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Properties / Re: Picture Thread: Ongoing Remodeling Project: Umuahia. by Josnac(m): 8:56pm On Jun 09
Hello guys..I'm updating this thread after the long break.

So this is where we are now.
Parapet - done.
Roofing - done.

More to follow.

Celebrities / Re: Johnny Depp Defeats Amber Heard In Defamation Case (Video) by Josnac(m): 10:03pm On Jun 01

What if she doesn't have up to that amount

Make she go borrow from Sokoloan.

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Crime / Re: The Growing Menace Of Fraud And Criminality In Ngor-okpala. by Josnac(m): 8:26pm On May 05
Scamming is becoming a norm in our society undecided
Funny enough people glorify dox scammers grin

Yea..until it hits home���

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Crime / Re: The Growing Menace Of Fraud And Criminality In Ngor-okpala. by Josnac(m): 7:57pm On May 05
No b only 4 ur side bro grin

Story plenty oo.
I've heard from others who experienced the same.
Crime / The Growing Menace Of Fraud And Criminality In Ngor-okpala. by Josnac(m): 4:49pm On May 05
Before I start, let me dive a bit backwards to 2019.

Sometime around mid October, 2019..on one beautiful Wednesday evening, my phone rang. A quick check showed the caller wasn't saved on my device..so who could it be??

I picked up and a young man spoke over the phone, "Engineer, good evening Sir..how are you doing", I responded and after the pleasantries, I asked who he was and he passed off as one of my Facebook friends.
Okay, what can I do for you??.. and there goes the story of a big building project for his community, wherein they need a competent Engineer to handle.

We talked at length and manage arrangements for the the familiarisation trip (oh, naive me).

The trip was scheduled for the Friday of the same week.
The very first few red flags obvious from our conversation was clouded by my desire to land a "big project" as at that time. For one, the young man was a bit shady in revealing the exact place we were to go, he said Owerri West, buy Ngor-Okpala was a different LGA on its own.

Long story short, I prepared for the trip, getting constant directions from the guy who was equally supposed to receive me..and halfway through the journey, he called to say he had an office emergency and his brother will take me instead. Aargh, what will I do?? Na money I dey pursue ��‍♂️.

I got to Ngor-Okpala junction shortly before Airport road, told the bike man where I was going to, and he confirmed the direction via phone from the guy who was supposed to pick me (the bike men seems to be in on all these) and we proceeded to the village. I can't even remember the name �.

At the village, I was take to what looks like an "Obi" outside an old village building.
Here I was to meet the community Chief who is in charge of the project, the village youth leader and of course, the guy who brought me there.

Now it gets interesting.

I asked a series of questions regarding the project, it's financier, the project documents, the estimated duration etc.
Initially, it was difficult to make these guys show me the drawings, as I was already a bit suspicious but did my utmost best to mask it.

Now, come and see building document..it looked so much like those University handouts you'd have to use pen to reproduce some of their wording in order to study, yea..it was that bad. Looked like what has been photocopied over 50times. The state of the document confirmed my initial suspicion and from then onwards, I had to be the "yes man" who would do everything required just to convince them I was already hooked.

Okay, una go give me the document make I run estimates nau, come know how the project go cost. The old man, probably in his 70s quickly chipped in that the previous man that came bidded ₦200m, but that he would prefer to have me run the project because the guy who brought me (he claims the guy is his nephew), has told him that I'm a very good friend of his (Ndi Ara).

Finally, they said I had to settle them before I could be allowed to leave with the document.

I said okay, what would that involve??(I was thinking they will just ask me for ₦2k ��). But I got the shock of my life.

Goat, crates of beer, malt for women, kola nut, alligator pepper, and some other few things + ₦150k cash.
At this point I was laughing in my mind, but was nodding and even went as far as asking theme to repeat so I could write the items down.

Already, I know say I don enter..Na to come out be the issue..what do I do??
I made a play for man's greatest undoing.. VANITY and self aggrandisment.
I promised the old man I would renovate his Obi once he project was underway (this move was particularly important because it helped drive home the feeling that I was already in their hook).

Again, I said..since I am coming from Aba, it could be uncomfortable having to carry all the items from Aba down to the village, so I asked "Is there anywhere I can get these things around, so I would just worry about transporting it within the village"? Or better still, can one of you help me get these, I'd rather we put some figures on each and I make a transfer a day before I return (I was billed to return the following week, a Wednesday.. because I told them I had a job to round up and get paid between Saturday and Tuesday).

To the second question, the youth leader accepted he could be reached to get the items..we brought our meeting of over 2hrs to a close and I was eager to leave..the boy who brought me in asked for some money to eat, me..I needed to give off the vibe of a generous "mugu", as I wouldn't know or want to find out what might be my date of the suspect otherwise. You never can tell if those who didn't play ball came back with their heads on their shoulder.

It's been like 3years since this incident and I keep thanking God for the grace to think swiftly and escape from this net. I even got the old man's phone contact, all part of the scheme to fool the scammers.

And today, one clown contacted me again via Facebook, same stuff, same format and I begin to ask..does it mean the people of Ngor-Okpala are not aware of these happening in their domain or are they all into it too??

I have heard stories from others, even on twitter, same Ngor-Okpala, same hospital project, same format..not one, not two, not three and it would likely not end here if nothing is done to rid these communities of people dragging their names in mud.

Who knows, those who didn't play their games well might either end up being kidnapped instead, or murdered and body parts sold off. This thing cannot continue to be happening.

We as a people need to do better!!!

Cc: lalasticlala Dominique

Politics / Re: Governor Okowa's N30 Billion Drainage Collapses In Delta State (Photos) by Josnac(m): 10:43am On Mar 25
Massive respect to Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe, who built the amazing storm water drainage in Aba emptying into Aba River.. decades later, it stands strong and functional.

₦30b my foot!!!


Fashion / Re: Slayqueen Flabbergasted That Nigerians Wear Second-hand Clothes: Video by Josnac(m): 8:24pm On Dec 11, 2021
No be second hand clout she dey chase??
People doing silly things just to be talked about.

Anyway, construction and design is my full time job.
Hit me up let's get started on your dream structure.

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Business / Re: Credit Deduction Theft From Account- Photo by Josnac(m): 10:47am On Nov 16, 2021

I think something is wrong with FBN USSD services. About 2weeks ago, I initiated an airtime purchase of ₦2,000..got debited but never credited.

I sent them a mail after more than 24hrs without reversal, they logged the complaint and gave 5workings days to investigate and revert..it's been more than a week..no response.

I was lucky to have had one attempt of ₦400 recharge that was unsuccessful yesterday reversed.
Issue like this are always quickly resolved when you call out these banks on twitter, but alas, Buhari and Lai mhmd don give them breathing space to fully utilise their anyhowness. This is Nigeria where every conceivable thing is rigged against you.

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Family / Re: An Igbo Marriage And Bride Price List Worth ₦1.187.000 (Photo) by Josnac(m): 5:42pm On Nov 13, 2021
An Igbo Nigerian wedding expenses list, was posted online on Twitter. It was trailed with different comments from different people. While some saw it as an appropriate list, others saw it as unnecessarily expensive.

What are your opinions Nairalanders?

1st Pic: The actual marriage, Bride price list
2nd & 3rd Pics: File photos for illustrations

Seun, I would really like to know the mod who pushed this to the front page and for what reason.

A very close look at the image shows the contents are clearly intended to malign the Igbo, give people reason to cast aspersions on our culture and traditions!!!

Otherwise, how or where on earth would you have a "marriage list" from an Igbo family without KOLA-NUT (ọji Igbo)
They fabricator even went as far as including "pigs", just legodu ��

In this era where people create all sorts of things to to generate social media frenzy and drive blog traffic, I feel your mods should be better educated or try to have clear insights so that they don't end up playing into people's hands.

This topic needs to be removed in its entirety, thank you.
Properties / Re: Property For Sale!!! by Josnac(m): 12:09pm On Oct 28, 2021
Still available and open for business!
Could be converted to a hospital, school, hotel, event centre etc.
Properties / Re: Property For Sale!!! by Josnac(m): 10:02am On Oct 27, 2021
More pictures.

Properties / Property For Sale!!! by Josnac(m): 10:00am On Oct 27, 2021
Two properties (3-storey and a storey building) sitting on a combined 6-plots of land.

Location: Yaba Lagos.
Title : C/O (and other associated documents are available).
Asking price: ₦280m
Call or WhatsApp the number on my signature if interested.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Airforce DSSC Registration Wahala by Josnac(m): 5:05pm On Aug 18, 2021
I've noticed that size is always the issue with some of these things.
My suggestion is, if the scanned items you want to upload can be opened on your android device, open it, screenshot it and edit/crop/save the ss and try again.


Politics / Re: Banks, Shops Locked, Passengers Stranded As IPOB’s Sit-at-home Order Kicks In by Josnac(m): 4:17pm On Aug 09, 2021
Please, do not allow this Lagos-badagry express way media to fool you.
Nnamdi Kanu was not just "arrested and extradited"..it was an "Extraordinary Rendition"..an act considered very illegal in international relations and diplomacy.

In the coming days and months, this campaign to water down what went down in Kenya would continue in ernest.

The continued attempt and efforts to subdue dissent, Muggle free speech and criminalise peaceful protests being embarked upon by this administration to force everyone in line while the country grapples with unemployment, food inflation, bloodletting and acute power failure will set the PMB administration as the worst to come out of Nigeria.

Brace up guys, the future wey dey pregnant before come be like PMB and his goons don force am to abort.

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Politics / Re: Mambilla: FG Directs NSIA To Source $200m Judgment Debt For Chinese Firm by Josnac(m): 5:32pm On Aug 04, 2021
I'd really like to know who terminated this contract and reawarded same because despite the many "SANs" in this PMB administration, they keep on committing so many legal missteps that one is bound to wonder whether their own Na "Senior Advocates of Nonsense"

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Please Help Confirm This Interview Invitation by Josnac(m): 4:59pm On Jul 15, 2021

Texas OCL�.

Texas "Occultic Company Limited"

Please bros op, keep your head at home while going, e for be registered headhunters grin grin

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Miami officials use explosives to demolish what's left of collapsed condo tower by Josnac(m): 11:56am On Jul 05, 2021

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Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Josnac(m): 12:20pm On Jun 29, 2021
Please I find the sitting of the 1bedroom apartment too big, I intend to run a new wall as depicted by the red line to expand the sitting room of the 2bedroom.

This extension is 600mm My question is, is this safe as per long term basis to run this new wall on the German Floor(3inches thick)?

My foundation was done based on the drawing. Pls note, this is a bungalow with no parapet, just flat roof



Unless the laterite filling were machine-compacted to achieve very minimal voids, I wouldn't advice this since the bedding soil is not an undisturbed sample.

Go ahead with what you have and made foundation for.

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Politics / Re: 2023 : Osinbajo A Leader On The Wings Of Grace by Josnac(m): 8:37pm On Jun 28, 2021
Image laundry for a man whose "hands are always tied"

I'm leaving this country for una.

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Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Josnac(m): 5:06pm On Jun 25, 2021
Against the counsel of N3xt & the house I didnt do pillars(sad face)

My foundation concrete was 3" thick

Foundation depth 1ft 6"(hard soil)

Mortar mixture used 1bag of cement, 12heapan of sharp sand ( please is this good enough?)

For the concrete. 1bag of cement, 8 headpan of sharp sand and 7headpan of granite( is this Ok too?)

4 coaches has been achieved and the surrounding roads are lower than the estate. Next stage is filling and German Floor

I have insisted on the german floor, I am being pressed to continue building and do that later

The area is not water logged, please what advantage does the German floor have and why should I do it?


Glad to hear your project is up and running.
Your mortar and concrete mixtures are very okay for your project.

Please, if you've already made a budget for the oversite concrete (German floor)..get it done before continuing with the blockwork, not later, as you have a greater chance of blocking out rodents, ants and other crawling stuffs when the concrete is monolithically placed over the floor area.

Additionally, seeing that your foundation is already done, please do ensure that your structure sits at a considerable height above the general ground level (3-courses of blockwork should be your minimum), especially if the road/street has not been tarred/built before now...trust me, it will save you loads of agony in the future.

Best wishes.


Politics / Re: Emir Of Kano, Aminu Bayero Under Probe Over ₦1.3 Billion Land Scam by Josnac(m): 10:47am On Apr 03, 2021
Everybody wan cashout big time.

Remax 50,000mah Powerbank !!!

supports simultaneous charging of 16 devices and can charge laptops with type c output

Call or Whatsapp - 0..8...1..1..9..7..5..6..1..4...4

Location - Lagos

Nationwide delivery available

Escrow allowed

40,000mah - 20,000
50,000mah - 22,000

26,800mah - 16,000

Can this charge a HP probook laptop?
Pets / Re: I Just Found This Young Bird By The Corner Of My House. How Do I Help It? (pics) by Josnac(m): 4:42pm On Feb 17, 2021
Please, check under its right wing..there's a letter there from the village people's committee chairlady., Remember you missed the last meeting.

Cheers grin


Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Josnac(m): 4:58pm On Jan 08, 2021
Good evening everyone, I don't know where Nigeria dey go now. There's at least 30% on the price of every material I work with.

Someone should help me confirm if it's same from their end

Baba, you still dey find confirmation??
Well, the "confirmation" I can give you is that if you don't buy that material today, by tomorrow the price will increase further.

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Properties / Re: General Topic Thread-To Discuss Anything And Everything in Building Construction by Josnac(m): 4:44pm On Jan 08, 2021
Happy new year to the house!!

I decided to suspend my 3bedroom(I earlier brought the plan here for criticisms) and start with the 2bedroom bungalow/1bedroom BQ, attached is the floor plan and the type of roof I plan to do.

The ground is a solid one and since I dont intend to do a high pitched roof or parapet, do I need to introduce pillars?

Any criticism of the floor plan



Happy new year to you too.
Very happy to learn that you aren't suspending the project entirely, however, if you're very certain the ground is solid, there may be no need for pillars.. though I would advise that extremely long walls should be reinforced.

Also, endeavour to link the entire structure at the lintel level...(normally referred to as "chaining"wink.

Best wishes.
Taking a very close look at the draft plan, can I suggest that ventilation be improved?
Or is it late for your architect to modify??

Also, it is ideal to point out that this plan is a "double flat" configuration and not necessarily a "3-bedroom flat with BQ". From what I know, BQs are always set back from the main building.

On the one bedroom side, the positions of the kitchen and the bedroom can be swapped to give room for one adjacent window for the bedroom. Same can be done for the other flat, with the lounge and dining occupying the length of space taken up by the master bedroom and the second room.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu May Drop Abia Airport Project by Josnac(m): 7:55pm On Jan 07, 2021

Hello, if you are in Aba, someone is looking for a construction engineer that can deliver.

Respond urgently

Yes I am, my contacts is in my profile.
Properties / Re: Photo Diary: Remodeling And Reconstruction Of An Old 4-bedroom Bungalow. by Josnac(m): 9:29am On Dec 12, 2020
You did a good job. I dont just know i love doing a renovation and reconversion. I see it as more brain tasking than doing a new job.

Yea, it's very challenging and also fulfilling at the same time.
TV/Movies / Re: . by Josnac(m): 7:09am On Nov 19, 2020
TV/Movies / . by Josnac(m): 10:03pm On Nov 18, 2020
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu May Drop Abia Airport Project by Josnac(m): 5:05pm On Nov 16, 2020

Hahahaha. It's all good, Anyday.

I came in too for a project, I ain't from here.
Would leave few months

All good..hope you can throw one our way in due time?
Best regards.
Politics / Re: Ikpeazu May Drop Abia Airport Project by Josnac(m): 12:47pm On Nov 16, 2020

The way they shouted Ngwa man will build Aba here and there was something else. I felt bad that Ngwa road linking Obioha, Ohanku, Asa road, etc still remains an eye soar, God help us Oh cos any attempt to deliver Abia State ends up in more suffering.
The cash flow in Aba is something else, over 5 big markets in Aba, over 30k keke paying 270 on daily basis as at 2015 (now they may be paying up to 500 on daily basis) buses are paying on daily basis also, road-side at Ngwa road market 300 on daily basis with over 5000 ppl paying. The last place prepared meter will be shared is Aba cos estimated bill is a lucrative business as hundreds of millions are derived from estimated bill. There should be state of emergency if it will help salvage Abia State.

His people are busy playing the ostrich, no one wants to talk. They will appreciate the full extent of this man's misadventure at the government house once his tenure is completed.

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Politics / Re: Ikpeazu May Drop Abia Airport Project by Josnac(m): 11:02am On Nov 16, 2020

Wow. Where in Aba are you. I am in Aba too, maybe we could hook up and have a drink one day

Out of Aba at the moment on a project.. though aburo m onye green bottles grin

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