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Romance / Re: A Girl Or A Lady Propose To A Guy….is The Girl Cheap Or Brave? by Lalami3232(m): 2:00am On Jul 28
You think say husband dey anywhere nowadays? If a guy mistakenly get money for this 9ja, babes go either use pregnancy take propose marriage to you or ring. But majority dey use belle take propose to guys because dem dey shame for the ring aspect. If you mistakenly give those ladies wey dey above 30yrs belle and you get small money, my brother you're a goner. Dem no go ever accept to remove am or even talk about am. Life of an old war horse (ladies above 30yrs) no dey easy oooooo grin

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if you sell your vote because of #5000, your suffer go be premium"

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Romance / Re: Morning Habits That Can Boost You Self - Confidence by Lalami3232(m): 6:31am On Jul 13
Oga,all these things wey you talk so no dey work for 9ja, I no know about abroad sha. How drinking of water go boost my confidence? Abi how washing of my face go take boost my confidence? Na wa oooooo!!! You no even talk of getting a huge bank alert sef, you dey talk of drinking water or washing face. So if I dey owe debt or I get police case, if I drink water I go get confidence for the case abi? Make una no dey let me login for this app just to correct una ooooo.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if you sell your vote because of #2000, make you know say you go suffer for 8yrs oooo"

Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Was Raped By Her Vice Principal by Lalami3232(m): 2:33am On Jul 09
I feel pity for your babe oooo, but make we analyze this story before you go reach police station.

1. Why she no tell you since when the matter happen? Na today she feel say you deserve to know abi?

2. Why she no raise alarm when the man dey climb her? Abi na deaf and dumb na sleep the house that day?

3. Which evidence she get say the man truly rape her? After I see for twitter wey one girl claim say dem rape her but na just for clout sake, I stop to dey believe people until I get evidence.

4. No carry another person matter for head ooooo. If her brothers and mama no fit take any action, oga calm down. Na who get cry na dey first cry am before sympathizer go join am.

5. Tell her to do a voice recording with the man before you go carry this case for head ooooo. You need concrete evidence. Laslas, I wish you the very best in your quest for vengeance but be wise while seeking for it.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again "to be a good judge, always hear from both sides before passing out your judgment"


Romance / Re: Lady Shares Photo Of The Bundles Of Naira Notes A Nigerian Man Wrote His Number by Lalami3232(m): 7:28am On Jun 24
A man can give anything just to have a taste of puss*y, so don't think you're special my dear. But real men like us don't impress anyone because of puss*y because we know say "toto adds no financial/intellectual benefit for our lives". The number wey this mumu dey use 30K dey collect so, one guy dey ignore the call of that number.

Dear men, be wise ooooo!!!

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "a single mother for Europe get lesser body count than a single girl for 9ja"

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Romance / Re: Watch Sorrowful Moment As An Aged Father Impregnated His Daughter - Video by Lalami3232(m): 7:27am On Jun 24
Na wa ooooo!!!
Health / Re: Why Do I Fall Sick After Masturbating? by Lalami3232(m): 6:40pm On Jun 22
You no know say sperm na blood? Everytime you release sperm eeh, na blood dey comot from your body and blood dey boost immune system. So when you dey loss blood, you dey lower your immune system. But if you dey chop well, E no suppose to affect you like that. But one thing wey I don observe eeh, masturbation dey take more energy from you than even sex because masturbation na illegal stuff. If you masturbate, you feel extremely weak but after sex, you may not feel too weak. That na my own take of it sha. But laslas eeh, bros stop this masturbation and have peace with yourself. E dey difficult stop oooo but it's possible if you put your mind.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if you no meet your wife as a virgin, oga go for test ooooo. The pikin resemble you isn't a guarantee say na your pikin. Non virgins aka boreholes can't be trusted"

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Programming / Re: First Step On How To Be An App Developer by Lalami3232(m): 9:03pm On Jun 12

I will choose web

Drop your number!!!
Programming / Re: First Step On How To Be An App Developer by Lalami3232(m): 2:06pm On Jun 12

The both sir, I will be grateful if you can help me

Choose one and I would help you on that. I really don't assist when it comes to programming, but I just want to bend the rule for you. But it's either web or mobile, not both
Programming / Re: First Step On How To Be An App Developer by Lalami3232(m): 7:54am On Jun 12

I want you to teach me on how to develop app

Web or mobile?
Programming / Re: First Step On How To Be An App Developer by Lalami3232(m): 5:57am On Jun 12
Can you please reply to my mention sir

What do you want?
Romance / Re: Could This Be The Work Of Village People Or Human Error? by Lalami3232(m): 6:17am On Jun 05
The way most of una dey accuse devil/witches/village people for una predicament eeh, E dey shock me. Dangote and Otedola no get village people? Before I go advise you, I want make you tell your brother's wife to shatap her mouth and sit down for one corner. Maybe na she be the source of the predicament sef. I no talk say spiritual powers no dey exist ooooo, but not for this your brother's case. He miscalculated the price and una dey blame devil. Na devil be he calculator? Una even know if na sidechick dey drain he money? Una even know if na bet9ja virtual? See eeh, I dey vex for wetin that your brother's wife talk, so I no go give any advise. Na women like that na dey sabi to accuse in-laws of witchcraft. Young man, go meet your brother make he tell you wetin dey do am. Stop been superstitious.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "why E be say poor people dey always look for excuses for their misfortunes? "

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Romance / Re: Is It Good To To Change A Spouse Cause Of This?..look What Happened by Lalami3232(m): 3:01pm On Jun 03
Romance / Re: Pretty Lady Shows Her Hardworking And Romantic Boyfriend Washing Her Pants & Bra by Lalami3232(m): 6:25am On Jun 02
Mumu man!!! You dey wash pant wey another man go dey pull.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "aside balls wey some guys get, some of them na women in disguise"


Romance / Re: A Girlfriend Uses His Boyfriend Name For Guarantor Without Informing Him. by Lalami3232(m): 4:20am On May 28
What sort of advise do you really need? Eye yam north undersadine yhu oooo grin grin
If you need advise, then take this particular advise. Mr man, my advise to you is that, go and get your PVC. Vote the right candidate, then drink a glass of water every morning

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "most of una dey ask questions wey dey irrelevant most times".


Romance / Re: Can Anyone Use A Nigeria Number Outside Country?? by Lalami3232(m): 7:04pm On May 24
Should we tell him? grin grin grin

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Manchester City Vs Aston Villa ( 3 - 2) On 22nd May 2022 by Lalami3232(m): 4:39pm On May 22
City na God na I take beg una.
Pls win this match oooooo kiss embarassed

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Romance / Re: I’m Really Confused Is This Is Right Or Wrong Matured Minds Only Pls by Lalami3232(m): 7:30pm On May 20
Mr OP, I wan commend you for the fact say you get conscience. Not every guy get this sense wey you get so, I must commend you. So,make I analyze the possible scenarios for you:
1. Maybe she borrow the money just to get you the gifts. Girls in their early 20s dey love wholeheartedly, unlike those 30+ wey don tear eye.
2. She may have been saving for just this reason. Some girls can do anything for love
3. She may have done something bad just to get you those gifts. Women are funny creatures ooooo. Dem fit fvck guy A just to get money to give guy B.

But laslas sha, I love the fact say you ask her. It shows you're not a gold digger like others. For a 21yrs old girl to give you a gift of 80K, it's questionable. Besides, she's still a student. Once again, kudos for doing what's right.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if you mistakenly meet a girl wey love you genuinely and not your money, life go sweet you"


Romance / Re: Lady In Tears As Her Relationship Of Ten Years Ends by Lalami3232(m): 3:19am On May 20
Romance / Re: If U Had The Power To Turn Back The Hands Of Time by Lalami3232(m): 6:45am On May 18
If I had the power to turn back the hands of time, these are what I would have done differently:
1. I for start programming at a younger age
2. I for don leave this con3 ever since because no hope in sight for now
3. I for don marry since, instead of waiting to be a billionaire before person go marry. What's the possibility say I go even be that billionaire?
4. I for no go university to waste my time because even the certificate, I no know where E dey for the rat belle. I no know if na my compound rat or if na our next street rat na chop my credentials.
5. Read number one again
6. Read number 5 again
7. You see this programming wey I dey emphasize, I for don start am since 20yrs ago.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "from age of 5, all my children don start programming. Una see as fottballers dey force their kids to play ball? Na so I go force my children to go into tech because it's the new oil in Africa"


Romance / Re: Man Kills Wife, Commits Suicide Over Marital Row In Bayelsa by Lalami3232(m): 6:30am On May 18
If you come to nairaland eeh, you go always get reasons not to marry, fall in love, have a wife/GF, wanting to get a female child etc. If I dey over excited and I wan decrease my joy by 80%, I go just come this forum, then my joy go decrease automatically. This forum and negative news na 5&6. Sometimes eeh, I dey feel for the ladies because na dem dey suffer most for things like this. Do you know why? Neither do I grin!!!! When we dey see things like this everyday, how men go take get ginger to marry? When the world dey potray marriage as a toxic institution, how we go get zeal to marry? When the internet dey paint marriage as a war/death zone, how una want say make we dey motivated to tie the knot? Those wey dey get blissful marriages dey hide am from social media, but those wey get toxic marriages go come out to make us feel discouraged. Eye yam tayad jare!!! From the look of things, na adoption be the best bet oooo. How I go dey happier as a bachelor pass when I'm married? God forbid!!! God abeg, help the few of us wey still get mind to marry. No allow us to dey carried away with beauty, breast, yansh and shape. No let us marry another person wife/husband all because of wrong choices. Lead us aright to make the best choice and make our marriages a reference point to others, in Jesus name.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "whoever fit see a good woman to marry for this con3 wey toxicity full, then you're a blessed man oooo"


Romance / Re: Am I Making The Right Choice by Lalami3232(m): 6:27am On May 18
Should we tell him what our ladies do in Libya and Italy? grin grin

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if no be you disvirgin your wife, forget it. You know how many machines don pass through her vessel before she finally package herself for you? Oga, get up and go for DNA test today because nonvirgins cannot be trusted"


Romance / Re: Is This Jamb Result Enough by Lalami3232(m): 7:47pm On May 16
Funny question
Romance / Re: As A Woman I Have Decided I'm Never Getting Married Or Having Kids by Lalami3232(m): 7:45pm On May 16

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Romance / Re: sleeping with your step daughter by Lalami3232(m): 7:10pm On May 07
As an apprentice of false prophet, make I tell una wetin I see.
1. I see the man going to jail laslas
2. I see the wife denying it when everything go come out in public.
3. I see the man regretting and the woman looking for sympathy from social media hypocrites
4. I see the girl getting pregnant
5. I see everything wrong because I'm an apprentice of FALSE PROPHET

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if you want to feel sad, dejected, downcast, depressed, oppressed and *****, come to nairaland romance forum"


Romance / Re: My Husband Pressures Me To Shit In His Mouth And Sniffs My Armpit - Lady Narrate by Lalami3232(m): 7:03pm On May 07
And you still call him your husband? The name wey you suppose call am na "my tormentor". Anyways, I know say the man get money na make the woman dey contemplate weather to do am or not. If na a poor man, she for don raise fire and brimstone ever since. What women can't do for money doesn't exist. Dem go fvck dog, dem go chop shit, dem go allow anal sex, dem go sleep with 5guys at the same time etc.
Just imagine the world without a woman. But anyways, na so we come meet am, so we go manage am like that.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "the average 9ja girl can do anything for money. I mean anything ooooo, like anything. Yes, I meant anything"


Romance / Re: Lady Stylishly Gives Her Number To Another Man While At A Party With Her Boyfrie by Lalami3232(m): 12:45am On May 07
Funny enough, the guy wey she wan cheat with, the guy just wan hit and run. Ladies go carry their leg go meet bad men, dem go come online to play victim card.
Mr playboy, ride on sir. Pls fvck and pass her to the next. This na why I dey tell all men say make dem no trust non virgins aka boreholes. I wan create an app like WhatsApp but this app go only dey show last seen for toto.
Ladies may not like the app but I no care. I want to save my gender from deceit

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if no be you disvirgin your wife, oga go forDNA test oooo because non virgins can't be trusted. For those without money for DNA test, don't worry, I go build a mobile app wey go make toto get "last seen" like WhatsApp"


Romance / Re: Man Faints After Having S*x With Three S*x Workers (video) by Lalami3232(m): 3:08am On May 06
grin grin grin grin grin.... This na very mumu man. Hole wey even women no know how E take form na you wan go satisfy? I pity you grin. Dear men, no kill yourself ontop that place oooo because the place no dey ever get filled. Dig your own portion and move ahead. Whoever no dey satisfied should get a Love Machine or Guinness bottle.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again "if you no meet your wife as a virgin, oga go for DNA test ooooo. The pikin resemble you is not a guarantee say na your pikin"

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Have You Ever Applied And Gotten A Job You Had No Experience For ? by Lalami3232(m): 1:04pm On May 05
As a software developer, one thing be say if you no get experience, you go apply for jobs tire. Dem no dey pity person for this field oooo. Who no sabi program no go ever get any single luck, except na your uncle get the company. That's why software guys dey change jobs anyhow because dem know say if to say dem no good, the employer for no give them the job. As a software guy, if you know your worth, oyibo sef go beg you tire.

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Romance / Re: Let's Educate Ourselves Concerning Rituals Killing Spree In Nigeria by Lalami3232(m): 11:58pm On May 04
Nairaland / General / Re: If You As A Guy Don't Hang Out And Drink Go Thank God by Lalami3232(m): 11:57pm On May 04
I don't take anything alcohol neither do I womanize or go clubbing. But wetin bet9ja dey collect from my hand pass who dey womanize, smoke, club etc

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, "if Dangote start to play virtual for bet9jq, he go wreck"

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