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Programming / Advanced Programming Techniques (java) by kambo(m): 11:34pm On Oct 29, 2014
powerful Techniques to ease your programming burden

In programming, abstraction is power.
Abstraction is also expressibility.
Higher abstractions = More Power = more expressiveNess and elegant programs.
and hopefully less boiler plate code.

here are some stuffs i've discovered that also make
programming easier for me. Some have been pre empted by the new
java release (java cool. most/all by other functional programming languages.

0.) Generics
Beneath the object types i'll be listing is
the powerful java Generics facility.

Generics was a major milestone in the java language evolution.
And it was well worth it.
It made the language mor complex but for the gains
,for the gains.. it was worth it .
I really wondered how we got on without generics!!
but you dont see how primitive you are until you've
experienced a better alternative.

1.) pair data type
using java generics a pair could be created as this.

private A aa;
private B b;
public Pair(A a,B b)
this.a = a;
this.b = b;

public A first(){return a;}
public B second(){return b;}

in logic and mathematics the pair corresponds to the tuple.

its ease and power comes from saving the coder writing
boiler plate one off classes .

too many times in programming, a result is needed that
comprises of more than one object.
Pairs shine in such situation.
A workaround could be by using a collection: an array, a list, a set
etc but that's overkill.
Use a pair and you'd be left gaping why o why you'd never used it all this while.

pair's are great for filtering data sets.
e.g suppose you combing thru a directory looking for files
with a particular extension, and also wanting to know those
files that didnt make the cut,
your could return the final result in the form of
a pair: Pair<List<File>,List<File>>
where the pair.first() = matching list
pair.second = non-matching list.

2.) Range
The need for a range data type is so obvious yet so ignored
by the java lang.
ruby and i think python have it.
A range object would save writing cumbersome akward codes filled
with tangling if statements.
just pack a range and your good to go.

A range is used to partition an set into distinct classes.

age ranges? see even the last word hints that its a distinct
object in the english language yet its not realized in mainstream langs.
here is an example where range is king of the track.

students grades.

A = 70-100
B = 60-69
C = 50-59
D = 40-49
E = 30 - 39
F = 0 - 29

other ranges are :
laptop types price ranges.

netbooks -
chrome books -
pc laptops -
gaming laptops-
workstations -
rugged laptops-

A range can reduce the membership checking code by
implementing it internally.

person = pre-teen
person = teenager
person = tween/adult etc

with a range object the boiler checks go away.

the difference is clear.

3.) Conditions
using conditions to filter collections .
this technique is so useful that its now a defining point
in java 8 (the whole lambda shenaningan).
In other languages it called Predicates.
its a core tool in functional languages.

using generics a condition could be defined as:

interface Condition<T>
public boolean matches(final T t);

with the condition elevated to Object status,
filtering operations can be abstracted even further instead
of being hard backed into unrelated classes.

here's an example where using a condition shines.

searching thru a file system and accumulating files according
to a criteria.

first create a generic filter method.

class aClass
public filter<T> Collection<T> (Collection<T> col,Condition<T>wink
List<T> list = new LinkedList<>();
return Collections.unmodifiableList(list);
Iterator<T> iter = col.iterator();
T t = iter.next();
return list;
// actually lock it with a collections object
return Collections.unmodifiableList(list);

now you have a generic condition object and a generic filter method.
You're reading for business.

what could you filter with this.
say the file system.
you want to gather all pdf's in your hard disk.

Condition<File> pdfMatches = new Condition<>
public boolean matches(final File f)
return f.isFile()&& f.getName().toLowerCase().endsWith("pdf"wink;

assuming you have a list of files in a folder

your result is as easy as:

List<File> matches = filterClass.filter(List<File> filesInFolder,pdfMatches);

4.) Differences
This is rarer to use though. But sometimes
when dealing with a collection , you want to do the equivalent
of an arithmetic minus operation.
it can be so combersome because java's collection
api doest natively provide for this operation.

an example screaming for a difference operation:

take the file type issue.
say the file name is "Test.java".

You want to get the fileType - so you do some string mangling and extract the type . its "java"
next you want to do get the name - more string mangling ,you get
the name = "Test".
but all you hard work was logically equivalent to saying

fileName - pureName = extension/type
fileName - extension = pureName.

this is a simple example.
But this operation arises over and over again when working with
collections. sometimes going the other way and just getting the difference is more efficient.

say in your file system , you have files of different types:
txt,pdf,java,c,cpp , zip,rar
and you want a list of all files except one or two types.

a diff method would be refreshing.

Collection<File> filesInFolder - Collection<File> unwantedFiles;

looping and packing in a collection would work.
but its messy for more than one differentiation.

easier would be:
Collection<T> difference(Collection<T> colA,Collection<T> colB);

more diff'ing could continue. chained diffs

difference(Collection<T> colA,difference(Collection<T> colB,Collection<T> colC));
Now for some really intricate data operations,
think of combing, Pairs,with differentiation,and Conditions
(all under the abstraction foundation of generics),
to work on data collections!!
It's in situations like this that - there is just no elegant alternative
to these powerful techniques.

an all in one example:
In this example, Pair, Condition and filtering will be used to cut up a list
into parts.
an example.
say you want to separate a group of people according to more than one criteria,
all consecutively.

first - you want to separate the men from the women
then among the separated women, you want to separate the pregnant from the non
then you want to separate among the pregnant the married from the unmarried.
The among the married you want to separate those that married from their tribe
from those who married inter-tribally.
so many conditions-.
without generics and the techniques listed above it can be cumbersome to write.

so here's how the examples so far can make a more elegant solution.

in java-speak:

//a generic method for multiple filtering of a list..

public <T> List<List<T>> multiFilter(List<T> rawList , List<Condition<T>> conditions)
//ignore edge cases : null/invalid arguments
List<List<T>> res = new LinkedList<>();//create resulting list
Iterator<Condition<T>> iter = conditions.iterator();//get an iterator
List<T> remL = null;//pointer to the remaining unprocessed list
remL = rawList; //set remainder to initial argument
Condition<T> c = iter.next();//current condition
Pair<List<T>,List<T>> pair = filter(remL,c);
//filter code from an earlier example
//assuming the pair holds matches and non matches.
//where the matching list is the first and the non matches is the second
//field in the pair object.
//set remainder to the second (non matches in the pair)
remL = pair.second();
//process repeats itself
if(!remL.isEmpty())//catch the dregs
// the resulting list , is nicely broken into chunks fulfilling each
//condition in the list of conditions
//return the result.
return res;

//format 2
multiFilter(List<T> rawL,Condition<T>... conditions)
return multiFilter(rawL,java.util.Arrays.asList(conditions));
// noda format of the method using variable args..

to solve the first example problem just create conditions matching
each criteria and invoke the generic method on them.

noda multiFiltering example:
segregating files in a system:
conditions: nulls,folders,nonFiles,filesWithNoExtension,fileTypes.

run thru the fileSystem, get filetypes and put in a set.
for each fileType <assuming its a string > create a Condition
Object for it.

fileTypeCondition implements Condition<File>
String ftype;
public boolean matches(final File f)
//get filetype
if it matches filetype it passes etc

create condition objects for the other conditions.
pack them into list ,in the specified order.
invoke, multiFilter
return result.

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Programming / Defining OOP In Terms Of Set Theory by kambo(m): 1:07am On Sep 26, 2014
Turns out typical oop (object oriented programming ) with its nested inheritance structures can
be neatly defined using high school set theory knowledge.
some definitions:
A set is a mathematical ideology for a group.
A group of things. Not to be confused with the same mathematical object , group , in group theory.
In real i.e physical life, we have no problem with the idea of a group.
like a fridge - for holding food. A school bag for holding books and stationery,
a wallet for holding money etc. An office for holding staff,machines,puters,and bosses.
operations on sets include - query for membership.
in the set of alphabets - a,b,c,e....z. the number 1 isnt a member of that set.
2.) intersection
two sets intersect to create another set.
the result of an intersection is a set , which contains elements that both sets have in common.
if A = letters in the word fish
B = letters in the word meat
A intersection B = null/empty set. cuz fish and meat have no letters in common.

3.) Union,
union is analogous to mathematical addition.
with a union the combined sets create a larger resultant set.
A = letters in the word fish
B = letters in the word meat
A union B = fishmeat.

Application to oop.
Memberships and inheritance . Relationships can be modelled using set theory.

lets say Ade is a father and he works as a teacher in a secondary school and is married to Ada.

oop constructs would be:

class Father{

public abstract int number of children();

class/interface Employee{
public string nameOfWorkPlace();
public string nameOfOccupation();

class Man{
public String Name();
public Sex Sex(){return Sex.MALE;}

Father extends Man{}

A problem quickly arises.
Many abstract classes and interfaces have to b created to model the relationship
like a human class has to be super class from which male and female sub classes are derived
Employee has to be made an interface to work around single inheritance problems etc

it goes on and on ...

With set theory - it gets flatter and easier.
Father = set of all fathers.
Employee = set of all employees
Male = set of all men
Wife = set of all wives
Person = an object that is a base element in the sets.
A person can be amember of more than 1 set . Logical.
so lets create the person object and register it with its respective set.
Person adeP = new Person("Ade",M);
lets create the fathers set. Fathers = Set.createSet("Fathers"wink;
is ade a father?
Fathers.isMember(adeP) = if it returns affirmative - you gat your answer.
in oop , the solution is clumsy - traversing the inheritance tree!!- yikes. hyper ugly.

is ade an employee?

is ade a Husband?

lets say - ade gets fired from his teaching job.
what happens - he exits the set of employees and joins the set of JobSeekers.
Employees.disMember(adeP) .


Ade dies . he leaves the set of living things . joins set of deceased.

More work...
in a set theoretic language. Objects would be broken into two broad classes. Sets, elements.
A set can contain sets.
all the contents in a set are elements.
elements can tell what sets they belong to.
Ade /person object could be queried directly to determine what sets it belongs to.
Person.getBelongingSets(); // returns a Set of names of sets it is members of.

Actually using this approach - one thing stands out.
Multiple inheritance (thinking c++) here is more natural and reflective of real life relationships than
single inheritance. With single inheritance mechanism of mainstream oop, lots of scaffolding has to be
written to model relationships properly and even with that it just doesnt work right . Think
interfaces,abstract classes,etc.
Religion / Re: Christians, Can You Abstain From Sex? by kambo(m): 1:54am On Jan 09, 2014
Some tibetan and chinese monks can go for years without an erecti.on. They are not chrstians.
It's self control brother. But you know we dnt really apply ourselves until there's no alternative.
I read in d bible ,in thessalonians and it says self control, but in church you hear prayer,so brothers pray n pray n pray.
The book says self control. So the issue shud b how can a brother learn to exercise his self control cuz prayer aint enuff. But prayr can help but its not enuff.
Religion / Re: Man Claiming To Be Jesus Banned From Britain/us by kambo(m): 1:42am On Jan 09, 2014
If he were flogged within inches of his life and prepared ,but.t n.aked for roman style crucifixion,
stapled to some sticks with rusty nails, you'd b suprised how quickly he deny his Christ hood.
Talk is cheap.
Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 1:19am On Jan 09, 2014
yeah. They cud b clashes and work arounds (full name path) . It will b abused by careless/novice developers no doubt. But for others d convenience cud b compelling.

But beyond d convenience and code economy, i was thinking of how anoda concept, "is-in" besides aggregation (inc. usg imports) and inheritance, cud affect software problem solvg and design.
Well,it's just an idea shared.
Programming / Re: Ten Great Reasons To Learn COBOL by kambo(m): 11:36pm On Jan 07, 2014
oddly they're aren't abundant resources for exploring these languages.
java is going to b this way in some decades time cuz gazillion systems run on it.
Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 11:26pm On Jan 07, 2014

I've worked on applications with literally millions of lines of code and trust me you never, ever need to have 100,000 import statements. Even 1000 imports in [b]one class
is a complete joke and shows serious design issues.

and like I said, if you have multiple classes in a packages and you just don't feel like writing full import statements for each class because your fingers are tired from posting on NL cheesy then use a wildcard. Better still, use a proper IDE that imports stuff for you automagically.

The bottom line is - this is not a problem! OK. Java has issues that have serious effect on development. Issues like type conversion, null referencing, memory leaks and others. These are issues. Suggesting that writing import java.util.List; is an issue just because you don't like to write import statements does not qualify it as important. It is really just your personal gripe. Why if Oracle considered every personal whim of every developer out there then they would be too inundated to put out any releases at all.

Besides, if you have an application where you have to do thousands of import statements in a single class then that is enough to let you know that your application is seriously flawed and you should really look at redesigning and re-factoring into a cleaner code base.

you are confusing the issue.
Either you are deliberately being biased or you still dont get what i'm saying.
I am not asking you to support or agree with my point of view but none of your arguments
or criticism shows you even understand my view point.
i am not talking of a class file with 1 000 or 10 000 import statements.
i have never seen a class file with so many import statements even.
so your harping on this shows you dont get me.

here is an example: in code - if you dont get it from here - too bad.

here is a class that holds utility functions for a project.

the project is packaged under the name

the entire application classes live under that package.

the functions (or methods) that are of generic usage are -
isNull, isNeg

i move them into class

the code:


package somePack;

public class Utility
public static boolean someService(final Object obj)
//do nothing
return false;

public static boolean isNull(final Object ob)
return (ob==null);

public static boolean isNeg(final int n){return n<0;}

in the top level package ,i.e the project package there are other classes.


most of these classes require services contained in the utility class and dont want
to rewrite the code - code economy.

so they use of one the available of code usability given their condition- being in same package as
the the class containing the service they need.

The use

instead of inheritance. and to further be more efficient, the methods are made static in the utility class



package somePack;

public class A

public String srr2string(final String[] srr)
if(Utility.isNull(srr))return "";
//process array
return "yada yada yada yada ... ";

public void processNum(final int i)
// do nonthng


class B:

package somePack;

public class B
public int doublePositives(final int i)
if(Utility.isNeg(i))return -1;
return i*2;

class C:

package somePack;

public class C

public int irrSum(final Integer[] intrr){
if(Utility.isNull(intrr))return -1;
//sum up the intrr
return 0;
public boolean validMoneyAmount(final int i){
return !Utility.isNeg(i);

class D:

package somePack.subP;

public class D


There are other classes also in the same package but in sub packages that need the services
provided in the utility class.
For them -
is out of the picture.
How to they get the services needed?

the code:

class E,F


package somePack.subP;

public class E

public int negatePositive(int i)
if(Utility.isNeg(i))return 0;
return i*-1;

public Object getSimpleName(Object ob)
if(Utility.isNull(ob))return "";
return ob.getClass().getSimpleName();

class F:

package somePack.subP;

public class F
private String s1,s2;
public F(final String arg1,final String arg2)
throw new NullPointerException();

public String getS1(){return s1;}
public String getS2(){return s2;}

if you try to compile the program, all the classes in the top Level package will compile.
The classes in the subPackages will not compile.
The classes in the sub packages need the services the classes in the top level subscribe to in
the Utility class.
The only way to get to the access this service , is either to rewrite the code again in the sub package classes - which is trivial inthis case . This leads to code duplication.
or to import the service in. This leads to adding an extra line of code for each source file in sub packages
requiring this service. this is the point i made.
either way - there's waste going on.
if they are N source files below the top level subscribing to a global (global because its functionality is so
ubiquitous. it needed in many places )
function they'll be as many extra statements. leading to N size extra lines of code using the available solution - import.

This is the corrected versions of the classes that work in sub packages.


package somePack.subP;
import somePack.Utility;// problem solved- via importing
public class E

public int negatePositive(int i)
if(Utility.isNeg(i))return 0;
return i*-1;

public Object getSimpleName(Object ob)
if(Utility.isNull(ob))return "";
return ob.getClass().getSimpleName();


package somePack.subP;
import somePack.Utility;// problem solved - importing

public class F
private String s1,s2;
public F(final String arg1,final String arg2)
throw new NullPointerException();

public String getS1(){return s1;}
public String getS2(){return s2;}

case 2:
in order for sub classes to even use the utility class the Utility must be made completely public,
meaning it is even accessible from any class outside the top level.

YOu maintain that this is not a problem. I say it is a big problem. a sleeper problem that programmers
have gotten used to. But it is still a big problem.
As more sub packages and nested structures enter the program heirarchy the temptation to
write duplicate code will increase , the resentment to write that extra import statement will rise.
That's why ide's are so much an issue here , they mask the bad traits of a language.
An ide could just append the extra ,redundant import statement but better if the language design
were extended to eliminate those statements.

YOu still fail to see what i'm saying. YOu think i'm against using import statements and that i'm
saying what i say because i dont want to write import statements. That's missing the point by a wide
wide margin.
My point is, if global functionality were placed at the top of the heirarchy in a project ,
all members within the heirarchy will access this functionality naturally , they will still use
import statements for the non global functions.
In this case the top heirarchy would be the package construct.
it would hold the functionality , class Utility is created to hold, making the Utility class un necessary
except for providing services to objects outside the package.
Code creation would be simpler and neater. truer to real world oop relationship model.

"What if oracle considered every whim of every developer out there ... "

The merit of an idea is not based on its adoption and even among a collection of viable ideas
a selection of a set amount has to be made . That doesnt mean people shouldnt share or publish
their ideas any more. or stop critiquing present methods for improvement.
Many advancements in the fields of physics,mathematics were built on previous seemingly worthless ideas. if they authors hadnt published their ideas they'd be no advancement.
The theory of relativity by einstein wouldnt have been possible if a former mathematician , didnt criticize
and depart from the then popular model of how spatial dimensions should be percieved.
The world of mathematics is still bemoaning the destruction of some of his works before his death and there's a $1m prize money for anyone who could decipher what the original author intended.
point: dont shoot down your idea whether foolish or sound whether implemented or not . just share and publish.
Programming / Re: Please What Is Tech Startup? by kambo(m): 2:00am On Jan 07, 2014
[michael jackson]
you wanna be starting something..
be starting something.. (x2)
[/michael jackson]

techstartups is a resulting state programmers find themselves in after they've living and breathing programming for many many years/months.
after being in this state of mind for so long, they dont look at things any more the way
ordinary people look at them.
the non coders look at their friends and say oh there's a zit on your face. the programmer
whose been living in code,looks at them and thinks - "hot or not"? or "facebook".
that lights a fuse in his brain leading to the stories you read about.
tech startup follows programming the way belching follows over eating..
but the founders are usually uber geeks.
It takes some1 who sold his soul to the processor to think up som of the tech marvels you see around you.
Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 1:26am On Jan 07, 2014

You want to have 100,000 source files in 100,000 different sub-packages? Are you insane?? shocked shocked

You're right. The problem isn't solved. Because the only problem you have here is extremely terrible design.

Are you insane vs have you heard of large software?
Are you insance or have you heard of N where N is a large number?

are you insane or have you heard of Abstraction?
i could have said N = 100 or 10 000 or 100 000 or 1 000 000 or 1 000 000.
The abstraction remains.
medium/Large application magnify the problem of globalisation using available (crude) tools.

"you want 100 000 source files in 100 000 different source packages" -
where did you get this impression?

I said 100 000 sources in differnt subpackages - meaning the 100 000 (if the app is this large)
reside under 1 package - but they're distributed into different sub packages within the 1 package.
in java you have.

javax.swing; javax.swing.text; javax.swing contains javax.swing.text. javax.swing is a package that
contains subpackages and it may contain many sub packages which may contain in themselves sub packages etc and the total files in the main package - javax. could be large e.g 100 000
and all these 100 000 distinct files have only one way to solve global function needs. instantiation -
static referencing, for classes in same package ,else import for classes in differnt packages.

if javax as package held global functions - global to all the members in it. then some of the import statements would be reduced. because the global functions are "seen" by all the members.
less import statement, less code, globalisation issues solved.
I'm patiently going over the point i'm stressing . cuz you're confusing issues.
Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 12:21am On Jan 07, 2014
100 000 source files in different subpackages will requires 100 000 import statements.
sorry problem not solved.

import java.io.File;

public class MotherC{

public void doNada(){}
class childC extends MotherC
public void doNada(){
File f = new File("."wink;
File[] frr = f.listFiles();//

compiler error:

childC.java:6 error: cannot find symbol
File f = new File("."wink;

is extending
and is in same package as

To fix the error i have to include the same import statement in the subclass-

each class/source file must have its own import statement.
2 source files, 2 import statements.
100 000 files, 100 000 import statements. 100 000 extra lines of code.
and import is the only way solve the need for global functions in clases in sub packages.
global functions/fields would reduce number of import statements written for classes in subpackages.

for non global functions - use import,static fields etc.
for global functions/fields - something more than import is required that saves code and is philosophically sound (oop wise).
Religion / Re: Sex During Fasting by kambo(m): 11:21pm On Jan 06, 2014
Fastg weakens the flesh to strenghten the spirit so yep,
include in d mix, sex weakeng also for all round body weakeng.
For short fasts,under 1 week,what's d biggi, for long fast
where will d strenght come from ?
I mean where is d energy in a man without food for 2 weeks+
for jiggi? At tht point he's livg by d grace n power of God.
Religion / Re: My Atheism And Its Effect On My Mum! by kambo(m): 3:32am On Jan 05, 2014
Buzzonix: Honestly, i find it absurd that an educated human being, someone who passed through the secondary school/University can believe in the fables of the bible, regardless of the numerous epic fails; talking animals, Sun standing still, human sacrifice, Mass genocide and many others.

many distinguished thinkers and academics believe in the bible.
and many of them came to believe after questioning the authenticity of the bible.they were Not just doing the blind leap in the dark thing you would accuse the unedcated of.
Religion / Re: My Atheism And Its Effect On My Mum! by kambo(m): 3:23am On Jan 05, 2014
muhamm3d: Am nt trying to b critical here bt i actually dd alot of research b4 i stayed a muslim...wen i read d bible i saw dt dere were too many confusions really. Jesus died on d cross and rose after 3days to were. How dd he fly? Wings or broom? Another fin is he died fr my sins how com if i do bad i stil get to enter hell fire? Another fin is hw com wen he ws on d cross he prayed to God and asked him y h hs forsaken him? If he ws lord who ws he ptaying to himself? Christmas is nt in d bible how com all xtians celeb crismas? Jesus never said anywhr in d bible dt he ws d lord God and wen he goes pray to me! He nver said, hw com xtians refer to him as d lord? Jesus is Gods son? Who is Gods wife? Or dd he just appear? U see too many unxplainable fins.... dere are too mny magics in d bible pls i cnt comprehend. Bt wen i read d quran it sounds real and everyday wen i do dat i thank God fr atlist trying it out. Muhammed(s.a.w) ws concieved and he ws born just lik a nomal person. Nobody worships him we worship Allah, hes just human and nofin seems lik outta d ordinary,he married and had children jus lik u and i...as per d many wives he ws actually just shelterin most of ds women were just sheltered by him and nt dt dey hv kids fr him contrary to popular beliefs. Due to d war den most of ds women lost deir husbnds and kids and bcame homless so he housed dem...its jus lik dangote saying he wnts to house all d widows in sudan does dt mean he wnts to sleep with all of dem? I cn relate wth dat cs its actually wt i can do. As per op am nt gonna ever say u shd chnge to muslim or xtian or pagan or stay ath, i wil jst ask u to pick a copy of d quran just read it azin jus read dnt read cs u wana chnge to islam just read it lik u wana evn knw wt dey shout about and see. As fr me wd hv said dere is no God or Allah too bt hw com wen i ask him fr wt i want he gves me almost imediately. Dt means hes dere now abi or if its d power of universe hw com wen i dnt ask it doesnt happn? And fr d freethinkers on nairaland y spend so much tim trying to convinc dt dere is no God do u knw by doin dt dt mkes it a religion? U shouldnt try cajole any1 dt he shd stay unbelievin cos dt doesnt mk u better dn d xtians and muslims cos we all trying to convince each other fr wat we believe in.

sheltring them by day.
nuking them at night. that your man was randy.


Religion / Re: A Prophecy At My Sister's Church, That I Should Start Going To Church by kambo(m): 3:14am On Jan 05, 2014
dont go.

After the bad incident happens , you can start going.

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Religion / Re: Longing To Be Free From Lust Thoughts. Pls Help!!! by kambo(m): 3:09am On Jan 05, 2014
married ke.
I thought this was anoda teenager/adolescent with raging hormone problems.
Tell your wife to saturate you with her bubz- dress kinky fill your eyes and sense till
you cant take any more outside.
its biblical by the way - somewhere in proverbs says "let her bo-obs ravish you and not ANODA WOMAN'S! " - can't get more explicit than that.
your wife should let you do to her what you fantasize doing with other women-until when you
think female flesh-ur wife's picture pops up. u guyz should play prude's while the devil is building strong holds in your life and head-God gave you a wife for situations like this.
The guys you see suffering in silence are singles. As a married man you should b free.
i mean , if you're "well fed" at home, you will ignore "food" outside when you see it.


Programming / Re: Java Programmer Help Me Out With This Problem by kambo(m): 12:57am On Jan 05, 2014

directly invoking run= bad style.

"new SkillCost(800).run()" -
Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 11:55pm On Jan 04, 2014
You only need to wear a shoe to know where it pinches.
Not know how it's made bf suggestg improvements.


its a big issue.
The import wrk around is unwieldy for large code files .
And do lamguage improvements all require language rewrite. Easy on d exaggeration.
Java 8 is like nothing you've seen bf ,improvement wise. The changes to the language are deep and in one case theyre breaking with legacy code ,did this necessitate a re write?

The idea i air will not break legacy code . It just anoda tool and extension and a minor one at tht.
Infact,unlike genercs where compiler warns about usg untyped collection this concept if implemented wud generate nothg because it is just like inheritance in implementation.
The issue isnt about designing software better or messg with classpath but makg usg a language to express concepts easier.
If a programmer has 100 000
source files in a package and its sub packages requirg a set of typical services ,it is far better to let the servce trckle down to them by virture of theyre being under a particular umbrella , than by writg 100k import statements or creatg some form of often artificial inheritance.
It's simple common sense.
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by kambo(m): 10:32pm On Jan 04, 2014
BlueMagnificent: @kambo... You should have said it earlier that you don't use c++ and not to start quoting c++ structures you are yet to comprehend. You talk as if you were given a purnishment to design a c++ compiler, jeezzz!!!. Since you don't use it that means you can never get to understand all those concepts you keep listing as if they are part of Quantum Theory. If you can't use c++ why not move on instead of talking bad about it. If c++ is that complex then why are so many popular systems in the WORLD using it: most of adobe products, mozilla firefox, google chrome, most Microsoft system software including their so called programming languages, VLC, even the back end of Google search engine, and of course a majority of the games you play on PC and consoles. Even web and database servers are brought to existence through the power of c++. The list goes on and you are free to correct me if I'm wrong. So please do not discourage others due to your bitter experience "understanding" c++.

dont get emotional dude.
My not usg c++ has nothg to do with whether it is complex or simple.
Adobe, ms, game companies u've listed use c++ because of its speed. It is blazingly fast and as dangerous also. C++ is also low level allowg d developer access to
things a higher language wudnt permit.
It runs on d bare metal and despite speed of managed environments speed is still and incentve. Tht's d only savg grace of c++.
"don't discourage because of ur bitter .... "
telling d facts is now discouragement. Dnt get emotional. Many commenters on the comparative level of difficulty of languages are smarter than u and their opinion counts thn ur piddly opinion.
Like i said the combinatorial complexity introduced by inconstant bhaviours is somethg,
operator overloadg is anoda weight,
multiple inheritance etc.
Its a fact tht a c++ developer never masters d language,that's how it was designed to be.

As a last note, lots of software run on c++ . Managed software saved
the industry reported billions of dollars in memory leaks.
Thts y managed software was such good news when it broke out on d scene though speed on vm's are still an issue.

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Programming / Re: Big Data. Hadoop by kambo(m): 4:56am On Jan 03, 2014
hurt my feelings. ugh. i'm above that.
like i said . i pointed out an alternative route to achieving you touted objectives.
so if you say it was useless. you're being deliberately porous minded.
Because as a programmer , if you say you are one, such arrant statements shouldnt spew from you.

I repeat for your information that I DONT USE HADOOP OR BIG DATA.
because i dont need to . if i needed to , or if any developer needed to , they'd pick it up in a breeze
because all you're using is a framework.
But you're deluded by the so-called grandeur of using a mere data storage frame work.
you'r thinking levels and such nonsense.

You're statement about what you've implemented is nonsense.
i dont bother with empty blab.
if i wanted to write any of the programs you said yo've written i'd write.
So stop your foolish atttempts at besting.
it makes your look childish.
I never introduced besting or one upmanship into the reply but empty brains like you did.
again you show case your shallow ness.

Developers have critiqued and fumed on this forum but you never see any one besting the other.
for what?
Let me give you an example.
if you were debating a capable programmer who wasnt at your level, but was better than you intellectually, woud your output side by side his own at that moment in time reveal his true capabilities?
No. you the mediocre sub par one could come out at superior to him. But in time he may so surpass
you ,you wont be able to hold a candle to him.
so the see besting is useless.
Think b4 you post. There were decades old programmers before any of the
tech titans of internet days were born. and yet what did their years of experience
add up to at the end compared to the one the lookd upon as a noob?
summary : comparison at point in time is baseless. thank me for the lesson.

Only a fool would say that a valid alternative route was nonsense.
And in your arrogance you went to such lenght to stick to your denial.

like i said. look at your initial question,the phrasing and the impression you created.
- the depth of your foolishness is boundless.
post your comment to other programmers where you work and ask to the say what they think of the initial post.

"look son , there's something called platform migration ... "
i smh for you.
Look ,hot air balloon, there's something called industry practices and corporate culture and company culture.
It doesnt affect nadir.
In some consultancy , they expect the java devs to be all certified to have a chance for bidding for work.
What does that change.
In others , they don't.
How does that affect the dev who learns the technology either way.
That, if you bought a book and read it and practiced , the knowledge wouldnt stick because you were'nt
certified by a trainer. so you're brains cells failed to retain the knowledge.
You call yourself a programmer and yet you come here advertising holes in your thinking.
You now want to pass on industry jargons in your locality , to me.
What of others in other localities where does practices dont apply?

Industry jargons and your corporate policy mandated your learning route and so what? it became the standard.
YOu can't think. And you can't explain yourself.
while you are letting corporate institutions suture your work profile,
let me help you out with my thinking..
we are talking knowledge acquisition and deployment.
The politics and culture angle is out of scope.
my proposed path way to knowledge acquisition and deployment is not inferior for
not being the pattern used in your industry because if you grok the facts on your own without
certificates from classes your career will be at stake.
The engineer word you used is a high sounding term corporates give to programmers.
You shallow scream can now be seen in perspective of (learning for career boosting hence the certification from classes)
but if you use you head - and do some thinking - if it werent so porous,
you'll see abounding examples of others who also make money/wealth using
knowledge acquisition+deployment .
I wont go into details of what i mean.
maintain your starry specs. refactor your thinking through your corporate environment and culture.
Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 2:55am On Jan 03, 2014
@jeff ( if you still reading this..)

this is the explanation in code and speech.
but i suspect that the explanation will still be tedious to you.
if so forget it.

a construct is what you create to model a problem with . they are the class,interface,abstract class.

with the global code suggestion a new construct called package would be added. speaking java here.

so you create a class with this syntax:
The words in brackets are used to represent variables instead of using specific names.
instead of saying public or private or package or protected to name an access modifier
i use <access-modifier> etc.

<access-modifier> class <className> {}


public class Fruit{}
public class Book{}

<access-modifier> = public,private,package etc

same goes for interfaces:

<access-modifier> interface <interfaceName> {}


public interface driveAble {}
publc interface nullchecker{}

if an package construct is introduced. the keyword will be 'package'

rules remain the same:
<access-modifier> package <packageName>{}

in csharp: it the keyword will be 'namespace'

then it would be
<access-modifier> namespace <namespaceName>{}

package and namespace are the same concepts just different names. but i'm using java-speak here.

a programmer creating a typical java class uses the following syntax to
define the package his class belongs to.

package <packageName>;
class <className>{}

but that is all the programmer can do with a package.

with a package construct defined by the programmer, more functionality is given to the package object.
it not just for specifying the name space of the classes and constructs - classes,interfaces etc under it.


package somePkg;
class A{};

A is under the package somePkg.

All somePkg do is hold the classes under it. in current java code.
you can access contents in a package using either the import statement or the full
path of the members of the package.
the full path of the class A in somePkg is somePkg.A .
in other words , <packageName><className>.

if the package is scripted by the programmer,
the compiler can check for the package construct and link it into the codes using the package at compile time.

supposing somePkg got scripted. the programmer would do the following..

1.) create the construct 'somePkg' explicitly.
package somePkg{}

2.) move global function - methods really into the package.
package somePkg
<access-modifier (either public or package cannot be private or protected) > <methodname>

package somePkg
public isNull(Object ob){return ob==null;}

Now A , B , C ... E . infact all top-level classes in the defined package (a defined package is a package
that the programmer explictly scriptd. that is coded in some global functions or fields )
can use the functions in the package without defining them themselves.


in class A.
class A
public method processAnObject(final Object ob){
//call is null first to check if the argument is valid
throw Exception
// do somthing else.

in class B the situation mayb:

class B
public String[] split(string s){if(isNull(s))return null; else {
// do something else

All the following classes can write their code using methods in the package.
i.e global functions.
no need for static imports.
no need for inheritance.
less code.
The reason for moving the functions away from the classes is that these functions are so
ubiquitous they are needed by many other classes in the package and so puting them
where they can be easily accessed without using the complex mechanism of inheritance - which
would create artificial relationships - is necessary.

sub packages.

a subpackage lives within a nother package.



resides in

has classes

classes F and H may need the method

how do they get it.
it is defined in their mother package , i.e the package holding the sub package.

without this function being in a global place . F AND H will have to use either explicit import.

like this: defining classes F,H.

package somePkg.pkg2;

import somePkg.A;

class F
public List<?> srr2List(final String[] srr){
if(A.isNull(srr))return new List<>();
//do something else

The sole reason for the 'import' statement is just to use the service - isNull.

but if the subpackage classes can access global function in higher packages the problem goes away.

the code would be written as:

public List<?> srr2List(final String[] srr)
if(isNull(srr)) //do sth
else {//do sth else

this is the basic concept.
they are other issues that may arise but they can be ironed out.

issue 1:
what if anoder developer creates a package with a global function similar in name with those defined in
your own package.

the function (method really) defined in a package attaches to all classes that are within the package
or a late binding may occur where the classes only have the function if they actually use it.

say the third party programmer creates
 package thirdParty{isNull(Object ob){}}

and u create
somePkg{isNull(Object ob){})


you create a class Z under somePkg that extends a class M in the thirdParty that implements isNull.
conflict arises when Z wants to use isNull and compiler gets confused.

here is what i mean:

package thirdParty{
public boolean isNull(Object ob){}
class M
public boolean useObj(final Object o){}

Z extends M
public boolean doSth(Int a){
// problem , which isNull is Z calling?

to resolve the issue , Z can use the canonical path to the function it wants.

public boolean doSth(Int a)

with this the issue is solved.

a new type of relatiionship is modelled.
an "is-in" relationship.
or "under" relationship.
is this construct i.e class interface etc under a package?
free dom from artificial relationships.

see my previous posts on this.. i dont want to repeat myself.

the is-in relationship exists in nature.
e.g A parasite is in a host. And so enjoys services from the host.
but the parasite is not a type of the host.
in oop the construct to allow service enjoyment is mainly inheritance or aggregation.
in code:

class X extends class Y
// x enjoys services from y etc

// aggregation say A has B.

using aggregation it becomes:

class X
Y y;

public void doSth(){
//invoke code in y.

Aggregation says X has Y. e.g
A Book has pages.

But what of somebody hiding out in an embassy for protection from a mob. He enjoys immunity
simply becose of being in the embassy.
inheritance and aggregation doesnt model this.
but global functions can.

long explanations.. phew.
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by kambo(m): 2:34am On Jan 03, 2014
BlueMagnificent: @kambo... All those things you listed are what gives you full control in c++. Because you don't know how to use them doesn't mean that c++ is difficult. And according to Bjarne ( the inventor of c++) you only use what you need in c++

mister be a little more objective.
Many many experts and experienced folks alike state categorically that c++ is complex.
far more so than java.
The issues isnt me.i dont even use c++.
And the opinion can't be based on what the creator said. - and itsnot about me not knowing how to
use them -
first , if double inheritance is enabled - complexity rockets.
the complexity from enabling multiple inheritance is multiplied mathematically by these feature.
every branch in the tree has to be accounted for by the compiler. That's y you see
very few c++ compilers available. All languages post c++ have shunned the multiple inheritance model.

what of methods that state that they throw exceptions,
the exceptions are thrown, yet the runtime,compiler muffles it . they're never caught.
what design wisdom justifies this?
c++ leads to unstructure code because it encourages it.
you can write object oriented code alongside structural code in the same project in the same class-
what dyu call these?
what of arrays that have no bounds checking?
save for speed c++ is highly terribly designed language.
it took creator of D programming language 10 years to create a c++ compiler,
owing to the nuances and idiosyncracies of the language.
relative to other languages ,c++ is twisted which makes it complex.
save for the speed benefits c++ isnt worth it.
And for your response that you use what you can - that's balooney. as a c++ programmer ,you'll be faced
with maintaining other programmer's c++ code in the future.
YOu can't get by without assimilating this badly designed monster.
Programming / Re: Big Data. Hadoop by kambo(m): 2:19am On Jan 03, 2014
*to the room*
sorry for getting so explicit.
but excited monkeys shouldnt be handled with kid gloves . like this fella over here.
Thought i was dealing with a sensible person and offered my view point. but fella went off like a rocket
and degenerated his thread..
his first ounce of stupi.dity came from making snide references and labelling a class of
folks "wikipedia experts" ...
this creature still has a far way to go. still needs some training.
Programming / Re: Big Data. Hadoop by kambo(m): 2:01am On Jan 03, 2014
kobikwelu: ^^^^^^^^^^


o boy..you are making this too easy for me..........LOOOOOOOOOL..
i feel bad for you.....that feeling when your world is crumbling around you..when you realize your "expert advice" is completely and totally useless...


yeahhh..right..keep consoling yourself

damn..you are really getting desperate..

look boy...

i eat phony-ies / frauds like you for breakfast...

The moral of the story
Next time, if you don't have anything helpful to say, keep you mouth shut....

what is this one saying??

wait!!!! i hope you are not typing all these from your phone on BIS Please tell me you are not doing all these from your BIS phone... cry cry cry cry

you appear more like a fool who came to run his mouth.
from the limited education you've had what suggestion made to your initial post would qualify as "Expert advice".
YOu spout phrases you can't defend like a parrot. just parroting.
What initial impression did your first post give - objectively analyse it.
It seems you cam to announce you're using hadoop or want to use it.
Wasting your companies money and time in big name training . For the record,
Your manager would be more impressed if you told him /her - i can buy /get a book on hadoop ,
download the jar files and get going with it in a few days/weeks. if any issue arises in using it,
i will call in customer support in company x for paid help. "
But you're porous mind couldnt think this up.
just wanted to blab junk.
maybe you're uploading pix of you at the traning session on your facebook page? i guess so.
its the kind of nonsense empty containers like you produce.

" i eat phonies / [fraud]s like you " - anoda senseless quip. you eat senseless thinking for dinner lunch and break fast and speak and regurgitate senselessness.
where did the phoniness come from or the fraud come from? - you can't defend this.
you spout illogicity without thinking..

"consoling yourself" - about what? discussing with a baboon?
a day ago you were a noob trying to explore a tech.
A day after you're a professional brushing off suggestion and advice insultingly.
console myself
for you? you wish.

" next time you dont have anything helpful to say ... "
- like the base minion you are you couldnt help injecting this refrain of yours.
Again, objectively pin point the "uselessness" you detected. can you?.
if you could ,i assure other readers here will respect you. you'll be showing and ability to
debug supposedly faulty reasoning outside of your disgusting illiterate quips.
illiterate not because you can't read basic english but you cant produce an intelligent response outside
shallow cussings.
Look, if you cant communicate your intent clearly, get a sombody else to do your writing for you.
Besides i dont think you've ever engaged in any post on this room for this length.
prove me wrong,but your types come into their own when their spouting foolish baselessness like i've seen here.

" ... hope you're not typing this from your phone on BIS " -
this is your end line.
meaning? - bis phone's dont reflect on NL or you can't read it cuz its bis. how about non-bis phones.

if only there was some badge or lapel to wear around after taking your classes in a technology more
savvy develper overview in their pants/boxers at 1 am in the morning over an internet connection
and an ebook on the other hand.
Chase your pins and labels. and bust ear drums telling people you're a professional over
minor technology.
have you gotten props in no-sql? or you want to open another thread to brag about that too?
Like you brag about you 10 years of meaningless meandering in programming...
will you open a thread to explore java 8 too - its coming out soon.
How about machine learning - ooh that one involves maths . You'll probably take down nairaland forum
and the mods will ban you for overburdening their servers with threads. I guess you'll post your pix
with each posting..
You badly want the titles . sorry bro.
programming aint politics. Earn and display your sweat first.
Programming / Re: Big Data. Hadoop by kambo(m): 1:44am On Jan 03, 2014
Programming / Re: Big Data. Hadoop by kambo(m): 11:51pm On Jan 02, 2014
leave the poster.
He's uncouth and uncivilized. Your post reeks of rudeness.

Add to tht his quickness to display his illiteracy.

if you work in a comp i doubt u get promoted.

You say in ur own words
"i am delving into ...."
"and currently takg classes"
what do those sentences connote?
Expertise or beginner?
Sombody suggests - use approach 2:books+pc+internet
which is a typical route most developers use.
And u degenerate.

Labels like useless advice
showing off
10+ years experience
bla bla
come out of you.

You need to b bundled into a zoo.
10 yrs of programming ( or is installing compilers/ides for d more intelligent creatures in ur company )
has washed off all forms of civility from you.

This is a faceless forum but practice civility .it helps your professional image.

Ur x-years in programmg means nothg. Wat matters is wat u've achieved and can achieve.

** i dnt have any interest in engagg in silly exchnges with u.
( i know u like it) but find sb else to do tht with **
Programming / How I Got Into Web Development-(inspiring artcle by a female Dev) by kambo(m): 11:14pm On Jan 02, 2014
An article by a lady programmer. I found it inspiring..
And motivatg to ladies with geeky interests.


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Religion / Re: Syrian Nun: Slain Christians’ Blood drained And Sold by kambo(m): 8:36pm On Jan 02, 2014
Islam- religion of peace.
Boko haramist are not muslims they are nigeriens and fulanis.
Peace after the bloodshed.
Religion / Re: Movies That Can Inspire Your Christian Life.. by kambo(m): 8:20pm On Jan 02, 2014
The encounter:

. A set of people take shelter in a road side restaurant durng a heavy down pour.
The waiter is Jesus.
Dialogues ensue back and forth btw the waiter and the shelterers.
He tells each of them things about themselves , that theyve kept secret, their struggles and the role he's played in their lives.
Two of the occupants are couples whose marraige was going thru a hard time verging on divorce.
One was a christian in love with a man she taught loved back too.
Jesus told her her hopes were on the wrong person. One was a very successful business man.
He didnt buy any of the waiter's stories.
When d rain subsided he got into his car and drove of to where they had been a road block, a sherrif called john DeVille, told him he would lead him thru a way around d road block.
The business man followed relieved. They drove off in d darkness.the sherrif laughing evilly. Making a bunched up v sign with his hands.lightening flashing in d background..

I am gabriel:
angel boy visits a cursed town.
He doesnt preach but inspires hope among the inhabitants.

Dinner with a perfect stranger:
woman , finds a note invitg her to dinner at her office desk in d morning.
She asks her secretary who left it there but secretary said nobody came in to her office.
Curious ,she honours the invitation . Has dinner with a long haired man.
Later on her daughter goes off to pursue admission issues at a school of music. Boards a plane and sits besides two men.
She's glad to b away from her religious fanatic parents. Gets into a conversation with the stranger on her right who is a manager in his Father's company. They talk about God religion and similar issues. Wen plain touches down as they greet in parting d stranger shows her the nail holes in his wrist tells her it will b alright and to expect a call on her phone.
She receives a call shortly on entering the school premises informing her tht she got admitted.

Suing the devil:
a man is convinced tht d devil is responsible for most of the calamities in his life and the wrld and decides to overtly sue him in court.
To his suprise the devil shows up to defend himself.

Facing the giants:
morale is about staying with God when all around is falling aprt.
On the job,in the marraige etc

The grace card:
a black cop and local church pastor has to work with a new partner , a white cop. They dont get along too well until an incident occurs tht makes them put aside their differences and practice christian lov . Dropping the race and hate card for the grace card.

secrets of jonathan sperry:
not watched it.

What if:
it's famed but i've not watched it.


Programming / Re: Big Data. Hadoop by kambo(m): 6:48pm On Jan 02, 2014
kobikwelu: I am currently delving into the world of Big Data..and i am looking at a batch processing framework like Hadoop's MapReduce and Hdfs...

Feel free to comment

bf u get huffy and crass look @ what u wrote.
You said ur a noob.
(delving into = beginning=noob)
Now u're calling urself a professional.
Btwn ur first and last post u bcame a professional? And arrogant enuff to call others noobs!

The word hadoop or big data or hdfs probably makes u giddy.
Takg classes makes u feel unique.
There's nothg to usg technology x , tht a pragmatc programmer cant master in time usg more pragmatic techniques, unlike ur bloated high soundg methods- Classes,cloudera,professional.
Snooty Jargons.
Professional hadoop user .
Professional jar file user.

U like classes, others like orielly books.
Besides, i'm not even a noob i dnt use hadoop just downloaded the jar file and ebook-2 years ago ,
if i need to use it. I've got all i need. And if i wanted to know it,i'd have mastered it 2 years bf ur snooty post.
Religion / Re: 2014 Rapture Signs To Watch For by kambo(m): 6:11pm On Jan 02, 2014

You may just wake up one morning and realise you have been left behind if you think He cant come in 2014 or 2015. The bigger problem is that you may not realise it until its too late because of looking out for the wrong thing. Christ MAY come 2014, He also may not. But the odds He may not gets slimmer with the slew of specific events that may likely happen in 2014.

Isreal (the fig tree according to Hosea 9:10) will be 70 in 2018. Jesus said the generation that sees the fig tree begin to bud again, (Israel back in their homeland again..1948) will not pass till ALL (that includes antichrist reign and the start of Christ's physical reign on earth) be fullfilled. A twenty year old (minimum biblical age for going to war) man in 1948, would be 86 in 2014. Thats definitely pushing the envelope as the bible allots 70, at worst 80 as "the days of our years" in Psalm 90.

So we are already overdue. Now realising that the second 3.5 year ministry of Christ to the Jews by His two prophets of Revelation 11 must also be included, which occurs AFTER the rapture; when you count that out of 2017 -2018, you find yourself in 2014-2015. Now add other considerations to the mix- including the blood moons starting in April 2014, the pope's Israel visit in May 2014, Pope Francis being expected to be the last pope ever, and the end of the Jewish Palestinan peace negotiations in March -April 2014 plus US debt-ceiling battle in February 2014 and its potential effect on the dollar, you cant help but expect the main action to start in 2014 .

There are also other considerations I can not paraphrase now that land us in 2014 as the year to watch. It will be foolhardy blindness to say it cant happen in 2014- 2015.

just b prepared and keep watch like d house owner gaurdg against the thief in d night.
All these janglings and pinpointgs and predictions are nothg but guess works.
Even Jesus said He doesnt know the hour of his coming save the Father.
When ronald reagan was president , similar furore like what you have here arose with many calling him d antichrist.
When it wasnt yet 2000 the guesstimate was tht He will come in tht year.
Then the fear was tht 2012 was a most dreadful, mayan prophecies predicted grim cataclysmic events worldwide, the tectonic plates of the planet was going to reverse and reset itself.
You guys shud just take a break and live right ...
Oddly enuff when d predction fails every1 keeps quiet about it.
Sweep it under wraps.

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Programming / Re: OOP Encourages Artificial Relationships: making namespaces scriptable by kambo(m): 5:52pm On Jan 02, 2014

Simply sayg i'm confusg doesnt help me know where i'm confusg to you.

I'll try to b clear but i'm not sure i wont come accross as confusing to you.
Programming / Re: I Want To Learn Programming. Which Language Should I Start With? by kambo(m): 4:34pm On Jan 02, 2014
BlueMagnificent: @techwizard, I beg to differ on your information of C++ being complex... I'm a C++ programmer and I can clearly tell You that it is not complex ( I also do java)

your opinion is contrary to typical opinion on this issue.
Not with multiple inheritance, operator overloading, multi paradigms (oop structural generic),
low level capabilities
off-putting syntax
ambiguous functions

you say it's not complex compared to other languages?!
Mayb u live in a tiny subset of d language.

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