a man who provides for you like our forefathers did also have the right to multiple women. That is also part of our tradition and our foremothers accepted that and never complained about their men having other women.

Why do modern women want to cherry pick when it comes traditional family practices

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Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actor, Junior Pope Is Dead by Jman06(m): 7:35pm On Apr 10
The most annoying thing is that he had the premonition of his death in that boat, yet continued without a life jacket. Why didn't he insist that they provide one for him for crying out loud cry

It's unfortunate that his young wife has been widowed at an early age while his baby becomes fatherless so early in life...chai!

RIP to him

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Celebrities / Re: Is Actor Junior Pope Really Dead? by Jman06(m): 5:57pm On Apr 10
Nawao! What is happening in Nollywood abeg?

May his soul rest in peace...Amen
Business / Re: Aliko Dangote Celebrates His 67th Birthday Today by Jman06(m): 5:46pm On Apr 10

Dey mumu yoursef, because those were the only incidents that came into limelight bro.

They are human beings like me and you , nothing extraordinary about them.
Na you dey mumu yourself truly if you believe that men like Dangote go about philandering with women like he-goats. The fact that you do it because you have no other jobs doesn't mean that every other men do same.
Business / Re: Aliko Dangote Celebrates His 67th Birthday Today by Jman06(m): 4:03pm On Apr 10
Dangote disproved the claim that "behind every successful man is a woman"!

Happy birthday to you, sir!




You two disappointed me. So having just a single reported claim of a fling now means that he fits the description that 1mbecil I quoted was alluding to Does that make one such a he-goat like being portrayed by that nonentity I quoted??
Health / Re: Three Die After Consuming Expired Drugs In Kaduna by Jman06(m): 3:43pm On Apr 10
Stop blaming these deaths on drug expiration. This has nothing to do with drug expiration. Most drugs are still safe and effective even after 5 or 10yrs shelf life, it may not be as potent but still safe. Now what's killing these people is counterfeit drugs, people manufacturing poisons and selling them.
Some drugs may still kill by being converted to toxic chemicals upon expiration.

You could also be right with your submission that the drug they took could have been falsified using some toxic substances by fake drugs merchants.
Romance / Re: Lady Cries As Man Introduces Her To His Family, Ends Up Marrying Another Lady by Jman06(m): 10:48am On Apr 09
Too bad, karma will sooner or later[b][/b][b][/b] serve the guy what he deserves,
Karma will not serve the guy anything! I'm sure the girl too has dumped many guys who genuinely loved her before. So, maybe she is having her own karma for all the guys she has dumped in the past.

Many of these ladies dump their real husbands on flimsy excuses but would keep wasting their times with guys who are not destined to be their husbands.

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Romance / Re: Lady Cries As Man Introduces Her To His Family, Ends Up Marrying Another Lady by Jman06(m): 10:31am On Apr 09

Let her just accept what happened to her, that's life for you, it is very heart breaking
Only God can explain

I just hope he won't final crawl back to her when he realised that it would have been her
Do ladies crawl back to men they dumped for some efulefus

Why can't you ladies take what you readily dish out to guys? Or is it okay for ladies to screen and dump the men they don't fancy but not okay for guys to do same

If karma has not happened to all the ladies that dumped guys who genuinely loved them, then karma can never happen to this brother and other guys who dump ladies they no longer fancy.

Brothers, don't let anyone guilt trip you into marrying a lady you no longer fancy! Dump her like a piece of trash and move on with your life. If the tables were turned, she'll not pity you no matter how far you have gone in the relationship with her or how much you have spent. Ladies don't pity men when they want to dump him. That is when you'll see the devil in her!
Romance / Re: Ay's Cheating Saga: Men, What Do You Want Again? by Jman06(m): 9:00am On Apr 09

You can not stop a MAN from being a man⚠️

Every male has a gene for multiple women, except simps!!!!

The problem with you women most times is that you people always want men to be feminine and that can not ever happen unless you're dating/married to a SIMP🍃

Men will always have a lot of women to explore and have fun with, that's how god made the male animals.... Check the animal kingdom for instance, the top males always have all the females to themselves while the lower males(simps) hardly have a female to themselves, most lower males are single to death.

If your man takes care of you and your children, a wise woman wouldn't be worried if her husband have fun outside 🙄
What a daft comment to make! So being a man entails philandering around with multiple women

Only jobless and irresponsible men keep multiple women...fact.
Dangote is the richest man in Africa yet he doesn't have a wife. It is only when a man doesn't have any itinerary lined up at his place of work or his business premises that he has time to start looking for the next thing in skirt to frolic with. Real men are busy with work and making money.

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Romance / Re: Lady Cries As Man Introduces Her To His Family, Ends Up Marrying Another Lady by Jman06(m): 1:01am On Apr 09
Some guys are foolish, always thinking they are God and thinking they can always get away with every nonsense they do to ladies just because they believe they are men.

My dear sister wipe your tears and move on, he will get his reward if your hands are clean and you did him no wrong to warrant this, just relax he will remember you and weep someday for his act of stupidity he thinks it's masculinity today

Useless boys forming hard guys, I do not support evil, this is an evil act angry
If the girl has ever rejected or dumped a guy in the past, nothing she does will affect the guy negatively and the guy would regret nothing for dumping her asx.

You ladies are good at telling sob stories of getting dumped by men but you conveniently forget all the genuine guys you have dumped and rejected in the past thereby having their hearts torn to shreds. That is why I can never pity a girl in similar situation as this girl.

Y'all should be ready to take a dose of what you're good at dishing out to guys.
Romance / Re: Does A Lady Shooting Her Shots Make Her Look Cheap by Jman06(m): 10:40pm On Apr 08
The problem is not about shooting her shot but can she bear the financial responsibilities of the relationship/marriage

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Romance / Re: Ladies Do This Us And We Will Gladly Be Your Simp( Photo) by Jman06(m): 9:50pm On Apr 08
As a man if the only thing you think you can offer in a relationship is money,then SHAME ON YOU!!!
And as a woman, what can you bring to the table Would you start bringing only money to the table so that men can take your place and bring whatever it is you currently bring
Politics / Re: Edo Assembly impeaches Deputy-Governor, Philip Shaibu by Jman06(m): 9:22pm On Apr 08
Philip Shaibu fought gallantly like a man!

I love his courage.

Nigerian governors should stop denying their deputies their rights to aspire for the office of the governor.
Family / Re: Man Lost His Properties 2 Years After His Nigeria Wife Joined Him In Uk(vid,pix) by Jman06(m): 10:54pm On Apr 07

According to some Nigerian men, they can act as they wish(including cheating) because they provide and pay all the bills. Based on that logic, when they lose their job do they still have those privileges?

And are you indirectly saying women that do these things are domestic slaves

If a man doesn't have a job, shouldn't he help around the house or what kind of arrogance is that?
I never implied that doing domestic chores makes one a slave, but from response to the post, you seemed to justify the woman's attitude of disrespecting her husband on the ground that he might not have got a job. So, I was wondering if it's now okay for the partner who works and makes the money to disrespect the other who's not working.

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Romance / Re: When A Rich Man Marries A Small Girl (pictures) by Jman06(m): 9:10pm On Apr 07
Op, we love them younger and fresher.

No big deals with adapting to her lifestyles


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