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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Teamviewer To Replace Chevrolet As Manchester United Shirt Sponsor by KingOfThePay(m): 8:47pm On Mar 19, 2021
When it comes to the winning days of old United. Only one Sponsor sticks to mind, and thats A.I.G!!!

Hope the said Team viewer will be able to start a new flame.
Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 12:56am On Mar 01, 2021
please continue the thread. i beg of you. please

I was banned twice in continuous sequence. Though i did not get demotivated by the quandary and extrinsic predicament; however, it only shows the Nairaland platform is no longer were bright minds can share concrete and impactful information like this to the benefit of the general audience.

The TUTORIAL has been continued in full on Telegram. Some elite minds on here already promulgated the movement. Search for the Group on Telegram and join. Its more than just making money. Its a Whole Adventure!

Letssss Goooo!!!!!!!


Business / Re: How Long Does It Take For A Loaded Container To Arrive Nigeria by KingOfThePay(m): 12:27am On Mar 01, 2021

Bill of Laden is issued immediately the ship picks up the container onboard before it leaves departure port.

So, as the owner of the goods, you should have been given your Bill of laden since. It is what you will use to clear the container when it arrives Naija.

Without Bill of Laden, you don't own any container.

The above bolded says it all. 4 Months and you were never issued Bill of Laden? ... more importantly no tracking id.. Like you said yourself, you gotta grill your shipping agent
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs West Ham (2 - 1) On 27th February 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 12:35am On Feb 28, 2021
The Premier's league is now boring damn!!!. shocked Man city now does this stuff like some ENTITILED birth rights/rituals or something.... And you know the funny thing, about 4 different teams topped the EPL table all the way long so far shocked. I will be taking a break... cry
Politics / Re: Governor Sani Bello Receives Freed Kagara Schoolboys And Their Teachers (Photos) by KingOfThePay(m): 11:59pm On Feb 27, 2021

Teacher: KingofthePay, stand up. Make a phrasal verb with the word 'Joke'. grin wink

Me: MY COUNTRY NIGERIA, IS A JOKE!!!!! grin undecided

Celebrities / Re: Uche Maduagwu To Begin #EndAntiGayLaw Road Protest In Nigeria by KingOfThePay(m): 6:43pm On Feb 27, 2021
Why do I have a very strong feeling that this guy is not gay? undecided

You are very correct. He is not! He is propagating this aberrant and useless motive to chase Clout in a new dimension.
And perhaps, achieve inept goals. Like the very first few commenters on the thread had stated.

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Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 2:35pm On Feb 24, 2021
Its a long list of Mentions guys. I believe the post above addresses everything.

Also, i took to a comment made by ilebaya2017.. I created an alternate two days ago. Its not yet eligible to post in this section until after some few days or so..

I propose the issue of ban will not occur again. But just incase it does, i will lane switch to the alternate.

Ok Fellas. See you in an hour or two.!!!
Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 2:27pm On Feb 24, 2021
Alrighhttttt Guys!!!!!!! Its the Return of the King!!!!! grin

It is with great pleasure i drop this update after serving a 3 days(which feels like 3 years) unjustified ban from the time i made my last comment. No lie; Aberrant developments like this goes a long way to  demotivate a good cause . But yet, the King is not shaken.

However,  i will also not hide my discontentment with the Moderators for absolute negligence. I was banned by the spam bot after making the Part 2 update(which was removed) on Sunday. Followers of the thread called on the Mods to relief me of the ban. Yet nothing was done. Nothing. What then is the essence of this Business section if an informative, educational, tutorial thread cannot be allowed to thrive. huh!


I must say i am very impressed with you guys and so honored that i was able to start something that is making people out here see possibilities in achieving massive financial success with this business.. Oh yeah!!!

This thread has not dropped passed the first page of the business section since my last post.
You guys kept steady engagement. Thread already on its 3rd page shocked(and we are just getting started)
You showed commitment to implementing all you have learnt(and more to come) 

In this beautiful game of Chess, you are the Bishops. 

Alright. Lets get back Business. Heading to the Space station to get my Spaceship!!! Everything in check, no orbit decays!!! shocked grin

Now ya'all get ready to hop in...!!! 3...2...1.......

PART 2 UPDATE DROPPING BY 3:30PM ... Letssssssssss go!!!!!
Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 11:34am On Feb 21, 2021
Good engagement here guys! shocked

This is what I am talking about. No fun in an adventure when you are alone mehn.. Moreso, an Adventure for success!!!

And ehy! For everybody that has commented on the First page. I have a super gift for you when the entire training is complete... So anyone who have seen or following this thread and you haven't dropped a comment to bid commitment you might as well do it now.. tongue

Becuase however it goes, in a short future from now, you will definitely comment when you can no longer stay calm from the thrills.! grin
So why not do it now and win a free gift before we cross over huh!

Welcome to a new week. Blessings from the most high to you all. I know before the end of the week loads of people would have been able to start implementing and getting set to cash out big from this business long term.

PART 2 UPDATE dropping 12:30 PM straight up!

Spaceship reluanching in 3.2.1..... Let's gooooooooo!!!!


Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 2:44pm On Feb 20, 2021
PART 1(Continued)


So having understood the concept by which we will be running our business and knowing the type of products to sell, the next thing is sourcing for these products to sell and make profit.

You ask, where and how do we buy our products King??

The number one place you can source for goods to import is an online portal known as Aliexpress.

Oh, may be you are reading this and you are just hearing of Aliexpress for the first time. Alright, Aliexpress is an Ace Chinese online shopping portal owned by Alibaba, a pioneer ecommerce retail giant just like Amazon, Ebay etc

Here you can buy products cut across all categories at very cheap prices from Suppliers in China. Aliexpress can be accessible via w.w.w dot Aliexpress dot com

For primary of my importation business i use Aliexpress to source for goods. And this is where you too will source for products to import.

And then Majorly, I also use another Chinese portal called 1688 the Chinese version of Alibaba. All 3 portals are one by the way. Only difference is that on 1688 and Alibaba you are buying directly from product Manufacturers and minimum purchase quantity could be from 20 pieces(differs anyway) and above or so.

But on Aliexpress, everything is much more flexible and easier. You can buy like you're buying from your local mall, any quantity you want. However, on 1688 and Alibaba prices for products could be even much CHEAPER compared to Aliexpress. And this goes a long way! Trust me...

Also, 1688 website is in Chinese language so in order to understand the language you will need a translator. All you need to do here is access the site using Google chrome browser from your PC or Mobile device. Most preferably PC.

So once on the site from your browser, right click on a blank space, click on translate from the options and the site will be translated to English. 1688 and Alibaba can be accessible via:
www dot 1688 dot com
www dot Alibaba dot com


So, these are the portals you can import things at cheap prices and sell for massive profit here in Nigeria. You buy directly from Suppliers or Manufacturers. There is no kind of product you are looking for you cant find on these sites. All you have to do is search according to the category it falls into. And my most preferred is Aliexpress because its easy to use and has an edge for helping us research and find trending products. While 1688 has the advantage for buying the goods at cheaper wholesale prices since we are buying in bulk.

So, what do you do now? Take a stroll to these sites and play around for now as you continue absorbing content from the training.


Once you have found a product/s you will like to buy next is to place order for the product and have it shipped down to Nigeria. To do this we will need the help of an International Freight forwarding/Logistics company.

I normally use the services of an international logistics company also known as Shipping agents to bring down my products in good time. My top two logistics companies I mostly use are: St. Patricks Logistics and ChrisvicMall(CVM).

However, St Patricks use to be my most preferably and recommended. Although currently I use another company. Simply visit their websites for contacts and directives, you can as well get their contacts and communicate with them. You can access their website from a simple Google search.


Even here on Nairaland, we have reputable shipping agents that can help bring down your goods. I think I have use one or two in the past and they delivered. Just do your proper search and you good to go.


After picking a product and knowing how much quantity you want to import you simply send your product(s) link to your shipping agent and they will give you quotation of prices as it concerns the type of shipping you want to use.

(Express or Normal)

Express shipping: With express shipping your goods will arrive Nigeria in 3 - 8 working days. This duration starts counting from when the supplier/manufacturer in China has delivered the goods to the Shipping company's address in China. Charges for express shipping usually ranges from $10 to $12 per kg depending on the Logistics company you use.

Normal shipping: With Normal shipping your goods will arrive Nigeria in 10 - 15 working days. This duration starts counting from when the supplier/manufacturer in China has delivered the goods to the Shipping company's address in China. Charges for express shipping usually ranges from $7 to $9 per kg depending on the Logistics company you use.

These Shipping/Logistics companies usually also offers Procurement services together with their shipping services. Procurement simply means helping you to pay the seller/supplier/manufacturer of whichever product you want to buy using their own means.

The charge a small commission for this service which differs depending on the company you use. At the end of everything you will get a final quotation for your shipping and procurement(if you use this service) on your products with instructions on how to make payment. Simply confirm everything, make payment and they will handle the rest.


Marketing/Making Sales

So you sourced for products, order for them and your products have arrived. Containers has landed. How do you sell your products now? How do you make this money! Do you go and start looking for shop or market space in Wuse Market? No no no!

So how do we sell our products and get this money coming in real quick!

Simple as ABC! This is where Ecommerce comes in... And like hinted earlier we will be taking advantage of platforms already in place with millions of audience waiting to buy your products. The two platforms are Facebook and Google.

Does that mean you will now start posting pictures of your products on your Facebook profile, or spamming groups or commenting on celebrity profiles about your product to get buyers? NO NO NO. That's a very poor, annoying way of marketing and you will never be doing that.

Rather, We will market our products using Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising and with this your products will be seen by thousands and millions of targeted users on these platforms.

Is there anything/search you do online that you don't use Google? grin Good. Show me an entity that controls millions of audience and I will tell you that's where the money is.

Facebook too is out of this world. Up to 20,000,000 Active Nigerians use Facebook( and Instagram) Daily and Over 1,000,000 of your target customers for every niche you can think of are right on these platforms all night and day waiting for you.... All you need to do is reach out to them via means of marketing, sell and make your money.


So to sell our imported products all we will be doing is market by using Google Ads or Facebook Ads! And in this training(PART 2 to PART3) i will be showing you the unique type of Facebook Advertising i run that brings in sales like a flood of oil resource gushing out from an oil spill!

This is serious business. So you will have a budget for marketing/advertising. However, this is not the type of marketing or advertising where you start waiting for months or years before you record progress or get your ROI. Nah nah. I'm talking of a system of marketing where as you start running your ADS, you start getting orders that same day you started your campaign. In 72 hrs you will have made 5x back of whatever startup budget you use for your ADs.

And you run everything from the comfort of your room, your home or perhaps anywhere. The Orders start coming in, you deliver, collect your cash that's it Business has started....

Gone are the days when to start a business you need to pay for shop, furniture your shop, pay committee duties, stock your shop and then have to wait for customers! That is so old school. Yuck! Business is about buying and selling. And buying and selling today can be done online. Simple. This is the more reason this Importation/Ecommerce business is the real deal! The is the actual soft work. I don't mean yahoo-yahoo soft work. I mean real Business man soft work....

By Marketing online using Ads(Facebook and Google ADS), you gain massive exposure to the general audience online. Your product will attain an expansive reach and can be purchased by that interested buyer in Lagos, Zamfara, Calabar, Kano, Warri, Abuja, Benin etc and just anywhere in the country.

You then use the services of a domestic courier company(they have a very important role to play in this, coming to that shortly) to deliver your product to customers.

So this is just one of the good things about E-commerce, you are no longer limited to the confines of a specific entity. You get to market your product online and reach out to a much wider audience(nationwide) thereby making massive sales..

Even if you don't want to sell to audience all over the country. You can still target only the audience in your state and neighboring states and still make massive sales. Huh!


Now, since we are marketing online, attaining virality and getting attention from audiences displaced at different location of the country. In other to be successful with this business and get the trust of buyers we will be using a favorable payment model known as cash on delivery. This simply means the customer pays for the goods just as its delivered to him/her. But how do you go about operating on this payment model ?

Well, this is where we employ the services of a domestic courier who will deliver goods to customers and collect your money for you. And with my years of experience, having worked with a good number of domestic courier companies, i will recommend two reliable courier companies i currently use which I have been making success with. You could also deliver your products yourself or employ and delivery boys/girls who will deliver your stuff and bring back your cash.(This is what i do in the two major cities Lagos and Abuja)...This way delivery will be even faster, reduce return rates and keep the cash-flow steady!

Delivering Products/Order Fulfillment.

So when a customer places order for your product and sends his/her order details. You now take them to the domestic courier company who will now send your product to the customer and collect your money for you. Courier charges for any item you want to send will depend on the state/city the package is being delivered to. You will get all details about these initially when you had gone to register with the Courier company for business.

-Domestic Courier Companies i Use

The role your courier company plays in this Importation/Ecommerce business system is very vital and cannot be over emphasized. In 2016, i lost over N450,000 due to the unprofessional and careless operations of two couriers i was using back then which i will not mention here for personal reasons.

Imagine getting like 50 orders in a week for a product and you give your courier to deliver and later on they return all the products.. That was a huge lost to me as at then, plus after paying for all courier costs.

Its a normal thing that in this business sometimes you may have returns but at least for 50 orders maybe 3 to 6 returns if not even lesser. And this should be as a result of the customer and not from the courier not being able to deliver.

So, the role of the Courier is very important to be successful with this Importation/Ecommerce Business.. You could be getting floods of orders for your product but if you cant deliver you wont make money. So take note.

Anyways,..All those past experiences were part of what contributed in having me go back to the drawing board to create a perfect strategy for this business. Infact with the current way am running this business now in 2021 its very rare before I have returns. The Orders comes like flood, A filter process is in place to make sure its only serious Customers that place order, Delivery is fulfilled fast, Cash in hand!

After my ordeal with the previous Couriers I was using ... from the periods of 2016/2017 I was able to do a very thorough research and with that i got to discover the Couriers that i am currently using now and since then things have been going smooth and i have had peace of mind.

ACE Courier/Logistics- Though they focus on just Lagos, Abuja and Portharcout but they are very efficient. I use them for deliveries to these places time to time and if i give them 20 orders to deliver they will deliver all in time.( As at now when making this training, It's been while I use them though)

CourierPlus. - Top of their game. Their system here is more arranged and advanced than all other couriers i have worked with. I use them for all deliveries to other parts of the country and I have not had issues with them. Infact, this is the Courier I work with majorly as at now. And if you go through all my payment reports(you may see this in PART2/3 if I am in a good mood grin tongue) you will see all the remittance is from Courierplus. As of now I will label them no.1 in the country to run your ecommerce business.

If you are reading this, have been into this business and you have any other Courier company you can recommend. Go on to contribute!

So, those are the two domestic logistics i will recommend to you if you want to get into this business and record success with order fulfillment/deliveries like am doing it.

Simply visit their website (search on Google, won't want to post l.i.n.k.s here)

Get contact, call them and go to their office in your state to discuss business and register with them. With that, You are good.


There is another delivery system which is popular now and even very effective. I currently use that now too. It involves using independent dispatch riders that report directly to you. These are dispatch agents available to deliver your stuff and remit cash back to you instantly. Most times they operate alone while some operate under a management.

All you simply do is call the dispatch rider that you have orders for delivery, and Voom! They right in your office or house ready to run that delivery. You give them the package/s and addresses and sit back and wait for your cash when they done. I use this personally for all deliveries in Lagos.

Alright and with that i come to the end of PART 1 of this training. What have you learnt so far? A LOT Right. I know so.


Now, you will get ready, as the skies are about to get Cloudy!

As i gear into the part i will be showing you step-by-step my carefully developed failure proof process of how to run this business. It will be less talk and more ACTION. And if you are serious enough with this, you should be driving through the rest of the year in your own written success beginning from today.

Alright!!! Let's Go!!!!!

Okay guys. I know this is some good ass value bomp I am dropping on hear. So I need Atleast 10 comments to ignite Level two. Yaass!

This is some good ass information that top heads out there will compile into a course and sell for nothing less than 20k to 100k(including consultation) but here you are with the King, spilling it out for free! For your success! cool

PART 2 drops automatically when I see good engagement on the thread.
Let's Go!!!!

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Sports / Re: Naomi Osaka Beats Jennifer Brady To Win Second Australian Open Title by KingOfThePay(m): 11:49am On Feb 20, 2021
I watched the game. The girl is good. She is the future!


Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 11:36am On Feb 20, 2021


Importation Business is simply the process of buying products from another country to sell in your own country and make maximum profit. In this sense, the country we will be dealing with is China. Don't look elsewhere, as China is the world's no.1 manufacturing power and where you can buy things directly from manufacturers at wholesale price and resell in your country to make maximum profit. These products you import are PHYSICAL products that provides solution to one thing or the other. And we all know selling physical products is pretty up straightforward and easy, what is even more interesting is when the product you are selling is what people are in dying need of!

Now when we say importation business in 2021, i don't mean your usual importation business where you buy a product for N5,000 and sell it for N8,000.. nah nah.... Or where buy stuff for N12,000 and sell it for N15,000 making petty profit.. Or where you buy products and they end up spending months in your room like artifacts in a museum simply because you don't know how to market them...

I am talking about a unique means of running this business by taking advantage of serious market/audience demand in products which serves a dying need/provide solution to a purpose coupled with an authentic marketing style that will make selling these products very fast and even fun for you. And you will learn about all these just as we proceed.


Ecommerce is simply the process of buying and selling stuff/things online. When we import these products from china into the Country, do we go about wandering in Oshodi market looking for buyers? or do we start thinking of how we can get a shop and then wait for customers? NO NO NO. We utilize the magnanimous potential of the internet, to sell these products - and this to me is one of the golden aces of this Age. Learning and Understanding this, you can sell all your products with the speed of light. And not just only your products but anything at all....

So when you combine the above two; Importation and Ecommerce - what we get is a unique Cash spinning Business, of which following the steps and concepts i will be showing you in a few moments from now we will be making an unstoppable killing like the shootings from an A.k.4.7 Rifle!

I will say it again. The system of Importation/Ecommerce business I am about to show you now is a very sure guaranteed means that any serious Nigerian, irrespective of age, can use to change their financial status in a couple of months. Did i say months? Let me live at that, without too much exaggeration. But know that with this system you start making sales and seeing mind blowing results from the very first day you start marketing. No doubt!

Lets proceed!


Now for you to hit it big in this business you will need to follow 3 basic and straight to the point steps which all the information, strategy i will be revealing to you in this training cycles on. I call these the 3 pillar steps. And they are as follows:

1. Find out a daring problem a group of people are battling with.

2. Source for a solution to this problem which will come as a physical product, Get it and sell it to them.

3. Market this product using the massive potential of the internet which allows you stay in one place and sell to everybody all over the country.

MAKE YOUR MONEY over and over and over AGAIN!!! It's as simple as that.

In getting to understand the problem of these people in STEP 1 and knowing the kind of solution needed.

This is where we go to China (don't worry you are not travelling, everything is done online) and source for products that will tender solution(STEP 2).

We call these products unique products. Hot in Demand. Evergreen niche products. Products that the money a person in need of maybe planning on using to buy clothes, will rather gladly give to you to have the product... You see that?

You buy these unique products at cheap price say $1 to $3 and at most $5... And sell it moderately for N10,000, N15,000, N30, 000 depending on the product effect in the market. Making yourself serious and consistent profit. All as a result of your knowledge in knowing about this unique business and where you can source these products at cheap prices(from manufacturers/suppliers) and sell to the highlighted group of people who are in dare need of it and other available consumers who are in need of the product.

You then market these products using the internet by taking advantage of platforms which already has millions of targeted audience waiting for you with cash in hand to buy your products. (STEP 3)

It is on the above 3 pillar steps, i have laced out the outlines below which will explain everything in the PART 1 of this training following its sequence; from how to figure out problems so you can source for hot in demand products that will serve as solution, to where and how to import these products, to the traffic platforms we use for marketing and order fulfillment….. I am going to elaborate and explain further how you are going to work with these outlines which is the basis by which we run this Business.

And after everything in PART 1, we'd be heading straight to Mars! grin I will then move to the PART 2 where i make a step-by-step live case-study showing you how to setup the entire the cash printing system for running this business.

You ready? You ready to come with me to Mars?

Letsss Go!!!!!



- The Concept of How The Whole System Works.

- The Type of Products To Sell/Which Sells Hot.

- Finding Products/Where to Import From.

- Placing Order For Products and Shipping to Nigeria.

- Marketing Medium/Getting buyers/Delivering products.


Nigeria is a developing country and a consuming country still not able to fend the man power for producing or manufacturing over 80% of products we consume. China is a developed country that has excel in Commerce and known as an authority in production, manufacturing of goods and several products as cut across many categories which are distributed and marketed worldwide.

And for over 85% of products they consume it is being manufactured by them. In buying from China, products can be gotten there at very cheap prices because you get to be buying directly from manufacturers, suppliers and Producers of these products. - And to do this, platforms has been in place that makes such easy.

What are these platforms? ALIBABA, ALIEXPRESS, DHGATE, 1688 etc

Yes, you don't need to travel all the way to china before you can buy goods or start your Importation Business. From the comfort of your home with your internet enabled computer or Mobile phone you could start your own Importation/Ecommerce business real quick and start making huge profit!

Now, for you to make money in your country which doesn't seem to have the manpower to produce/manufacture all type of goods but yet has high demand in overall consumption; You simply need to be able to source for products in demand which attends to a any particular need or solves a particular daring problem from China at wholesale prices and sell in Nigeria at your own reasonable price to make money/profit .... Simple as that!!! You get it?!!!

''That is business and that is how money is made.'' Understanding this basics and having this knowledge in mind, you should be able to see why importation business has always been a big profitable business and will continue to bring in cash no matter what... And that's the whole concept behind making money with this system.


So having understood the basic concept of how this business works, the next thing is to start sourcing for products. You see, first, i normally tell people, as long as it concerns Nigeria, every kind of products sells in Nigeria- the only difference is in which will sell fast or which is selling hot.. (has high demand). And not every product sells FAST!!!

And so, In this Importation/Ecommerce Business our FOCUS and Concern is ONLY to sell products that sells fast, make our money, bounce out, rinse and repeat!


Like i have said earlier, these are Products that the target audience are in dare need of. In 2 words- Unique products. In 3 words- Evergreen Niche products.! Anyhow you choose to call it, but know that you don't just import any kind of products okay. The product must provide value and solution to a problem... This is the hidden engineering behind a product being ''Hot-in-Demand''

So how do you know products that are in hot demand which will sell fast? .

Well, Well, that is one of the hidden ingredients of this training which you will decipher that right about now....

Overtime, I have derived a concept (or formula you may call it) i use in always finding products which are bound to sell like cray ! Well, The concept i use is simple.

Pay Attention!!!

Now as a people, I mean we all as humans. We are bound to spend money.

The things we buy or spend money on serves two purposes and either falls into one of these two things:

1. SOLUTION to a need/problem or


Yes those are the two things. Now begin to categorize everything you spend money on.. Stop reading for now. Take out 2 minutes to carry out this task okay.

Now, you will see that for everything we spend money on fall under one of the listed. Its either it provides a solution to a need or probably just to improve our comfort/luxury and make us feel better....

''However, for you to make money in this Importation/EComm business like a cash printing machine your focus has to be on products that continuously provide solution to a problem'' Instead of Luxury/Pleasure....
These problems are always persistent and demand for solution to them is instant and continuous, hence you as a vendor is always ever certain of making income all the time as long the demand persists....

Using my given formula above, lets have some general examples here....

For Example,

> Fueling your car (or just any vehicle) is a solution because without fuel your car wouldn't move.. The product here is fuel.. So except you don't want to use your car again, else you must have to fuel it... So you spend money on fuel and the demand is persistent.

Same thing applies to all other means of mobility like motorcycles, trucks etc. be it public or private.

> Eating food is a solution because without food you cant survive.. What is the product here?! Foodstuffs/Agriculture. So you have to spend money on food, its a necessity for survival and obviously a solution to a problem. Hunger . So the demand is persistent... However, i am not saying you should go and start importing foodstuffs.. This here just serves as a generic example..

> Medical care is a solution because without treatment that illness or disease or injury will do you harm.. So you definitely want to treat yourself and to do this you spend money on operations, Drugs, check ups, Med care etc... Hence the demand is persistent...

And a whole lot more examples i could list out...

So the simple derivation and summary here is; ''a product which provides a solution to a need will sell more/easily and fast than that which is for luxury/pleasure.''

You see that?

And this is the concept i have been using and the basis which i sought for products to import and sell when making research. Products that will serve as solution to a problem for a particular group of target audience or products that improves a medium in which something is/can be done generally will sell faster than just any other product. And there are numerous problems out there cut across different niches you could source for products as solution , sell at a reasonable price and make good, sweet money consistently.

Example of these niches that umbrellas different problems are;

Health and Beauty
Adult Care/Relationships
Unique Home Appliances
Modern Artificial Intelligence Utilities etc....

Just a single product that provides solution to any core problem in any of the above listed niches can make you millions...

Alright Guys!!!!! Spaceship needs some refueling!!!! grin Let's take a break.

COMPLETION OF PART 1 drops by Lunch time!!! 3:00 PM

For now I need some sticky engagement on this thread !!! I ain't alone on this adventure, am i ?

Let's go!!!


Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 8:48pm On Feb 19, 2021
So, Instead of making a Time table for UPDATES. I have decided that, rather, I will post the time a subsequent update drops following the recent one.

NEXT UPDATE drops by: 10 :30 PM
Catch you then!
Business / Re: Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 8:45pm On Feb 19, 2021
Yeeeeahhhh!!! I came back with a spaceship To The Moon with this Thread!!! Let's Go!!!!!!

Alright guys, its about to go down! I will like to say that, this will be the most valuable and life changing thread/information you will come across this week, month or year even. So get rid of all distractions, grab some popcorn, your favourite refreshing drink and read through for success. Thank God it's Friday Already!

''At the end of it all, i will like you not to just see me as a Benefactor to your success but also as a friend and someone with genuine concern to see you succeed.'' 

And with that said, lets get it on....!

You see, one bitter truth is; Lately The Nairaland Business section boring. grin tongue

No new content. No new stuff.. No new thread teaching and sharing opportunities and information that will give people hopes for the new year like them OG threads back in them good old days still holding stead.. Most of what we see are people opening threads and asking for your emails and phone number to teach you privately or perhaps sell you something ...not bad sha.. but where is the fun if not in the open? Moreso, most times it doesn't end well!

I have been active in the past one week and I have visited here like thrice to see new stuff and opportunities. But nothing!!!. So yesterday evening, while drinking the fresh palm wine my cousin brought for me from the village, the spirit led me!


"I could well enough start by creating a thread and sharing my own knowledge to others. Loads of people will benefit from it no doubt and it will also motivate others(successful with whichever businesses they do) hiding in their shells to come out and create tutorial threads like this teaching people how to generate income from it"

So guys, I have decided to give a COMPLETE TUTORIAL on one of my pioneer businesses I have been into in the past 5 years. I have done so many businesses online, some were a failure and some successful. However, this particular business have never failed me. Even though how we run it 5 years ago is not how we run it now, it just goes to show consistency in growth on my part by adapting and lane switching to new strategies to optimise success.

So What's this Business and What's it all About?


"This is all about importing hot selling special NICHE products at cheap prices directly from manufacturers and reselling in Nigeria for higher profits."

I must have summarised the whole process with just one sentence above, but the implementation steps to get started making income from this business is what is about to take this thread to several pages ahead. cool

This is not a Sales pitch. So I will not start quoting figures I have done in sales in the past years. However talking about the present as now February 2021:

A new product I researched and luanched on exactly February 1st has already crossed 500k(pure profit) in sales in just 18 days. One of the reasons I am in a joyous mood and decided to drink fresh pami to celebrate!!! But even more fulfilling? deciding to share my knowledge with people out here.


Name of Business - Importation/Ecommerce

Limits to amount of income that can be made - Limitless

Potential Monthly Earnings(PME) - N500,000 to N2,000,000(depending on quantity of products you sell)

Details on PME - 50 to 100 pieces of products sold in the price range of N10,000 to N30,000 per piece brings in nothing less than N500k - N2.5m monthly

Means on Operation - Online

Start up Capital - N70,000 and above. What will vary is qty of product you will have in stock and procurement costs..Plus this includes your startup budget for marketing.

Easiness Level- Very easy as long as you can read and write. Willingness to learn and take action.

Who can do this - Anybody

Now. No lie, The business you are about to learn about(Ecommerce) is very very profitable. Infact, this online business model has made more of people I know and many other Nigerians Millionaires than you can imagine. I will not like to make it seem like exaggeration right now, but know that everything i will tell you here about this business is exactly as it is.

''However, this is only if you run/operate this business following the failure proof concepts and strategy i will reveal to you in this training.'' 

So anytime people tell me that they have some funds and want recommendations on a business they can invest in or they are looking for means of diversifying their streams of income, i simply tell them Importation- Ecommerce. Interesting thing is they end up making so much money than what they had expected or could ever imagine as compared with the usual offline brick and mortar business. 

A recent example on this will be My very own neighbor, a Nurse working in A Federal Healthcare Centre. She was looking for a second stream of income and needed something she could have on the side bringing income simultaneously with her Nursing job. When she asked i told her; Importation/Ecommerce is perfectly what she needs. She showed interest, So i taught her everything about this business and how to run it in a way that it will not even interfere with her Nursing Job, set up everything for her and right now as i write this, she has sold all 30 pieces of the 1st batch of products she started with ...making over N450,000 and currently waiting for new stock of 100 pieces. And its not even up to 3 weeks that everything happened.

Another Interesting thing is she has also been able to source for another particular product using her knowledge in healthcare coupled with what i have taught her and this product will be selling for N23,000 per piece. By the time she sells just 100 pieces that is nothing but N2,300,000 of which about N2,000,000 is pure profit. Yas!!!

Isn't this amazing?

Its exactly this same unique system of Importation/Ecommerce, i am about to teach you now and in a twinkle of an eye you too can start benefiting massively from it. The BIG BOYS way!

You see friend, there is something powerful about importation business that each time i try to see if it may ever fade out or stop bringing in cash (considering stuffs like ill fluctuations in our forex) - that is when it even gets more clearer to me that its a very powerful means of making continuous income in Nigeria irrespective of whatever. 

Ever since then i knew this, even if all my other means of income generation stops bringing in cash this business will never stop.

It is on this note i want to take out time to make this detailed training that will reveal to you my secret failure proof system of making money with Ecomm Business in 2021. With this, you create for yourself your own system of earning N500,000 to N1,000,000 and more Monthly with ease. Part time or Full Time...Guaranteed! I run 2 other successful online businesses I could also teach, but I feel very comfy teaching people this first. It's highly result oriented, simple, fast and very profitable.

In this thread; I will show you step-by-step how you can start banking serious money in 2021 with Importation/Ecommerce Business. Mind you, this is not all those basic recycled stuff you see littered on the web. This is not what you see when you go to search on google! This is completely different, Big Boys Way. This is simply an exceptional and smart way of running this business that any serious Nigerian, regardless of your age or class could get into and start piling 6-7 figures with ease. 

With this information at your disposal, the only thing that can stop you from success is yourself!  Let me just tell you, The money i make from my Importation/Ecommerce Business is just too much! Once you learn and understand this Ecomm system you can make money like playing your favorite sport. Mine is Basketball(Don't get it twisted, i love football but i play B.ball�), Whats the sport you play?... Alright.

That's how making income with this system will be like... Engaging and fun! The orders will keep pouring in like water from a broken tap.... And this is what gives any business person joy, to see sales continuously and consistently.....  Money in the Bag/Bank!!!

''Imagine when all that is needed for you to start and continue seeing profits in a business is for you to understand some simple marketing concepts laced with you taking advantage of platforms with millions of targeted customers waiting for you to take their money.''

And therefore,

And so i will go on to say;

-If you have been looking for a profitable and highly scalable business to start.

- If you've been looking for a genuine and sustainable means of making good income online consistently.

-If you have tried other means of making income online and have nothing to show for it.

-If you want a system that will get you seeing results almost as you start taking action.

-If You'r a graduate who have been searching for jobs or a means you can start making income and all your efforts has been futile.

-A student and you want to get your hands into something legitimate that can be generating income for you as you study and also change your finances for good.

-You want to diversify your streams of income.

If you fall into any of the categories above. Then this is clearly all you need right now to make a pathway for success and i know a few weeks from now you will look back and bless this day for coming across this thread either knowingly or unknowingly. Mark this date! ...  shocked

YOU: Okay, Okay Kingofthepay, you talk so swift. You have my full attention. I am following this thread back to back sensei ! LETS GET STARTED immediately

ME: Alright, grab your popcorn, fasten your seat belt, take a sip of your drink.. SPACESHIP ready to luanch in 3..2...1 VOOM

With all that said lets get into business and have the training started right away.

To make things very easy for you to understand , i always make my training in 2 parts(Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 if need be). Of which, PART 1 will be about overall introduction and explanations about the system in general so you understand concisely how everything works and PART 2 will be showtime where i go into live case study and step-by-step details on taking action and making your moolaa$$....

You can't really take action or get practical if you haven't understood the robes and other simple basics!!!

So PART 1 - LOADING. Lets Go!!!!


Business / Big Boys Ecomm: How To 6-7 Figures Monthly Selling Physical Products Online 2021 by KingOfThePay(m): 6:34pm On Feb 18, 2021
Yeeeehhhhhh!!!!! Let's go !!!!

On a breezy Thursday Evening, you just retired home from work, on on your way home in the traffic or perhaps just out here online surfing and you thoughtfully stroll to the Business section to catch up on new income opportunities and boom!!!!

You come accross a goldmine thread like this. What next will you do? Follow it will all thy might so you can ignite some massive changes in your finances 2021..


This will be A COMPLETE TUTORIAL thread!!!! Once I get 5 people comment, I will post the full time table for UPDATES!!!

Let's Go!!!!

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Romance / Re: Lady Kneels To Ask Her Boyfriend To Marry Her In Public And Gets A Yes From Him by KingOfThePay(m): 4:29am On Jul 28, 2020
What a relief! Their HOME is going to LAST. cheesy

Only thing is that: as at right now, the man is not in control. tongue
Education / Re: Drone Shot Of Adeleke University At Night And In The Day Time (photos) by KingOfThePay(m): 5:42pm On Jul 25, 2020

Facebook 4yrs downward 2k, 5yrs to 9yrs 5k, golden account(10yrs) 7k.. No reduction
Twitter 1k followers 7k.. You how Twitter hard to get followers now, have been working on accounts for 6months now..
I have got 3700 followers
How many followers you want?
Scammer stay the f**k out!!!

I need 4 years Fb account... Your number/whatsap

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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by KingOfThePay(m): 4:20pm On May 22, 2020
I got $100 GNS Paypal Available for smooth deal.

Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by KingOfThePay(m): 11:20am On May 22, 2020
I got $100 GNS Paypal Available for smooth deal.
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by KingOfThePay(m): 10:30am On May 22, 2020

Let's deal. Contact details on signature.

Alright. Cool
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by KingOfThePay(m): 10:10am On May 22, 2020
I got $100 GNS Paypal Available for smooth deal.
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by KingOfThePay(m): 10:24am On May 04, 2020

This kind of question is honestly beyond anyone here. Even most people at Xiaomi Nigeria don't know if it is coming.

Chai !!!
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by KingOfThePay(m): 12:57am On May 04, 2020
Please when will this Redmi Note 9 pro come to Nigeria? Me i am tired of waiting and dont understand again
Travel / Re: Onitsha Lockdown Relaxation: What Upper Iweka Looks Like- Pictures by KingOfThePay(m): 3:37pm On May 03, 2020
Indomie Generation will never understand.
Legendary Upper Iweka!

Btw @OP was it your phone you use to take those pictures? If so try change phone abeg tongue



Travel / Re: Which Is Best For Travel History? by KingOfThePay(m): 7:51pm On May 02, 2020
Go To SA. Then eventually Top it up with DUBAI.

Nothing in the whole wide world will stop you from getting that Paperback. Nothing.
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by KingOfThePay(m): 5:10pm On Apr 11, 2020
I need $11 BTC btw now and 8PM. Game?
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by KingOfThePay(m): 5:09pm On Apr 11, 2020


From what i can derive form the chat, He is just being Mischievous and that could later be a poignant sign. Create a Dispute for your own good and get your money back, Paypal always knows how they do it to favour you that created the dispute especially as the buyer/sender of funds. dont give a f** k if his account gets ban, . .Let him do what he wants to lets see. Person wey legit, if you tell am say refund as e never send you money yet, him go refund without asking questions. shikena
Travel / Re: Enugu Streets Deserted As Coronavirus Keeps People Indoors (Photos, Video) by KingOfThePay(m): 2:33pm On Mar 30, 2020
An average Igbo man knows the value of life and has a reason to live!

In a very long while it is very rare i find my neigbour am Igbo Man at home. He has shops in Aba, Lagos and Kaduna.... You can only briefly see him around by weekends .... But due to this Coronavirus stay at home now, 'na every day we dae see now' grin. In the evenings like this we sit outside gist and drink beer and hot. Today he just woke up early morning, started making noise in the compound that he is tired staying at home. Naso he take vex kill very big Goat share for everybody. As i type this now i am struggling with goat meat in my mouth and a bottle of cool origin.

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