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Events / Three Times The Charm At The Jumia Game Of Deals | Up To 40% Discount by JumiaOnline(m): 8:59am On Jan 27, 2016
One was a quirk, two was a coincidence and three will be a charm. If the first two didn't make a right, try Game of Deals season 3. Jumia will be charming you with perfect edition of the Game of Deals at a zenith of up to 40% discount across all categories from 9am to 3pm on Wednesday, 27th of January, 2016.

If the first episode of the Game of Deals was the bomb, the second was nuclear and the third one is going to hit you like an asteroid. Be sure to catch the best deals across premium brands from phones, home appliances, fashion wears, games, gadgets and more especially if you are on a tight budget.

Frankly, the Game of Deals has no bounds and its jaw dropping deals are streaks of comets. Nothing gratifies the heart more than having value for your money! So, breathe easy and find respite in the fact that the discounts are coming because it is going to be endemic.

If you clicked valiantly in the first edition of the Game Of Deals you randomly just tried it, if you shopped with an arsenal in the second edition, you love the G.O.D; if you are preparing to lay a siege tomorrow at 3rd edition, it is safe to conclude that you are an addict and a Hot shopper.

Remember! Three is a charm, two is not the same and one was just the beginning. Are you game? If not; walk, dash or run to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on any of our social media platforms to be the first to know.

Fashion / Jumia Fashion Clearance Sales 2016 At Up To 80% Discount | For Those On A Budget by JumiaOnline(m): 11:23am On Jan 18, 2016
Yes! The Jumia Fashion Clearance sale is here with a bang! Starting today, Monday, 18th of January to Sunday, 7th of February, 2016, be sure to be spoilt for choice on a variety of your favourite premium brands at up to a mouth-watering 80% discount especially if you have a leash on your budget.

Jumia understands the nagging necessity of a wardrobe make-over especially at the start of a new year, so be sure to catch all your premium brands from Casio, Newlook, Firetrap, Guess, JML, Babyliss, Maybelline and more at up to jaw-dropping price cut.

Is your wardrobe having a déjà vu? Is styling up part of your 2016 goals? Looking for the perfect fashion items to match that special occasion? Jumia is giving you the bragging right to fulfill your fashion goal in three weeks of unbelievable Fashion Clearance Sales.
From fashion’s ever-evolving trends, styles we thought were dead and buried to styling up in 2016, birthing fashion drifts and top notch brands. For all upward trend Fashionistas, it would be a mega-hit back to back from 2015 to 2016.

One vital detail about the Jumia Fashion Clearance Sales is that it is ‘first come, first serve!’ Now is the time to leave whatever you are doing to jump online to the Jumia Fashion Clearance Sales page, subscribe to our newsletter or download the Jumia app and be the first to know.

Nairaland / General / Re: Online Petition Against Jumia - by JumiaOnline(m): 4:54pm On Jan 08, 2016
Hello there, we are so sorry to hear about your experience. May I have your order number or mobile number to follow up on your complaint?
Crime / Re: How JUMIA Is Defrauding People On BLACK FRIDAY Sales by JumiaOnline(m): 11:57am On Dec 08, 2015
JUMIA is indeed an online retailing fraud!! How else would explain buying an item, finding out that it is faulty and you are told that there is nothing they can do about I bought an HP Slate 6 Voice Tab ( ₦ 21,990.00) and it turned out that no SIM could work on that phone. I have called all their customer care lines, all numbers ring out on the line dedicated for returns. I went to two of their pick up points in Abuja and I am told that there is nothing they can do about, not even assisting getting across to their Lagos office! Both ends said that anything bought on BLACK FRIDAY cannot be returned!! @JumiaNGHelp This is coordinated online retailing 419!

Hi, we are really sorry for your experience. Please, kindly give us your order number so we look into this as soon as possible. Awaiting your response. Thank you!


Business / JUMIA BLACK FRIDAY || Up To 90% Discount by JumiaOnline(m): 7:43pm On Nov 25, 2015
Yes! It is finally here! A sneak-peak into Black Friday deals! A vaccine to ease the tension not cure it, the antidote will be available on Friday, 27th of November, 2015. Bloody thirsty Black Friday shoppers can find respite in the fact that 2% of the Black Friday deals have mysteriously found its way out the sealed bag. You might want to wear a frame to shield you from the eye-popping flash sales. Sit tight as you digest this NAFDAC approved chill pill.

Here comes the part you have been waiting for, the Infinix Hot 2 will be selling at 50% discount and the PS4 will be available at a jaw-dropping 45% discount. Hold on; do not grab your calculators yet because there is more coming. Brace yourselves! All other discounts would leave you mummified or like Oliver Twist.

To all Fashionistas; Michael kors, New look, Ralph Lauren and more have sworn their allegiance to the Jumia Black Friday at a breath taking 40% discount.

This is just the tip of the iceberg

Events / Re: Guess What Is Coming Soon? Win A N5,000 Jumia Voucher by JumiaOnline(m): 1:32pm On Nov 06, 2015
Jumia does it again! Set to Cause a Nation Holiday on Black Friday at up to 90% discount

The concept Black Friday is celebrated around the world the day after Thanksgiving with stores offering exclusive deals online and offline for one day. It is a day when people trying to get the best discounts will block and tackle better than their favourite football teams.

If you did not know better, you will assume Black Friday is a national holiday as 2014 recorded a multitude of 370million shoppers worldwide on that same day, spending over $70billion total in the process.

Jumia, Africa’s favourite online retailer is bringing back Black Friday in a massive way this year on Friday, November 27th 2015. It will be federating with MTN, Binatone, Mediatek, Infinix and Innjoo to give you the biggest shopping event Nigeria has ever witnessed.

It will feature flash sales, exclusive fashion deals, blockbuster discounts and more at up to 90% off for everyone. 1000 products with the best prices guaranteed in Nigeria will be available for Black Friday. Customers will be buried under a 24-hour long avalanche of deals and Flash Sales! All the big electronics and fashion brands have RSVPed “YES!” to the event.

2013 was the year Jumia pioneered and brought black Friday to Nigeria but it really got the roof on fire in 2014 with more than 30,000 visits on the website every minute and over 10 million page views on the Jumia website in one day. 400% more orders were placed on that one day than on any other day of the year. The thrills could not be rifer.

2015 Black Friday is set to give everyone an insight into why it is #NowOrNever. Our lucky Black Friday shoppers will stand the chance to win extra vouchers if they shop on Jumia during Black Friday. Jumia is set to make an epoch-making statement and put to bed all doubts regarding who sets the pace.

Black Friday deals on JUMIA will run across all categories on the 27th of November, 2015 and customers can enjoy up to 90% discount on items with free delivery anywhere in Nigeria. It is now or never! It is going to be an epic battle of the fastest fingers! Are you ready for the Black Friday Tsunami?

Events / Re: Guess What Is Coming Soon? Win A N5,000 Jumia Voucher by JumiaOnline(m): 10:20am On Nov 05, 2015

Power is always fleeting; it can be taken by a stroke of a pen or a tweet in the cybersphere. But the Power of Black is an attitude, it defies status quo and the limit is infinite- just pure passion. And you can wager it echoes in perpetuity.

The Power of Black is like no other. It is a mystery, cannot be silenced or confined. It imprints in the sands of time and clears every doubt. The power of black cannot be faulted or faked!

You can’t wield the Power of Black, if you don’t go black. Its autograph is supreme. Many would climb the highest mountain; sail through the tempest and cross the hottest desert to catch a glimpse of the Power of Black.

Jumia is black! Proudly black! It would be going even dip-black very soon and would be wielding its Power of Black in collaboration with the Nigerian ‘legendary dark knights’.

It is an emancipation from Ember fantasies for all Nigerians whose cravings cannot be contained and are powering the progressive spirit of the Nigerian Ecommerce. It is a pledge to celebrate every Nigerian for who they are by making available what they need.

Brace yourselves! The Power of Black is real and the beautiful ones are about to be born.

Save the date! Friday, 27th of November, 2015. Black Friday!!!

Events / Re: Guess What Is Coming Soon? Win A N5,000 Jumia Voucher by JumiaOnline(m): 6:55pm On Nov 04, 2015

Black cars! Black Diamonds! Black dresses! Black cards! Black Friday! All black everything. Black is powerful, classy, edgy and intriguing all at the same and Jumia will be wielding its power.

Its rebirth of the black Friday, Jumia is taking center stage. There are no limits, it’s all in the passion; no gimmicks, just go with the flow. It’s now or never to put words into action and create a rife in the ecommerce landscape because it’s all black everything.

For all those phantom lovers in Jumia’s dreams, she will receive you with cocktail gloves and a strapless dress, with a perfect silhouette to soothe you through the dip-black with mouth-watering discounts.

Once you go black, you will never go back! You would never know, if you could ever be; if you never try, you would never see and it would be the most disheartening experience to miss out on the Nigeria’s biggest shopping event.

Jumia is going black and you better run into its shadows of crazy discounts.

Events / Guess What Is Coming Soon? Win A N5,000 Jumia Voucher by JumiaOnline(m): 8:39am On Nov 03, 2015
It is intense, it’s a rush, it’s big, it’s a wave, it’s the truth, it’s a machination, its endemic and it’s going to be an explosion!!! Be careful, you undeniably want to get caught up in it. Yes! You read right!

Heed the clarion call! Jumia is going to break down every cyber door because the moment of truth is now or never and would leave you in awe.
Is your style sexy, sophisticated, glamorous, techy or edgy? Maybe all at once? Would you like to put square pegs in round holes that fit perfectly? You need to keep up with Jumia, because this train is electric.

It would come as swift as the speed of light, hit you like a bad habit and leave you like Oliver Twist. It is nothing short of a mastermind. Do not be ‘afeared’, the pie is mouth-watering, enough to go round and everyone would grab a piece of it.

It is a beauty in the eye of every beholder, an eclipse of cyberspace, an alignment of the stars, a mystery that defies man and a void within that would fulfill every ember fantasies.

This phenomenon is 11 letters; it comes once in a year. Whenever it comes around, it is frenzy all over the internet. What is it? Guess right and win a N5,000 voucher. Click here to place your answers in the comments session of Jumia Lounge.

Visit or download the Jumia app, subscribe to our newsletter or follow our social our social media platforms because the movement is rife.

Events / Jumia Mega Tv Blast! Upto 40% Live On Jumia by JumiaOnline(m): 8:45am On Oct 26, 2015
Upto 40% discounts on your favourite TV brands are currently being broadcasted live on Jumia and you should not be left behind as it ends on Wednesday, 28th of August, 2015. There is no time to say Jumia!

Currently, the Samsung, Bluegate and Skyworth TVs are trending and we hear it is a pint-sized feature of the climax in this live transmission of discounts. It is now or certainly not to take a deep dive into the Jumia Mega TV Blast. Be warned that it is limited stock available so it’s the fastest finger first.

Stay tuned because it is going to be a 3day Mega TV Blast with action-packed discounts 100% guaranteed with the best market prices. No carry last!

Take advantage of the Mega TV Blast by shopping for your favourite TV brands. Hurry now! Click here to start shopping for your premium TVs and it will be delivered directly to your doorstep

Events / GAME OF DEALS: 6-hours Of Fierce 80% Discount by JumiaOnline(m): 1:26pm On Oct 19, 2015
Are you bold, fast and ready to play the Game of Deals? Time has proven that our hot deals sell out in a matter of seconds and only the swift and lion-hearted would survive.

Jumia’s Game of Deals would feature colossal discounts as high as 80% across all categories for a whooping 6hours from 10am to 4pm. It seems like a quarter of a day, but will appear meager as many itchy fingers would eager to grasp a bit of the pie or the whole pie.

One vital detail about the Game of Deals is that all prices must die! Jumia will fall, to rise again! The Game of Deals is on Thursday, 22nd of October, 2015. It is undeniably too good to be true and it would be here before you say Jumia!

Now you have an impeccable opportunity to get those shoes you have been lusting after, that sleek phone with all the right curves & edges, a gift to make your loved one happy, the PS4 or Xbox One to fulfill your gaming fantasy.

Be warned! It will be an explosive Jumia’s ‘October rush’, so get prepared and save the date because we are going to cause a tremor in the Nigerian Cyberspace in the Game of Deals.

Investment / Re: Jumia Is Now So Freaking Unreliable!!!!!!!!! by JumiaOnline(m): 4:53pm On Oct 02, 2015
Hello there. We apologize for the delay in the delivery of your order and the unsatisfactory experience so far. We will require your order number to assist with an update on the on-going refund.

At , our goal is to ensure that our customers derive premium satisfaction from shopping with us. Hence we are working hard to actualize this dream.

Please note that there is no preferential treatment in terms of how high or how low the cost of an item is as we value every customer who takes time to visit and purchase items on our website.

You may please reply this quote with your order number or send to any of our social platforms and we will ensure a prompt resolution. Thank you.

Jumia should, must return my money!!!!!!

I made a purchase dated 29/08/2015, I orderd for a Family blender.... After waiting for a whole month, the crazy package finaly arrived 21/09/2015...

After paying the delivery man, went up tried the blender, I was shocked to the bone marrow when the blender wasn't even coming up talk less of rolling...

Wasted my airtime calling them... After the blah blah blah, I was told I would be refunded or given a voucher code to order for another....

The worst part was when I ordered for a Hp laptop for my sister worth over 78k, it didn't take up to 24hrs I got my package!!!!!!!

That means Jumia serve those with high purchases and those with low purchases to go and die!!!!

And we are here talking of corruption!

Till now, haven't seen refund, Voucher code, or even a new package

I weep for Jumia!

Cause I go use vex send boys enter thier Warehouse!
Investment / Re: Jumia Is Now So Freaking Unreliable!!!!!!!!! by JumiaOnline(m): 4:46pm On Oct 02, 2015
I am sorry about your experience. May I have your order number so I can assist you better? Thank you

Jumia should, must return my money!!!!!!

I made a purchase dated 29/08/2015, I orderd for a Family blender.... After waiting for a whole month, the crazy package finaly arrived 21/09/2015...

After paying the delivery man, went up tried the blender, I was shocked to the bone marrow when the blender wasn't even coming up talk less of rolling...

Wasted my airtime calling them... After the blah blah blah, I was told I would be refunded or given a voucher code to order for another....

The worst part was when I ordered for a Hp laptop for my sister worth over 78k, it didn't take up to 24hrs I got my package!!!!!!!

That means Jumia serve those with high purchases and those with low purchases to go and die!!!!

And we are here talking of corruption!

Till now, haven't seen refund, Voucher code, or even a new package

I weep for Jumia!

Cause I go use vex send boys enter thier Warehouse!
Politics / Re: Nigerian Gay Activists Protest, Ask Buhari To Repeal Nigeria's Antigay Law (Pics by JumiaOnline(m): 4:40pm On Oct 01, 2015
Hi, Kindly click on https://www./catalog/?q=+cigarette to view your desired item. Thank you


Hi does Jumia sell cigarette ?

Would love to get white London!

Technology Market / Re: Jumia Independent Day Voucher Rain!!? - Contact Me Now--> by JumiaOnline(m): 6:00pm On Sep 14, 2015
I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. May I have your order number so I can assist you better? Thank you

you guys at Jumia claim you deliver all over Nigeria and yet when someone makes an order you start saying you don't deliver in certain towns. Not everyone lives in lagos you know...
Politics / Re: Huh, See How Tiny Fish Ate 11yr Old Boy Who Went On Vacation And Fall Into River by JumiaOnline(m): 5:55pm On Sep 14, 2015
We are an Online retail store. You can place orders on our website and it will be delivered within 3-8 days. Kindly visit our page @ www.. We look forward to fulfilling your future orders. Thank you

What's this Jumia about, is it like Amazon.com?
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester United Vs Liverpool (3 - 1) On 12th September 2015 by JumiaOnline(m): 10:23am On Sep 14, 2015
Kindly register as an affiliate marketer on our platform. Kindly send an email to affiliateprogram@ and you will receive a feedback. Thank you

I need money from jumia abi na jumai. How we go do am?
Health / Re: Trying To Conceive A Child? TTC by JumiaOnline(m): 5:16pm On Sep 11, 2015
Kindly click on https://www./catalog/?q=+serrapeptase to place your order and it will be delivered within 3-8 days. Thank you

mumigrace, Pls o, I have a question. Is there anywhere I can get serrapeptase in abuja and how much? Thanks in advance.

You can order from Jumia. 40,000 units is #7,500 while 120,000units is #14,000 and delivery fee is #560. You will pay at delivery.
Politics / Re: DSS Screens Buhari’s Ministerial Nominees- PUNCH by JumiaOnline(m): 8:51am On Sep 10, 2015
Kindly click on https://www./catalog/?q=pepper+spray to view the various pepper sprays we have available. Thank you


Hi I need pepper spray from Jumia. The one of 2500. I want it delivered to me at VI, Idejo street specifically. Can u deal?
Business / Re: Jumia Just Messed Up. by JumiaOnline(m): 10:06am On Sep 09, 2015
If na Amazon US you buy this TV, am sure it would have reached your residence by now. I get highly disappointed with services like this, this is not the first or second time I have heard this complain even my colleague the other day was so bitter with this same experience, what could be the cause of this delay? because am thinking of an online store where once an order is confirm, the buyer get a login detail to a GPS tracking platform where they can see in real-time the movement of the delivery vehicle. This will build confidence and add value. Obviously this is not complex to achieve, I currently own a branded GPS tracking platform and and I can personally setup an online store, so I wonder why jumia can't deliver a less than innovative service delivery. Well if they need idea, they better go for it cos this is not good for their brand.

I apologize for your experience. May I have your order number so I can assist you better with your order status? Thank you

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Computers / Re: Post Your Computer (PC) Troubles Here. by JumiaOnline(m): 9:28am On Sep 09, 2015
I need new laptop from. Jumia .. A trusted and reliable jumia agent should quote me wit his or her num...urgent pls

Kindly click on http://ow.ly/RY4Nn to view the various Laptops we have available. Once you place your order, it will be delivered within 3-8 days. Thank you
Events / Bbm Selfie Contest On Jumia Bbm Channel ‘c0042e15c’ by JumiaOnline(m): 1:56pm On Sep 07, 2015
Hi everyone,

We are at it again! we never cease to run out interesting contents for you guys on all our platforms.

Cough! Cough! Cough!

We are back with a new contest… Woohoo!

Just in case you don’t know, the renowned Oxford dictionary describes a selfie as ‘a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media’…..*runsaway*. Ofcourse,I Know you know.
A fact that was totally omitted about this worldwide phenomenon is that for every good selfie, there are about 47 failed ones! However, the fact that there are smartphones out there today which guarantee you a perfect selfie on every attempt my make this assertion arguable! So, let’s find out then. Whether it’s the duckface smirk, pouting lips or the coyly suggestive close-up, Jumia recognizes that selfies are a mainstay of BBM,Twitter and Instagram.

The Jumia BBM Selfie Contest starts on Monday, 7th of September, 2o15. All you need to do is to take selfie with a boxed item you bought from Jumia and send to commwunity@, make the subject of the mail ‘JUMIA BBM SELFIE CONTEST- *order number*’. But first, you need to subscribe to the channel ‘C0042E15C’. You can start sending your entries today and ask friends to subscribe to the Jumia channel. Entries close on wednesday and your friends can start to like your pictures from Thursday, 10th of September, 2015.

The winner will be announced on Monday, 14th of September, 2015 and will recieve a Huawei Y520 smartphone.

Events / Innjoo Powers Up Nigeria With Two New Smartphone Launches by JumiaOnline(m): 4:57pm On Sep 04, 2015
InnJoo, the fastest growing smartphone brand in Africa and the Middle East, recently announced the launch of two large battery smartphones Halo and Fire Plus. Halo 5.0 inch comes with a 3,200mAh battery, while Fire Plus 5.5-inch is equipped 3,600 mAh battery and enables fast charge. Both smartphones are customized for Nigerian customers with a longer battery usage.

“To provide the most competitive product with considering the market requirement in the best time is the core of our strategy to establish leadership in a market.” Robert Liang said, InnJoo’s Managing Director. After months’ research, InnJoo discovered that the most populated country in Africa has only about 40% of its population connected to the energy grid. The need to constantly recharge causes a great deal of trouble to the smartphone users who have been considering about getting a smartphone so far. “It is why we take into account improving the situation with these new coming smartphones.” Liang added.

InnJoo Halo is equipped by 3,200mAh long-lasting battery and powered by high energy density technology. It can keep the smartphone under a one-day full operation, 15 hours phone call, even for 300 hours stand-by time. It also features a 5 inch HD IPS display, plus a 5MP rear and 2 MP front camera, it ensures a stunning display and browsing effect as well as clear angle for capturing.

Halo is equipped with an in-built 1GB RAM and internal storage of 8GB which can be further expanded to 32GB via microSD card. The built-in InnUI runs under the 1.2GHz Quad-core Processor also ensures longer usage with its power saving settings, which allow users the comfort to enjoy browsing the Internet, playing games, watching videos, listening to music and talking on the phone for longer periods.

Another new model from Fire series, the 5.5inch 5.7mm thickness Fire Plus is also coming with the large battery. The 3,600mAh battery ensures more than 24 hours of music playing, 22 hours phone call, 10 hours video playback and 330 hours stand-by, which is pretty average and lasts more than a day for moderate users. With the fast charge technology, it can be breezily feed up in just 2 hours.

Fire Plus is powered by 64-bit Octa-core powerful processor to deliver consistent performance at faster speed and keeps multitasking with a lower consumption. The Mali-400 MP GPU ensures great colour display and a feature rich user experience. Also the advanced HD 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera provides bravo photo shooting for the social photographer and selfie enthusiast. For storage, Fire Plus has 2GB built-in RAM that comes with 16GB of inbuilt storage and supports expand to maximum 128GB.

“These two models are born for Nigeria market”, Liang commented. “People are making the switch from feature phones to smartphones while they now have to charge their phones once or twice a day, instead of once a week. But InnJoo Halo and Fire Plus will give it a change.” Furthermore, both releases also spot different designs on the back shell allowing users to express their individuality.

InnJoo Halo and Fire Plus will be available on Jumia soon at the prices beyond your imagination

Business / Re: 3 Easy Ways To Make Money On Jumia by JumiaOnline(m): 4:40pm On Sep 04, 2015
option 3 can someone from ogun state sell on jumia? @JumiaOnline

Hello. Currently, we are only open to Sellers within Lagos. We hope to extend our services to other states in the future. Thank you.
Events / Jumia Supports Women Empowerment by JumiaOnline(m): 3:45pm On Sep 04, 2015
Jumia recognizes that entrepreneurship has great potential to contribute massively to employment generation and economic growth in Nigeria. Amidst statistical success rate, women entrepreneurs face different issues depending on the stages of their personal life cycle, region, legislation and industry. The African Fashion Development and Empowerment Center organized a conference on Friday the 28th of August dedicated to fashion women entrepreneurs and graciously invited Jumia to inspire the audience.

According to Bili Sule, Jumia Nigeria’s Head of Fashion Vendor Management and a thriving entrepreneur herself,Jumia should not be seen as a competitor but as a facilitator for women entrepreneurs: “I am a fashion entrepreneur myself and used to have my own e-commerce website selling clothing and beauty products, so I always thought of Jumia as the competition. The day I understood that Jumia is not my competitor, but a vehicle to accelerate the growth of my business, everything changed.”
“I moved all my stock to Jumia and I’ve never looked back! My sales grew significantly so I could focus on the creative side of developing my brand.”

“Now I am the Head of Fashion Vendor Management at Jumia, so when AFDEC approached us to support and empower their female fashion entrepreneurs, we jumped at the opportunity.
We connected many of the attendees with acquisition managers who will work with them to launch their fashion brands on Jumia – the No1 Online Fashion Destination in Nigeria.”
If you are among one of those thriving fashion entrepreneurs and wish to boost your business and your sales, please pay us a visit at https://www./marketplace/ and get started !
#JumiaEmpoweringWomen #JumiaFashion #AFDEC #SellAtJumia.

Events / Jumia Certified As A Socially Devoted Company by JumiaOnline(m): 3:07pm On Sep 04, 2015

Constantly setting the pace and after receiving the award in the first quarter of the year 2015 with 79%, Jumia has once again received yet another enviable award as a Socially devoted company from April 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2015 by the New Standard of Customer Care in Social media, the Social Bakers.

Socialbakers is a social media analytics and publishing company that provides social media management services and deep data analytics for thousands of brands that market on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and VK.It was founded on October 13, 2008.

According to the CEO of the Socialbakers, Jan Rezab, it was verified that Jumia had an 85% total response rate on FaceBook, making Jumia the Socially Devoted Company for the 2nd quarter of the year 2015.

Jumia will continue to deliver smiles across Nigeria and taking the front seat in e-commerce in Nigeria

Business / 3 Easy Ways To Make Money On Jumia by JumiaOnline(m): 3:00pm On Sep 04, 2015
If you want to make money, all you need is yourself, a computer and a very good internet connection (buy one if you don’t have!). You also might need a cup of coffee or whatever you like to drink, so that you can relax on your sofa and start making money online.

It doesn’t matter if you have a white collar job or you are into business, a little extra cash added to the lot you already have won’t be bad. Would it?

Jumia is on-hand to give you an insight on how you can make an easy living.

Become an Independent Sales Consultant
To be a sales consultant with Jumia Nigeria, you will be required to register, create your own team (a network of other sales consultants) and then start selling Jumia products and make money doing so. You can make up to ₦1,000,000 monthly doing this. Click here to start making fast money

2. Become an Affiliate Partner

Affiliate partners can promote the products on Jumia and can get up to 11% commission on every successful order made a click via your affiliate link. You can make easy money online if you own a website, blog or just any useful social media account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc).
But first, you need to sign up for the affiliate program, find products you know people really want or the products you know your website/blog readers want or the product your social media networks need. Promote the products, get people to through your link, track your sales and earn commissions. How easy can money making get!
You can also use the appropriate banners from the Jumia Nigeria’s advert media via your affiliate account. Choose the banners that is according to your target audience from the various product banners. The good thing is that you can be upgraded to a premium affiliate and earn more depending on how well you promote Jumia. Regular promotions to targeted audience means more money for you.

Sign up with Jumia affiliate program

3. Sell on Jumia Nigeria

If you have your own products and services to sell, you can easily sell them. Jumia will allow you to list your products for sale as long as you want to sell your genuine products online.

To get started, you will be required to go to the Jumia Seller registration page and sign up. After signing up, you will be able to upload your own products to sell on Jumia Nigeria. You can always contact Jumia’s Partner Support via 0700 6000 000 throughout the entire process in case you require assistance.

Sign up with Jumia Nigeria as a seller today.

Business / Re: The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Imported Goods On Konga Marketplace by JumiaOnline(m): 5:05pm On Sep 03, 2015
Please help me out on how to sell on jumia?
Hello. Please visit our website on jumia. com. ng/marketplace-vendor/ to register to become a merchant on Jumia. Cheers smiley
Technology Market / Re: WHAT WILL U DO?MY JUMIA NIGERIA EXPERIENCE by JumiaOnline(m): 1:14pm On Sep 02, 2015
I ordered for a Samsung 55" television(UA55F8000) a wall mount and some books for my children.Paid them the amount(325,860)since they said they dont do pay on delivery to my location.After series of calls and mails,they delivered the television and the wall mount through dhl yesterday while i was away to my place of work. The Issue is the model that i ordered and paid for was not what they brought. They delivered (UA55H8000AT) a curved samsung led as against the UA55F8000 that i ordered for. I immediately placed a call to one of their custom agents notifying them of what they did and actually demanded for a refund of my money. She took my details and said they will schedule a retrival and after retriving the item,that they will take it to their centre warehouse where they will carry out a quality check on it and if everything is in order, that is when they will start processing my refund.
My issue with them is,can't they bring the one that i ordered and paid for when they want want to retrieve this one?
Or if its out of stock, they should refund my money before any retrieval is done. Or must i suffer for a kind of error from their end?
The question is, should i allow them to come and retrieve this one without bringing the one that i paid for?(That means waiting for another 3weeks for their quality checks and d rest before i get a refund) or i should settle for this model since its a newer model?
Your opinion please?My other items(books are yet to be delivered)

Hi there. The retrieval timeline for locations are different. However, the retrieval, quality check and refund process is encompassed within the specific timeline for your location. You will not be required to wait an additional 3 weeks after retrieval for either a cash refund or a voucher refund. May we please request for your order number to assist you with the status of your retrieval. Thank you.
Technology Market / Re: WHAT WILL U DO?MY JUMIA NIGERIA EXPERIENCE by JumiaOnline(m): 12:42pm On Sep 02, 2015
The same thing they did to me and for 2 weeks now they have not refunded my money.

They dont send you what you paid for.

Dont buy anything from this company Jumia.

Hi there. Kindly reply this thread or send a mail with the exact issue and your order details so we can assist for a prompt resolution. Thank you.
Art, Graphics & Video / Selfie Sticks : The Best Way To Take Pictures by JumiaOnline(m): 4:25pm On Aug 31, 2015
It’s Friday again. Time to TGIF and enjoy a fun weekend.

What’s your weekend plan? Hitting the club, Owambe parties or staying in bed? Selfies are a must. All day, anywhere. So stop! Take one now; at the party, as you scroll down, right in front of the mirror. But that can get tiring fast. So why not use a Selfie Stick?

Yes, that dainty, portable accessory that gives personal photos the cool selfie effect. Who needs a partner in photography when you have a Selfie Stick.

Stretch it. Twist it. Flip it you way. And take loads of cool Selfies. It’s the weekend after all. Let your hair down. All those Instagram selfies won’t take themselves

Super compatible with all range of smartphones. Jack it or bluetooth it and you are good to go. Strike a pose and say “CHEESE”! Have a happy Selfie week!

Technology Market / Launch Of Android One In Nigeria: Exclusive On Jumia by JumiaOnline(m): 8:55am On Aug 26, 2015
As the 15% market shareholder of smartphone sales across Nigeria, Jumia Nigeria is indeed committed to being a world-class organization and maintaining its status as Nigeria’s number one online retail store. In every sense of the word, more than ever before, the company is set to drive the implementation of its e-commerce model in its first-ever partnership with Google, Infinix and MTN to move technological innovation forward in Nigeria via the introduction of Android One in the form of the Infinix Hot 2 mobile phone. This partnership brings Jumia closer to accomplishing its ultimate goal of placing one smartphone in the hands of every Nigerian.

The official launch of Android One and Infinix Hot 2 in Africa was recently held at the Landmark Event Centre in Lekki. Jeremy Doutte, CEO of Jumia Nigeria, along with the Vice President of Google, and the CEOs from Infinix and MTN, announced the launch to over 300 members of press, bloggers and stakeholders in attendance. Mr. Doutte asserted that, “Any forward-looking organisation must have real time, cutting-edge wits at the fulcrum of its business operations and that is what Jumia Nigeria consistently espouses in pushing the frontiers of its operations to everyone in the country”.

Google has just introduced an affordable smartphone in six African countries to enable low-income earners to gain access to an interconnected device. Nigeria is the first to sell the device, which will be followed by Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Egypt, and Morocco in the coming weeks. The price for the Hot 2 phones starts at N17,500, which makes it a steep markdown from other smartphones.

According to Sengupta, whose appearance in Lagos marked his first visit to Africa, “Google is proud to be associated with Nigeria’s development and a lot of progress attained can be attributed to the positive relationship they have with Jumia, Nigeria’s number one online retailer”. He further said together with Jumia, they would drive and make available affordable technological equipments available to everyone at premium quality.

In response to the gesture, the CEO of Jumia Nigeria, Jeremy Doutte stated that Jumia is the one stop online-retailer you can trust that will continually build Nigerians’ confidence in them to set the pace and strategically partner with big brands to ensure that Nigerians have premium products and deals at affordable prices.

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