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Education / Re: He Wants To Dump Law For English Education by kingeze88(m): 11:36am On Feb 01
You think English is an easy course to study? Hmmmmm

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Health / Reasons Why Covid-19 Spares The Poor By Doyin Okupe by kingeze88(m): 9:25pm On Jan 13
Have you been wondering why ordinary folks seem to be less affected by COVID-19? Whenever my drivers, house helps and security come back from their leave at home, I always asked them the state of things in their villages. Up till today in the last one year, none has come back with any news of deaths or serious illnesses requiring hospitalisation in their homes or surroundings.
I visited the Sabo Market in Sagamu (Ogun State) and the tomato market at toll gate in Ogere (Ogun State). I questioned many traders if any stall or store owners have been missing, or did not come to the market or have actually died. Responses were always negative.
So clearly the prevalence of noticeable infection with COVID-19 is less among the lower class and fatalities appear to be higher among the upper class. However, It is necessary to make some adjustment for the fact that deaths among the elite class readily get media attention than those of regular folks.
Melinder Gates prediction failed woefully because there was no way she could have foreseen this demographic prevalence factor in the spread of COVID-19. The overall infectivity and fatalities in Africa is disproportionately much lower than the rest of the World!!!
What is the magic here?
Simply put, the magic is SUNLIGHT. People who are daily exposed to sunlight are able to convert some chemicals in their skins to Vitamin D, especially D3. Scientist have incontrovertible evidence that Vitamin D seriously boosts the human immunity and actually have capacity to prevent respiratory and lung diseases. In the case of COVID-19, Vitamin D3 can prevent infection in some people and in others who still get infected , it decreases the severity of the infection and recovery rate is far better.
Recently a petition signed by 120 physicians spread across the globe (I have a copy) has been sent to world leaders and governments to treat vitamin D deficiency common in Europe and Americas, who have effective sunlight for just a few months in a year and hence have large numbers of the populace suffering from vitamins deficiency leading to high rates of susceptibility to covid19 infections and deaths.
Many of us elites in Africa are also Vitamin D deficient and this makes us ready targets for COVID-19 infections also. This is because we are hardly in the sun all year round. Yet a 30 minutes lounge daily in the bright sunlight gives one about 20,000 iu of vitamin D in our blood. This figure is much much more higher than our daily requirement, which is about 4000 iu of vitamin D.
This is why young people, students, hawkers, traders and many who toil daily under the Sun have very high immunity against COVID-19. So my dear elders, VIPs and Ogas please walk leisurely or lounge in the sun for 20 to 30 minutes daily, and with your face masks always on in public and observing normal COVID protocols, with daily supplications to the Almighty, you will place a ban on COVID-19 from affecting you and your household.
God bless you all.
Okupe, a Medical Doctor, was Adviser to former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan

Politics / New Cartoon Created By Punch Newspaper Sparks Reactions On Social Media. See Pic by kingeze88(m): 10:57pm On Jan 11
New Cartoon Made By Punch Newspaper Sparks Reactions On Social Media.

The Punch Newspaper has released another cartoon about current happenings around the world. The new cartoon is a comparison between Nigerian and American institutions.

The cartoon shows the leaders of the two nations and their attitude to the police. The picture shows that the police in the United States of America is more powerful than their leaders. The leadership of Nigeria controls the police force.

The cartoon is motivated by the current happenings in the United States, despite the enormous power given to the president of the country, he still finds it difficult to manipulate the institutions for his interest. The president lost an election but he is unwilling to relinquish power to the winner of the poll. All the American institutions worked against him and defended the country's constitution and democracy.

There are a lot of lessons for Nigeria to learn from the scenario. We must create strong institutions and not strong leaders. Institutions that will be more powerful than the leadership of the country. What happened in the United States might not happen in Nigeria because our institutions are not strong, they serve personal interest rather than general interest.

The cartoon has generated different reactions from Nigerians on social media.

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Crime / Youth Corp Member Hacks Boy Friend To Death. See Her Pictures by kingeze88(m): 2:42pm On Jan 11
Lady who reportedly hacked her boyfriend to death in Uyo this morning has been identified as a University of Nsukka graduate and a serving corps member in Akwa Ibom state.

According to reports, the corps member identified as Odume Princess Pascaline was caught trying to jump over the fence of a man she had spent the night with at Abak road in Uyo, with blood stains all over her body.

She was however caught, stripped naked and beaten to a pulp by angry mob after the lifeless body of the unidentified man she had macheted to death was found, with several cuts on his body.

If not for the timely intervention of the police who arrived the scene, she would have probably been lynched.

She had since been taken to the police station for further investigations.

The incident left the entire neighborhood and its environ in palpable fear and tension, as residents continue to express worry over the unfortunate occurrence.


Romance / Sad! Woman Discovers That She Has Been Married To A Dead Man For Six Years. by kingeze88(m): 11:40pm On Jan 10
A woman reportedly “ran mad” on Friday, after discovering the father of her two kids and husband for 6 years had died since 2002.
It was pandemonium and endless drama in old port Harcourt town waterside as a woman identified as Grace Amadi by her neighbors ran mad on Friday afternoon after making a shocking discovery that her husband of 6 years and father to her 2 children had died since 2002, LeadersNg reports.

A source told LeadersNg that Mrs Grace and her husband whose name was given as Tony had been married since 2010 and have been living peacefully with their 2 daughters who were both conceived in 2011 and 2013 respectively.
Mr Tony had left for his job normally this morning and today was supposed to be a normal day in their lives until she received a visitor in the late hours of the morning who claimed he was a distant relative of Tony. The visitor’s exact conversation with Grace could not be extracted from either of them as the visitor left shortly before Mrs Grace began to scream in disbelief and rage, several times throwing herself on the floor to induce injuries.

A source at the scene says neighbors gathered round and saw old pictures of Tony lying on the floor, apparently left behind by the visitor for Mrs Grace.
The source was also shocked at the pictures left behind, one was wedding ceremony pictures of Tony and another woman dated May 2000, another was a car accident wreckage which had allegedly killed Tony, another was Tony’s remains lying in an open casket apparently depicting his funeral dated July 2002, the last one was a picture of a grave headstone carrying the full name and the dates of birth and death. The mystery remains, how is someone who had died in 2002 alive and well and even remarried with children?
Attempts were made to reach Mr Tony by phone but they all proved abortive as his number was not reachable. A delegation of neighbors were sent to his office to retrieve Mr Tony but the delegation returned empty handed and revealed that Mr Tony never arrived at the office that morning as he drove out for work from his house.
Mrs Grace had since been taken to a local prayer house for spiritual treatment against the advice of a psychiatric home while her children are being looked after by her neighbors as they look on confused. Maybe one day they will be old enough to be told that their father had died before they were born.


Politics / Wow! See The Weapons allegedly Manufactured By The Eastern Security Network! by kingeze88(m): 7:25am On Jan 08
The Eastern Security Network(ESN) founded by Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra(IPOB) whose aim is to tackle insecurity in the southeast region of the country.

The southeast governors seems not to be in support of the newly established security outfit for reasons known to them. Recently, the unit displayed a rocket luncher constructed by the engineering department of ESN on their Facebook page.

The federal government on the other hand has moved to stop the security outfit with the involvement of the military headed by Burutai.

Picture's posted online in a Facebook page by Kingsley John Chibuzor shows an AK47 allegedly designed and constructed by the engineering department of the security unit.

There has being mixed reactions regarding the AK47 guns allegedly constructed by the unit, some were praising the efforts of the unit for being able to produce the guns locally while some were of the opinion that such information should be hidden and not open to the world.

What's your take on this issue,are they over stepping their boundaries by making guns?

Source: opera news

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Romance / Married 35years Old Doctor Collapses While Having An Affair With A 24year Old Wo by kingeze88(m): 3:01pm On Jan 07
A doctor in a leading city hospital died while enjoying himself in a passionate affair with his side chick in Dandora estate, Nairobi County. The Kenyatta hospital technician had visited the 24 year old woman at her residence where he had booked a romantic date only for the doctor to collapse and die.

According to Milele FM digital platform, the wife to the man was devastated at the news of the passing on of her husband who was taken to the city mortuary by police from Dandora police station. The man is said to have collapsed while on the act after sweating profusely before collapsing and later succumbing to his demise. The girlfriend called the station via a phone call after she panicked when he saw what was happening the the doctor.

Police who visited the scene found various drug samples and medical reports from the house as investigations were ongoing to know the cause of death. Forensic analysis will be done to know the nature of the drugs that were found and if it had anything to do with his death.

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Crime / Why I Murdered My Step Son. by kingeze88(m): 1:02pm On Jan 07
Marian Musa, a 24-year-old pregnant housewife in Ede area of Osun State has confessed to the crime of killing her step-son as well as the reason why she committed the act.

According to her, she killed her step-son, a three-year-old identified as Rokeeb to get the attention of her husband.

In a chat with Daily Trust, she added that since her husband married the second wife – Rokeeb’s mother, he has diverted all his attention to him and his mother while neglecting her.

Mariam, the pregnant housewife revealed that she gave the boy a mixed liquid pesticide and Coca-Cola drink which the drank. The boy complained of stomach pain afterwards and he rushed to the Muslim Hospital Ede but he died while receiving treatment.

According to Daily Trust, the mother of the deceased reported to the ‘B’ Division Police, Ede and she alleged that the pregnant housewife poisoned her son with a pesticide which she confessed to.

Wale Olokode, the Police Chief in the state defined the action of the Mariam as horrible and brutal and he added that the pesticide bottle with the remaining liquid content and empty coca-cola bottle used by the suspect to poison the deceased were recovered as exhibits.

He also added that on completion of the investigation, the suspect will be charged to court.

Source: Daily Trust

Politics / Aisha Yusuf Reacted To The Boot Of A Captain In The Nigerian Army by kingeze88(m): 10:55pm On Jan 06
Our gallant soldiers at the war front, fighting against Boko Haram and ISWAP deserves all the good kits they can get. My heart was broken when a man posted a picture of a boot that is worn by a captain in the Nigerian Army that is fighting against the insurgents.

People at the war front are fighting day and night to keep us safe. They are sacrificing their lives in every battle so that we could sleep peacefully at night. These men and women deserves to get good things too. This boot that belongs to a captain is worn-out and mended too many times.

This reminds me of some soldiers that posted the terrible food they were eating at the war front in social media. I can't believe what I saw. Soldiers that will fight long-hour battles gathering to drink Garri that only I can finish without getting satisfied. It speaks alot about the things are possibly going on out there that we have zero information about.

If a captain can be wearing a boot as terrible as that, what is a low-ranked soldier wearing? Our gallant soldiers deserves good kits because i believe it will boost their confidence. It will help us in the fight against the insurgents.

Aisha Yesufu has reacted to this picture, see what she said below;

What do you think? What's stopping our soldiers from getting good kits?

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Romance / Re: I Told My Wife That The Dna Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow. See What by kingeze88(m): 8:46am On Jan 06
If you no con post the result tomorrow bros ?

E no go better for you or Mke God punish you.

You’ll have to choose one.
It will be well with me and everyone on this platform
Romance / Performance Enhancement Pills by kingeze88(m): 9:48pm On Jan 05
Please can someone tell me if this information is true.
I heard two guys talking about alomo bitters, action bitters and horse bitters. They said it makes them last 1 hour in bed . please is it true?
Romance / Re: I Told My Wife That The Dna Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow. See What by kingeze88(m): 2:06pm On Jan 05

Tales by moonlight.

Somebody will stay at the comfort of his old wacky and rusty bed and fabricate storys just to score cheap points.

See how you spelt the plural of story. Hmmmm. And you are busy insulting someone. Hmmmm

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Romance / I Told My Wife That The Dna Result Of Our Kids Will Be Ready Tomorrow. See What by kingeze88(m): 1:59pm On Jan 05
I'm married with 2 kids, a boy, and a girl but I trust my wife that is why I have never thought of anything like a DNA test, I didn't do the blood group of my kids to know if they carried my blood group because I know my wife will never bring another man's kids for me. My wife do tell me what's happening at her office, how some of her colleagues are dating their bosses in the office.

When I saw DNA trending on Twitter, I clicked on it where I read the sad news of Mr. Tunde Thomas who died after he discovered that the two kids he thought he was their biological father belong to his Wife's boss, Mr. Adam Nuru of FCMB Bank.

I couldn't sleep that night, I concluded that the next for me is to do the DNA test for my two kids to confirm that I'm their biological father.

Immediately my wife left Home today, thank God schools have closed till further notice, I took my kids to our family hospital to run a DNA test, and the Doctor told me the results will be ready tomorrow.

When my wife arrived this evening, I told her that, the DNA results of our kids will be ready tomorrow.

My wife told me that immediately I bring the results home tomorrow and the results confirmed that I'm their biological father, she will leave my house immediately.

Please, Should I tell her I'm just joking or wait for the DNA result?

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Religion / Re: What Is The Role Of Santa Claus In Christianity And Christmas? by kingeze88(m): 12:51pm On Dec 20, 2020
Christmas is an idol festival. It is not biblical
Education / Re: Olasunkanmi Opeifa Named Finalist For $1m Global Teacher Prize by kingeze88(m): 11:15pm On Oct 13, 2020
I know him so well. Gdss Karu Abuja.
Health / Re: Please A Nairalander Needs Help With This Stubborn Rash. by kingeze88(m): 8:54pm On Sep 24, 2020
Use lime juice on it morning and night. It will go in 4 days
Religion / Re: Can God Blame Me For Not Telling A Church Member What God Told Me As A Pastor? by kingeze88(m): 10:30am On Aug 16, 2020
Sharap there. God no tell you anything. Where he stay talk to you? For your palour or.....
Religion / Re: Can God Blame Me For Not Telling A Church Member What God Told Me As A Pastor? by kingeze88(m): 10:28am On Aug 16, 2020
Sharap there. God no tell you anything.


Health / Re: Please Help Me, I'm Suffering From Staphylococcus by kingeze88(m): 6:57am On Aug 08, 2020
You will begin to have weak erection if it is not treated quickly. This infection is stubborn and needs constant treatment and regular test until it yields no growth of bacteria.

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Jobs/Vacancies / When Npower Volunteers Will Be Paid by kingeze88(m): 11:46pm On Aug 07, 2020
The spoke person to the President, Mr. Femi Adesina has made it clear on Channels TV, Friday, the 7th of August 2020, that all exited Npower volunteers will be paid not later than next week.

The presidential spoke-man made it clear on the position of government to the exited volunteers, in his precise words, "there is no going back, disengaged volunteers are already exited"

The government cannot continue to pay 500,000 volunteers for life, others will be given the same opportunities.

"He disclosed that the batch C registration has shown that, more Nigerians are willing to have skills, as shown by the numbers of applications received.

Before the end of next week, all volunteers would have been paid, we have strategized and modified means to pay all the Exited volunteers without flagging of account, the presidential adviser added.

The president's spokesman said the issues the protesters were demonstrating about such as insecurity, corruption, poverty, and rights abuse were not peculiar to Nigeria and so the protests were misguided.

He said the N-Power programme, which gives unemployed youths temporary jobs and monthly stipends was one of the ways the government was addressing joblessness.

Adesina added that the President recognizes the problems but they cannot be addressed in one fell swoop.

When asked if the clampdown on protests would continue Adesina noted that the government will do whatever is right, whatever is required to maintain peace in the country”

Health / Meet A Beautiful Nigerian Girl Who Is A Native Doctor. by kingeze88(m): 7:48am On Aug 05, 2020
Well we all know the native doctors or "babalawo" are normally men and even the women are used to be ugly.

Today I present you the most beautiful of them all who is a young lady.
Her name is Ebere Asonibe, she graduated from the college with a 2nd class upper diploma which on a great day will get her a task easier than people with a decrease grade of degree.

According to a facebook user, who goes by the name Anayo Nwosu, he stated that; she reluctantly tried to get a job with a bank, she applied and was referred for an aptitude test, she passed the test and was called for an interview to get the job but she kept turning it down.

He further said that, lovely Ebere visited his office to explain to him why she refused to turn up for her bank job interview notwithstanding his goodwill.

He said that she narrated "how her lifeless ancestors have been insistent that she must take on the herbalist profession of her terrific-grandmother and how they interfered in her lifestyles choices"

She said many men of God (pastors) had failed deliver her from the"nagging religious interference" and her dad and mom wouldn't want to seek answerd aside their Christian religion.

But she became alright when she decided to take the bull by the horn and searching for solution through consulting Practitioners of Traditional African faith(Omenala Ndigbo) through which she later got her peace of mind again.

Now she is a native doctor using herbs and roots to attend to all type of illness within the society.

She additionally narrated how her ancestor will come to her in a vision and show her herbs that therapy particular contamination and where to locate them, and when she wakes up she goes to the bush and finds the herbs at the precise point that it was revealed to her in the vision.

Nairaland / General / My Experience With A Ghost Changed My Previous Perception About Ghost by kingeze88(m): 1:48pm On Aug 04, 2020
Growing up, I have heard many stories about ghosts. Contrary to what I believed that when people for they face judgement immediately or better still remain in the grave till judgment day, I found it difficult to believe that people could actually die and still roam around. Not just roaming around but also visible to the human eyes. Well I never believed it till yesterday evening.

I live in a small town in Enugu State. We are a family of seven including my parents and am the fourth child. I'm a lady of twenty four and known as Becky by my friends.

This particular evening that totally changed my orientation because I saw it happen before my very eyes. It was one of my neighbors. The man is a painter. He had woken up that morning as usual to go to work. It was a Monday morning. Later in the evening, he came home, took his bath and left again. His wife came to our house the next morning to inform my mom that her husband didn't come home last night. Everybody became involved and we started searching for him.

On Thursday,he was found where he had gone to paint on Monday which was three days. He was lying there unconscious, beaten by the rain. But instead of the cloth his wife said he was wearing when he left on Monday evening he had on a black trouser and black shirt he wore to work in the morning.

He was rushed to the hospital. When he was able to speak, he narrated what had happened. He said there was a woman who had been chasing him most nights in his dreams. So this Monday morning, when he had left and gone to work he saw the woman for real. He was scared to death and when the woman disappeared, he fainted. After saying this he kicked the bucket.

Everyone including me was amazed because his wife and kids said they had seen him that Monday evening, yet from what the man said it was clear he never came home after work.

Then the question remains who came home then? Who was it the family saw that evening? Some said it's his ghost. For me I didn't believe ghosts exist but now am confused. Was it really a ghost?

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Health / Re: 14-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Commits Suicide In Nasarawa by kingeze88(m): 9:43pm On Jul 14, 2020
This world don kpafuka finish......14 yrs old geh done sabi collect preeq..
Crime / ,young Lady Runs Mad After A Car Dropped Her At Ikorodu by kingeze88(m): 5:03pm On Jul 10, 2020
Sometimes I wonder what people gain in using someone else daughter to achieve their aim.

In a video that surfaced online this morning showed a young lady that went insane immediately she was dropped off by a car.

According to report the incident happened at Agric, Ikorodu area of Lagos State, where the car dropped her off, she started displaying madness on the road immediately the car drove off.

According to the man who was covering it he said that, most of all these girls will not follow men who are struggling to make it in life, but would be running after Yahoo boys, who scam innocent people of the society their hard earned money and at the end of the day, they will be used to make the money they have spent on them.

Despite the rain the young girl took off her wig and started using it to control traffic by the road.

According to updategirlz who shared the video on his Instagram handle, he wrote:

"Fresh madness again isawo road agriculture ikorodu precisely ondo state bus stop everyday new chapter. Not only yahooboys use people, everybody use anybody nobody holy pass."

Romance / Pastor And Nurse Arrested For Impregnating Daughter And Aborting Baby by kingeze88(m): 9:29am On Jul 10, 2020
A Pastor from the Ogun state region named Oyebola Oluwafemi has been sleeping with his biological daughter since 2015 shortly after the death of his wife, his biological daughter has however carried out three pregnancy termination.

A nurse, Ogundimu Monilola who is the assistant chief matron at the state General hospital, Idiroko. Admitted performing the abortion on the Lady who is an NYSC graduate.

She stated the father brought her for family planning, claiming that she was his house help and also brought a man along name James as the husband.

She said, she never knew they were trying to cover up the incestuous lifestyle of the father, they came for family planning and it is lawfully for any lady above 18years to seek and obtain family planning, it's official and documented.

However, the father claim it was a mistake from a spiritual attack that lured him into the evil acts, pleaded for Nigerians, the government and Christian community to forgive him.

Pastor Oyebola Oluwafemi and the Nurse who carried out the termination of the pregnancy on three different occasions.

Romance / See What He Found In His Wife's Bag After 8 Years Of Marriage by kingeze88(m): 2:33pm On Jul 08, 2020
I Opened My Wife's Bag In Search Of My Wristwatch, See What I Saw After 8 Years In Marriage.
I have been living a righteous and faithful life before I got married, now that I am married, the whole story changed. At first I trusted my wife so much that made me believe every single thing she says, not knowing she is another thing entirely.

I was at home this faithful day, I got a call from my customer that I should come for the money he promised to give me, I quickly went to the bathroom, took a shower, put on a shirt, then I can't find my wristwatch, during this period, my wife was not at home, I was confused totally, I couldn't think straight, I had to carry my wife's bag closer to see if I can find her wristwatch.

While I was searching her bag, I saw a small nylon, I opened it and found an inhaler, I was shocked and I thought maybe it's not for her, not until I found an hospital report in an envelope, my wife's full name was written on this letter, and the doctor reported that she shouldn't miss any of her drug, advised her to do away from taking cold drinks and to keep the inhaler close to herself anywhere she go.

I started thinking, I began to ask myself various questions; is my wife an asthmatic patient? , how could she hide such secret from me after 8 years in marriage, or am I dreaming?

Readers, I need your advice and opinion, is that kind of woman a good house wife? Can I trust her even with my life, please do not hesitate to advice me, thank you for reading.


Family / What I Found In My Daughter's Room When I Visited Her At School. by kingeze88(m): 12:39pm On Jul 05, 2020
I Paid a Surprise Visit to My Daughter in School, But What I saw In Her Room Broke Me

We just moved down from River State to Lagos because my husband was transferred over to Lagos by his Boss to handle the branch in Lagos State. My husband said he would love to go with us because we were living in a rented apartment in River state, and he also wanted us to have a taste of the life in Lagos. However, I also wanted to protect my children from other children that could corrupt them in Lagos.

We sent them to a private school in Lagos and also ensured that we kept watch of the type of friends they kept. I had two children, a boy and a girl. The girl was the oldest, and she was just 14 when we moved to Lagos. She was one of the most intelligent students in her class, and she always won a lot of prices in school, I was so proud of her. My son on the other hand was struggling to have good grades, but I believed he was going to get better with his books because he was still very young.

3 years later my family had already acclimatized to the life in Lagos, and my daughter just gained admission to one of the most prestigious institutions in Lagos. I trusted her so much and was so sure that she was going to come out with distinctions from the University. Coupled with the fact that she was cool headed and religious, I believed I had nothing to fear.

She left for school and we kept in touch through calls and messages. We also chatted online from time to time, and I was aware about everything that was happening there in her school because I was her mother. Then she stopped replying my messages early, and always said she would call me back anytime I called. The only time she calls is when she needed money to buy some things in school. I talked to her about it and she said it was because she was so occupied with school activities.

This went on for some months and I knew she was stressing herself out. So, I and my husband bought a lot of food stuffs and beverages for her. I wanted to inform her about our impending visit, but my husband told me to make our visit a surprise, so I agreed. We left on Sunday after church by 3pm because the journey to her school wasn’t up to 2 hours and that is if there would be hold up. We got there late because of the hold up. We moved straight to the hostel where she stayed and walked down to her room.

When we got to the front of her door, we saw lots of girls’ slippers at the front of the room, but we didn’t think much of it because she had roommates. We pushed the door and what we saw shocked us. Our 17-year-old daughter was in bed with another girl both unclad, I was dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I fell down and started crying uncontrollably and my husband just stood there in shock, I thought to myself “How did this happen, what got into our daughter, she was very calm and religious, why then did she do this”.

My daughter just looked at me and said she loved her girlfriend so much and didn’t care about what anyone thinks. My husband asked about the other girls in the room and she said they left so that she could have an alone time with her girlfriend, I was broken.

How did something like this happen in a school’s hostel with the knowledge of the other girls in the room, I was so confused.

Romance / I Decided To Dress Up The Ghanian Actress And Her Son Who Appeared Nude. by kingeze88(m): 5:09pm On Jul 01, 2020
Since the Ghanian actress who appeared nude with her son generated a lot of outrage, I have decided to cloth them. Smiles....


Culture / The Real Owners Of Ajaokuta by kingeze88(m): 6:00pm On Jun 30, 2020
Being a Research Paper Presented at the Academic Elite of Ebiraland online Conference Lecture on this day of 21st June, 2020.

History is the available information about the past to guide us in the conduct of the affairs of the present and assist us in restructuring the future. History, however, does not lie but humans lie in giving account of their own history (Khalid Yasin, 2005). In the same vein, Nelson Mandela opined that a man without the sense of history is like a man without eyes and ears.

We urge the readers of this article to digest this with an open mind as students of historical facts.To this ends, putting sentiment aside, both oral tradition and written records collaborated one another that the ancestors of Ebiras around Niger-Benue confluence hailed from the Ancient Jukun Kwararafa kingdom.

The Ebira people had their origin from Yemen and settled first at Wukari at the Kwararafa Kingdom of the present day Jukun community in Taraba state, Nigeria. The Ebira community left Jukun around 1700 to Idah part of the present Kogi state. However, When they came first to Idah, they met the Igala kingdom already established with Kinship structure, with the reign of the Atta of Igala (Ogido,2004).

The Igalas too had earlier before the Ebiras migrated from Jukun to settle in their present axis of kogi state before the advent of Ebiras. Atta in Igala language means ‘father’, of which It was the name given to the old Atta king of the Igala kingdom. However, the Ebiras also borrowed the title ‘Atta’ from the Igala people after a century that the Igalas had been using it.

images 5 3
Ajaokuta Steel Company
When the Ebiras migrated from the Idah Kingdom of Igala land, after a political conflict between Igalas and the Ebiras in 1750, the Ebiras move to Itobe part of the River Benue, a six Kilometre walk to the present day Ajaokuta. History to salihu Ogido in his book “Leadership and Crisis in Ebiraland” shows that there have been part of the Igalas that settled around the Ajaokuta/Itobe river rine. This few Igalas who had also settled around this area are fishermen of which they sell fish to the Ebiras and other neighbouring settlers and tribes. However, the Igalas named the fish market after the nearby as AJAOKUTA. ‘AJA’ in Igala language means market while OKUTA means stone. By the sensible literal interpretation of the derived word, Ajaokuta, it means a market near stone. At this point, the Ebiras were hunters and Warriors (Ogido:2004:6-7). Ogido was however of the opinion that the Ebiras were the first to settle at Itobe/Ajaokuta (ette ube) under the leadership of the then Atta of Igala land. To this ends, contrary to the false claim of Ebiras that Aja-Ekuda was the meaning that the Ebiras had then given to the present Ajaokuta could not hold a stand.

To Ahmadu:1974, when the Ebiras moved from Idah to Itobe, the Ebiras were one people then, but on getting to Itobe (ette ube), Some of the Ebiras drew a dichotomy and disagree to follow the present Ebira Opete to cross the river for settlement in the present day Ebira Opete. The division occurred that the present Ebira toto of Nasarawa state moved from Itobe for the first time to settle in Nasarawa state. The Ebira Umaisha also disagree to follow Ebira Opete to cross the river for settle and move also to Nasarawa state.The Ebira Abaji also moved from here to FCT, Abuja for the same reason. The Ebira igara (Etuno) agreed to cross the River for settlement with Ebira Opete but later after crossing the river with the present day Ebira Opete, they further moved for settlement in Etuno of the present Edo state. Ebira MOZUM, Ebira Igu (Koton Karfe) and Ebira Opete are found in the present Kogi state (Ahmadu cited in Ogido: 2004).

The available fact about Adayi Ebira is that ‘Ebira’ as we know today is the name of our first father Adayi Ebira who first migrated from Jukun as part of the minority group then in the Wukari of the Kwararafa kingdom in the present Jukun of Taraba State. He then moved to the present Ebiraland and got married to Onyi -Ayi- Ebira. Adayi Ebira has five children of which the first was Adavi, followed by Eganyi, followed by Okehi, Followed by Okengwe and Ihima as the last child of Ebira. However, Onyi-Ayi Ebira the wife to Adayi Ebira later lived with her last born and died in Ihima where she was also buried. The husband Adayi-Ebira also died and buried at Eganyi part of Ebiraland. However, before his death, he has also lived and settled in Etuno part of Edo state (Otaru A, 1984).

There is an established fact that the issue of Ajaokuta land ownership has never been properly addressed and allocated in count before the last case of June 2020 between the Atta Igala land and the Federal Government over the land ownership. Part of the major evidence presented in the court by the Atta of Igala land was that;

“The Igalas were the oldest people first found in the present kogi map, they have been in the territory before Ebiras migrated from Jukun to their present location. However, in 1841, the Atta of Igala lease the Ajaokuta land to the British Colonialists for their administration and the British paid to them the prize of cowries and promised to renew after a contractual term. Unfortunately in 1931 i.e after 90years, the British need to renew the land but they didn’t and left. For so long, they had allowed Ebiras to also expand in the land and now they have come to take what etymologically belong to them” (Atta of Igala in FHC, June 2020).

From the above, the FG couldn’t produce a sufficient document to counter or contradict this claim by the Atta of Igala and the court however had to judge over such claim.

It is imperative to know that the controversy perhaps over the ownership of Ajaokuta land today was grieved by the colonial masters and the recent re-establishment by the FG for the commencement of the Steel Company. The British officials while leaving and evacuating the land after 1931 handed the land documents and the contractual documents to the Atta of Ebiraland Alhaji Ibrahim Onoru-Oiza as perhaps the owner of the land.This was done by the British colonialist perhaps as a result of the fact that the Ebiras dominated the land as at then and that the Ebiras have been able to establish the Unification King which was the Ohinoyi Ibrahim Onoru-oiza. This documents however were handed over and over from one generation of Ohinoyi to the present Alhaji Ado Ibrahim (The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland). From the tradition of the British colonialists, then, whoever they allocated land to or gave land document autormatically Inherits the land (Salami S, 2008).

In 1946, When Arthur Richard became the Governor general of Nigeria, he splitted Nigeria into three regions of North, East and West. At this period, Okene Local government and Ajaokuta were part of the North While the present Kogi East which is the Igala axis belong to the Eastern Nigeria (Eluwa and etal, 1987). From the analogy of Eluwa and etal, If the Igalas are claiming the Ajaokuta from historical perspectives, then the Fulanis can as well claim the Whole Nigeria as they were the first set of people who migrated to this part of the World.

Although, the claim of the Atta of Igala may be very correct to have leased the land to the British colonialists in 1841 from historical record and perspective but the fact is that, that historical records of Igala community can’t cancel the Richard constitution of 1946 that allocated Ajaokuta and Okene axis then to the Northern part of Nigeria neither can the Igala historical records of land ownership cancel the 1976 Local Government Reform by General Olusegun Obasanjo that created Okene/Ajaokuta Local government as one in 1976.

Conversely, there is a notion which states that the first people to have settled in a land or an area owns the land or the area but this should not negate the government rules and land policy which also states that all land belongs to the government and it is the same government that has made Ajaokuta/Okene as part of kogi Central and not Kogi East in 1976. Does it mean the government was wrong during this declaration? If the government now admit that they were wrong to have considered Ajaokuta as part of Kogi Central, then government of Nigeria are the most confused government in the World as they will need to go back to reform and restructure the 1976 local government reform again but certainly the government won’t do such because it will generate more land disputes in the country.

Still from the legal perspective, it may be opined that the controversy over the ownership of the land of Ajaokuta arose as a result of the natural resources found there which is the Iron and steel company which is about to commence functioning properly. The Legal Maxim “Quic quid Plantatur Solo Solo Cedit” Which means “What ever is affixed to the land belongs to the people of that land”. As in natural resources and others, hence the claim of the/a land arose (Malcolm B,1970).

For those that believe as an evidence that the River has separated or divided the Igalas and the Ebiras is unscientific. The Water cannot be used by the Ebiras at all as an evidence that the Ajaokuta land belongs to the Ebiras. The reason why this cannot hold a stand is that it is unconstitutional and illogical. It is not clearly stated from historical perspective that a community cannot cross over a water to own a land. For instance, the Ebira Toto of Nasarawa state has in history cross over to Nasarawa from Ebira Opete and Itobe to own a land in the present Nasarawa state. The Ebira Toto are now indigenious people of Nasarawa and do enjoy all the rights as citizen over there (Isiaq A, 2008).

For those that also believe that the Igalas were under the Benue before the creation of Kogi state, While Ajaokuta and Okene were under Kwara state and why then would they claim the ownership of the land. This also is not a substantial evidence because the Igalas were still based and lived in their present location of Idah, Itobe, Anyigba and part of Ajaokuta even when the Igalas were in Benue. It is not that they were pushed away from Benue state and then migrated to their present location of Kogi state. They have been in their present location since around 1650.


The people of Ebira has little to say about the true ownership of Lokoja.The reason is that there is hardly an available document that explain the rightful ownership. However, the oral narration according to the Ebiras is that the Ebira land ends at the present Army Barracks in lokoja and many Ebira Statesmen and educationists agreed to this notion. That is, Adavi and Okehi land end at the Barracks except there would be a document to substantiate a contrary opinion. The Ebira Opete has no land in Koton Karfe axis of kogi state but only part of Lokoja. Therefore, The Igalas claim over the Koton Karfe land and large portion of Lokoja may be less substantiated by the Ebira Opete if the Ebira Opete too wants to claim the rightful ownership except as the case may be.

History has shown that the Igalas and the Ebiras have maintained a cordial and peaceful relationship and coexistence since from the Jukun in the present Taraba state before they both migrated to their present location. This peaceful coexistence for a long time made the Ebiras specifically Ozumi of the Ogu clan to borrow the masquerade called “Ibagi” from the Igala kingdom. In fact, all masquerades today in Ebiraland were copied from the Igala kingdom. The Atta as rightly used today in Ebiraland was also copied from the Igala Kingdom. The Ebiras occupation then were mainly Hunting warriors and weaving while the Igalas were fishermen and business men. The Ebiras first name Itobe area as ‘ette ube’ which means land of hunters while the Igalas name Ajaokuta from their words ‘Aja’ which means market and ‘okuta’ which also means stone. The Igalas have the Itobe named by the Ebiras and the Ebiras have the Ajaokuta named by the Igalas, what a natural irony or irony of adventure.

Even the Atta Omadivi as claimed by the Ogu clan of Ebira people was also copied as history has shown us that Atta has no meaning in Ebira but has meaning in Igala which means “Father”. The fact that d Igalas have perhaps first lived and settled in this part of the country is not enough as a substantial evidence to claim the ownership of Ajaokuta but rather the evidence above from the government of Richard constitution of 1946, the Local Government Reform of 1976 and Legal perspective as well as the British reasons for probably handing over the contractual documents to the Ebiras after 1931 would stand the test of time.


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