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Politics / Re: "He Lacks Support In The Muslim North": 5 Reasons Peter Obi Will Lose In 2023 by JOpress3: 9:30pm On Oct 30, 2022
The Fitch or Fish reporters seems to be either detached, outdated and out-of-touch with the current political realities in Nigeria.

At best they are living in the past and analysing events as it was in 2015 -january 2022.

Op, please inform your Fake reporters to consult the INEC chairman for updates on the revolutionary 23,000 million registered activities recorded in INEC web portal between April up until August 2022 when Peter Obi dumped PDP.

E shock INEC chairman. E go Shock your Fitch/Fake reporters when they decide to update and present event as they occur in real time.

Until then....Fitch/Fish/Fake reporters are detached from reality
Foreign Affairs / Re: Brazil Election System: Arguably One Of The Best by JOpress3: 8:46pm On Oct 30, 2022

The Brazillian election system is arguably one of the best in terms of who can vote and the speed of getting election results. Two key things stand out: speed and who can vote.

I followed the presidential election results online on Google last 4 weeks and barely 3 hours after the polls closed, the results were out. The speed is breathtaking and faster than any large democracy I know. You only need to refresh your Google browser to watch how the results were unfolding. The run-off election is taking place as I type this and you can verify this today.

In addition, all adults 17 - 70 years are required to vote, meaning it is mandatory.

We need our national assembly to change laws for us to go fully electronic in election results tabulating beyond just BVAS. Don't forget Brazil has over 150 million eligible voters. I also think voting should be mandatory in Nigeria so we don't sit and wait for others to vote only to criticize when the wrong leaders are voted into office.

To make voting mandatory in Presidential elections is the ultimate way forward for a country like Nigeria.

Any Government from southern state must make this a Top priority. His number one priority

Such that, there should be harsh penalty for not voting during presidential election

The penalties could include : denial from opening bank account or access to loans or any government service. Something that is relevant daily

My 2cent

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Politics / Re: Kogi Assembly Summons BUA For Acquiring 50,000-hectare Land Without Paying by JOpress3: 9:26pm On Oct 18, 2022
Quarter system billionaires every where
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Are The Best Remote Career Options For Graduates? by JOpress3: 10:13pm On Sep 21, 2022
Online is the current Gold mine.

Get a mentor to guide you through the ropes for online skills and positioning.

Clients will reach you from across the globe.

A global village we live in today.

Your smart phone is potential money generating tool.

Ps. Get a mentor in this journey


Politics / Re: Objective Political Discussion Thread: A Vote For Peter Obi Is A Vote For Tinubu by JOpress3: 8:45pm On Sep 18, 2022
The worst deceit in life is lying to oneself.

This point the OP raised has been defeated since July and confirmed by the INEC chairman
In his JULY registration report. Here him

" we recorded unprecedented 23 million activities in INEC portal, 10 million are newly registered voters. 13 million are other activities like : transfer of voters card, pulling unit, damage cards etc"

All this happened immediately H.E PETER OBI left the drowning PDP.

On what basis did you arrive that a vote for Obi favors Tinubu?...

Only a fool will lie to his or herself and remain comfortable.

OP wake up from your slumber. Northerner are burning their broom daily.

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Politics / Re: Suggest Me A Book For My Development by JOpress3: 8:55pm On Sep 04, 2022
Stephen Covey books are the precise solution to the very problems you're facing..

1. 7 habits of highly effective people

2. The 8th Habit: from Effectiveness to Greatness. (take your time in digesting this book : read through the entire peace first. Next, use one month to study one chapter and implement its principles in yourself. there are 8 chapters).

You can thank me later.

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Politics / Re: Methodist Church Welcomes Peter Obi (Video) by JOpress3: 8:39pm On Aug 14, 2022
Plugging his low hanging fruits. The easiest and cheapest campaign Obi is enjoying at the moment.

Peter Obi should ensure he visit all headquarter of Churches and just smile and raise his hand. Shikena.

APC Muslim-Muslim ticket the worst move in a century

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Politics / Re: I am an Obidient Nigerian, but Why is Obi visiting only the Churches by JOpress3: 8:27pm On Aug 14, 2022
To win any battle: You must fight from a position of strength. As Christian has demonstrated to support his course. it is the wisest thing to do. Visit Churches.

As a matter of urgency he should visit as many church as he can. They are his low hanging fruits.

I believe the OP saw the LOUD OVATION he gets at each visit.

Which is worst: Muslim-Muslim ticket or visiting church?


Politics / Re: Between Tinubu, Atiku, Peter Obi Who Will You Vote In 2023 As Nigeria President by JOpress3: 9:09pm On Aug 12, 2022
Obi for me and my entire family

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Politics / Re: Who Will Be Peter Obi's Minister Of Education? by JOpress3: 11:40pm On Aug 06, 2022
First thing he should do:

1. Declare State of Emergency on Education (Primary and secondary) in the North

2. Appoint a Minister for Northern Education (MUST BE SOMEONE : Northern Muslim, Bold, An Academic eg Sanusi Lamido) or a passionate Professor ( to avoid the mistake of Jonathon Almajiri school, that was abandoned for not sharing same faith)

3. Criminalize illiteracy: set up special court to prosecute defaulters with a define penalty eg 1 year community work for parents or guardians.

4. Exterminate any foot print of Boko boys, be it ideological or political BH
Politics / Re: Nwachukwu Breaks World Record To Win Nigeria’s Fourth Gold At Commonwealth Games by JOpress3: 9:05pm On Aug 05, 2022
Well done lad
Politics / Re: Peter Obi: Like 2015, The "Influencers" Have Gathered To Deceive Nigerians Again by JOpress3: 9:28pm On Aug 04, 2022

Are you aware that Sir Peter Obi is
"THE ONLY PAST GOVERNOR THAT DON'T COLLECT STATE PENSION after his 8 years tenure in the entire Country, Nigeria.

Does that ring a bell in your ear drum.

This is the Singular reason i and my entire Clan will vote for Peter.

Please go and verify.
Politics / Re: Man Opens Barbing Salon In Gombe For Free Haircuts In Honour Of Peter Obi (Pix) by JOpress3: 11:19pm On Aug 03, 2022
Banga!!! Now this is strategic influence


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Can One Do Customer's Service Job Remotely From Nigeria? by JOpress3: 12:48am On Jul 29, 2022
Yes, you can get remote jobs easily



Modern Employers Globally are looking for Solution providers to join their Team and not job applicants who send CV randomly.

Sending CV randomly online : LinkedIn, indeed etc in the hope of landing remote jobs is a band wagon approach, the wrong approach and almost 90% applicants from our climes get rejections and frustrated.

Because Anyone can come up with a fantastic CV either paid or self written. But not everyone can hit the ground running on a job and given our different time zone is challenge in itself.

But there's always a better approach to landing remote jobs, one which the remaining 10% applicants that eventually get 90% of the available jobs Use.

It is called solution based approach, here you exhibit enough Authority in your Niche (profession) on a specific social media platform where your potential employers hangout.

And guess what, they will reach out to you and ask for your service quotes.

Can you sense the difference, potential employers approach you and not the other way around.

The best part in this approach you're at liberty to Negotiate higher fee for your service.

The very few who understand and apply this approach to job search have been cashing out big time.

And this approach is applicable to all profession in life. Customer Service, virtual Assistant, digital skills, web designers etc

The only down side, it's not a quick fix approach. It may take you between 2 to 3 months of consistent work to start getting appreciable results.

" Applicants that eventually get the best jobs are those who are solution to problems, and not problems themselves" Stephen Covey

This approach can be learned.

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Politics / Re: Woow Peter Obi Is Looking More Like A Christian Candidate Than Presidential Cand by JOpress3: 9:22pm On Jul 28, 2022
Great steps in the right direction from Peter Obi and the Christian Community in general.

Plugging all the low-hanging fruits.

Focusing on what he can control

Ensures safeguard of his default constituency, Christian votes and South east votes first.

If Tinubu can be bold enough to stake a Muslim-Muslim ticket on the basis of Winnerability.

Then, Peter Obi should ensure that he pay visit to Every Church or denomination before election on the basis of Winnerability.

"So long as the hunter have learnt how to shoot without missing, I have learned how to fly with perching". Chinwe Achebe. Things fall Apart

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Govt Most Difficult Client, Says Afdb Official by JOpress3: 8:46pm On Jul 27, 2022
No wonder the economy is going sideways.

The body language of President Buhari have

Driven potential investor,
Crippled the economy,
Crippled small scale business,
Rubbish the value of Naira $1 = #700
Increase insecurity,
Emboldened Nepotism
Undermine Federal character principle

What a tragedy
Politics / Re: How Peter Obi Transformed Anambra Education System When He Was Governor(photos) by JOpress3: 8:32pm On Jul 27, 2022
Visionary leadership, Sir Peter Obi.
Nigerians should be begging Peter Obi to lead this country.
Not the other way around.


Politics / Re: A Tale of Tobi Amasun (100m World Record ) : Nigerian In Urgent Need Of Rebirth by JOpress3: 11:20pm On Jul 25, 2022
What is needed is a government made up of ONLY Yoruba people because they are the most competent. Short of that, I will have to make do with Tinubu/Shettima.
You're wrong on your Ethnic limitation on competence. Competence abound every where, South South, North Central, South east. I think Peter Obi Resonate with Nigerian Youth reality.
Politics / A Tale of Tobi Amasun (100m World Record ) : Nigerian In Urgent Need Of Rebirth by JOpress3: 9:25pm On Jul 25, 2022
Nigeria a country blessed with Abundant potential in all aspect, but reduced to mediocrity and inferiority complex on global stage.

I was sad and sober reading through Tobi Amasun (current 100m world record holder) interview on her journey to stardom with BBC online sports news.

She spoke passionately about her Dad's complete opposition to her being an athlete, hear her

"My dad got really mad one time when he found out [I was running]. He burnt all my training gear and told my mum that's the last time he wanted to see me in a stadium." Personally I consider the action of her Dad a legimate fear of most parents for their daughters and I can't condem him.

My major worries is not her Dad's opposing stand, but on the second aspect she spoke about Nigeria, the hurrible challenges she scale through running in Nigeria, hear her speak

"The officials were always picking who they wanted in the relay team. Sometimes they would say I didn't have the experience so they would pick whoever was their favourite," she explained.

"It was a lot of pressure on a young athlete. I considered quitting. I really wanted to travel with the senior national team and some coaches told me to try the hurdles."

"The typical Nigerian approach is to make you feel like you cannot make it," she said.

"They Make you feel like you cannot make it"

this statement got deep into my bone marrow, because I have heard this same complaints from several Nigerians, over and again.

My question is, why is Nigeria like this to it's hard working Citizens?

Her last statement was the Hallmark of courage, self believe and a good reason why Nigeria need urgent rebirth, hear her speak again

"I wasn't expected to medal at those Games. There were so many voices saying I couldn't but I used that to show that I could - and that title changed my life.

"That's how I got a scholarships to the United States. I can say that's really when my athletics career began. I never dreamt of going to the United States. I just wanted to run fast and be one of the Nigerian greats."

Since moving to attend the University of Texas, El Paso, Amusan has not looked back."

So, if she had not gone to united States, the land where dream become real, she would not have been known, less breaking the 100m world record.

One can only imagine the number of potential that have drowned under those negative voices in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, there are many Tobi Amasun out there full of potential, yet struggling with those negative Nigeria voice everywhere armed to the teeth to drown positive energy.

Indeed Nigeria is in urgent need of rebirth.
2023 is a big opportunity to change the narrative for good. Vote wisely

Politics / Re: If Buhari Regime Was To Be A Novel.what Would You Name It by JOpress3: 8:54pm On Jul 23, 2022


Politics / Re: Muslim-muslim Ticket: High Time CHRISTIANS Test It’s Popularity In 2023 Election by JOpress3: 3:59pm On Jul 17, 2022
Adamawa 55 Christians Hhhhh u ar foolish

it could be more than 55% of Christian. Adamawa was a state created from the Old Gongola State, dominated by Christian Majority, before broken into other state: Gombe, Taraba & Adamawa.

For your information I grew up and Schooled in the North and have spent at least one month in 15 of the 19 northern states.

The fact is most South westerners knowledge of Nigeria is Limited to Lagos alone. With Zero knowledge of the population dynamics in the North.

A reason why Tinubu will make such disastrous choice of Muslim- Muslim ticket as a Ruling Party.

Voters apathy among the Northern Christian is the major problem for Christian community. I don't care attitude, after all what am I going to benefit. But..

With the recent awakening of youth which INEC records shows 23 million Voters registration activities in it's June report. With 10 million new registration and 13 million other activities such transfer of voters card etc

2023 election will be the biggest shocker for those whose strategies of Winning election rely soly on the old pattern of voting and have not realize INEC uses BVAS now and electronic voting is legal.

Travel through Nigeria and know your country
Politics / Re: ‘’There’s Dignity In Labour’ — Peter Obi Fires Back At Tinubu by JOpress3: 11:20pm On Jul 13, 2022
There is Dignity in labour indeed.

With the disastrous performance of APC Regime in every aspect.

Am still wondering what basis will APC be campaigning for reelection?

is it the worsened insecurity, economy failure, Mass poverty, ASUU strike, incessant fuel scarcity, nepotism, unpaid wages indeed etc?

i cannot imagine how a man will fail woefully in all his exams and still confidently seek promotion to the next level.

Nigerians have an important decision to make in 2023.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Wishes To Be Like Peter Obi by JOpress3: 9:47pm On Jul 06, 2022
A LIE make the past part of the future, TRUTH makes the past history. Anonymous

Obidience is better than sacrifice.
Politics / Re: Throwbacks On Reno Omokri Adulation Of Peter Obi by JOpress3: 9:41pm On Jul 06, 2022
A LIE makes the past part of the future, TRUTH makes the past history. Anonymous

Obidience is better than sacrifice.
Politics / Re: Obi,Sowore Top Pulse Nigeria Online Poll by JOpress3: 9:41pm On Jun 25, 2022
The moment a people realize they own power and not the few political elite. Real change has begin. A true revolution is nearby.

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Politics / Re: Your State And Who You Are Supporting For The 2023 Election by JOpress3: 11:30am On Jun 18, 2022
Obidience is better than sacrifice. Abuja for Obi.


Politics / Re: He Lobbied To Get Labour Party Ticket-Tinubu by JOpress3: 10:16pm On Jun 15, 2022
"I heard Peter Obi draws no payment as former governor of Anambra state.
How many ex-governors can make this claim?" -Omojuwa

Tinubu should argue with this fact.


Politics / Re: I Will Donate Half Of My Salary To Support Peter Obi Campaign by JOpress3: 10:12pm On Jun 15, 2022
"I heard Peter Obi draws no payment as former governor of Anambra state.
How many ex-governors can make this claim?" -Omojuwa

Peter Obi an idea whose time has come.

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Politics / Re: Japhet Omojuwa Asks A Question Regarding Peter Obi by JOpress3: 10:11pm On Jun 15, 2022
"I heard Peter Obi draws no payment as former governor of Anambra state.
How many ex-governors can make this claim?" -Omojuwa

This is loud, and should be made louder across all platforms. Peter Obi an idea whose time has come for Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Archbishop J.V. Obinna Shows His PVC At The Jubilee Of His Priestly Ordination by JOpress3: 1:00am On Jun 14, 2022
Revolution indeed here. It always start with a pressing need, a gap, /void/ vacuum that need to be filled.

Then it start with a single persons vision and pronouncement. Gradually people start believing in it and boom it grows like wildfire.

It becomes uncontrollable, it engulfed everything that stand against it : money, logic, man made structures, the few elite who are less than 0.5% can't even stop it.

Because it is what it is "Revolution" an idea whose time has come. It is people centered and need based.

That revolution is here, personified in the person of Peter Obi, who fits into the narrative : age, capacity and proven track records.

To fill up a gap or vacuum created by failure of both PDP and APC leadership. Revolution is here, it's creeping faster than you may think.

Take it for granted at your own peril.
Career / Re: Should I Stay In The Engineering Field Or Move To The Finance Sector by JOpress3: 10:13pm On May 09, 2022
Op, Your SALES SKILLS is Gold if and only if you leverage the MEGA OPPORTUNITIES that abound in the online space.

The internet is a through leveller in this generation for those who takes advantage of it.

The Real money/balance in life you're seeking is in the internet my friend..

With good internet Salesmanship skills you deal with a global Audience and not localized Lagos, or Abuja or Nigeria. You have access to the world market. (Global village we are indeed)

Speaking from experience, i worked as Sales rep for more than 5 years in Financial sector for years and quit for online pursuit for happiness.

And today, the same sales skills with some digital training has proven one thing to me

the real money is in the digital sector. Earning far, far above your Boss.

A reason why "Jeff Bezos, Elon musk, Mark Zuckerberg, google owner, Bill gates are the reachest in the world.

They are great sales men, they leveraged of the internet opportunities and sell their products to the world effortlessly

Your Sales skills is GOLD, Leverage the internet knowledge and you will thank me letter.

My 2cent

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