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Family / Re: Appreciation Post. by kamez(m): 11:46am On Jun 11, 2020
ogambajoycem@gmail.com or whatapp 09032756718. thank you

check ur email, I sent u a message

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Family / Re: Appreciation Post. by kamez(m): 2:14am On Jun 11, 2020
drop ur email address so that I can send u a message ASAP
Crime / Re: BREAKING: Nigerian Socialites Ray Hushpuppi & Woodberry ARRESTED By Interpol by kamez(m): 2:05am On Jun 10, 2020
U know ur hustle is not legit, yet u show off and attract so much attention to urself... u re just like a cultist walking around campus ND shouting "aro-mate aro-mate wida u" no be die u wan die be that?

anyway I blame those that waste their MB following him on instagram...

Person wey no fit even do giveaway for him followers..


Family / Re: Appreciation Post. by kamez(m): 10:14pm On Jun 09, 2020
how can God give me a business and take away my home?are my sins worst than that of others?

why is my life filled with problems.

when botrix my spouse asked for help to repair the one room we manage,the one room that serves as our toilet,bathroom,kitchen and everything.some people tagged him a scammer.

the room just collapsed now
it has finally collapsed.

my family will be sleeping in my shop until a miracle happens.
pls dont ask me for pictures i am not in the right frame of mind now.may be i will be better by tomorrow

i am getting tired of life.

look for a 1 room self con, as soon as possible, make sure the landlord is willing to accept two years rent upfront, (so u don't start bothering urself about rent renewal anytime soon) then quote or send me a pm I will pay for it agent fee and any other cost included.. be strong dear it is well


Family / Re: My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me For A Flimsy Reason. by kamez(m): 9:53pm On Jun 09, 2020
better safe than sorry...

personally I would never be best friends with a wife beater...

I even cut off from ordinary friends who posses such character.. I will tell u off I no dey hide mouth..

.back In my university days, i once gave my roommate a resounding slap for slapping his babe right in my presence

I have 3 sisters all married and i will fight until my last breath any man that tries to turn any of my sisters into a punching bag....

so yes if u had zero tolerance for domestic violence /wife beating, u would be ashamed and irritated by such men talk more of becoming best friends with one...

one day u will report ur wife to him, and the first advice u will get from ur bestie is to beat her to submission...


Family / Re: My Brother's Girlfriend Is Disrespecting My Mum by kamez(m): 9:39pm On Jun 09, 2020
I have a cousin who is married to a woman that acts just like ur mum...

the thing about such women is that they always stir up Uncecessary trouble..

as an elder when someone young enough to be your daughter offends you, the right thing to do is to call her to order as calmly as possible just the same way you would have acted towards ur own daughter.. instead of trying to sow seed of discord in ur sons mind and to all and sundry ...

what would it have cost ur mum if she had called ur brothers fiancee right there, hand over the bag to her and "say plz my daughter help me carry it"

of course she will go ahead and carry it, and even feel guilty that it never crossed her mind to do so earlier. and next time she will probably use her head so as not to be called out again...

if ur mum had asked her to carry the bag and she refused then y'all would have had good reasons to react..

u guys should stop making a mountain out of a mole hill


Family / Re: I Want To Marry Her But She Is Too... by kamez(m): 9:27pm On Jun 09, 2020
you want to marry someone that you are not sexually attracted to
one thing is certain ..............
it will end in "PREMIUM" tears


Travel / Re: Fraudsters: STOP Asking Your Kins Abroad To Help You Aid Your Selfish Interests! by kamez(m): 9:00pm On Jun 09, 2020
OP hope u also know that there are guys living abroad who are actually looking for contacts to help pick money..

So sometimes the yahoo guys ask as many abroad based guys as possible cos u never can tell which of them might be interested..

besides the so called KIN might have been the well known risk taking type before he left naija. the type u know that can do anything to make money...

I don't think any yahoo guy can call his doctor friend or relative to help pick money..

most times before u are Approached, the yahoo guy Don already know say u be correct runs man while living in naija

finally any yahoo guy asking asking for bank account of close acquaintances is still a learner....all u need do is to link up with fellow yahoo guys here is Naija and they will give u contacts of pickers in any part of the world.

PS I am not an advocate of internet fraud, just airing my views on this topic


Religion / Re: Vera Uwaila: Apostle Suleman To Give N1 Million To Any With Reliable Information by kamez(m): 10:05pm On Jun 01, 2020
I thought Suleiman was a prophet? I ve watched his programs and I have seen him reveal prophesy about people and events

why cant the Holy Spirit just reveal the perpetrators to him

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Crime / Re: Minneapolis Ex-officer Who Killed George Floyd arrested, Charged with Murder by kamez(m): 9:54pm On May 29, 2020
I knew he was going to be charged for third degree murder /manslaughter...

many Americans are still not satisfied with the charge... they want first or second degree murder charge....

but personally I think 3rd degree is fair enough
Business / Re: Nigerians To Pay Stamp Duty On ATM Printouts, Some Whatsapp Messages - FIRS by kamez(m): 1:56pm On May 29, 2020

Las Las buhari bu otule okuko

ezigbo afo anu ka obu!!!!


Health / Re: Pictures Of Emmanuel Ononiwu, Fleeing COVID-19 Patient In Abia by kamez(m): 1:33pm On May 29, 2020
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Trump Gets Censored On Twitter For His Tweet Threatening Americans by kamez(m): 9:51am On May 29, 2020
whosoever takes advantage of a peacful protest to start looting is a thug and a thief.

whether black or white, looting and stealing is synonymous to thuggery


Politics / Re: Buhari Loans: Nigeria Is Now On The Auction Market - PDP by kamez(m): 5:15am On May 29, 2020
they have sold nigeria already... na foreign banks, world bank, china, IMF, and other big countries own naija now...

they are now our landlords

naija is just a country with over 200million tenants

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Politics / Re: Hadiza El-Rufai: I'm Married To A Governor; I'm Not Part Of Government by kamez(m): 5:03am On May 29, 2020
this woman is a daft sha....

she sure has PA's, Security, domestic staff and a host of other luxuries that she enjoys as a governors wife, and all these are funded by the government....

just admit that u are a jihadist like ur husband


Celebrities / Re: Chiwetalu Agu: I Am The Most Handsome Actor Alive NO Arguments (photo) by kamez(m): 3:17pm On May 27, 2020
most handsome kwa??
akpi agba ndi commitee
uka chukwu anyuola ahu!!

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Politics / Re: Ngige: Why FG Is Sending Raw Food To Parents At Home by kamez(m): 2:48pm On May 27, 2020
Naija weak me I swaer

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Romance / Re: My Ex-boyfriend Sent Me Money by kamez(m): 12:54pm On May 27, 2020
awwwwnnn, the most beautiful thing I HV read on this thread, God bless u, but why did u guys break up?

I'm based in owerri, she is based in Lagos, she has lived all her life in Lagos, and as for me I was born in Lagos, but I can never ever live and raise a family in Lagos.. I love peace and quiet...

we dated for 2 years and we were fine travelling to meet each other at least twice every month... but then I proposed, and she accepted on the condition that I will move down to Lagos after the wedding...

she wasn't willing to start up her life and business afresh in Owerri and I wasn't willing to move to Lagos permanently..even though I actually work from home.. (imagine moving to lag to start paying rent, when I have already built a house here in owerri)

we couldn't reach a common ground so we called it quits...c


Romance / Re: My Ex-boyfriend Sent Me Money by kamez(m): 10:48am On May 27, 2020
might be nothing really....

broke up with my ex last December.. she is a fashion designer and she really knows how to spend on a guy so I appreciate that....

we haven't spoken since the breakup and I knew her business must have been affected by the lock down.. I still have her account number on my phone so i transferred cash to her last month.

she called to say thanks and was actually crying..because she really needed money badly and it was just like I could read her mind..

since then we ve not spoken. ND that's because I had no ulterior motive when I sent the cash...

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Romance / Re: She Cheated I Forgave Her Yet She Refuses To Take My Conditions by kamez(m): 8:51pm On May 26, 2020
u are a big FOOL

if u were my friend, or relative, I for land u hot slap wey go reset ur brain

a hoe is a hoe and will forever be a hoe......

it will definitely end in tears and when it does, make sure u don't come back to nairaland to disturb our peace

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Just Confessed She Fornicated Inside The Church by kamez(m): 10:17pm On May 25, 2020
In life, it's different strokes for different folks.. as for me, not even a personal face to face visit from Jesus Christ can make me forgive and accept a cheating GF, or spouse.

but that's just me sha


Celebrities / Re: May D: While Living With P'square, I Slept On TV Carton In Their Boys Quarters by kamez(m): 3:17pm On May 24, 2020
And your were busy shouting chop my money ?

Mehd ohhh cheesy cheesy

hahahahahaha u just come this Sunday afternoon come scatter this glass table patapata....

person dey sleep on top carton come dey sing chop my money!!


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Politics / Re: Governor Hope Uzodinma Rehabilitates 19 Abandoned Roads In Imo by kamez(m): 10:55am On May 22, 2020
if you believe this nonsense, then u are a fool..

these roads were commissioned by Iheadioha, and were all under construction before he was removed from office..

imagine uzodinma taking the glory for akachi road that was already completed before Ihedioha was removed from office..

plus the naze road that was moving at fast pace during Iheadioha regime has been totally abandoned, poly ihiagwa road too has been abandoned...

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Health / Re: 339 New COVID-19 Cases, 67 Discharged And 9 Deaths On May 21 - (1864 Tested) by kamez(m): 2:01am On May 22, 2020
how old are u?
ask google....
Health / Re: 339 New COVID-19 Cases, 67 Discharged And 9 Deaths On May 21 - (1864 Tested) by kamez(m): 2:01am On May 22, 2020
how old are u?
ask google....
Health / Re: 339 New COVID-19 Cases, 67 Discharged And 9 Deaths On May 21 - (1864 Tested) by kamez(m): 1:26am On May 22, 2020
so? people get infected and will recover, corona no be death sentence

yeah until some of your close relatives join the number of dead patients then u will start singing a new song and blaming the govt...

an igbo adage says
"I don't care obu onye oruberela mbu"

that is to say

(I don't care and Nonchalance Na because the calamity never reach ur doorstep)


Health / Re: 339 New COVID-19 Cases, 67 Discharged And 9 Deaths On May 21 - (1864 Tested) by kamez(m): 1:21am On May 22, 2020
How come IMO is still 7 while they have discharged 3 few days ago, why have the numbers not changed?

total number of cases Is different from number of active cases...

total number of confirmed cases in IMO is 7, but number of active cases is 0

all 7 cases in IMO have been discharged..


Nairaland / General / Re: This Python Was Killed In My Compound Tonight by kamez(m): 5:04pm On May 21, 2020
la-la nwannem ngwori abiakwala ooo!!!
Religion / Re: Prophet Joshua Iginla Remarries After Divorcing Yemisi Iginla by kamez(m): 9:33am On May 21, 2020
these so called men of God and their wives will be forming marriage experts during counselling..

they will insist that u attend 3months couples counselling in their church before getting married...

when you report any case of infidelity or domestic violence to them, they will tell u to be patient, stay in the marriage and keep praying for your spouse..

Las Las dey don't practice what they preach


Health / Re: LUTH Denies Conspiring With Patient's Lover To Hide, Loot Him by kamez(m): 3:47pm On May 20, 2020
I always tell people, Never ever make conclusions based on a womans side of the story without proper verifications from all parties involved...

whenever a woman is giving explanations after a conflict, she will always tactically try to omit that part of the story that will make her look guilty...

that's why I pity those men that will just come back home, get a report or complain from their wives and rush out to go and fight without comfirming her story first...

Fear women

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Romance / Re: Please Help!!! She Likes Eating Bitter While Having Sex With Me by kamez(m): 12:50pm On May 20, 2020
orishirishi something
Shebi Na u buy bitter kola keep for house....
he who brings kola brings life


Romance / Re: Please Help!!! She Likes Eating Bitter While Having Sex With Me by kamez(m): 12:49pm On May 20, 2020
orishirishi something

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